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Hardy, Frank
Papers of Frank Hardy
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MS 4887
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MS 4887 comprises correspondence, notes, drafts and research material relating to Hardy's published works; diaries; notebooks; press cuttings; tape recordings; photographs; cartoons and sketches by Hardy, Ambrose Dyson, Bruce Petty, Counihan and Vane; autobiographical notes; radio and television scripts; papers connected with political and literary organizations; material relating to the Power without glory trial; biographical and critical material on Henry Lawson, Russian poet Evgenii Yevtushenko, and writings by others.There is correspondence with publishers and fellow writers in Australia and overseas, 1946-1973; and letters from Martin Boyd, Eric Lambert, the Palmers, Neville Shute, Jack Lindsay, Howard Fast, Owen Webster, family, friends and Communist Party comrades. Photographs include Hardy in Russia, Europe, the United States and Australia, historical material of revolutionary Russia and postwar Poland (242 boxes, 11 fol. boxes, 1 elephant folio).

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Immediate Source of Acquisition

The papers of the writer Frank Hardy were purchased by the Library in seven consignments between 1975 and 1988.

The script of Hardy's 1958 play Black diamond is held at MS 718. Cuttings relating to the Power without glory case are held at MS 2765.

In the National Library's Oral History Collection are approximately 25 cassettes and tape recordings, many of Hardy dictating (ORAL TRC 367 and ORAL TRC 2613). ORAL TRC 367 includes the tape recordings from Series 29 of the Hardy Papers. There are also interviews with Hardy at ORAL TRC 4/2B and ORAL DeB 80.

In the National Library's Microform Collection is a microfilm of press reports on the Cairns Unemployment Riot of 1932, taken from newspapers.

The Library of the Australian Defence Force Academy holds further papers of Frank Hardy (mss G261).

Biographical / Historical

Frank Hardy, the fifth of the eight children of Thomas and Winifred Hardy, was born on 21 March 1917 in Southern Cross, Victoria. Later the family moved to Bacchus Marsh, where Hardy attended school until the age of thirteen. For the next few years he was a seasonal worker and in 1937 moved to Melbourne. In that year Radio times published a selection of his cartoons. In 1940 Hardy married Rosslyn Couper and they had three children, Frances, Alan and Shirley. From 1954 they made their home in Sydney.

Whilst Hardy was in the Army and stationed in the Northern Territory, he started writing poetry and anecdotes for his Unit's paper Troppo tribune, which he edited during 1943 and 1944. In 1944 he joined the staff of the army magazine Salt. Later his short stories 'A stranger in the camp' and 'The man from Clinkapella' won competitions and soon his work was being accepted by Coast to Coast and the Guardian. Many of his early stories were written under the pseudonym Ross Franklyn.

After the war, Hardy worked part-time as a journalist and began research for his first novel Power without glory. It was published in 1950 and almost immediately Hardy was arrested on a charge of criminal libel. A sensational court case resulted in his acquittal. A television series adapted from the novel was shown by the ABC during 1976. Earlier, his book The hard way (1961) had documented the writing of Power without glory and the subsequent court case.

Hardy joined the Communist Party of Australia in 1940. As its candidate he twice unsuccessfully sought public office: in 1953 as a Senate candidate for Victoria, and in 1955 for the seat of Mackellar (NSW) in the House of Representatives. In 1955 and again in 1967 he was rejected for a position on the National Committee of the CPA.

After moving to Sydney in 1954, Hardy re-formed the Realist Writers' Group which he had joined in Melbourne in 1945. From 1958 until 1966 he was a member of the editorial committee of the Realist writer. In addition, he was a member of other literary organisations: the Australasian Book Society, the Fellowship of Australian Writers, International PEN and the Australian Society of Authors. He was twice awarded literary fellowships: by the New South Wales Government in 1969 and by the Commonwealth Literary Fund in 1972.

Apart from being the author of best-selling novels and short stories which have been translated into German, Russian and Czechoslovakian, Hardy became known as a contributor to newspapers and periodicals, a television and radio panellist, a book reviewer and a guest speaker. He also wrote plays, including 'Who was Henry Larsen' (first performed 1984) and Faces in the street (first performed 1988, published 1990), which were both based on Henry Lawson.

Hardy's principal works are Power without glory (1950), The four-legged lottery (1958), The hard way (1961), Legends from Benson's Valley (1963), The yarns of Billy Borker (1965), The unlucky Australians (1968), The outcasts of Foolgarah (1971), and But the dead are many (1975).

Frank Hardy died in 1994.

References: Cavenagh, R.H. 'The fiction of Frank Hardy' (Dissertation presented to the Department of New England for the degree of Bachelor of Letters, 1972). Oxford companion to Australian literature. 2nd ed. Melbourne, OUP, 1994

Item Descriptions

Class MS 4887. Consignments received February 1975-February 1977

Series 1. Family Correspondence - Box 1-2 (MS 4887)

Hardy's family correspondence consists almost entirely of letters he received from his wife Rosslyn and children Frances, Alan and Shirley. They were written during his trips to Europe in 1962-63, 1965 and 1968 and during months spent in Darwin in 1966.

Series 2. Business Papers - Box 2-3 (MS 4887)

This series contains an incomplete set of taxation returns (1941-71); domestic and medical accounts and receipts (1953-73); bank statements (1957-72); cheque butts (1952-72); contracts, and statements of royalties received from The Bodley Head Ltd, Thomas Nelson (Australia) Ltd, A.H. and A.W. Reed, William Heinemann Ltd, Curtis Brown (Aust) Pty Ltd, and Festival Records Pty Ltd.

See also 1988 consignment (MS 4887 Box 216) for further business papers.

Series 3. General Correspondence - Box 3-11 (MS 4887) and Folio 1 (MS 4887)

Although the letters date from 1943, the bulk of the general correspondence was written after 1960 and consists of letters Hardy received and copies of some he wrote. His correspondents were mostly Australian and overseas writers, publishers and fellow members of the Communist Party. Their letters discuss ideologies, literature, publishing, royalties, translations, travel and television and radio work.

During 1955 and 1956 Hardy was secretary of the Powderworks Road Transport Committee which was a community group working towards improved transport arrangements for residents of Harbord. The correspondence between Hardy and New South Wales Governments is included.

From the late 1960s he became increasingly in demand as a guest speaker and lecturer. Many of these requests are in this series. Hardy received many letters from writers seeking help with their manuscripts.

The series also contains correspondence between Hardy and the actor James Mason written during 1973, after they met in Europe. At that time they discussed a proposed film to be produced from a script by Hardy and with Mason as the star. The film did not eventuate.

Further letters appear throughout the collection in their relevant series as well as in the 1982 consignment (Boxes 168-174) and the 1988 consignment (Boxes 216-220).

Folio Item 1: Letters from Elena A. Buratakov (sealed at Hardy's request until 20 years after his death i.e. 2014)

Series 4. Diaries - Box 12-14 (MS 4887)

This series contains Hardy's diaries for the years 1944, 1952, 1955-57, 1959, 1963-69 and 1972. None is complete and some are almost empty. Many contain records of meetings, appointments, telephone numbers, details of hours worked and literary plans. There are also eleven small books which record the Hardy's visit to Europe in 1962-63. Part was written by Rosslyn Hardy.

For further diaries, see the 1982 consignment (boxes 175-178), the 1984 consignment (Box 208) and the 1988 consignment (Box 220-221).

Series 5. Notebooks - Box 15-17 (MS 4887)

Hardy's notebooks vary in size and many are undated. Some contain notes written during trips to Europe, others contain drafts of his stories, including the first draft of 'The man from Clinkapella' in a book marked '1945-46'. Hardy's literary plans and other notes are contained in a large book commenced in 1960 and completed in 1966. Rosslyn Hardy's shorthand books (1963) contain letters dictated by her husband. Notebooks dealing with a particular monograph have been placed in their relevant series.

Series 6. General press cuttings - Box 18-27 (MS 4887) and Folios 2-28 (MS 4887)

Hardy organised cuttings from Australian and overseas newspapers and periodicals into 25 folio sized scrap books (1946-82). They contain reviews of his publications, copies of many of his short stories and 'yarns' and personal references. A number of loose cuttings complete this series.

Cuttings have also been placed in relevant series throughout the collection as well as the 1982 consignment (Boxes 196-198), the 1984 consignment (Boxes 207-208) and the 1988 consignment (Boxes 221-224).

Folio Items 2-28: Twenty five folio sized scrap books + 2 packages of loose cuttings.

