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Eileen Watt
Papers of Eileen Watt
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Journals kept from 1975 to 1981, in which Eileen Watt writes about political events in Australia and overseas, social, economic and environmental issues, women's affairs and cultural events, and aspects of personal and family life; seven photographs, including the annual meeting of the Australian League of Nations Union, Canberra, 1938.

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The papers of Eileen Watt's husband Raymond G. Watt are held at MS 1837, MS 1923 and MS 3848.

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Biographical Note

Eileen Watt was born on 26 May 1903 at the Royal Women's Hospital, Paddington NSW. At a very early age she was fostered out to James and Bridget Wallace who were childless. He was a Scot, a builder by trade, and she was a kindly Irish woman. They lived on the North Shore, firstly at Willoughby, then North Sydney and later at Gordon.

Eileen was educated at North Sydney Girls' High School, where she topped the State in the Leaving Certificate History exam. She was awarded a Teachers' College scholarship and the James King of Irrawang Scholarship to Sydney University. Here she completed a B.A. and a Dip. Ed. In her final year, 1926, she met and married Raymond Gosford Watt and they had two daughters. Gabrielle was born in 1928 and Camilla Susan in 1938.

Ray Watt became the Secretary for the League of Nations' Union in Australia. He was sent as a delegate to Geneva in 1931, and again in 1936. Eileen and Gabrielle accompanied him on the second visit. Eileen worked most of her married life as a high school teacher of English and History, and latterly Mathematics. After graduation she worked for the NSW Department of Education and was posted to Katoomba High School. During the Great Depression, all married women teachers were made redundant. She furnished their new home in Chatswood with her compensation money. Prior to World War II Eileen taught the psychology of selling to the staff at A.J. Benjamins in Chatswood, and Buckinghams in the City, interviewed women personalities for the ABC, and worked for the Adult Education Department of Sydney University.

Ray Watt's job ended during the war, so he became a newswriter and newsreader for the ABC, and the family temporarily moved to Melbourne. Eileen taught at St Catherine's Girls' College after it was evacuated from Toorak to Warburton in the Dandenongs. Camilla had to go with her, and they only saw Ray on occasional weekends, and school holidays when Gabrielle also joined them from boarding school in Mittagong. Later Ray transferred to the Department of War Organization of Industry.

The family managed to get back into their Chatswood home shortly before the end of the war. Subsequently the family fortunes declined, and Ray was out of work for about 18 months. The League had ceased to exist and the only work available to him in the United Nations Association in Australia was in a voluntary capacity. Eventually Ray was employed by the Pakistani High Commission in the Information Section, as a journalist and ghost writer. By this time Eileen was back in full-time high school teaching, until her retirement at the age of 60 in 1963. Some of the schools she taught at were Abbotsleigh, Newtown Girls' High School, Hornsby Girls' Home Science School and Asquith Girls' High School.

After retiring, Eileen went on a world tour for about nine months, to Japan, Turkey, Greece, Great Britain and home via USA. Ray died in 1967 at the age of 77, from lung cancer. His papers are held in the Manuscript Section of the National Library. Eileen divided the Chatswood home into two flats, and lived in the bigger one, where the family came to visit regularly, until it became too much for her. She moved to a beautiful hostel room at Pittwater Village at Mona Vale, where she lived happily for several years, in spite of having a slow form of dementia. Eileen finally died at the age of 91, in the Peninsular nursing home at Mona Vale on 7th November 1994, surrounded by her two daughters and her grandson and his wife.

Item Descriptions

Class MS 8914. Original consignment

Comprises journals kept from 1975 to 1981, in which Eileen Watt writes about political events in Australia and overseas, social, economic and environmental issues, women's affairs and cultural events, and aspects of personal and family life. There are also seven photographs, including some relative to the annual meeting of the Australian League of Nations' Union, Canberra, 1938.

Contained in 2 boxes.

