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Clark, Dymphna, 1916-2000
Papers of Dymphna Clark
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MS 9873
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Scope and Content

The papers include correspondence and newspaper cuttings, reviews, manuscripts and typescripts of Dymphna's translations and other publications including Charles Von Hügel's New Holland Journals, Eduard Hernsheim: South Sea Merchant and Speaking Out of Turn: Lectures and Speeches, 1940-1991; articles, lectures and talks, research material, cards, conference papers, university transcripts, oral history transcriptions, posters, printed ephemera and papers relating to Dymphna's work on the Aboriginal Treaty Committee.

One of the largest series relates to Dymphna's work on the translation of Charles Von Hügel's New Holland Journals. There are also extensive papers dealing with Manning Clark's death and funeral, the two Manning Clark controversies of the 1990s - Peter Ryan's attack on Manning and his work (1993) and the Brisbane Courier Mail's accusations that Clark was a Soviet spy (1996) - and articles and reviews written by or about Manning.

Apart from several newspaper cuttings, there are relatively few papers about Dymphna's role in the establishment and running of Manning Clark House. There is also little of Dymphna's involvement and work on the publication of Manning's Master's thesis, The Ideal of Alexis De Tocqueville, which was eventually published by Melbourne University Press, 2000.


The collection is part available for research; part requires permission for research; part not available for research. Not for loan.

Part available for research (Series 1/Files 1-91; Series 2-6; Series 7/Files 1-3; Series 8-13); part requires permission for research (Series 1/Files 92-99); part not available for research (Series 7/File 4).

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The papers of Dymphna Clark were donated to the Library by Dymphna's son, Sebastiona Clark, in July 2003.

This collection complements the extensive Papers of Manning Clark (MS 7550). The Papers of Dawn Richardson (MS 8993) and Roslyn Russell (MS 9855) both contain correspondence from Dymphna as well as other relevant material.

Three interviews with Dymphna are held in the Oral History Section. A 1991 interview by Heather Rusden and Elizabeth Chan is held at ORAL TRC 2597; an interview by Heather Rusden in 1997 is available at ORAL TRC 3548; and a 1980 interview with Manning and Dymphna Clark for the Aboriginal Treaty Committee on mining at Noonkahbah is available at ORAL TRC 800/3.

In 1995 the Clark Family lent 94 photographs for copying and the copies are available in the Pictures Section ((PIC P1088/1-94 LOC Album 886). The Pictures Section also holds several photographic portraits of Dymphna and Manning taken by Alec Bolton (PIC P2192/56-61 LOC Album 933/A), Heidi Smith (PIC P496/1-11 LOC Q59) and Graham Tidy (PIC P1177 LOC Portraits drawer). A sketch by

Biographical information on Dymphna Clark is available on Ozlife - The Australian Biography index at

The Library also holds a number of Dymphna's published works, including her translations.

Further information on Dymphna is also available on the Manning Clark House website at


Most of the papers have been arranged by Dymhna Clark into named files and files that formed logical series. This is particularly true of the general correspondence (Series 1), newspaper cuttings and reviews (series 2), Von Hügel's New Holland Journals (Series 5 and 6), Dymphna's personal papers and documents (Series 7) as well as the papers relating to Manning's death and the two Manning Clark controversies of the 1990s (Series 9-11). The order of the files within the series has been imposed by the Library and some un-named files have been given titles to indicate their content.

Biographical Note

Hilma Dymphna Lodewyckx was born in Melbourne on 18 December 1916. She grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Mont Albert, and was educated at both the Mont Albert Central School and Presbyterian Ladies' College in East Melbourne. Her father, Augustin Lodewyckx, was Associate Professor of Germanic Languages at Melbourne University. Her mother, Anna Sophia (née Larsen), taught Swedish at Melbourne University and was pivotal in promoting Scandinavian languages and culture throughout Victoria.

