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Hall, Richard (1937-2003)
Papers of Richard Hall
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Scope and Content

This large collection contains papers accumulated by Hall during the course of his career as a journalist, author and political advisor. There are drafts, research materials and correspondence for all of his published books together with drafts and papers relating to his other writings which included journal and magazine articles, plays, film scripts and some unpublished works. There is a large group of papers, much of which comprises research material, relating to Hall's unfinished biography of Gough Whitlam, which had reached final draft stage at the time of his death.

There are two series of papers relating to Hall's work in the political sphere. Series 14 records his time as Private Press Secretary to Gough Whitlam during the period 1969 to 1972. Series 32 documents his work as a political advisor to Wayne Swan, the Federal Member for Lilley in Queensland, the bulk of which date from 1993 to 2003.

The correspondence in the collection is not extensive and comprises cards and correspondence from family and friends, together with general correspondence relating to Hall's life and work. Principle correspondents include Ann Turner, Frank Moorhouse, Edmund Campion, Sandra Forbes, Suzanne Falkiner, Robyn Head and Hall's three daughters, Caitlin, Meredith, and Louisa.

Hall was involved with a number of organisations during the course of his career, including, amongst others, the Literature Board of the Australia Council, The Australian Society of Authors and the State Library Council of NSW. Included in the collection are papers relating to these organisations.


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The papers were acquired in two instalments. The first was purchased from Hall in 1992 and the second was purchased from his family in 2003, following Hall's death.


The arrangement of the papers in the first instalment of this collection, received in 1992, was devised by Hall and his literary agent and has been retained. Series 1-20 refer.

In August 2003 the Library acquired a large addition to the papers, following Hall's death earlier the same year. Some of the papers in this addition related to those already present in the existing collection (series 1-20). Such papers were added to the appropriate series. There was also a large component of papers which related to new subject areas and these have been arranged into series devised by the National Library (series 21-36). For a list, refer to the note 'Papers added to the first instalment'.

Biographical Note

Hall was born on 9 October 1937 and was raised in Sydney by his mother, Phyllis. He was educated at St Aloysius College and later at the University of Sydney.

Hall worked initially as a journalist for The Bulletin during the 1960s and subsequently wrote for many newspapers and magazines such as the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian, Australian Financial Review, Guardian (United Kingdom), Age Monthly Review and New Statesman. He was 'ghost writer' for two books - The untold story: Labor in rural NSW with Jack Hallam and one with Mick Young. He also wrote a number of biographies and non-fiction works focusing largely on the worlds of politics, crime and espionage. This latter theme was further developed in his two thrillers Costello and Noumea. Hall's success in winning the inaugural James Joyce Foundation Fellowship in 1994 enabled him to take up a residency at Trinity College, Dublin.

In 1968, after spending two years with the Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Hall was appointed as Private Secretary to Gough Whitlam, a position he held for five years. When the Labor Party gained government, Hall worked in the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and then Secondary Industry, where he was adviser to Jim McClelland. For a number of years Hall was a political adviser to Wayne Swan, MP, Federal Member for Lilley in Queensland.

In 1973, Hall was one of the founding members of the Australia Council's Literature Board and in 1975, as founding chairman of the Australian Authors' Fund, oversaw the establishment of Public Lending Right. In 1976 Hall was appointed to the Cultural Affairs Advisory Body by NSW Premier, Neville Wran. During this time, Hall and Donald Horne instigated the NSW Premier's Literary Awards. During the same period he was a member of the NSW State Library Council and was elected president of that body in 1980 for a four-year term.

Richard Hall died in Sydney on 22 March 2003, after a long illness.

Biographical Reference(s)

Who's who of Australian authors. 1991, p.222

Obituary for Hall by Edmund Campion, published in the Sydney Morning Herald


Item Descriptions

Series 1. The makers and the breakers: the Governor-General and the Senate vs the Constitution, 1975-1978

Written by Hall and John Iremonger and published in 1976 by Wellington Lane Press. This book provides an account of the 1975 constitutional crisis.

Research material and notes (File 1-14)

Draft manuscript and research notes (File 15-16)

Draft copy (File 17)

Edited typescript (File 18-22)

Miscellaneous papers, 1975-1977 (File 23)

Sample format and typesetting specifications

Correspondence, 1975-1977 - includes personal congratulations, copies of letters and correspondence from Dally Powell of Australian and New Zealand Book Co. Pty Ltd

Pess releases

Contract and correspondence from Carol Dettman of Wellington Lane Press, 1976-1977

Review, 1978 (File 24)

Series 2. The secret state: Australia's spy industry, 1965-1978

In this book Hall surveyed Australian spies and their activities from the country's first spy, Major W.T. Bridges, through to the claims and counter claims about the relationship between ASIO and the American CIA during November 1975. It was published in 1978 by Cassell Australia. The bulk of the papers in this series comprises research undertaken by Hall and includes photocopies of early documents.

Security - historical material (File 1-2)

Research notes relating to pre-1939 (File 3)

Secret armies (File 4)

Spying on communists (File 5)

White report (File 6-7)

World War I - correspondence with Bruce Muirden, 1965-1967 (File 8)

Research material: (File 9)

Laughlin and G. Wilkinson diaries; Australia and United States security of 1942; John Garden; Western Australian State; Co-ordination Directorate proposal

Security and intelligence in 1910s; ASIO, 1975-76; NSW police (Secret Branch files) (File 10)

CIA interview transcript (File 11)

CIA and ASIO press clippings (includes also transcript), 1977 (File 12)

Drafts and notes (File 21-22)

Typescripts and notes (File 23-26)

Edited typescript (File 27-29)

Photocopy of typescript (File 30)

Reader's report from Clem Lloyd (File 31-32)

Proofs, reviews and correspondence with K.D. Gott, 1978 (File 33)

Unbound proofs, c1978 (File 34)

Reviews, cuttings and correspondence, 1978 (File 35)

Series 3. The real John Kerr: his brilliant career, 1978-1979, 1989

A biography of Sir John Kerr, written shortly after the end of his term as Governor-General of Australia. Published by Angus and Robertson in 1978.

Research material: Fort Street; Kerr's indirect connection with the Asian Foundation (File 1-4)

Press clippings (File 5-6)

Notebook (File 7)

Draft and typescripts (File 8-9)

Typescript with some corrections (File 10)

Correspondence with publishers, Peter MacDonald and Richard Walsh of Angus and Robertson, 1978-1979; Memorandum of Agreement, 1978 (File 11)

Reviews and readers' letters, 1978-1979 (File 12)

Research material (File 13)

Correspondence: Barry Jones (1978) and Sir John Kerr (1989) (File 14)

Series 4. Greed: the 'Mr Asia' connection,, 1980-1982

An account of an international heroin empire, known as 'The Organisation', its operation and how it was able to survive unhampered by police and narcotics officials for a long time. Published in 1981 by Pan Books.

Research material: Lancaster (England); New Zealand (press clippings included); Gisborne, New Zealand (File 1-3)

Research notes: Stewart Royal Commission (File 4)

Transcript of trial of Richard Spencer, Wayne Brindle and Brian Alexander in April 1980 (File 5)

Photographs (some pertaining to Martin Johnson and his death) (File 6)

Early typescript with corrections (File 7-8)

Photocopy of complete typescript (File 9-10)

Editorial notes together with publisher's and agent's correspondence. Correspondents include Lyndsay Brown and Linda Funnell of Pan Books and Rosemary Creswell, 1980-1982 (File 11)

Reviews and promotions together with a letter to Penthouse from Terrence Clark (File 12)

Typescript of TV script by Michael Cove based on Greed, 1982 (File 13-15)

Article relating to Greed (File 16)

Series 5. Disorganised crime, c1977-1986

Originally, this book was to be published by Thomas Nelson Australia in 1984 under the title 'Crime Does Pay'. Hall researched crime and corruption in Australia and his areas of investigation included prostitution, pornography, casinos, corruption of the past, the Mafia and the 1983 National Crimes Commission. The book was published in 1986 by University of Queensland Press. The bulk of the papers in this series relate to research undertaken by Hall.

