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Polish Historical Institute in Australia
Records of the Polish Historical Institute in Australia, 1947-2005
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MS 9562
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Scope and Contents

The collection comprises records of Polish organisations and papers of Polish immigrants, including correspondence, minutes of meetings, newsletters, photographs, drafts and scrapbooks.

Papers relating to the Polish Community Information Bureau comprise administrative, annual and auditor's reports, minutes; correspondence in Polish and English to various correspondents, including members of the Australian federal parliament; and press releases, faxes, newspaper clippings, invitations, cartoons, 1980-1998.

Records relating to the Federation of Polish Organisations in Australia comprise legal and administrative records including records of historical interest covering the wide activities of the Federation, 1950-1985.

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Conditions Governing Use

Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Records of the Polish Historical Institute in Australia, National Library of Australia, MS 9562, [series and/or file number]'.


The collection was donated to the Library by the Polish Historical Institute in Australia in a number of instalments between 1997 and 2001. The records were collected as part of the Preserving the Polish Saga in Australia Project in which the Institute contacted various Polish organisations and individuals in Australia asking them to donate records which would fall into the following categories:

1. Administrative records of the creators

2. Records of legal value

3. Records of financial accountability

4. Records of historical interest for public relations and general interest purposes


The collection is primarily arranged alphabetically by provenance. Where parallel Polish and English names are given, the Polish is given first. The arrangement and description of the collection is based closely on guides provided by the Institute with each instalment.

Note: there is no box 12.

Administrative History

The Polish Historical Institute in Australia was established in Canberra in 1996, on the initiative of Andrew Kleeberg. Its aims were to locate, collect, catalogue and preserve in the National Library historical records comprising (i) papers of Polish immigrants and Australians of Polish descent (ii) records of Polish organisations in Australia. It also planned to carry out oral history interviews with selected Polish immigrants.

Andrew Kleeberg has been the Director of the Institute since its inception. In 1996 it received an ACT Heritage Grant and it immediately began assembling records. They were catalogued by Polish-speaking staff from the National Library, working in an honorary capacity. The first collections were transferred to the Library in 1997.

On 22 November 2000 a Deed of Gift was signed by the Library and the Institute whereby ownership of the collections acquired by the Institute passed to the Library.

Item Descriptions

Class [unnumbered]. Original consignment

Brisbanskie Kolo Polek (File 1) - Box 1

Zarys dzialalnosci / Nina Macionis. Brisbane 2000. 7 leaves

Brzezinski, Janina and Marian (File 2) - Box 1

History of our family. Mount Nasura, 1999. Private circulation. Limited ed. of 12 copies. Polish refugees account including life in British East Africa, the ship General Langfitt, life in Australia. In English.

Ciszewski, M. (File 3) - Box 1

Jeszcze Polska nie zginela kiedy my zyjemy / M. Ciszewski. 2 leaves

Czechowski, Piotr (Kuba) (File 4) - Box 1

Record of historical interest. Autobiography of his years in the Polish underground army known as Armia Krajowa. 1939-1945. 1 monograph "Moja dzialalnosc w Armii Krajowej". Typescript.

Dzieciol, Kazimierz (File 5) - Box 1

Wspomniena o Ks. Witoldzie Dzieciole / written by K. Dzieciol.

3 leaves. A brother recollecting about his brother and priest Witold Dzieciol and his pastoral work in Perth.

Fragments from Father W. Dzieciol's diary, p.51-68

imperf. Covers 19[50]-1951.

Dobosz, Jan (File 6) - Box 1

Personal narrative of Australian immigration camps for Polish refugees in Tasmania, Western Australia, 1947-1950; Life as a new Australian in Tasmania, 1950- ; Polish organisations in Tasmania, 1950-23 leaves, typescript, 1999, October 10. In Polish.

Dozynki Inc. in South Australia: AGM Minutes, 1993-1998 (photocopies) (File 7.1) - Box 1

Example of ethnic contribution or multiculturalism toward a state and federal event. In English.

Dozynki Inc. in South Australia: Dozynki souveneer [sic] book (photocopy) (File 7.2) - Box 1

Example of ethnic contribution or multiculturalism toward a state and federal event. In English.

Dozynki Inc. in South Australia: Dozynki Festival, 1997, 1995 flyer; photocopies 1997 Community Event Award, Australia Day (photocopy) (File 7.3) - Box 1

Example of ethnic contribution or multiculturalism toward a state and federal event. In English.

Federacja Polskich Organizacji W Wiktorii [Federation of Polish Organisations in Victoria] (File 8) - Box 1

Program w 68 rocznice odzyskania przez Polske niepodleglosci. 1968, 2 pages.