Dymphna inherited her parents' linguistic skills and was fluent in eight languages and could "get by" on four others. After matriculation at the age of 15, she completed an Honours Degree at the University of Melbourne. It was in her last year of university that she met Manning Clark. They were engaged in 1938 and travelled together to Europe in the same year to undertake further studies - Dymphna went to Germany as a Humboldt scholar to study for a doctorate in German literature at Bonn University, while Manning went to Balliol College, Oxford, to pursue his studies.

As war with Germany became imminent, Dymphna abandoned her studies and moved to Oxford to be with Manning. They were married in Oxford on 31 January 1939. Their first child, Sebastian, was born at the end of that year. Five other children were born throughout the next two decades - Katerina (1941), Axel (1943), Andrew (1948), Rowland (1955) and Benedict (1957).

In 1940 the Clarks returned to Australia, where Manning had been appointed a History Master of Geelong Grammar School. In 1949, after several years as a lecturer in politics and history at Melbourne University, the Clarks moved to Canberra where Manning was appointed foundation Professor of History at the Canberra University College. By 1953 the Clarks moved into their Robyn Boyd-designed house in the Canberra suburb of Forrest, where Dymphna remained until her death.

As well as raising six children, Dymphna was a great support to Manning in his work, providing assistance with editing, research, translations and proof reading for his major works Sources of Australian History, Select Documents in Australian History and A History of Australia.

In addition to helping Manning and maintaining the household, Dymphna's command of the German language provided her with work as a teacher. In 1959 she was asked to teach English to diplomats from the Soviet Embassy and she also lectured in German at the Australian National University (ANU).

Her language skills also made her a much sought-after translator. Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, Dymphna collaborated with Peter Sack from the ANU's German Department and translated a series of reports on the administration of New Guinea during the period of German sovereignty, 1896-1914. Her major work was the translation of the botanist Baron Charles Von Hügel's New Holland Journal 1833 - 34. documenting his visits to Australia and New Zealand, on which she worked for nine years.

Dymphna had a keen interest in environmental and Aboriginal issues and was active in the community in supporting such causes. She took part in programs such as Care for Trees and, in the early 1980s, played a major role in the Aboriginal Treaty Committee, the founders of which included Dr H C Coombs and the poet Judith Wright.

In the nine years following Manning's death, Dymphna continued to be a staunch supporter of her husband's work and reputation. She was determinded to keep Manning's work and reputation alive. She established Manning Clark House at her home in Forrest, as a cultural centre for events, such as book launches and literary talks. She also continued to publish Manning's work, editing The Historian's Apprenticeship (1992), the third volume of his memoirs, and Speaking Out of Turn (1997), a collection of Manning Clark's lectures and speeches from 1940 to 1991.

Dymphna died on 12 May 2000 in Canberra and was survived by six children and 15 grandchildren.

Biographical Reference(s)

Clark, Andrew. 'A Mind of Great Depth and Scholarship'. Canberra Times, 19 May 2000.

Russell, Roslyn. 'Dymphna Clark: A Portrait'. National Library of Australia News, Volume XV, No 7, April 2005

'Manning Clark's Scholarly Partner Dies'. The Age, 13 May 2000

Manning Clark House,

Item Descriptions

Class MS 9873. Original Consignment/s

Series 1. General Correspondence, 1966-1999

Dymphna was a prolific correspondent, writing and receiving hundreds of letters each year. Beginning in 1966, but not maintained consistently until the early 1980s, this series consists of letters, cards, Christmas cards, postcards, notes, some photographs and several newspapers cuttings. Up until 1991, most of the correspondence is addressed to both Dymphna and Manning, although there are examples where letters are addressed to Dymphna and Manning separately. The bulk of the correspondence consists of incoming letters, but there are some copies and drafts of letters hand-written by Dymphna, usually on the backs of old envelopes and newsletters.

Dymphna filed her correspondence in manila files by years and each file has the year date handwritten on the front cover. Many of the files also have Dymphna's initials - H.D.C - handwritten on the front of the files. The correspondence has been maintained as originally filed, and there are examples where letters have been misfiled. For example, the 1979 file contains examples of correspondence from 1978 and 1980. There are also instances where correspondence is not dated and these too have been retained in the file in which they were filed. Due to the size of the files, the correspondence for each year has been divided into separate archival files. Thus 'File 4 of 4' for 1966 correspondence indicates that the 1966 correspondence file has been divided into four separate archival files.