Miscellaneous papers: (File 1)

Outline of the book

Early chapter breakdown

Research papers

'Project Alpha' intelligence report

Licensing laws

Costigan Royal Commission

Research material: National Crimes Commission, 1983 (File 2)

Moffitt Royal Commission; National Crimes Commission; Costigan Royal Commission; Downer and McCoy book; Calabresi (File 4)

Report by W.F. Green entitled 'Criminal Intelligence' (File 5)

Bureau of Crime statistical study, 1986; speech by Mick Young on crime in Australia, 1985; paper by Justice Moffitt, 1986 (File 6)

Royal Commission into drugs, 1979 (File 7)

National Crime Authority Bill, 1983 (File 8)

Transcripts of 'Four Corners' Costigan interview, 1984; Crime Commission interview, 1984 (File 9)

TNT and Peter Abeles (some press clippings included) (File 10)

Miscellaneous research: (File 11)

Murray Riley

Press clippings

National Times article on Peter Abeles

Photocopy of pages from Peter Reuter's book, Disorganised Crime

Alleged USA connections to Mafia and South Korea

Photocopy of chapter from Pino Arlacchi's book, La Mafia impenditrice

Press clippings: Mafia and Knights of Malta; research material: Sir Robert Askin, Hell's Angels, Victoria; Sydney underworld figures; research notes: Moravito's death (File 12)

Research material: Mafia in Australia; Victorian Police Bureau of Criminal Intelligence (includes some press clippings) (File 13)

Victorian police and theft, vehicle fires (File 14)

Age tapes, 1984 (File 15)

Underground magazine; copy of Police News, November 1983; copy of Winning at Roulette, by Geoffrey Lewis, 1977 (File 16)

Casinos and gambling; drugs, fraud armed robbery gang murders (File 17)

Miscellaneous research: (File 11)

Drug pricing

Copy of 'Operation Gaslight' chart

Photographs (b& w) of Frank Costigan, Donald McKay's murder investigation, Stan Smith, Lennie McPherson, Robert Trimbole and Justice Stewart

The control of organised crime seminars (includes press clippings) (File 19-20)

Annual report of the activities of National Commonwealth Police Services of 1982-1983, 1984; The National Crimes Commission, June 1983; Police News, Vol. 63, No. 12, 1983 (File 21)

Royal Commission on the activities of the Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union, Vols 1, 4, 5 (File 22)

Management Review of the Australian Federal Police, 1984 (File 23)

Commonwealth and New South Wales Joint Task Force on Drug Trafficking, 1982 (File 24)

Early draft of first chapters: honoured society and Hell's Angels; draft chapters of 'Operation Gaslight' and police operations; draft chapters and typescript: National Crimes Authority (File 25)

Draft copy of book (some photocopied pages) (File 26)

Draft and typescript: 'Italian connections'; draft: 'Kings Cross'; early sections of typescript, 1984 (File 27)

Draft and typescript with alterations and corrections (File 28-29)

Typescript: racing, SP betting, heroin and Agetapes (notes and press clippings included); typescript and notes: history of crime and honoured society (File 30)

Photocopy of typescript and pages of draft (File 31)

Photocopy of typescript of various chapters and complete typescript (File 32-35)

'Can of Worms' (working title) typescript (File 36-37)

Early chapters edited by Nelson, together with queries and draft insert material (File 38)

Edited chapters 1-9 and various inserts (copy of letter to Phil Abraham from Linda Funnell included), 1985 (File 39-41)

Final corrections (includes correspondence with University of Queensland Press), 1985; title suggestions notes; editorial process notes (File 42)

Page proofs (includes notes, correspondence with University of Queensland Press), 1986 (File 43)

Reviews (includes promotion by Thomas Nelson Australia for proposed publication for 1984; book promotions material and correspondence with University of Queensland Press, 1986 (File 44)

Correspondence, press clipping and notes relating to threats of legal action against publication of the book, 1986 (File 45)

Series 6. A spy's revenge, 1970-1988

An account of the New South Wales Supreme Court case arising from the British Government's attempt to prevent the publication of ex-MI5 spy Peter Wright's book, Spycatcher, in 1986. Published in 1987 by Penguin Books.

Notes and queries on book structure; working procedures for book; author's editorial notes and queries; author's procedures for library research (File 1)

Research material: Australian legal material relevant to secrecy and government privilege (File 2)

Du Mowbray; Robert Armstrong; photocopy from R. Manne's The Petrov Affair (File 3)

Transcript of Malcolm Turnbull's interrogation of British lawyers; Malcolm Turnbull; copy of letter from Jonathan Aitken to Malcolm Turnbull, 1986; Justice Powell's judgement of November, 1986; Malcolm Turnbull's attack on Greenglass (File 4)

Malcolm Turnbull's final submission on Wright trial and British House of Commons debate, 1986 (File 5)

Statement by William Herman Schaap at Wright trial; 'Ties that Bind' by Desmond Ball; extracts from Chapman Pincher's book, Too secret too long (File 6)

Chapman Pincher and Lord Rothschild; copy of letter from Margaret Thatcher to Jonathan Aitken, 1980; Theodore Simos and his closing address (File 7)

Wright's school; Harold Wilson's claims; Justice Powell's judgement at Wright's trial; Wright's television interview and affidavit (File 8)

Peter Wright (File 9)

Complete transcript of Wright's trial in NSW Supreme Court, November 1986; (includes press clippings) (File 10-13)

Typescript of Wright's book, Spycatcher (File 14-18)

Photocopy of typescript (pre-publication, with added notes by Hall) (File 19)

Judgement by Justice Powell, 1987 (File 24-25)

High Court and Court of Appeal decisions (File 26-27)

United Kingdom trial cases and reports (File 28)

Article for Time Magazineon Wright; research notes - interview with Richard Norton-Taylor of the Guardian; article for the Guardian; payment receipt for Wright trial journalism (File 29)

Notes (File 30-31)

Press clippings: Wright and his trial, Harold Wilson, and miscellaneous (authors notes included) (File 32-37)

Photographs (subjects include Lord Rothschild, Chapman Pincher, Sir Robert Armstrong, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt, Donald MacLean, Ken Philby, Sir Roger Hollis, Cathy Massiter, Wright and MI5 headquarters) (File 38)

Draft copy at dictation stage (File 39)

Early print out of some pages (includes copy of letter from Chapman Pincher to Phillip, nd); part II of book printout and author's revisions (File 40)

Printout of draft (some handwritten notes included) (File 41)

Printout of manuscript (handwritten inserts, revisions and highlighted sections of text) (File 42)

Printout of draft, February 1987; (see also folio list) (File 43)

Printout and notes; handwritten queries on print out; typescript and notes of last chapter; author's submission to United Kingdom publisher (File 44)

Editorial process (Jackie Yowell, Barbara Burton, Brian Johns of Penguin Books) (File 45)

Penguin Publishing tours; cover blurbs; reviews and publicity contacts (File 46)

Papers, 1970-1988 (File 47)

Correspondence, 1983-1988

Notes by Hall, 1970

Page proofs with notes (File 1)

Series 7. Costello, 1966, 1987-1988

Costello is the first of Hall's proposed series of spy novels featuring as the main character Patrick Costello, an agent for the Australian Security Service (ASS). The novel was published by Collins Australia in 1989.

See also Series 8 and Series 31 for papers relating to further novels in the series.

Notes: for first thriller story in series, 1966 (File 1)

Notebooks (File 2-3)

Handwritten draft (some printed out text included) (File 4)

Early printout of manuscript (edited by Rose Creswell) (File 5-6)

Printout with inserts and alterations (File 7)

Complete draft (File 8-10)

Typescripts (with alterations) (File 11-16)

Copy of letter from Stephen Knight (University of Melbourne), 1987;'Palm Jungle' (working title), detailed outline of proposed second and third novels in a series, and biography of author (File 17-18)

Three bound copies of selling transcripts (one contains notes), 1987 (File 19)

Three bound copies of penultimate transcripts, 1988; (see also folio item) (File 20-21)

Final version of typescript (marked by publishing editor) (File 22-24)

Drafts of cover blurbs; editorial process and letters, 1988; speech made by Frank Moorhouse at book launch; reviews (File 25)

Research material (File 26)

Notebook (File 27)

Bound typescript of the proposal for the series of Costello novels, 1987 (File 28)

Page proofs (4 copies) (File Folio 1)

Series 8. Noumea,, 1990-1991

Noumea, the second book in Hall's series of spy novels featuring Patrick Costello, was published by Angus and Robertson in 1990.

See also Series 7 and Series 31 for papers relating to other novels in the series.

Research documents and notes: Bastion, Thierry, Paris and patrol boats; firearms; Lord Howe Island; Caldoche (File 1)

Notebook (File 3)

Miscellaneous notes and typescripts; editorial process notes (File 4)

Page proofs (includes a letter from Collins, Angus and Robertson, 1990 (File 5)

Page proof with alterations (includes letter from Collins, Angus and Robertson, 1990 (File 6-7)

Page proofs, 1990 (File 8)

Review and letter from a reader,, 1991 (File 9)

Series 9. The Rhodes Scholar spy, 1985-1991

Published by Random House in 1991. First written as a film script, the book gives an account of espionage in Australia, the Petrov Royal Commission and the career of Australian diplomat, Ian Milner. Includes research notes and photocopies of early documents.