Series. Volume 1,17 February to 20 April 1975

Theatre: Visit to Old Tote Theatre Opera House, p. 1 (File)
Aust. Politics: Whitlam Govt Junie Morosi, p. 2 (File)
Theatre: Criticism of a Performance of Peer Gynt, p. 5 (File)
Writer: Naomi Mitchison, Author, p. 10 (File)
Writer: Interview with Rebecca West, London 1936, p. 15 (File)
Aust. Politics: Australian Govt the Bureaucracy, p. 20 (File)
Aust. Politics: Australian Consitution: Its Limitations, p. 22 (File)
Aust. Politics: Dr. Cairns the Limited Powers of Aust. Govt, p. 26 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Bureaucracy, p. 28 (File)
Culture: Australia 75: Festival of Creative Arts Sciences (Canberra), p. 29 (File)
Aust. Politics: Difficulties of the Australian Labor Govt, p. 43 (File)
Aust. Politics: Liberal Party Machine, p. 45 (File)
Aust. Politics: Conflict within Liberal Federal Party, p. 46 (File)
Culture: Festival of Creative Arts Sciences, p. 47 (File)
Aust. Politics: Malcolm Fraser Wrests Leadership of Liberal Party from Bill Sneddon, p. 52 (File)
Aust. Politics: Malcolm Fraser New Leader of Federal Liberals, p. 53 (File)
Women: International Women's Year [1975], p. 58 (File)
Economics: Professor M. Friedman the Monetarist View of Economy, p. 67 (File)
Economics: Managing the Australian Economy, p. 68 (File)
Economics: Managing the Economy: West Germany Japan, p. 71 (File)
Vietnam: Vietnam, p. 74 (File)
Vietnam: Vietnamese Orphans' Controversy, p. 82 (File)
Women: Women's International Year: Japanese Women's Liberation, p. 83 (File)
Aust. Politics: Whitlam versus Fraser, p. 84 (File)
Aust. Foreign Policy: Instability in Indo-China Australian Foreign Policy, p. 85 (File)
Aust. Defence: Instability War in Indo-China Policy, p. 86 (File)
Aust. Defence Policy: The War in Indo-China Australian Defence Policy, p. 87 (File)
Women: Women's International Year, 1975, p. 93 (File)

Series. Volume 2,22 April to 25 July 1975

Culture: Visit to 'Old Sydney Town', Somersby, near Gosford, p. 2 (File)
Aust. Defence: Labor Govt Defence Policy Enunciated Policy, p. 6 (File)
Aust. History: The Myth of Anzac Day, p. 10 (File)
Aust. History: A Governor-General, Sir John Kerr, Anzac Day, p. 12 (File)
Violence: Violence on the Streets, p. 15 (File)
Vietnam: The Surrender of Saigon - the End of the Thirty Years Vietnam War, p. 22 (File)
Vietnam: The Vietnamese Refugees, p. 27 (File)
Art: Sydney Art Gallery Exhibition: 'Modern Masters - Manet to Matisse', p. 31 (File)
US Politics: President Ford, USA, (File)
US Politics: American Sabre-Rattling after Mayaguez Affair the Shah's Checkmate, p. 40 (File)
Film: On Seeing the Ingmar Bergman Film 'Scenes from a Marriage', p. 57 (File)
Aust. Politics: The State of the Nation, p. 59 (File)
Meditation: The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the Business Executives: Transcendental Meditation, p. 63 (File)
Religion/Cults: The Decline of Religion the Emergence of Cults: the Maharishi Cult, p. 66 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Bass (Tasmania) By-election Its Implications, p. 69 (File)
Aggression: On Theories of Human Aggression, p. 73 (File)
Aust. Health: Medibank Begins Its Operations in Australia Policy, p. 81 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Loans Controversy, p. 85 (File)

Series. Volume 3,9 August to 13 October 1975

Economics: Australian Inflation - Prof. Downing's Analysis, p. 2 (File)
Capitalism: Capitalism in Crisis, p. 5 (File)
Security: Helsinki - the European Security Conference, p. 9 (File)
Physics: The Discovery of the Particle Monopole, p. 15 (File)
Aust. Health: A Proposed Australian Institute of Health Policy, p. 16 (File)
Population Explosion: The Population Explosion World Food Resources, p. 23 (File)
Space Colony: 10,000 People Will Live in Space in 1995, p. 32 (File)
Future Warfare: Automated Electronic Warfare of the Future, p. 34 (File)
International: The Search for a New World Order Politics, p. 49 (File)
International Politics: President Giscard d'Estaing of France New World Order, p. 62 (File)
Women: Women in Politics Conference, Canberra, p. 64 (File)
Meditation: Transcendental Meditation the Medical Profession, p. 72 (File)
Communes: Communes in Our Society, p. 74 (File)
Origin of Universe: Space Signals the Origin of the Universe, p. 78 (File)
Racism: Are Australians Racist? A Survey Result, p. 84 (File)
Women: The Women's Movement the Resignation of Ms Elizabeth Reid, p. 86 (File)
Communes: Australian Communes in Year 2000, p. 93 (File)
Futurology: Dr. Herman Kahn, Futurologist..., p. 97 (File)