This series illustrates the importance family and friends played in Dymphna's life and provides an indication of the Clarks' wide-range of friends and acquaintances. Furthermore, Dymphna's hospitable nature is highlighted in much of the correspondence, with Dymphna receiving hundreds of thank you cards and letters for her hospitality at their Canberra home or their property, 'Ness', at Wapengo on the New South Wales south coast.

Correspondents include Manning (mainly when he was on trips abroad), her children, Sebastian, Axel, Andrew, Katerina, Roland and Benedict; Phylis and Axel Lodewyckx, Hope and Fred Ingamells, Ann Moyal, Judith Wright, Dawn Richardson, Bruce Anderson, Bill Gammage, Ken Inglis, Geoffrey Bolton, Stuart Macintyre, Geoffrey Dutton and Robin Lucas, Rosemary Dobson, Jan Nicholas, Humphrey McQueen, Bill & Ann Golding.

A more extensive list of correspondents can be found in Appendix 1. Extended family have been excluded from the list and, as many writers used only their first names, there are many friends that cannot be identified with any certainty. For the most part, the list covers writers who are well-known and indicates the approximate date range of their letters to Dymphna. Many of the correspondents are also represented in other series.

Correspondence, 1966 (File 1-4)
Correspondence, 1970 (includes some 1969 correspondence) (File 5-6)
Correspondence, 1970 (includes some 1971 correspondence) (File 7-8)
Correspondence, 1979 (includes some 1978 and 1980 correspondence) (File 9-11)
Correspondence, 1983 (includes some 1982 correspondence) (File 12-14)
Correspondence, 1983 (File 15-16)
Correspondence, 1986 (includes some 1985 correspondence) (File 17-19)
Correspondence, 1986-1987 (File 20-22)
Correspondence, 1987 (File 23-27)
Correspondence, 1988 (includes some 1987 and 1989 correspondence) (File 28-32)
Correspondence, 1990 (includes some 1989 correspondence) (File 33-36)
Correspondence, 1991 (January-August) (File 37-39)
Correspondence, 1991 (File 40-42)
Correspondence, 1992 (File 43-47)
Correspondence, 1993 (includes some 1992 correspondence) (File 48-53)
Correspondence, 1994 (includes some 1993 correspondence) (File 54-60)
Correspondence, 1995 (includes some 1994 correspondence) (File 61-66)
Correspondence, 1996 (File 67-71)
Correspondence, 1997 (July-November missing) (File 72-75)
Correspondence, 1998 (January-June) (File 76-78)
Correspondence, 1998 (July-December) (File 79-81)
Correspondence, 1999 (January-June) (File 82-84)
Correspondence, late 1999 (File 85-87)
Family Business, 1994-1997 (File 88-91)
Katerina Clark correspondence, 1966, 1970, 1983-1988 (CLOSED) (File 92)
Katerina Clark correspondence, 1990-1993 (CLOSED) (File 93)
Katerina Clark correspondence, 1994-1996 (CLOSED) (File 94)
Katerina Clark correspondence, 1997-1999 (CLOSED) (File 95)
Jan Nicholas correspondence, 1991-1993 (CLOSED) (File 96)
Jan Nicholas correspondence, 1994-1995 (CLOSED) (File 97)
Jan Nicholas correspondence, 1996-1997 (CLOSED) (File 98)
Jan Nicholas correspondence, 1998-1999 (CLOSED) (File 99)

Series 2. Newspaper Cuttings and Reviews, c. 1940-1999

This series consists of newspaper cuttings and reviews which Dymphna maintained in two separate files - 'Reviews' and 'News Items, Reviews'. Dymphna does not appear to have maintained separate cuttings and reviews files, but instead interfiled newspaper cuttings, reviews and published articles into two separate files.