Research correspondence with Australian Archives, 1986; overseas, 1985; Ziegler, 1989 (File 1)

Correspondence with Australian Archives (research material included) (File 2)

Research material: Ian Milner's childhood, his writings, his career, his time with Department of External Affairs, and the USA (File 3)

Milner, his ASIO files, his writings, and Melbourne (File 4)

Melbourne University Archives; 1945 London cables; Jim Hill (File 5)

Petrov and Milner statements; Burton's evidence at Petrov Commission; Petrov; Petrov article; report extracts (File 6)

Petrov and Rupert Lockwood; Lockwood and the Swiss warning; Institute of Pacific Relations (File 7)

Vienna, 1934-1935; USSR cultural policy; Australian and New Zealand communist parties; Army Adult Education Prague, pre 1950; New Zealand research follow-up; New Zealand Communist Party publications (File 8)

US and Australian intelligence exchange, 1956; US West Coast; USA file references; UCLA and United Nations; United Nations Commission on Korea, Poland, Czechoslovakian exiles; Czechoslovakia (File 9)

Rhodes scholars of 1930s and 1945; Harbin intercepts, 1949, 1950; Frank Cain article; FBI files; missing documents (File 10)

Department of External Affairs personnel, Czechoslovakia (File 11)

1985 research trip, External Affairs, code breaking and intercepts (includes letter of 1989) (File 12)

Photocopy of 'The Missing Dimensions' by Ken Philby; author's follow-up research; Melbourne names; Ric Throssell references; Paul Hasluck; Department of External Affairs personnel (File 13)

Department of External affairs, Oxford (File 14)

Jim Hill and ASIO (File 15-16)

Research material: Royal Commission transcripts; press clippings: William Sutch; Ian Milner; Milner's return to New Zealand (File 17)

Notebooks (File 18-20)

NSW Film Commission letter and outline, 1985; draft and notes of film (File 21-22)

First typescript filmstrip entitled 'The New College Spy', 1985 (File 23)

Draft of various sections: Oxford; Sutch and USA; 1940s; New Zealand; Milner's childhood (File 24)

Draft inserts; offer to US publishers, 1986 (includes Robert I. Ducas, Century Hutchinson, Crown Publishers Inc., MacMillan Publishing Co.); draft of final version of synopsis for USA; reworked synopsis for United Kingdom offer (File 25)

Early typescript (ready for publisher) 'The New College Spy' (working title) (File 26)

Two photocopies of final typescript (File 27-31)

Manuscript draft (3pp) and page proofs (File 32)

Research material (File 33)

Transcript of the Petrov Royal Commission (File 34)

Research material relating to Ian Milner (File 35)

Photocopies of papers from Ian Milner's Department of External Affairs personnel file (File 36)

Photocopies of papers relating to Ian Milner from the Australian Archives (File 37)

Photocopies of papers from Ian Milner's ASIO file (File 38)

Photocopies of papers from Ric Throssell's ASIO file (File 39)

Research material and correspondence with NZ distributor (1991) (File 40)

Papers, 1985-1991 (File 41)

Letters from Walter Crocker, Ed Campion, Jim Bennett and readers, 1985-1991

Reviews, 1991

Research material (File 1)

Series 10. The untold story: Labor in rural NSW

Hall wrote this book on behalf of Jack Hallam, a Cabinet minister in the Wran Government. Hall examined the Australian Labor Party's policies on agricultural industries of New South Wales since the Shearer's Strike of the 1890s until the the early 1980s. Published in 1983 by George Allen and Unwin.

Research documents and notes (File 1-2)

Complete typescript (File 3-4)

Series 11. National security and the agent of influence myth: a different kind of job creation scheme, 1983

This book examined the association between David Combes, the Federal Secretary of the Australian Labor Party, and Soviet diplomat Valery Ivanov and the leaking of National Security information to the KGB. The incident lead to Combes' resignation and Ivanov's expulsion from Australia. Published by Corradini Press in 1983.

Research material: Hope Royal Commission transcripts and correspondence, 1983 (File 1-2)

Notes and typescript (File 3)

Typescript and published copies of book (File 4)

Mailing out of copies of book (File 5)

Copy of published booklet, 1983 (File 6)

Series 12. Unpublished works

This series consists of three unpublished books started by Hall.

Subseries 12-1. Ezra Norton, c1953 and 1983

This book was commissioned by Penguin, but was not completed. It was intended to be a biography of Ezra Norton, the son of newspaper proprietor, John Norton, and owner of the Sydney Truth and other newspapers. The research material includes Hall's notes and photocopies of early documents.

Research material: wartime rationing; cabinet references Ezra Norton's request for import licence for newsprint, 1940; research correspondence, 1983; (see also folio items) (File 1-2)
A copy of Waverley 1903-1953,a jubilee edition of the magazine of Christian Brothers' College, Waverley (File 3)
Notes and notebooks (some press clippings included) (File 4-7)
Research notes (File 7a)

Subseries 12-2. Coleman book

Written by Hall, the book was to be edited by Peter Coleman. It contains two essays on Henry James O'Farrell (1868) and Father Charles Jerger (1920) The book was never published.

Research material and notes (see also folio items) (File 8-9)
Research notes and draft manuscript (File 10)
Draft and review (File 11)
Draft chapter (File 12)

Subseries 12-3. Harry Bailey

Material in this sub-series is not available for research.

Series 13. Plays, c1960-1998

This series comprises papers relating to plays written by Hall. They include research material, drafts, and correspondence.

The Duke of Edinburgh assassinated (File 1-7)

Written by Richard Hall and Bob Ellis: research material, typescripts; actor's script; director's notes, publicity interviews, and programs (see also file 20 in this series and files 1-7 in series 14)

O'Leary (File 8-11)

Working notes; typescript with alterations; first complete script (two copies); complete script, promotional material (see also file 19 in this series)

'Big man yesterday': typescript (see also file 18 in this series), 1961 (File 12)

'Come on down Riley': typescript (File 13)

'Liverpool play' (File 14)

Typescript, together with letter from Robin Lovejoy of the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust, 1964

Typescript of an untitled radio play (File 15)

Typescript of an adaptation of Dostoyevsky's work, The possessed (see also file 21 in this series) (File 16)

Short plays (includes correspondence), 1960-1963 (File 17)

Typescript of a two-act play entitled 'Big man yesterday' (see also file 12 in this series) (File 18)

Script of O'Leary (File 19)

Two typescript copies of the script of Hall's play O'Leary, which was first performed by the Australian National University Dramatic Society (see also files 8-11 in this series)

Script of The Duke of Edinburgh assassinated (see also files 1-7 in this series and files 1-7 in series 14) (File 20)

Script of adaptation of The possessed (File 21)

Hall's working notes on a dramatic adaptation of The possessed, together with a typescript of the script (see also file 16 in this series)

Manuscript notes and draft of a radio play entitled 'A bit of a beatup' (File 22)

TV scripts, 1998 (File 23)

Hall's storylines for a TV series entitled 'Murder Call', created by Jennifer Rowe and Hal McElroy

Series 14. Other writings, 1962-2001

This series contains Hall's writings as a journalist and freelance writer. It includes writings for film and television companies, newspapers and magazines. Included are Hall's research notes and photocopies of early documents.

'The attempted assassination of the Duke of Edinburgh', 1986 (File 1-7)

Written with Hugh Stucky for Mike Willesee's 'Australians'; first draft; draft typescript with notes and alterations; typed and handwritten drafts; complete first typescript, 1986; correspondence with Hugh Stucky, 1986; scene breakdown; treatment typescript (includes correspondence from Matt Carroll of 'Mike Willesee's Australians'), 1986; Mike Willesee's 'Australians' prospectus (Note: see related papers in series 13, files 1-7 and 20)

'The great mole hunt', c1988 (File 8-12)

Contract with Australian Film Commission and Phillip Knightley, 1988; notes and draft for treatment; draft scripts of episodes one and two; treatment in conjunction with Phillip Knightley (see also file 70 in this series)

'The Orr case', c.1991 (File 13-17)

Elstree Production film synopsis; clippings; research documents; notes (see also folio list); draft, notes and notes on film treatment; notebook, 1991; typescript and notes

'Registry of flash men', c1985 (File 18-22)

Typescript - includes letter from Margaret Perkins of University of Queensland Press (see also file 68 in this series)

1942 US strategic planning research notes (see also file 82 in this series)

Racism, the Australian experience, c1962-1972 (File 23-29)

Research material (includes correspondence from J. Roberts and David Barlow of Australian and New Zealand Books Co. Pty. Ltd., and Frank Stevens of University of New South Wales), 1971-1972

Queensland Native Police, 1861;

Copies of 'Suhard Papers' (pamphlets published by 'a Sydney group of Cahtolics') on state aid to Catholic schools, 1962-1969; Liberal Catholicism in universities.

