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Christine Williams
Papers of Christine Williams
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MS 8065 et al.
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Papers of Christine Williams relating to her book entitled: Christina Stead: a life of letters. Melbourne, McPhee Gribble, 1989.

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Separated Materials

There are 26 cassette tapes containing interviews with friends and acquaintances of Stead. These tapes are housed in the Library's Oral History Collection.

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Item Descriptions

Class MS 8065. Original consignment

Comprises manuscripts, proofs, correspondence, notes and photographs relating to Williams' biography of Christina Stead and her later publication, Fathers & sons. For the biography of Stead, the correspondence is mostly with Stead's friends and acquaintances. During the research Williams also corresponded with the Australian Archives, US Intelligence and FBI, Virago and McPhee Gribble. The chief correspondents are C.B. Christesen, Dorothy Green, Jack Lindsay and Kate Stead. Material for the book Fathers & sons includes correspondence, drafts of the interview manuscripts and photographs. The interviewees include Graeme Blundell, Ric Charlesworth, Marcus Einfeld, Michael Kirby, Lionel Rose, Norman Swan, Ted Whitten Jr., Robyn Williams and Michael Wilding.

Contained in 11 boxes, 1 fol. box.

Series 1. Manuscript of Christina Stead: a life of letters

This series contains the manuscript and notes of Williams' book. The manuscript was typed on a word processor.

Manuscript (labelled A by the author) (File 1-4) - Box 1
Outline of the biography's form and themes/major events, in the author's handwriting (labelled by the author) (File 5) - Box 1
Original outline of the biography (labelled C by the author) (File 6) - Box 1

Series 2. Proofs and the related papers of Christina Stead: a life of letters

This series contains various corrected proofs, including galley proofs.

Galley proofs (Page numbers differ from the final published version; labelled D by the author) (File 7) - Box 1
A set of page proofs (Page numbers differ from the final published version; labelled E by the author) (File 8-9) - Box 2
Galley proof of part of chapter one (Early version; labelled F by the author) (File 10) - Box 2
Mock-up of pp. 1 - 3 (labelled G by the author) (File 11) - Box 2
Mock-up cover (labelled H by the author) (File 12) - Box 3
Photocopies of photographs reproduced in the book; including a list of captions and sources with annotations by the author and the editor (labelled I by the author) (File 13) - Box 3
Lists of sources and bibliography with annotations by the author and the editor (labelled J by the author) (File 14) - Box 3
Index with annotations by the author and the editor (labelled K by the author) (File 15) - Box 3
Acknowledgements, select bibliography, list of primary sources, list of interviews and notes (labelled L by the author) (File 16) - Box 3

Series 3.1. Correspondence with friends and acquaintances of Stead, 1986-89

Correspondence A (File 17) - Box 3
Correspondence B (File 18) - Box 3
Correspondence Brissenden (File 19) - Box 3
Correspondence Christesen (File 20) - Box 3
Correspondence C (File 21) - Box 3
Correspondence D (File 22) - Box 3
Correspondence E (File 23) - Box 4
Correspondence F (File 24) - Box 4
Correspondence G (File 25) - Box 4
Correspondence H (File 26) - Box 4
Correspondence J (File 27) - Box 4
Correspondence K (File 28) - Box 4
Correspondence L (File 29) - Box 4
Correspondence M (File 30) - Box 4
Correspondence N (File 31) - Box 4
Correspondence O (File 32) - Box 4
Correspondence P (File 33) - Box 5
Correspondence R (File 34) - Box 5
Correspondence S (File 35) - Box 5
Correspondence Stallybrass (File 36) - Box 5
Correspondence Kate Stead (File 37) - Box 5
Correspondence U (File 38) - Box 5
Correspondence W (File 39) - Box 5

Series 3.2. Correspondence with the Australian Archives, 1986-88

This series contains correspondence, photocopies and notes. The correspondence is between Williams and the Australian Archives (H.W. Stokes and Angela Greig) requesting information relating to Stead. There are also some correspondence with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, concerning a request by Williams to gain access to closed ASIO material.

Correspondence with the Australian Archives, 1986-88 (File 40) - Box 5

Series 3.3. Correspondence with U.S. Intelligence and F.B.I, 1986-88

This series contains correspondence, photocopies and notes. The correspondence is between Williams and the U.S. Department of State, the Department of the Army, the Department of Defence, the National Archives and Records Administration, and the F.B.I.

Correspondence and photocopies (Part 1), 1986-87 (File 41) - Box 5
Correspondence, photocopies and notes (Part 2), 1988 (File 42) - Box 6

Series 3.4. Correspondence with McPhee Gribble, 1988-89

This series contains correspondence with Mary Callahan, Michael Langley, Judith Lukin, Sue Hines and Hilary McPhee of McPhee Gribble concerning Williams' book on Stead and also some additional captions.

Correspondence, 1988-89 (File 43) - Box 6

Series 3.5. Correspondence with Virago, 1989

This series contains correspondence and corrections relating to the 1990 edition of Williams book to be published by Virago Press

Correspondence, 1989 (File 44) - Box 6

Series 4. Photographs and negatives, 1904-88

This series contains black and white, colour photographs and negatives of the Stead family. Some of the photographs and negatives are mounted in a scrapbook

Negatives and loose photographs, 1904-88 (File 45) - Box 6
Scrapbook containing black and white, colour photographs and negatives [FOLIO], 1904-88 (Item 1) - Box 6?

Series 5. Miscellaneous material, 1876-1983

Photocopies from Cummulative index to publications of the Committee on un-American activities, 1938-1954 (File 46) - Box 6
Birth, marriage and death certificates of the Stead family and also Stead's husband William Blake and Stead's school certificates, 1876-1983 (File 47) - Box 6
Bromides used in the book [FOLIO] (Item 2) - Box 6?

Class MS Acc05.121. Consignment added 2005

Comprises a typescript of Jiddu Krishnamurti: world philosopher (1895-1986): his life and thoughts, with related research material and correspondence concerning the publication. In addition, there are extensive extracts from Krishnamurti correspondence 1920-1986 and research on Krishnamurti's visits to Australia, including transcripts of and notes on interviews conducted by Williams with people who attended Krishnamurti's last (1970) Sydney meetings.

Contained in 4 boxes.

Class MS Acc06.174. Consignment added 2006

Comprises papers associated with the research and writing of Green power: environmentalists who have changed the face of Australia.

Contained in 2 cartons.