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Clarke, Pat, OAM, Dr (Patricia)
Papers of Patricia Clarke
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MS 8363; MS Acc06.025: MS Acc11.100;.MS Acc16.034
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Scope and Contents

The collection comprises correspondence, drafts and research material relating to Clarke's books The governesses: letters from the colonies 1862-1882; A colonial woman? the life and times of Mary Braidwood Mowle, 1827-1857; Pen portraits, women writers an journalists in nineteenth century Australia; Pioneer writer: the life of Louisa Atkinson; Tasma: the life of Jessie Couvreur; Life Lines: Women's letters and diaries, 1788-1840 (Patricia Clarke and Dale Spender) and Rosa! Rosa! A life of Rosa Praed, novelist and spiritualist.. The collection also comprises material relating to Clarke's role as editor of Judith Wright's autobiography, Half a lifetime, published in 1999, including material from Judith Wright, correspondence, notes, drafts and reviews; research material on proposed writing on wartime censorship; research material for the chapter on Government House in Gables, ghosts and governors-general: the historic house at Yarralumla, Canberra; correspondence, notes, drafts and reviews relating to Clarke's role as co-editor, with Meredith McKinney, of The equal heart and mind: letters between Judith Wright and Jack McKinney (2004) and With love and fury: selected letters of Judith Wright (2006); papers relating to Steps to Federation (2001), which Clarke edited; Australian dictionary of biography research material, correspondence and drafts; and other papers relating to Clarke's PhD. thesis, articles and talks; correspondence, minutes and other records documenting Clarke's roles in the Independent Scholars Association of Australia, the Canberra and District Historical Society and other organisations, between ca. 1950-2010, and papers relating to her Medal of the Order of Australia.

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The papers of Patricia Clarke were donated to the National Library under the Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme (now the Cultural Gifts Program (CGP)) in 1990, 1994 and 1997. Further donations were received via CGP in 2006 and 2011.


The collection was arranged and listed by the donor before being transferred to the National Library. This arrangement has been kept by the Library. The list is closely based on lists provided by Patricia Clarke.

Biographical Note

Patricia Clarke, author and editor, lives in Canberra. She is a freelance historian and an active member of the Canberra and District Historical Society, editing the Canberra Historical Journal. She has written a number of books on nineteenth century Australian women.

Clarke was a Harold White Fellow at the National Library in 1993.

Item Descriptions

Class MS 8363. Original consignment

Series 1. The Governesses

Published March 1985 by Hutchinson, Melbourne, and distributed in England by Hutchinson (London). The Governesses is based on Female Middle Class Emigration Society (FMCES) records available at the National Library through the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) on Mfm M468.

The material relating to this book includes:

Notes from FMCES records (File 1) - Box 1 (MS 8363)
Typed copies of extracts from FMCES letters (File 2) - Box 1 (MS 8363)
Research material and preliminary draft material (File 3) - Box 1 (MS 8363)
Births, Deaths, Marriage certificates of governesses (File 4) - Box 2 (MS 8363)
Photocopies of extracts of some FMCES letters; research material from Alexander Turnbull Library, New Zealand; Killie Campbell Africana Library, South Africa; Church of England Children's Society, London; newspaper cuttings (File 5) - Box 2 (MS 8363)
First draft of TheGovernesses (File 6) - Box 2 (MS 8363)
Draft, including amendments, additions, replies to editor's queries (File 7) - Box 3 (MS 8363)
Edited draft (File 8) - Box 3 (MS 8363)
Gallery proofs (File 9) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
Page proofs (File 10) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
Microfilm copy of FMCES records (Mfm M468) (File 11) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
Card index by name, divided by country to governesses' letters; location of letters on microfilm (File 12) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
Samples of microfilm for possible illustration (File 13) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
Photocopies of possible illustrations (File 14) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
17 photographs of Russian paintings, (V. Perov), 1870s (File 15) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
14 photographs of South Africa, c. 1870-1890 (File 16) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
3 photographs of New Zealand paintings, 1860-70 (File 17a) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
1 photograph of lithograph of New York, 1876 (File 17b) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
Some illustrations used in 'Good Morning Australia' program publicising TheGovernesses, March 1985 (File 18) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
Reviews of TheGovernesses (File 19) - Box 4 (MS 8363)
Correspondence, 1983-89, re TheGovernesses with publisher (Hutchinson); and various people and institutions seeking information; illustrations; publishing contract; publicity arrangements; film option; possible TV series; radio adaptation; letters from readers; paperback rights (Allen and Unwin) (File 20) - Box 5 (MS 8363)
Drafts of radio adaptation (Radio Helicon, ABC National 8.15, 20 August 1989; 1 January 1990); preliminary script TV series (File 21) - Box 5 (MS 8363)
Contract, royalties (File 22) - Box 5 (MS 8363)

Series 2. A Colonial Woman

A Colonial Woman, based on the diaries of Mary Braidwood Mowle (1827-1857) held on microfilm at the National Library and originals held by L.M. Mowle, was published by Allen and Unwin in December 1986. The original diaries were subsequently acquired by the Library (MS 7649).

Photocopy of Mary B. Mowle's Eden diaries 1853-55 from microfilm (File 1) - Box 6 (MS 8363)
Typescript of Mary B. Mowle's Eden diaries by Clarke from original diaries lent by L.M. Mowle, plus another copy with preliminary notes on people, places (File 2) - Box 6 (MS 8363)
Transcript of Mary B. Mowle's Canberra diary (1850-51) by Clarke from original diary lent by L.M. Mowle, plus typed transcript given by L.M. Mowle (File 3) - Box 6 (MS 8363)
L.M. Mowle's notes on Mary B. Mowle's diaries, Canberra 1850-51 and Eden 1853-55 (File 4) - Box 6 (MS 8363)
Information on Thomas Braidwood Wilson. Includes copies of letters to fiancee, later wife, from L.M. Mowle; family line; extracts official files, newspaper cuttings (File 5) - Box 7 (MS 8363)
Stewart M. Mowle. Includes photocopy of 'Journal in Retrospect' and copies of letters from T. Murray from Murray Papers (File 6) - Box 7 (MS 8363)
Letters of Mary Mowle and copies of certificates relating to Mowle and James Wilson (File 7) - Box 7 (MS 8363)
Photocopies of letters by Mary B. Mowle's children (originals L.M. Mowle) (File 8) - Box 7 (MS 8363)
Background material on people, places in Stewart M. Mowle's 'Journal in Retrospect' and Mary B. Mowle's Canberra diary (File 9) - Box 7 (MS 8363)
Information on Braidwood (File 10) - Box 7 (MS 8363)
Information on Bungendore (File 11) - Box 7 (MS 8363)
Wilson family in Tasmania (File 12) - Box 7 (MS 8363)
Elizabeth Hudspeth and Hudspeth family in Tasmania (File 13) - Box 8 (MS 8363)
Information on Oatlands and Mount Seymour, Tasmania (File 14) - Box 8 (MS 8363)
Information on Archer and Walker families from A. Walker, Vic., and James Ronald Archer, Norway; Archer letters, Walker diary etc (File 15) - Box 8 (MS 8363)
Twofold Bay. Includes information on people, places in M.B. Mowle's Eden diaries (File 16) - Box 8 (MS 8363)
Drafts of chapters for 'A Colonial Woman.' Includes material not in final draft (File 17) - Box 9 (MS 8363)
Draft of A Colonial Woman (File 18) - Box 10 (MS 8363)
Edited draft of A Colonial Woman (File 19) - Box 10 (MS 8363)
Photocopies of illustrations for A Colonial Woman (File 20) - Box 11 (MS 8363)
Page proofs A Colonial Woman (File 21) - Box 11 (MS 8363)
Publicity, talks, reviews of A Colonial Woman (File 22) - Box 11 (MS 8363)
Card indexes (File 23) - Box 11 (MS 8363)

1. General

2. People in Canberra diary and connected with early life

3. People in Tasmanian diary and Wilson relatives

4. People in Eden diaries, later life

Correspondence (File 24) - Box 12 (MS 8363)

1. 1984-June 1985, includes extensive correspondence with L.M. (Bill) Mowle and G. Hudspeth, D and G Wilson, G. D. Brown, D. Norman, (Tasmania); A Walker, (Vic.); grant from NSW Government; offer of original letters for Pioneer Families from L.M. Mowle

2. July 1985- December 1985, includes correspondence with above and Colin Campbell, Denis Wilson, (Tas.) J.R. Archer, Norway, Jim Archer, Gracemere, Qld Stephen Gibbes, Syd.; negotiations with Hutchinsons, offer of publication Allen and Unwin.

3. 1986 includes publication, publicity etc.

4. 1987-1989 includes letters from readers and correspondence with Allen and Unwin re reprints.

Publishing contract, royalties, NSW Government Social History grant (File 25) - Box 12 (MS 8363)

Series 3. Pen Portraits

Pen Portraits,women writers and journalists in nineteenth century Australia, was published in November 1988 by Allen and Unwin in Australia and Pandora in England.

Folders containing material on Australian women writers and journalists including some correspondence, biographical material, newspaper cuttings, reviews and articles.

Writers:Mary Leman Grimstone (File 1) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Anna Maria Bunn (Murray) (File 2) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Louisa Meredith (File 3) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Mary Theresa Vidal (File 4) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Caroline Leakey (File 5) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Adelaide Ironside (File 6) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Eliza Winstanley (O'Flaherty) (File 7) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Henrietta Foott (File 8) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Celeste de Chabrillan (Mogador) (File 9) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Catherine Spence (File 10) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Fidelia Hill, Ann Howe, Therese Huber, Maria Scott (Barney), Ellen Liston, Mrs Edward Millett, Mrs Domonic Daly, Annie Baxter (Dawbin), Matilda Evans ('Maud Jean Franc') (File 11) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Caroline Carleton, Sarah Perry, Mrs Nugent Wood, 'Bess of the Forest', Eva O'Doherty (File 12) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Anne Bowman, Sarah Lee, Clara Aspinall. Ellen Clacy, 'Isabel Massary', Isabella Bird (File 13) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Catherine Martin (File 14) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Kathleen Caffyn (File 15) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Ada Cambridge (File 16) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Emily Manning (File 17) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Barbara Baynton (File 18) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:K. Langloh Parker; Laura Palmer Archer (File 19) - Box 13 (MS 8363)
Writers:Mary HannayFoott (includes material on Prout brothers) (File 20) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:Frances Gillam Holden; Bessie Harrison Lee (File 21) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:Jessie Lloyd (File 22) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:Ethel Anderson; Mathila Broadbent (File 23) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:Laura Bogue Luffman; Elinor Mordaunt (File 24) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:Grace Jennings Carmichael (includes bibliography by Ian McLaren) (File 25) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:Mary Gaunt (includes bibliography by Ian McLaren) (File 26) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:Alice Henry (File 27) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:Ethel & Lillian Turner; Mary Grant Bruce (File 28) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:Louise & Amy Mack (File 29) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:Articles mentioning several writers including Louisa Meredith, Mary Gaunt, Dora Montefiore, Margaret Agnese Baxter, Barbara Baynton, Ada Cambridge etc (File 30) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Writers:General material on literature and writers (File 31) - Box 14 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Harriett Clisby& Caroline Dexter; 'The Interpreter' (1861); (File 32) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:'Ladies Almanack' (1858) (File 33) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Mrs Cora Anna Weekes; 'The Spectator' (1858) (File 34) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Anna Blackwell (File 35) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Mrs Carl (Jenny) Fischer (File 36) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Annie Christie Massey (Bowen, Qld), Mary Garland (Carcoar, NSW), Mrs D.G. Jones (Deniliquin, NSW), Mrs Marian Leathem, (Molong NSW), Elizabeth Macfaull& Mercy Shenton (WA) (File 37) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Zara Aronson (not located) (File 38) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists: Bella Guerin (File 39) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists: Stella Allan (File 40) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists: Louisa Lawson; 'Dawn' (File 41) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Maybanke Susannah Wolstenholme (Anderson), Woman's Voice, 1894 (File 42) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Mrs E.A. Chads, Evelyn Gough, Catherine Hay Thomson, Mrs Charles Bright, Ethel Castille (File 43) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Women's pages in newspapers; women's magazines (File 44) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Material on press, newspapers (File 45) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Ian Wildman, Florence Baverstock, Eugenie Stone, Conor O'Brien, Alice Grant Rosman, Isabel Le Patourel, Theodosia Britton, Jeannie Lockett, Sophie Osmond, Agnes Murphy, Agnes Rose-Soley, Janet Nanson, Lucinda Gullett, Mary Cameron/Mary Gilmore etc (File 46) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Journalists:Women and newspapers/journalism including replies from newspapers and Argus records (File 47) - Box 15 (MS 8363)
Pen Portraits:Draft of 'Women in Ink', later Pen Portraits (File 48) - Box 16 (MS 8363)
Pen Portraits:Photographic orders and permissions to reproduce (File 49) - Box 16 (MS 8363)
Pen Portraits:Edited draft (File 50) - Box 16 (MS 8363)
Pen Portraits:Page proofs and index (File 51) - Box 17 (MS 8363)
Pen Portraits:Film: article on Mary HannayFoott, Bookfellow, 29 April 1899 (File 52) - Box 17 (MS 8363)
Pen Portraits:Film: Front page of first issue of Woman's Voice (File 53) - Box 17 (MS 8363)
Pen Portraits:Card indexes - writers and journalists, mainly grouped as in chapters in Pen Portrairs (File 54) - Box 17 (MS 8363)
Pen Portraits:(a) Correspondence with publisher and requests and replies seeking information, July 1986-December 1987; (b) Correspondence, 1988-89 (File 55) - Box 17 (MS 8363)
Pen Portraits:Publishing contract, Literature Board grant, marketing guide etc (File 56) - Box 17 (MS 8363)
Pen Portraits:Reviews, talks, publicity (File 57) - Box 17 (MS 8363)

Series 4. Pioneer writer: the life of Louisa Atkinson

Material for biography of Louisa Atkinson. A more detailed descriptive list is available.

Louisa Atkinson - biographical (File 1) - Box 18 (MS 8363)
Louisa Atkinson - naturalist (File 2) - Box 18 (MS 8363)

Includes copy of letter by Louisa Atkinson to Ferdinand von Mueller held in Macleay Museum; extracts on work as a naturalist; articles on Louisa Atkinson.

Articles and drawings published in Illustrated Sydney News plus notes by Janet Cosh on authenticity of some drawings; collection of other drawings and unsigned articles some of which may be by Louisa Atkinson (File 3) - Box 18 (MS 8363)
Articles in 'A Voice from the Country' series published in Sydney Morning Herald and Sydney Mail, 1860-1865, mainly from Kurrajong; also includes series on 'Recollections of the Aborigines'; reminiscences of life at Oldbury, Leichhardt etc., articles in Horticultural Magazine. (File 4) - Box 18 (MS 8363)
Louisa Atkinson - articles published in Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Mail, mainly in the series, 'A Voice from the Country'; also in 'The new bush home' series 1870-72; information on trip to Monaro - correspondence with Judy Bartram, (Neutral Bay), Kathleen Cape, (Rose Bay) on Rosedale via Cooma; copy of letter from F. von Mueller (File 5) - Box 18 (MS 8363)
MS notes on Cooey!andThe light from the mountain - words, notes on Sara Flower, singer, and John Davis, publisher; title page of Cooey!; extracts on Sydney Nelson, Sara Flower and Cooey!. (File 6) - Box 18 (MS 8363)
Obituaries and posthumous views on Louisa Calvert (nee Atkinson) (File 7) - Box 18 (MS 8363)
Notes and transcripts of material in Mitchell Library; material from Janet Cosh (granddaughter of Louisa Atkinson) (File 8) - Box 19 (MS 8363)
Janet Cosh (granddaughter of Louisa Atkinson) (File 9) - Box 19 (MS 8363)

Correspondence including letters on authenticity of drawings in Illustrated Sydney News; information from Janet Cosh including letters supplying information and giving opinions about drawings in Illustrated Sydney News; records of interviews with Janet Cosh.

Novels by Louisa Atkinson (File 10) - Box 19 (MS 8363)

Gertrude (1857).

Photocopy of Gertrude, the emigrant: a tale of colonial life, J R Clarke, Sydney, 1857 (complete).

Reviews in Sydney Morning Herald, 3 June 1857, 10 December 1857.

