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Harry Pearce
Papers of Harry Pearce
Date Range
1875 - 1984
Collection Number
MS 2765
23.20 metres (1 small phase box [MSR] + 91 ms boxes + 1 large volume + 4 folios + 6 small folio boxes + 1 medium folio box + 2 large folio boxes + 1 medium phase box + 1 large phase box)
Language of Materials
Special Collections (Manuscripts)


Scope and Content

The collection comprises both personal papers of Harry Hastings Pearce and papers of mainly early twentieth century Australian literary figures collected by Pearce.

Pearce's personal papers include family and general correspondence; diaries; family and biographical papers; notebooks; scrapbooks; writings by Pearce including poetry, articles, speeches and pamphlets; subject files, photographs, drawings, articles, publications and other papers. The papers primarily relate to Pearce's lifelong interests in Australian poetry and literature, folklore, book collecting, the rationalist and free thought movements in Australia and New Zealand, and his works 'The true John Shaw Neilson' and On the origins of Waltzing Matilda. The collection also contains biographical files and papers, papers relating to the Eureka Stockade and New Australia Settlement, and records relating to organisations in which Pearce was involved including the Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society, Bread and Cheese Club, Australian Poetry Lovers' Society and the Folklore Society of Victoria.

The manuscript material collected by Pearce includes correspondence, literary manuscripts, notebooks, scrapbooks and other personal papers of Bernard O'Dowd, E.J. Turner, Henry Lawson, Ethel and G.W. Fielding, John Shaw Neilson, Alfred John Jarvis, Edward Harrington, Marie Pitt, E.J. Brady, J.K. McDougall, J.M. Neild, Marjorie Aubrey, Kate Baker, Charles Fawcett (Harold Charles), Louis H. Clarke, W.H. Davies, Mary Gilmore, Jim Grahame (J.W. Gordon), Victor Kennedy, Marion Miller Knowles, Roderic Quinn, Tom Tierney and others.

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Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

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This collection is an amalgamation of material previously held at MS 2765, MS 6248, MS 1657, MS 1737, MS 1528 and MS 2563. The earlier components of the collection were received from Harry Hastings Pearce in seven instalments between 1965 and 1983.

Pearce's library, comprising over 14,000 books, serials, pamphlets and manuscripts, was transferred to the Library in two instalments in 1984 and one in 1985 and has been held together as a collection. The manuscript component was separated from the published materials and transferred to the Manuscript Collection in 1986 and 1987.

Loose cuttings were discarded from the collection.

Existence and Location of Copies

Pearce's family history 'The story of the Pearce and Williams families...' is available on microfilm at Mfm G22811. A microfilm of the title pages of Pearce's library is available at Nmfm 194.

Two portraits of John Shaw Neilson and Edward Harrington purchased by the Library from Pearce and a bust of Henry Lawson are held in the Catalogue.

Other papers donated by Pearce are held in the State Library of Victoria and the Creswick and District Historical Society.

Biographical Note

Harry Hastings Pearce was born in Creswick, Victoria on 27 Aug. 1897, the son of Herbert Hastings Pearce (b.1859) and Harriet A. Williams (b.1867). Pearce attended school at Hollinwood, a mining settlement north of Creswick. He worked as a gold-miner and farm labourer in Creswick until the end of the First World War. In 1919 he moved to Melbourne, and joined the Hume Bros Cement Iron Pty Ltd (later the Hume Pipe Company), Maribyrnong, for whom he worked for 46 years until his retirement in 1965. During that time he managed the Company's factories in Tasmania (1920-22), Queensland (1923) and in New Zealand (1924-38). In 1939 he returned to Melbourne and bought a house in Nicholson Street Footscray, where he lived for the remainder of his life.

Pearce met Creina Elizabeth Traill (1894-1986) in Launceston in about 1921 and married her in Otorohanga, New Zealand on 15 October 1925. The couple had no children.

Throughout his life, Pearce was active in the rationalist movement and published several pamphlets in support of his views. He started collecting literature in 1919, much of it on the rationalist movement. Pearce's personal library grew to include material on freethought, atheism, folklore, mythology, legends, ballads, religion, and Australian poetry and literature.

Pearce was a committee member of the Melbourne Bread and Cheese Club, life member and Secretary of the Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society (he was editor of The Lawsonian until 1984), and a member of the Folklore Society of Victoria, the Book Collectors' Society, the Friends of the State Library of Victoria, the Australian Literature Society, the Victorian Secular Society, the New Zealand Rationalist Association and the Humanist Society of Victoria. He was also Treasurer and Secretary of the Australian Poetry Lovers' Society in 1948-73 and edited the Society's magazine, Poetry lover in 1955-73 and a collection of members' poetry entitled Poems (1952).

Pearce published two collections of poetry, The song of nature and other poems (1948) and Dreams and arrows (1969). He also wrote a narrative poem 'Thomas Kennedy's march from Creswick's Creek' (1954) to commemorate the centenary of Eureka; On the origins of Waltzing Matilda (1971) and The Waltzing Matilda debate (1974), and The history of the Australian Poetry Lovers' Society, 1934-1973 (1973).

Pearce died on 20 December 1984.

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Correspondence, 1914-84

Subseries 1_1. Family correspondence, 1920-77

Mainly correspondence from Pearce's parents, 1920-47, written from Donald, Yallourn, and Eildon Weir in Victoria, Molonglo Settlement (Canberra) and their home in Creswick, Vic

Correspondence 1920-47 (File 1_5) - Box 1

Subseries 1_2. General correspondence, 1914-84

Correspondence received by Pearce throughout his life, together with some copies, returned originals, and drafts of letters sent.

The New Zealand correspondence (1924-38) contains letters sent by Pearce to the editors of various New Zealand newspapers, some under the pen-name 'Profanum Vulgus', mainly on religious topics. There is also correspondence with the Auckland Rationalist Association, the New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Rationalism, the Rationalist Association and, Sunday Freedom League, G.H. Barker, Eric W. Flint, Frank Sutherland, G.E. Collett and M. Carrington.

The later correspondence reflects Pearce's continuing interest in New Zealand rationalism and his involvement in the New Zealand Rationalist Association, the Book Collectors' Society of Australia, the Australian Poetry Lovers' Society and the Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society. Other correspondence relates to magazine subscriptions, donations to libraries, submissions of manuscripts, letters to newspaper editors, book acquisitions and Henry Lawson. Correspondents include S.E. Craig, H. Scott Bennett, C.H. "Bill" Winter, Guy Howarth, Ursula Clinton, Louis H. Clark, J.K. McDougall, Jean Kurban, Cyril E. Goode, Walter Stone, Michael Dugan, Kit Mouat, Colin Roderick, Margaret Roberts, David Tribe and Richard Martin.

See also Pearce correspondence in series 6, 7, 9, 10, 12 and 16. Correspondence relating to Pearce's role as office holder in organisations is in series 8.

Correspondence, 1914-29 (File 1) - Box 1
Correspondence, 1930-34 (File 2_3) - Box 1
Correspondence with G.E. Collett, 1934-35 (File 4) - Box 2
Correspondence, 1935-37 (File 5) - Box 2
Correspondence with Eric W. Flint, 1937-38 (File 6) - Box 2
Correspondence, 1938-49 (File 7_9) - Box 2
Correspondence, 1950-53 and correspondence with Ursula Clinton, 1953-66 (File 10) - Box 2
J.K. McDougall correspondence, 1950-55 (File 11) - Box 2
Jean Kurban correspondence, 1952-65 (File 12) - Box 3
Correspondence, 1954-64 (File 13_14) - Box 3
Correspondence, 1965-67 and Michael Dugan correspondence, 1967-72 (File 15) - Box 3
Correspondence, 1968-69 (File 16) - Box 3
Kit Mouat correspondence, 1968-77 (File 17_18) - Box 3
Louis H. Clark correspondence, 1970-74 (File 19) - Box 4
New Zealand Rationalist Association correspondence, 1970-78 (File 20) - Box 4
Colin Roderick correspondence, 1971-78 (File 21) - Box 4
Correspondence on secularism, 1960, 1972-79 (File 22) - Box 4
Correspondence with Colin Roderick and others relating to Henry Lawson (File 23) - Box 4
Correspondence, 1970-81 (File 24_27) - Box 4
Margaret Roberts correspondence, 1981 (File 28) - Box 5
Correspondence, 1982-84 (File 29_30) - Box 5
Undated correspondence (File 31) - Box 5
Correspondence and receipts relating to land owned by Pearce at Coronation Park Estate, St Lucia, Brisbane, 1924-49 (File 32_34) - Box 85

Series 2. Diaries, 1914-72

Eleven appointment pocket diaries, 1959-72, one memoranda book containing the dates of significant events in Pearce's life, 1919-84 and one diary inscribed 'Lieu. H.H. Pearce, E Company senior cadets, Creswick, Dec. 1914' describing mainly farming activities.