The papers consist of newspaper cuttings on Manning, Dymphna, friends and associates of the Clarks; reviews of Clark's work; a program from Manning Clark's History of Australia: The Musical (1996), and published articles on and by Manning Clark and other family members and friends. Some of the newspaper cuttings in this series relate to both the 1993 and 1996 controversies and may be duplicated in the specific series (Series 10 and 11) on these controversies.

Newspaper cuttings, reviews and published articles, c. 1940 - 1999 (File 1-7)

Series 3. Eduard Hernsheim: South Sea Merchant, 1979

Dymphna's command of the German language helped to make her a much sought-after translator. In 1979 Dymphna and Peter Sack (from the Australian National University's German Department), co-edited and translated South Sea Merchant: Eduard Hernsheim - one of several publications they jointly edited and translated.

Typescript of Eduard Hernsheim: South Sea Merchant (File 1)

Series 4. The Aboriginal Treaty Committee, 1980-1983

In 1980 Dymphna was asked by the poet, Judith Wright, to join the Aboriginal Treaty Committee. Established in 1979, the committee was chaired by H.C. Coombs and aimed to educate and promote the need for a formal Treaty between the Commonwealth Government and Aboriginal representatives.

This series contains correspondence, meeting agendas and minutes, papers relating to the Aboriginal Treaty Committee Art Exhibition, draft preamble for a proposed addition to the Australian Constitution, ephemera, as well as other papers relating to the committee and Aboriginal issues generally.

Series 1 (File 1, 1979) also includes correspondence relating to the Aboriginal Treaty Committee.

Correspondence, papers on the Aboriginal Treaty Committee Art Exhibition, meeting agenda, 1980-1981 (File 1)
Correspondence, minutes of meeting, publication, brochure, newsletter, notes, published article on Aboriginal rights, draft preamble for addition to Australian Constitution, c.1982 (File 2)
Letter, circular, information sheet and roster relating to the Aboriginal Treaty Committee's contribution to the Combined Charities Xmas Card Shop, 1983 (File 3)

Series 5. Speaking Out of Turn: Lectures and Speeches 1940-1991, c. 1940-1998

In 1991, eight months prior to his death, Manning Clark was commissioned by New Endeavour Press (in conjunction with the University of New South Wales press) to collate a number of his speeches and lectures for publication. Manning worked on the volume up to his death and chose forty speeches and lectures. Following Manning's death, Dymphna, with the help of her son, Sebastian, contributed to finishing Manning's work by editing and providing additional information. Speaking Out of Turn: Lectures and Speeches 1940-1991 was eventually published by Melbourne University Press in 1997.

The series contains papers relating to the production of the volume from Manning's original commission in 1991 to its publication in 1997. It illustrates Dymphna's contribution to the volume and provides examples of her editing work. The series comprises photocopied and original manuscripts of Manning's speeches and lectures, several manuscript and typescript drafts of the book (including the original manuscript), correspondence (mainly with Melbourne University Press), reviews, material relating to the design of the book, photographs and publicity material.

Manuscript of Introduction and Preface to Speaking Out of Turn by Manning Clark. Also includes manuscript, photocopied and typed speeches and lectures to be included in the book, c. 1961-1991 (File 1-2)
Manuscript of draft plan and notes by Manning Clark (File 3)
Manuscript, printed and typescript lectures and speeches written by Manning Clark excluded from the volume (File 4-5)
Draft typescripts with editor's amendments (File 6-7)
Typescript draft with manuscript amendments and additional notes by Dymphna (File 8)
Photocopied typescript draft of first section of each chapter, with editorial amendments (File 9)
Typed and written footnotes prepared by Dymphna and other papers (File 10)
Correspondence mainly with Melbourne University Press (including Publishing Agreement) and other correspondence relating to Speaking Out of Turn, 1991-1998 (File 11)
Black and white photograph of Manning Clark, design for front cover, draft typescript of foreword by Stuart Macintyre with manuscript amendments, photocopied typescripts of text for back cover of volume and information on the author (File 12)
Book review (1997), copies of invitation to book launch and photocopied typescript of Ann Curthoy's launch speech (File 13)

Series 6. New Holland Journal: November 1833 - October 1834: Baron Charles Von Hügel, 1985-1994

Dymphna's most significant work was the translation of Charles Von Hügel's New Holland Journal, 1833-1834. Count Carl (Charles) Von Hügel was an Austrian botanist who visited Australia and New Zealand in 1833-1834 and kept detailed diary accounts of his journeys. Dymphna spent approximately nine years researching and translating his two thousand-page manuscript (written in German), which is held at the Mitchell Library, Sydney.