Rada Naczelna Polskich Organizacji W Australii [Federation of Polish Organisations in Australia] - Teaching of Polish language in educational institutions in New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, 1965-1977 (File 9.1) - Box 2

Correspondence, papers, newspaper excerpts, photographs (bulk 1977) from various Polish organisations to government agencies.

Rada Naczelna Polskich Organizacji W Australii [Federation of Polish Organisations in Australia] - Ethnic Communities Council of New South Wales (File 9.2) - Box 2

Canadian approaches to multiculturalism. Typescript.

Analysis of the Galbally report. Typescript.

P. Totaro's speech. Transcript (photocopy)

Education Sub-Committee Press release, 16/4/1977 and minutes, late 1977.

Speech by New South Wales Education Minister E. Bedford

Address by J.B. Rudnyckhj, 1978

Statement by Federal Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, June 1983, on immigration, language and multiculturalism

Australian Council of State School Organisations. Submission to the Royal Commission on Human Relationships, 1975 (File 10. 3) - Box 2

Polish organisations in Australia (File 10. 4) - Box 2

Deeds to the Polish Association of New South Wales. Typescript (photocopy)

E.J Tomaszewski's role with the Polish Association of New South Wales: a chronological account. Autograph manuscript

Early years of the Polish Association of New South Wales, 1950-1953. Includes constitution

Newspaper excerpt, 19/11/1994

Polish centres in Australia

History of Poles in Townsville. Typescript

History of John Paul II Catholic Centre, Canberra, 1994

Poles in New South Wales: settlement, problems (File 11. 5) - Box 2

Correspondence (various), 1952-1954

1980-1983 interim report of the Polish Task Force to the Ethnic Affairs Commission of New South Wales, 22/3/1985

Polish community in Melbourne to 1982. Autograph, draft (File 11.6) - Box 2

Canadian Conference on Poles in Exile, 1978-1979 (File 12-13.7) - Box 2

Proceedings of Konferencja "Polonia 78-Polonia Jutra" (1978: Toronto, Canada)

Notices of the Free World Polonia Coordinating Council ; 1979-1981 imperf.

Bulletin (Free World Polonia Coordinating Council) ; nos 1-2, 1979

Autograph notes (2 p.) probably from an Australian delegate

Administrative records, 1953-1981 (File 14-15.8) - Box 2


Agenda and proceedings of AGM's, 1953-1956 ; 1977-1979

Various papers for the Konferencja "Polonia 78-Polonia Jutra" (1978 : Toronto, Canada)

Correspondence (draft) regarding Charles Weyman. (File 16.9) - Box 2

Bulletin for Poles everywhere (London) ; no. 2/2, 1977 (File 17.1) - Box 3

Polish Youth Foundation, Polish Youth Centre "Bielany" (File 18.11) - Box 3

Legal records of the Foundation and Centre. 1961-1979.

Administrative records, extraordinary meetings, voting desiderata


Newspaper excerpts from Polish Australian newspapers, 1975-1977

Polish Youth Camp "Polana" (1982-1983: Healesville, Victoria.) (File 19.12) - Box 3

Programme, daily notices

Camp songbook

Camp survey


Two colour photographs

Bulletin (Committee of the Federation of Polish organisations in Australia); no.1 (July 1951)-no. 30 (June/July 1955) imperf. (File 20-21.13) - Box 3

Federacja Polskich Organizacji W Wiktorii [Federation of Polish Organisations in Victoria] (File 22) - Box 3

Record of historical interest about Polish organisations in Australia. 1990. 1 monograph

Federation of Polish Organisations in Western Australia (File 23) - Box 3

Miscellaneous papers

"A Few Words of Truth About 'Soviet Policy and Methods of Co-Existence'" (File 24) - Box 3

From documents released by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office/Polish Ex-servicemen Association in Australia. July 1972. 4 pages.

[Forty] 40 Years of Peace - Soviet Style (File 25) - Box 4

Excerpts from the statement issued in Canberra on the 40th anniversary of the end of WWII. 2 pages.

Gruszka, Mietka I. (File 26) - Box 4

50 years in Australia of Poles from Africa : jubileuszowa jednodniowka ... 1950-2000. 40 p. Perth : Komitet Obchodow 50-tej Rocznicy Przyjazdu Polakow z Afryki do Australii, 2000. Limited circulation to delegates. In Polish and English.

Hempel, Jan Andrzej (File 27) - Box 4

Obituary from The Age, June 20, 1997

Jasinski, Antoni (File 28) - Box 4

Zwiazek Polakow w Tasmanii, Launceston.