Report of the Youth Employment Task Force, 1986 (File 30)

Contract and research material; (includes correspondence from Sandra Egger of Premiers Office of New South Wales), 1986

Radio 2GB Bicentennial History Project (File 31-32)

Book reviews for 2GB's Mike Carlton Show (File 33)

D.H. Lawrence - John Ruffel's material (File 34)

Harold Holt profile for New Statesmen, 1966; book reviews; 'Posters of World War I' (with John Iremonger), 1977 (File 35)

Dardanelles project; George Munster award; launch of Craig Munro's biography of P.R. Stephensen; radio play for ABC (File 36)

Qantas article; freelance articles for Time and Weekend Australia; chapters on code-breaking for Life book (File 37)

[Title not available], c1963-1977 (File 38-47,)

Articles for The Bulletin: special report by Adult Probation Service of New South Wales

East Timor documents (includes letter from R. Wesley Smith), 1977

South Australian Zoo controversy (includes correspondence from R.F. Brown), 1964

Northern Territory land rights papers, 1976; armed forces, 1963-1964; court martial of Lt. Commander Ian Blyth James, 1963

Robinson hanging, Western Australia, (includes correspondence from Steven Green and others), 1964

Author's articles, 1962-1964; columns, 1975-1976; Father Aldo letter, 1964; cargo handling papers

Third Commonwealth Empire Conference, 1965; Qantas; airfreight; science textbook controversy; Bishop Muldoon and Mother Gorman; humane vitae

Articles for the Observer: Tom Truman's Catholic action and politics,1959; 1965 ALP Federal Conference; features for Labour report, 1959, 1965 (File 48-52)

Articles for the Australian: leaders of 1964-65; resignation letter; Financial Review: article, 1964-1965 (File 53-54)

Articles and book reviews (undated) (File 55-56)

Articles by Hall for The Catholic Weekly, 1958; 1965-1970 (File 57)

Articles and book reviews, 1971-1979 (File 58)

Articles and book reviews, 1987-1994 (File 59)

Article entitled 'The shark arm murders', published in The Good Weekend, 1995 (File 59a)

Articles and book reviews, 1995-1999 (File 60-62)

Reviews for the Australian Book Review, 1995-1996 (File 63)

Article and copy of the NSW Police Royal Commission Interim Report, 1996 (File 64)

Article on 'Holiday books', 1996 (File 65)

Writings (File 66)

Hall's notes for a proposed new edition of Ian Turner's Sydney's burning, which was originally published in 1967

Proofs of an essay by Hall entitled 'Racism and the press', nd

Research material and typescript draft for a proposed book about Roger Tichborne (File 67)

'The registry of flash men' (File 68)

Typescript, nd. (see also files 18-22 in this series)

'National security and agent of influence myth', 1983 (File 69)

'The great mole hunt', 1987 (File 69)

Typescript of treatment for 'The great mole hunt', Hall and Phillip Knightley (see also files 8-12 in this series)

Bound typescript of a biographical work about George Bush, written by Hall and Diana Plater, 1989 (File 70)

The Freycinet experience: the voyages of Baudin and Tasman (File 71)

Drafts and final proofs of a booklet by Hall, published in Launceston, Tas in 1993

Research material and manuscript draft of a proposed comic novel entitled 'The Roast Koala Club', c1995 (File 72)

Research material and drafts of an essay about historian Keith Windshuttle, 2001 (File 73-74)

Report for George Negus on a script for a proposed TV series entitled 'Distant places' (File 75)

Reader's report, c1993 (File 76-78)

Hall's reader's report on a book by Graham Pont entitled 'Muse unruly: the secret life of Isaac Nathan'. Includes a photocopy of Pont's book.

Reader's report, 1997 (File 79)

Halls' reader's report on a work by Thomas Keneally entitled 'The great shame'

Included in this file, but appearing to bear no relationship to the contents, is a photocopy of a letter written by Patrick White in 1945 to the Prime Minister with a suggestion for exporting sheep to Greece.

Script report, c1997 (File 80)

Script assessment of a screenplay by Alan Duff entitled 'Sydney', together with a copy of the script.

Speech (File 81)

Typescript of a speech entitled 'Erotica in the David Scott Mitchell Collection', presented by Hall to the Library Society. Includes a photocopy of Mitchell's will (1901).

Writings, 1990-2001 (File 82)

Paper entitled 'Australia in US strategic planning, January-March 1942, or The unacknowledged Wendell Wilkie', which Hall presented at a conference at the Australian War Memorial in 1990 (see also files 18-22 in this series)

Speech written by Hall for Jeff Shaw QC for the swearing in of Mr Keith Mason as a Supreme Court Judge, 1997

Typescript of a speech given to the Library Society in 2001 entitled 'Dining out in Sydney in the 1940s and 1950s'

Notes and typescript of a speech for the Sydney Institute, nd

Conference paper, 1996 (File 83-84)

Notes and research for a paper by Hall entitled 'The Investigation Branch and the main enemy - the CPA - the necessary evil'. Presented at the NSW Centre for Australian Studies Conference: Espionage and Counter-Espionage in Australian History, Sydney, 1996

Hall's obituary for Jim McLelland, 1999 (File 85)

Hall's obituary for Clem Lloyd, 2001 (File 86)

Newspaper clippings (File 1)

Series 15. Private Press Secretary to Gough Whitlam, c1962-1973

Hall worked for Gough Whitlam as his Private Press Secretary in 1969-1972

State aid issue, 1969 (File 1)

China and Ross Terrill; ALP delegation to China (includes correspondence), 1971 (File 2)

Overseas trip 1971-1972 (includes correspondence written to Gough Whitlam) (File 3)

Press Secretary papers, 1970-1973 (File 4)

Press Secretary duty list, 1972; invitations received for June 1972

Gallop Poll analyses, 1970; Immigration Control Association

Possible visit of Secretary - General of United Nations (includes correspondence with Brian E. Urquhart), 1973

Spectrum research results of 1972 campaign 1969 election campaign (File 5)

Planning for 1972 election (File 6)

1972 election papers (File 7)

Electoral analyses (File 8)

Analyses of past election results (File 9)

George Ian Smith correspondence, 1972; Phillip Adams personal correspondence, 1973; curriculum vitae of Peter Wilenski; financial assistance to Tasmania; motor drivers; Bureau of Environmental Studies (File 10)

Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea (File 11-12)

Victorian material, 1967; ALP in Victoria, 1918-1969; support for the Arts draft paper (File 13)

Applications for position of Women's Adviser, 1973 (File 14-15)

Loans Affair documents (File 16)

Commonwealth Labor Advisory Committee (includes correspondence), 1962-1973 (File 17-19)

Local government (File 20)

Education policies and practices in relation to the Australian manufacturing industry,report by Senator Susan Ryan (File 21)

Rhodesia (File 22-24)

Rhodesia press reports, United Nations Conference, 1973; Askin letter to Gough Whitlam, 1972; trade unions in Indonesia; US boycott of Australian cargo ships (File 25)

Series 16. Ministerial Assistant to Gordon Bryant and Kep Enderby, 1973-1974

Hall worked as Ministerial Assistant to Gordon Bryant, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, in 1973 and Kep Enderby, Minister of Manufacturing, in 1974.

Gordon Bryant and Aboriginal Affairs (correspondents include K.C. Martin, Rob Wesley Smith), 1973 (File 1-3)

Kep Enderby, 1974 (File 4-7)

Series 17. 1974 and 1977 Federal Elections, 1974-1978

Hall was a candidate for the Labor Party in the division of Bennelong in the 1974 Federal Election and the division of Lowe in the 1977 Federal Election (see also series 35).