Due to the size of the manuscript, Dymphna was forced to omit large sections of the original, as well as the entire section on New Zealand. Her work, Charles Von Hügel's New Holland Journal, 1833-1834, was eventually published by Melbourne University Press (in association with the State Library of New South Wales) in 1994.

This large series contains manuscript and typescript draft translations, photocopies, research notes, correspondence (mainly with Melbourne University Press and including hand-written draft letters by Dymphna), newspaper articles, reviews, talks and publicity material. The series (Files 47-53) also includes papers relating to Dymphna's translation on the month Von Hügel spent in New Zealand in 1834. Most of the titles are those given by Dymphna.

Charles Von Hügel: Journal of a Journey to New Holland 1833-1834 Volumes I, II, III (Photocopies of Manuscript held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney) (File 1-12)
Research material: Photocopy of Der Stille Ocean und die spanischen Besitzungen im ostindischen Archipel / von Karl Freiherrn von Hügel, Vienna 1860 (File 13)
Research material: Photocopies of Hügel Correspondence and Personal Documents collected by Sophie Ducker (Item 14)
Research material: Photocopy of Charles Von Hügel April 25, 1795 - June 2 1870 (File 15)
Research material: Hügel Vol I - Notes, etc (File 16)
Research material: Hügel Vol I (Swan River - Albany Notes) (File 17)
Research material: Notes - NSW Vol III (File 18)
Research material: Hügel (Biographical) (File 19)
Research material : Hügel Correspondence (File 20)
Research material: Mitchell Library Photocopies (File 21)
Research material: Botany (File 22)
Research material: Van Diemen's Land draft, Blaxlands, Cartographer (File 23)
Research material: Karl Scherzer and the Novara in NSW 1858 (File 24)
Research material: Gall (Franz Joseph) (File 25)
Research material: Lhotsky (John) (File 26)
Research material: Hügel (Aborigines) (File 27)
Research material: Kathleen McArthur, Leichhardt (File 28)
Research material: Hügel material collected in Frankfurt - Regensburg - Vienna, May-June 1993 (File 29)
Research material: Overseas Research 1995 - Search for missing Hügel Manuscript (File 30)
Typescript translation of Diaries of Von Hügel (Sydney and Norfolk Island) by R.A. Lochore (File 31)
Typescript translation with manuscript amendments Volume I (Swan River, King George's Sound, Van Diemen's Land) (File 32)
Photocopy of typescript translation with manuscript amendments Vol 1 - (Swan River, Van Diemen's Land) and Vol 11 (Sydney and Norfolk Island) (File 33)
Photocopy typescript translation with manuscript amendments - Vol 1, Vol 11 and Vol III (NSW April - Oct 1834) (Item Items 34-36)
Typescript of 'Foreword' and 'Introduction', plan and correspondence relating to bibliography (File 37)
Information on illustrations and typescript of general index with amendments (File 38)
Completed typescript draft of Vols I, II and III with editor's amendments and notes (Item 39-40)
Correspondence (mainly with Melbourne University Press and includes Memorandum of Agreement and Style Guide), 1991-1995 (File 41- 42)
Articles on Von Hügel, 1984-1994 (File 43)
Lectures given on Von Hügel (including lectures in German), 1993-1995 (File 44)
Newspaper articles, reviews and correspondence, 1991-1997 (File 45)
Dust jackets, media release and material relating to book launches (File 46)
Background material (File 47)
Photocopy transcript of R.A. Lochore's translation of Von Hügel's New Zealand (File 48)
Typescript of Hügel's New Zealand manuscript (in German) (File 49)
Draft typescript of English translation with manuscript amendments, n.d. (File 50)
Typescript of English translation with manuscript amendments, 1996 (File 51)
Typescript of English translation with manuscript amendments 'Fair Copy of Translation' (File 52)
Photocopy typescript of English translation with written amendments and correspondence, 1997-1999 (File 53)
Index cards (Item 54-56)

Series 7. Personal Documents and Papers, 1941, 1979-2000

Dymphna filed personal documents and papers in a file which she named 'Hilma Dymphna Clark, née Lodewyckx'. The documents and papers have been retained in the order maintained by Dymphna.