Includes Constitution of the Polish Association [of] Northern Tasmania, 1952-1987 (photocopy) ; fundraising receipt for Polski Dom w Launceston ; newsletters 1965-1966 (imperf.) (typescript) ; correspondence to Polish and English organisations concerning the opening of the Polish House, Launceston, 1965 ; history of Polish House. In Polish and English.

Letter of thanks dated 6/10/1965, from the Komitet Budowy Kosciola Polskiego w Marayong to help fund the Polish Church at Marayong, NSW

Prospectus of an issue of 10,000 ordinary shares of one Australian pound each at par [for the] Ben Lomond Mining Company Ltd. This company was floated in 1953 by the Poles with W. Pitulej as one of the directors.

Invitation to the ceremony and blessing of the dedication stone for the building of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Queen of Poland, War Memorial Chapel, Sunday 29th August 1965, Marayong, NSW. 1 folded sheet. In Polish and English

Kartki "LALKI REGIONALNE POLSKIE" (File 29) - Box 4

4 postcards - Polish national costumes.

Kizeweter, Alina (File 30) - Box 4

Polish Association of Newcastle: Legal records, records of historic interest on the history and activities of the Association. 1955-1992. 3 pieces

Polish Historical Group (Newcastle, NSW): Records of historic interest including pamphlet, photographs on the history of Poles in Newcastle, and contribution of Strzelecki to the region. 1951-1993. 5 pieces

Kolo Polek W Marylands (File 31) - Box 4

Program dzialania na II polrocze 200.

Sprawozdanie z Walnego Zebrania (sierpien 2000)

Sprawozdanie Prezeski Kola Polek (lipiec 1999/lipiec 2000)

Sprawozdanie Sekretarki (18 lipiec 1999 - 16 lipiec 2000)

Financial statement 1/7/1999 - 30/6/2000.

Sprawozdanie koordynatora do prac w obsludze kuchni (sierpien 2000)

Declaration by Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, Sub-Branch no. 9

Sprawozdanie z odwiedzania chorych czlonkin Kola Polek

Sprawozdanie roczne Wielokulturowego koordynatora ds. Ludzi starszych (1/7/99 - 30/6/2000)


Sprawozdanie Przedstawicielki do Radia Glos Polonii (lipiec1999-lipiec 2000)

Sprawozdanie - Emergency Relief Fund 3/7/2000.

Kolo Polek W Zachodniej Australii [West Australian Association of Polish Women (Inc.)] (File 32) - Box 4

Minutes of AGM, 1994-1998

History of the Association, 1969-1999. Speech presented at the Zjazd Zjednosenia kola Polek w Australii I Nowej Zelandii, held 9 Jan. 1999. In Polish

Historia biblioteki / Sylvia Anna Fordymacka. [Perth] : S.A. Fordymacka, 1999. In Polish.

Kondratowicz Kordas, Leokadia (File 33) - Box 4

Order form for "The Polish Heart"(1989), 1 leaf

Kruszelnicki, Ludwik, 1901-1981 (File 34-41) - Box 5-8

Australian correspondent for Radio Free Europe for 20 years. Spine title: The works of Ludwik Kruszelnicki. Articles written for newspapers and radio, 1951-1981. 8 v., typescript, c1988. In Polish. (2 vols. per box)

Krzymucki, Henryk (File 42) - Box 9

Biographical details, published excerpt and manuscripts

Lester-Wasilewski, Jerzy W. (File 43) - Box 9

Zwiazek Polakow na Gold Coast : krotka historia [A short history of the Polish Association of the Gold Coast]. Excerpt from Tygodnik Polski, 29.4.1995, p. 17 (photocopy). In Polish

Meder, Barbara (File 44) - Box 9

Records of historical interest including Western Australian newspaper excerpts, pamphlet, desiderata (13), lyrics, on the 1981 crisis in Poland. Includes letter from K. Lancucki and his appeal to Australian Polish communities for help during the crisis. 1981. 25 pieces

Gruszka, Mietka (File 45) - Box 9

Wspomnenia "Afrykanczykow" 40-lecie przyjazdu do Australii, 14.2.1950-14.2.1990, Perth, W.A.

Langfitt newspaper clippings from 4 Western Australian newspapers

Miller-Patajewicz, George (Jerzy), Brother (File 46.1) - Box 9

Scrapbook, Townsville, 1990-1997 including summary, biography of work carried out by the author for the Polish-Australian Association Townsville/Thuringowa in the capacity of events manager, auditor and public relations officer.

