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Frank Kellaway
Papers of Frank Kellaway
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MS 7071, MS Acc09.108
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Biographical Note

Author. Kellaway was born in London, but grew up in Australia. His writings include short stories, novels, poems and opera libretti.

Item Descriptions

Class MS 7071. Original Consignment

Comprises correspondence, journals, notebooks, drafts of poems, material on the Preston Institute of Technology Literature Workshop and miscellaneous papers. The correspondence is with family, friends, writers, academics, artists and publishers. Correspondents include Don Baker, Manning Clark, Hilary Cohen, Bruce Dawe, Barry Dowling, George Dreyfus, Geoffrey Dutton, Oliver Gasperini, R.T. Hammerly, Gwen Harwood, Gordon Hawkins, Jack Hibberd, A.D. Hope, Ken Inglis, Kate Kellaway, Mike Kellaway, Will Kellaway, Greg Kratzmann, Maria Lewitt, Mal Morgan, Stephen Murray-Smith, Rosemary Nissen, John Cowper Powys, Barrett Reid, Tony Riddell, Russel Ward, Judy Wharington and Judith Wright.

Contained in 22 boxes.

Class [unnumbered]. Original consignment

Series 1. Manuscripts
Typescript of 'A shabby charity' (autobiography) (File i)
Typescript of 'Redgum city', including photographs, 1979 (autobiographical) (File ii)
Photocopy of typescript of 'The new nomads', including photographs, 1987 (autobiographical) (File iii)
Typescript, with slight ms. amendments, of 'Hereward' (novel) (File iv)
Typescript, with slight ms. amendments, of 'A goddess and her people' (novel) (File v)
Original typescript, with ms. alterations, of 'The divers' (novel) (File vi)
Typescript, with slight ms. amendments, of Bill's break (novel). Published 1983 (File vii)
Typescript of 'The tree of knowledge' (play) (File viii)
Typescript of 'Trucks' (play) (File ix)
Typescript, with slight ms. amendments, of 'Battle for an eyas' (children's novel) (File x)
Typescript, with slight ms. amendments, of 'Cragspindle' (children's novel) (File xi)
Notebook containing drafts of poems and notes (File xii)
Notebook containing drafts of poems, drafts of 'The new nomads', and drafts of reminiscences of Geelong Grammar School (published in Australians, a historical library, 1987) (File xiii)
Series 2. Diaries
Diary, 1972-75, itermittent entries, some describing dreams, including letters from his separated wife Carlotta (File i)
Jamieson diary, July 1977-Nov. 1978, covering period when Kellaway and Carmel Saville were camped at Wren's Flat near Mt. Skeene, in the Victorian Alps. Very detailed (4 quarto volumes) (File ii)
Diary, March-Nov. 1987, describing journey around Australia on which 'the new nomads' was based. Very detailed. (2 quarto volumes) Note: Diary entries for other periods e.g. June-Dec.1979, June-Aug. 1984 can be found in other notebooks (File iii)
Series 3. Literary Correspondence
Letters of Gwen Harwood, 1987-89 (10 letters, 21 postcards) (File i)
Letters of Tony Riddell, 1978-89 (12 letters, 11 postcards) (File ii)
Letters of Hilary Cohen, 1987-89 (24 letters) (File iii)
Letters of Barry Dowling, 1986-89 (19 letters) (File iv)
Letters and cards of other writers, including A.D. Hope (1), Mal Morgan (2), Peter Murphy (2), Fiona Perry (4), Janet Boddy (13), Barrett Reid (5), Peter Mathers (2), Mary Durack (1), Ken Gardiner (1), Manning Clark (6), Russel Ward (9), Lyndsay Gardiner (9), Maria Lewitt (10), Ken Inlgis (1), 1986-89. (c. 90 letters) (File v)
Letters of publishers and editors, including Chris Wallace-Crabbe (1), S. Murray-Smith (4), Teresa Pitt (4), Rosemary Nissen (5), Tom Glasson (1), Barrett Reid (2), 1976-89 (21 letters) (File vi)
Series 4. Family Correspondence
Letters of Michael Kellaway (brother), 1984-90 (41 letters) (File i)
Letters of C.W. (Will) Kellaway (brother), 1984-89 (105 letters) (File ii)
Letters and cards of Eileen Lester (mother) (20 items) (File iii)
Letters of other relatives, 1984-89 (c. 20 items) (File iv)
Series 5. Correspondence of Eileen Lester
Letters of Frank Kellaway, 1942-82 (40 letters) (File i)
Letters of Mike Kellaway, 1961-82 (c. 80 letters) (File ii)
Letters of C.W. (Will) Kellaway, 1954-82 (c. 200 letters) (File iii)
Letters of Deborah Kellaway (Will's wife), 1954-82 (30 letters) (File iv)
Miscellaneous letters and cards from friends, c. 1960-82 (c. 50 items) (File v)
Series 6. Miscellaneous Papers
Script of A.B.C. interview with Kellaway and George Dreyfus, 1965 (File i)
Draft book reviews (File ii)