This series comprises four files of assorted cards, invitations, brochures, newspaper cuttings, newsletters, correspondence, speeches and talks, book reviews written by Dymphna, as well as reviews of books translated by Dymphna; a photograph, an 'Extract of Entry' Certificate (1941) and a copy of Dymphna's will.

Also included in the series are transcripts of interviews with Dymphna, including the ABC's Hindsight Program, 'Telling History' (1998) and two oral history recordings for the National Library of Australia (1990 and 1997).

Cards, invitations, reviews, talks, brochures, newspaper cuttings, newsletters, correspondence (File 1-2)
Oral history transcriptions (File 3)
Medical records, 1998-1999 (CLOSED) (File 4)

Series 8. Writings by Others, c. 1936-1999

The series contains published and unpublished articles, conference papers, talks, plays, issues of journals, theses, draft chapters of books and government publications and reports by other writers. They cover a range of subjects and reflect Dymphna's interest in the environment, aboriginals, German history and culture, as well as contemporary issues such as republicanism. Several of the papers are in German.

The series includes writings by Dymphna's family, friends and colleagues, such as Axel Clark, Alison Clark, Axel Lodewyckx, Ann Moyal, Jan Nicholas, Don Baker, Anne Fairbairn and Peter Sack (Australian National University).

Don Baker, 1998 (File 1)
Peter Cardwell, 1999 (File 2)
Elizabeth Cham, 1991 (File 3)
Alison Clark, n.d. (File 4)
Axel Clark, n.d. (File 5)
Anne Fairbairn, 1998 (File 6)
Richard Grove, 1999 and two undated articles (File 7)
Bruce Kent, n.d. (File 8)
Axel Lodewyckx, 1990 (File 9)
Kathleen Macarthur, 1978, 1981 (File 10)
Glenda Susan Marsh, 1989 (File 11)
John Neylon Molony, 1998 (File 12)
James Moore, 1996 (File 13)
Ann Moyal, n.d. (File 14)
Jan Nicholas, 1997 (File 15)
Philip Mead, 1999 (File 16)
Patricia Fitzgerald Ratcliff, n.d. (File 17)
Bob Reece, 1998 [?] (File 18)
Peter Sack, 1974, 1986 and one undated article (File 19)
Margaret Stoljar, n.d. (in German) (File 20)
Government publications, 1997-1999 (File 21)
Other writings, 1936, 1976-1999 and several undated (File 22)

Series 9. Manning Clark's Death, 1991 - 1997

Manning Clark died on 23 May 1991. His funeral service was held at St Christopher's Cathedral, Canberra, on 27 May 1991 and was attended by more than 600 guests, including family, friends, colleagues, political dignitaries, writers, journalists and academics.

This series consists of the hundreds of cards, letters, poems and messages received by Dymphna from family, friends and strangers. It also includes obituaries, copies of the Order of Service, a memorial book containing signatures of people who attended the funeral, Don Baker's eulogy, a bound extract from the Parliamentary debates of the House of Representatives 'A Tribute to the memory of Emeritus Professor Manning Clark, A.C., by the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia'.