Diaries, 1914, 1959-72, and Memoranda books, 1919-84 (File 1 _ 2) - Box 5

Series 3. Family and biographical papers, c.1875-1984

Papers of Pearce's father, Herbert Hastings Pearce (b. 22 June 1859) including poems, 1917-31, and an incomplete letter written by Harry Hastings Pearce to his father from New Zealand in 1930. Also includes a typescript and cuttings relating to Herbert Hastings Pearce, 1939-51, a copy of a document relating to the families of Samuel and Jane (nee Hastings) Pearce, 1884 and notes on Samuel Pearce (File 1) - Box 6

Manuscript volume of 'The story of the Pearce and Williams families on Creswick (and before) from 1853 up to the present' written by Pearce. The volume contains family photographs, poetry, cuttings, speeches and original letters, c.1875-1983 (File 2) - Box 6

'Index for Pearce Family history journal'. Also includes cuttings and other papers, 1950-84 (File 3) - Box 6

Autobiographical notes and incomplete drafts (File 4_5) - Box 6

Other notes and drafts on family history and biographical details. Includes manuscripts on Pearce's book collection (File 6_8) - Box 7

Papers relating to Pearce and his family including notes, cuttings, letters, articles, manuscripts, photos and other papers, 1908-83 (File 9_12) - Box 7

Series 4. Notebooks, 1918-83

Notebooks containing addresses, jottings, calculations, verse, home remedies and other notes. One notebook is entitled 'Short-title list of books etc for Creswick Historical Museum from Harry Hastings Pearce' (File 1) - Box 8

Notebooks containing extracts and notes from Pearce's reading on topics including Christianity, supernaturalism, secularism, 'primitive' religion, and education (File 2_3) - Box 8

Notebook entitled 'Salt, savour and sparkle from the writings of Chapman Cohen' (File 4) - Box 8

Notebook containing index entries and four notebooks containing extracts from rationalist and freethought publications (File 5_6) - Box 8

Notebooks entitled 'Scraps, gleanings and quotations of religion, morals, philosophy, history etc. from all sources of literature of various countries and ages' and 'Developments and aspects of the new physics.' (File 7) - Box 9

Early notebooks containing quotes from a variety of authors and cuttings, 1918-19. Notebooks written in 1983 containing Pearce's thoughts on the right to life and the prospect of his own death (File 8) - Box 9

Volume containing extracts and notes (File 9) - Box 9

Volumes containing lists of books and pamphlets including a catalogue of books in his own collection (File 10_13) - Box 9

Notes, correspondence and a speech by Pearce concerning slavery, 1926-48 (File 14_19) - Box 10-11

Notebook containing notes on writing (File 20) - Box 85

Series 5. Scrapbooks, 1895-1953

See also scrapbooks assembled by E.J. Turner on Henry Lawson in series 9/2/29-31.

Scrapbooks numbered 1-5, 1895-1949 containing cuttings, quotations and extracts reflecting Pearce's interests in Australian literature and poetry and other topics (File 1_5) - Folio-Box 1, 2

Scrapbook, 1906-46 primarily on literary topics (File 6) - Folio-Box 3

Scrapbook, 1914-16 containing poetry (File 7) - Folio-Box 3

Scrapbooks, 1922-53 containing letters to the editor by Pearce, as 'Profanum Vulgus,' and others, cuttings from the Truthseeker and elsewhere on science, evolution, New Zealand rationalist associations, atheism and other topics (File 8_12) - Folio-Box 2, 4

Scrapbooks containing cuttings of international figures including scientists, philosophers, politicians, authors and intellectuals (File 13_15) - Folio-Box 5

Scrapbook containing political cartoons and articles, 1914 (File 16) - Folio-Box 7

Series 6. Hume Pipe Company, 1920-83

The Hume Pipe Company (formerly Hume Bros and the Hume Bros Cement Iron Pty Ltd) was established in 1892 by W.R. and E.J. Hume. From the 1920s the Company specialised in the manufacture of steel and concrete pipes used for drainage, sewerage, irrigation and water supply. Pearce joined the Company in 1919 and in 1920 was put in charge of the Launceston factory. In 1922 he was the Foreman at the Hobart factory and in 1923 moved to Brisbane to start the S & F pipe factory. From 1924-38 Pearce worked in New Zealand erecting, moving and reopening factories, installing plants, pipe laying, pipeline maintenance, reporting on difficulties and other tasks. In 1939 he returned to Melbourne where he requested to be relieved of his administrative duties and worked principally as a reinforcement maker.

The series comprises four letter books, 1931-38 containing letters written by Pearce in New Zealand to the Company Manager, NSW; notes and report on the operation of a continuous reinforcement machine, 1952-64; notebook, 1920-36; correspondence, cuttings, photographs, printed matter and other papers, 1926-83 (5 files + 4 volumes)

Letter books, 1931-38, Notebooks 1920-36 and 1952-64, Scrapbooks 1926-83 (File 1_9) - Box 11, 12, 85

Series 7. Writings, 1915-84

Subseries 7_1. On the origins of Waltzing Matilda, 1944-83

Correspondence, drafts, cuttings, manuscript music and other research materials relating to Pearce's long interest in Waltzing Matilda and his monographs On the origins of Waltzing Matilda (Hawthorn Press, 1971) and The Waltzing Matilda debate: replies to criticism, new verification on the Bold Fusilier, Josephine Pene, etc (1974).

Typescript drafts and proofs of On the origins of Waltzing Matilda (File 1_4a) - Box 12
Typescript of 'On the origins of Waltzing Matilda Part 2: new material confirming part 1; Authenticity of Bold fusilier: replies to criticism etc.' (File 4) - Box 12
Waltzing Matilda - Matilda Metze - Hamburg and Bavaria, 1956-65 (File 5) - Box 12
Australian national song based on Waltzing Matilda by Harry H. Pearce (File 6) - Box 12
Correspondence, cuttings and notes, 1956-76 (File 7) - Box 13
John O'Neill correspondence, 1956 and 1971 (File 8) - Box 13
Age letters and Frederick T. Macartney, 1960-74 (File 9) - Box 13
'Craigielea' march, 1961-64 (File 10) - Box 13
Mrs Cooper and The bold fusilier, 1962-74 (File 11) - Box 13
National Library, Mitchell Library, State Library of Victoria, Edward Harrington and Cyril E. Goode, 1962-67 (File 12) - Box 13
Publishers and M.H. Ellis, 1962-70 (File 13) - Box 13
Czech, Rumanian and German, 1963 (File 14) - Box 13
Ron Edwards correspondence, 1966-76 (File 15) - Box 13
Max Dunn in Focus, J.S. Manifold in Canon, photostat from Cobbers, Roger Covell - Australia's music, 1967-70 (File 16) - Box 13
Richard Magoffin correspondence, 1968-74 (File 17) - Box 13
Expression - 'Waltzing Matilda' - when used, 1970-71 (File 18) - Box 13
Correspondence, 1971-74 (File 19) - Box 13
John Manifold correspondence, 1972 (File 20) - Box 13
Hawthorn Press correspondence and royalty statements, 1972-80 (File 21) - Box 14
Loose correspondence, 1944-83 (File 22_23) - Box 14
Notes (File 24) - Box 14
Music, articles, printed materials and other papers (File 25) - Box 14
Newspaper cuttings and reviews (File 26_27) - Box 14, 15

Subseries 7_2. 'The true John Shaw Neilson', 1971-81

Corrected typescripts, publishers' correspondence (1971-81), clippings, notes and other papers relating to Pearce's unpublished study of Neilson. Correspondents include A.D. Hope, Alec Bolton, Walter Stone and Clem Christensen

See also John Shaw Neilson collection in series 9/5.

General correspondence with publishers in relation to typescript drafts. Also includes notes and clippings (File 1_9) - Box 15, 16, 17

Subseries 7_3. Poetry, 1915-84

The song of nature and other poems (1948), 1947-60. Correspondence, cuttings, typescripts, proofs and other papers (File 1_2) - Box 17
Thomas Kennedy's march from Creswick's Creek (1954), 1954-55. Correspondence, drafts, illustrations, illustration blocks, cuttings and other papers (File 3_4a) - Box 17, 86
The lament of Bungaleen (1958). Author's signed copy of no. 1 of the first edition, receipts and correspondence (File 5) - Box 17
Dreams and arrows (1969). Corrected typescripts, notes, receipts and correspondence 1969-72 (File 6_7) - Box 17
Commemorative ballad and story (1982). Cuttings, correspondence, printed copies, drafts and papers relating to the centenary of the Australasia No. 2 mine disaster, Creswick, 1981-83 (File 8_10) - Box 18
5 exercise books containing poetry, 1916-24 (File 11_12) - Box 18
Files and volumes containing manuscript and typescript poetry, 1915-83. Some of the files also contain small amounts of correspondence and other papers (File 13_23) - Box 19, 20
Loose poetry, 1917-84 (File 24) - Box 21

Subseries 7_4. Articles, 1932-83

Manuscripts and typescripts of articles, printed articles and associated research notes, correspondence and other papers.