Strzelecki's ascent of Mount Kosciusko, 1840 / H.P.G. Clews. [1970?] (File 47.2) - Box 10

Walczacym czesc, poleglym hold. (File 47.3) - Box 10

Unpublished speech with various collections on the 54th anniversary for the Australian aircrew personnel who died supporting the Warsaw uprising in 1944, held in Townsville. Ms [12] leaves. (File 47.4) - Box 10

Photograph (col.), Townsville, Qld., Sept. 15, 1995. Memorial to Australian air crews involved in Warsaw uprising, 1944. (File 47.5) - Box 10

Poland remembers Aug-Sept 1944. The Australian link with the Warsaw uprising. Newspaper articles, letters, photographs, etc. Anniversary edition compiled after the event. (File 47.6) - Box 10

Correspondence between Miller-Patajewicz and among others the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, England regarding the fate, location of graves of 9 Australian aircrew personnel involved in the Warsaw Uprising, 1 August-2 October 1944. 16 leaves, photocopies. In English. (File 47.7) - Box 10

Participation of Australian airmen during the 1944 Warsaw uprising (File 47.8) - Box 10

Poland remembers [and] Update 2000. 2 v. Townsville, G, Miller-Patajewicz, 1999-2000. History documenting various Polish achievements during WWII, including the contribution of 24 Australian airmen. (File 48.9) - Box 10

Miscellaneous papers (provenance is unknown): Martial law, Solidarity and Poland: an exhibition held at the Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, no. 5, Canberra, 9-21 Dec. 1996. (File 49.1) - Box 10

Provenance probably Solidarity (Canberra Branch) (in folio run)

Miscellaneous papers (provenance is unknown): Administrative records including Polish government gazettes, personal documents. (File 49.1) - Box 10

Records of historical interest including underground art, literature, post, songbook, newspaper excerpts, calendar of events, postcards, photographs including Solidarity (Canberra Branch) demonstration in front of Polish Embassy, Canberra, exhibition catalogue. Primarily typescript (photocopy) published (photocopy). 1981-mid 1980's.

World War, 1939-1945: the fiftieth anniversary, 1989-1995. (File 50-51.2) - Box 10

Provenance possibly Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, no. 5, Canberra. Records of historical interest including correspondence, newspaper excerpts, various articles from Australian, overseas sources. Includes Australian involvement through Polish participants in the war living in Canberra, Canberra demonstration, National Press Club of Canberra. 1989-1995. 1 box

Martial law: letter from a teacher at the Warsaw High School, 1981. Typescript (File 52.3) - Box 10

Monsignor L. Jaroszka Collection : [catalogue]. ANU, 1977 (File 52.4) - Box 10

Monsignor L. Jaroszka Collection. ANU, [n.d.] (File 52.5) - Box 10

Sacrum Poloniae Millenium Collection, 966-1966. ANU, [1975] (File 52.6) - Box 10

Oath of the Polish soldier, [1918-1945]. Autograph (photocopy). 1p. (File 52.7) - Box 10

Statistics on immigrants to Australia for 1978. Autograph. 1p. (File 52.8) - Box 10

History of the Polish ex-Servicemen's Association, no.9, 1956-96. WA, The Association. (File 52.9) - Box 10

Journal of the Polish Army Museum (Ashfield, New South Wales). 1 Dec. 1996 (File 52.1) - Box 10

Records of historical interest on Polish activities in Newcastle (File 53.11) - Box 10

Scrap book: Folk dancing (File 53.11) - Box 10

Polish Ex-Servicemen's Associations. Records of historical interest of various associations including notes, journals, newspaper excerpts from Australia, Canberra, Toronto. 1956-1996. 7 pieces (File 53.12) - Box 10

Misiak, Jerzy S. (File 54) - Box 11

Anzac Day, Canberra 1985: address to the Polish Ex-servicemen's Association in Australia / by President Jerzy S. Misiak. 25 April 1985. 2 leaves

Niemiec-Polaczek, Emil (File 55) - Box 11

Records of historical interest. Genealogical family history. 1 monograph. "Saga rodzinna", Sydney, 1996.

Panorama Raclawicka (File 56) - Box 11

11 postcards of painting "Panorama Raclawicka", 1894 / Jan Styka, Wojciech Kossak. Fragment 1-11.

Paszkowski, Lech (File 57) - Box 11

Mity w polskich biografiach Pawla Edmunda Strzeleckiego Reprint from "Materialy V Sympozjum Giografistyki Polskiej" Krakow, 22-23 wrzesnia 2000. Lublin: Czelej, 2000. p. 105-114.