The correspondents in this series illustrate the wide-range of friends and acquaintances of the Clarks. Correspondents include Blanche d'Alpuget, Mary and Elizabeth Durack, Ann Moyal, Maggie Tabberer and Richard Zachariah, Bob Hawke and members of the Federal Labor Party, Thomas Keneally, Stuart Macintyre, Ian Hancock, Franca Arena, Tom Uren, Anne Fairbairn, Don Watson, Barry Humphries, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Ros Kelly, Geoffrey Dutton, Geoffrey Bolton, E.G. Whitlam, Bede Nairn, Tom Shapcott, Paul Knobel, Joan Carden, Tom Fitzgerald, Fred Daly, John Bell, Prue Goward, Rosemary Dobson and Alec Bolton, Majorie Tipping, Geoffrey Blainey, Dame Leone Kramer, Bishop David Garnsey, Sir James Darling, Bill Gammage, Hugh Stretton, Patrick O'Farrell, John Molony, Judith Wright and Alec Hope. Other correspondence relating to Manning's death may also be found in Series 1 (1991 Correspondence).

The last group of files in this series deals mainly with Manning Clark in the years after his death and includes newspaper cuttings dealing with buildings named in his honour, conferences and seminars dedicated to him, reviews of books published posthumously (A Historian's Apprentice 1992, Manning Clark's History of Australia, abridged by Michael Cathcart, 1993) and other papers.

Memorial book, bound tribute from the House of Representatives, copies of Daily House and Daily Senate Hansard, eulogy, copies of Order of Service (File 1)
Condolence letters (File 2-7)
Sympathy cards (File 8-9)
Floral tribute cards (File 10)
Poems (File 11)
Obituaries (File 12-13)
Obituaries, news items, press photographs, poems and reviews, 1991-1997 (File 14-16)

Series 10. Manning Clark and the Peter Ryan Controversy, 1993-1995

In September 1993 Quadrant published an article by Peter Ryan, former Director of Melbourne University Press and publisher of Manning Clark's six-volume A History of Australia, which criticised the History, Manning's work as an historian and his character in general.

The article sparked a debate in the media amongst historians, academics, journalists and the Australian public in general. This series comprises articles (including the original Quadrant September 1993 article), newspaper cuttings and correspondence. During this period, Dymphna received many letters of support from family, friends, colleagues and strangers. There are also examples of hand-written and draft responses written by Dymphna. Correspondents include Judith Wright, Geoffrey Dutton, Humphrey McQueen, Stuart Macintyre, Don Watson, Bruce Anderson, Bede Nairn, F.M. Chaney, Geoffrey Bolton, Lyndall Ryan, David Malouf and Caroline Jones. Correspondence relating to the Peter Ryan critique may also be found in Series 1 (1993 Correspondence).

Newspaper cuttings, journal articles and correspondence (File 1-3)

Series 11. Manning Clark and the Courier Mail Controversy,1996-1997

On 24 August 1996, the Brisbane Courier Mail published an eight-page article accusing Manning Clark of being a Soviet spy and recipient of an Order of Lenin Medal during the Cold War.

Like the Peter Ryan incident, the controversy was played out in the media, with Dymphna, her family and hundreds of friends and colleagues strongly denying the allegations and defending Manning's reputation. In November 1996 a complaint was made to the Press Council by 15 prominent public figures, led by the former Governor-General, Sir Zelman Cowen. The Press Council found against the Courier Mail. The newspaper appealed in early 1997 but lost.

This series primarily consists of newspaper cuttings and articles (including the original Courier Mail article), book reviews and correspondence. Correspondents include Geoffrey Dutton, Robert Marsden-Hope, Brian Wilder (Director of Melbourne University Press), John and Denise Molony, Helen Garner, Joan Carden, Stuart Macintyre, Bruce Anderson, Bruce Grant, Gareth Evans, Brian Matthews, Hugh Stretton, Sir Zelman Cowen, Judith Wright, Geoffrey Serle and Susan Ryan. Reference to the Courier Mail controversy may also be found in Series 1 (1996 Correspondence).

File 5 (1997) includes articles and reviews referring to Humphrey McQueen's Suspect History: Manning Clark and the Future of Australia's Past (1997). McQueen wrote this publication in defence of Clark and as a rebuttal of those who attacked Manning Clark in the Courier Mail.

The last file in this series, titled by Dymphna, contains correspondence of Bruce Anderson, long-time friend and former student of Manning, lists of prominent people supporting Anderson, draft letters and media statements written by Dymphna.