'Dickins and Lawson', 1974-83 (File 1) - Box 21
'Early Dunedin freethought', 1938-39; 'Early gold diggers' organisations', 1966 (File 2) - Box 21
'Establishing the true John Shaw Neilson', 1972 (File 3) - Box 21
'J.C. Watson versus the P.L.C. Executive', 1975; 'Lucky horse-shoes', n. d; 'Miss Jane Goodall and the wild chimpanzees', 1964; 'The new psychology as applied to the interpretations of certain religious; phenomena', n. d (File 4) - Box 21
'Poetry and prose', n. d; 'Psychology, sex and religion', n. d; 'The ring', n. d; 'Thomas Paine - early life in England', 1979-80; 'The uses of poetry', n. d (File 5) - Box 21
'Unbelief in New Zealand', 1980-84 (File 6) - Box 21
'What is science', n. d; 'What it was like to be a miner', 1972-79; (File 7_11) - Box 22
'What is secularism' (lecture), 'Scientific thinking in rationalism' and 'Rationalism and philodophy', 1977 (File 12) - Box 22
'The origin of White Horse Road', 'Some folklore of the finger ring', 'The functions of the Folk Lore Society of Victoria', 'From the savage to the civilised' (lecture), 'The Latin history of the word religio', 'The constitution and ritual', 1932-66 (File 13) - Box 23
Articles on mining published in Recorder. (File 14) - Box 86
'Charles Southwell, 1814-1860, in Australia and New Zealand', 1938-80. Includes correspondence with H. Cutner and others, research material, manuscript and typescript drafts, notebook and other papers relating to Pearce's research into Southwell, published in instalments in the New Zealand rationalist, 1957-58 (File 15_23) - Box 86, 87

Subseries 7_5. Speeches, 1926-84

Typescript and manuscript drafts of speeches and broadcasts.

See also series 7.4.

Notes for a speech delivered by Pearce on his 82nd birthday party (File 1) - Box 23

'The ballad'

'Collecting freethought literature' (Book Collectors' Society of Australia Victorian Branch)

'Collecting popular reform literature' (Australian Book Collectors' Society, Melbourne Branch, 28 Jan. 1966)

'Creswick ballads and lyrics' (Australian Poetry Lovers' Society) (File 2) - Box 23

'Dr Colin Roderick's editions of Henry Lawson'

'Evolution in art and aesthetics' (Gisborne Study and Discussion Society, 25 Aug. 1927) and 'Art and beauty, utility, materialism' (Gisborne, NZ, 4 Dec. 1926)

'Freedom of thought in its popular literature'

'The function of the Folklore Society of Victoria' (Annual Meeting, 10 June 1964)

'The future' (Australian Poetry Lovers' Society, 27 Feb. 1960)

'Future of the Lawson tradition' (Footscray Park, 5 Feb. 1984)

'Henry Lawson' (Channel 7, 9 Aug. 1975) and 'Statement to the Annual Meeting of the Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society' (19 Feb. 1977)

'Henry Lawson' (3ZZ Access Radio, Melbourne, 20 Sept 1975) (File 3) - Box 23

'Henry Lawson and Our way of life'

'Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society', 1971-72

'If I could paint'

'An interpretation of Sleelman and Smith' (Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society, 16 July 1977)

'International freethought'

'The Lawson behind Lawson'

'Lawson's relevance today' (Footscray Park, 6 Feb. 1983)

'Martyr to an ideal' (Footscray Park, 3 Feb. 1974)

'The moral problem' (Gisborne Study and Discussion Group, 28 July 1927)

'My tribute to Henry Lawson' (Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society, 18 Sept. 1976)

'The origin and evolution of the theatre' (File 4) - Box 23

'Poetry and culture'

'The real Henry Lawson'

'Sex and religion'

'Short talk on Creswick gold field' (Daylesford Rotary Club, 17 May 1972)

'Tribute to Henry Lawson' (Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society, 15 Sept. 1973)

'What is secularism' (Secular Society of Victoria, 1979) and 'What is science'

'What the world needs today' (Gisborne, NZ, 21 Oct. 1926)

'Biographical' - drafts on Bernard O'Dowd (Australian Literature Society), Banjo Paterson, Cyril Goode (29 Dec. 1982), William Whitehouse Collins, Hilda de Featherstone, Ted Harrington and Victor Kennedy (File 5) - Box 23
'Lawson' - drafts of talks on Henry Lawson, mainly delivered at meetings of the Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society, 1958-81 (File 6) - Box 24
'Poets and poetry' - drafts of talks, 1926-73. Subjects include ballads, Victor J. P Daley, Will Lawson, Jim Grahame (Jim Gordon), C. H Winter, A. G Stephens, Edward Dyson, D. P O'Reilly, Charles A. Souter and poetry theory (File 7) - Box 24
Speeches on Waltzing Matilda, 1967 (File 8) - Box 24

Subseries 7_6. Pamphlets, 1942-47

Signed copy of Back to the Bible - and what (1945) and cuttings (File 1) - Box 24
Freethought pamphlets including drafts of Back to the Bible - and what, 1943; The failure of Christian morality, 1943; and Will the Bible regenerate, 1943. Also includes correspondence, 1942-43 (File 2) - Box 24
'The new ruins of empire', 1944-45. Manuscript and typescript drafts and correspondence, 1945-47 (File 3_5) - Box 24, 25

Subseries 7_7. Other writings, 1893-1983

'Some notes on freethought journals', c.1945-65, together with correspondence, 1965-79 (File 1_2) - Box 25
Tributes to Cyril E. Goode and Jim Grahame, 1949-83 (File 3) - Box 25
Drafts of a short story, 'Put 'em up!' and a letter, 1972 (File 4) - Box 25
Writings on the Eureka Stockade including speeches, articles, a review and statements, 1966-79. Also includes correspondence, notes, a map, poetry, printed articles, copies of letters to W.H. Archer, 1854 from Raffaello Carboni and Patrick Smyth, copies of a portrait of Carboni, two copies of From tent to Parliament: the life of Peter Lalor, and history of the Eureka Stockade (1893) by James Vallins and papers relating to Eureka Stockade celebrations, 1904-77 (File 5_10) - Box 25, 26
Manuscript music of 'The hunter' (words by H.H. Pearce, music by Beatrice Phillips) and 'Where the beautiful' (words by H.H. Pearce, arranged by Elsa Marshall-Hall); manuscript draft of a review of The miners right by Rolf Boldrewood and miscellaneous manuscripts (File 11) - Box 25, 26

Series 8. Organisations, 1923-84

Papers relating to Pearce's involvement and interest in various societies, associations, and clubs. Correspondence in this series relates to Pearce's role as office holder in the organisations. General correspondence relating to organisations is held in series 1/2.

Subseries 8_1. Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society, 1923-81

See also series 7/5 for speeches delivered to the Society.

Programs of meetings, 1946-58; correspondence, 1923-81; copies of The Lawsonian and work submitted for inclusion in The Lawsonian; pamphlets, cuttings, photos and other memorabilia relating to commemorative gatherings, 1937-67; articles on the Society; cuttings; papers relating to Hannah Thornburn and Albert Lee-Archer; notes by Pearce on Lawson; framed photographs of a Henry Lawson monument and the bust of Henry Lawson; wood samples from the Henry Lawson tree, Footscray Park, and other papers (14 files, 4 folio items) (File 1_14) - Box 26, 27, 28

Subseries 8_2. Bread and Cheese Club, 1939-76

Newsletters and circulars, 1942-76, correspondence, photographs, cuttings, rules and proposed amendments to the Club constitution, Christmas cards from J.K. Moir, programs, issues of Bohemia and papers relating to Pearce's resignation from the Committee in 1962. (4 files, 1 folio item) (File 1_5) - Box 28

Subseries 8_3. Australian Poetry Lovers' Society, 1951-68

See also series 7/5 for speeches delivered to the Society.

Correspondence, 1951-68; manuscript and typescript poetry; flyers; copies of The poetry lover; programs; a reel to reel tape and other papers (File 1_3) - Box 28, 29

Subseries 8_4. Book Collectors' Society of Australia (Victorian Branch), 1958-84

See also series 7.5 for speeches delivered to the Society.