List z Australii od Lecha Paszkowskiego (File 58) - Box 11

Reprint from "Komunikat" /Stowarzyszenie Wychowankow Gimnazjum Liceum im. Adama Mickiewicza. Numer 115. Warszawa, grudzien 2000. p. 10-15.

Poland After Martial Law: Proceedings (File 59) - Box 11

12 papers on situation in Poland regarding martial law

3 papers (last 3. Price/Jamrozik/Ozdowski) concerning Poles in Australia. Provenance unknown

Polish Association in Newcastle. Radio Committee (File 60) - Box 11

Administrative records of reports (1980-1988 imperf.). Records of historic interest of radio programmes broadcast from 1979-1988. 1979-1988.

Polish Association in Newcastle. Radio Committee (Cont.) (File 61-62) - Box 13

Administrative records of reports (1980-1988 imperf.). Records of historic interest of radio programmes broadcast from 1979-1988. 1979-1988.

Polish Association of N.S.W. Maitland Branch (File 63) - Box 13

Statement of income and auditors reports, 1986-1997. Imperfect.

Minutes of meetings, 1958-1994 [ photocopies ]

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1980-1993 (File 64-65) - Box 13

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1980-1993 (cont.) (File 66) - Box 14

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1980-1993 (File 67-68) - Box 14

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1986-1991 (File 69-71) - Box 14

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1986-1991 (File 72) - Box 14

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1986-1991 (cont.) (File 73) - Box 15

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1989-1991 (File 74-75) - Box 15

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1987-1991 (File 76) - Box 15

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1992-1995 (File 77-79) - Box 15

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1994-1996 (File 80) - Box 16

Polish Community Information Bureau: 1995-1998 (File 81-82) - Box 16

Polonez Song and Dance Ensemble Concert, Canberra, 1996. Correspondence, press releases, flyers, faxes, invitation list, ensemble history. (File 83) - Box 16

Polish Corner (Hobart, Tasmania) (File 84) - Box 16

4 postcards

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow, Nr. 5 Kanbera, Act [Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, no.5, Canberra, ACT]: Letter to Gareth Evans, 10/8/1991 (File 85.1) - Box 16

Administrative records including minutes, correspondence. Records of historic interest including commemorative events and programmes, biographies, histories, international relations, newspaper excerpts, photographs, video, correspondence, published material, speeches. 1951-1996.

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow, Nr. 5 Kanbera, Act [Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, no.5, Canberra, ACT]: Visit of Skubiszewski to Canberra, 1990 (File 85.2) - Box 16

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow, Nr. 5 Kanbera, Act [Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, no.5, Canberra, ACT]: Report of Australian Parliamentary Delegation to Poland, Sept-Oct 1990. Canberra [199-] (File 85.3) - Box 16

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow, Nr. 5 Kanbera, Act [Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, no.5, Canberra, ACT]: Report of visits to Poland by Poles residing in Australia (File 85.4) - Box 16

Contact with Australian government, Polish Embassy, Canberra and Polish Consulate-General, Sydney. 20 pieces (File 86.5) - Box 16

Kleeberg's correspondence with various Poles in Australia regarding the future of the Polish Ex-Servicemen's associations (File 86.6) - Box 16

Correspondence regarding the Polish Ex-Servicemen's associations and their members (File 86.7) - Box 16

Biographies (3) of Poles in Canberra, ie, J. Cisz (dec.), H. Sekalski (dec.), S. Smoleniec. (File 87.8) - Box 17

Article (3) on the future of the Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association (File 87.9) - Box 17

Soldier's Day commemoration, 24/8/1991 (File 87.1) - Box 17

Speech entitled: The unexpected guest (File 87.11) - Box 17

Anzac Day march, 1990 (File 87.12) - Box 17

Anniversary of the Polish School in Canberra (File 87.13) - Box 17

40th anniversary celebrations of the Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, no.5, Canberra, 1995 (File 87.14) - Box 17

Invitation to the Polish Embassy, Canberra (File 87.15) - Box 17

40th anniversary of Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, no.5, Canberra: its history. Draft and published versions in Polish and English (File 88-90.16) - Box 17

Polish Freedom Memorial. Correspondence, various materials including photographs (File 88.17) - Box 17

Monte Cassino Battle: commemoration at the Australian War Memorial on 18/5/1994. [Video] (File 91.18) - Box 17

Administrative records including minutes of meetings. 1951-1996. Typescript (File 92.19) - Box 17

Administrative records including minutes of meetings. 1951-1996. Typescript (Cont.) (File 93-98.19) - Box 18