Series 7. General publications - Box 28-41 (MS 4887)

Monographs, pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers, programs and travel brochures have been placed here. They cover the years from 1960 until 1970 and reflect Hardy's deep involvement with Eastern European politics and literature, and with Australian literature, the theatre, television, the film industry and politics. The many publications relating to Communism are in Series 26, Political papers.

Series 8. Power without glory (1950) and The hard way (1961) - Box 42-63 (MS 4887) and Folios 29-30 (MS 4887)

This series contains correspondence, typed transcripts of the Wren v. Hardy case, manuscript and typescript drafts of the above books, hand-written and typed notes, reviews, research material and newspaper cuttings.

The correspondence includes letters, telegrams and postcards written mostly from 1950 to 1962. It is arranged chronologically with undated letters placed last. It includes letters from Australian writers Eric Lambert, K.S. Prichard and Martin Boyd, American, European and Russian writers, Communist Party associates, personal friends and vehement anonymous critics.

The drafts of Power without glory are incomplete, undated, and often unnumbered. These pages have been sorted as closely as possible to the pagination of the first edition, published in 1950 by the Realist Printing and Publishing Co. Melbourne. The drafts of The hard way are more systematically arranged in five handwritten and typed drafts made between 1953 and 1959.

Research material includes 8" x 5" subject cards, jottings on scrap paper and miscellaneous printed matter later incorporated into the above book.

Typescripts of Hardy's trial cover proceedings at the Melbourne Court of Petty Sessions 16-19 January 1951, and at the Victorian Supreme Court proceedings, 15, 18 December 1950, in the Argus law reports 10 July 1951: pp. 1552-62.

Other material includes copies of the Newsletter published by Brian Fitzpatrick for the Frank Hardy Defence Committee, Hardy's lecture notes, newspaper cuttings during 1950 of the early, middle and late 1950s, undated handwritten notes for the TV adaptation of Power without glory, and an annotated proof of Niall Brennan's 1968 study John Wren: gambler.

Further material is located in the 1984 consignment (Boxes 212-213).

Folio Item 29: Water colour sketch by Counihan advertising book

Folio Item 30: Sketch (ink)

Series 9. Journey into the future (1952) - Box 64-66 (MS 4887)

Journey into the future was a report on a trip to Russia by Frank and Rosslyn Hardy in 1951-52. It was published by the Australasian Book Society in August 1952.

The series contains hand written and typed drafts, annotated copies of the final manuscript and annotated copies of the published paperback text. A small number of letters received by Hardy in 1952 after publication of the book complete the series.

Series 10. The four-legged lottery, (1958) - Box 67-70 (MS 4887)

Hardy's novel The four-legged lottery follows a gambler's fortunes in Melbourne during the period 1930-50. It was first published by T. Werner Laurie Ltd in London in 1958. Later publications were by World Distributors (Manchester) Ltd (1959), Horwitz (1969), Gold Star Publications (1972) and Rigby (1976). There are German, Russian and Czechoslovakian translations.

Handwritten and annotated typescript drafts, copies of the completed manuscript notes for a film treatment of the novel written in 1969, and a small number of letters complete the series. Hardy's correspondence with publishers William Heinemann Ltd who represented T. Werner Laurie Ltd in Australia, and with Curtis Brown Ltd and The Bodley Head in London, dates from 1957 until 1970. In addition there are letters received from readers after the original publication of the book.

Further material is located in the 1979 consignment.

Series 11. Legends from Benson's Valley, (1963) - Box 70-71 (MS 4887)

Legends from Benson's Valley, a collection of short stories based on Hardy's recollections of his boyhood in Bacchus Marsh, was first published in 1963 by T. Werner Laurie Ltd. Later it was published by Horwitz (1967) and Rigby (1976). There was a Russian translation in 1964. It's moments like these, published by Gold Star Publications in 1972, comprised of all the stories in Legends from Benson's Valley with the exception of 'The eviction of Ernie Lyle'.

The papers contain Hardy's correspondence with his publishers from 1960 until 1973, letters from critics, and his negotiations in 1973 with the ABC concerning radio adaptation rights. There are also notes, manuscript and typescript drafts of the stories, unfinished and unpublished stories and the scripts of the ABC radio adaptation.

See also 1988 consignment (Box 224).

Series 12. The yarns of Billy Borker (1965) and 'Billy Borker yarns again' (1967) - Box 71-73 (MS 4887)

In 1964 ABC television screened a series of ten episodes based on Hardy's Billy Borker stories. In the following year a selection of stories, The yarns of Billy Borker, introduced by Clement Semmler and illustrated by Vane, was published by A.H and A.W. Reed. A sequel Billy Borker yarns again was illustrated by Paul Rigby and published in 1967 by Thomas Nelson (Australia) Ltd. Billy Borker stories were also published in The Sun News - Pictorial and The Northern Territory News.

The papers contain letters which Hardy received from people contributing anecdotes, Vane's sketches and illustrations, hand-written and typescript gallery proofs of the first book, transcripts of media interviews and press cuttings.

Series 13. The unlucky Australians, (1968) - Box 73-81 (MS 4887) and Folio 31 (MS 4887)

In early 1968 Frank Hardy went to Wave Hill in the Northern Territory to assist the Gurindji tribe in their struggle for better working conditions and for land rights. The result of this involvement covering 1968-72 was the book, The unlucky Australians (1968, reprinted 1972).

This series includes material gathered during 1968-72 from people and groups inside and beyond Australia who had earlier been or were later to become involved in the struggle, including students, politicians, churchmen, trade unionists and academics. In the material are letters, articles, press cuttings, newsletters, reports, government publications, illustrations, maps, photographs and posters.

Correspondence with Abschol, the Northern Territory Council for Aboriginal Rights, the World Council of Churches, Federal parliamentarians Jim Keeffe, Gordon Bryant and Tom Uren, film maker Cecil Holmes and others comprises one box of the collection. Hardy's articles in Tribune, The Australian, The Northern Territory News and Tharunka, press cuttings and issues of the journals Origin and Aboriginal Quarterly take up several boxes. There are also four drafts (handwritten and typed) of The unlucky Australians, printed matter including a confidential report on a trip to Wattie Creek by Abschol director P.W. Matthews in mid-1970, parliamentary publications and reports such as that of the minutes of the Parliamentary standing Committee on Public Works relating to a road new Wave Hill (1963); and the scripts of the film The unlucky Australians (1973).

Some tapes of conversations Hardy had with Aboriginal activists Vincent Lingiari, Pincher Martin and Dexter Daniels in 1968 have been transferred to the Oral History Collection (TRC).

Folio Item 31 – Folio package of maps, photographs and sketches

Series 14. The outcasts of Foolgarah, (1971) - Box 82-87 (MS 4887) and Folios 32-33 (MS 4887)

This satire published as a novel in 1971 went through several versions (fictional, dramatic and cinematic) under such titles as 'We the Garbos' and 'It all started over nothing' between 1956 and 1970 before assuming its final form. This series mainly comprised seven complete and twelve incomplete drafts as well as the computer printout and galley proofs of these versions. Other related material includes comments, notes, research data, publications, sketches, press cuttings and reviews.

The correspondence in the series includes letters from Geoffrey Dutton, Owen Webster, Thomas Nelson (Australia) Ltd, Allara Publishing and replies from Frank Hardy. It covers 1957-1971.

Folio Item 32 – Computer printouts

Folio Item 33 – Sketches for advertising

Series 15. The needy and the greedy, (1974) - Box 88-90 (MS 4887)

The needy and the greedy: humorous stories of the racetrack by Hardy and jockey George Athol Mulley was published in 1975 by Libra Books, Canberra.

The papers contain a typescript copy of the manuscript, Hardy's extensive handwritten notes, and a small number of letters containing anecdotes on racing. Hardy received these from readers during 1970-1971 after his articles, under the by-line of Athol Mulley were published in Sydney newspapers, The Sun (1970) and The Daily Mirror (1971) and in Racetrack and international breeding review (1972). The series also contains a copy of the agreement dated 11 April 1968 between Mulley and Hardy, and The Sun newspaper, and Hardy's correspondence with his solicitors Murphy and Moloney, and Roy F. Turner, Jones and Co. during 1972-1973 concerning his alleged overpayment by Mirror Newspapers Limited. A xerox copy of the counter claim Hardy and Mulley v. Mirror Newspapers Limited is included.