Book Collectors' Society of Australia (Victoria), Notices of meetings, correspondence, cuttings, programs and other papers (File 1_3) - Box 28, 29

Subseries 8_5. Folk Lore Society of Victoria, 1954-71

See also series 7.4 and series 7.5 for speeches and articles on the Society.

Correspondence with Jean Officer, Wendy Lowenstein and others, 1954-66, meeting notices, programs and invitations, 1954-67; typescripts including 'The powers and duties of a President', 'Proposals for the amalgamation of activities of the Folk Lore Society of Victoria and the Victorian Folk Music Club, 26/8/66', 'Folk Lore Society of Victoria constitution' and 'Collecting folk songs in Australia'; leaflets, cuttings and other papers (5 files, 1 folio item) (File 1_5) - Box 29, 30

Subseries 8_6. Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, 1962-82

Circulars, leaflets, meeting notices, reports and financial statements, subscription notices and other papers (File 1_2) - Box 30

Subseries 8_7. Secular Society of Victoria, 1977-83

Circulars, addresses, meeting notices, talks programs, constitution, and correspondence (File 1_3) - Box 30

Subseries 8_8. Other organisations, 1930-84

Papers relating to the New Zealand Rationalist Association, 1965-84; other rationalist organisations including the Rationalist Press Association, National Secular Society, Auckland Rationalist Association, Humanist Society of Victoria, Rationalist Society of Australia, Rationalist Association and Sunday Freedom League and the New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Rationalism, 1930-82; literary societies including the Australian Literature Society, Poetry Society of Australia and Realist Writers' Society, 1940-71; the Australasian Book Society, 1956-62 and other societies, 1948-75 (File 1_3) - Box 88

Series 9. Collections, 1884-1984

Personal papers of literary figures collected by Pearce. The collections also contain material relating to each of the individuals, assembled by Pearce.

See also series 10 for biographical files containing mainly or exclusively secondary materials and series 16 for original manuscripts contained within volumes from Pearce's library.

Subseries 9_1. Bernard O'Dowd, 1886-1966

Bernard O'Dowd, Poet and lawyer, born Beaufort, VIC, 1866, and died 1953. Married Eva Fryer in 1889 but left her for the socialist poet Marie Pitt in 1919. Publications include Dawnward? (1903), The silent land (1906), The bush and Alma Venus (1921).

Statement by Pearce on how he acquired the O'Dowd papers, 1966, and related correspondence, 1962-63 (File 1) - Box 31
General correspondence, 1888-1929 (File 2_9) - Box 31
Letters from O'Dowd to Constance Holloway, 1905-8 (File 10_15) - Box 32
Letters from Constance Holloway to O'Dowd, 1905-8 (File 16_25) - Box 33
O'Dowd family correspondence, 1892-1927 (File 26_28) - Box 34
Personal papers, 1908-20 including separation agreement (1920), will (1922) and correspondence (File 29) - Box 34
Manuscripts (File 30) - Box 34
Poems, 1906-8 (File 31) - Box 34
Poems, editor's notes (File 32) - Box 34
Literary drafts, notes, notices of meetings, syllabuses, membership notices, programs, invitations and other papers, 1891-1945 (File 33_35) - Box 34
Papers relating to organisations, 1899-1964 (File 36_37) - Box 35
Photographs (File 38) - Box 35
Articles and speeches by and on O'Dowd, 1891-1947 (File 39) - Box 35
Cuttings and publications relating to O'Dowd and his poems, 1903-64 (File 40_44) - Box 35, 36
Notes, drafts, originals and extracts from O'Dowd letters, cuttings, and other papers of H.H. Pearce relating to O'Dowd, 1886-1966 (File 45_47) - Box 36
Manuscripts submitted to O'Dowd while editor of Birth (File 48) - Box 36
Mary Gilmore poems and correspondence with O'Dowd, 1909-13 (File 49) - Box 36

Subseries 9_2. E.J. Turner, 1925-64

Edgar James Turner was an editor of Bohemia and a member of the Bread and Cheese Club. He died in 1964. Pearce purchased Turner's papers from his family after his death.

Correspondence to Ted Turner from Edward McDonnell (Hugh Stone), 1938-43 (File 1_2) - Box 37
J.K. McDougall correspondence, 1938-52 (File 3_5) - Box 37
Walter Hobbs correspondence, 1940-45 (File 6) - Box 37
C. Elliot Perryman correspondence, 1938-45 (File 7) - Box 37
Pat T. Findlay correspondence, 1938-40 (File 8) - Box 37
Victor Kennedy correspondence, 1938-48 (File 9) - Box 38
Paula FitzGerald correspondence, 1942-48 (File 10) - Box 38
E.J. Brady correspondence, 1938-46 (File 11_12) - Box 38
Roy and Hilda Bridges correspondence, 1938-48 (File 13_14) - Box 38
Phil Whelan correspondence, 1939-41 (File 15) - Box 38
Rex Ingamell correspondence, 1939-40 (File 15a) - Box 88
General correspondence, 1925-64. Correspondents include Stan Cross, Alfred Dunn, Mary Durack, Florence Hagelthorn, Louis Lavater, Max Harris,, R.H. Croll, Clem Christesen, Frank Clune, Gertrude Hart, Alan D. Mickle, Leonard Mann, Cecil Mann, Will Ashton, Percival Serle, Harry Hooton, Paul Hasluck, Rudel O'Dowd, Flexmore Hudson, A.H. Chisholm, Col Lindsay and George Aiston. Also includes some letters by Turner (File 16_22) - Box 38
Literary manuscripts and jottings (File 23) - Box 38
Notebooks containing mostly poetry extracts from other authors (File 24_25) - Box 38
Notebooks containing poems and writings by and about Henry Lawson (File 26_28) - Box 40
Scrapbooks (no. 1-3) on Henry Lawson, 1922-59 (File 29_31) - Box 40
Diary, 1936-37 (File 32) - Box 41
Bohemia papers including manuscript articles, letters and proof sheets of the first issue, 1939 (File 33) - Box 41
Miscellaneous papers including drawings, photograph, cuttings, poems, and Bread and Cheese Club papers, 1935-40 (File 34) - Box 41

Subseries 9_3. Henry Lawson, 1907-83

See also series 8.1 for papers on the Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society.

Manuscript poem 'Men of our ability' signed by Lawson; signed postcard from Lawson to Raoul and Lionel Broomfield, 1907; signed photo of Lawson; and notes written by Lawson to Jim Grahame and W.D. Mutch (File 1) - Box [SR]
Framed public notice signed by Lawson (File 2) - Box [SR]
Typescript copy of a letter by Lawson, 22 Mar. 1920; manuscript and typescript copies of Lawson poems; and a collection of cards, stamps, programs, tickets, invitations and other memorabilia concerning Lawson, 1939-83 (File 3) - Box 42
Pamphlets, booklets and articles containing Lawson's works or relating to Lawson, 1922-83 (File 4_5) - Box 42
Cuttings (File 6) - Box 42
Typescripts by Colin Roderick, Harry Hastings Pearce, J. T Commens and George Farwell on Lawson; typescripts on Lawson's early life possibly written by Charles or Gertrude Lawson and other papers relating to Lawson (File 7) - Box 42
Portrait of Henry Lawson (pen and ink) by his niece, Valerie Lawson (with printed copies and illustration block) (File 8_9) - Box 42
Bound volume containing typescripts of 'A fragment of an autobiography', 'Joseph's dreams', 'The auld shop and the new Eurunderee' and 'Bohemia buries her dead' by Lawson and 'Farewell, dreamers' by A.G. Stephens (File 10) - Box 88

Subseries 9_4. Ethel and G.W. Fielding, 1910-58

Ethel Fielding was the founder of the Australian Poetry Lovers' Society.

Correspondence of Ethel and G.W. Fielding, 1936-58; manuscript of 'Hometown' (words by Ethel Fielding; music by Edith Harry) (File 1) - Box 43
Notebooks, c.1910-56 containing cuttings, literary extracts, and notes (File 2_5) - Box 43
Manuscript poetry of J.K. McDougall presented to Fielding (File 6) - Box 43
Notebooks containing notes on poems by J.K. McDougall, 1950-51 (File 7_10) - Box 44
Collections of Australian poetry (cuttings) (File 11) - Folio-Box 6
Photographs of George and Ethel Fielding and papers on the Australian Poetry Lovers' Society (File 12) - Box 44

Subseries 9_5. John Shaw Neilson, 1928-84

Poet. Born Penola, SA, 1872 and died 1942. Publications include Heart of Spring (1919), Ballad and lyrical poems (1923), New poems (1927) and Beauty imposes (1938).

See also series 7.2 for Pearce's unpublished work on Neilson.