Various papers on the history of Bennelong Division (includes photograph of Hall with Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke), 1974 (File 1-2)

Bennelong Division receipts and accounts (includes correspondence from Ken Armour of Radio Station 2SM Sydney) (File 2)

Subdivision of Bennelong (File 3)

Publicity material (includes open letter from Hall and letters to Hall), 1974 (File 4)

Various papers on Bennelong election (File 5)

Speeches and letters drafts (File 6)

Notes and notebooks (File 7-8)

Notes and publicity material (File 9)

Publicity material and notes on Division of Lowe (see also folio list) (File 10)

Offers of assistance for 1977 election, 1977-1978 (File 11)

Report to Lowe Federal Election Council from candidates, February 1978 (File 12)

The Senate Election report, 1977; General Election for the House of Representatives report, 1977 (File 13)

Photocopy of election posters (File 1)

Series 18. Australian Institute of Political Science, 1973-1977

Hall was Director of the Australian Institute of Political Science from 1975 to 1977. The Institute was formed in 1932 to promote discussion and understanding of political, economical and social problems of Australia.

Board Minutes, 1973-1977 (File 1-2)

Series 19. Research material, 1955-1996

This series comprises a large collection of files containing research material accumulated by Hall. The topics researched are varied and include the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), crime, national security, the Labor Party, Gallipoli, Wilfred Burchett, Henry Lawson, Native Police in the 1800s, and the Mount Rennie rape case of 1886. There are a number of smaller files covering a range of miscellaneous topics.

The research material is in a wide variety of formats, and includes copies of reports and royal commission proceedings; copies of book chapters and newspaper/journal articles; copies of documents from Government archives; copies from Hansard; and correspondence. Many of the files contain notes and typescript drafts by Hall, together with photocopies of early documents.

'On Company Business' - film program, 1980; 'Get Gough' by Denise Freney, 1985; 'Special Branch Security Records', 1978 (File 1)

Petrov papers, 1984 (File 2-4)

Mick Young (File 5-6)

Research papers, 1932-1949; 1986-1987 (File 7-8)

Hope Royal Commission analysis

Joint Select Committee on Telecommunications Interception, 1986

Commonwealth Investigation Service and CSIRO, 1949

Commonwealth Investigation Service and journalists, 1949

ASIO and CLF grants article

P.R. Stephensen, 1932

Australian Encyclopedia entry (includes correspondence with Alex Galloway of Richard Appleton and Associates), 1987

'Terrorism in a free society' paper; Des Ball 'Pine Gap' paper; K.S. Prichard; conferences and papers (File 9)

British 'D' notices; ALP paper, 1983; Andrew Campbell article; Colonel C.H. Ellis; Charles Evans allegations; Ustasha; Australian Archives correspondence, 1983 (File 10)

Clippings from UK papers on the Official Secrets Act (File 11)

Joint Committee on ASIO: provision of the Archives Act, 1990-1991 (File 12-13)

US and UK clippings (File 14-15)

Bill Hartley article, 1955; NSW Police Department (File 16)

Royal Institute of Public Administration (1973) (File 17)

Politics - Lane Cove Sate elections (File 18)

NSW Campaign - election diary (File 19-20)

Photocopy of a report examining the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) (File 21-22)

Transcript of a Four corners program on ASIS, 1994 (File 23)

Photocopy of the 4th Annual Report of the Joint Intelligent Organizations,, 1974 (File 24-25)

National security, 1983-1990 (File 26)

Transcript of evidence: Joint Committee on the Australian Security Intelligence Organization, 1990

Copy of a submission by ASIO to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on ASIO, 1990

Copy of Hall's letter regarding his giving evidence at the Royal Commission on Australia's security and intelligence agencies, 1983

National security, c1979 (File 27)

Summary of archival papers on the establishment of an Australian Cryptographic Organization, nd

Copy of Covert Action Information Bulletin, No. 6, October 1979

Communism, c1952-1996 (File 28)

Files containing research material on government actions regarding communist authors, c1952-1984

References to Australian Archive documents relating to Hall's research into communism in the armed forces, undertaken in 1996

Corruption, c1981-1994 (File 29)

Proof copy of NSW Legislative Assembly Parliamentary Debates relating to the Royal Commission into New South Wales Police Service, 1994

Press clippings re NSW police corruption, 1981

Transcript of Royal Commission into the SA Police Force, nd

NSW Police: Report of Drug/Murder Task Force, nd (File 30)

Miscellaneous papers relating to crime, 1983-1988 (File 31-32)

Hansard of debate about National Crime Authority Bill, 1983-1984

Report by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority, 1988

Statement by Mick Young, MP, on the Government's response to the Costigan Royal Commission, nd

Report to the Senate by the Select Committee on Allegations Concerning a Judge, 1984

National Crimes Commission Conference, Record of Proceedings, 1983 (File 33)

Photocopies of minutes of Federal Labor Party Meetings, 1952-1968 (File 34-37)

Labor Council history - Hall's research notes, c1985 (File 38)

Gallipoli, research for a proposed book, undertaken c1995 (File 39-40)

Photocopies of documents relating to Native Police, 1800s (File 41-42)

Henry Lawson (File 43-44)

Mount Rennie rape case of 1886 (File 45-46)

Wilfred Burchett, 1940s-1985 (File 47)

Photocopies of documents relating to Burchett from the 1940s-1950s

Photocopies relating to Robert Manne's article on Burchett, published in Quadrant in 1985

Napoleon Bonaparte, c1790s (File 48)

Photocopy of a document (in French) relating to a plan to invade Australia and signed by Napoleon Bonaparte (c1790s)

Miscellaneous research files, each containing a small amount of research material and covering a wide variety of topics (File 49-60)

Series 20. Miscellaneous papers, c1968-1995

This series comprises miscellaneous papers accumulated by Hall.

Papers (File 1)

Rosemary Creswell Publications (Hall was an initial partner in this company)

1989 State Literary Awards

Miscellaneous personal

G. Hawkins and K. Buckley police papers

Plaques Project notes (includes correspondence from Rodney Northam of State Bank), 1986 (File 2)

National Conference for a Democratic Constitution, 1977 (File 3)

Papers, 1968-1979 (File 4)

Australian Society of Authors (includes correspondence), 1979

Australian Authors Fund (includes correspondence), 1975-1976

Writers in the Park initial prospectus; South Africa Defence and Aid Fund in Australia (SADAF), 1968-1970

Historic Records Search

Les Murray proposal; Geoffrey Robertson; Frank Moorhouse and T.W.White (File 5)

Prices Surveillance Authority (File 6-7)

Freedom from Hunger (includes correspondence, photographs, brochures, newsletters, publications and desk diary) (File 8-14)

Papers, 1970-1995 (File 15)

Re Arts Council of NSW workshops and productions, c1977

Funeral service for Dr Barrett Reid, 1995

Photocopy of a poem by Les Murray entitled 'A helicopter view of terrestrial stars' dedicated to 'Dick and Mary Hall' and signed by Murray, 1970

Papers re a campaign to support Australian orchestras, nd

Robyn Read: re-election poster (NSW government), nd

Series 21. Correspondence, 1954-2002

The correspondence in this series comprises cards and letters from family and friends together with general correspondence relating to Hall's life and career. Included are invitations to official functions; requests for Hall to participate in literary events, conferences and seminars; and correspondence with editors and publishers. Principal correspondents include Ann Turner, Frank Moorhouse, Edmund Campion, Sandra Forbes, Suzanne Falkiner, Robyn Head and Hall's three daughters, Caitlin, Meredith, and Louisa, and one letter from Beatrice Davis (1982).

There is a small group of correspondence, together with subscriptions and papers, relating to the publication and distribution of The Industrial Newsletter, of which Hall was editor (1966-1968). There is also correspondence and papers relating to a submission by Hall and Des Walsh for a proposed South Sydney Social History Project (1993) and to the establishment of the Fairfax Book club.

Correspondence - undated + c1961 (File 1)

Correspondence, 1954-1959 (File 2)

Correspondents: Edmund Campion, Jeremy Nelson, Bob Hughes, Brian Jones and Hall to Campion (1957-1958)

Letters to Hall from female friends, 1954-1958 (File 3)

Correspondence re The Industrial Newsletter, 1966-1968 (File 4-6)

Correspondence, 1970-1977 (File 7)

Correspondence with Edmund Campion, 1970-1994 (File 8)

Cards from family and friends, c1973-2002 (File 9-12)

Correspondence with Ann Turner, 1976-2002 (File 13)

Correspondence, 1980-1982 (File 14)

Correspondence, 1982-1987 (File 15)

Correspondence re proposed Fairfax Book club, 1985 (File 16)

Cards received on 50th birthday, 1987 (File 17)

Correspondence, 1988-1990 (File 18)

Correspondence, 1991-2002 (File 19)

General correspondence, 1991-1996

With Frank Moorhouse, 1991 and 2002

Correspondence re Social History Project, 1993 (File 20)

Correspondence, 1994-2001 (File 21)

Correspondence, 1995-1996 (File 22)

Cards for 60th birthday, 1997 (File 23)

Correspondence, 1998-2002 (File 24)

Series 22. Diaries, 1959-2001

The diaries in this series contain notes about Hall's appointments for the years: 1959, 1976, 1978, 1984-1985, 1988, 1991, 1996-1999 and 2001. There are also three address books.