Series 16. But the dead are many, (1975) - Box 90-101 (MS 4887)

But the dead are many : a novel in figure form was published in 1975 by the Bodley Head in Australia (Pty) Ltd. The novel was commenced during a visit to Russia in 1962-63, but revised radically during the next ten years. After several drafts (in turn entitled 'This way and forever', 'Journey into the past' and 'They eat their babies in Russia') the book reached its final form: a novel on the life of an Australian communist and his moral and spiritual conflicts, which he resolved by suicide.

The papers contain a hand-written synopsis of a proposed book dated March 1963, hand-written and typescript copies of the final book, extensive revision notes, research material and Hardy's correspondence concerning the novel with publishers the Bodley Head, Andre Deutsch and his agent Curtis Brown (Aust.) Pty Ltd during the years from 1964 until 1972.

See also 1982 consignment (Boxes 180 and 189-190).

Series 17. Dramatic works - Box 102-110 (MS 4887)

This series includes works written for the stage but not film, radio and television which are included in series 19, and not dramatisations of the author's major works which are allocated to the relevant series for the work concerned. The series contains two three act plays, 'Black diamonds' and 'Ringbolter', and various smaller productions. This series has been subdivided into three sections.

'Black diamonds' was originally shown at the New Theatre, Melbourne, in 1958. Papers include letters and correspondence written between 1958 and 1964 about the staging of the play and critical evaluations of it; hand and typewritten drafts; and pamphlets, notes and news cuttings about Cessnock, NSW, where a strike of coal miners in 1957 inspired Hardy to write the play.

'Ringbolter's' first public performance occurred at a reading at the Old Tote Theatre, Sydney, in 1964. It subsequently won the Dame Mary Gilmore Award in the same year. Papers include correspondence (1961-1967) to and from Melbourne and Sydney theatres and comments and criticism about the play by Mona Brand, Doris Fitton, John McCallum and others. Also included are hand and typewritten drafts, printed songs, a glossary of terms used in the play and miscellaneous notes.

Other theatrical productions which are represented in this series are 'Other Qualities' (1945); 'Nail on the wall' (1951); 'All these wees shall serve' (1956, 1958, 1965); 'The legend of Don Quince' (synopsis of a play); and 'Music while you work'. Correspondence in this section broadly covers 1946, 1955 and 1960-1972 including letters to and from Dorothy Hewett, Barry Oakley, Joan Littlewood, the New Theatre of East Sydney and the Theatre Council of Western Australia. Other papers include drafts of the plays, a glossary of terms and notes.

See also series 33 'Leap seven times in the air'.

Series 18. Short stories - Box 110-115 (MS 4887)

Frank Hardy had been a prolific writer of short stories since 1944 when his 'Stranger in the camp' won the School of Modern Writers competition. This series includes hand-written and typed drafts of stories from 1944 to 1970, journal and newspaper cuttings of published stories, and correspondence with publishers and editors of anthologies and periodicals in which Hardy's works appeared.

The letters cover 1945, 1946, 1947, 1957-70 and include negotiations with Australian, English, American, German, Russian and Czechoslovakian publishers of anthologies like Coast to Coast, newspapers as varied as the Melbourne Sun and Moscow's Izvestia and periodicals ranging form the Australian Women's day to the American Harpers.

Published material includes cuttings from Textile Topics, Progress, Meat Industry Journal and The Clerks, (1946-48) as well as some more recent material from the Sydney Tribune and The Daily Mirror, (1960-65).

Drafts of short stories including 'The load of wood' (1945); 'The Mirror' (1947); 'The Returned soldier' (1950); 'Good as ever' (1957) and 'The Daily Double' (1970).

See also series 32 'Voices off'.

Series 19. Radio and Television work - Box 116-124 (MS 4887)

This series contains correspondence, scripts of plays written by Hardy for radio and television, and scripts of Hardy's own television appearances.

The letters date from 1946 until 1972, and consist of those he received from the Australian Broadcasting Commission, the British Broadcasting Corporation, ATN Channel 7 Sydney, Fauna Bonaparte, Crawford Productions Pty Ltd, Australian Sound and Television Pty Ltd and broadcasting station 2GB Pty Ltd. Fan mail to Hardy is also included.

Hardy's scripts for radio and television plays have been arranged chronologically with those undated placed last. Letters, notes and research material have been kept with the scripts where this was the original order. Some of the early radio plays were written under the pseudonym 'Ross Franklyn'. The plays include 'Usual women', 'Jacky-Jacky gentleman, bushranger and penal reformer', 'The man who knew all the answers', 'Bony and the mouse' (adapted from Arthur Upfield's Bony series), 'One pair of eyes', 'The load of wood' (adapted form Hardy's short story), 'Cobb and Co. Party' (for children) and 'The snag'. There are also scripts for 'Australia Project - North West' written for the Commonwealth Film Unit, 'Call me by my proper name' based on the story outline 'Man alone' by Cecil Holmes, 'God save the Queen', 'The cockie in Bungaree' and episodes for the series 'Our man in Canberra' (1971), the 'Mavis Bramston Show' and '66 and all that'.

Many notes and scripts for the ABC program 'Would you believe it' series 1-5, 1970-1974 have been organised together and form a large part of the series.

Also included are typescripts of the interviews Hardy made with Tony Morphett on the ABC television series 'Spectrum' in 1966 and with Marius Webb on the ABC radio program 'Books and ideas' in 1972 concerning David Ireland's book The unknown industrial prisoner.

See also 1982 consignment (Boxes 180-184), 1984 consignment (including Boxes 210-211) and the 1988 consignment (Boxes 224-225).

Series 20. Henry Lawson material - Box 125-131 (MS 4887) and Elephant Folio 34 (MS 4887)

Hardy wrote a fictional account of the poet Henry Lawson (1867-1922). His research into Lawson's life covered some years.

This series includes a typed and manuscript version of the screenplay 'Larsen' completed in 1974, together with miscellaneous material (press cuttings, copies of Lawson's letters and poems, cards maintained by Hardy in chronological and subject order and some letters.

Material in this collection appears to have been collected from the early 1950s to 1973.

Elephant Folio Item 34: Outline of Larsen

See also the consignments for 1982 (Box 185), 1984 (Box 205) and 1988 (Boxes 226-233).

Series 21. Other writings - Box 132-136 (MS 4887)

This collection of Hardy's writings consists of articles, forewords, lectures and reviews. Where correspondence, research material, notes and drafts accompany them, this arrangement has been kept.

Included in the series are copies of The troppo tribune which Hardy edited during 1943-44 whilst he was in the Army at Mataranka, Northern Territory; Hardy's introduction to Memorial collection of the works of Ambrose Palmer: man and artist of the people (1953); his introduction to Dorothy Hewett and Mervyn Lilley's book of poetry (1963); and a review of Clement Semmler's book The Banjo of the bush (Lansdowne, 1967).

Hardy attended a seminar 'Literature in Australia' at the University of New England, Armidale in January 1965. Notes, drafts and typescripts of his paper, 'Environment and ideology in Australian literature (a personal experience)' are included here. Again, in January 1967 he attended New England University as a consultant tutor at the Writers' Retreat. In these papers, apart from his notes and writings are letters and manuscripts Hardy received from his students. His paper 'The novelist's craft' delivered in 1970 at a Summer School at New England is also included.

From 1966 until 1973 he wrote and revised words for the song 'Sydney Town'. These drafts, notes and letters from Rolf Harris are placed here.

Papers concerning Hardy's attendance at the Adelaide Festival of Arts in 1970 including notes for addresses and printed material.

Hardy contributed articles to newspapers and periodicals. Included here are collections of research material, notes, drafts and typescripts of his work on John Gorton (1969) Katharine Susannah Prichard (1970), Tharunka (1972) and Sidney Sparkes Orr (1973).

See also the consignments for 1982 and 1988 (Boxes 233-237).

Series 22. Maritime worker - Box 137 (MS 4887)

During 1959 and 1960 Hardy was advertising manager of The Maritime Worker, the official organ of the Waterside Workers' Federation. The series consists of copies of Hardy's official letters and a small number of replies, together with an incomplete set of The Maritime Worker for the years 1959 and 1960.

Series 23. Realist Writers' Groups - Box 138-140 (MS 4887)

The Realist Writers' Group was formed in Melbourne in 1944 as 'a working class literary movement'. Hardy joined the group in 1945 and when he moved to Sydney in 1954 he re-formed the Sydney group. A national council of Realist Writers was set up in 1960 with Hardy the foundation president. In 1966 he was created a life member.

The Melbourne group published the Realist writer from 1952 until 1954 when it was incorporated in Overland and edited by Stephen Murray-Smith. Dissatisfaction with Overland's editorial policy led, in 1958, to the Sydney group publishing its own journal, The Realist Writer, edited by Hardy. He remained editor until 1962 and a member of the editorial board until 1966. From 1960 The Realist Writer became the organ of the national council and in 1964 its title was changed to The Realist.