Reviews in books

G. B. Barton, Literature in New South Wales, pp. 111-12

M. Franklin, Laughter. Not for a cage, pp. 28-30; typewritten material pasted at end of copy of Gertrude

C. Roderick, An introduction to Australian Fiction pp. 10-13.

Novels by Louisa Atkinson (File 11) - Box 19 (MS 8363)

Cowanda (1859)

Photocopy of Cowanda, The Veteran's Grant, 1859 Notes; reviews

Novels by Louisa Atkinson (File 12) - Box 19 (MS 8363)

Debatable Ground

Photocopy of serial from Sydney Mail, 30 March 1861 - 7 September 1861

Novels by Louisa Atkinson (File 13) - Box 19 (MS 8363)


Photocopy of 'Myra' serialised in Sydney Mail, 27 February 1864-23 April 1864


Novels by Louisa Atkinson (File 14) - Box 19 (MS 8363)

Tom Hellicar's Children

Photocopy of first page 4 March 1871


Novels by Louisa Atkinson (File 15) - Box 19 (MS 8363)

Tressa's Resolve

Photocopy of serial from Sydney Mail, 31 August 1872 - 7 December 1872


People:James Atkinson, father of Louisa Atkinson; pioneer settler of Oldbury, Sutton Forest; author of An Account of Agricultureand Grazing in NSW; explorer in Shoalhaven (File 16) - Box 20 (MS 8363)
People:James John Oldbury Atkinson, brother of Louisa Atkinson; Oldbury, Sutton Forest (File 17) - Box 20 (MS 8363)

Includes information from descendant James B. Atkinson, WA

People:John Atkinson, brother of James Atkinson and uncle of Louisa Atkinson; pioneer settler at Mereworth, Sutton Forest; later at Tumut, southern NSW; information on his wife Jane Atkinson (File 18) - Box 20 (MS 8363)

Includes information from descendants including James Fellows and Joyce Atkinson

People:Charlotte Barton (nee Waring), married first to James Atkinson, second to George Bruce Barton, mother of Louisa Atkinson. Author of A Mother's offering to her children (File 19) - Box 20 (MS 8363)

Includes family background in England; marriage and death certificates

Archives Office of NSW, Atkinson v. Barton records of equity court cases re custody of Atkinson children, management of Oldbury estate; newspaper cuttings A Mother's offering to her children by (Charlotte Barton); extracts and reviews

George Bruce Barton, second husband of Charlotte Atkinson (nee Waring), step-father of Louisa Atkinson; tried for murder (File 20) - Box 20 (MS 8363)
People: Relations with Charlotte Waring/Atkinson/Barton. Administration of Atkinson estate from Maddrell Papers, (ML) (File 21) - Box 20 (MS 8363)

Correspondence James Atkinson/Alexander Berry, 1827, 1829, 1834

Letters from Janet Anderson (ML) re Berry Collection and relation to James Atkinson, including letters between Atkinson, Berry and Wollstonecraft, 1988-9

Letter from Lavinia Foote-Morid ML re reproduction from Berry collection; MS notes on Berry Papers

Articles and information on Alexander Berry

Extracts and information about Mary Wollstonecraft

Alexander Berry (south coast); John Coghill, Bedervale, Braidwood (executors of James Atkinson's will); Edward Wollstonecraft, Elizabeth Wollstonecraft (Sydney), (friends of James Atkinson and Charlotte); Mary Wollstonecraft (England), author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

People:James Calvert, husband of Louisa Atkinson, member of Ludwig Leichhardt's 1843-44 expedition to Northern Australia, farmer at Cavan, near Yass, NSW (File 22) - Box 21 (MS 8363)

Includes information on Cavan, Calvert's property at Wee Jasper; information on his partner William Castles; his relative Joseph Barrington Dawson and other members of the Dawson family (Australian Agricultural Co.) and information from Dawson descendants.

Includes information on Leichhardt and the 1843-44 expedition; the fate of Leichhardt including letters to editor by J. Calvert; and Calvert's association with Angora goat industry.

People:John Lynch, convict, accused of murder at Oldbury, tried and found guilty of murders at Razorback (File 23) - Box 21 (MS 8363)

Newspaper cuttings, trial of Lynch for murder of Edward Smith at Oldbury; G.B. Barton's evidence criticised, 1836

Newspaper accounts, trial, confession and hanging of John Lynch, 1842

People:Charlotte McNeilly (nee Atkinson), sister of Louisa Atkinson of Berrima and Orange (File 24) - Box 21 (MS 8363)

Includes information on her husband Thomas McNeilly (convict), land grants; children etc.; grandson Ald. Edwin McNeilly, Mayor of Orange. Includes information from descendants.

People:Certificate of marriage of Emma Dede (third wife) and Dr John Silkirk, 11 April 1855 (File 25) - Box 21 (MS 8363)

Obituaries Henry Selkirk, 1930

Letter from Hawkesbury Historical Society, 12 July 1989

Death Certificate, Dr John Selkirk, 1877; letter from Australian Society of Genealogists re Dr John Selkirk; family tree Bowman, Selkirk, Panton; letter from Dr Marjorie Jacobs, RAHS, re John Selkirk and Margaret Swann; extract from William and Elizabeth Swann of Elizabeth Farm House, Parramatta, 1904-1968

Emma Selkirk, friend of Louisa Atkinson; her son Henry Selkirk, historian and writer on Atkinson; Margaret Swann (writer on Atkinson)

People:NSW Dept of Lands, map showing land held by James Johnson Warren and James John Oldbury Atkinson; land sales to James Johnson Warren; (File 26) - Box 21 (MS 8363)

administration of estate of Emily Warren (died 24 August 1854) granted to J. J. Warren; poem to Jane Emily Atkinson by her mother (Charlotte Barton) - source Essie Whiteman (descendant of Emily's sister Charlotte McNeilly); Certificate - remarriage J. J. Warren, 11 February 1859; obituary London Times Admiral Richard Warren (?father of J. J. Warren)

Jane Emily Warren (nee Atkinson), sister of Louisa Atkinson

People:Includes newspaper cuttings; extracts from writings; biographical information (File 27) - Box 21 (MS 8363)

William Woolls, naturalist and clergyman; W.B. Clarke, geologist and clergyman, friends of Louisa Atkinson

Places:Berrima/Mittagong/Shoalhaven including information on Aborigines (File 28) - Box 21 (MS 8363)
Places:Includes information on Kurrajong, Bell's Line of Road, Richmond, Grose River, Mount Toma, Kurrajong district historical information (File 29) - Box 21 (MS 8363)
Biography Pioneer Writer: Copy of final draft plus captions and photocopies of photographs sent to John Iremonger, Allen and Unwin, 20 February 1990 (File 30) - Box 22 (MS 8363)
Biography Pioneer Writer:Edited, marked-up draft of Pioneer Writer (File 31) - Box 22 (MS 8363)
Biography Pioneer Writer:Page proofs of Pioneer Writer. (File 32) - Box 23 (MS 8363)
Biography Pioneer Writer:Card index (File 33) - Box 23 (MS 8363)
Biography Pioneer Writer:Published copy of Pioneer Writer (File 34) - Box 23 (MS 8363)
Biography Pioneer Writer:Draft article (12,000 words) for Dictionary of Literary Biography (File 35) - Box 23 (MS 8363)
Biography Pioneer Writer:Correspondence re biography of Louisa Atkinson (some replies in subject folders) (File 36a) - Box 23 (MS 8363)
Biography Pioneer Writer:Correspondence (continued) includes correspondence with Universities of Kiel, Stuttgart, Strasbourg and National Herbarium, Melbourne on possible location of Louisa Atkinson's drawings and paintings for a proposed book on natural history (File 36b) - Box 23 (MS 8363)
Biography Pioneer Writer:Contract, Literature Board Grant etc.; publicity; reviews (File 37) - Box 23 (MS 8363)

(Folder 35 restricted until Dictionary of Literary Biography appears)

Class MS 8363. Consignment received 1997

Series 5. Tasma: the life of Jessie Couvreur

Material collected by Patricia Clarke for a biography of Tasma (Jessie Huybers/Fraser/Couvreur) (1848-1897), novelist, short story writer, newspaper columnist, London Times foreign correspondent. Born Jessie Huybers in London, 1848, Tasma lived in Hobart from 1852 to her marriage in 1867 to Charles Fraser of Kyneton, Victoria. She spent 1873-75 in Europe with her mother Charlotte Huybers, then after returning briefly to Kyneton left her husband to return to Europe. She kept herself by contributing regular articles and short stories to the Melbourne Australasian and other periodicals and annuals and by lecturing on Australia to Geographical Societies in France and Belgium. In 1883 she returned to Melbourne to divorce Charles Fraser later marrying AugusteCouvreur, former vice-president Belgian Chamber of Representatives, and Brussels correspondent of the London Times. In 1889 her first novel Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill was published, followed by A Sydney Sovereign, In Her Earliest Youth, The Penance of Portia James, A Knight of the White Feather, Not Counting the Cost, and A Fiery Ordeal. After the death of her husband she became Brussels correspondent of the London Times.

Her sister Maria Therese, married to Portuguese painter Arthur Loureiro, was art critic for the Melbourne Age and contributed regular columns to the women's page; her sister Edith Huybers, married first to French sculptor/wood carver Jean Reverdy, then to Italo-American sculptor Pierre Valerio, was associated with the Decadent movement in Paris in the 1880s where she was art critic for the London Spectator and Universal Review later wrote for Art in America. Her brother John Huybers was an artist who exhibited at the Paris Salon and the London Marlborough Gallery and was an artist on the Pall Mall Gazette, later an artist and writer in Greece and the United States.

Much of the material was collected through descendants of Tasma's sister, Maria Therese Loureiro (Dr Renée Erdos), and her brother William Huybers (Dr Kenneth Huybers and Mrs Enid Jones)

Tasma. The Life of Jessie Couvreur by Patricia Clarke was published by Allen and Unwin (Sydney) in 1994 and Tasma's Diaries edited by Patricia Clarke was published by Mulini Press (Canberra) in 1996.

Articles, fiction by Tasma published in Australasian (Melbourne) 1877-87 (some previously unknown) (File 1) - Box 24 (MS 8363)


'A Hint for the Paris Commissioners', 24 November 1877

'Fable for a Rainy day', 15 December 1877

'How a claim was nearly lost in Gum-tree gully', 19 January 1878

'Holiday Impressions of Tasmania', 30 March 1878

'Monsieur Caloche', Ch. I, 27 April, Ch. 2, 4 May 1878

'A novel by M. Zola', 1 June 1878

'A Philanthropist's experiment', 3 August 1878

'A passing Glimpse of Cape Town', I, 6 September 1879; II, 13 September 1879; III, 20 September 1879

'Home Impressions', I, 1 October 1879; II, 18 October 1879

'Notes from Paris', 10 January 1880

'Notes from Paris', 21 February 1880

'Professor Nordenskiold's North-East Passage', I, 12 June 1880; II, 19 June 1880

'The familistere of Guise', 21 August 1880

'Art gossip and the Paris Salon', 11 September 1880

'A communistic gathering', 5 March 1881

'Literary notes from Paris', 16 April 1881

'A zinc foundry in Belgium', 21 May 1881

'Bordeaux, in its relation with Australia', I, 11 June; II, 18 June 1881

'An interview with the King of the Belgians', 16 July 1881

'The "actualites" of Paris', 30 July 1881

'Autumn in Paris', 14 January 1882

'Professor Tyndall on molecules', 15 April 1882

'Literary notes from Paris', 29 July 1882

'A trip through Central Europe

Hamburg', 2 December 1882

Berlin, 16 December 1882

Dresden-Prague, 20 January 1883

Vienna, I, 8 February 1883

Vienna, II, 17 February 1883

Buda-Pest, 10 March 1883

'To Australia by a Messageries Steamer', I, 11 August 1883; II, 18 August 1883

'The Hygienic Exhibition', 12 January 1884

' A letter from Florence', I, 10 May 1884; II, 24 May 1884

'A latter day pilgrimage', I, 23 August 1884; II, 30 August; III, 6 September 1884; IV, 13 September 1884

'Mr Schenck's Pupil' (Fiction serial) 14 March, 21 March, 28 March, 4 April, 11 April 1885

'A letter from Paris', 11 July 1885

['Society and Fashion. A lady's letter from London' re Juliette Adam], 22 August 1885

'What is to be seen at Treves', 20 March 1886

'A Sydney Sovereign' (Fiction, serial), 15 January, 22 January, 29 January, 5 February,12 February, 19 February 1887

Articles and fiction by Tasma published in the World (London) (previously unknown) (File 2) - Box 24 (MS 8363)

'A wool king's widow', 2 July 1890

'His Modern Godiva', 23 July 1890

'The Lady of the Christmas Card', 24 December 1890

'An Antipodean heiress', 22 July 1891

The Penance of Portia James, first publication of this novel later published in book form, Chs I, 11, 29 July 1891

Fiction, serial, published in L'Indépendancebelge (Brussels) (previously unknown)

'L'amour aux antipodes'. Serial published on 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, 21, 23, 24 September 1880

Article published in Pall Mall Gazette (London) (previously unknown), 'The Lady Barrister of Brussels', by a Lady who knows her (Tasma), 6 December 1888

'The Royal Marriage in Greece', (three parts), 17, 19, 20 December 1889, Melbourne Argus

Microfilm copy of A Fiery Ordeal (novel, published almost simultaneously with Tasma's death, 1897); print-out of microfilm copy of A Fiery Ordeal by Tasma (there is no copy of this novel in the National Library) (File 3) - Box 24 (MS 8363)
Copies of text and reports of lectures given by Tasma to Geographical Societies in Europe -mainly Paris and Brussels. (Previouslyuncollected) (File 4) - Box 25 (MS 8363)

'L'Australie et les avantages qu'elle offre a l'émigration française', par Mme Tasma, 20 July `1880, Bulletin de géographie commerciale de Paris, 1880 (French)

'Queensland. La dernière née des colonies australiennes, son détail, son coton, son sucre', par Mme J. Tasma, June 1883. Bulletin de la Société de Géographie Commerciale de Paris, Paris, 1883 (French)

'Melbourne et le Bush Australien' - 'La conférence de Tasma', front page, L'Indépendance Belge, 17 February 1889. Lecture given to Royal BelgianGeographical Society (French)

' Melbourne et le Bush Australien', [lecture given 14 February 1889], Compte-Rendu des Actes de la Société Royale Belge de Géographie, No. 13, January-February 1889. (French)

'La Tasmanie: Voyage par le Cap Horn', [lecture given 23 March 1892], Compte-Rendu des Actes de la Société Royale Belge de Géographie, No. 16, March-April 1892 (French)

Letters Carlos van Lerberghe, Bibliothèque Albert I, Brussels, regarding above.

Separate collection of reports of lectures to geographical societies in Europe photocopied from material donated by Colonel Douglas Morris (grandson of Edward Huybers) to Fryer Library. Photocopied with permission of Col. Douglas Morris.

Copies of articles by Tasma (some of these not previously located); copies of short stories by Tasma (some previously undiscovered, some in previously unknown locations) (File 5) - Box 25 (MS 8363)

'About burial', Melbourne Review, July 1878

'Les femmes qui tuent et les femmes qui votent', VictorianReview, August 1881

'Monsieur Renan's Reminiscences', Victorian Review, December 1883

'Barren love' in Hash. A Mixed dish for Christmas, 1877

'Malus Oculus' in The Vagabond Annual, 1877

'The Rubria ghost' in The Australasian Ladies Annual, 1878

'Concerning the forthcoming Melbourne Cup', The Australasian Ladies' Annual, 1878

Review of two above from Melbourne Review, January 1879

'What an artist discovered in Tasmania', in Australasia. An Intercolonial Christmas Annual, 1878

'Monsieur Caloche', in In Australian Wilds, 1889

'An old-tine episode in Tasmania', in Coo-ee. Tales of Australian Life, 1891

'Bertha and the snake', in Over the Sea, 1891

'The Fate of Fenella', Chapter XXIII, in The Gentlewoman, 30 April 1892

'Gran'ma's Tale' in Queensland Pastoral News, February - August 1936

Photocopy of cuttings book kept by Tasma, in possession of Dr Renée Erdos; large collection of reviews from English, French and Belgian newspapers and periodicals (many in French, a few in German) of Tasma's novels, plus reports of her lectures; separate large collection of reviews, some duplicates of above, including contemporary reviews of her novels (File 6) - Box 25 (MS 8363)
Photocopies of extracts concerning Tasma's contracts, royalties from Archives of Kegan, Paul (NLA Mfm G 14910-36); Archives of Richard Bentley (NLA Mfm G20811-14, Index G18986) (File 7) - Box 25 (MS 8363)
Correspondence (File 8) - Box 25 (MS 8363)

Tasma's role as London Times foreign correspondent in Brussels.

Correspondence recorded in the Times Manager's Letter Books 9-15 (1894-97) and the Foreign Manager's Letter Books.

Correspondence with Melanie Aspey, Group Records Manager, News International, re research on London Times archives.