15 items

Series 23. Biographical papers, 1970-2003

A small group of papers of a biographical nature are contained in this series. There are financial papers, including royalty statements; plans for extensions to Hall's home in Queen St (1990) and the subsequent sale of the same property (2002); papers relating to a company called Silvertongues Pty Ltd (c 1970); notes on a trip Hall took to Turkey, Macedonia and Bulgaria in 1995; some undated black and white photographs of Hall in his early years; and a typescript of the eulogy given by Graham Freudenberg at Hall's funeral.

There are also papers relating to the James Joyce Foundation. In 1994 Hall was awarded the Foundation's inaugural 'Guinness Award for the Suspended Sentence'. The award included a two-month residency at Trinity College, Dublin.

Black and white photographs (File 1)

Papers, 1970-c1986 (File 2)

Essay written by Hall while a student at the University of Sydney, nd

Papers re Silvertongues Pty Ltd, 1970

Notes on a train trip to Nowra with Frank Moorhouse, c1980

Birthday ode to Hall by Angela Browne on Hall's 43rd birthday, 1980

Lists of people at 'Friday lunches', c1986

House plans, 1990 (File 3)

Hall's 'Archive contents', 1992 (File 4)

Financial records, 1993-2001 (File 5)

Dublin, 1994 (File 6)

Notes on a trip to Turkey, Macedonia and Bulgaria, 1995 (File 7)

Papers, 1997-2003 (File 8)

60th birthday, 1997

Eulogy, 2003

Series 24. Notebooks, c1961-1996

A small collection of notebooks, c1961-1996, in which Hall kept notes on a variety of subjects including biographical facts about public figures and the chronology of World War I. They also contain drafts and newspaper clippings of his articles and carbon copies of letters he wrote during this period.

18 items

Series 25. Banjo Paterson: his poetry and prose, 1992-1997

Banjo Paterson: his poetry and prose contains works by Paterson, selected and introduced by Hall. It was published by Allen & Unwin, Sydney, in 1993. Contained in this series is Hall's manuscript draft, research material, cuttings, reviews and a small amount of correspondence, including comments by Geoffrey Dutton on Hall's introduction.

Correspondence, 1992-1997 (File 1)

Research material (File 2-3)

Manuscript draft (File 4-5)

Reviews, 1993 (File 6)

Series 26. Tiger General: the killing of Victor Chang, 1991-1995

In his book, Tiger General: the killing Victor Chang, Hall examines the 1991 murder in Sydney of Dr Victor Chang, a pioneer of heart transplant surgery in Australia. The book was published by Pan Macmillan, Sydney, in 1995.

Contained in this series are papers relating to the research, writing and publication of the book. Research material includes photocopies of police records, newspaper cuttings, Hall's notes and three large files of NSW Supreme Court transcriptions of the 1991 trial of Phillip Choon Tee Lim, one of two men accused of Chang's murder. There is also a file relating to a research trip Hall undertook to Malaysia, edited manuscript and typescript drafts, and reviews of the book.

Court transcriptions, 1991 (File 1-3)

Research material, 1992-1994 (File 4-6)

Manuscript and typescript drafts (File 7-10)

Typescript draft, edited by Linda Funnell from Pan Macmillan, 1994 (File 11-13)

Reviews, 1995 (File 14)

Series 27. Backroom briefings: John Curtin's war, 1996-1998

Contained in this series are papers relating to the book Backroom briefings : John Curtin's war, which was published by the National Library of Australia in 1997. The book was edited by Hall and Clem Lloyd from original notes by Frederick T. Smith, a senior journalist in Canberra's Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery. Smith took the notes at briefings given by Curtin to a select group of journalists from 1942-1945. The papers comprise correspondence with the editor, Julie Stokes, from the National Library, research material and drafts.

Research material (File 1-3)

Drafts (File 4-5)

Correspondence, 1996-1998 (File 6-8)

Reviews, 1997 (File 9)

Series 28. Black armband days: true stories from the dark side of Australia's past, 1995-1998

In his book, Black armband days: true stories from the dark side of Australia's past, Hall presents a series of his own essays on some of the darker episodes in Australian history, focusing on the treatment of indigenous people, immigrants and minority groups from the beginning of the colony through to modern day. Through his essays, Hall explores the question of whether or not any lessons have been learnt from past mistakes. The book was published by Vintage, Sydney in 1998.

The bulk of this series comprises Hall's research material for the book in the form of photocopies of documents, journals, newspapers and books, often interleaved with his manuscript notes. There are drafts and proofs of the book, a small amount of correspondence with publishers, publicity material and reviews. There is also the typescript of a film adaptation of the story of the members of a touring Afro-American jazz band, 'Sonny Clay's Coloured Idea', who were deported from Australia in the 1920s for consorting with white women.

Research material, 1995-1997 (File 1-9)

Early typescript draft (File 10)

Edited typescript draft, 1997 (File 11)

Early proofs, interleaved with Hall's notes, 1998 (File 12)

Edited proofs, 1998 (File 13-15)

Correspondence with publishers together with promotional material, 1998 (File 16)

Reviews, 1998 (File 17)

Film adaptation - Sonny Clay story, c1997 (File 18)

Series 29. Sydney: an Oxford anthology, 1996-2000

The bulk of this series contains papers relating to Sydney: an Oxford anthology, a selection of informative and entertaining writings that evoke the people, places, cultures and politics of Sydney. Edited by Hall, the book was published by Oxford, Melbourne in 2000. The papers comprise a disorderly mix of research material and notes, correspondence with the publisher, typed notes, and fragments of drafts and proofs. There is a letter from Jan Senbergs regarding use of his artwork in the publication and also a file containing details of publicity arrangements and reviews.

Papers, 1996-1999 (File 1-5)

Note: file 1 contains an unidentified 3ΒΌ inch computer disc

Letter of Jan Senbergs, 1999 (File 6)

Publicity and reviews, 2000 (File 7)

Series 30. First days: a biography of Gough Whitlam, 1901-2003

In 1997 Hall signed an agreement with publishers HarperCollins to write a biography of Gough Whitlam. This series contains papers relating to 'First days', Hall's working title for the unfinished book. The bulk of the papers comprise Hall's extensive research material together with several drafts of the book, which was competed to final draft stage at the time of his death in March 2003. It was often Hall's practice to interleave his drafts with copies of any related reference sources such as press cuttings, official documents etc.

A note about the arrangement and description of papers in this series. Prior to being despatched to the Library, the papers were packed into several cartons, five of which contained the contents of ten filing-cabinet draws. Papers from each filing-cabinet drawer were bundled together and annotated with the relevant drawer number. Because there is the possibility that these files were in a particular working order determined by Hall, the order has been retained and the papers have been listed by drawer number. Hall's files have been placed into files by the Library and allocated a sequential number to ensure that the original order within the drawers is retained. The remaining papers in the series comprise research material, correspondence and drafts of the book and there is no indication as to how they might have been filed. For this reason, files of like papers have been grouped and listed together eg speeches, oral history transcriptions etc.

There are two groups of papers which do not appear to relate the biography, although they were labelled as such when received. As they formed part of the sequence of papers from the filing-cabinet drawers, they have been retained in this series (see file 85-89 and 106-110).