Letters, 1928-41. Correspondents include Charles Fawcett, Edward Harrington and Ted Turner (File 1) - Box 44
Letters from Neilson's brother Frank to C. Fawcett, J.K. Moir and H.H. Pearce, 1938-47. Letters relating to Neilson, 1934-78 (File 2) - Box 44
Personal memoirs of Neilson by Ted Turner, Charles Fawcett, Frances M. O'Flynn, Clair Kennedy, Les Hutchison and Edward Harrington, 1960-72. Also contains extracts from Shaw Neilson by James Devaney and extracts from J.S. Neilson papers held by R.J. McKimm, 1965 (File 3) - Box 44
Manuscript of 'Dark eyes are hers' (words by J.S. Neilson; music by G.W. Fielding), manuscript of 'The poetry of John Shaw Neilson' by Ethel Fielding, cuttings and other papers (File 4) - Box 44
Cuttings, articles and reviews collected by Pearce (File 5_6) - Box 45
New poems by Shaw Neilson containing letter by Neilson, 1937; transparencies, printed material relating to Neilson (1938-84), and other papers (File 7) - Box 45
Old Granny Sullivan by Shaw Neilson, 1907 (File 8) - Box 45

Subseries 9_6. Alfred John Jarvis, 1884-1949

Jarvis, a poet, songwriter and composer, was born in Broken Hill in 1892 and died in 1949. Jarvis met Henry Lawson, Roderic Quinn and others of the Bulletin literary circle in Sydney in the 1920s. In 1929 he founded both Medley Publishing and the Amateur Musicians and Composers Society of Australia in Melbourne.

The Jarvis Papers were obtained by Pearce from Cyril E. Goode and Ted Turner.

Personal documents, 1844-1943 including references; merchant marine discharge certificates; birth, marriage and burial certificates for Jarvis Family members; army discharge certificates and photographs (File 1) - Box 45
Scrapbook containing cuttings and correspondence, 1923-46 (File 2) - Box 45
Manuscripts of poems, prose and songs (File 3_5) - Box 46
Correspondence, 1888-1949; letters to Ted Turner from Jarvis and his partner Doris, 1939-46; manuscripts, notes, printed songs and other papers, 1930-49 (File 6_7) - Box 46
Manuscripts of 'Diary of a song writer' and 'Alfred John Jarvis' by H.H. Pearce; typescripts of Jarvis' poems, 1929-49; drawing of Jarvis by Pearce, 1948; photograph, letters and music by Jarvis (File 8) - Box 46

Subseries 9_7. Edward Harrington, 1934-66

Poet and founder of the Bread and Cheese Club. Harrington was born in Colbinabbin, Vic., in 1896 and died in 1966. His publications include Songs of war and peace (1920), Boundary Bend and other ballads (1936), and The swagless swaggie amd other ballads (1957).

Letters (mainly to Ted Turner, H.H. Pearce, and Kate Baker), 1934-59, correspondence (mainly from Frances M. O'Flynn), 1937 and letters relating to Harrington. Other correspondents include John White, M. Fawcett, Miss Callaghan, N.G. Rankin and E.J. Brady (File 1) - Box 46
Typescripts, mainly of poetry by Harrington (File 2) - Box 47
Manuscript poetry and notes (File 3) - Box 47
Addresses and tributes to Harrington written by Ethel Fielding, C.J. Davis and H.H. Pearce (File 4) - Box 47
Newspaper cuttings of poetry by and articles on Harrington, c.1934-58 (File 5) - Box 47
Notes by Ted Turner and H.H. Pearce on Harrington's poetry, invitations, papers relating to the 50th anniversary of Harrington's birth, 1945 and other papers, 1936-66 (File 6) - Box 47

Subseries 9_8. Marie Pitt, 1912-83

Poet, feminist and socialist. Marie McKeown was born in Gippsland Vic. in 1869 and died in 1948. She married William Pitt in 1893 and after his death in 1912, supported her family by writing for newspapers and clerical work. Pitt lived with Bernard O'Dowd from 1920. Her publications include The horses of the hills (1911), Bairnsdale and other poems (1922), Poems of Marie E.J. Pitt (1925) and Selected poems (1944).

Harry Hooton correspondence, 1936-40 (File 1) - Box 47
Family correspondence, 1914-44 (File 2) - Box 47
General correspondence, 1917-44. Correspondents include Hilda and Ron Bridges, H.W. Malloch, Ted Turner, J.K. Moir, L.G. De Garis, Bernard O'Dowd, Leonard Mann and Gladys Anderson. Also includes some letters by Pitt (File 3) - Box 47
Papers, 1913-48 including readers' reports on manuscripts, (1913-16), cuttings and manuscript and typescript poetry (File 4) - Box 48
File on Marie Pitt, 1912-83 assembled by Pearce containing addresses on Pitt including 'Marie E.J. Pitt: the Miriam of Australia' by V. O'Dowd, 1961; correspondence between Bernard O'Dowd and M. Anderson, 1912; addresses by Pitt on Henry Tate and the role of women in history; cuttings; letters by Pitt to Ted Turner, 1939, typescripts of Pitt's poetry; printed score of Ave Australia with a letter by Pitt to Ted Turner, 1946 and other papers (File 5) - Box 48

Subseries 9_9. E.J. Brady, 1924-53

Journalist, editor and author. Born in Carcoar, NSW in 1869 and died 1952. His publications include travel books, an autobiography published in instalments in Southerly, 1952-55, children's books, biography, short stories and poetry.

Letters of E.J. Brady, 1935-51 to G.W. Fielding, Ted Turner, Hugh Stone, Marie Pitt, Mrs Phillips, E.M. McCarthy, George O'Neale and H.H. Pearce. Correspondence from Nina Murdoch (1924) and John Gartner (1940). Letters from Florence Brady to H.H. Pearce, 1951-53 (File 1) - Box 48
Typescripts and manuscripts of poems, broadcasts and other prose pieces (File 2) - Box 48
Lists of books in Brady's library, photographs, a broadcast on Brady and other papers (File 3) - Box 48
Cuttings on Brady and his poetry (File 4) - Box 48

Subseries 9_10. John Keith McDougall

Poet and Labour member for Wannon, Vic. in the House of Representatives, 1906-13. Born in Learmouth, near Ballarat in 1867. Publications include Grass and gossamer, and other verses (1930), The golden road, and other verses (1936), Beasts of the blood trail, and other verses (1939) and Shadows in the sun and other verses (1948).

The series contains manuscripts of Shadows in the sun, and Beasts of the blood, two items of poetry and a fragment of a letter. It also includes an incomplete letter to McDougall, 22 Sept. 1947, possibly from Colin Gray, which contains as eyewitness account of the execution of 'Breaker' Morant and details Australian atrocities and conditions in civilian concentration camps during the Boer War.

See series 9/4 for manuscript poetry and notes on poems by McDougall.

Manuscripts, poetry and letters of John Keith McDougall, 1930-38 (File 1_5) - Box 48, 49

Subseries 9_11. Joseph Masters Neild ('Matilda's Mate'), 1919-44

Born 1869. Publications include A chronology of South Melbourne, 1802-1944 (1944) and the addresses Lawson- and his critics (1944) and Literary pioneers (1939).

Letters to Ted Turner, 1938-40; manuscripts and typescripts of poems, cuttings, address 'Literary pioneers' by Neild delivered at the Adam Lindsay Gordon Lovers' Society, 1939, A chronology of South Melbourne 1802-1944 by Neild; pamphlet on Neild, 1939, photographs of a portrait of Neild by E.J. Turner and other papers (File 1_6) - Box 49, 50