Series. Volume 4,15 October 1975 to 10 February 1976

Aust. Politics: A Grave Constitutional Crisis in Australia: Malcolm Fraser's Viewpoint, p. 7 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Whitlam View, p. 12 (File)
Aust. Politics: Political Journalist Paul Kelly's Opinion..., p. 13 (File)
Aust. Politics: That Was the Week That Was..., p. 16 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Week after 'That Was the Week That Was', p. 21 (File)
Violence: Public Violence: Irish Terrorist Bombings in London, p. 28 (File)
Aust. Politics: Dies Irae: Political Constitutional Conflict (11 November 1975), p. 33 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Kerr Coup d'Etat, p. 47 (File)
Women: Women Their Role in Society, p. 49 (File)
US Politics: Changing Image of the President's Wife, USA, p. 51 (File)
US Politics: Americans' Crisis of Confidence, p. 54 (File)
US Politics: United States of America the United Nations..., p. 57 (File)
Aust. Politics: An Election Poll: the Swinging Voters' Record, p. 59 (File)
Education: Sex Role Conditioning in Education, p. 61 (File)
Meditation: Transcendental Meditation Investigated by BBC, p. 64 (File)
Meditation: Dr. Herbert Benson's Technique of Meditation, p. 67 (File)
Women: Women's Health in a Changing Society, p. 69 (File)
Population Resources: 1975 Report of the 'Club of Rome', p. 71 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Fall of the Whitlam Govt: Landslide Election 13th December 1975, p. 74 (File)
Aust. Politics: The End of the Whitlam Era, p. 76 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Aftermath of the Election 13/12/75, p. 84 (File)
Aust. Politics: Whitlam the Reformer: His Place in History, p. 87 (File)
Aust. Politics: Whitlam is Re-elected a Lame-Duck Leader of Labor, p. 92 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Fraser Govt in Action, p. 94 (File)
Aust. Politics: Some Thoughts on Whitlam Govt, p. 96 (File)
Aust. Politics: Fraser Makes an Offer to Whitlam..., p. 106 (File)

Series. Volume 5,14 February to 3 May 1976

Population Forecast: Australia in the Year 2001: a Population Forecast, p. 2 (File)
World Prophesies: The Face of the World from 1976 to 2001: Prophesies Forecasts, p. 7 (File)
Big Brother: Is the 'Big Brother' Society Becoming a Reality?, p. 11 (File)
Human Life: The Value of Human Life: a Nobel Prize Winner's Point of View, p. 14 (File)
Population Control: India Population Control, p. 16 (File)
International Finance: International Flight of Capital to USA, p. 22 (File)
World Hunger: World Hunger Fostered by Greed: Gunnar Myndal's Comments..., p. 25 (File)
Multinational Corporations: The Unacceptable Face of the Multinational Corporations, p. 27 (File)
Economics: The Jackson Report 1975: an Economic Blueprint forAustralia, p. 30 (File)
Aust. Politics: Conspiracy or Constitutional Inevitability? 11th November 1975, a Memorial Date to Remember by Labor, p. 35 (File)
Aust. Politics: 'The "Coup" of 11th November 1975 Must Never Again Recur', Says Whitlam, p. 36 (File)
Aust. Politics: Did the CIA (USA) Play a Part in the 'Coup'? A Telephone Conversation: Senator James McClelland Sir John Kerr, p. 39 (File)
Monarchy: Great Britain Canada: Moves to Curtail Royal Prerogative, p. 48 (File)
Aust. Politics: Breakfast with the Iraqis: Whitlam's Political Gaffe, p. 57 (File)
Aust. Politics: Whitlam Survives as Leader of Labor Party, p. 68 (File)
Uranium: Australian Uranium: Should We Sell?, p. 70 (File)
Nuclear Waste: The Future of the Disposal of Nuclear Reactor Waste, p. 75 (File)