Notes on letters from Donald Mackenzie Wallace (and in his absence Valentine Chirol), recorded in Foreign Manager's Letter Books, to Tasma

Foreign Manager's Letter Book No. 2, 29 August 1893 - 28 May 1895

Foreign Manager's Letter Book No. 3, 29 May 1895-29 November 1897 2 July 1894

Extracts, copies of correspondence by Charles Frederick Moberly Bell (Manager) recorded in Manager's Letter Books to Tasma (mainly payments)

Manager's Letter Book No. 9, 3 January 1894-28 August 1894

Manager's Letter Book No. 10, 29 August 1894-6 March 2895

Manager's Letter Book No. 11, 6 March 1895-8 April 1895

Manager's Letter Book No. 12, 9 April 1895- 7 November 1895

Manager's Letter Book No. 13, 7 November 1895-27 May 1896

Manager's Letter Book No. 14, 28 May 1896-12 January 1897

Manager's Letter Book No. 15, 12 January 1897-22 July 1897

Listings, dates, notes on Tasma's contributions to London Times from Brussels, with photocopies of many articles. In groups:

1. May 1894

2. June-December 1894 plus notes October-December 1894

3. January- May 1895

4. June August 1895

5. September-December 1895

6. January-February 1896

7. March-June 1896

8. July-August 1896

9. September-October 1896

10. November-December 1896

11. January-September 1897

Photocopies of some major headlines of articles by Tasma

'The political situation in Holland',19 August 1895

'The educational question in Belgium', 16 August 1895

'The political situation in Belgium', 19 October 1894

Tasma - personal and general information, articles about Tasma (File 9) - Box 25 (MS 8363)

Letter J. Beaucourt, Secretary General, Association des Membres de l'Ordre des PalmesAcadémiques, Paris, regarding decoration awarded to Tasma, rarely given to foreigners and very rarely to women, 8 January 1982 (French)

Letter Eric PeuchotInstitut de France re Tasma's decoration, 9 December 1991

Letter Jennifer Phipps, Curator of Australian Art, National Gallery of Victoria, 13 March 1980 to Edward Huybers, regarding painting mistakenly thought to be of Tasma

Letter Paul Greenhalgh, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, re Health Exhibition

Letter from Location register of English literary manuscripts and letters, 2 April 1992, regarding Tasma's papers (no locations)

Tasma's letters to her niece FauvetteLoureiro (copies, originals R. Erdos)

Tasma's will, 16 August 1897 (French)

previous will 24 September 1894 (French)

'British Novelists in Belgium', Galignani's Messenger, 16 November 1890

'Tasma (Mme Auguste Couvreur)', Queen, 13 January 1894

Obituary London Times, 25 October 1897

Obituary British Australasian 28 October 1897

'Well-known Women. Madame Couvreur (Tasma)' Home Notes, 14 November 1895

'Some Australian women - Tasma', Illustrated Sydney News 16 April 1891

'Heralds of Australian Literature', by T A Browne (Rolf Boldrewood) Australian Association for the Advancement of Science. Report of the meeting January 1892

'A Tasmanian Lady', Mercury 2 June 1881

Letter - Tasma to brother William Huybers 16 September [1897] just before death (Copy from Enid Jones)

Photocopy of letter by Tasma to A. M. Broadley, editor World

Photocopy marriage Tasma AugusteCouvreur 7 August 1885

Correspondence Dr Ringrose re Tasma's death

Shipping movements. Cuttings on various voyages by Tasma and her family including Melbourne to Launceston 22 September 1883 Argus

Argus 19 July 1883; 4 February 1884

Visit to Tasmania 1878 - Mercury 7 February 1878 (arrival in Hobart)

Tasmanian events: Mercury 14, 15, 16, 20, 22 February 1878

Mercury 25 February 1878 (return from Launceston)

Argus 28 February 1878 etc.

Mercury 27 June 1867; Account of voyage of the Derwent - ran aground Jessie and brother Edward aboard, Mercury 7 February 1866

Argus, 28 December 1875; 6 January 1876; 28 February 1878; 1 March 1879

Articles, information about Tasma including Australasian Critic, Vol. 1 No.1, 1 October 1890; Bulletin The best 101 Australian books - Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill No. 20; Illustrated Sydney News, 11 April 1891 and others

La Conférence du travail, L'Independance Belge, 20 March 1890 etc. (Tasma - a speaker)

Obituary Gowen Evans (Tasma's friend), British Australasian, 14 October 1897; Australasian, 9 October 1897; plus other information

Information on Garnet Walch, publisher of Tasma's first short story in book form - including letters from Geoffrey Stilwell, Allport Librarian, includes Table Talk 14 March 1890

Listing of material collected by R. Beilby

Material collected by R. Beilby about Tasma in 1960s including letters from Ethel Morris, Tasma's niece who knew her when a child.

Tasma's divorce and divorce background (File 10) - Box 26 (MS 8363)

Fraser v. Fraser divorce, newspaper reports, Argus 14 December 1883, Age 14 December 1883; Weekly Times, 15 December 1883; Australasian 15 December

Correspondence with Public Records Office Victoria; Supreme Court of Victoria; Macbeth Genealogical Services; State Library of Victoria; and Mallesons Stephen Jacques, legal firm re tracing missing file on Tasma's divorce.

Copies of Divorce Acts, 1861, 1864, 65

'Marriage and marital breakdown in Victoria 1860-1890' by Margaret James' 1984

Cremation (Tasma and her mother Charlotte were advocates of cremation and were both cremated, Charlotte Huybers in Melbourne and Tasma in Paris) (File 11) - Box 26 (MS 8363)

Various articles on cremation

Correspondence with Necropolis Springvale, re cremation of Charlotte Huybers, 1908, sixth person and second female to be cremated in state of Victoria

Correspondence re Tasma (File 12) - Box 26 (MS 8363)

With Dr Kenneth Huybers, 6A/11 Hillside Crescent, Hamilton, Qld 4007

29 August 1990, re Tasma's story 'Gran'ma's Tale' and other matters

21 June 1991 re Edward Alfred Huybers, 'From Birth to Borderland'

28 October 1991 re Charlotte Huybers' will and portrait of her father

16 July 1992 re Edith Huybers' first husband, Jean Reverdy, artist and wood carver and other letters

Correspondence with Dr Renée Erdos, 9/10 Raymond Road, Neutral Bay2089

Correspondence with Mrs Enid Jones, 29 Sunnyhill Avenue, Burradoo 2576

Correspondence with Mr Fred McGrath, Moscow Road Bayswater London

Correspondence with Sir John and Lady Simeon, Vancouver

Correspondence with Lt Colonel Douglas Morris, Salisbury, England

Correspondence with John Iremonger, Allen and Unwin, various Huybers and others

Publication of Tasma (File 13) - Box 26 (MS 8363)

Contract with Allen and Unwin

Correspondence with Allen and Unwin re publication

Various permissions re illustrations

Talks in Sydney re Tasma

Allen and Unwin blurb and proof cover

Launch National Library

Tasma - joint winner non-fiction, Society of Women Writers NSW

Review:Australian Book Review May 1994 by Joy Hooton

Review:Newcastle Herald, 30 April 1994, by Margaret Steinberger

Review:Canberra Times Reader, 8 March 1994, by Catherine Pratt

Review:Mercury, 9 April 1994, by Don Norman

Review:Journal of Australian Cultural Studies, September 1995, by Jenna Mead

Review:Townsville Bulletin, 21 January 1995

Review:Descent, June 1994

Review:JRAHS, June 1995, by Jill Roe

Review:Advertiser Adelaide 11 June 1994

Review:West Australian, 21 May 1994

Review:SMH (note) 3 July 1994

Review:University of NSW publication

Manuscripts (I and II) of Tasma, captions, index etc (File 14) - Box 26 (MS 8363)
Proofs of Tasma; published copy of Tasma (File 15) - Box 27 (MS 8363)
Tasma'shusband (1) - Charles Forbes Fraser (1841-1913) (File 16) - Box 27 (MS 8363)

Birth certificate Charles Forbes Fraser, 30 November 1841, Melbourne

Drawing, Illustrated Australian News, 1 September 1891

Argus, 25 June 1883, return from Europe

Births to Annie Myra Seal and Mary Seal

Entry Cyclopaedia of Victoria, 1903

Extract They're racing at Kyneton. A History of the Kyneton District Racing Club 1866-1974 by G.A. Bremner, 1974

Extract A Century galloped by. The first hundred years of the Victoria Racing Club by John Pacini, 1984

Marriagecertificate Charles Forbes Fraser/Lucy Benson, Sydney

Death certificate Lucy Forbes Fraser (nee Benson), 5 July 1909

Burial certificate Lucy (Benson) Fraser, Brighton Cemetery, 6.7.1909

Death Certificate Charles Forbes Fraser 21 June 1913

Burial certificate C F Fraser

Obituary Charles Fraser Kyneton Guardian 28 June 1913

Obituary Argus, 27 June 1913

Information on Ralph Sadleir Falkiner (whose second wife was Doris Fraser, Daughter of Charles Forbes Fraser and Lucy Benson) obtained in effort to trace descendants of Charles Forbes Fraser. Includes Will Ralph Sadleir Falkiner, probate papers relating to estate of Ralph Sadleir Falkiner

Correspondence with Bill Falkiner, grandson of Charles Fraser from his second marriage to Lucy Benson. ('Beaufort', 8/30 Sisley Street, St Lucia Qld 4067, 1991)

Copy of letter written by Tasma (Jessie Fraser) to her husband Charles Fraser from Ebden House, (Melbourne), 12 June 1868 (from original lent by Bill Falkiner)

Correspondence with Records and Archives Manager, City of Melbourne, re Ebden House, 28.1.1992

Correspondence with Philippa Woodward, 20 Avenal Road, Kooyong Vic., 16.2.1991 re connection with Fraser descendants

Fraser family (particularly Major James Fraser, father of C F Fraser) (File 16A) - Box 27 (MS 8363)

Extract A Brief history of the City of Mordialloc comp. Frank McGuire, 1985 (Major James Fraser early settler at Mordialloc, Charles Forbes Fraser born there)

Hobart Mercury, 14 August 1865, death of Major James Fraser

Copy of section of Fraser family history from Agnew/Fraser family history by Bertine (Buxton) Hay, 1971; plus complete copy.

William Degraves (File 16B) - Box 27 (MS 8363)

(married to Robina Fraser - brother-in-law and employer of Charles Forbes Fraser)

Information on William Degraves' pastoral empire in Victoria and New South Wales and his flour mills in Victoria.

Includes article 'The first flour mills of Port Phillip' VHM November 1937

Extracts on Degraves from Reminiscences of Australian Early Life by a Pioneer; Memoirs of a Sheepman by Hugh Malcolm; The Riverina by Robert B. Ronald; Pastoral Settlement in Northern VictoriaVols I and II.

Extracts from Union Bank records on William Degraves properties Dotsworth and St Ann's in Burdekin district, Queensland - obtained from ANZ Bank Group Archive, Melbourne. Includes correspondence with Bank's Historian.

Argus accounts of court case William Degraves MLC v. McMullin (officer of Bank) of which Degraves was a director

6 June 1873 - 24 March 1874

Age account of William Degraves MLC v. McMullin case regarding Queensland properties Dotsworth and St Anne's in Burdekin district. 6 - 13 June 1873

Australasian Sketcher 'Remarkable Bank Case', 12 July 1873

Obituaries William Degraves, Argus, Hobart Mercury 21 March 1883

Will John Degraves

Tasma's husband (2) - AugusteCouvreur (1827-1894) (File 17) - Box 27 (MS 8363)

Correspondence with JorisCouvreur, Belgian diplomat, regarding his great uncle AugusteCouvreur,

7 May 1991 includes following information: Couvreur family tree; formal family announcement of death, 23 April 1894, lists decorations etc.; death certificate, AugusteCouvreur; death certificate, Helene Charlotte Henriette Corr, first wife of AugusteCouvreur; photo of Tasma from Australian Women's Calendar 1981

20 May 1991 includes entries on Auguste Couvreur from: Biographie Nationale (L'Académie Royale); Biographie Coloniale Belge, Tome IV, (Académie Royale des Sciences Coloniales)

Letter 14 June 1991 re August Couvreur'swill

Account of funeral of Auguste Couvreur l'Indépendance Belge, 27.4.1894 (2 pages)

Correspodencewith Kim Jones, Dept of ForeignAffairs (descendant of William Huybers, Tasma'seldestbrother) regarding Auguste Couvreur'smedals

Drawing Auguste Couvreur, L'Illustration Européenne

ObituaryLondon Times, 24 April 1894

AnnualRegister 1894, obituary Auguste Couvreur

Information on Auguste Couvreur from Fleur Kenyon includes

entries in

Société d'Archéologie de Bruxelles Annuaire 1895 Tome 16 (Bruxelles, 1895)

Bibliographie Nationale, Dictoionnaire des Ecrivains Belges 1830-1880 Tome A-D (Bruxelles, 1886)

Time line (ms) of Auguste Pierre Louis Couvreur (1827-1894) (in French)

Information on Auguste Couvreur fromBulletin communal, ville de Bxl I (14 Jan. 1895), Bulletin communal, ville de Bxl, 1894, Eglise et Enseignement (Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles), Library search Auguste Couvreur

Information on Auguste Couvreur fromJetty Couvreur, descendedfromAuguste'sbrother, includingextractfromEcole Couvreur, 25th anniversary of foundation, 24 December 1913 (Schoolnamedafter Auguste Couvreur) (32 pages, French) ; typewritten information fromJetty Couvreur on Couvreur family ; extractfromBibliotheque Albert I on Auguste Couvreur ; extractGalerie de l'Association Internationale pour le Progrès des sciences sociales, Portrait avec notice biographie Auguste Couvreur; Couvreur familygenealogy (French)

Tasma's mother Charlotte Huybers (née Ogleby) (1817-1908) and connection with Simeon family (File 18) - Box 28 (MS 8363)

Will of Sir John Simeon, 28 February 1824

Research and notes by Fred McGrath, London, on Simeon and Ogleby families

Will of Edward Simeon

Simeon letters obtained from Simeon family in Vancouver

Poem by Tennyson on Swainston, Isle of Wight, home of Sir John Simeon

Birth and baptism certificate Charlotte Sophia Ogleby, 11 November 1817; 14 February 1818

Letters to Charlotte Ogleby from her father, London, 22 March 1821; London, 17 July 1832; letter (part) from mother in French

Letter from Richard Simeon to Charles Ogleby, 12 November 1832

Letter Edward Simeon to Charlotte Ogleby, 5 July 1846 (other copies)

Will of Charles Ogleby (father of Charlotte Huybers)

Will of Adelaide Ogleby (née de Troye)

Death certificate, Adelaide Ogleby, 15 July 1845

Notes from Fred McGrath on Adelaide Ogleby including will

Will of Charles Ogleby (French)

Translation and Notes on Charles Ogleby from Fred McGrath, London

Map of Southwood Lodge (Tasma's birthplace) from Highgate. Its history since the fifteenth century

Birth certificate Jessie Catherine Huybers born Southwood Lodge, Highgate, 28 October 1848

Census 1841, inhabitants of Southwood Lodge

Correspondence with Mrs Sue Whitington, Southwood Lodge, Highgate, re history and use as Lloyd Thomas Rest Home for Women and Girls

Marriage certificate Jacques Alfred Huybers and Charlotte Sophia Ogleby, 8 July 1846

Birth certificate Charles Alfred (William) Huybers, Tasma's older brother 16 April 1847

Letter North Middlesex Family History Society re certificates of Ogleby, Huybers families

Notes from Fred McGrath, London on de Troye family (maiden name of Adelaide Ogleby, Tasma's maternal grandmother) from Huguenot Society

Death certificate Charlotte Huybers, 21 July 1908, Melbourne

Wills of Charlotte Huybers

Obituary Charlotte Huybers, Tasmanian Mail, 8 August 1908

Copy of Charlotte Huybers' letter to son William Huybers after death of Tasma -dated 17 August [1898]

Copies of several letters written by Charlotte Huybers to her son William Huybers from Hobart

Copies of letters written by Charlotte Huybers from Kew to her son William, Brisbane, April 1907, 8 April 1907, 29 April 1907 another from Hobart; another

(Jacques) Alfred Huybers, Tasma's father (1811 -1893) (File 19) - Box 28 (MS 8363)

Note on birth from Enid Jones (French), 23 April 1811, Antwerp

Copy of letter from London to wife Charlotte [1848] visiting Brussels

Arrival of Huybers family in Hobart, Mercury, 8 December 1852 plus cutting on goods imported

Death third child Robert aged three, Hobart 27 August 1853

To let advertisements for Highfield (later home of Huybers family) Mercury 6 October 1860, 18 February 1862, 21 May 1862

Transfer Highfield from James Elijah Crooke, Harriet Matilda King, William King, Marcus Richard Loane MD Port Sorell d. 22 August 1865 - Marcus Walpole Loane to James Alfred Huybers 17 July 1866

Correspondence with Frank Harris re building of Highfield

Transfer document of Highfield to Alfred Huybers. Information on previous owners, including Captain George King

Transfer of Highfield 2 September 1887 from Alfred Huybers to Lucy Mills Hudspeth

Information on cards re Captain George King, formerly of Highfield

Transfer of Highfield from Wilfred Hugh Hudspeth to Zelda Eleanor Jones, 4 December 1941

Newspaper cutting on Huybers at Highfield

List of subscribers Hobart Telephone Exchange 1883 (includes Huybers)

Catalogue of Library of A Huybers - French and English works to be sold on 19 August 1887

Advertisement Mercury 6 August 1887 - sale of household goods

Cutting Mercury 7 May 1887, Alfred Huybers retirement

Letter Perpetual Trustees re distribution of estate of AlfredHuybers, 8 August 1908 (following death of Charlotte Huybers)

Correspondence with Supreme Court of Tasmania re wills of Alfred Huybers and Degraves family wills

Correspondence with Geoffrey Stilwell, Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts Curator re Alfred Huybers, J.J. Stutzer, Arthur Loureiro

Record of crown grant 1882 Ringarooma, Bransholme (north east coast) to Alfred Huybers

Correspondence with Archives Office of Tasmania re Huybers burial

Will of Alfred Photocopy of records kept by Dr Renée Erdos on Maria Theresa (Koozee) Huybers, married to artist Arthur Loureiro, Includes copies of her articles as Melbourne Age art critic in 1890s; manuscript copies of her columns published in the Age 'by Marmite' (on domestic matters) in early 1900s; some cuttings of 'Marmite' articles; letters to her daughter Fauvette (later FauvetteErdos and FauvetteMowle)

Correspondence with Jane Clark, Curator of Australian Art, National Gallery of Victoria

Correspondence with Gerard Vaughan, Wolfson College, Oxford.