Administrative records including minutes of meetings. 1951-1996. Typescript (Cont.) (File 99-104.19) - Box 19

Administrative records including minutes of meetings. 1951-1996. Typescript (Cont.) (File 105-106.19) - Box 20

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow, Nr.7, Hobart, Tasmania [Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association, No.7, Hobart, Tasmania] (File 107) - Box 20

Records of historic interest including reports, newspaper excerpts on Polish activities in Tasmania on various matters particularly the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. 1990-1996. 6 pieces

Polish Hill River Church Museum. Committee (File 107) - Box 20

Wazniejsze daty z historii Polish Hill River [Important dates in the history of the Polish Hill River]. 1998. 7 p. : map., photocopy. In Polish

Polish Historical Institute In Australia (Phia) (File 107) - Box 20

PHIA/NLA Agreement - 14/11/ 2000.


Media release

Invitation list

Exhibition table

Polish Historical Society Of Newcastle (File 107) - Box 20

Records of historic interest including programmes, Australia newspaper excerpts, desiderata, photographs (4 col.) on Polish activities in Newcastle including the influence of Strzelecki to the region. 1980-1993. 12 pieces

Polskie Towarzystwo Historyczne W Newcastle [Polish Australian Historical Society. Newcastle Branch] (File 108-111) - Box 20

Minutes of meeting, 1985-1998 incl. Constitution. (In Polish)

Correspondence, 1985-1998. In Polish, English.

Record book of activities with photos, newspaper clippings incl. their Bicentennial Exhibition Strzelecki and the first Poles in Newcastle. In Polish with some English.

Visitors book entitled The Bicentennial Exhibition : Strzelecki and the first Poles in Newcastle, Feb. to April 1997. Includes biographies of Tillitzki, Bortkevitch, Okulicz in English with primary documents concerning Strzelecki.

Protokoly I Sprawozdania Z Wazniejszych Wydarzen W Brisbane (File 112) - Box 21

Komunikat Komitetu Obchodu Tysiaclecia Chrztu Polski w Kwinslandii

Sprawozdanie Prezesa Zwiazku J.W. Lester-Wasilewski

[Komunikat] (grudzien 1962)

Sprawozdanie na XVIII Zjazd Rady Naczelnej Polskich Organizacji w Australii

Sprawozdanie na Zjazd Rady Naczelnej w Canberra (1989)

Wrazenia ze Zjazdu "Polonia 78 - Polonia Jutra" w Toronto

Protokol z Miedzyorganizacyjnego Komitetu Pomocy Krajowi (1981)

Program pobytu w Brisbane Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej p. Kazimierza Sabbata.

Podziekowanie (1961)

Provenance Unknown: Materialy do Kroniki Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow nr.4; Newcastle/compiled by S. Reda. 59 leaves mss. (File 112.1) - Box 21

Provenance Unknown: 45 lecie Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow Kola no. 4/zebral inapisal F. Dudek. Unpublished 59p. 1998. (File 112.2) - Box 21

Provenance Unknown: Jednodniowka, 1951-1996, 45 lecie Kola nr.2, Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow. Unpubl. Adelaide, 1996. (File 112.3) - Box 21

Kolo Polek w Perth, 1969-1989. (File 113.4) - Box 21

Polish Performing Arts Theatre in Australia. Flyer with history and programme of Canberra performance (File 113.5) - Box 21

Letter from Mr. Hadzel to the editor of the Advocate, Sept. 9, 1987 on 1987 wreath laying to commemorate the Battle of Britain re absence of the Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association. (File 113.6) - Box 21

Zwiazek Polakow Gold Coast [Polish Association, Gold Coast Inc.]. Rules (Polish and English eds), 10th anniversary programme, history of the association, 1988-1998, undated letter. (File 113.7) - Box 21

Rada Naczelna Polskich Organizacji W Australii [Federation of Polish Organisations in Australia] (File 113.7) - Box 21

Obrona dobrego imienia Polakow [Fighting for the good reputation of Polish citizens]. Concerns the discrimination of Poles by the Australian press and correspondence by the organisation to the Australian Press Council, 1999. With supporting documents in Polish and English. 10 leaves, photocopies.

Radio ABC 4TTT (Townsville, Qld) (File 114-116) - Box 21

Records of historic interest including Polish radio programmes (1995-1996). Typescript. (100 pieces)

Radio ABC 4TTT (Townsville, Qld) (File 117) - Box 22

Records of historic interest including Polish radio programmes (1995-1996). Typescript. (100 pieces) (cont.)