Series. Volume 6,15 May to 2 July 1976

Energy Research: Energy Resources...(ANZAAS Hobart), p. 6 (File)
Nuclear Fusion: Nuclear Fusion...(ANZAAS Hobart), p. 11 (File)
Uranium: The Federal Treasury Advice on Development of Uranium Industry, p. 13 (File)
Uranium: The Uranium Industry..., p. 14 (File)
Nuclear Waste: The Problem of Disposal of Nuclear Waste, p. 20 (File)
Nuclear Fission: Nuclear Fission Industry..., p. 24 (File)
Aust. Politics: Sir John Kerr, 11th November 1975 the Australian Constitution, p. 28 (File)
Religion: Australians Their Belief in God: a Gallup Poll Result, p. 29 (File)
Aust. Health: Medibank Again Revised by Fraser Govt Policy, p. 30 (File)
Nuclear Waste: Uranium Energy Development: Nuclear Waste Disposal Protest, p. 31 (File)
British Politics: British Labor Party's Plan 'Program For Britain'; a Brawl in the House of Commons, p. 32 (File)
Aust. Politics: The First Aboriginal Governor Appointed in South Australia, p. 34 (File)
Aust. Politics: The May Mini-Budget the Dismantling of Medibank by Fraser Govt, p. 37 (File)
Nuclear Power: USA Voters on Nuclear Power in the State of California, p. 53 (File)
Nuclear Industry: Australian Unionists Strike to Oppose Nuclear Industry Developement, p. 55 (File)
Solar Nuclear Energy: The Fraser Govt Pledges Priority to Solar Energy Studies...Douglas Anthony the Soviet Union's Offer on Nuclear Enrichment, p. 57 (File)
Aust. Politics: Violent Student Demonstration against Sir John Kerr in Melbourne, p. 60 (File)
Aust. Politics: Demonstration Aftermath: Support (File)
Aust. Politics: Gough Whitlam's Meeting with the Queen, Buckingham Palace, p. 65 (File)
Aust. Politics: Gough Whitlam in the Wilderness, p. 66 (File)
Aust. Foreign Defence Policies: The Fraser Govt's Foreign Defence Policies Stated, p. 71 (File)
Superpowers: World Opinion in Relation to USA Russian Military Strength, p. 77 (File)
Aust. Foreign Relations: Fraser's Peking Visit the Debacle of Leaked Private Discussions with Premier, p. 85 (File)
Aust. Foreign Policy: Criticism of Fraser's Foreign Policy Pro-China Stance by Bob Hawke (ACTU), p. 89 (File)
Euro-Communism: Summit Conference of European Communist Parties, East Berlin, June 1976, p. 91 (File)

Series. Volume 7,7 July to 25 October 1976

Aust. Foreign Relations: Malcolm Fraser...His Visit to China Some World Reactions, p. 2 (File)
National Strike: First Australian National Strike, p. 10 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Sir John Kerr Controversy Continued, p. 16 (File)
Space Travel: 'Viking 1' Unmanned Satellite Lands on Mars, p. 20 (File)
Genetic Engineering: Strict Curbs on Genetic Engineering, p. 27 (File)
US Politics: The Seeding of a President, USA Style, p. 30 (File)
Uranium: Sir Macfarlane Burnett...'Uranium: For Good or Evil?', p. 34 (File)
Uranium: Sir Ernest Titterton's Opposite Point of View on, p. 38 (File)
Uranium: Comments on Titterton's Point of View, p. 43 (File)
Plutonium: Britain's Dilemma: Plutonium Economy or Not?, p. 44 (File)
Uranium: To Sell or Not to Sell Australian Uranium...Nuclear Energy...Safety in USA, p. 46 (File)
Uranium: Will the Cost Spiral of Uranium Undermine the Demand for Nuclear Energy?, p. 50 (File)
Aust. Politics: Reaction to the August Federal Budget..., p. 57 (File)
Student Demonstration: Campus Demonstration at Monash against Malcolm Fraser His Govt, p. 60 (File)
China: The Death of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, p. 76 (File)
Republicanism: The Growth of Republican Opinion in Australia... Revision of the Constitution, p. 84 (File)
Constitution: Edward St. John QC Puts His Point of View on the Revision of the Constitution, p. 89 (File)
Constitution: Bill Sneddon...on Reform of Constitution, p. 94 (File)
British Constitution: Lord Hailsham Wants a Written Constitution for Britain, p. 97 (File)
Constitution: Some Personal Comments on the Constitutional Change, p. 99 (File)
Recession: Personal Comments on the Current Recession, p. 100 (File)
Aust. Politics: Gough Whitlam Makes a Comeback after His Defeat..., p. 103 (File)