Article by Jane Clarke on Arthur Loureiro - original ms and edited version from Art and Australia

Entry on Arthur Loureiro from Golden Summers, by Jane Clark and Bridget Whitelaw, 1985

Correspondence Felicity Druce (re artist Violet Teague in Brussels)

Marriage certificate Maria Theresa Huybers /Arthur Loureiro, Lambeth Surrey 1881

Death certificate Maria Theresa Loureiro 28 March 1907

Numerous newspaper extracts about Arthur Loureiro, particularly as painter in Melbourne.

Letter from Geoffrey Stilwell, Allport Librarian Hobart

Notes on interview with Renée Erdos on opening of Cabana (Loureiro studio in Kew, Victoria)

Copy of letter by KoozeeLoureiro, Kew Vic to brother William Huybers, Brisbane, re grave of Frank Huybers, 6 September 1898

Edith Huybers (1861-1939), Tasma's sister, art critic, Paris, Melbourne, United States, Brussels; married first to Jean Reverdy, painter and wood carver, then to Pierre Valerio, sculptor (File 21) - Box 28 (MS 8363)

Huybers: Obituary Mercury 15 May 1893; 19 May 1893; death certificate Alfred Huybers, 12 May 1893

Maria Theresa Loureiro (née Huybers) (1853-1907), Tasma's sister, and her husband Arthur Loureiro painter (File 20) - Box 28 (MS 8363)

Articles by Edith Valerio: 'Gustave Courbet and his country', Art in America, Vol. 10, 1922, pp. 246-54; 'The art of Paul Landowski', Art in America, Vol. 16, 1927, pp. 108-16; 'Henri Martin and his art', Art in America, Vol. 10, 1922 pp. 210-16; 'Emile Claus, his art and his country', Art in America, Vol. 12, 1924, pp. 215-22

Letter to Ken Huybers from T.F. McGrath, London, 6 May 1992, regarding Edith Valerio's articles in Art in America

Letter addressed to Alfred Huybers (nephew, son of William Huybers), from Newton Wanless, 9 March 1939, regarding death of Edith Huybers whom he had played with as a child in Hobart

Article on Edith Valerio BruxellesPhilanthropique 15 October 1905

LettresCorrespondance a troisReunies et présentées par Daniel Habrekorn, Les Editions Thot, Vanves, 1980 (Léon Bloy, Villiers de l'Isle-Adam and Joris-Karl Huysmans) which includes letters to Edith Huybers and a note on her (in French)

Article on Reverdy's wood carvings, Table Talk, 1 December 1893

Article on Edith (Huybers) and Jean Reverdy, Table Talk, 12 September 1890 (3 copies)

Shipping note Argus 1 February 1894 departure of Edith, Reverdy and Charlotte Huybers from Melbourne

Photocopy of letter written by Edith Valerio to her niece FauvetteErdos and Typescript copy of letter written by

FauvetteErdos to her aunt Edith Valerio in response to request for information Original Renée Erdos

Typewritten extracts from letters by Edith Valerio in USA. Originals Enid Jones, Burradoo

Correspondence with Madame Jacqueline Laude Marnay France regarding painter Gustave Corbet and his nephew Jean-Baptiste Reverdy, artist and wood carver, husband of Edith Huybers.

Correspondence with Gerard Vaughan Wolfson College, Oxford, re Edith

Information on J-K Huysmans, Villiers de l'Isle Adam; Odilon Redon, French Decadent writers and artists who were Edith's friends; also Gustave Courbet, painter, Edith's uncle by marriage

Copies of letters, Edith Valerio, New York, to brother William Huybers, Brisbane, after mother's death; to brother William Huybers (before Koozee's death); to William Huybers, (after death of sister Koozee)

William Huybers, Tasma's eldest brother (1847-1913) (File 22) - Box 28 (MS 8363)

Marriage certificate

Information on descendants including Alfred Huybers, publisher of Tasma's serial 'Gran'ma's Tale'

Edward Huybers (1855-1941), journalist, foreign correspondent, newspaper proprietor, commercial representative, Tasma's brother (File 23) - Box 29 (MS 8363)

Photocopy of 'The Philosopher of the Café Greco' (autobiography) copied by permission of Colonel Douglas Morris, England, donor (grandson of Edward Huybers).

Photocopy of another version of autobiography (by permission of Douglas Morris)

Article 'Hobart in the 'Sixties'. Memories of "Rat's Castle" and the Battery point "Crabs". A Londoner's Vivid Recollections', Illustrated Tasmanian Mail, 28 March 1933 by Edward A. Huybers

Attached letter to Edward Huybers from J.D.A. Collier, Librarian and Secretary, Tasmanian Public Library, 2 April 1935

Attached cutting 'Stranger than Fiction.Romance of Gift Books.Sequel to letter in "Mercury", Mercury, 1 December 1934 re gift by Edward Huybers of three books by Tasma.

Various cuttings on Edward Huybers

Marriage certificate Edward Huybers/Julia Ord, London, 30 July 1881

Copy letters [Edward Huybers to brother William from Brussels just after Tasma's death, 27 October 1897; re mother's death, 1 September 1908

Frank Huybers (1858-1897), boundary rider, painter of animals, Tasma's brother (File 24) - Box 29 (MS 8363)

Shipping notice departure for London, Argus 13 February 1880

Death certificate, 29 September 1897, Thargomindah, Qld

John Huybers (1859-1920), artist, writer, Melbourne, Europe, United States, Greece (File 25) - Box 29 (MS 8363)

Correspondence Geoffrey Stilwell, Allport Curator and Librarian, 27 May 1991

Photocopy of title page etc of presentation copy of When I was a boy in Greece by George Demetrios illustrated by John Huybers (born Hobart 5 November 1859), Boston, 1913. Presented by John Huybers, Boston USA April 1913 to Public Library Hobart.

Obituary John Huybers, Tasmanian Mail, 23 September 1920 (died 27 May 1920)

Letter Bruce Gomez, New York, re John Huybers, 26 Oct 1991

Photocopy Huybers Memorial Fund Committee document (Edith Valerio, sister, Secretary.Chairman, Aristides E. Phoutrides, University of Athens.

Print of article by John Huybers, 'How I went up the Eiffel Tower', Pall Mall Budget, 25 April 1889

Prints of pages of illustrations by John Huybers, Pall Mall Budget, 17, 31 October 1889

Illustrations The last of the Paris Exhibition, 21 November 1889; 9 January 1890

Print of article and drawings, John Huybers, 'How they cremate in Paris', 17 April 1890

Review of art exhibition John Huybers, headed Tasmanian Talent, Mercury, 17 July 1886

Extract An Art Student's Reminiscences of Paris in the Eighties by Shirley Fox.

Copy letter John to brother William, 20 February 1913, Mass. USA

Information on Tasmania (home of Huybers' family) (File 26) - Box 29 (MS 8363)

Cleburne House (Huybers' home and business address) from In Old Days and These by 'The Captain' Hobart, 1930.

Richard Cleburne's premises c. 1849.

Extracts from The Tasmanian Club by Frank C Green, 1961.

Queen's birthday levy Mercury 24 May 1867.

Old Landmarks of Hobart Town by 'The Captain', 1931

Pamphlet on Cathedral Church of St David with typewritten historical notes

Obituary Sir Thomas Gore Browne, Mercury 19 April 1887

Information on John Julius Stutzer, friend of Alfred Huybers: Argus 26 May 1867; Mercury 30 May 1867; Mercury 9 November 1874; Argus 24 May 1867

Information on Kyneton including Skelsmergh Hall (formerly Montpellier, Tasma's home during early married life to Charles Fraser); and Malmsbury (her second home was at Pemberley, near Malmsbury) (File 27) - Box 29 (MS 8363)

Cutting (from E. Jones) undated on Tasma while living at Montpellier

Correspondence with Kyneton Historical Society

Extracts from records of Kyneton HS also illustration

Article on Montpellier (afterwards Skelsmergh Hall); information from Australian Heritage Commission; National Trust (Victoria) Historic Buildings Council

Photocopies from Kyneton Guardian - visit of Governor etc.

Extract from Flour Mills of Victoria 1840-1980 by Lewis and Peggy Jones, 1990

Copy of History of Malmsbury compiled by Roslyn Stevens (1987)

Typescript history of St John's Church Malmsbury compiled from church records

Typescript 'History of Malmsbury' by Miss B. Stephenson, compiled for school jubilee, 1927 - all supplied by Barbara Slimmon, Secretary Malmsbury Historical Society(letter)

Blairgowrie, Huybers' home at Prahran (File 28) - Box 29 (MS 8363)

Correspondence from Betty Malone, Prahran Historical and Arts Society, and maps.

Oakville, (Yarraman property) - Springvale/Dandenong, briefly property and residence of Tasma and Charles Fraser.

Correspondence with City of Dandenong

Land Titles Office (including titles record)

Gillian Hibbins author of A History of the City of Springvale, (including extract)

Article on 'Yarraman'

Material for publication of Tasma's Diaries, Mulini Press, Canberra, 1996:

Material for publication of Tasma's Diaries, Mulini Press, Canberra, 1996 (File 29) - Box 30 (MS 8363)

Typescript of Edith Huybers' diary (Brussels and Paris, 1873-75) with footnotes for publication.

Photocopy of Edith Huybers Brussels, Paris diary by permission of donor to Fryer Library, Colonel Douglas Morris

Material for publication of Tasma's Diaries, Mulini Press, Canberra, 1996 (File 30) - Box 30 (MS 8363)

Photocopy of Tasma's Windward diary (1873 Hobart to London via Cape Horn)from copy in possession of Renée Erdos

Typescript of Tasma's Windward diary with notes prepared for publication including cuttings relevant to diary items.

Another typescript copy prepared by Renée Erdos

Copies of letters written by Huybers' children as they sailed from Hobart in the Windward (from Enid Jones)

Correspondence R. Erdos re Tasma's diaries.

Material for publication of Tasma's Diaries, Mulini Press, Canberra, 1996 (File 31) - Box 30 (MS 8363)

Photocopy of Tasma's Brussels diary 1889-91 from original in possession of Dr R. Erdos.

Typescript of Tasma's Brussels diary with notes and cutting relevant to items and correspondence with Nelly Economou re Athens entries.Later typescript.

Translation by Sir Robert Garran of Heine's poem at start of Tasma's Brussels diary

Material for publication of Tasma's Diaries, Mulini Press, Canberra, 1996 (File 32) - Box 30 (MS 8363)

Contract for publication of Tasma's diaries by Mulini Press

Book - Tasma's Diaries

Reviews of Tasma's Diaries

Class MS 8363. Consignment received 2002

Series 6. Life lines: women's letters and diaries, 1788-1840

Proposal for the book, sent to publishers, 1989; Lists of possible inclusions and material; Copies of extracts from similar overseas works., 1989 (File 1) - Box 31 (MS 8363)
Promotional material and draft of a speech presented by Clarke at 'The Traditions of Australian Women's Writing', part of the 1989 seminar series 'Evenings on Women's writing' organised by Pandora/Allen & Unwin, Sydney; Copy of 'In their own words', a paper presented by Dale Spender at a seminar held in conjunction with the exhibition Her story – images of domestic labour in Australian art, Sydney, 1991., 1991 (File 2) - Box 31 (MS 8363)
Correspondence with Dale Spender regarding the book, 1988-1998., 1988-1998 (File 3) - Box 31 (MS 8363)
Correspondence with Allen and Unwin, primarily with Rhonda Black and Karen Ward, together with a copy of the contract, draft cover, index and invitations and lists for the launch, 1990-1993., 1990-1993 (File 4) - Box 31 (MS 8363)
General correspondence regarding the book, 1990-1991. Correspondents include Carmel O'Connor (research in Sydney), Throsby Zouch, Marsden Hordern, A.T. (Sandy) Yarwood, Lethbridge King, P.L. Brown and various libraries and historical societies., 1990-1991 (File 5) - Box 31 (MS 8363)
Draft typescript, 1991. Chapters 1-13 by Pat Clarke; introduction and chapters 14-16 by Dale Spender., 1991 (File 6a) - Box 31 (MS 8363)
Draft typescript, 1991. Chapters 1-13 by Pat Clarke; introduction and chapters 14-16 by Dale Spender., 1991 (File 6b) - Box 31 (MS 8363)
Draft typescript, 1991. Chapters 1-13 by Pat Clarke; introduction and chapters 14-16 by Dale Spender., 1991 (File 6c) - Box 32 (MS 8363)
Manuscript marked up for typesetter. Includes notations of deletions to reduce the size of book. These include Phoebe Broughton from chapter 3; Mary Ann Lyth from chapter 3, Matilda Susannah Henty from chapter 8; Anne E. Leake and Jane Ryrie from deleted chapter 'Pupils and teachers'; Annabella Innes transferred from 'Pupils and teachers' to 'Work in isolation'; Annie Maria Baxter deleted from the chapter 'Working with words'. (File 7a) - Box 32 (MS 8363)
Manuscript marked up for typesetter. Includes notations of deletions to reduce the size of book. These include Phoebe Broughton from chapter 3; Mary Ann Lyth from chapter 3, Matilda Susannah Henty from chapter 8; Anne E. Leake and Jane Ryrie from deleted chapter 'Pupils and teachers'; Annabella Innes transferred from 'Pupils and teachers' to 'Work in isolation'; Annie Maria Baxter deleted from the chapter 'Working with words'. (File 7b) - Box 32 (MS 8363)
Manuscript marked up for typesetter. Includes notations of deletions to reduce the size of book. These include Phoebe Broughton from chapter 3; Mary Ann Lyth from chapter 3, Matilda Susannah Henty from chapter 8; Anne E. Leake and Jane Ryrie from deleted chapter 'Pupils and teachers'; Annabella Innes transferred from 'Pupils and teachers' to 'Work in isolation'; Annie Maria Baxter deleted from the chapter 'Working with words'. (File 7c) - Box 32 (MS 8363)
Proof copy, including index, 1991., 1991 (File 8) - Box 33 (MS 8363)
Papers relating to the release and launch of the book, including publicity material, invitations, typescripts of speeches by Clarke, photographs and newspaper cuttings, 1992; Copy of the second edition of the book., 1992 (File 9) - Box 33 (MS 8363)
Letters received following publication of the book. Correspondents include Frank Bate, Dr Alan Roberts, Louise Kennedy (Canberra Times), Rosemary Follett, Sue Edgar, Dr Renée Erdos, Ken Hill, Shirley McGlynn (re Bourke), John Jauncey (re Broughton), Robert Russell (re Esden), Lesley Luckie (re Mary McDonald), Dr J. Allsop (re Queensland) and Brenda Johnson. (File 10) - Box 33 (MS 8363)
Reviews, 1992 (File 11) - Box 33 (MS 8363)
Correspondence and newspaper cuttings regarding reprinted and new editions of the book, 1992-1997; Correspondence with Lynne Frolich regarding the new edition, 1996; Letter from Miss T. C. Hopkins re Margaret Menzies, 1997; Copy of an article by Clarke entitled 'Life lines: nineteenth century Women's letters and diaries', published in Voices, Autumn 1997., 1992-1997 (File 12) - Box 33 (MS 8363)
Forced labour: convict women, Mary Talbot, Sarah Bird and others (File 13) - Box 33 (MS 8363)
Forced labour: Margaret Catchpole (File 14) - Box 33 (MS 8363)
Forced labour: Lydia Esden (File 15) - Box 33 (MS 8363)
Farm managers: Elizabeth Macarthur (File 16) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Farm managers: Mary McDonald (File 17) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Farm managers: Eliza Walsh (File 18) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Farm managers: Anne Drysdale (File 19) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Work of the Lord: Eliza Marsden (File 20) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Work of the Lord: Isabella Parry (File 21) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Work of the Lord: Sarah Broughton, Mary Phoebe Broughton (File 22) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Shipboard travail: Anna Josepha King (File 23) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Shipboard travail: Sarah Docker (File 24) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Shipboard travail: Sarah Brunskill and Mrs George (M.) Gawler (File 25) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Charitable works: Elizabeth Paterson (File 26) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Charitable works: Eliza Darling (File 27) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Charitable works: Mary Putland (nee Bligh) (File 28) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Vice regal: Elizabeth Macquarie (File 29) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Vice regal: Anne Thomson (nee Bourke) (File 30) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Political observer: Christiana Blomfield (née Brooks) (File 31) - Box 34 (MS 8363)
Working wives and mothers: Mary Wild (File 32) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Working wives and mothers: Sophy Dumaresq (File 33) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Pathfinders: Elizabeth Hawkins (File 34) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Pathfinders: Elizabeth Fenton (File 35) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Pathfinders: Jane Franklin (File 36) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Shopkeepers and needle women: Sarah Thorton (File 37) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Shopkeepers and needle women: Ann Hordern (File 38) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Shopkeepers and needle women: Eliza Ward (indenture) (File 39) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Shopkeepers and needle women: Isabella Gibson (File 40) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Homemakers: Janet Ranken (File 41) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Homemakers: Octavia Dawson (File 42) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Homemakers: Mary Thomas (File 43) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Homemakers: Jane Synnot (File 44) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Work in isolation: Ann Gore (File 45) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Work in isolation: Margaret Menzies (File 46) - Box 35 (MS 8363)
Work in isolation: Sarah Burnell (File 47) - Box 36 (MS 8363)
Work in isolation: Annabelle Innes (Boswell) (File 48) - Box 36 (MS 8363)
Research material: Mrs Mitchell, Western Australia (File 49) - Box 36 (MS 8363)
Research material: Susannah Henty (File 50) - Box 36 (MS 8363)
Research material: Phoebe Hayman (File 51) - Box 36 (MS 8363)
Research material: Mary Ann Lyth (File 52) - Box 36 (MS 8363)
Research material: Jane Ryrie (File 53) - Box 36 (MS 8363)