Subseries 9_12. Other collections, 1896-1984

Marjorie Aubrey, Typescript of City without walls (File 1) - Box 50
Kate Baker, 1913-51, letters, 1913-15 and addresses by and about Baker, 1936. Correspondents include Bernard O'Dowd, Charles Fawcett, Marie Pitt, Ted Harrington and H.H. Pearce (File 2) - Box 50
Charles Fawcett (Harold Charles), 1937-61; Correspondence, 1945-57, photographs, invitations, membership cards, Christmas cards, autographs, receipts and other papers. Correspondents include Christina Mawdesley, J. Howlett-Ross, J.C. Davies, Edith Harrhy, Sam Simmons, Louis H. Clark (File 3) - Box 50
Louis H. Clarke, 1950-76, letters to Pearce (1950-72), typescripts and cuttings of poetry, typescripts of play script, flyers and other papers (File 4) - Box 50
W.H. Davies, 1944, Letters to Ted Turner and manuscripts (File 5) - Box 50
M. Forrest, 1906-33, includes letters to Mr Hurst, 1921-28 and typescripts and cuttings of poems (File 6) - Box 51
Mary Gilmore, 1907-84, letters, 1908-66 to Pearce, Clair White, Ted Turner, Bernard O'Dowd and Charles Fawcett. Also leaflets, cuttings, articles, notes and drawings (File 7_8) - Box 51
Jim Grahame (J.W. Gordon), 1931-74, letters to Pearce, manuscript and typescript poetry, photos, cuttings and notes by Pearce (File 9_10) - Box 51
Victor Kennedy, 1924-54, letters to Ted Turner, manuscript and typescript poems, letter by Dorothy Kennedy and other papers (File 11) - Box 51
Marion Miller Knowles; Manuscript and typescript poems and other papers; Elizabeth Lane (Molly Farmers), 1961-65, letters, cuttings and notes (File 12) - Box 51
Jack McLaren, 1920, corrected typescript of The skipper of the Roaring Meg (File 13) - Box 51
Roderic Quinn, 1899-1953, correspondence, articles and manuscripts, typescripts and cuttings of poetry (File 14) - Box 52
Illustrated manuscript of 'The well-wisher' (File 15) - Folio-Box 7
J. Howlett-Ross, 1901-31; Correspondence, 1917-31; cover of the reporter's notebook used by J.F. Archibald, two letters of George Essex Evans (1901) given to Howlett-Ross by the recipient (Major D.J. Ham), and poems and other papers relating to Howlett-Ross; Hugh Stone (Ed McDonell), 1938-45, cuttings, manuscript and typescript poems and correspondence (File 16) - Box 52
Tom Tierney, 1935-59, letters, 1935-51, manuscripts and typescripts of poems, address by Pearce on Tierney, letter from Edward Tierney to Pearce (1959) and cuttings (File 17_18) - Box 52
Clair White, 1955, photographs and scripts of 'By the sleepy lagoon' and 'Seasons of the heart' (File 19) - Box 52
Miscellaneous papers of others collected by Pearce including letters, song lyrics, manuscript poetry and typescript prose, 1896-1968 (File 20_21) - Box 52

Series 10. Biographical papers, 1895-1983

Papers assembled by Pearce mainly on Australian and overseas writers. The files contain cuttings; biographical details, articles, typescripts and cuttings of poetry, reviews, notes by Pearce, flyers, memorabilia and correspondence of Pearce and others with, or relating to, the subjects of the files.

For collections containing original manuscripts, see series 9.

Arthur H. Adams, 1895-1908; Francis Adams, 1954-60; Robert Dudley Adams, 1907-12; J. Alex Allan, 1939-46; Arthur A. Baylden, 1902-51; Christopher Brennan, 1917-81; William Buckley, 1980-81; R.J. Cassidy ("Gilrooney"), 1911-41 (File 1) - Box 53

P. Brian Cox, 1958-75 (File 2) - Box 53

R.H. Croll, 1939; Victor Daley, 1896-1962 (File 3) - Box 53

C.J. Dennis, 1916-83 (File 4_5) - Box 53

Charles Dickins, 1934-39; James Edmond, 1900-33; J. Beresford Fowler, 1926-73; Cyril E. Goode, 1942-83; W.T. Goodge, 1898-1904 (File 6) - Box 54

Joseph Furphy, 1917-78 (File 7) - Box 54

Adam Lindsay Gordon, 1910-80 (File 8_10) - Box 54

Paul L. Grano, 1939-46; H.M. Green, 1962-81; Hal Gye, 1955-76 (File 11) - Box 54

Frank Hardy, 1950-75 (File 12) - Box 55

W.E. Harney, 1929-65; Max Harris, 1944-61; Xavier Herbert, 1972-83; A.D. Hope, 1949-78 (File 13) - Box 55

Robert G. Ingersoll, 1930-55; Shirley Jacobs, 1968-72; Ned Kelly, 1949-80 (File 14) - Box 55

Henry Kendall, 1934-57; George Lauri, 1955; Louis Lavater, 1913-56; D.H. Lawrence, 1956-80; Will Lawson, 1901-56 (File 15) - Box 55

Percy Lloydsmith, 1959; Frederic Macartney, 1911-80; Dorothea Mackellar, 1911-68; Hugh McCrae, 1910-58; John Manifold, 1963-78; Leonard Mann, 1939-57 (File 16) - Box 55

David Martin, 1951-63; G.W.L. Marshall-Hall, 1895-1980; Furnley Maurice, 1912-45; Christina Mawdesley, 1973; E. Morris Miller, 1953-60; Frank Morton, 1900-52; John O'Brien (Father Patrick Hartigan), 1948-78 (File 17) - Box 55

Will Ogilvie, 1897-63 (File 18) - Box 55

P.I. O'Leary, 1929-54; Myall O'Malley (Rudel O'Dowd), 1961-70; Dowell O'Reilly, 1910-43; Vance and Nettie Palmer, 1955-78; Henry Parkes, 1898-1968 (File 19) - Box 56

Banjo Paterson, 1941-74 (File 20) - Box 56

A.A. Phillips, 1955-70; Roland Robinson, 1957-74; Steele Rudd, 1935; Percy Shelley, 1920-51; Douglas Sladen, 1887-1938; Kenneth Slessor, 1975 (File 21) - Box 56

Jack Sorensen, 1935-53; A.G. Stephens, 1914-64; Celeste Venard, 1980; Edward A. Vidler, 1913-14; Captain Hartley Watson, 1937-62; Frank E. Westbrook, 1958-70 (File 22) - Box 56

Joseph Tishler (File 23) - Box 56

Frank Williamson, 1908-36; Frank Wilmot (Furnley Maurice), 1942 (File 24) - Box 56

Cecil H. Winter ("Riverina"), 1904-45 (File 25) - Box 56

David McKee Wright, 1911-30; Judith Wright, 1946-77; William James Wye, 1942-62 (File 24) - Box 56

Series 11. Subject files, 1895-1984

Files and bundles of papers containing primarily cuttings, but also manuscript and typescript poetry, notes, correspondence, periodicals, leaflets, pamphlets and other papers.

Australian folk songs, 1954-80 (File 1) - Box 57

Australian historical miscellany, 1928-63 (File 2) - Box 57

Australian literature (File 3) - Box 57

Australian poetry reviews (File 4) - Box 57

Australian writers (File 5) - Box 57

Ballad history, 1895-1964 (File 6) - Box 57

Beggars, vagabonds, swagmen etc, 1966-83 (File 7) - Box 57

Cosme monthly - the Cosme agreement, 1903-80 (File 8) - Box 58

Cultural Centre, 1951-67 (File 9) - Box 58

Early man, 1973-78 (File 10) - Box 58

Folk songs and ballads and singers - collecting etc, 1913-71 (File 11) - Box 58

Outback characters, customs, folklore, Australian slang etc, 1896-1964 (File 12) - Box 58

Poverty, 1967-79 (File 13) - Box 58

Power without glory trial press reports, 1951 (File 14) - Box 59

Robin Hood and ballad history, 1954-60 (File 15) - Box 59

Charles Kingsford-Smith and Charles Ulm - flights, 1928-34 (File 16) - Box 59

Songs sung by The Bush Music Club, Melbourne, 1962 (File 17) - Box 88

State aid to schools, 1931-71 (File 18_19) - Box 88

Stray poetry and comments, 1934-77 (File 20) - Box 89

Street ballads (File 21) - Box 89

Treatments of native peoples, 1978-84 (File 22) - Box 89

Unions and labour, 1910-79 (File 23_24) - Box 89

Vietnam War, 1967-68 (File 25) - Box 89

Series 12. Rationalist and freethought movement, 1841-1984

Articles, correspondence, publications, speeches, photographs, cuttings and other papers relating to Pearce's interest in rationalism and rationalist organisations in New Zealand, England and Australia. There are also files relating to J.S. Langley's dispute with the Rationalist Association of Australia, and Pearce's consequent disassociation from the Association.

Other series containing material on rationalist topics include series 1 (correspondence), series 4 (notebooks) and series 7 (writings by Pearce).