Series. Volume 8,23 October to 22 December 1976

NB: Entries for 23 & 24 October at end of volume

Aust. Politics: Senator James McClelland on Gough Whitlam's Emergence from Defeat, p. 2 (File)
Constitution: The Third Constitutional Convention for the Reform of the Federal Constitution, Hobart, p. 5 (File)
11/11/75: British Psephologist David Butler Comments on the Events of 11/11/75, p. 12 (File)
11/11/75: Robert Darroch, Political Journalist with the Australian, Comments on the Events of 11/11/75, p. 16 (File)
11/11/75: Remembrance Day 11/11/75, p. 18 (File)
11/11/75: Fred Daly Comments on Events of 11/11/75, p. 19 (File)
11/11/75: Bill Hayden...Comments on Darroch's Statement..., p. 20 (File)
US Politics: Jimmy Carter, Democrat, Elected President of USA on 2/11/76, p. 22 (File)
Aust. Foreign Relations: Australia USA: Influence of Election of USA President in Australia, p. 30 (File)
Aust. Politics: Do We Need a Prime Minister? David Soloman's View, p. 31 (File)
Aust. Defence Policy: Publication of Australian White Paper on Defence (4/11/76), p. 36 (File)
Aust. Defence Policy: Seminar on Defence of Australia, Canberra, p. 42 (File)
11/11/75: Rememberance Day (11/11/75) Celebrated in Australia, p. 47 (File)
Uranium: Ranger Uranium Report Controversy...Fox Report, p. 50 (File)
Uranium: Fraser Govt's Decision on Current Uranium Contracts, p. 57 (File)
Uranium: The Unions Uranium Development, p. 59 (File)
Uranium: Australian Labor Party Reaction to Uranium Mining Report, p. 60 (File)
Environment: Fraser Island Controversy, p. 61 (File)
Media: Fraser Govt's Proposed Restructuring of Australian Broadcasting, p. 64 (File)
Multinationals: Multinationals in Australia, Melbourne Seminar; Gough Whitlam...Rob Jolly, ACTU, p. 72 (File)
Media: Employees of Australian Broadcasting Commission Fight Back, p. 78 (File)
Media: Comment by Editorial of the Australian on Restructuring of Broadcasting, p. 83 (File)
Aust. Defence: Report of the Senate Committee's Inquiry into the Indian Ocean Region Its Implications for Australian Defence, p. 86 (File)
Economics: The Fraser Govt Alters Course in Its Strategy to Resurrect a Languishing Economy: Devaluation of Currency by 17.5%, p. 89 (File)
Economics: The 'British Disease' Australia USA:Economist Milton Friedman Pronounces..., p. 94 (File)
Media: Fraser Govt Backs Down on its Tough Restructuring of ABC, p. 100 (File)
Sculpture: A Visit to the Sculpture Biennale of Sydney, p. 103 (File)
China: Premier Hua Kuo-Leng Becomes Chairman Hua of China, p. 110 (File)
Plutonium: Plutonium Industry Development: the Doomsday Clock..., p. 119 (File)
Uranium: The Unions the Labor Party's Attitude to Mining Uranium at Present..., p. 122 (File)
Radiation: How Safe Is Exposure to Radiation?, p. 126 (File)
Nuclear Disaster: A Nuclear Disaster in Russia, 1958, p. 126 (File)
Alternative Energy: Alternative Energy Policy for Australia, p. 128 (File)
Radiation: Radiation Fear at South Australian Airstrip, p. 134 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Fraser Govt's First Year in Office, p. 137 (File)
Media: The Brief Reign of Sir Henry Bland as Chairman of the ABC, p. 146 (File)
Republicanism: Republican Opinion Increasing in Australia, p. 151 (File)
Politics: Who is a Conservative (Rightist) (File)
Urban Studies: The Urban Environment: Habitat..., p. 156 (File)
Urban Studies: Urban Studies Symposium, Canberra [1976], p. 157 (File)

Series. Volume 9,8 January to 23 March 1977

Self-Awareness: Self-Awareness Instead of Social Change, p. 14 (File)
Enlightenment: The Promise of Instant Enlightenment, p. 18 (File)
Uranium: Continuing Debate: Should Australia Sell Its Uranium?, p. 22 (File)
Nuclear Waste: USA Looking at the Problem of the Disposal of Nuclear Wastes, p. 30 (File)
Uranium: Big Business in Australia Has Second Thoughts about Establishing Uranium Enrichment Plant, p. 34 (File)
Uranium: The Pros Cons of Developing a Uranium Enrichment Industry, p. 37 (File)
Biology: Cell Fusion of Plants Animals: a New Era, p. 40 (File)
Train Disaster: The Big Train Disaster, Granville NSW, p. 43 (File)
US Politics: The Inauguration of a 'Born Again' President of USA [Jimmy Carter], p. 51 (File)
China: Who Will Be the 'Great Helmsman' in Post-Mao China?, p. 61 (File)
Democracy: Democracy at the Crossroads: a Point of View, p. 68 (File)
Economics Politics: Milton Friedman, American Economist: the Conservative Politicians' Guru, p. 77 (File)
Industrial Democracy: Britain: Worker-Directors or Not?...Australia: Worker-Directors?, p. 86 (File)
Entrepreneurs: The Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution: a Forecast, p. 93 (File)
Sexuality: A Study of Female Sexuality by Shere Hite, USA, p. 102 (File)
Aust. Politics: Big Australian Business Reaction in a Poll on, p. 105 (File)
Wage Indexation: Wage Indexation: Full, Partial or Abolish?, p. 109 (File)
Aust. Politics: Fraser Govt Loss of Credibility, p. 112 (File)
Constitution: Fraser Govt: Attack from Within...Constitutional Reform, p. 113 (File)
Immigration: Australian Migration Policy: the Govt Green Paper, p. 119 (File)
Immigrants: 'Proper' Australians or 'Ethnic' Australians?, p. 125 (File)
Immigration: The Conservative's Attitude to Migration as Defined by B. A. Santamaria, p. 134 (File)
Drugs Pornography: rugs Pornography, p. 138 (File)
Poverty: The Disinherited 5% Poor in Australian Society during the Current Economic Depression, p. 142 (File)
Royal Visit: The Queen of Australia Visits Australia..., p. 150 (File)