Series 7. Rosa! Rosa! A life of Rosa Praed, novelist and spiritualist

Harold White Fellowship: application, Fellowship announcement, typescript of talk to staff and Fellowship report, 1993-1994 (File 1) - Box 36 (MS 8363)
Literature Board Grant: application, Australia Council notification and report to Literature Board, 1994-1996 (File 2) - Box 36 (MS 8363)
Correspondence with publishers and agent, Margaret Kennedy. Included are readers' reports, marketing plan, proof of cover, photocopies of suggested illustrations and an index compiled from the proof, 1995-1999 (File 3) - Box 36 (MS 8363)
Original draft, comprising 19 chapters, later reduced following reader's report (File 4) - Box 36 (MS 8363)
Draft, reduced to 14 chapters (File 5) - Box 37 (MS 8363)
Master copy sent to Melbourne University Press with 14 chapters combined or reduced to 11 chapters, 1998 (File 6) - Box 37 (MS 8363)
Typescript edited by Melbourne University Press (File 7) - Box 37 (MS 8363)
Correspondence regarding permissions to reproduce material in the book, 1999 (File 8) - Box 38 (MS 8363)
Papers relating to the launch of the book at Manning Clark House, Canberra, 9 December 1999. Included is correspondence, a copy of a speech by Joy Hooton and the media release, December 1999 (File 9) - Box 38 (MS 8363)
Reviews, 1999-2002 (File 10) - Box 38 (MS 8363)
Copies of articles written by Rosa Praed, 1887-1904 (File 11) - Box 38 (MS 8363)
Barlow, George, English writer and poet. Includes a copy of Praed's notes (File 12) - Box 38 (MS 8363)
Burton, Sir Richard, explorer and writer and Lady Burton. Includes a copy of Praed's notes (File 13) - Box 38 (MS 8363)
Caird, Mona, novelist and feminist. Copy of an article on 'Marriage' published in Westminster Review, 1888 and reply, 1888 (File 14) - Box 38 (MS 8363)
Campbell, Lady Colin, writer and divorcee (File 15) - Box 38 (MS 8363)
Dowden, Hester, spiritualist and medium. Includes articles in Occult Review by Hester Travers Smith (File 16) - Box 38 (MS 8363)
Edward VII, in Cannes. Copy of Praed's account of lunch with the Prince of Wales and W.E. Gladstone (File 17) - Box 38 (MS 8363)
de Fonblanque, Edward, English Army officer, writer and historian. Includes a copy of Praed's notes from his letters to her (File 18) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Fraser, Mary C., American writer (File 19) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Harward, Nancy, writer, mystic and Praed's companion. Includes biographical material, a copy of Praed's account of her meeting with Harward and extracts on lesbian relationships. There are articles by Harward under various pseudonyms, including 'The night of the Gods: a vision of Cap Martin' by Winston Kendrick, Occult Review, 1913 plus drafts; 'Idylls of the Cotswolds' by Winston Kendrick; 'The thing fulfilled' by Einna Drawrah, The Ladies Gazette, 1895; 'A Christmas rose', The Ladies Gazette, 1896; drafts of 'How to be happy though single'; 'The non-successful woman' and 'Woman the victim', 1895-1913 (File 20) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Jeune, Lady (later Lady St Helier), political and society hostess. (File 21) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Jopling-Rowe, Louise, painter (File 22) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Kendal, Dame Madge and William, actors. Includes a copy of Praed's notes on letters from Madge Kendal regarding the staging of' Binbian Joe', a dramatic version of The Ladies Gallery (File 23) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Leo, Alan, astrologer. Includes a copy of' Alan Leo: an appreciation' by Mrs Campbell Praed, Occult Review, 1917 (File 24) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Leslie, Mrs Frank, American publisher and feminist (File 25) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Linton, Eliza Lynn, writer. Includes notes on letters from Linton to Praed and copies of letters (File 26) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
McCarthy, Justin, Irish Nationalist leader, politician, writer, journalist and literary collaborator with Praed. Includes letters (1908-1910), an article entitled 'Mrs Campbell Praed' by McCarthy, The English Illustrated Magazine, 1904, correspondence with the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, National Library of Ireland and British Library re papers of McCarthy and copies of extracts from letters, some used in Our book of memories, 1904-1910 (File 27) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Menpes, Mortimer, etcher, painter and collaborator with Praed and Justin McCarthy on The Grey River (File 28) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Merivale, Herman, poet and dramatist. Includes a copy of Praed's notes (File 29) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Molloy, Fitzgerald, writer and spiritualist. Includes a copy of Praed's notes (File 30) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Moulton, Louise Chandler, American writer. Includes correspondence with the United States Library of Congress, copies of letters from Praed to Moulton from the Library of Congress together with a transcript of these letters and photocopies of Moulton's letters to Praed. (File 31) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Novikoff, Olga, Russian, London society figure and associate of Gladstone; portrayed in Nadine (File 32) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Ouida, (Louise de la Ramee), novelist. Includes a copy of Praed's notes. (File 33) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Praed, Bulkley, son, banker and writer. Includes correspondence with Westminster School, his death certificate and obituary, a short story entitled 'The downfall of the House of Denayer', Belgravia, No. 83, 1894 and a copy of letters from Bulkley Praed to his mother, 1894 (File 34) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Praed, Campbell, husband. Includes correspondence re education, membership of the Garrick Club and his death certificate, obituaries and will. There is information about his father, Bulkley John Mackwork Praed, squire, including his will; information about Sir Herbert Bulkley Mackworth Praed, brother, banker and MP, including his death certificate and letters of administration; information on FitzPatrick Praed, brother, naval officer and banker; information on Winthrop Praed, uncle and poet; information on General Barrington Bulkley Douglas Campbell, relative; information on Praed's Bank, London; information on Praed's Brewery, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and newspaper cuttings about the Praed-v-Graham libel case, 1889 (File 35) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Praed, Geoffrey, son, soldier, army officer and big game hunter. Includes his birth certificate, correspondence re service in Boer War and in the Indian Army and his will, Salisbury, Rhodesia, 1924, 1924 (File 36) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Praed, Humphrey, son, trainee mining manager, Australia and orchardist, California. Includes his birth certificate; education at Bradfield College; transcript of a letter to his grandmother, Nora; death in California, Los Angeles Daily Times, 1904, 1904 (File 37) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Praed, Maud, daughter and artist (deaf). Includes transcripts of letters to her grandfather and grandmother, Nora, 1890-1995; correspondence and information re the School run by the Society for training teachers of the deaf and diffusion of the 'German' system; copies of articles 'Introductory note' by R.M. Praed'; 'The past and present condition of the education of the deaf' by David Buxton in For their sakes by Justin McCarthy and others, 1884; information on teaching deaf children; teacher E.F. Boultbee and information about St Ann's Hospital, Canford Cliffs, Poole where Maud was confined from the 1900s to 1941, 1884-1995 (File 38) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Sala, George Augustus, journalist and editor (File 39) - Box 39 (MS 8363)
Sartoris, Frederick, squire and writer, connected to Ulysses Grant, United States President. Includes a genealogical table (File 40) - Box 40 (MS 8363)
Shirley, Ralph, spiritualist, editor of Occult Review and author of books on occultism. Includes a copy of the chapter 'The Case of Nyria' from The problem of rebirth, relating to Praed's Nyria, 1904 and The soul of Nyria, 1931, 1904-1931 (File 41) - Box (MS 8363)
Wilde, Oscar, dramatist and Lady Wilde (mother) (File 42) - Box 41 (MS 8363)
Publishers etc: a copy of Praed's notes on Fred Chapman and George Bentley (File 43) - Box 41 (MS 8363)
Theatre, actors and dramatists: Mrs Bernard Beere, lead in Praed's Ariane; Leonard Boyne; Arthur Bourchier; Sir Francis Burnand, author Airey Annie, parody of Ariane; Joseph Knight, drama critic and model for Frank Leete in The scourge stick; Beatrice Lamb, played in Praed's 'Binbian Joe'; Justin Huntly McCarthy, playwright and novelist; Ada Rehan, actress and Violet Vanburgh, played in Praed's 'Binbian Joe' (File 44) - Box 41 (MS 8363)
Spiritualists and theosophists: Sir Robert and Lady Louisa Anstruther; Lord Borthwick and daughter Gabrielle; Elliott Coues, American ornithologist and theosophist; Praed's notes on Mohini and other theosophists; Lady Lina Rowan-Hamilton; Cyril Scott, composer; Alfred Sinnett, journalist and author of books on occultism and Charles and Violet Tweedale (File 45) - Box 41 (MS 8363)
Theosophical Society, occult and reincarnation: correspondence with the Theosophical Society, London; a copy of a letter to Praed about the Theosophical Society headquarters, Adyar, India; Theosophical Society addresses in Australia; notes on books by Annie Besant; Madame Helena Blavatsky, Arthur Conan Doyle and notes on books dealing with the occult, theosophy and reincarnation (File 46) - Box 41 (MS 8363)
Writers: George (Mary Chavelita Dunne) Egerton; Sarah, (Frances Elizabeth McFaull) Grand; Coulson Kernahan, poet, novelist and literary agent; Colonel George Malleson, English Army officer, historical writer and Catholic convert; Constance Maud; Baroness Orczy, novelist; WilliamT. Stead, journalist and author and Mrs Henry Wood, novelist (File 47) - Box 41 (MS 8363)
London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire: information on Praed's residences and associations; Talbot Square and Norfolk Square, also Praed Street, Bayswater; Woodlands, Hertfordshire; Stanmore (cottage); Houses of Parliament; Carmelite Priory, Kensington, including correspondence with Fr Ronan Murphy; material on the history of the Priory and a copy of a letter from Praed to Louise Chandler Moulton re her attendance at this church (File 48) - Box 41 (MS 8363)
Torquay (residence 1927-1935): correspondence with Ray Strevett, Watcombe, Torquay and Fred McGrath, London, re information on Torquay in the 1920s-1930s; scenes; hotels etc. and news item on death, 1935, 1920-1935 (File 49) - Box 41 (MS 8363)
Wellingborough, Northamptonshire: correspondence re Praed's Brewery and Praed's residences of Rushden Cottage at Rushden/ Higham Ferrers and Chester House at Irchester and copies of the books A history of Wellingborough from Roman times to the present day by Joyce and Maurice Palmer, 1972; Wellingborough album compiled by Joyce and Maurice Palmer, 1995; Victorian Northamptonshire: The early years by Eric Jenkins, 1993; Knuston Hall: a Northamptonshire saga, compiled by Jean Long, 1989, 1972-1995 (File 50) - Box 42 (MS 8363)
Information and correspondence, Hybla, Monasterevin, Co. Kildare, associated with Thomas Harpur's family (Thomas Harpur was Praed's grandfather) (File 51) - Box 42 (MS 8363)
Information on Lime Park, Tullyhogue, Desercreat, Cookstown and related places in Co. Tyrone, re Thomas Harpur's birth and residence. (File 52) - Box 42 (MS 8363)
Notebook on research trip to Ireland, England and France and notes from material in the British Library (File 53) - Box 42 (MS 8363)
Nadine, 1882: notes and reviews (1882-1883), 1882-1883 (File 54) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
Moloch, 1883: notes and reviews, 1883 (File 55) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
Zero 1884: notes and reviews, 1884 (File 56) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
Affinities, 1885: notes; reviews; copy of 'Affinities for Henry James?' by Gabrielle Maupin Bielenstein in Meanjin, 1957; copy of 'Obscenity in literature' by Colin Roderick in Literary Australia, 1966; notes on Affinities from Carmel O'Conner; extracts from Affinities; and a reference to Affinities in Henry Steel Olcott's Old Diary Leaves, 1929, 1885-1966 (File 57) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The brother of the shadow: a mystery of to-day, 1886: notes and copies of the title pages from the 1886 George Routledge and Sons edition and the 1976 Amo Press edition in the series of 'Supernatural and occult fiction', 1886-1976 (File 58) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The bond of wedlock, 1887 and Ariane (theatrical version), performed at Opera Comique, West End, 1888: reviews of The bond of wedlock, 1887; introduction by Lynne Spender to Pandora edition, 1987; introduction by Elizabeth Webby to Mulini edition; reviews of Ariane, 1888; biographical material Sir Francis Bumand, author of "Airey" Annie, a travestie on Mrs Campbell Praed's play of Ariane, 1888 and a copy of Praed's diary of events before and during the staging of Ariane, 1888, adapted from The bond of wedlock, 1887, 1887-1987 (File 59) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The rebel rose, 1888, later The rival princess: a London romance of to­ day by Justin McCarthy and Mrs Campbell Praed, 1890: notes and reviews (1888), 1888-1890 (File 60) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The Grey River by Justin McCarthy, Mrs Campbell Pread and Mortimer Menpes: notes, pre-publication publicity in the Melbourne Age, 1888 and review, 1889, 1888-1889 (File 61) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The soul of Countess Adrian, 1891: notes, reviews and a photocopy of the first instalment of The soul of Countess Adrian published in The Gentleman, 1888 (see court case Praed-v-Graham), 1888-1891 (File 62) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The romance of a chalet: a story, 1892: notes, review and a note on the dramatisation by Colonel Innes (see Queenslander, 1895), 1892-1895 (File 63) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
December roses, 1892: notes, 1892 (File 64) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The scourge-stick, 1898: notes and reviews, 1898 (File 65) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
Madame Izcm, 1899: review, 1899 (File 66) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
As a watch in the night, 1900: notes, reviews and title page 'As a watch in the night': a drama of waking and dream in five acts, 1901, source of title quote, 1900-1901 (File 67) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The insane root: a romance of a strange country, 1902: notes, reviews and title page with illustration, 1902 (File 68) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The other Mrs Jacobs, 1903: notes and review, 1903 (File 69) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The ghost, 1903: notes, reviews and title page with illustration, 1903 (File 70) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
Nyria, 1904: reviews; typescript extract of an interview in the Morning Leader about Nyria; title page and introduction 'To my readers' by R.M. Praed; Praed's notes for Nyria; extracts from letters from Mrs Cashel Hoey about Nyria and notes by professor Max Muller on Nyria., 1904 (File 71) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
Some loves and a life: a study of a neurotic woman, 1904: title page and notes, 1904 (File 72) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
Stubble before the wind, 1908: notes and review, 1908 (File 73) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
By their fruits, 1908: notes, reviews and title page with illustration, 1908 (File 74) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The romance of Mademoiselle Aisse, 1910: notes and extract about Aisse from Dictionnaire de biographie francaise, 1933, 1910-1933 (File 75) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The body of his desire: a romance of the soul, 1912: notes, and title page with illustration, 1912 (File 76) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
Our book of memories: letters of Justin McCarthy to Mrs Campbell Praed, 1913: review, letter from McCarthy to Praed re the book and notes from Praed's diaries (1887-1890) used in the book, 1913 (File 77) - Box 43 (MS 8363)
The mystery woman, 1913: notes, reviews and title page with illustration., 1913 (File 78) - Box 44 (MS 8363)
Soul of Nyria: the memory of a past life in ancient Rome, 1931: review, title page, contents, 'Critical preface' by Ralph Shirley and notes by Praed 'My talks with Nyria', 1931 (File 79) - Box 45 (MS 8363)
Copy of published book (File 80) - Box 46 (MS 8363)

Class MS Acc06.025. Consignment received 2006

This consignment comprises papers relating to Clarke's role as editor of Judith Wright's autobiography, Half a lifetime, published in 1999, including material from Judith Wright, correspondence, notes, drafts, reviews and obituaries, ca. 1997-2000; research material on proposed writing on wartime censorship, ca. 1983; research material, ca. 1984-1988, for the chapter on Government House in Gables, ghosts and governors-general: the historic house at Yarralumla, Canberra (1988); and, papers, articles and talks, ca. 1989-2005 (4 cartons).