English freethought history, 1928-70, includes copies of, The rationalist (File 1) - Box 60

The freethinker and Literary guide - special issues, 1881-1946 (File 2) - Box 60

G. W. Foote, 1908-34 (File 3) - Box 60

God, 1904-52 (File 4) - Box 60

J.M. Robertson, 1912-69 (File 5) - Box 60

Charles Bradlaugh, 1882-1968 (File 6) - Box 60

Bradlaugh's death, 1890-92, contains issues of The national reformer (File 7) - Box 60

Miscellaneous freethought, 1922-63, mainly issues of The freethinker (File 8) - Box 61

Thomas Paine, 1924-73 (File 9) - Box 61

Freethought verse, 1925-31 (File 10) - Box 61

Collected material on primitive thinking and beliefs, 1923-30 (File 11) - Box 61

Materialism and modern science, 1923-33 (File 12_14) - Box 61

Rationalist burial services, 1923-83 (File 15) - Box 62

Bertrand Russell, 1928-77 (File 16) - Box 62

Papers relating to rationalism and freethought movement in New Zealand, 1927-81 (File 17_18) - Box 62

J. S Langley v Rationalist Association of Australia, 1919-78 (File 19) - Box 62

J. S Langley and Rationalist Association - spare copies, 1939-42 (File 20_21) - Box 63

Miscellaneous papers including speeches, articles, notes and letters by Pearce, cuttings, periodicals and other papers, 1925-45 (File 22_24) - Box 63

Freethought portraits (File 25_26) - Box 63

Framed photographs of freethought figures (File 27_28) - Folio [unnumbered]

'Meaning and value of freethought', 1932, a recorded talk by Chapman Cohen, editor of The freethinker and President of the National Secular Society, London (File 29) - Box 64

Editorials by Chapman Cohen from The freethinker, 1920-30 (File 30_36) - Box 64

Layman and my replies (published in The New Zealand rationalist), 1945-46 (File 37) - Box 65

Issues of The freethinker, 1923-38, 1954, 1984 (File 38) - Box 65

Articles on atheism, Darwinism, Christianity, the Church in Australia, and other philosophical, scientific and biographical topics, 1841-1969 (File 39_45) - Box 65

Manuscript notes (File 46) - Box 66

Typescripts, 1931-77 (File 47) - Box 66

Pamphlets, leaflets, flyers and other printed material, 1950-79 (File 48) - Box 66

Newspaper cuttings (File 49_54) - Box 67

Article 'The independent Sydney secularist' by Nigel H. Sinnott, 1996 and cassette recording of 'I kneel not neither adore you', 1984 (File 55) - Box 68

Lists of freethought books, pamphlets and catalogues, 1971-80 (File 56) - Box 89

Articles, correspondence and publications relating to Joseph Skurrie, Joseph Symes and the freethought movement, 1969-83 (File 57_58) - Box 89

Series 13. Photographs, 1905-83

Photo album 'Creswick - taken by Harry Pearce 1930-40-50' including cuttings, loose photos and other inserts (File 1_2) - Box 68

Photos of Creswick, Pearce and his family, Pearce's library and the Henry Lawson bust (File 3) - Box 68

Framed photograph of Pearce delivering an address on Lawson, 1983 (File 4) - Box 69

Australian literary signed photographs collected by Pearce, 1905-54. Includes portraits of Edward Harrington, Jim Grahame, M. Forest, Elliott Perryman, Furnley Maurice (Frank Wilmot), Kate Baker, Bernard O'Dowd, Louis Lavater, J.A.V. Stevens, J.K. McDougall, Steve Ford, Cyril E. Goode, J. Howlett-Ross, and J.K. Moir (File 5) - Box 69

Other literary photographs and printed portraits (File 6_8) - Box 69

Miscellaneous photos (File 9) - Box 70

Series 14. Drawings, 1917-71

Early portraits, mainly of prominent figures drawn from photographs and illustrations, 1917-26, and originals, photographic, and printed copies of portrait drawings from life, by Pearce, 1948-57. Includes self-portraits, 1948 and 1957, portraits of his father Herbert Hastings Pearce and of literary figures such as A. Lee Archer, Louis Lavater, Ted Harrington, Jim Grahame, E. J Brady, Colin Roderick, John White, Victor Kennedy, Rex Ingamells, J. K McDougall, Mary Gilmore, Bernard O'Dowd, Cyril E. Goode, John Jarvis, and C.H. Winter. Many of the portraits are signed by the subject. Also includes a manuscript by Pearce on his drawings (2p.) and illustration blocks.

Portraits by Harry Hastings Pearce (4 files, 1 folio) (File 1_5) - Box 70, 90

Series 15. Other papers, 1841-1984

Invitations, 1913-81 including invitations to the setting of the foundation stone and opening of the National Library of Australia (File 1_2) - Box 70

Bookmarks (File 3) - Box 71

Book plates (File 4) - Box 71

Autographs (File 5) - Box 71

Place mats depicting Australian scenes (File 6) - Box 71

Signed Christmas cards collected by Pearce (File 7) - Box 71

Volume of Christmas cards depicting work by Australian artists (File 8) - Box 72

Early twentieth century erotic postcards (File 9_10) - Box 72, Map-Folio 2

Wartime documents belonging to and collected by Pearce including ration cards, first aid instructions, air raid warden material, war census, identity cards and civil defence instructions, 1916-48. Also includes four receipt books for unemployment levy, New Zealand, 1930-39 (File 11_12) - Box 73

Book sales lists, flyers for publications and notices of book fairs, 1939-80 (File 13_15) - Box 73

Programs and notices of meetings, lectures and other events, 1895-1984 (File 16_18) - Box 73

Poems and other writings by others (File 19_24) - Box 74

Miscellaneous manuscript notes (File 25_28) - Box 75

Miscellaneous typescripts (File 29) - Box 75

Papers relating to Southerly, v. 5, 1943 (Joseph Furphy issue) (File 30) - Box 75

Printed articles, pamphlets, lectures mainly on Australian literature but also on history, anthropology and other topics, 1841-1973 (File 31_38) - Box 76, 77

Anti-conscription pamphlets, 1914-69 (File 39_40) - Box 77

Miscellaneous papers, 1895-1979 (File 41_50) - Box 78, 91

Cassette recordings of 'Well it was like this' (H.H. Pearce, ABC Radio), and Henry Lawson broadcast, Access Radio, 20 Sept. 1975 (File 51) - Box 91

Proof of a Norman Lindsay drawing, 'The tree of knowledge' (File 52) - Folio-Box 6

Series 16. Publications, 1891-1968

Publications from amongst Pearce's papers and from Pearce's library which contain letters, poems and annotations.

Australian Poetry Lovers' Society (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Poems (1953). Includes a letters by J.K. Moir, 1952, letter by E.J. Brady, 20.7.1952, and a letter by G.W. Fielding, 14.3.1950.

Adamson, Bartlett (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Twelve sonnets (1918). Includes a letter by the author to Bernard O'Dowd, 7.12.1918.

Allan, J .Alex (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Revolution (1940). Includes letter by the author, 20.5.1940.

Bedford, Randolph (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Naught to thirty-three. Includes a letter by the author to Turner.

Brady, E. J (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

The truth about Henry Lawson. Includes an inscription from the author to J.C. Davies, also an untitled version.

Brady, Edwin J (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Australia unlimited. Includes a letter by the author to Hurst. 5.12.1949.

Brophy, Frank (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

If I were the artist king of the world (1957). Includes a letter by Brophy to G.W. Fielding, 26.1.1944, second copy has letter by Brophy to Dear George, 17.2.1950.

Bruce-Mitford, R.L.S (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Saxon Rendlesham - some preliminary considerations.

Bruce-Mitford, R.L.S (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

The Sutton Hoo Ship-Burial - recent theories and some comments on general interpretation.

Champion H. H (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

The root of the matter. Including a letter from Champion to O'Dowd.

Charles, Harold (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Australian nursery rhymes (1949). Includes a letter and foreword from Kate Baker, 6.4.1945.

Church, Hubert (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Poems (1904). Includes poem by H. Church.

Collin, Tom (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Such is Life. 2nd edition (1917). Includes a letter by Kate Baker to Mr O'Dowd.

Coutts, Boyd (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Magic Casements (1933). A book of poems which includes a letter by Percival Terle to Mr E.J. Turner, 22.7.1939.

Cremin, John (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Dawn fire: selections from some modern Australian poets. Includes a letter to H.H. Pearce from Cremin.

Cross, Zora (File [unnumbered]) - Box 79

Songs of love and life (1917). Includes a letter from the author to Pearce.

Daley, Victor J (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

Wine and roses (1911). Includes letter by V. Daley to Corbett, 27.11.1916.

Dalziel, Kathleen (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

Known and not held (1941). Includes letter by Dalziel to Turner.

Davies, Ethel (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

Nought so very wise. Includes letter by the author to The Editor of The Australian.

Dennis, C. J (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

The songs of a sentimental bloke (1915). Includes a letter from Dennis to Mrs G.W. (Ethel) Fielding, 18.7.1955.

Dennis, C. J (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

Backblock ballads and later verses (1918). Includes letter by the author to the editor of The Register, Adelaide, 22.7.1913.

Devaney, James (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

Shaw Neilson (1944). Includes a letter by J.S. Neilson to Fawcett, 21.2.1939.

Dyson, Edward (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

Hello soldier! (1919). Includes a letter written by Mrs Ringwood to Dyson.

Essex Evans, G (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

The repentance of Magdalene Despar and other poems. (1891). Includes a letter by Essex Evans to Capt. D. J. Ham, 25.10.1901.