Correspondence between Whitlam and Hall, 1996-2003 (File 1)

Papers, 2000-2001 (File 2)

'Variation to Agreement' between Hall and HarperCollins, sent to Hall by his agent, Rose Creswell, 2001

Receipts relating to Hall's research trip to Washington, 2000

Correspondence between Hall and his editor, Angelo Loukakis, 2002 (File 2)

Letters, 1964-1975 (File 4)

From Whitlam to his son, Nicholas Whitlam, 1964-1971

From Whitlam to H.D. Black, 1966

From Nick Whitlam to Robert Gardiner, 1975

Miscellaneous letters from Whitlam to others, 1998-2002 (File 5)

Letters to Whitlam from members of the public, 1969-1972 (File 6)

Papers re the 1972 Federal election and the 1975/76 Budget, 1975-1976 (File 7)

Correspondence and travel ephemera relating to a trip to the USA that Hall undertook with Whitlam, 1971-1972 (File 8)

Research material: Whitlam's early years (File 9)

Research material: Telopea Park School (File 10)

Research material: photocopies of University of Sydney publication Hermes, which were edited by Whitlam, 1939 (File 11)

Research material, 1942-1944 (File 12)

Airforce records relating to Whitlam, 1942

Defence Force papers re 1944 Referendum campaign

Research material: Werriwa preselection, 1952 (File 13)

Research material, c1958-1974 (File 14)

Research material: notes re Indonesia, c1964 (File 15)

Research material: ALP conference reports and minutes, c1966 (File 16)

Research material (File 17)

Bob Santamaria, c1958

List of NSW Parliamentarians, 1901

Research material (File 18)

Copy of Brian Fitzpatrick's 'Labor news letter', 31 May 1963

Entry by Whitlam in the Oxford companion to the High Court of Australia, nd

Copy of a paper entitled 'Gough Whitlam: his world view and his foreign policy', by Robert Cooksey, 1979

Research material (File 19)

Extracts from Whitlam's diaries, nd

Extract from Whitlam's engagement diary, 1998

Research material (File 20)

Extract from an unpublished autobiography by Billy McMahon, nd

Paul Hasluck's evaluation of Whitlam, nd

Hall's summary of his early research (File 21)

List of references compiled by Hall, 1996 (File 22)

Notebooks containing Hall's research notes (File 23-25)

Research material and Hall's notes (File 26)

Research material: Hall's files of photocopies of material relating to Whitlam, taken from numerous sources (File 27-31)

Press cuttings relating to Whitlam, 1938-1982 (File 32-33)

A small group of black white photographs of Whitlam (File 34)

Oral history transcription: Frank Crean, 1983 (File 35)

Transcriptions of oral history interviews, 1983-1988 (File 36)

James Mulvihill, 1985

Kenneth Wriedt, 1987-1988

Lance Barnard, 1983-1987

Transcription of oral history interview: Billy Snedden, 1985 (File 37)

Speeches by Whitlam, 1967-1969 (File 38)

Speeches by Whitlam, 1989 and 1997 (File 39)

Speeches by Whitlam, 1997-1999 (File 40)

Speeches by Whitlam, 1999-2000 (File 41)

Speeches by Whitlam, 2000-2001 (File 42)

Speeches by Whitlam, 2001-2003 (File 43)

Filing cabinet: drawer 1/1 (File 44)

Typescript draft interleaved with research material and Hall's notes

Filing cabinet: drawer 1/2 (File 45)

Photocopies of minutes of meetings of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party

Filing cabinet: drawer 1/3 (File 46)

Typescript draft

Filing cabinet: drawer 1/4 (File 47)

Photocopies of minutes from ALP conferences, (1929 and 1957) and Federal Executive meetings (1958)

Filing cabinet: drawer 1/5 (File 48)

Research material re Masonic Lodge in Canberra and the education of females

Filing cabinet: drawer 1/6 (File 49)

Research material: Whitlam's early years

Filing cabinet: drawer 1/7 (File 50)

Manuscript draft

Filing cabinet: drawer 1/8 (File 51)

Typescript draft and notes by Hall

Filing cabinet: drawer 2/1-2 (File 52-53)

Manuscript and typescript drafts

Filing cabinet: drawer 2/3 (File 54)


Filing cabinet: drawer 2/4 (File 55)

Typescript of an article about Whitlam by Clem Lloyd

Filing cabinet: drawer 2/5 (File 56)

Photocopy of a thesis entitled 'Federal intervention in the Victorian Branch of the Australian Labor Party, 1970', by John Daniel Fitzgerald, 1975

Filing cabinet: drawer 2/6 (File 57)

Research material and notes

Filing cabinet: drawer 3/1-9 (File 58-66)

Manuscript and typescript drafts, some of which are interleaved with research material

Filing cabinet: drawer 4/1-4 (File 67-70)


Filing cabinet: drawer 5/1-2 (File 71-72)

Manuscript and typescript drafts

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/3 (File 73)

Research material and notes by Hall

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/4 (File 74)

Research material, including an original copy of University of Sydney publication The Pauline, Nov 1935

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/5 (File 75)

Research material

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/6 (File 76)

Research material: Knox Grammar

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/7 (File 77)

Research material: Canberra Grammar

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/8 (File 78)

Research material

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/9 (File 79)

Manuscript draft

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/10 (File 80)

Research material

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/11 (File 81)

Manuscript and typescript drafts

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/12 (File 82)

Research material: Baptist Church

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/13 (File 83)

Research material: Whitlam's early years

Filing cabinet: drawer 5/14 (File 84)

Research material: Castlemaine (early Whitlam family history)

Filing cabinet: drawer 6/1-5 (File 85-89)

Research material that appears not to relate to Hall's biography of Whitlam, although the file containing the material is annotated as such. Topics of research include Andrew Fisher, Ben Hall and ASIO records

Filing cabinet: drawer 7/1 (File 90)

Research material and Hall's notes

Filing cabinet: drawer 7/2 (File 91)

Manuscript draft

Filing cabinet: drawer 7/3 (File 92)

Research material: State aid for schools

Filing cabinet: drawer 7/4 (File 93)

Research material and Hall's notes

Filing cabinet: drawer 7/5 (File 94)

Copy of a paper entitled 'Random comments on the Labor Movement in Geelong' by Gordon Scholes, nd

Filing cabinet: drawer 7/6 (File 95)

Research material dated c1962

Filing cabinet: drawer 7/7 (File 96-97)

Research material dated c1963-1965 and Hall's notes

Filing cabinet: drawer 8/1 (File 98)

Miscellaneous notes by Hall

Filing cabinet: drawer 8/2 (File 99)

Typescript draft - relates to Sir Paul Hasluck

Filing cabinet: drawer 8/3 (File 100)

References for research material at the National Archives of Australia and the National Library of Australia

Filing cabinet: drawer 8/4 (File 101)

Press cuttings and copies of journal articles relating to Whitlam, c1965-1995

Filing cabinet: drawer 8/5 (File 102)

Miscellaneous notes by Hall

Filing cabinet: drawer 8/6 (File 103)

Typescript draft, together with part of a paper entitled 'Caucus 1941-1949' by Graham Freudenberg and references to material held by the National Film and Sound Archive

Filing cabinet: drawer 8/7 (File 104)

Miscellaneous notes

Filing cabinet: drawer 8/8 (File 105)

Manuscript and typescript drafts

Filing cabinet: drawer 9/1-5 (File 106-110)

Research material that appears not to relate to Hall's biography of Whitlam:

9/1 Notebook containing notes about Gallipoli

9/2 Notebook with the title 'Erotica'

9/3 Notebook with the title 'Koala' (see also series 14/file 72)

9/4 Miscellaneous loose papers

9/5 Press releases relating to Wayne Swan (see also series 32)

Filing cabinet: drawer 9/6 (File 111)

Hall's notes relating to Whitlam

Filing cabinet: drawer 9/7 (File 112)

Photocopies of articles about writing biographies

Filing cabinet: drawer 10/1 (File 113)

Typescript draft and notes by Hall

Filing cabinet: drawer 10/2-6 (File 114-117)

Research material and notes by Hall

Hansard records and notes by Hall, 1955-1964 (File 118-120)

Conference papers, 2002 (File 121)

Program and copies of papers presented at a conference to mark the 30th anniversary of the election of the Whitlam Government. The conference, 'Thirty years later: the Whitlam Government as modernist politics', was convened by Monash University and held at Old Parliament House, Canberra, 2-3 December 2002.

Photocopy of A life on the left: a biography of Clyde Cameron by Bill Guy, published 1999 (File 122)

Copy of Catching the waves: life in and out of politics by Susan Ryan, published 1999 (File 123)

Copy of Millennium dilemma: constitutional change in Australia by Jane Innes, published 2000 (File 124)

Conference papers, 1975 (File 125-126)

Volumes 1 and 2 of published papers from the 1975 APSA conference 'The first thousand days of Labor'

Manuscript and typescript drafts relating to: (File 127)

Canberra Grammar School

The 1940s

House at Cronulla

Manuscript draft and notes relating to WWII (File 128)

Typescript draft relating to the 1960s (File 129)

Manuscript draft, research material and Hall's notes relating to 1961 (File 130)

Manuscript and typescript draft relating to 1965 (File 131)

Manuscript draft, research material and Hall's notes relating to 1966-1967 (File 132)

Manuscript draft, research material and Hall's notes relating to 1968-1969 (File 133-134)

Manuscript draft, research material and Hall's notes relating to 1972-1973 (File 135)

Manuscript notes re Hayden, O'Connor and others (File 136)

Typescript draft of prologue, together with notes on South-East Asia (File 137)

Miscellaneous manuscript inserts and notes (File 138)

Typescript inserts relating to: (File 139)

Bleak Caucus years

Jim Cairns

Calwell, McMahon and others

Typescript drafts relating to: (File 140)

Ward and Evatt

Menzies and election

Summing up - end of 1960 to June 1962

State Aid and Barwick

Typescript draft (pp1-280) (File 141)

Typescript draft (pp1-166 and pp263-306), 1998-1999 (File 142)

Typescript draft (pp1-365), 2001 (File 143-146)

Typescript draft, with notes by editor, Angelo Loukakis (File 147-149)

Typescript draft, with editor's notes incorporated (File 150)

Final draft (pp1-600), December 2003 (File 151-152)

Series 31. 'Rocky', 1988-1993

'Rocky' was the working title for the third book in Hall's proposed series of espionage novels featuring Australian Security Service agent, Patrick Costello. Contained in this series are drafts of the unfinished book and a small amount of correspondence with publishers and editors.