Rogers, Bruce (File 118) - Box 22

Address to the Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association in Australia / Bruce Rogers. 5 January 1985. 9 leaves.

Samodzielny Oddzial Kola A.K. W N.P.W. (Nsw) (File 118) - Box 22

Program obchodu dwudziestolecia (196-?), 1 leaf.

SBS Radio (File 118) - Box 22

Selected polish broadcasts by R. Zatorksi, 1992-1997. Mss.

Segreteria Di Stato in Vatican (File 118) - Box 22

Letter to Ks. Provincjal Zbigniew Pajdak, 31 Mar. 1979. In Polish. 4 pages: ill.

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow - Kolo Nr. 5 Canberra (File 118) - Box 22

Sprawozdanie. Sierpien 1982. 7 leaves, photocopies.

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow - Kolo Nr. 8 Brisbane (File 119) - Box 22

Protokoly z dorocznych zebran [Minutes from annual meetings] No. 1, 1954 - 1993 (25 minutes)

Sprawozdanie Prezesa 1969-1970 ; 1987-1991

Sprawozdanie z dzialalnosci Kola 1962-1963

Rozwoj Kola 1967

Stowarzyszenie Polakow W Queensland "Polonia" (File 120) - Box 22

Protokoly z Walnych Zebran: 1972; 1974-1978; 1981; 1986-1987; 1995.

Roczne sprawozdania prezesow "Polonii1959-1960; 1977-1982; 1985-1990; 1992; 1994-1997

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow (Sydney, N.S.W) (File 121) - Box 22

Komitet Organizacyjny Oddzialu Australia (Sydney)

Zaproszenie na Zjazd Organizacyjny. July 1953. 1 leaf.

Stroje Ludowe (File 121) - Box 22

26 postcards

Strzelecki, Kosciuszko I Inni: List Z Australii (File 121) - Box 22

Newspaper clipping.

Szumowski, Tadeusz (File 121) - Box 22

Ambasador Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej w Australii

Zaproszenie na Turniej Pilkarski upamietniajacy 82 rocznice odzyskania przez Polske Niepodleglosci. 2 pages

Szyda, Z. (File 121) - Box 22

Polish directory for N.S.W. project. An initiative of the Polish Social Contacts Association.

Draft no.8 uncorrected, Feb., 15, 1997. Part 1.

Draft no.9 uncorrected, May 5, 1997. Part 2.

Tabaczynski, Ludwik Juliusz, 1907-1995 (File 122) - Box 22

Correspondent to Polish-Australian newspapers who published poetry.

Biography / by Mrs? Tabaczynska. In Polish with English summary. 2, 1 leaves, photocopies.

Tobruk War Cemetery (File 122) - Box 22

1 plan + 18 postcards.

Towarzystwo Lacznosci Z Polonia Zaganiczna (File 122) - Box 22

Correspondence from Poland attempting to contact émigré Poles around the world. This letter addressed to the Zwiazek Polakow w Launceston. 1961, Maj 31. 2 leaves, typescript. In Polish

Walaszek, Adam. (File 122) - Box 22

The gold rush and the Poles / Adam Walaszek ; translated by Peter McGuire. Photocopy. 4 leaves.

Wielebinski, Richard, Dr (File 122) - Box 22


Nagroda Naukowa imienia Mikolaja Kopernika fundacji Miasta Krakowa w dziedzinie astronomii (photocopy)

Newspapers clippings

Wielebinski, Zdzislaw (File 122) - Box 22

3 Certificates (1943-1949) (photocopies)

1 letter (1985)

Wojak, Wlodzimierz Jerzy (File 123) - Box 23

Records of historic interest on Wojak's achievements on various state and federal ethnic bodies. Includes desiderata on his Order of Australia honour received in 1990. 1948-1995. Typescript, published.

Yalta Committee (File 123) - Box 23

An Appeal to South Australians, 4 pages.

Zagorski, Jacek (Jack) (File 124-125) - Box 23

[Oral History Tape] Records of historic interest including autobiographies, administrative, personal, government documents, photographs, oral history tape, newspapers. 1923-1990's. Typescript.

Autobiography, untitled. Typescript, unpublished, [1990s]. 1 monograph

Under the Southern Cross : the making of a new Australian. First draft. Elthan, Victoria. : Jack Zagorski, 2000. 1 v.

