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Baranay, Inez, Ms.
Papers of Inez Baranay
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MS 8269; MS Acc10.184; MS Acc11.128
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The collection mainly comprises drafts, notes, correspondence and research material relating to Baranay's publications, Between careers and The saddest pleasure (1989), Pagan (1990), The edge of Bali (1992) and Rascal rain: a year in Papua New Guinea (1994). Additional material relates to her part-time position on the Immigration Review Panel (1986-1989). Correspondents include Sidonie Scott, Zigmund Michalowski, Vicki Molloy, Joan Long, Lynn Sellwood, Penny Chapman, Mick Young, Robert Ray, Alf Reina and Daniela Benussi.

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Biographical Note

Inez Baranay was born in Italy of Hungarian parentage in 1949. Originally a school teacher, Baranay also worked as a TV researcher, scriptwriter and, in 1987-89, as a part-time member of the Immigration Review Panel. She has published three novels, Between careers (1989) Pagan (1990) and The edge of Bali (1992); a volume of travel stories entitled The saddest pleasure (1989) and her most recent work, Rascal rain: a year in Papua New Guinea (1994).

Item Descriptions

Class MS 8269. Original consignments

Series 1. Pagan, 1950-1989 - Box 1- 4 (MS 8269)

This large series contains early and final drafts, correspondence and research materials for the novel Pagan which was published in 1990. The research material includes notes, cuttings, photocopies and microfilm printouts on the conductor Eugene Goossens and his family, Rosaleen Norton and her associates, witchcraft in Australia, music in the 1950's, the Petrov affair and espionage. The correspondents include Sidonie Scott and Zigmund Michalowski.

Series 2. Between careers: novel, 1989 - Box 4 (MS 8269)

This series contains manuscripts and typescripts of the book which was published by Collins Australia in 1989.

Series 3. Between careers: film-treatment, 1982-1986 - Box 5 (MS 8269)

Baranay was initially given financial assistance by the producer Jane Scott for the development of her feature film script. After this option expired she received a grant from the Women's Film Fund of the Australian Film Commission and the first draft script was written. The option was then bought by Limelight Productions and further development was made to the script. Refusal of the Australian Film Commission to fund further development brought the project to a close.

This series contains drafts, correspondence, producers' notes and other files concerning grants and contracts relating to the film rights and film script. The correspondents include Vicki Molloy and Joan Long.

Series 4. The saddest pleasure, 1985-1987 - Box 6 (MS 8269)

This series contains a typescript of the volume of travel stories published in 1989. In addition there is a typescript of 'Pearl of the Orient', originally published as chapter three of The saddest pleasure, which was written as a part of a NIDA playwriting course in 1985.

Series 5. Immigration Review Panel, 1986-1989 - Box 6-7 (MS 8269)

Baranay was appointed a part-time member of the Immigration Review Panel in 1987-89. The function of the Immigration Review Panel was to consider appeals against a range of departmental refusal decisions and, independently from the Department, to recommend to the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs whether or not appeals should be upheld.

This series includes correspondence, leaflets and roneoed material relating to the Panel and immigration generally. The correspondents include Mick Young, Robert Ray, Alf Reina, and Daniela Benussi.

Series 6. Miscellaneous writings, 1983-1989 - Box 7-8 (MS 8269)

This series comprises typescripts, correspondence and research material relating to Baranay's activities as a reviewer, editor and scriptwriter. It includes one file of cuttings, legal material and other material on sexual harassment in the workforce, collected while Baranay was writing a telemovie 'Half the sky' with a grant from the Australia Film Commission. The correspondents include Lynn Sellwood and Penny Chapman.

Series 7. The edge of Bali, 1984-1991 - Box 9-11 (MS 8269)

This series consists of drafts, notes and research materials for the novel, The edge of Bali. The research material includes notes, articles, cuttings, travel brochures and maps. The drafts and notes extend from February to November 1991.

Series 8. Rascal rain: a year in Papua New Guinea, 1991-1993 - Box 12-14 (MS 8269)

In 1992, Baranay took up a posting with Australian Volunteers Abroad to work as Executive Officer of the Enga Provincial Women's Council at Wabag in Papua New Guinea. This series contains her papers from that year, including circulars and correspondence with Australian Volunteers Abroad; her papers and reports from Wabag; copies of approximately 90 letters to friends (February and August 1992); diary entries; articles on Papua New Guinea, feminism and postcolonialism; and cuttings on Papua New Guinea and Enga Province.