Newspaper cuttings and articles, 1996 (File 1-3)
Correspondence, 1996 (File 4)
Newspaper cuttings and articles, 1997 (File 5)
Newspaper cuttings, articles and correspondence, 1998-1999 (File 6)
Signatures and unsigned forms; Bruce Anderson's vendetta against the Courier Mail, Press Council Transactions, 1996-1997 (File 7-8)

Series 12. Writings and Documents by or about Manning Clark,c. 1933 - 2000

This series consists of papers and other documents either written about or by Manning Clark, although most of the material relates to Manning Clark after his death. It includes photographs, his University of Melbourne academic transcript and other documentation, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, reviews, articles and draft scripts.

The photographs consist of both coloured and black and white photographs, mainly of Manning, but with several of Manning and Dymphna and one of Manning with David Campbell and others at the National Press Club, 1976. Many of the articles and reviews pertain to Stephen Holt's biography, A Short History of Manning Clark (1999). The correspondence relates to responses to Bridget Goodwin's documentary, The Young Tree Green: A Film Biography of Manning Clark (1998) and the series also includes a draft script (with editorial amendments) of the documentary.

Photographs (one from 1976, but mostly undated) (File 1)
Academic transcript from Melbourne University, photocopy of application for admission to Trinity College, University of Melbourne; photocopy of student record, 1933 (File 2)
Newspaper cuttings, reviews and articles (File 3)
Unveiling of Manning Clark Red Gum Bench (City of Whittlesea, 1999), photographs, a Design-Your-Own calendar 2000, typed copy of Mayor's speech (File 4)
Two draft scripts for The Young Tree Green: A Film Biography of Manning Clark by Bridget Goodwin with editorial amendments and correspondence (File 5)

Series 13. Miscellaneous Papers, c. 1960-1999

This series includes an array of papers such as newsletters, correspondence, cards, poems, a magazine, recipes, a map and a poster. The series further provides an indication as to Dymphna's interests, such as the environment, German culture and quilt making.

Map of Czechoslovakia, 1960 (File 1)
ACT Greening of Australia newsletter, letter and membership form, 1982 (File 2)
Circular, letter and questionnaire relating to the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation, 1983-1984 (File 3)
Signed petitition to the House of Representatives regarding the curtailment of landscaping at Parliament House; photocopy of correspondence between Richard Kidby and several Government Ministers (1996-1998) (File 4)
Three cards from the State Library of Victoria, copy of Down Under Quilts (1993-1994) and recipes from the Natural Health Society and Hopewood Health Centre (File 5)
1999 document entitled, 'Clark correspondence with No 2 research assistant Ailsa G. Thomson Zainu'ddin along with some of her more discreet and mostly relevant diary entries and jottings (1951-1998)' (File 6)
'Manning Clark in Ormond' poster (promoting lectures given at Ormond College, University of Melbourne, 1988) (File Folio 7)

Container List

Box Series File/Item
1 1 1-9
2 1 10-17
3 1 18-27
4 1 28-36
5 1 37-44
6 1 45-52
7 1 53-61
8 1 62-68
9 1 69-75
10 1 76-83
11 1 84-89
12 1 90-91
12 2 1-4
13 2 5-7
13 3 Item 1
13 4 1-3
14 5 1-6
15 5 7-12
16 5 13
16 6 1-4
17 6 5-9
18 6 10-Item 14
19 6 15-20
20 6 21-27
21 6 28-33
22 6 Items 34-36
23 6 37-Item 40
24 6 41-45
25 6 46-53
26 6 Items 54-55
27 6 Item 56
27 7 1
28 7 2-3
28 8 1-5
29 8 6-12
30 8 13-20
31 8 21-22
31 9 1-2
32 9 3-6
33 9 7-10
34 9 11-15
35 9 16
35 10 1-3
36 11 1-6
37 11 7-8
37 12 1-4
38 12 5
38 13 1-6
HW Map Drawer 16 13 Item 7
39 1 92-95 (CLOSED)
40 1 96-99 (CLOSED)