(Ryszard)Zatorski, Richard (Ryszard): Autobiography titled "Narrative of 1300 mile summer voyage of the yacht 'Polarity' " 1981-1982 . Typescript, unpublished, 1 monograph (File 126.1) - Box 23

Zatorski, Richard (Ryszard): Ship newspaper "Skaubryn Herald", chartered by the International Refugee Organisation in March 1951 to bring displaced persons from postwar Europe to Australia. 1951. Typescript (complete set) (File 126.2) - Box 23

Zatorski, Richard (Ryszard): Commentaries on SBS Radio, Jan.-Dec. 1999 (File 127.3) - Box 23

Zatorski, Richard (Ryszard): Programy radiowe Radia SBS, January 2000-April 2001, 33 pages (File 127.4) - Box 23

Zjazd Ekonomiczny Organizacji Polskich W Australii (File 127) - Box 23

Zwiazek Polakow w Hobart

Financial statement for the years 1961-1964 including short history of the Poles in Tasmania. In Polish.

Zubrzycki, Jerzy (File 127) - Box 23

Guide to the Papers of Jerzy Zubrzycki (MS 6690)/ National Library of Australia, Manuscript Section, Revised May 2000. 33 leaves

Class [unnumbered]. Consignment received 13thSeptember 2001 - Box 23

Polish Boy Scouts in Australia (various states): Correspondence, minutes etc. 1950-1961 (File 128-135.1) - Box 24

Correspondence, minutes etc. 1950-1961 (cont.) (File 136.1) - Box 25

Ephemera, includes forms, certificates, songbook (File 137.2) - Box 25

Stocktake diary (File 137.3) - Box 25

Polish Schools (various states) (File 138-142) - Box 25

Teachers' resource material for Polish language & history. Year 5.

Homework specimens, tests

Song texts

Polish Schools (various states) (File 143-149) - Box 26

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow (various states) (File 150) - Box 26

Miscellaneous - includes: Soldiers songs/texts; Soldiers' Day (various speeches); Branch histories; Branch magazines (internal); Invitations; photos from various marches; Christmas cards

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow (various states) (File 151-154) - Box 27

Class [unnumbered]. Consignment received 19thSeptember 2001

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow no. 5 (Canberra, A.C.T.) (File 155-158) - Box 27

Correspondence, 1963-1985

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow no. 5 (Canberra, A.C.T.) (File 159-202) - Box 28-33

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow (Australian Branch). Federal Executive (File 203-207) - Box 28-33

Various internal documents regarding its management, 1953-1973, including:




Statutes and regulations

Financial statements


Other archival material, 1953-1957

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow (Australian Branch). Federal Executive (File 208-225) - Box 34-36

Klub Orla Bialego [Polish White Eagle Club] (Canberra, ACT): Minutes, 1961-1964 (File 226-227.1) - Box 34-36

Klub Orla Bialego [Polish White Eagle Club] (Canberra, A.C.T.): Correspondence, 1963 (File 228.2) - Box 34-36

Rada Naczelna: Minutes of meetings, 1963-1964, 1969 (File 229-232.1) - Box 34-36

Rada Naczelna: Correspondence, 1970-1971 (File 229-232.2) - Box 34-36

Rada Naczelna (File 233-235) - Box 37

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow no. 7 (Tasmania) (File 236) - Box 37

Subscription list 1966 regarding financial aid to building of the Polish Catholic Church at Marayong, N.S.W.

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantow no. 9 (Perth, W.A.) (File 237) - Box 37

Minutes of meetings, 1958

Paszkowski, Lech (File 238) - Box 37

Offprints written by the author entitled: Social background of Sir Paul Strzelecki : extracts, meaning of the word Szlachcic.

Polish Historical Institute In Australia (File 239) - Box 37

Terra Nova -- a land of milk and honey -- a celebration of Polish immigration and settlement in Australia - 50 years on. A travelling exhibition curated in Melbourne and travelling to Canberra, Queensland, New South Wales.

Polish summary of the "Terra Nova -- a land of milk and honey" travelling exhibition, Old Parliament House, November 2000.

Summary of the Canberra component giving the list of caption titles and other titles of the exhibits.

Invitation to opening of the exhibition, 9 November 2000.

PHIA flyer distributed throughout the exhibition.

Carrington, Lois And George (File 240) - Box 37

"Mr. Carrington - the work of Wlodzimierz Zakrzewski", spinning wheel designer. Compilation includes photographs.

Further Material - Polish Historical Institute In Australia (File 241) - Box 37

Aims to be achieved, February 1994

Genesis of the project, March 1994

Letter from Andrew Kleeberg, director, June 1994

Preserving Polish Saga. Description, letters to members (6 December 1996, New Year 1999) and minutes of meeting (5 July 1998)