Series. Half a Lifetime

Material received from Judith Wright, 1997 (File 1) - Box 1 (MS Acc06.025)

Includes: 'Portraits and Sitters' -4 versions; 'Memories of Childhood' (horses) -1 version; 'Sydney 1938-39'. Also named 'Change and War' (continues to 1942) -4 versions; 'New Farm 1943' - 3 versions

Material received from Judith Wright, 1997 (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc06.025)

Includes 'Jack McKinney' -2 versions; 'The Partnership Begins' -2 versions; '1944-45 A Year of Changes' -3 versions; '1948' -2 versions; 'The 1950s Quantum to Calanthe' -3 versions

Further autobiographical material relating to Judith Wright (File 3) - Box 1 (MS Acc06.025)

Judith Wright lent the followingmaterial to Veronica Brady for use in her biography. When Veronica Brady returned this in November 1998, Judith forwarded to Patricia Clarke for use in her autobiography. Material includes PC's markers of some significant events, people etc. Includes: 'Introductory: Portraits and Sitters'; 'The Nineteen-Twenties'; '1933-36'; '1937-42'; '1940-43'; 'New Farm 1943'; ['Jack Mckinney']; 'Brisbane in Wartime' Draft extract from an autobiography in progress, 1950s, backwards from 1957

Faxes, records of conversations, notes etc.of communications between Judith Wright and Patricia Clarke and also Meredith McKinney, 1997-1998 (File 4) - Box 1 (MS Acc06.025)

Records development of material; introduction of Judith Wright to Margaret Kennedy, P. Clarke's literary agent; contract between Margaret Kennedy and Judith Wright with additional agreement for part royalties to be paid to Patricia Clarke; correspondence between P. Clarke and Text Publishing re extra text to include in typescript. [All faxes have been photocopied and attached to originals to preserve them and make them easier to read.]

Various papers, 1999-2000 (File 5) - Box 1 (MS Acc06.025)

Faxes, records of conversations, notes etc. of communications between Judith Wright and Patricia Clarke, from early 1999 to just before Wright's death in 2000; Faxes between Pat Clarke and Michael Heyward, Text Publishing, re changes, additions etc. to autobiographical text; handover of final text, disk and photographs for Half a Lifetime to Michael Heyward in Melbourne; correspondence re text for editor's note; correspondence with Margaret Kennedy; arrival of page proofs etc.; arrangements for publicity and launch for Half a Lifetime; launch of Rosa! Rosa! (P. Clarke's biography of Rosa Praed, MUP, December 1999); JW's comments Rosa; records of conversations with Judith Wright including at Woden Valley Hospital, 25 January 2000; new paperback edition of Half a Lifetime and apology from Michael Heyward re omission of P.Clarke's name; conversation with JW, 22 May 2000. [See Judith Wright's Papers for addition by Patricia Clarke of correspondence and material given to her for second part of JW's autobiography

Further autobiographical material for Half a Lifetime (File 6) - Box 2 (MS Acc06.025)

Given to P. Clarke by Judith Wright or or located elsewhere by P. Clarke. Includes some overlaps with previous material; 'Double Image' (JW Papers); 'Where I Come From' (JW Papers); 'Mother's Death'; 'How I Got Here'; 'The Nineteen-Twenties' (JW Papers); 'Final' (Identity) (JW Papers); 'Submerged Paradises'; 'School to University'; '1937-42'; 'Second Speaker' (JW Papers); Kathleen McArthur and the Duracks; Calanthe; 1952; early version of 1952-53; plus Master 1952; Various additions P. Clarke discovered in JW Papers including; Coda to the first Ten Years; Budapest; Judith's text for 'Apology'; Judith's text on houses – Calanthe and Melaleuca – and letter

Early drafts for Half a Lifetime with JW's changes (File 7) - Box 2 (MS Acc06.025)

Includes: Portraits and Sitters; Double Image; Second Speaker; Growing Up; School to University; Brisbane in Wartime; Jack McKinney; Love and Partnership; Quantum; Houses

Further drafts of some sections for Half a Lifetime with J.W.'s changes (File 8) - Box 2 (MS Acc06.025)

The Coming of War; Wallamumbi to Brisbane; Jack McKinney; School to University – replacements for chapters 6, 7, 8, incorporating new material; Quantum – reworking following Michael Heyward's comments; Wallamumbi with some MS material; The Connection with the Land; Kings Cross in Wartime; The Sacred in Australian Landscape; Fate of a Philosopher; Houses; Tinnitus; Going Deaf; The Day I Might have Died; Europe 1937

Draft of Half a Lifetime with comments, queries etc. by Michael Heyward, Text Publishing (File 9) - Box 2 (MS Acc06.025)

Including letter 22 February 1999; draft captions; proposed cover, title page drafts; notes from Judith Wright and correspondence with Wright

Typescript text of Half a Lifetime, 1999 (File 10) - Box 2 (MS Acc06.025)

Returned by Michael Heyward, Text Publishing, 19 May 1999

Edited text of chapters of Half a Lifetime (File 11) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Computer disk of text

Reviews Half a Lifetime, 1999 (File 12) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Good Weekend, extract, 21 August 1999; Canberra Times, 28 August 1999, Mark Thomas; Melbourne Age, 28 August 1999, Fiona Capp; Bulletin, 7 September 1999, Patricia Rolfe; Sydney Morning Herald, 4 September 1999, Marilla North; Australian Book Review, October 1999, Cassandra Pybus

Portrait Gallery, 2000 (File 12) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Donation of portrait by Barbara Blackman, Sydney Morning Herald article, 30 May 2000

Judith Wright Obituaries (File 12) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Canberra Times, 27 June 2000, Robert Hefner and news story front page; Sydney Morning Herald, 27 June 2000, Tony Stephens and news story on reactions; Melbourne Age, 27 June 2000; Melbourne Age, 28 June 2000,; Bulletin, 11 July 2000, Patricia Clarke; Sydney Morning Herald, 15 July 2000, Tim Bonyhady; Australian Book Review, August 2000, Tom Shapcott; Service, St John the Baptist, Canberra, 29 June 2000, booklet; Celebration, Old Parliament House; Program, 19 July 2000, Old Parliament House 5 pm; Canberra Times, 20 July 2000, Robert Hefner; Sydney Morning Herald, 20 July 2000, Tony Stephens; Melbourne Age, 20 July 2000, Melissa Marino; Sydney Morning Herald, 24 July 2000, Veronica Brady; Sydney Morning Herald, 22 July 2000, Alan Ramsay; Sydney Morning Herald, 14 August 2000, Imre Salusinszky; Ashes buried: Sydney Morning Herald, 16 September 2000, Greg Roberts

Other articles, 1998-2000 (File 12) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Melbourne Age, 7 November 1998, Larry Schwartz; Wright family, Sydney Morning Herald, 26 June 1999; Wright family, Sydney Morning Herald, 2 July 1999; Wright family, Good Weekend, 15 July 2000; Sydney Morning Herald, 28 February 1998; Canberra Times, 28 February 1998; Weekend Australian, 28 February 1998; Sydney Morning Herald, 28 March 1998; Melbourne Age, 21 February 1998; Sunday Times, 20 September 1998

Series. Research material

Typewritten notes on National Archives of Australia Department of Information and censorship files (File 13) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

SP 109 Chief Censor's letters 1939; SP 109 Bundle I Part I, 1939 — Out correspondence of Deputy Chief Censor. SP 109 19/10/291 Chief Publicity Censor's letters 1939; SP 109 S9 B1 (B78), 1942 — Current Censorship Instructions, 16 February 1942; SP 109/20 Bundle 6 Box 124 Australian Censorship Report, 10-23 February 1942 (No. 13); SP 109/20 Bundle 6 Box 124 Military Censorship Summary, 17 February-2 March 1942 (No. 54); SP 109/20 Bundle 6 Box 124 Australian Censorship Report, 24 February –9 March 1942 (No. 14); SP 195 3/1/15 Bundle I Section I — Establishment and organisation of the Department; SP 195/1 3/1/1A Part I Appointment and functions of Director General mainly 1940; SP 195/1 3/1/1A Part 2— Appointment and functions of Director General 1943; SP 195/1 3/1/32 — closing of D of I Launceston offices, 18.6.41. SP 195/1 3/1/33 Reorganisation of D of I. 1942; SP 195/1 S1 B2; 72/26/3 Part I — Censorship Advisory Committee Meeting, 16 June 1942. SP 109 CPC 1401/1900 5 July-7 November 1940, Bundle I Part 3; SP 195/2 315.22 Townsville messages. CP815/3 Bundle I — Staff records; CPC 886/CPC1532/SP 109 Bundle I Part 2, Weekly summary, 26 February 1940 – 3 August 1940; CPC 1401/1900/SP109 Bundle 1 Part 3, 5 July – 7 November 1940; Notes from Hansard, 1940; Notes from Hasluck (Official History Homefront); Notes on Censorship Rules 'for guidance of press…'; Statutory Rules, 1940, No. 137 National Security (Information) Regulations; Typewritten text and notes for beginning of proposed book

Handwritten notes on history of journalism, censorship, World War II events, Archives files, Department of Information and censorship (File 14) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)
Notepad (File 14) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Notes on Australian Journalists' Association history; founder Bertie Cook (1876-1968), obituaries and Cook NLA MS; items from Journalist and various histories

Notepad (File 14) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Notes on Theodor Bray, NLA MS 2519, wartime censorship mainly press censorship notices June 1941 – December 1943; interview 1971; National Archives files on Dept of Information 1941-1945: CP815/3

Loose notes on Theodor Bray, MS2519, second box, 1939-40 (File 14) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)
Notepad – various notes (File 14) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Notes on NAA file SP 109 S9 Bi (B78), 2 June 1944, Atrocities, Cowra breakout; CP 815/4 Item 44 Joint Operations Censorship Problems (South Pacific Messages); SP 195/1 3/1/16 Parts I and II What is the Department doing? 1940; SP 109 CPC 1401/1900 Bundle I Part 3 8 July – 7 November 1940; SP 109 19/10/291 Out correspondence September 1939 –; SP 109 Box 67 Bundle I Classified files; SP 109 S3 Box 61 including censorship disputes with Daily and Sunday Telegraph; SP 195/6 (8) (3) Ministerial letters; SP 195 B5 Series 1 London News and Information Bureau; SP 195/1 131/3/28 Brisbane 1943; SP 195 3/1/1A Part II Appointment and functions of Director General; SP 195/1 493/1/61 Transfer of Publicity Censor from D of I; SP 191/1 3/1/33 Reorganisation of D of I; SP 195/6 (I) GHQ Censorship organisation; SP 195/1 71/1/9 Powers of Chief Publicity Censor; SP 195/9 History of D of I; SP 195/2 Townsville messages

Loose notes (File 14) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Notes on various NAA censorship files including SP 195, 3/1/15 Establishment and organisation of the Department of Information

Handwritten notes on Archives files relating to Department of Information and censorship (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Censorship rules; notes from censored letters

Notepad (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Notes on NAA SP 195/2 Townsville messages (continued); various NAA censorship files and censored letters

Notepad (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Notes from SMH war 1939; CPC/886 – CPC 1532, 26.2.1940 – 3.8.1940 and other NAA files; notes on books, articles on censorship

Loose notes on Censorship rules (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

NAA files

Notepad (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc06.025)

Notes from censored letters; notes on NAA SP 195/1 Bundle 2, 72/26/3, Parts I and II, Censorship Advisory Committee meeting, 24 September 1942. SP 109/20 Bundle 6 Box 124 Military Censorship 3 –16 March 1942

Series. Government House

Various papers (File 16) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

CDHS Publishing Committee agenda; List of historical material kept at Government House lent to me for listing, illustration, copying etc. Box 1 – four albums of photographs; Box 2 – collection of photographs with Archives numbers; Loose material: Draft material and background information on Mowatt; Murray; Gibbes, Campbell; on Yarralumla, the House, Evolution of capital – Griffith Taylor, History by M. R. Wilmot (typed draft); maps; History file, ghost file, admin. letters, references; Admiralty House

Oral interviews (File 16) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

Mrs A Johnson, Melbourne/Yarralumla, 3 May 1984; Jean Lester, Red Hill, 13 September 1985; Maj. General Basil Finlay, Deakin, 1986; Beryl Anderson, Latham, 1986; D. Gordon Edward, Reid, 12 February 1986; Dora Riddle, Yarralumla, 1986; Mrs P. Ness, Yarralumla, 1986; David Smith, Yarralumla, 1986; Murray Tyrrell, Queanbeyan, 1986; Hilda (Betty) Jackson, Red Hill, 1987

Notebook (File 16) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

Notes of interviews, 1986; Typescript, 'Forty Years with Vice Royalty 1926-1966' by Hilda Jackson

Newspaper cuttings on Government House, 31 March 1927 to 19 April 1974 (File 17) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

Stonehaven; Gowries; plans for Duke of Kent; Duke of Gloucester; McKell; Royal Tour 1954; Caseys etc

Published material, articles etc (File 17) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

Government House by Lady Hasluck; William Wintle, Glory without Power: Twenty-five years guarding Governors-General at Government House, Yarralumla, ACT, 1984 (Sgt Wintle, Kaleen ACT) ; Some Background History (prepared for Government House staff); Statement of Duties of Military Secretary and Comptroller; A History of Government House (prepared for staff); Isaac Isaacs by Zelman Cowen; John Gale, Canberra History and Legends, A. M. Falleck & Sons, Queanbeyan NSW, 1927 (ghost section); Catalogue of Works of Art at Government House, 29 January 1984; Brief History and Catalogue of Works of Art, 5 October 1986; Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General, First Report, 24 December 1984 – 30 June 1985; Annual Report 1985-86. Extract: Daniel Thomas, Grace Cossington Smith, Trustees Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, 1973. H. B. Jackson, 'Forty Years at Government House' (draft)

File references re Government House at Archives (NAA) (File 18) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)
Published chapter (File 18) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

'Temple of a country's daily uses' in Gables, Ghosts and Governors-General

Series. Papers, Articles

Papers and articles from 1989 (File 19) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

'The Traditions of Australian Women's Writing', Pandora Series of Evenings with Women Writers, Koala Greetings Oxford Motel, 21 June 1989. (Relates to publication of Pen Portraits); Publicity flyer; copy of talk

Papers and articles from 1990 (File 19) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

Researching and writing books on women, particularly Louisa Atkinson, talk at Canberra Girls' Grammar School, 12 August 1990. (Forthcoming publication of Pioneer Writer); Copy of talk; 'Why I Write about Women in 19th Century Australia', Probus Club, Belconnen, 20 August 1990. Copy of talk; 'Louisa Atkinson at Cavan and the Yass district', talk to Yass Historical Society, 12 November 1990. (Following publication of Pioneer Writer); copy of talk; 'The Books I've Written about Women in 19th Century Australia', Ladies Probus Club, Belconnen, 26 November 1990. (Following publication of Pioneer Writer). Copy of talk

Papers and articles from 1991 (File 19) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

'Researching Louisa Atkinson', talk to Berrima District Historical Society, 24 January 1991. (Following publication of Pioneer Writer); Copy of talk

Papers and articles from 1992 (File 19) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

Talk on researching and writing books on women, Siret Club, Canberra, 9 June 1992; Correspondence; Interview re Life Lines, ABC, 1992; Launch speech at launch of Life Lines by Rosemary Follett, ACT Chief Minister, Co-op Bookshop, Canberra, 16 July 1992; Launch speech at launch of Life Lines by Quentin Bryce, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, 17 July 1992. Talk on researching and writing books on women particularly Life Lines, International Training in Communication (ITC), Australia Pacific Region, annual conference, North Canberra Bowling Club, 19 September 1992 (Following publication of Life Lines); Correspondence; program; copy of talk

Papers and articles from 1993 (File 19) - Box 4 (MS Acc06.025)

'Indexing my Own Books', talk to Australian Society of Indexers, Griffin Centre, 18 May 1993; Copy of talk. Talk on researching and writing books on women to View Clubs of Australia conference, Batemans Bay, 28 May 1993. Correspondence with Barbara Murray, Cook, ACT; photo at function, Bay Post, 2 June 1993; copy of speech. 'Sources on the Life of Rosa Praed', National Library Council Room, Harold White Fellow staff talk, 30 September 1993. Copy of talk. 'In the Steps of Tasma and Rosa Praed : Biographical Trails', National Library Conference Room, Harold White Lecture, 1 December 1993. Copy of talk; publicity

Papers and articles from 1994 (File 20) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

Talk on researching and writing books on 19th century women to The Grange, Deakin, 10 May 1994 (Following publication of Tasma); Copy of talk. Talk on researching and writing books on 19th century women to St Luke's, Deakin, 6 June 1994. (Following publication of Tasma); Copy of talk. 'Writing Women into History', talk to Women's Pioneer Society of Australasia, Sydney, 15 June 1994 at luncheon to commemorate women pioneers. Correspondence with Mrs Mita Hughes, President; copy of talk. 'Writing a Life: Biography and Autobiography', Pandora function, Sydney, 15 June 1994. it Bits, Canberra Times, 12 June 1994. 'Writing a Biography of Tasma (Jessie Couvreur)', talk to Society of Women Writers NSW Inc., State Library of NSW, 9 November 1994. (Following publication of Tasma and award of Society's 1994 Prize for Non-Fiction). Correspondence with Wilda Moxham, President; copy of talk

Papers and articles from 1995 (File 20) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