The series contains records of the Sydney Realist Writers' Group (1954-66) the National Council of Realist Writers (1960-1966), correspondence between Hardy and contributions to The Realist Writer (1958-64) and The Realist (1964-66) and the correspondence between Hardy and Stephen Murray-Smith concerning the policies of Overland during the years 1955-1958.

Contributions to the realist publications include Mona Brand, Betty Collins, Dorothy Hewett, Mervyn Lilley, Joan Hendry, Enid Morton and Lea Cox. Copies of the Melbourne Realist Writer v.1 nos. 1-8, March 1952 - April 1954, The Realist Writer (Sydney) v.1 nos 1-4, 1960, v.1 no. 1 1961, no. 13, 1963 and The Realist, nos. 15 and 16, 1964 are also included.

Series 24. Literary organisations

This series contains the papers Hardy accumulated as a member of the Australian Society of Authors, the Australasian Book Society, the Fellowship of Australian writers and International P.E.N. Each group has been arranged as a subseries.

Subseries a. The Australian Society of Authors - Box 140-141 (MS 4887)

The Australian Society of Authors was launched in Sydney on 15 May 1963 and by the end of that year there were members in all states. The subseries contains a small number of letters to Hardy from the secretary Jill Hellyer but the bulk of the papers consist of records of the Society for ten years from 1963. They include an invitation to the inaugural meeting, a copy of the constitution, notices of meetings, circulars, quarterly and annual reports, copies of Broadside v. 1 no. 1, September 1963 to v. 5 no. 3, April 1968, and printed material.

Hardy represented the A.S.A. on the convening committee of the National T.V. Congress held in Sydney in March 1965. Notices of meetings, Hardy's notes, papers of the Congress, press cuttings and 'The report from the Senate Select committee on the encouragement of Australian productions for television' (October 1963) complete the series.

Subseries b. The Australasian Book Society - Box 140-141 (MS 4887)

The Australasian Book Society was formed in February 1952 at a meeting in Melbourne convened by George Seelaf, Victorian secretary of the Butchers' Union. Hardy, Seelaf and others had been engaged in printing Power without glory and Seelaf "suggested forming a book club to publish left and democratic novels to be distributed through the accidental but quite historic relations between writers and readers which the defence campaign (for Power without glory) had brought together. Something like this has been carried out under four managers - Bill Wannan, Ian Turner, Les Greenfield and Jack Beasley" (F. Hardy to The Bulletin 24 August 1963:33). In January 1960 the A.B.S headquarters moved to Sydney.

The papers contain a typescript copy of the minutes of meetings 1 February and 8 May 1952, notices of further meetings in 1952, minutes of a meeting of the NSW committee of the Society in April 1957 and minutes of meetings of the Board of management of A.B.S. in 1961; an incomplete set of circulars of the Society from 1961 until 1972; correspondence between Hardy and Greenfield in 1959 concerning finance, drafts of Hardy's article 'After ten years, A.B.S. roots deep amongst the people', drafts, typescripts and the amended version of his letter to The Bulletin requested by Peter Coleman; publications of the A.B.S. including news bulletins, c.1953, speakers' notes, Discussion group bulletin no. 1 (n.d.) Readers and writers, journal of the A.B.S. v. 1 no. 1, May 1953, December 1959, November 1963 and May 1964.

Subseries c. The Fellowship of Australian Writers - Box 140-141 (MS 4887)

The Fellowship of Australian Writers was founded in 1928; its headquarters are in Sydney and there are branches in all States. The small subseries contains notices and circulars of the F.A.W. dating from 1952 until 1972; the circulars are almost complete for the years 1959 to 1970. A small number of letters written to Hardy before the Writers' Workshop of 1969, together with drafts and typescripts of his address on behalf of the Fellowship to the Soviet Writers' Union delegates in 1960 complete the collection.

Subseries d. International P.E.N - Box 140-141 (MS 4887)

International P.E.N. is a world association of writers and 'the only viable international writers' organisation'. It was founded in London in 1921. Hardy was a member of the Sydney centre of International P.E.N. and the papers contain a small number of circulars dating from 1961 until 1972. Printed material includes the P.E.N. charter, and the Autumn 1964 edition of PEN news, the bulletin of the English centre of International P.E.N. and P.E.N., the newsletter of the Sydney Centre, no. 1, April 1966.

Series 25. Principal literary awards

The papers relating to Hardy's principal literary awards have been divided into two subseries: (a) Commonwealth Literary Fund Fellowships and (b) the New South Wales Literary Fellowship.

Subseries a. Commonwealth Literary Fund Fellowships - Box 141-143 (MS 4887)

Hardy applied for a Commonwealth Literary Fund Fellowship in 1968. When the awards were announced Hardy's name was absent, although he alleged that his application was recommended, but had been vetoed by Immigration Minister, B.M. Snedden. Correspondence written during 1968-69 between Hardy and W.R. Cumming, secretary to the Fund, together with press cuttings concerning the awards, form the first part of the subseries.

Later, in 1972, Hardy was awarded a Commonwealth Literary Fund Fellowship to complete a work on Henry Lawson. After this was announced Derry Hogue of The Australian interviewed Hardy by telephone. When the article was published, Hardy sued Nationwide News Pty Ltd for 'damages for defamation arising out of the publication'. A settlement was made out of court. The papers contain correspondence between Hardy and the administrators of the Fund, the Prime Minister's Department and later the Literature Board (Australian Council of the Arts); a hand written copy of Hardy's record of his interview with Hogue, correspondence between Hardy and Roy F. Turner, Freeman and Partners, solicitors for Nationwide News Pty Ltd and the deed of settlement.

Subseries b. The New South Wales Literary Fellowship - Box 141-143 (MS 4887)

In August 1969 the New South Wales Advisory Committee on Cultural Giants awarded Hardy a Literary Fellowship for six months to complete the novel But the dead are many. The small subseries consists of Hardy's correspondence from 1969 to 1972 with J. Nesbitt, executive member of the Committee, concerning the grant.

Series 26. Political papers - Box 143-152 (MS 4887) and Folios 35-37 (MS 4887)

Hardy's political correspondence, circulars, notes, drafts of articles and lectures, together with printed material and press cuttings he collected on politics have been arranged in this series. They reflect his commitment to the Communist Party, which he joined in 1940.

Placed at the beginning are a small number of letters and circulars dating from 1960 until 1972, which Hardy received from the Australian-Soviet Friendship Society and its successor the Australian-USA Society; the Young Socialist League of Australia; Amnesty International; the Central, Sydney district and Education Committees of the Communist Party of Australia; the committee of the Victorian Moratorium Campaign; the Youth Campaign against conscription; the Australian left review and the Tribune.

Hardy's writings follow. Where notes, drafts and typescripts have been kept, the original order has been maintained. They include his speech to the Chinese May Day delegation (1956); articles 'Egon Kisch in Australia', 'Current struggles of the Australian workers', 'Notes on the struggles of the Australian labour movement' (c1960) and 'An open letter to Eric Lambert'; and a series of lectures he gave to the Eureka Youth League, Sydney in 1965.

Also contained are a small number of papers relating to Hardy's candidature for the seat of Mackeller (N.S.W.) in the general election of 1955.

Placed next are circulars and papers associated with the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st. Congresses of the Communist Party of Australia (1958-67), the Youth Peace Festival, Berlin (1951), the World Congress for General Disarmament and Peace, Moscow (1962), the Australian Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament, Sydney (1964), and the Peace Foundation Conference on Czechoslovakia (1969).

The collection contains a quantity of processed and typescript material including the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th bulletins of documentation of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation entitled Conference on solidarity with Czechoslovakian socialism (1969); the papers delivered at the Conference for Left Action (1969); material received from I. Evans in 1969 concerning a proposed World Peace Makers' Association, and the Education bulletin no. 1 and other literature issued by the Radical Education Foundation (1969); 'a pageant' by Jim Crawford written in 1960 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Australia.

Press cuttings and publications collected by Hardy contain material relating to the Royal Commission on Espionage (1954), the Mt Isa strike (1965), Australia's participation in the Vietnam War and the conscription issue during the 1960s, political events in Hungary (1956), Czechoslovakia (1968) and Indonesia (1956-57 and 1962).