The series also contains three typescripts (one photocopied) annotated with amendments, of which the last includes a covering letter to Anne Lawson of Harper Collins dated November 1993. Also held is the transcript of an interview with Baranay, recorded in Wewak on 19 March 1992.

Class MS Acc10.184. Consignment received 2010

Correspondence re participation in Northern Rivers Writers Mentorship 2001QWC mentorship 2001, Brisbane Writers Festival 1999 and other literary activities in Qld, 1994-2002 (File 1) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Pink plastic folder with outline of TV drama "Re-union" and letter to ABC late Feb 1984, 1984 (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Pink paper folder labelled US agent Catherine Hanan, papers, letters and contracts re film projects, 1991-1995 (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Bound treatment of TV drama "Half the sky"; with compliments slip from Joan Long Limelight Productions (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled 1995 grant; correspondence re grant applications to Australia Council 1993, 94, 95, includes letters of support from Paul Thomson and Robyn Arthur, 1993 (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled Yaddo with letters etc re residency at Yaddo in 1995, 1995 (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled "Lit Board Australia Council" with letters, reports etc re grants from 1984, including residency at Venice Studio, 1984 - 1995 (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled "Geoff Burton" with letters from Geoff and script of his film The Fall Of The House. Film was about Eugene Goossens and Rosaleen Norton, 1999-2003 (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Letters etc re various literary matters/activities including letter from NLA, Uni South Australia, Flinders, Uni Sydney, Harbourside Toronto 1995, publisher Tom Thomson, Fiona Giles and others, 1995 (File 3) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Correspondence, contract etc re novel Sheila Power published by A&U in 1997, 1997 (File 4) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Correspondence, reports etc re grants from Arts Qld, 1993-97 (File 5) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Letters from and to various publishers, 1999 -2000 (File 6) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled "Rupa current" with contracts etc with publisher Rupa (Delhi) for Neem Dreams (published 2003) and for Sun square moon (not published by them) (File 7) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Clear plastic sleeve holding 6 page typescript with header "grants 9808" and in ink "for Brisbane Writers Festival?" - a talk on writers, grants and money (File 7) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Green paper folder labelled "India" in red has envelope with handwritten label "Vivek" with letter from P. Vevekanandan of SEVA, Madurai and other papers; green folder holds letters from India and 3 page typescript re proposed book on Westerners who live in India, 1989-1997 (File 7) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.184)

Blue plastic folder lablelled "INEZ BARANAY" with papers, cuttings, notes re work on TV program called "Forum" at SBS-TV (called Channel 0 /28) in 1980. Programs "migrant women" and "growing up in Australia", 1980 (File Unnumbered) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.184)

Several paper folders w correspondence with agent Barbara Mobbs, Collins, and other publishers, 1988 (File 8) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled Selwa Anthony, correspondence with SA including re Sheila Power, 1993 (File 9) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.184)

Blue-ish purple dirty old paper folder labelled "rejection" holding rejections from various publishers etc , also Joan Long, and handwritten letter from Joan Long 1986 re proposed film Between Careers, 1984-1991 (File 9) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.184)

Yellow paper folder labelled "letters publications" with various letters including from NLA on fellowships, publications, etc, 1984-1991 (File 9) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled "correspondence publications etc, 1990 (File Unnumbered) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.184)

Correspondence re proposed film adaptation of Pagan by Endean, handwritten cards, contract outline, 2000-2001 (File 10) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled "Sheila Power Allen + Unwin" with papers re publication including early designs for cover and reports and letters from editor Kay Ronai (in clear plastic sleeves), 1996-1997 (File Unnumbered) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled "11-17 Oct 04 Ubud Bali Festival" papers re first Bali literary festival, 2004 (File Unnumbered) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled "PNG" has correspondence with Ian Britain and Drusilla Mojeska and drafts of piece on PNG for Meanjin issue, 2003 (File 11) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

Manilla folder labelled "felicity short film 2000" with application to New Writers Scheme and script of film, 2000 (File 11) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

Clear plastic sleeve holding letter from Writers Workshop (India) re contract signed P Lal, 2007 (File 11) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

Includes 1975 letter to Parramatta Prison (later published in prison magazine); 5 page typescript "eleven first steps" 1995; 6 page typescript "women and travel" 1996, clear plastic sleeve holding 5 page "Becoming a professional: talk for Qld Writers Centre Regional Conference July 1994"; copy of Australian Author magazine Nov 2000, 1975 - 2000 (File 11) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

Media Information Australia issue no 30 November 1983 (includes IB's report "Women in Film and Television"), 1983 (File 11) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

