Guide to the Papers of D.C.S. Sissons


MS 3092, MS Acc09.106

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Class MS 3092. Original consignment

Series 1 (3 boxes) of MS 3092 comprises copies of Sissons' writings from his completed research. The remainder of the collection (57 boxes) consists of research files on such subjects as Australians in Japan; Australian trade and immigration policies towards Japan; Australian involvement in the Allied occupation of Japan, 1945-1950; Japanese prisoners of war in Australia; Second World War war crimes trials; and, Japanese espionage in Australia. The collection also includes material gathered for a biography of Professor James Murdoch, the first Australian professor of Japanese. In June 2006 Sissons incorporated his papers held at MS 8230 into this collection...

Series 1. Writings by Sissons, 1956-2006

This series comprises copies of writings by Sissons, which resulted from his completed research. Included are articles, conference papers, lectures and book chapters. They are grouped into sub-series by topic and listed by title.

Subseries 1_2. Japan and Australia
'Karayuki-san: the Japanese prostitutes in Australia, 1887-1916', Historical Studies, Vol. 17, Nos. 68 and 69, 1977 (File 10)