Class. Consignment received December 1991

Series. Correspondence
Family correspondence, together with letters from Russel Ward, Barrett Reid, Hilary Cohen, Barry Dowling, Tony Riddell, Gwen Harwood, Cheryl Taylor, Don Baker, Mike Kellaway, Will Kellaway and others, mostly, 1987-1991 (File)

Class. Consignment received August 1994

Series [unnumbered]. Correspondence, 1991-1994
Letters from Barry Dowling and Kate Kellaway (File 1)
Letters from Greg Kratzmann, Tony Riddell and Gwen Harwood (File 2)
Letters from Oliver Gasperini and Don Baker (File 3)
Letters from Peter Murphy, Barrett Reid, Bob and Ailsa Burns, Maria Lewitt, Robin Sevenoaks and others (File 4)
Series [unnumbered]. Poems
Anne Chloe Elder, Don Maynard, Fiona Perry, Barry Dickins and Ken Taylor (File 5)

Class. Consignment received December 1999

Further description of each folder of correspondence and each journal/notebook is given on a list prepared by Kellaway, a copy of which is included in Box 17, Folder 1.

Series [unnumbered]. Correspondence
Letters of Kate Kellaway, 1994-1997 (File 1)
Letters of Margaret Benoit, Ray Coles and Oliver Gasperini, 1994-1997 (File 2)
Letters of Barbara Allen, Gayle Deal, Eric Grayson, Joselyn Hargraves, Jane Heywood, Peter and Fran Leach, Carolyn Moore, Kate and Pat Pearson, Polly Roden and Bill Thompson, 1995-1999 (File 3)
Letters of Jean Archer and Deborah Kellaway, 1989-1999 (File 4-5)
Letters of Gwen Harwood, Greg Kratzmann and Tony Riddell, 1995-1998 (File 6)
Letters of Carmel Saville, 1990-1997 (File 7)
Letters of Mike Kellaway, 1994-1999 (File 8)
Letters of Mike Kellaway, 1958-1982 (File 9-11)
Letters of R.T. Hammerly, Michael Collins Persse and Peter Stoner, 1994-1998 (File 12)
Letters of Dan Kellaway, Maria Meehan and Sharyn Munro, 1996-1997 (File 13)
Letters of Barry Dowling, George Dreyfus, Paul Howden, Maria Lewitt, Peter Mathers, Dan Maynard, Mal Morgan, Peter Murphy, Fiona Perry and Susanne Welborn, 1996-1999 (File 14)
Letters of Don Baker, Ian Bassett, Dymphna Clark and Ken and Amirah Inglis, 1993-1999 (File 15)
Letters of Carlotta Kellaway, 1995-1999 (File 16)
Letters of Will Kellaway, 1994-1999 Journals and Notebooks (File 17-18)
Sightings journal 1, 1982-1983 (File 19)
Sightings journal 2, 1983-1985 (File 20)
Sightings journal 3, Tubbut, 1985-1988 (File 21)
Sightings journal 4, Tubbut, 1988-1989 (File 22)
'A Tubbut year abandoned', 1996-1997 (File 23)
Koroit journal 1, 1989-1990 (File 24)
Koroit journal 2, 1990 (File 25)
Koroit journal 3, 1990 (File 26)
Koroit journal 4, 1990-1991 (File 27)
Koroit journal 4A, 1991 (File 28)
Koroit journal 5, 1992 (File 29)
Koroit journal 6, 1993 (File 30)
Koroit journal 7, 1993 (File 31)
Koroit journal 8, 1993 (File 32)
Koroit journal 9, 1993 (File 33)
Koroit journal 10, 1993-1994 (File 34)
Koroit journal 11, 1994-1998 (File 35)
Poetry notebook 5 (File 36)
Poetry notebook (File 37)
Painting trip journal, 1991 (File 38)
Painting trip journal, 1995 (File 39)
Painting trip journal, 1995-1996 (File 40)
Painting trip journal, 1997-1998 (File 41)
Painting trip journal, 1991-1992 (File 42)
Early notebook 6, 1950 (File 43)
Early notebook 9, c. 1951 (File 44)

Class Acc09.108. Consignment Added 2009

Comprises correspondence, travel diary, poetry workbook, photographs, artworks, poems, posters and personal papers. Correspondents include Sharyn Munro, family members, Lorna Hay, Bob Hammerly and Judy Warrington, Don Baker, Suzanne Wilburne, Gasperini, David Collins and Ana Pollak.

Contained in 3 boxes.