Talk on researching and writing about women in the 19th century, U3A History group, Majura Community Centre, 28 March 1995. Copy of talk. Talk on women in 19th century Australia, Canberra Probus Club, Salvation Army Hall, Braddon, 8 May 1995. Copy of talk. Talk on Ethel Turner for 70th anniversary of NSW Society of Women Writers, State Library of NSW, 20 May 1995. Program; correspondence with President, Wilda Moxham; research material on Ethel Turner; publicity for event; copy of talk

Papers and articles from 1996 (File 20) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

'Life Lines — 19th century Women's Diaries and Letters', paper at Private Lives Revealed: Letters, Diaries, History Seminar, National Library, 23 March 1996. Copy of talk; program

Papers and articles from 1998 (File 21) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

'Life Lines: Women's Letters and Diaries', Paper Galong Irish History Conference, Canberra & District Historical Society, May 1998. Copy of paper. 'Gertrude the Emigrant', Speech for launch of Australian Scholarly Editions Centre edition of Gertrude, edited by Elizabeth Lawson, Officers' Mess, ADFA, 11 June 1998. Program; copy of paper

Launch speech for Rosa! Rosa!, 1999 (File 21) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

Manning Clark House, December 1999

Papers and articles from 2000 (File 21) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

'Rosa Praed and Theosophy', Theosophical Society Canberra, Quakers Hall, Turner, 7 Auguist 2000; Copy of talk; correspondence Jenny McFarlane; thanks. 'Original Sources: Rosa Praed's Queensland', Clem Lack Memorial Oration, Royal Historical Society of Queensland, 17 August 2000. Typescript draft of talk; material for talk; correspondence with RHSQ; Litbits notice, Canberra Times, 13 August 2000. Launch speech for Barry McGowan's book, The Golden South: A History of the Araluen, Bell's Creek and Major's Creek Goldfields, Winchbooks, Fyshwick ACT, 25 November 2000. Copy of talk

Papers and articles from 2001 (File 21) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

'Rosa Praed's Queensland: The Dynamics of Fact and Fiction', Australian Communication Lives Seminar, University of Canberra, 15-16 February 2001. Copy of paper; program; correspondence re publication of paper; version prepared for publication. 'Canberra in Diaries (Mary Braidwood Mowle) and Fiction (Plaque with Laurel)', Heritage event 'Where have all the blowflies gone', ICOMOS Conference, Old Parliament House, 2 April 2001; Program; copy of talk. 'The Queensland Shearers' Strikes in Rosa Praed's Fiction', Labour History Conference, ANU, 19-21 April 2001. Copy of paper; program etc

Papers and articles from 2001 (File 22) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

Talk to ISAA Lunch group on researching and writing a biography of Rosa Praed, 24 April 2001. Copy of notes. Talk to Books and Writers Group, U3A, Canberra, 30 April 2001; Copy of Talk; 'Rosa Praed: Turning Fact into Fiction', Fellowship of Australian Writers, Olims Hotel, Canberra, 21 May 2001; Copy of talk; correspondence with FAW; copy as recorded by Art Sound; Letter Patricia Stone re talk, 23 February 2001; Photo in ACT Writers Newsletter, December 2001; 'From Life Lines to Life Stories', Talk to U3A, Batemans Bay, 28 July 2001; Notice U3A Newsletter, July-September 2001; Correspondence arrangements, from Joy Hooton, 14 May 2001, to Joy Hooton, 22 May 2001; from Joy Hooton, 5 July 2001; to Joy Hooton 16 July 2001; from Joy Hooton, 13 August 2001; 'From Life Lines to Life Stories', talk to Australian History 'B' Group, U3A, Hughes, 7 August 2001; Copy of talk; Letters from Joan Beltz, Holder, ACT, 31 May 2001, 7 August 2001; Thanks note, 9 August 2001; Reading from Rosa! Rosa! [biography of Rosa Praed], National Library Open Day, 23 September 2001; Letter Francesca Rendle-Short, Co-ordinator, 2 October 2001; Open Day Open Mind Program NLA, 23 September 2001; National Identity in Rosa Praed's Fiction, Common Wealth of Yarns Conference, Centre for Australian Cultural Studies, National Museum, 22-23 November 2001; Copy of talk; program; correspondence; version for publication; ; 'Writing Women's History: Researching books on Women's Letters and Diaries and Biographies of Women Writers', ACT Regional Studies Network, ACT Heritage Library, 11 December 2001. Copy of talk; Notice in ACT Regional Studies Network Newsletter, No. 40, October/November 2001

Papers and articles from 2002 (File 23) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

'Writing Women into History', Leader on-line discussion for National Women's History Month, 20 March 2002; Copy transcript; Email Danielle Hyndes, 5 March 2002 re chat show participation; Letter Mary Sexton for Women's History Month Committee, National Foundation for Australian Women, 3 May 2002, re leading chat show. 'Two Colonials in London's "Upper Bohemia"' [Mortimer Menpes and Rosa Praed], Spotlight Talk at Mortimer Menpes Exhibition, National Library of Australia, 18 September 2002. Copy of talk; ad. Canberra Times, 14 September 2002; email from Therese Edwards; publicity NLA Calendar

Papers and articles from 2003 (File 23) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

'A Colonial Woman', talk for Writing Women into History Seminar, National Women's History Month, Manning Clark House, 22 March 2003; Copy of talk; 'Some Thoughts on Writing Women's History', Talk to ACT History Teachers' Association, Manning Clark House, 30 May 2003; Copy of talk; correspondence with Jill Downer, ACT HTA Committee; Program; 'Literary Sidelights on Wartime Brisbane', Paper, Creativity and Australian Intellectuals Conference, Queensland Studies Centre, Griffith University, 23 August 2003. Program; Copy of paper; 'Colonial Connections with the London Times: A Woman of Empire (Flora Shaw) and a radical Australian (Tasma), Australian Media Traditions Conference, RMIT University, State Library of Victoria, 13-14 November 2003. Copy of paper

Papers and articles from 2004 (File 23) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

'Writing an "ordinary" Woman (Mary Braidwood Mowle) into History or Where Research into a Pioneer Woman on the Limestone Plains Can Lead', talk to Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra, 3 February 2004. Invitation from Geoffrey Burkhardt, copy of talk. 'Writing Women into History', Hidden Histories Seminar, National Archives of Australia, 30 October 2004. Seminar program, invitation, publication, copy of paper. (Longer version published in Hidden Histories). 'Louisa Atkinson: Riding the Mountains', Commemoration of Louisa Atkinson Day, Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens, 28 November 2004. Correspondence with Jan Allen etc., copy of paper

Papers and articles from 2005 (File 23) - Box 5 (MS Acc06.025)

'Letters: Sources for Biography', Open Book: Research, Imagination and the Pursuit of Knowledge Conference, National Library of Australia, 29 April- 1 May 2005 (30 April 2005). Conference program; publicity; copy of paper. 'Turning Fact into Fiction: The 1857 Hornet Bank Massacre', Talk to ISAA lunch time meeting, High Court of Australia, 16 August 2005. Copy of talk; research material on Charles de Boos' novel, Fifty Years Ago, extracts from Sydney Morning Herald, 14 November 1857, Bell's Life in Sydney, 5 December 1857; Moreton Bay Courier, 14 November 1857; correspondence Ann Nugent

Papers and articles from 1995 (File 24) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'Elizabeth Hudspeth', Heritage: The National Women's Art Book, ed. Joan Kerr, 1995, pp. 190, 377. Entries; correspondence

Papers and articles from 1996 (File 24) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'Life Lines: 19th Century Women's Letters and Diaries', Australian Folklore, 11, 1996, pp. 152-8. Note from editor, John S. Ryan

Papers and articles from 1997 (File 24) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'Life Lines: Nineteenth Century Women's Letters and Diaries', Voices, Vol. VII, No. 1, Autumn 1997. Correspondence, article. 'Family History & Beyond', National Library News, June 1998. Correspondence etc., article

Papers and articles from 1998 (File 24) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'The Other Harpur, or: How I stumbled across an unknown Colonial Poet', National Library News, March 1998, pp. 18-21. Published article; correspondence with Paul Hetherington, Paul Cliff; typescript; edited draft. 'A Writerly Old Age [Rosa Praed]', National Library News, June 1998. Article

Papers and articles from 1999 (File 24) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'Rosa Praed's Career as a Dramatist', Margin: Life and Letters of Early Australia, No. 48, July/August 1999, pp. 23-30. Article

Papers and articles from 2000 (File 24) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'Family Ties' [Family links between poet Banjo Paterson and novelist Rosa Praed], National Library News, June 2000. Published article; typescript; correspondence

Papers and articles from 2000 (File 25) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'Mrs Macquarie's Earrings', National Library News, July 2000; Research material; correspondence; article

Papers and articles from 2000 (File 26) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'A Full Life', [Obituary of Judith Wright], Bulletin, 11 July 2000. Typescript; published article

Papers and articles from 2001 (File 26) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'Rosa Praed's Queensland', The Clem Lack Memorial Oration, Royal Historical Society of Queensland, 17 August 2000, RHSQ Journal, Vol. 17, No. 9., February 2001, pp. 406-26. Published article; correspondence with John Kerr, Editor RHSQ Journal, typescript copy. 'Rosa Praed 1851-1935', On Praed (Devon, UK), No. 2, Spring 2001, pp. 8-10. 'In Love with a Man and a Mind: Judith Wright's Relationship with Jack McKinney', National Library News, March 2001

Papers and articles from 2001 (File 27) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'Rosa Praed's Irish Connections. The Australian Journal of Irish Studies, Vol. 1, 2001, pp. 118-25. Published article, program Murdoch University, correspondence etc

Papers and articles from 2002 (File 28) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'The Queensland Shearers' Strikes in Rosa Praed's Fiction', Queensland Review, Vol. 9, No. 1, May 2002, pp. 67-87. Published article

Papers and articles from 2003 (File 28) - Box 6 (MS Acc06.025)

'Two Colonials in London's Bohemia: Rosa Praed and Mortimer Menpes', National Library News, September 2003. 'From Life Lines to Life Stories', Australian Media Traditions Conference 2001, Ejournalist, Vol. One No. Two, 2001. Correspondence Denis Cryle; Rod Manning; Kasun Ubayasiri

Papers and articles from 2004 (File 29) - Box 7 (MS Acc06.025)

'An American Poet Finds Australia [Harry Roskolenko]', National Library News, June 2004. Material on Harry Roskolenko from his publications; correspondence; Quadrant; oral history etc. 'Literary Sidelights on Wartime Brisbane', Queensland Review, Vol. 11, No. 2, December 2004, pp. 41-57. Copy of article; referees' reports; published article; correspondence Belinda Mackay, editor. Material collected for 'Literary Sidelights on Wartime Brisbane' for Creativity and Australian Intellectuals Conference, August 2003 and for Queensland Review article, December 2004. American poets: Pte Frederic Belsky; Major Herbert Paul; James Dickey; Hyman Getoff; William Van O'Connor; Robert Peel; C. A. Stokes. American poet Karl Shapiro; Poetry in Meanjin, Southerly; extract The Place of Love; copy of Shapiro letters in Meanjin Archive plus permission to copy from Robert Phillips, University of Houston, Texas; correspondence with Robert Phillips, Literary Executor. Correspondence

Papers and articles from 2003 and 2004 (File 30) - Box 7 (MS Acc06.025)

'Colonial Connections with the London Times [A Woman of Empire (Flora Shaw) and a radical Australian ('Tasma'); Canberra Historical Journal, September 2004Plus paper at Australian Media Traditions Conference, 13-14 November 2003, program for conference; correspondence with Sybil Nolan, RMIT University; reviewers' comments; material collected for research on Flora Shaw; on Donald Mackenzie Wallace from Times history etc

Papers and articles from 2003 and 2004 (File 31) - Box 7 (MS Acc06.025)

'Louisa Atkinson in the Southern Highlands and at Kurrajong', Margin: Life and Letters of Early Australia, A Louisa Atkinson Special Issue, No. 63, July/August 2004, pp. 5-17.(Abridged version of two talks given at commemorations of Louisa Atkinson at Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens on 23 November 2003 and at Fitzroy Falls Visitors' Centre on 28 February 2004.)

Papers and articles from 2003 and 2004 (File 31) - Box 7 (MS Acc06.025)

'Janet Cosh (1901-1989)', Margin: Life and Letters of Early Australia, A Louisa Atkinson Special Issue No. 63, July/August 2004, pp. 43-5

Papers and articles from 2004 (File 31) - Box 7 (MS Acc06.025)

'Writing Women into History', Hidden Histories: National Capital Family History Seminar Papers, edited by Rhonda Kerr, The Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra Inc., Canberra, 2004, pp. 1-14. Copy of paper, published article

Book reviews by Patricia Clarke, 1985-1991 (File 32) - Box 8 (MS Acc06.025)

Mainly published in Canberra Times; also in Melbourne Herald, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Book Review, Overland, Australian Historical Studies, Canberra Historical Journal. (List included)

Book reviews by Patricia Clarke, 1992-2005 (File 33) - Box 8 (MS Acc06.025)

Mainly published in Canberra Times; also in Melbourne Herald, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Book Review, Overland, Australian Historical Studies, Canberra Historical Journal. (List included)

Adviser Literature Board, Australia Council, 9-13 September 2002 (File 34) - Box 8 (MS Acc06.025)

Correspondence, papers

Correspondence and artcicles for Dictionary of Literary Biography (United States) on Louisa Atkinson, Tasma and Rosa Praed (File 35) - Box 8 (MS Acc06.025)

Correspondence 1991-2000 includes with Prof G. D. Killam (Uni of Guelph); Bruccoli Clark Layman (South Carolina); Selina Samuels (Uni of NSW). Articles published Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 230

Manning Clark House Committee Member, 2000-2002 (File 36) - Box 8 (MS Acc06.025)

Includes minutes of committee meetings; appointment of Director etc. correspondence Sebastian Clark; Penny Ramsay etc. NFAW plans for National Women's History Month

Centre for Australian Cultural Studies (CACS), 1992-2003 (File 37) - Box 9 (MS Acc06.025)

Committee Member. Judge for CACS Annual Award 1994 (first award) to 2003

CACS, 1992-1995 (File 37) - Box 9 (MS Acc06.025)

National Awards- Minutes; business plan; correspondence; proposal for projects, including books; planning and inauguration of CACS National Awards; judging etc

CACS, 1996-1998 (File 38) - Box 9 (MS Acc06.025)

Minutes, judging, correspondence etc

CACS, 1999-2003 (File 39) - Box 9 (MS Acc06.025)

Minutes, judging, correspondence etc

Class MS Acc11.100. Consignment received 2011

This consignment comprises papers reflecting Clarke's activities as a writer, editor, public speaker and member of academic and historical societies. They include material from Judith Wright, correspondence, notes, drafts and reviews relating to Clarke's role as co-editor, with Meredith McKinney, of The equal heart and mind: letters between Judith Wright and Jack McKinney (2004) and With love and fury: selected letters of Judith Wright (2006); papers relating to Steps to Federation (2001), which Clarke edited; Australian dictionary of biography research material, correspondence and drafts; and other papers relating to Clarke's PhD. thesis, articles and talks. In addition there is correspondence, minutes and other records documenting Clarke's roles in the Independent Scholars Association of Australia, the Canberra and District Historical Society and other organisations, between ca. 1950-2010, and papers relating to her Medal of the Order of Australia (10 boxes).

Series. The Equal Heart and Mind: Letters between Judith Wright and Jack McKinney

Edited by Patricia Clarke and Meredith McKinney, University of Queensland Press, 2004

Correspondence with literary agent Margaret Kennedy (File 1) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

Regarding publication of The Equal Heart and Mind; 30 May 2001; text sent 29 January 2003; reaction 21 February 2003; offer to publish by UQP 3 April 2003; contract with UQP 12 June 2003.