The publications include single copies of Soviet news bulletin (1965), Press research: a peace information service (1969), Green light (1952), Headlights (1959), Tribune (1949, 1955 and 1959) and the Guardian (1949 and 1956) and speeches made by N.S. Khrushchev from 1959 to 1962 which were subsequently published as pamphlets. Other publications related to labour, production, housing, education science, agriculture and the replies of women in the USSR.

Folio Items 35-37: Russian books, Russian publications and ACTU booklet and notes

For other political papers see the consignments of 1982 (Box 186) and 1988 (Boxes 238-241).

Series 27. Evgenii Yevtushenko - Box 153-154 (MS 4887)

Russian poet Evgenii Yevtushenko visited Australia in 1966 to take part in the Adelaide Festival of Arts. The series consists of papers relating to the Festival, Yevtushenko's itinerary, typescript copies of his poems, the article 'The poet as a public figure' published in The Bulletin 12 March 1966: 24-25. Yevtushenko later visited Sydney where he read his poems at a public meeting at the Old Tote Theatre. As well, the papers contain notes, drafts and typescripts of Hardy's articles for the Sunday Times (London) in 1968, when Yevtushenko won the 'students candidate ballot' for the election of Oxford's Professor of Poetry. Three copies of Yevtushenko : selected poems (1962), in Penguin Modern European Poets series are also included.

Series 28. Writings by others - Box 154-155 (MS 4887)

Manuscript, typescript and processed poems, articles, plays and songs received by Hardy, often with a request for his comments, have been placed in this series. Their authors include Audrey Blake, Jim Crawford, Osborne Davis, M. Eminescu, A.P. Herbert, Jean Hendry, Rosemary Hooper, H. Kullman, Eric Lambert, R.H. Long, Les A. Murray, Marjorie Pizer, John Thompson, Allyn Vaisey, Judah Waten and Ray Williams.

See also the 1988 consignment (Box 241).

Series 29. Tape recordings

The tape recordings in the collection consist of Hardy's interviews with Gurindji Tribesmen Dexter Daniels, Pincher Lingiari and Mick Rangiari at Wattie Creek during the strike on Wave Hill Station in 1967; his interview with Tony Morphett in June 1966 (see also Series 17); lectures by Hardy on communism, planning and economics in USSR, the Russian Revolution of 1917, and recordings of his thoughts for inclusion in But the dead are many; various interviews relating to The yarns of Billy Borker and the songs Sydney Town and Why don't you didgeridoo.

This material is held in the Oral history Collection at ORAL TRC 367.

Series 30. Cartoons and photographs - Box 156-158 (MS 4887)and Folios 38-39 (MS 4887)

This series consists of an exercise book containing pencil sketches of cartoon figures by Hardy; snapshots, press photographs and studio portraits of Hardy and his family, together with photographs he collected during his overseas trips.

Folio Items 38-39: 2 packages containing cartoons and photographs.

See also the 1988 consignment (Box 241).

Class MS 4887. Consignment added July 1978

Series 31. You nearly had him that time, (1977) - Box 158-159 (MS 4887)

Anthology of cricket short stories and anecdotes written by Fred Trueman and Frank Hardy (published by Stanley Paul (London), 1978).

Manuscript and typescript drafts of stories, galley proofs, contract (1977), defamation report, notebooks, cassettes, book outline, notes, cuttings and other papers. (10 files)

1, 2 Begin near end S S Term? F Trueman ETC [Cricket book with F. Trueman Sep. 1977] [cassette tape], ?1977 (Item NLA.MS-SAV000061) - Cassette Box 5
1 item
[Cricket book with F. Trueman Sep. 1977] [cassette tape], ?1977 (Item NLA.MS-SAV000062) - Cassette Box 5
1 item

Series 32. 'Voices off', 1977-78 - Box 160 (MS 4887)

Unpublished anthology of short stories and recollections. The series contains manuscript and typescript drafts and notes. (2 files)

See also further material in the consignments of October 1979 and October 1982 (MS 4887 Boxes 189-91).

Series 33. 'Leap seven times in the air', 1959-74 - Box 161-162 (MS 4887)

Play on abortion commissioned by the Old Tote Theatre Company in 1973-74. The papers include manuscript and typescript drafts, notebooks, correspondence (1973-74), plot outline, and cuttings (1961-73) and printed material on abortion. Also includes drafts of an earlier play written in the 1950s. (12 files)

Series 34. 'Sea novel', 1953-63 - Box 163 (MS 4887)

Notes, notebooks, cuttings, manuscripts and issues of the Seamen's journal, 1954-63 relating to an unpublished novel. (6 files)

Series 35. Miscellaneous papers and printed material, 1954-77 - Box 164-165 (MS 4887) and Folios 40 (MS 4887)

Periodicals and circulars (1977) and court transcripts relating to cases involving the Waterside Workers' Federation of Australia and the Seamen's Union of Australia (1954). (8 files)

Folio Item 40: X-rays and commercial prints

Series 36. Citizens for Democracy, 1975-77 - Box 165 (MS 4887)

Citizens for Democracy was an organisation formed in 1976 after the dismissal of Gough Whitlam in 1975. Its aim was to stimulate debate on the election of a people's convention to draft a new constitution for Australia. Hardy was involved in the organisation and gave speeches at public meetings.

The papers comprise notes, printed material, cuttings, meeting papers, correspondence from Gareth Evans (National Conference for a Democratic Constitution) and others, financial statements and speeches. (6 files)

Series 37. Who shot George Kirkland: a novel about the nature of truth (Pan Books, 1981) - Box 166 (MS 4887)

Typescripts including first draft and notes. (5 files)

See also 1982 consignment (Box 192) and 1984 consignment (Box 209).

Class MS 4887. Consignment added October 1979

Further material for Series 10 (The four-legged lottery (1958)) (File) - Box 167 (MS 4887)

Further material for Series 32 ('Voices off', 1977-78) (File) - Box 167 (MS 4887)

Class MS 4887. Consignment added November 1982

Boxes 168-198 + 3 folio items (Nos. 23-25) + 8 cassette tapes.

Series [unnumbered]. Correspondence

Correspondence 1975-82 (File a) - Box 168-174 (MS 4887)

Much of this was accumulated by Hardy during his period of residence in France. Some has been sorted alphabetically by writer, some is unsorted. Some personal correspondence included. The material includes letters documenting Hardy's friendship with the popular singer Nana Mouskouri.

Personal correspondence 1975-81 (File b) - Box 168-174 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Diaries

Appointment diaries: 1968, 1970, 1975, 1976, 1979, 1980, 1981 (File) - Box 175-178 (MS 4887)
Journal-type diaries: 1957, 1970-73, 1975-79 (File) - Box 175-178 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Miscellaneous papers

Notes for speeches 1980-82 (File a) - Box 179 (MS 4887)
'The Captain'; a feature film treatment by Roz Waring, 1977 (File b) - Box 179 (MS 4887)
Songs and poems 1976-82 (File c) - Box 179 (MS 4887)
Notes and papers for overseas trips 1975-78 and 1977 (File d) - Box 179 (MS 4887)
Lists and work plans 1977-82 (File e) - Box 179 (MS 4887)
File on John Henry Hall (File f) - Box 179 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Subject files

Comprises bundles numbered 1-32.

But the dead are many (File 1) - Box 180 (MS 4887)

Xerox copy of typescript screenplay by Peter Yeldham, based on the novel by Frank Hardy. 116pp + 1 page. A few annotations, generally of a minor nature.

Lester Piggott (File 2) - Box 180 (MS 4887)

Racing stories 1978. Photocopies from the book Lester: a biography, London, Stanley Paul, 1978; newspaper clippings about Piggott; seven pages containing draft proposal for a book of racing stories; 9pp. ms and 1p. typescript entitled 'There are no certainties in racing', heavily corrected.