Series. Volume 10,23 March to 2 June 1977

Royal Visit: Donald Horne Reports on the 'Royal Clockwork Show' [Elizabeth II], p. 2 (File)
Solar Energy: Australian Energy Breakthrough..., p. 6 (File)
Uranium: Will the Japanese Require Our Uranium?, p. 13 (File)
Genetic Engineering: Control of Genetic Engineering?, p. 16 (File)
Nuclear Weapons: President Carter Nuclear Energy Development Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons..., p. 19 (File)
US Politics: President Carter's Welfare Program, p. 43 (File)
Aust. Society: Australian Society Changing, p. 44 (File)
Oil Crisis: President Carter's Energy Policy Its Implications for Australia, p. 46 (File)
Politics Environment: Environmentalists Impact on Growth Rate, p. 52 (File)
Industrial Powers Summit: Summit London Conference of the World's Big Industrial Powers, May 1977, p. 54 (File)
US Politics: Jimmy Carter's First Hundred Days in Office, p. 60 (File)
Aust. Politics: Gough Whitlam's Book on the Australian Constitution, p. 66 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Referendum Result on Constitutional Changes, p. 75 (File)
CIA: American Espionage in Australia: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), p. 80 (File)
Aust. Intelligence: Australian Intelligence Organisations: the Hope Report..., p. 83 (File)
Watergate: Nixon Frost Talk on TV, p. 88 (File)

Series. Volume 11,8 June to 10 August 1977

Royal Jubilee: Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee Celebrations, p. 2 (File)
US Foreign Policy: President Carter His New American Foreign Policy...Human Rights..., p. 18 (File)
Uranium: The Second Fox Report on the Mining of Australian Uranium, p. 31 (File)
US Nuclear Policy: President Carter's Policy on International Supervision of Use of Nuclear Material, p. 38 (File)
Uranium: Fraser the 'Uranium Sheikh' in Washington, p. 41 (File)
Uranium: To Mine or Not to Mine Uranium: the Debate the Labor Party..., p. 44 (File)
Aust. Trade: Prime Minister Fraser Goes to Europe (EEC) to Trade Washington, p. 48 (File)
Plutonium: European Countries Commit to Plutonium Development..., p. 52 (File)
US Nuclear Policy: USA Regulatory Program for Nuclear Industry Transportation, p. 55 (File)
Uranium: The Labor Party's Biennale Conference, Perth...Policy on Uranium, p. 58 (File)
Uranium: The Labor Party's Policy on Uranium Mining, p. 60 (File)
Uranium: Fraser Govt Uranium Mining, p. 61 (File)
Environment: The Way Ahead for the Environmentalists, p. 62 (File)
Uranium: The Effects of Labor Party's Uranium Policy on Labor on the Nation, p. 64 (File)
Uranium: An ANOP Poll on the Development of Uranium, p. 66 (File)
Uranium: The Horns of the Uranium Dilemma..., p. 67 (File)
Uranium: The Australian Uranium Dilemma: to Sell or Not to Sell?, p. 74 (File)
Family: A Holiday in New Caledonia..., p. 76 (File)