Essex Evans, G (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

The collected verse of G. Essex Evans (1928). Includes poem Art.

Ewers, John K (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

Tell the people. An examination of the little-known writings of Joseph Furphy signed by Ewers and containing a letter from Ewers to Stevens.

Ewers, John K (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

Boy and silver. (1929). Including letter by J.K. Ewers to The Publisher, Bohemia, 15.5.1940.

Fels, Werner (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

The lady with the red-brown hair - and Australian verse (1949). Includes a letter by the author to Sweemey.

Forrest, M (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

Alpha centauri (1909). Includes a letter by Forrest to Hurst.

Forrest, M (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

Poems (1927). Includes a letter by Forrest to Hurst, 2.11.1927

Forrest, M (File [unnumbered]) - Box 80

The green harper (1915). Includes a letter by Forrest to Hurst, 5.12.1919.

Gay, William (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Sonnets and other verses (1894). Includes a letter by W.G. to O'Dowd, 2.10.1896.

Gerardy, Trooper (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Australian Light Horse ballads and rhymes (1919). Includes a letter by the author to Ted Turner, 24.7.1946.

Gilmore, Mary (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Hound of the road (1922). Includes a letter by M. Gilmore to Charles.

Gilmore, Mary (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

The rue tree (1931). Includes typed note by H.H Pearce and book annotated by M. Gilmore, 9.1.1956

Gilmore, Mary (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

More recollections. Including a letter from Mary Gilmore to Fawcett.

Gross, Alan (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Preludes (1916). Includes letter by Alan Gross to Fellow Pearce, 1.11.1959.

Hagelthorn, Florence (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

The spires and other poems (1938). Including a letter by the author to Turner.

Hardy, Frank J (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Power without glory. Contains a letter from Hardy to 'Dear Ted'.

Harrington, Edward (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Boundary bend and other ballads (1936). Includes a letter by Kate Baker to David, 20.11.1936.

Hasluck, Paul (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Into the desert (1939). Includes a letter from Hasluck, 18.7.1939.

Heagney, Muriel A (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Arbitration at the crossroads. Contains a letter to O'Dowd.

Hervey, Grant (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Australian's yet and other verses (1913). Includes a letter by G. Hervey to "My Dear Riverina".

Howath R. G (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Spright and geist, (1944). Includes a letter by Ivy to Harry, 24.11.1950.

Ia Dickfos, Marceine (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

Country dance and other verse (1941). Includes a letter by Dickfos to Mr Turner, 13.10.1941.

Jephcott, Sydney (File [unnumbered]) - Box 81

The secrets of the south: Australian poems. Includes poem by Jephcott.

Kelly, Francis M (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

Life in the middle ages - as depicted in illuminated miniatures with an introducrion by the author.

Knowles, Marion Miller (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

Songs from the land of the wattle. Includes a letter by M.M. Knowles to Turner, 21.6.1938.

Lavater, Louis (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

Blue days and grey days (1915). Includes Lavater's own corrections.

Lavater, Louis (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

A lover's Ephemeris (1917). Includes two poems by Lavater.

Lavater, Louis (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

This green mortality (1922). Includes a letter by the author to Ross, 30.4.1921.

Lawson, Henry (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

The auld shop and the new.

Joseph's dream.

Le Gay Brereton, J (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

The burning marl.

Long, Charles R (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

Adam Lindsay Gordon's Australian poems. Includes a letter by Long to Turner, 11.9.1937.

Low, David (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

Ye madde designer, (1935). Includes letter by D. Low to O'Dowd, 6.11.1918.

Mackeller, Dorothea (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

The witch-maid and other verses (1914). Includes letter by D. Mackeller to H.H. Pearce, 16.3.1955.

Malloch, H.W (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

Fellows all - the chronicles of the Bread and Cheese Club, Melbourne (1943). Includes a letter from the author to Dear Harry, 11.9.1953.

Mathew, John (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

Australian echoes including The corroboree and other poems (1902). Includes letter by the Author to Ross, 24.10.1917.

Maurice, Furnley (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

Poems (1944). Includes a letter by F. Wilmot.

Maurice, Furnley (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

To God: from the weary nations (1917). Includes a letter by F. Wilmot.

Maurice, Furnley (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

Arrows of longing, (1921). Includes a letter by F. Wilmot to O'Dowd, 27.7.1921.

Mawdesley, Christina (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

The corroboree tree and twelve shorter poems of Melbourne's early days of settlement. Including letter by C. Mawdesley, 21.2.1974.

McDonnell, Edward (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

"Hugh Stone"

The land of the budgeriga. Verses and sketches. Includes a letter by McDonnell to 'Dear Ted'.

McKellar, John (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

Maurice Blackburn and the struggle for freedom. (1945) Includes a letter from H. McKellar to "Dear Sir" 31.8.1937.

Morris, Myra (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

England and other verses (1918). Includes a letter by the author to Ted Turner.

Morrison, W. Alder (File [unnumbered]) - Box 82

The moon turned round (1940). Includes a letter by Morrison to Pearce, 16.2.1952.

Neilson, J. S (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

John Shaw Neilson - a memorial (1942), by the Bread and Cheese Club. Includes letter by J.S. Neilson to Mr Fawcett, 7.3.1937. Second copy has photographs, autographs, and a poem by Shaw Neilson.

Neilson, J. S (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

Heart of Spring (1919). Includes a letter by J.S. Neilson to Ted.

O'Dowd, Bernard (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

Dawnward? (1903). Includes letters by F. Wilmot to O'Dowd.

O'Hara, Bernard (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

A book of sonnets. Includes a letter from the author to Ross and a dedication to James Smith.

O'Hara, Bernard (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

At eventide. Includes a letter from the author to Ross.

O'Hara, Bernard (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

Lyrics of nature (1988). Includes a letter by the author to Ross.

Ogilvie, Will (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

Hearts of gold and other verses. Includes letter by the author, 17.8.1945.

Palmer, Nettie (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

An Australian story-book (1928). Includes a letter by Gilmore to Fawcett.

Pearce, Harry H (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

The song of nature and other poems. Includes a letter to Pearce from J.S. Langley, an annotated introduction by E. Fielding, and annotations concerning the poems by Pearce.

Pearson, W. H (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

Henry Lawson among Maoris (1968). Includes a letter by W.H. Pearce to H. Pearce.

Quilp N' (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

The red west toad and other verses (1903). Includes a letter by Will Lawson, 6.7.1950. and a letter by proprietor of Beltane Book Bureau, 27.3.1953.

Ross R.J (File [unnumbered]) - Box 83

Eureka! Freedom's fight of '54. Contains a letter from Ross to Pearce.

Souter, Charles Henry (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

The lonely rose and other verses (1935). Including letter by C.M. Souter to Turner,8.2.1939.

Souter, Charles Henry (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Irish lords and other verses (1912). Includes letter by the author to Turner, 8.5.1939.

Souter, Charles Henry (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

The mallee fire and other verses (1923). Includes letter by Souter to Turner, 18.10.1939.

Spielvogel, Nathan F (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Old Eko's note-book (1930) Includes letters by the author to "Dear Cheese" and Mr Pearce.

Spielvogel, Nathan P (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

The affair at Eureka- the story of '54 (1928). Includes letter by Nathan Spielvogel to "Brother Cheeser"(Harry George). Also a letter to Pearce from Nathan Spielvogel.

Spielvogel, Nathan F (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Our gum trees and other verse (1913). Includes a letter from the author to 'Dear Bro. Ross', 1.2.1922.

Stewart, Douglas (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

The book of Bellerive. Poetry

Symes, Joseph (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Ancient and modern phallic. Including handwritten section.

Taylor, George A (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Those were the days - being reminiscences of Australian artists and writers (1918). Includes a letter by Taylor to 'Dear Ted'.

Taylor, George A (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

The poems of Henry Kendall (1920). Includes a letter by Bertram Stevens, 10.8.1918.

Thurion, Aldus (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Bush tea and overlanders and other verses. Includes a letter from the author to Endacott.

Vaughan, Crawford (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Golden wattle time - the dramatic story of Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Wallaston T C (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Our wattles. Contains a letter to Pearce from the editor's secretary.

Welsh, Alex C (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Musings. Pre-published version with annotations.

Wye, William James (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Bush minstrelsy (1941). Includes a letter by the author to E.J. Turner.

A Quarterly Magazine (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

The heart of the rose. (1 of 4)

A Quarterly Magazine (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

The book of the opal. (2 of 4)

A Quarterly Magazine (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

The shadow on the hill. (3 of 4)

A Quarterly Magazine (File [unnumbered]) - Box 84

Fire o' the flame. (4 of 4)