'The Major & Tom', a television comedy series by Frank Hardy: episode one typescript carbon copy. No annotations (File 3) - Box 180 (MS 4887)
Greek conspiracy: photocopies of press cuttings 1979-1980. Photocopies of newspaper clippings about the Department of Social Security case involving members of the Greek community, especially in Sydney (File 4 a) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
Newspaper clippings on the Social Security case (File 4 b) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
Draft letter to the Age on the subject. 4pp. typescript; 1p. ms., all containing deletions and annotations (File 4 c) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
Notes and jottings for a book or play about Greeks and the medical profession with reference to the so-called 'Social Security fraud'? Not in Hardy's hand (File 4 d) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
'Beware the Greeks', a story outline for a screenplay by Frank Hardy. Research by Yolande Lucire, April 1979, 49pp. carbon copy typescript; no annotations. Amended, annotated incomplete version of the story outline, together with 15pp. ms. notes; ms. notes c. 40pp. in Dr Lucire's hand. Transcript of interview of Dr Lucire with Senator Dame Margaret Guilfoyle and P.J. Lanigan of Department of Social Security and Dr Shepherd, 25pp (File 4 e) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
'Greek film': ms. and typed notes on story outline, some in Dr Lucire's hand 6pp. and 1 small notebook (File 4 f) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
Record of interview 1978 of Detective Inspector Wells and G. Bakopoules 2pp; record of interviews with N. Kakcuris, 2pp. incomplete (File 4 g) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
Notes, photocopies, typed letter, ms. notes in hand of Hardy and Lucire on 'Beware the Greeks', c. 3 cm (File 4 h) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
'Beware the Greeks': typescript carbon copy 75pp; few annotations (File 4 i) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
file containing 18pp. transcript of telephone conversation re Social Security case; photocopies of newspaper clippings; copies of correspondence re the case c. 4 cm. Amended typescript with ms. notes in file 'Beware the Greeks' (File 4 j) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
Press cuttings: Greek conspiracy. Ms. notes by Dr. Lucire, photocopies of newspaper clippings, Hansard, correspondence, report by Greek welfare workers group, 9pp (File 4 k) - Box 180-181 (MS 4887)
Letter from C. Semmler to F. Hardy, 17 Feb. 1971, 2pp. Deals with personal and literary matters (File 5) - Box 182 (MS 4887)
'The last Big Bet': Screenplay by F. Hardy. Prospectus by Cinecorp seeking investors (File 6 a) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
Photocopy of 'The Last Big Bet' typescript script labelled no. 1 copy A (File 6 b) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
files of amendments, deletions, notes (2cm) (File 6 c) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
Index cards, extensively amended, but incomplete (File 6 d) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
Correspondence re possible filming (File 6 e) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
Three typescript versions of 'The Last Big Bet', one bearing title The four-legged lottery, the novel on which the screen play was based (File 6 f) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
Revised 1980 draft, heavily amended (File 6 g) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
Photocopy of screenplay, amended, labelled R. Sanders (File 6 h) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
Ms. synopsis of 'The Last Big Bet' (File 6 i) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
Two amended versions of screenplay (File 6 j) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
Second draft 1979; few amendments (File 6 k) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
October 1980 version (File 6 l) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
Cards, press cuttings, jottings, January 1980 (File 6 m) - Box 182-184 (MS 4887)
'Who is Larsen?' notes, December 1980-81. Research notes and correspondence related to Henry Lawson, especially his medical condition; xerox copies, articles etc. La Trobe Library journal Vol. 7 no. 28, October 1981 (Lawson issue) (File 7 a) - Box 185 (MS 4887)
Larsen book containing two notebooks, transcripts, brief notes on Lawson correspondence, press cuttings (File 7 b) - Box 185 (MS 4887)
'Who is Larsen' : playscript (file title); xerox copies poetry; article re psychiatry; reprint article John Mark Davis The structure of families of schizophrenics; xerox print of the play 'Who is Larsen' (152pp) (File 7 c) - Box 185 (MS 4887)
Larsen novel : used notes (file title) contains one sheet only, crossed through (File 7 d) - Box 185 (MS 4887)
Larsen : novel notes, brief notes; some transcriptions of Lawson letters; press cuttings (File 7 e) - Box 185 (MS 4887)
Spiral notebook containing library research notes re Henry Lawson (ex Lothian collection, La Trobe Library, few pages only) (File 7 f) - Box 185 (MS 4887)
Larsen notes : London (file title). Reprint article Body feeling in human relations : the possible example of Brancusi and Giocometti by Russell Meares; Succeeding : a sequel to pursuing literature by Henry Lawson, typescript copy (6pp) foolscap; list of London addresses visited by Henry Lawson; letter to L.H.W. Paine, Home-Governor the Bethlehem Royal Hospital seeking access to the medical records of Bertha Lawson; assorted xerox copies; typescript notes of Frank Hardy analysing his Lawson research (File 7 g) - Box 185 (MS 4887)
The Third Past (novel) : brief notes etc., notebook (File 8 a) - Box 186 (MS 4887)
File of assorted press cuttings and background material (File 8 b) - Box 186 (MS 4887)
Assorted brief notes (File 8 c) - Box 186 (MS 4887)
Novel notes: including 'Statement of principles re The Staples Affair and motions for the extraordinary meeting of the Bar Association'; assorted brief notes; press cuttings; (File 8 d) - Box 186 (MS 4887)
The Fourth Post: assorted notes, rough; aide-memoirs material (File 8 e) - Box 186 (MS 4887)
Communist Party of Australia: Newsletter (CPA Victorian Branch), May & August 1982; minutes and other papers of Fitzroy Branch meetings, 21 May 1981, 4 June 1981, 13 Aug. 1981, 27 Aug. 1981, 10 Sept. 1981, 8 Oct. 1981, 18 Feb. 1982, 1 Apr. 82, 15 Apr. 1982, 20 May 1982, and 17 June 1982; 'Position paper on Branch organisation' by Quentin; decision, Victorian State Conference, April 1981; 'Something is rotten in the Garden State' : report to Victorian State conference, April 1981 by Philip Herington (17 pp); Red Lines (Fitzroy Branch CPA newsletter), numerous issues, 1981; Factory Fodder v. 1, issue 2 (monthly publication of Collingwood CYSS); Vanessa Redgrave in Australia : a Socialist League pamphlet and other papers (File 9) - Box 186 (MS 4887)
'Pigeon, an Aboriginal rebel : a study of Aboriginal-European conflict in the West Kimberley, north western Australia during the 1890s' by H. Pedersen (Murdoch University W.A. Hons thesis) (File 10) - Box 187 (MS 4887)
Papua-New Guinea Court cases; Rod Settle. Letter Rod Settle to Frank Hardy re study of prisoners sentences by the Papua-New Guinea Supreme Court, 1972. '?asol' : prisoners before the Supreme Court of Papua-New Guinea ; a study of 118 prisoners convicted in 1979 (118 pp. processed) (File 11) - Box 187 (MS 4887)
Sundry manuscripts; 'Breaker Morant'; screenplay by David Stevens and Jonathan Hardy from the stage play by Kenneth Ross (139 pp. xerox); John Ayliffe, 'Smart : from A to Z' (typescript 80 pp.), J.B Hill, 'A waif's story of life and his search for truth' (143 pp. xerox print) and covering letter from author, former Western District Secretary Building Workers Industrial Union, N.S.W. Branch (File 12) - Box 187 (MS 4887)
The hard way : file containing agreement with Channel 10 on television rights. Typescript of television adaptation by Sonia Borg (95 pp. no amendments) (File 13 a) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
First draft by Sonia Borg 'The hard way' (118 pp); scene breakdown (12 pp); correspondence and notes (4 pp) (File 13 b) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
Eukharin, original manuscript (1978?), (c. 50 pp) ms draft with amendments (File 14) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
Paths to peace : five printed leaflets (File 15) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
Affidavit : Bill Smith re James Loughnan; prologue for Smith's book Better off in a home, introduction by Hardy for a book of short stories by Smith, April 1982; affidavit concerning conversation re Power without Glory case between Hardy and James A. Loughnan in 1979 (2 pp) (File 16) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
Better off in a home by Bill Smith (Albert Park, Vic, Yvonne Burns, 1982). Dedication in front to Frank Hardy in author's hand (File 17) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
Nugan Hand: newspaper clippings (National Times) 1980-82 (File 18 a) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
Copy M.A. thesis Greg Fowler 'American imperialism and Nugan Hand', 1981. UNSW (205 pp) (File 18 b) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
Gurindji : typescript draft of article entitled 'Wattie Creek revisited' - some amendments (17 pp). Submitted to National Times but not used; correspondence with Channel 9 Sixty Minutes; correspondence with Ray McGinness of Alice Springs re aboriginal affairs; synopsis for book to be written by G. Foley, (7 pp.) (File 19) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
'The red fox': mss. notes and jottings for children's book by Frank Hardy (8pp) (File 20 a) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
'The red fox who learned to love chickens' by Frank Hardy: short story, five drafts, some incomplete, some heavily amended, 1981-82 (File 20 b) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
'Truthful and the professor': story outline by Jack Davies and Frank Hardy (57pp., photocopy of typescript; no annotations) (File 21 a) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
Correspondence and notes about proposed film (File 21 b) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
Story outline etc (File 21 c) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
French translation of story outline (File 21 d) - Box 188 (MS 4887)
'Voices off' v. 2. In many drafts, the piece is labelled 'Fact or Fiction'. New revised notes August 1975; photocopies of diary entries, (File 22 a) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Photocopies of articles (intended for inclusion in 'Voices off') (File 22 b) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Typescript and photocopies of typescript of material for 'Voices off' (File 22 c) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
'Voices off, essays' v. 2. Miscellaneous mss. notes and jottings, newspaper clippings. Northern Beaches Region Newsletter, June-July 1980 (File 22 d) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Miscellaneous hand-written and typed drafts, including one unpublished episode from But the dead are many; photocopies of short stories by Ross Franklyn (File 22 e) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Amended typed draft (11pp.) (File 22 f) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Handwritten and typed drafts, some with copious amendments (File 22 g) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Handwritten and typed drafts, some with copious amendments (File 22 h) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Handwritten and typed drafts, some with copious amendments plus photocopies; copies of material provided by National Library of Australia from earlier batches of Hardy mss (File 22 i) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Residue notes, July 1978. Photocopies and hand-written drafts and jottings (File 22 j) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Typed and hand-written drafts, amended (File 22 k) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Typed and hand-written drafts, amended (File 22 l) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
'Who shot George Kirkland?': photocopy of typescript screenplay (File 23 a) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Typed draft of novel, some amendments by Hardy, some by editor for typesetter (194pp. + 20pp., heavily amended) (File 23 b) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
First draft of screenplay; roneoed typescript; no amendments (107pp) (File 23 c) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Penultimate draft; screenplay Robert Taylor, director Karin Altnan, from the novel by Frank Hardy, c. 1981, R.E. Taylor. Copy of typescript, (169pp) (File 23 d) - Box 189-191 (MS 4887)
Who shot George Kirkland. Typed heavily amended drafts of one chapter (File 24 a) - Box 192 (MS 4887)
Notes and typed drafts, about half containing amendments (File 24 b) - Box 192 (MS 4887)
Kirkland 'blurb', October 1980. Notes, amended typescript (File 24 c) - Box 192 (MS 4887)
Hand-written jottings (c. 25pp) (File 24 d) - Box 192 (MS 4887)
As (b) (File 24 e) - Box 192 (MS 4887)
Copy of draft of entire novel; some amendments (194pp) (File 24 f) - Box 192 (MS 4887)
First galley proofs (177pp) (File 24 g) - Box 192 (MS 4887)
Frank Hardy reader (3pp. mss jottings) (File 25) - Box 193 (MS 4887)
August poem 1967, mss notes and typed poem entitled 'Sextet'; letter to his sister Mary, 1967 (20pp) (File 26 a) - Box 193 (MS 4887)
'Sextet'; variations of a theme by Mary Travers, verses for Aviva, 1976 (File 26 b) - Box 193 (MS 4887)
The man from Clinkapella, typescript (5pp) (File 27) - Box 193 (MS 4887)
Hypnotism: newspaper clippings, photocopies, etc (File 28) - Box 193 (MS 4887)
Asian Orange: jottings, newspaper clippings (3pp) (File 29) - Box 193 (MS 4887)
Age articles 1981. Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings; photocopies; draft of unpublished article submitted by Hardy to the Age, 1981 'Who bought Raheer', 4pp.; drafts and 8pp. typescript (File 30 a) - Box 193 (MS 4887)
Age articles 1982. 'Wattie Creek revisited', 17pp. typescript (relates to material file 19). Also amended typescript drafts; copies of correspondence with Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and his Department on Aboriginal matters, c. 1981-82, 10pp. newspaper clippings, jottings (File 30 b) - Box 193 (MS 4887)
Max Harris Court Case 1982. Correspondence, clippings, relating to Hardy's suit against Max Harris, Nationwide News Pty Ltd and Mirror Newspapers Ltd for defamation for an article that appeared in the Weekend Australian. (File 31) - Box 193 (MS 4887)
Newspaper clippings, photograph of reviews and new items concerning Hardy and his books (File 32) - Box 193 (MS 4887)
The loser now will be later to win - drafts (File 33) - Box 194 (MS 4887)
'A terrible beauty is born'. Photocopy typescript (File 34) - Box 195 (MS 4887)
'The letter that turned the tide of the war'. Entry in Age Short Story Competition. Several copies, typescript, written 1978, (File 35) - Box 195 (MS 4887)
Cairns Riot 1932. Printed items, photographs, photocopies of Adam Cyston manuscripts (originals in Mitchell Library?), correspondence 1975-82; first typed draft, entitled 'They eat their babies in Russia' (2 copies) (File 36) - Box 195 (MS 4887)
Carringbush writers' journal, no. 2 (1982). Galleys and published issue (File 37) - Box 195 (MS 4887)
Australian Writers' Guild. Newsletters, bulletins, 1981-82 (File 38) - Box 195 (MS 4887)
Photographs of Hardy, his family and friends (File 39) - Box 195 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Press clippings

Scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, invitations, programs (3 books in folio run – Folios 23-25), 1975-82 (File) - Box 196-198 (MS 4887)

Class MS 4887. Consignment added June 1984

Manuscript of novel The obsession of Oscar Oswald (Carlton, Vic : Pascoe Publishing, 1983) (File) - Box 199 (MS 4887)

Outline of this novel (File) - Box 199 (MS 4887)

Notes and drafts of the novel The obsession of Oscar Oswald. (File) - Box 200 (MS 4887)

Press cuttings for the novel The obsession of Oscar Oswald (File) - Box 201 (MS 4887)

Details of promotion of this novel (File) - Box 201 (MS 4887)

Manuscript of the companion book to Oscar, Warrant of distress (Carlton, Vic., Pascoe Publishing, 1983) (File) - Box 202 (MS 4887)

Notes, research material, press cuttings for Warrant of distress (File) - Box 202 (MS 4887)

Manuscript of new collection of short stories The loser now will be later to win (File) - Box 203 (MS 4887)

Notes, press cuttings etc. for above short stories (File) - Box 203 (MS 4887)

Essay notes and press cuttings for The obsession of Oscar Oswald. (File) - Box 204 (MS 4887)

Corrected typescript of new version of stage play written in April/May, 1984 'Who is Harry Larsen' (File) - Box 205 (MS 4887)

New notes for above play version (File) - Box 205 (MS 4887)

Correspondence - business and relating to aboriginal affairs and writing activities. Includes an amended typescript by Keith Dunstan entitled 'The obsessions of Frank Hardy' (File) - Box 206 (MS 4887)

Press cuttings 1982-84. Labelled 'personal' and relate mainly to Hardy but also include matters of personal interest to him (File) - Box 207 (MS 4887)

Press cuttings 1980-84 - general interest cuttings not related to work (File) - Box 208 (MS 4887)

Diary, 1982 (File) - Box 208 (MS 4887)

Court transcript libel case against The Australian and Max Harris, 1982 (File) - Box 208 (MS 4887)

Other material on case (File) - Box 208 (MS 4887)

Press cuttings etc. on settled libel case against The Australian, 1977 (File) - Box 208 (MS 4887)

Photocopy of galley proofs of the novel Who shot George Kirkland, edited by Beatrice Davis (File) - Box 209 (MS 4887)

Notes for a book of essays 'Will be make it to the year 2020' ; includes an essay, notes and cuttings on art criticism and another on environment and ideology in Australian literature (File) - Box 209 (MS 4887)

Typescript of television treatment, written for Crawford's Ltd., of Hardy's book Legends from Benson's Valley (with notes etc.) (File) - Box 209 (MS 4887)

Manuscript of children's book The red fox who learned to love chickens. (File) - Box 210 (MS 4887)

Published material on Australian Aborigines (File) - Box 210 (MS 4887)

Manuscript of outline for TV series The major and Tom. (File) - Box 210 (MS 4887)

Manuscript and notes for final version of screen play The last big bet (File) - Box 211 (MS 4887)

Contracts (1968-78) and correspondence (1982-83) with publishers and film producers (File) - Box 211 (MS 4887)

Society of Mateship file (File) - Box 211 (MS 4887)

Corrected final typescript of novel Warrant of distress (File) - Box 212 (MS 4887)

Corrected galley proofs of The obsession of Oscar Oswald. (File) - Box 212 (MS 4887)

The first copy of Power without glory to come off the press in April 1950 with an inscription 'to my late wife, Rosslyn' (File) - Box 212 (MS 4887)

Paid accounts (File) - Box 212 (MS 4887)

Photographs (File) - Box 213 (MS 4887)

Miscellaneous papers and letters, 1983-84 (File) - Box 213 (MS 4887)

Newspaper cuttings on Power without glory (File) - Box 213 (MS 4887)