Series. Volume 12,11 August to 22 September 1977

Aust. Politics: Resignation from Politics of Dr. Jim Cairns, p. 14 (File)
Christianity: Jesus Is 'Devalued'?, p. 21 (File)
Lunar Resources: Scientists Predict a Mineral Boom on the Moon, p. 31 (File)
Aust. Politics: Fraser Govt's Provocative Industrial Legislation, p. 34 (File)
Aust. Politics: The 1977 Budget, Taxation Consequences, p. 36 (File)
Aust. Politics: 'Mr. Fraser, Chief Hawk in Industrial Relations'..., p. 38 (File)
Uranium: Australian Govt Decides to Mine Export Uranium, p. 44 (File)
Uranium: The Problem of Uranium Safeguards..., p. 63 (File)
Nuclear Industry: The Nuclear Industry in Britain, p. 74 (File)
Nuclear Industry: West Germany the Nuclear Industry, p. 77 (File)
Nuclear Waste: USA the Problem of Nuclear Waste Disposal, p. 79 (File)
Resources Tax: Mining Producers' Hostility to Resources Tax, p. 82 (File)
Uranium: ACTU Conference's Policy on Uranium Issue, p. 85 (File)
Nuclear Energy: The British Enquiry into Expansion of Windscale Nuclear Plant, p. 91 (File)
Violence: The Real Violence in Our Society, p. 94 (File)

Series. Volume 13,17 September to 12 December 1977

Aust. Politics: Malcolm Fraser, Prime Minister Rampant, p. 19 (File)
Industrial: Industrial Confrontation by Fraser Relations Victorian Govts, p. 26 (File)
Aust. Politics: Cynical Use of an Election by Fraser, p. 30 (File)
Aust. Politics: Fraser's Industrial Legislation Bulldozed through Parliament, p. 32 (File)
Terrorism: Terrorism as an Instrument of Protest, p. 34 (File)
Terrorism: Counter-Terrorist Activity in Australia, p. 45 (File)
Violence: Violence in Australian Society, p. 50 (File)
Aust. Politics: Malcolm Fraser the Early Election, 10/12/77, p. 54 (File)
Aust. Politics: The 'Lynch Affair', p. 58 (File)
Aust. Politics: The New Treasurer, John Howard, p. 66 (File)
Aust. Politics: Governor-General Sir John Kerr His Place in History, p. 87 (File)

Series. Volume 14,13 December 1977 to 6 March 1978

Aust. Politics: The Early Federal Election, 10th December 1977, p. 3 (File)
Gender: Are Men Revising Their Sex Stereotypes?, p. 40 (File)
Women: Married Women - Go Home?, p. 45 (File)
Education: Educational Standards Youth Unempolyment, p. 51 (File)
Monarchy: The Continuing Debate - Australia, vs. Republic Monarchical or Republican?, p. 53 (File)
Retirement: The Pay-Off for Sir John Kerr Benefits, p. 61 (File)
Uranium Industry: The ACTU Decision on the Development of the Uranium Industry in Australia..., p. 68 (File)
Retirement: Sir John Kerr Rides Again - in Comfort Benefits, p. 74 (File)
Hilton Hotel Bombing: Commonwealth Heads of Govt Regional Conference, Sydney - the Bomb Its Consequences...Terrorism as a Political Solution..., p. 76 (File)
Commonwealth Relations: What Did the Regional Commonwealth Conference Achieve?, p. 84 (File)
Kerr Resigns: Sir John Kerr - the Newsmaker - Wilts, p. 91 (File)

Series. Volume 15,8 March to 21 May 1978

China: China's New Look at Itself, p. 16 (File)
Traditional Asian Medicine: International Conference on Traditional Asian Medicine - Canberra, ANU, [to be held] 1979, p. 22 (File)
Year 2000: Australia in the Year 2000, p. 26 (File)
Aust. Politics: Gough Whitlam Bows Out of Political Life, p. 40 (File)
Futurology: The Famous Peer into the Future of 21st Century..., p. 45 (File)
Democracy: Lord Hailsham Looks at 'Elective Dictatorship', p. 52 (File)
China: Trade Minister Philip Lynch's China 'Road Show'..., p. 55 (File)
Terrorism: The Murder of Italian Politician Aldo Moro by the Terrorist Leftist Organisation the Red Brigades..., p. 61 (File)
Terrorism: The Red Brigades - Who Are They?, p. 71 (File)
Terrorism: Combating Terrorism in a Democracy Counter-Insurgency, p. 80 (File)
Menzies' Death: The Death of Sir Robert Menzies..., p. 83 (File)