See also Series 7 and 8 for papers relating to other novels in the Costello series.

Manuscript draft (File 1)

Typescript draft (File 2)

Correspondence, 1988-1993 (File 3)

Series 32. Political Advisor to Wayne Swan, c1981-2003

Contained in this series are papers relating to work undertaken by Hall for Wayne Swan, Federal Member for Lilley, QLD. The bulk of the papers date from 1993-2003. During most of this period Swan was the Labor Party's Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services and the subject areas of the papers relate to this portfolio. They include the 'Goods and services tax', social services, welfare, housing, aged care and family values.

The bulk of the papers are contained in untitled files with the remainder comprising bundles of loose papers. There is correspondence, research material, background papers, press statements, draft speeches, reports and press clippings. Found throughout the papers are Hall's manuscript notes to Swan containing commentary on current issues.

Contained in file 45 are two files which were included with the Swan papers but which appear not to relate to the rest of the papers in this series. The first file comprises correspondence and papers (c1981-1984) relating to Sir Dennis Proctor and his association with Guy Burgess and Antony Blunt. There is a letter and notes written by Proctor's wife, Barbara, to 'Mr Knightley', thanking him for the opportunity to comment on inaccuracies in Chapman Pincher's book Too secret, too long. Accompanying the letter is a typescript of autobiographical notes by Barbara, a photocopy of a letter from Dennis Proctor to Robin Mansfield, at one time his Private Secretary, and the typescript of Mansfield's eulogy given at Proctor's funeral. There are also two letters written by James Rusbridger, author and ex-MI6 agent.

The second file contains a photocopy of a typescript of an unidentified piece of autobiographical writing.

The Library has grouped the papers by year, with descriptions where available.

Undated papers (File 1)

Speeches, 1990 (File 2)

Research material, 1991-1994 (File 3)

Research material and Hall's notes re the Caucus Employment Task Force Report, c1993 (File 4-5)

Research material (File 6-11)

Papers, 1994-1995 (File 12)

Binder containing papers relating to 'Strategy' divided into specific subject areas, 1995 (File 13)

Papers, 1997 (File 14)

Papers, 1998 (File 15-24)

Papers from the 6th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference, Melbourne, 1998 (File 25)

Papers, 1999 (File 26-30)

Drafts of a booklet published by Swan entitled Lies, damned lies statistics, 1999 (File 31)

Papers, 2000 (File 32-35)

Papers, 2001 (File 36-38)

Papers, 2002 (File 39-43)

Papers, 2003 (File 44)

Papers, 1981-1984 (File 45)

Dennis Proctor, 1981-1984

Typescript of an unidentified autobiographical piece, nd

Series 33. Organisations, 1973-2000

The papers in this series reflect Hall's committment to improving the profile of arts and literature, achieved by taking an active role on committees and boards of several organisations. Included are papers relating to Hall's involvement with the Literature Board of the Australia Council, the Australian Society of Authors, the State Library Council of NSW and the Cultural Grants Advisory Council.

Subseries 33-1. Literature Board of the Australia Council, 1973-1976

In 1973 Hall was appointed by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam as one of the founding members of the Australia Council's Literature Board. There are minutes of meetings, correspondence, reports and submissions, 1973-1976.

Letter of appointment, 1973 (File 1)
Papers, 1974-1976 (File 2-6)
Papers, 1976 (File 7)

The Reviewing of Australian Creative Literature - report of a survey commissioned by the Literature Board

Submission to the Industries Assistance Commission on the publishing industry

Subseries 33-2. Australian Society of Authors, 1973-1992

In 1975, Hall was appointed as the founding Chairman of the Australian Author's Fund and oversaw the establishment of Public Lending Rights (PLR). There are early papers about the establishment of PLR, together with correspondence and annual reports.

In 1992 Hall was the Chairperson of the Joint Education Lending Rights Committee and a member of the Committee of Management. There are papers and correspondence relating to these Committees.

(see also series 20/4)

Public Lending Rights, 1973-1990 (File 8-9)
Joint Education Lending Rights Committee, 1991-1992 (File 10)
Committee of Management, 1992 (File 11)

Subseries 33-3. State Library Council of NSW, 1975-1990

Hall was a member of the of the State Library Council of NSW, including a term as President from 1983 to 1986. There is correspondence, minutes of meetings and reports relating to the Council.

Papers, 1975-1989 (File 12)

Subseries 33-4. Cultural Grants Advisory Council, 1976-1980

Hall was appointed as a member of the Cultural Grants Advisory Council in 1976 by NSW Premier, Neville Wran. He remained on the Council until 1979 and while a member, along with Donald Horne, was instrumental in the establishment of the Premier's Literary Award. This award was later taken up by the other Australian states. There are minutes of meetings, reports and correspondence relating to Hall's involvement with the Council.

Papers, 1976-1980 (File 13-14)

Subseries 33-5. Other organisations, 1987-2000

A small group of papers relating to other organisations with which Hall was associated. The files are listed by title of the organisation.

NSW Publications Classification Board, 1987 (File 15)

In 1987, Hall was appointed a member of the Board for a period of five years.

Save 'Wyewurk' Emergency Committee, 1988 (File 16)

Hall was involved in the campaign to save 'Wyewurk', the bungalow at Thirroul in NSW where the novelist D.H. Lawrence lived for several months in 1922 and wrote most of his Australian-based novel, Kangaroo. The campaign resulted in a Heritage Council conservation order being applied to the bungalow.

Immigration Review Panel, 1988-1989 (File 17)
University of Wollongong, 1996 (File 18)

Hall was a member of the External Course Advisory Committee, Master of Journalism course.

Henry Parkes Foundation, 1999-2000 (File 19)

In 1999, Hall was appointed by the Foundation as its ninth Adviser.

Series 34. Writings by others, 1955-1990s

Contained in this series is a small group of writings by other authors, comprising typescripts, proofs of books, and photocopies of several articles.

Bound typescript copy of a MA thesis by N.B. Nairn entitled 'Some aspects of the development of the Labor movement in New South Wales 1870-1900: and the effects of that development on the formation and early history of the Labor Party in New South Wales 1889-1990', 1955 (File 1)

Typescript of an essay by P.J. O'Farrell entitled 'Sedition or frame-up', c1960s (File 2)

Proof pages of Timor the stillborn nation by Bill Nicol, 1978 (File 3)

Typescript outline of a work by D.J. Dennis entitled 'The last Kamikaze', 1988 (File 4)

Proof pages of Oyster: the story of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service by Brian Toohey and Bill Pinwill, 1989 (File 5)

Outline for a film script by Grahame Palmer and Bob Jewson entitled 'Bearing gifts', 1990 (File 6)

Photocopies of articles,, 1990s (File 7)

Series 35. Press cuttings, 1965-1977

Contained in this series are press cuttings accumulated by Hall. There is a group of cuttings of political cartoons (1966-1970), most drawn by Bruce Petty, and a large group of cuttings kept by Hall's mother, Phyllis Hall (1965-1977). They comprise articles written by Hall, cuttings relating to the 1974 federal election, in which Hall stood as the Australian Labor Party candidate for the seat of Benelong (see also series 17), and to politics in general.

4 files

Series 36. Publications, 1949-1997

This series comprises miscellaneous journals and other publications accumulated by Hall. Hall's groupings have been retained.

Miscellaneous publications, 1949; 1967-1987 (File 1-2)

Miscellaneous publications (File 3)

The Industrial Newsletter, 1967-1968 (File 4)

New Zealand Business News Letter, 1968 (File 5)

Community news publications relating to the central western region of NSW, 1976-1977 (File 7)

Journals miscellaneous, 1977-1994 (File 7)

Miscellaneous publications relating to security and intelligence, 1986-1992 (File 8-9)

Miscellaneous publications, 1994-1997 (File 10)

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