Newspaper cuttings on Power without glory trial 1950-51 (File) - Box 213 (MS 4887)

Correspondence on the cessation of Carringbush writing (File) - Box 214 (MS 4887)

Zionism (File) - Box 214 (MS 4887)

Free Peter J. Lawless campaign (File) - Box 214 (MS 4887)

Photocopy of R.H. Cavenagh's thesis on Frank Hardy (File) - Box 214 (MS 4887)

Correspondence and contracts of Carringbush Enterprises (File) - Box 214 (MS 4887)

Shorthand notebook, racebooks (File) - Box 215 (MS 4887)

Various newspaper clippings (File) - Box 215 (MS 4887)

Article by Lin Morrow entitled 'Colonialism - alive and well in Australia today' (File) - Box 215 (MS 4887)

Copy of The Yallourn stories compiled by Ted Hopkins (File) - Box 215 (MS 4887)

Correspondence re TV special 'Having a go' (File) - Box 215 (MS 4887)

Music scores (File) - Box 215 (MS 4887)

Correspondence from Island Magazine plus two sample copies (File) - Box 215 (MS 4887)

Class MS 4887. Consignment added March 1988

Series [unnumbered]. Business papers

Contracts, 1983 (Pasco Publishers) (File) - Box 216 (MS 4887)
Australian Film Commission and Australia Council, 1977-84 (File) - Box 216 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. General correspondence

Correspondence, 1951, 1986 (File) - Box 216 (MS 4887)
Ian Mill, 1981 (File) - Box 216 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1982-85 (File) - Box 216 (MS 4887)
Parking fines, 1982-84 (File) - Box 216 (MS 4887)
Summonses, debt collector threats, fines, 1985 (File) - Box 216 (MS 4887)
Parking fines, 1985-87 (File) - Box 216 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1983-87 (File) - Box 216 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1984 (2 files) (File) - Box 217 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1985 (File) - Box 217 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1985-86 (2 files) (File) - Box 217 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1986 (File) - Box 217 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1986 (4 files) (File) - Box 218 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1986-87 (File) - Box 218 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1986-87 (3 files) (File) - Box 219 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1987 (2 files) (File) - Box 219 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1988 (File) - Box 219 (MS 4887)
Correspondence, 1988 (File) - Box 220 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Diaries

Diaries, 1982-84 (File) - Box 220 (MS 4887)
Diary, 1985-86 (File) - Box 221 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. General press cuttings

Personal cuttings, 1984-86 (File) - Box 221 (MS 4887)
Personal cuttings, 1985-87 (File) - Box 222 (MS 4887)
Sundry cuttings, 1984 (File) - Box 222 (MS 4887)
Sundry cuttings, 1985-86 (File) - Box 223 (MS 4887)
Sundry cuttings, 1987 (File) - Box 224 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Legends from Benson's Valley

Notes, correspondence and annotated scripts relating to the TV treatment of Legends from Benson's Valley, 1985-86 (2 files) (File) - Box 224 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Radio and television scripts

Script ideas for episodes of racing yarns, n.d (File) - Box 224 (MS 4887)
'Frank Browne is dancing' – first draft (File) - Box 224 (MS 4887)
'Frank Browne is dancing' – research material, notes and annotated drafts, 1985 (File) - Box 225 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Henry Lawson material

Papers relating to the writing and production of Who was Henry Larsen in 1985 and the reworked and retitled play and filmscript Faces in the street, 1986-87. The papers include numerous manuscripts and typescript drafts, notes, research materials, sheet music written for Lawson poems by Kris Kempster, transcripts of discussions with actors, correspondence and workshop notes. Many of the drafts were received, and remain, in a state of great disorder. The files are arranged roughly chronologically.

Larsen notes, London, 1981-85 (File) - Box 226 (MS 4887)
Who was Harry Larsen (annotated typescript), 1984 (File) - Box 226 (MS 4887)
Notes and notebooks, 1984-85 (File) - Box 226 (MS 4887)
Notes – workshop, 1984-86 (File) - Box 226 (MS 4887)
Final draft, 1985 (File) - Box 226 (MS 4887)
Notes, drafts and other papers, 1985-86 (File) - Box 226 (MS 4887)
Faces in the street – story outline and treatment for a film, 1986 (File) - Box 227 (MS 4887)
Faces in the street – revision Jan. 1987 (4 files) (File) - Box 227 (MS 4887)
Faces in the street – July 1987 (File) - Box 227 (MS 4887)
Faces in the street –July 1987 (cont.) (3 files) (File) - Box 228 (MS 4887)
Notes to be considered after July workshop, 1987 (File) - Box 228 (MS 4887)
Faces in the street –Dec. 1987 (2 files) (File) - Box 228 (MS 4887)
Faces in the street –Act one (File) - Box 228 (MS 4887)
Faces in the street –Act two (File) - Box 228 (MS 4887)
Scripts and notes for Who was Harry Larsen and Faces in the street (File) - Box 229-232 (MS 4887)
Who was Harry Larsen – typescript notes prepared for the workshop of the New England Theatre Production dated Feb. 1986. The notes include discussions of characterisation and themes as well as transcripts of discussions with actors, rehearsal schedule and scene analysis (File) - Box 233 (MS 4887)
Articles on Lawson, cuttings, printed poetry and correspondence, 1969-87 (File) - Box 233 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Other writings

Drafts of articles, speeches, a children's story and other writings together with related notes, cuttings, correspondence and other papers.

Lists and speech notes, 1982-83 (File) - Box 233 (MS 4887)
Material for articles, interviews and speeches, 1983-84 (File) - Box 233 (MS 4887)
Max Walsh article, 1984 (File) - Box 233 (MS 4887)
'Carringbush man' and other Melbourne Times articles, 1984 (File) - Box 233 (MS 4887)
'The red fox who learned to love chickens' – children's story and rejection letter from J.M. Dent Publishers, 1982 (File) - Box 234 (MS 4887)
'Great Australian legends' – typescript (3 files) (File) - Box 234 (MS 4887)
'Franklyn film', n.d., an autobiographical film script relating to Power without glory (File) - Box 234 (MS 4887)
Columns for People, 1984-86 (File) - Box 235 (MS 4887)
Melbourne Times columns, 1984-87 (File) - Box 235 (MS 4887)
People columns, 1986-87 (File) - Box 236 (MS 4887)
Material for sample columns including Paul Hogan article, 1986 (File) - Box 236 (MS 4887)
Paul Hogan – People and Times on Sunday, 1986-87 (File) - Box 236 (MS 4887)
Great Australian myths (columns), 1987 (File) - Box 236 (MS 4887)
People columns, 1987-88 (File) - Box 237 (MS 4887)
Loose and undated columns (File) - Box 237 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Political papers

Coalition Against Poverty and Unemployment, 1983-87. The files contain notes, leaflets, circulars, cuttings, correspondence, newsletters and other papers (File) - Box 238-239 (MS 4887)
Fight back Conference, 1986-87 (File) - Box 240 (MS 4887)
Peace movement, 1983-84 (File) - Box 240 (MS 4887)
Miscellaneous political papers (largely ephemera), 1984-86 (File) - Box 240 (MS 4887)
Miscellaneous political papers, 1985-86 (File) - Box 241 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Writing by others

'In the true spirit of Hippocrates' by Lyn Dennerstein (File) - Box 241 (MS 4887)
'Working life' – introduction by Jim Marwood and chapter 6 'Launceston railway workshops' (File) - Box 241 (MS 4887)
'Harry Tuckerman – this is your life' by Lance Loughrey (File) - Box 241 (MS 4887)
'Pallas' a one-woman play by Larry Buttrose (File) - Box 241 (MS 4887)
'The activist' – outline of a stage play by Larry Buttrose (File) - Box 241 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Cartoons

Eight original Alan Moir cartoons, later published to accompany Hardy's People column and 16 photocopies of Cornall cartoons (File) - Box 241 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. The loser now will be later to win

Galley proofs, newspaper reviews and other papers, 1985 (3 files) (File) - Box 242 (MS 4887)

Series [unnumbered]. Other papers

Gurindji visit, 1985 (includes draft article 'Wattie Creek revisited', notes, cuttings and other papers) (File) - Box 242 (MS 4887)
Murdoch Court Case, 1985 (notes) (File) - Box 242 (MS 4887)
Research materials on 1932 Cairns riot (2 files) (File) - Box 242 (MS 4887)
Prison arrest, 1986 (File) - Box 242 (MS 4887)
Lists, 1983-88 (File) - Box 242 (MS 4887)