Clear plastic folder holds all issues of Ariel Book News which IB edited, 1988 (File 12) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

Journal pages with article "Queensland the land of nuts and honey" and "Tasmania the Apple Isle" from magazine Studo Bambini March 1988, 1988 (File 13) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

3 issues City Life magazine, June, July, Aug 1988 - contain IB's book reviews, 1988 (File 14) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

Stained envelope marked "Australian Archives Goossens" holds copies of 1956 court papers relating to arrest of Gosseens, sent by Australian Archives in 1991, 1991 (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

"What is this gay community shit" a booklet/pamphlet by Sasha Soldatow, 1983 (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

1 page letter from Hill of Content publishing, 1986 (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

Editions magazine March/April [year not shown] (kept for review of Pagan), 1990 (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

Issue of Media information Australia, No. 30, Nov 1983, 1983 (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

"Ready for change" and "Work and Change" publications IB edited for Industrial Democracy Unit at Dept Defence, 1985 (File 16) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.184)

Class MS Acc11.128. Consignment added 2011

Series. Letters

Red folder, copies of letters from Inez Baranay (IB), c 1990 (File) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.128)
Plastic sleeve, cards and letters - many from John Paramor, Matthew Curlewis, 1988 - 1989 (File) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.128)
Plastic wrapper (marked with soot) marked 'Postcards 1989', 1989 (File) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.128)
Plastic bag, letters to IB from 1973 to late 70s including those sent to Amsterdam, 1973 - late 1970's (File) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.128)
UQP envelope marked 'letters sent to IB 1990-91', 1990 - 1991 (File) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.128)
White shoebox of cards and postcards - Includes a small number of, mostly uncaptioned, photographs, c. 1970s-1980s (File) - Box 2 (MS Acc11.128)
Folders of letters including copies of IB's including faxes, including to/from agent Barbara Mobbs and various publishers and other writers' organisations (File) - Box 3 (MS Acc11.128)
Blue folder, letters to IB in Papua New Guinea including from Catherine Hanan re various film projects (File) - Box 3 (MS Acc11.128)
Letters including copies of letters from IB. Includes John Paramor, Jenny Pausacker, Isobelle Carmody, Phillip Retsky, and other writers . Covers some of the PNG time. FNq, 1990s (File) - Box 4 (MS Acc11.128)
Cards and postcards (File) - Box 5 (MS Acc11.128)
Some sorted into files: hanging files: letters from John Paramor, Jenny Pausacker, Daniel Stephensen, Jeff Buchanan, August Kleinzahler, Frank Moorhouse, Eda Zahl and others Indian correspondents include CM Ketkar, Late 1990s, 2000 onwards. (File) - Box 6 (MS Acc11.128)
A jumble of letters as in box 6, similar period, same people and including Fran Siegel and others, Late 1990s, 2000 onwards. (File) - Box 7 (MS Acc11.128)
Largely sorted into envelopes by name or alphabet. Include correspondents named above (John Paramor, Jenny Pausacker, Daniel Stephensen, Jeff Buchanan, August Kleinzahler, Frank Moorhouse, Eda Zahl ) also Nicolette Stasko, and other writers, editors, publishers, friends, 1990s (File) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.128)
Small cardboard box of cards sent to IB, Mid 1990s (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc11.128)

Series. Notebooks

Locations include Sydney, country NSW, Italy (mostly Rome) and other places in Europe, and India (Bombay, Pune, Delhi, Kasmir, Ladakh) and SE Asia. In 1989 and 1990 IB's books Between Careers, The Saddest Pleasure and Pagan were published and notebooks include ideas used in those, 1970s and 1980s (File) - Box 11 (MS Acc11.128)
IB lived in Sydney till end of 1991, Papua New Guinea in 1992, Cairns and Torres Strait Islands 1993-1997, Brisbane 1998-9, Gold Coast from mid 1999. In New York, Yaddo and San Franciso and LA in 1994, -5 and -6. Several trips to India in this time. Write of all these places and the books written in this time: The Edge of Bali, Rascal Rain, Sheila Power and Neem Dreams, 1991-1999 (File) - Box 14 (MS Acc11.128)
IB living at Gold Coast to mid 1997. Includes travels in India, USA and Europe up to 2006. From 2007, IB lived in many locations in Europe, USA and India. Neem Dreams published in 2003, Sun Square Moon in 2005 and With The Tiger in 2008, 2000-2010 (File) - Box 16 (MS Acc11.128)