Series. Volume 16,9 September 1978 to 10 January 1980

Immigration: Australian New Immigration Policy Announced..., p. 2 (File)
Man's Dilemma: Man's Existential Dilemma, p. 13 (File)
Cold War: The 'Cold War' or the 'Hot Peace'?, p. 15 (File)
Futurology: Herman Kahn, USA - the Futurologist..., p. 33 (File)
Papal History: Papal History Is Made: the Election of a Polish Pope, John Paul II, p. 35 (File)
M. Mead's Death: Death of Margaret Mead - World Famous Anthropologist, p. 39 (File)
Aust. Politics: 11th November 1975 - 11th November 1978:Whitlam at the Third Anniversary Dinner..., p. 42 (File)
Football: Football as a Homo-erotic Rite, p. 47 (File)
China: Maoism Attacked in China..., p. 54 (File)
Human Rights: Amnesty International Condemns China for Violation of Human Rights, p. 60 (File)
Kerr's Book: Sir John Kerr Publishes His Book 'A Matter of Judgement'..., p. 62 (File)
Kerr's Portrait: Portrait Painting of Sir John Kerr Rejected, p. 72 (File)
Religious Cults: Mass Suicide Ritual Murders, Guyana, Central America [People's Temple, led by Jim Jones], p. 76 (File)
Religious Cults: People's Temple Leaves Wealth to Soviet Union, p. 89 (File)
China: China the New Long March Forward to Industrial Technology, p. 90 (File)
China: Dr. Stephen Fitzgerald on the Chinese Counter-Revolution, p. 99 (File)
Youth Attitudes: Youth Attitudes in the Late 1970s, p. 105 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Whitlam Memoirs on the Events of 1975:'The Truth of the Matter', p. 108 (File)
Aust. Politics: The 'Sarkey Affair', p. 112 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Institute of Applied Economics Social Research's View of the Whitlam Govt's Social Spending 1972-75..., p. 118 (File)
Aust. Foreign Policy: Australian Foreign Statement by Minister Andrew Peacock: the End of a Decade of a Detente with Russia, p. 120 (File)
China: Chinese Invasion of Vietnam, 1979, p. 125 (File)
Israeli-Egyptian Treaty: The Signing of the Israeli-Egyptian Treaty 27/3/79, p. 128 (File)
China: Chinese Stringent Population Control, p. 133 (File)
China: The Chinese Dream of the Long March to Modernisation - a Delayed Dream, p. 136 (File)

Series. Volume 17,14 January 1980 to 2 February 1981

International Affairs: Forecasting in Foreign Affairs in the 1980s by Foreign Minister Andrew Peacock..., p. 2 (File)
Afghanistan: The Russian Invasion of Afghanistan Its Repercussions..., p. 4 (File)
Employment: A Gloomy Preview of the 1980s by International Labour Organisation, Geneva, p. 26 (File)
Olympic Boycott: A Letter Sent to Editor of the Australian Newspaper re the Proposed Olympic Games Boycott by the Australian Government, p. 31 (File)
Afghanistan Department's ..: Prime Minister Fraser Rejected His Own Assesment on Russian Intervention in Afghanistan..., p. 32 (File)
North South Dialogue: The Future of the Poor Developing Nations in 1980s,or the North (Rich Countries) South (Poor Countries) Dialogue..., p. 39 (File)
Economics: Professor Milton Friedman, Monetarist Theoretician, His Critics, p. 41 (File)
Afghanistan Iranian Hostages: The Afghanistan Iranian [Hostage] Crises: a Threat to World Peace..., p. 43 (File)
Olympic Boycott: Australian Olympic Federation's Decision to Send Teams to Moscow Olympics, July 1980..., p. 48 (File)
US Foreign Policy: President Carter's Policies on Foreign Affairs Lack the Support of His Western Allies, p. 53 (File)
Olympic Boycott: Olympic Games Boycott the Australian Government, p. 54 (File)
Afghanistan: Afghanistan Intervention by Russia Some Comments by Chancellor Schmidt of West Germany on American Policy on It, p. 57 (File)
Economic Summit: The Venice Summit Meeting of the Leading Non-Communist Industrial Nations, p. 58 (File)
Aust. Politics: The Federal Election, October 1980, (File)
Technology: The Meyers Report on Technological Change, p. 66 (File)
US Elections: President Carter of USA Defeated in the Election for the Presidency of USA by Ronald Reagan...Freeing of 52 American Hostages Held by Iran..., p. 70 (File)
US Politics: President Reagan's...Administration..., p. 77 (File)

Class Acc10.017. Consignment added 2010

Comprises the biography of Eileen Watt (in hard copy and on CD-ROM) by Gabrielle Watt, and, copies of genealogical documents relating to Eileen Watt, and her great grandmother, Bridget (Biddy) McCann, a convict in Hobart.

Contained in 1 packet.

Class Acc12.013. Consignment added 2012

Comprises a final addition of papers relating to the lives of Raymond Gosford Watt and Eileen Watt, from their daughter Gabrielle Watt, after their deaths. Documents include a copy of a pen drawing of 'Wedgewood', the home of Raymond and Eileen Watt, personal records and reports and the Last Will and Testament of Eileen Watt.

Contained in 1 folder.