Correspondence with Craig Munro, UQP (File 1) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

Meeting, correspondence re proofs of The Equal Heat and Mind; 2003-4 ; re proofs for doing index; proofs of cover; letter 17 December with proofs; letter to Craig Munro, 31 December 2003; letter Meredith McKinney to PC re proofs, 22 December 2003; re advance copy, 14 July 2004

Correspondence (File 1) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

With Paul Hetherington, Meredith, re Judith Wright seminar August 2001

Material given to Patricia Clarke by Judith Wright (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

For second part of Wright autobiography, used in The Equal Heart and Mind, pp. 186-90

Various papers (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

Draft introduction by PC; Draft memoir, Jack and Judith, by M McK; possible illustrations (from Meredith); poems for The Equal Heart and Mind; Captions, Photocopies of illustrations etc., to Margaret Kennedy, 23 January 2003; email M. McK, 12 October 2002 re 1940s intro.; Index by PC

Copies of 1945-46 letters between Judith Wright and Jack McKinney (File 3) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

Includes notes on where published in The Equal Heart and Mind and parts left out of published letters

Copies of 1950 letters between Judith Wright and Jack McKinney (File 4) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

Includes notes on where published in The Equal Heart and Mind and parts left out of published letters

Drafts of letters not used in published book (File 4) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)
Launch and reviews (File 5) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

Launch The Equal Heart and Mind, by Tom Shapcott, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane, 1 October 2004; PC speech; Reviews - Armidale Express, 30 August 2004; Weekend Australian, 4 September 2004; Sun Herald, 5 September 2004; Age, 2 October 2004 (Fiona Capp); Weekly Times, 6 October 2004; Canberra Times, 9 October 2004 (Robert Hefner); Times Literary Supplement, 15 October 2004 (Paul Hetherington); Sydney Morning Herald, 16-17 October 2004 (Ivor Indyk); Limelight, October 2004 (Barry Oakley); Melbourne Weekly, 7 November 2004; Overland, 179, 2005 (Jennifer Strauss); Habitat Australia, February 2005; Canberra Historical Journal, September 2005 (Ralph Elliott); Published copy The Equal Heart and Mind

Research material for The Equal Heart and Mind (File 6) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

Wartime Brisbane- Articles by PC: 'Literary sidelights on wartime Brisbane', Queensland Review, December 2004; 'An American poet finds Australia' (Harry Roskolenko), National Library News, June 2004; Notes, extracts, D J. McIntyre, 1989, thesis, '"Paragons of Glamour": A Study of US Military Forces in Australia 1942-45'; Judith Wright, 'Brisbane in Wartime', Overland, September 1985; 'Australian Poetry after Pearl Harbour', in Because I was Invited, OUP, 1975;

Research material for The Equal Heart and Mind (File 6) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

Patrick Buckridge, 'Writing Brisbane during the Second World War', Queensland Review, October 2000; Rosemary Dobson, A World of Difference: Australian Poetry and Painting in the 1940s, Wentworth Press, 1973; Joan Priest, The Literary Precipice, Scribblers Publishing, 1998; Glen R. Cooke, A Time Remembered: Art in Brisbane 1950 to 1975, Queensland Art Gallery, 1995; Lynne Strahan, Just City and Mirrors, OUP, 1984; Thea Astley, 'Being a Queenslander: A form of literary and geographical conceit', Southerly, September 1976; John Tregenza, Australian Little Magazines 1923-1954, Libraries Board of SA, 1964; Fiona Donnelly, 'Before we had the hype', Courier-Mail, 20 September 2003; E. Daniel Potts and Annette Potts, Yanks down under 1941-45: The American Impact on Australia, OUP, 1985; Bibliography of books on Americans in Australia They Passed this way. Material deposited January 2006) includes PC article, 'Literary Sidelights on Wartime Brisbane, Queensland Review, December 2004; Letter to Dr Howard Gotlieb, 16 July 2003, seeking permission to quote Harry Roskolenko letters in Meanjin Archive for 'Literary Sidelights…'

Notes from Meanjin Archive, Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne and other sources (File 7) - Box 1 (MS Acc11.100)

On writers, poets: Donovan Clarke; Kevin Collopy; James Picot, Clem Christesen (Obituary, SMH, 5-6 July 2003; Maymie Hamlyn-Harris; Laurence Hope; Dorothy Kissick; Jack McKinney; Judith Wright; Notes from Meanjin Archive; Meanjin letterbooks

Notes from Meanjin Archive, Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne and other sources (File 8) - Box 2 (MS Acc11.100)

Material on QAAA in Meanjin Archive; re letters of Maymie Hamlyn-Harris; Dorothy Kissick;Material on Agnes Storrie; Val Vallis; John Shaw Neilson; Correspondence and further material on Maymie Hamlyn-Harris; Material on Barjai; Information on Laurence Collinson; Laurence Hope; Barrett Reid; Request to use photograph of Judith Wright and Jack McKinney (Robert Goodman) Correspondence with Leonie Star re Dr M Mulvey (Lady Schlink), link to JW; nformation on Kurt Baier; Various calendar calculations to date letters; Research for footnotes, mainly philosophers; cutting on Sourabaya (for footnote), SMH, 12 November 1945

Jack McKinney (File 9) - Box 2 (MS Acc11.100)

Material collected for my article 'In love with a man and a mind' (National Library news, March 2001) and for The Equal Heart and Mind; Published article; typescript and edit; Photographs: Jack McKinney receiving the prize for his novel, Crucible, 1935; Jack McKinney with his droving team pre WW I ; Newspaper articles about Jack McKinney's winning of war novel competition for Crucible; Published article; typescript and edit; Photographs: Jack McKinney receiving the prize for his novel, Crucible, 1935; Jack McKinney with his droving team pre WW I; Newspaper articles about Jack McKinney's winning of war novel competition for Crucible; SMH, Argus, Age, 25 April 1935; Argus 25 June 1935; Mufti, October 1935; References to Crucible, 1935, in literary bibliographies, anthologies etc.; my notes on Crucible; Jack McKinney, 'Short History of My Life', Australian Journal, 1 January 1933; also short story, 'According to Noonan: Maladies to Measure', pp. 23-8, includes photo of Jack McKinney; Notes on Jack McKinney; letter by JMcK to unnamed friend, 25 April 1945, his writing, philosophy; plus note by Judith Wright, 8 May 1997; Material given to me by JW on Jack McKinney; Summary, quotes, Jack McKinney, The Challenge of Reason, 1950; Jack McKinney, 'Characteristics of an age of change', Australian Quarterly, December 1945; News item on publication of Jack McKinney, The Structure of Modern Thought, 1971; Notes on JMcK play, The Well; lists of articles etc.; Correspondence Paul Sherman, October 2001; Presentation 'The Family', Charles Blackman, by Barbara Blackman, National Portrait Gallery, 29 May 2000, reminiscences

Jack McKinney (File 10) - Box 2 (MS Acc11.100)

World War I Personnel Records, J. P. McKinney; World War I Personnel Records, Sister Myrtle Gallagher (Jack McKinney's first wife); Correspondence with Melanie Hogan, filmmaker Sydney, re Jack McKinney's Towards the Future; list of his articles, books, plays etc

Opening of Judith Wright Centre. Brisbane, 18-19 October 2001 (File 11) - Box 2 (MS Acc11.100)

Invitations to opening, media event, 18-19 October 2001; Program; publicity etc; Commemorative T shirt presented to Patricia Clarke; [ Steps to Federation: Lectures Marking the Centenary of Federation, edited by Patricia Clarke, published by Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2001. Contributors: (Professor A.G.L. Shaw; Sir Zelman Cowen; Professor Stuart Macintyre; Dr Helen Irving; Hon. John Bannon; Sir Ninian Stephen; Dr Kay Saunders; Professor John Warhurst. Folders 12-14]

Series. Canberra & District Historical Society, 1989 -2000

Lectures originally published in the Canberra Historical Journal (ed. Patricia Clarke), were published in book form as Steps to Federation in 2001

Life Lines to Life Stories: Some publications about women in nineteenth-century Australia (File 15-16) - Box 3 (MS Acc11.100)

Series. OAM

Various records (File 17) - Box 3 (MS Acc11.100)

Notification of award, 17 April, 29 May 2001; Press announcement, 11 June 2001; invitation to investiture 14 September 2001; Congratulations including from political figures; organisations; Jan Fullerton; Alison Cox OAM; Prof. Jamie Mackie; Prof. Isabel McBryde

Series. Australian Academy of Humanities

Various records (File 18) - Box 3 (MS Acc11.100)

AGM Australian Academy of Humanities, 19 November 2005; Congratulations Prof Isabel McBryde; Dr Belinda McKay; Symposium AHA newsletter, March 2006; signing Charter Book, 5 July 2006; Symposium October 2006; correspondence re donation of books; biographical notes for database; reference for Ken Taylor; Nomination and election as Fellow of the Federation of Australian Historical Societies, 2001; ceremony Ruth Kerr President, Canberra, 8 February 2002; acceptance speech

Series. Australia Council Fellowship, 2000

Various records (File 19) - Box 3 (MS Acc11.100)

Application May 2000; correspondence re Aboriginal content of proposed work; award of Fellowship; correspondence re Judith Wright's letters in relation to grant; grant acquitted, 1 May 2003; Honorary Life Member ISAA, 2004 see Folder 29

Series. Judge - Jessie Street National Women's Library Essay Awards, 2002-2003

Correspondence (File 20) - Box 3 (MS Acc11.100)

With Christine Lees, Secretary, Cathy Sanderson, decision not to award prize, 2003; Judge inaugural JSNWL essay award 2002; email correspondence re entries with other judges, Libby Gleeson, Jacqui Kent, with Christine Lees, Secretary, re decision; invitation to presentation dinner, Wendy Bacon speaker, 5 December 2002, University Women's College Sydney

Series. Consultant Beaconhill

Various records (File 21) - Box 4 (MS Acc11.100)

Consultant re heritage development Constitution Avenue; correspondence with Lincoln Hall; Organisations ISAA Folders 22 -31. A group of scholars who began meeting informally from late 1993 to work towards setting up an Independent Scholars Association decided to hold a conference at the National Library in Canberra in 1995 to test support. I was interim vice president and secretary and after the election of officers continued as honorary secretary to 2001. From 1995 I ran the administration of ISAA including membership records from a filing cabinet in my home and some ISAA Council meetings were held there. I transferred membership and formal records to the ISAA Office in 2001; those following are my own records of the beginning and development of ISAA

Various records (File 22) - Box 4 (MS Acc11.100)

Program Against the Grain conference, 10 August 1995; List of possible attendees; draft programs; set up of Provisional Council (I became provisional vice president and later honorary secretary); Minutes provisional council meetings (monthly); membership documents; statutes; 'Against the Grain': The Independent Scholar publication

Various records (File 23) - Box 4 (MS Acc11.100)

Minutes of provisional council to August 1996; Letter to Prime Minister Howard ; Ministers Alston, Vanstone, Downer re Collecting Policies of the National Library of Australia, 21 March 1996; Letter to members re 1996 conference, 29 March 1996; ideas for conference theme: How free is speech; correspondence Warren Horton re support from NLA for conference (from PC vice president); Database of members; arrangements for printing; provisional program: How free is speech conference, 15 August 1996; letters to participants re chairs etc from P Clarke, vice president; Minutes of elected Council September to November 1996, PC honorary secretary, membership records

Various records (File 24) - Box 4 (MS Acc11.100)

Minutes of ISAA Council monthly meetings 1997; meetings beginning 14 August 1997 held at my house, Deakin; Program for seminar: Scholars, Libraries Collecting Policies and Archives, HRC ANU, 1 May 1997, submission to Law Reform Commission Inquiry on Australian Archives; notice to members on PLR, ELR changes; Letter to members summarising achievements, 10 July 1997; correspondence with members;Program for 1997 annual conference: Downsizing and the 'Contented Society', 25 September 1997; Proceedings publication

Various records (File 25) - Box 4 (MS Acc11.100)

Questionnaire to ISAA Members; analysis of replies; minutes of extraordinary general meeting, 31 March 1998; Minutes of ISAA monthly council meetings 1998; program for Annual Conference: Australia Observed, held at NSW State Library, 1 August 1998; minutes AGM

Series. ISAA

Various records, 1999 (File 26) - Box 4 (MS Acc11.100)

Strategic Plan Development, 2 Day meeting Robertson NSW, May 1999; Minutes of ISAA council meetings; Annual Conference 16-17 September (speakers confined to members); correspondence; AGM 1998; resolution re amendment of ISAA constitution; program 'A Passion for Scholarship' conference and AGM

Various records, 2000-2001 (File 27) - Box 4 (MS Acc11.100)

Minutes Council meetings 2000; Annual conference and AGM, 'Rocking the Boat', flyer, transcript, minutes; My speech on Ann Moyal retiring from presidency; Minutes Council meetings; Julie Bozza appointed administrative assistant; Membership records etc move from my home; continue as honorary secretary until AGM, September 2001; Includes arrangements for Annual conference, correspondence with members, proposed amendments to ISAA constitution

Various records, 2002-2010 (File 29) - Box 4 (MS Acc11.100)

Includes correspondence etc re my Life Membership awarded at 2004 Annual Conference; Ann Moyal's speech; card from Isobel McBryde; Includes discussion between ISAA Council and Ann Moyal, Patricia Clarke and Ian Cowan re ISAA Aims and Objectives, 12 August 2010

Membership lists, 1995-2009 (File 30) - Box 4 (MS Acc11.100)

Includes preliminary list of those interested before ISAA formed, 1995; yearly lists from 1997

Publications (File 31) - Box 5 (MS Acc11.100)

Newsletters 1998 - ; annual conference reports'

Series. Canberra & District Historical Society (CDHS)

History of CDHS (File 32) - Box 5 (MS Acc11.100)

Research for publication on history of CDHS; copy of chapter published Canberra History 1953-2003, CDHS, 2003; Correspondence with Philip Selth; Selth's chapter on Society founder, W.P. Bluett MS NLA; Loma Rudduck's article (CDHS Newsletter, February/March 2003); Laurie Fitzhardinge's speech CDHS 25th anniversary; CT report of silver jubilee dinner 1978; Hugh Clarke's report of silver jubilee dinner; Bluett family BDMs; letters to editor Canberra Times early 1950s re start of CDHS from Bluett and others; CT news items; list of foundation members; Jan Fullerton's reception to celebrate CDHS 50th anniversary

Records of Presidency CDHS (File 33) - Box 5 (MS Acc11.100)

Reports as president 1997-99 including move to Griffith; foundation members; 6th Federation Lecture, Sir Ninian Stephen at Parliament House; FAHS meeting Darwin; membership survey; AGM 1998; Strategic Directions paper 1998; meeting with NCA head Annabelle Pegrum re Blundell's Cottage; $10,000 Federation grant for publication; move to NAA for public meetings; plans for 50th anniversary 2003; Strategic Plan 1999-2003; Federation lecture Dr Kay Saunders at OPH; FAHS conference Hobart; plans for Centenary of Federation; AGM 1999; flyers for tours, lectures, Galong Shamrock in the Bush conference; Briefing for ACT Minister for Arts, Heritage 2004; Publications committee 2004; lists of CDHS Council; nomination of CDHS for ACT Government plaque; Representative on National Trust Classifications Committee 1995-1999; on Heritage Committee 2002-04; representative Regional Cultural Alliance 2003

Correspondence (File 34) - Box 5 (MS Acc11.100)

Including with David Headon CDHS re centenary of Canberra; Loma Rudduck foundation member

Series. Federation of Australian Historical Societies

Canberra & District Historical Society rejoined Federation 1997 under my pre4rsidency; I represented CDHS on FAHS 1997-2000; at annual conferences Darwin, 1998; Hobart 1999; (Melbourne 2000)

Series. Committee Memberships

Vice Chair Friends of NLA 1996-2000 and Canberra Museum and Gallery Committee member 2001-2002 (File 36) - Box 5 (MS Acc11.100)

Series. National Scholarly Communications Forum, 1998-2003

Replaced Sara Dowse representing Australian Society of Authors on NSCF mid-1998

Correspondence (File 37) - Box 5 (MS Acc11.100)

With Jose Borghino, Executive Director, ASA; ASA's stand on GST on books discussed at meeting 2 December 1998.

Series. Australian Dictionary of Biography

Various records (File 38) - Box 6 (MS Acc11.100)

Invitation from John Ritchie to join Commonwealth Working Party, 21 May 1991; requests to write entries Pattie Tillyard (in Vol. 12 ), Ann Dalgarno (in Vol. 13); correspondence with chair Cameron Hazlehurst 1991-99; lists of proposed subjects, authors for ACT and journalists; material on subjects, obituaries etc; correspondence with chair Tom Griffiths.

Series. With Love & Fury: Selected Letters of Judith Wright

607 pp, published National Library in 2006, edited Patricia Clarke and Meredith McKinney

Source material and background research (File 39) - Box 6 (MS Acc11.100)

Includes newspaper articles about JW, relatives; articles on poetry; articles including some obituaries on correspondents Martin Robertson, Solrun Hoaas, Laurence Hope, Val Vallis; material collected for footnotes; PC notes, interview with Bea Sanger, 19 January 2001; material on Kathleen McArthur

Copies of Judith Wright's letters to Rosemary Dobson, 1981-2000 (File 40) - Box 6 (MS Acc11.100)

Given to me for use in With Love & Fury; Rosemary's eulogy at Judith's service, 19 July 2000

Photocopies of letters Judith Wright to Jack Blight, 1948-1985 (File 41) - Box 6 (MS Acc11.100)

Originals in Fryer Library; selected letters marked, some footnotes, explanations; some notes on Jack Blight (d. 12.5.1995); disks transcript of letters

Copies of letters from Judith Wright to Dorothy Green, 1963-1988 (File 42) - Box 6 (MS Acc11.100)

List of letters found in ADFA Library

Judith Wright's letters to Clem Christesen, 1942-1974 (File 43) - Box 6 (MS Acc11.100)

Photocopies of originals plus some transcriptions collected by PC from Meanjin Archive Bailllieu Library Uni Melbourne, includes a few letters to Nina Christesen; selected letters marked; disk of transcriptions; permissions Baillieu Library

Various (File 44) - Box 6 (MS Acc11.100)

Letters Judith Wright to Cinderella column Sydney Mail 1925-1928; Autobiographical articles Overland; copies of JW's letters to Barrie Reid (PC from La Trobe Library); copies of letters to Stephen Murray-Smith (originals La Trobe Library); letter to Jack McKinney plus footnotes; letters written while Judith Wright was at NEGS, Armidale 1920s; Wildlife material; disks letters 1949-50.

Correspondence re publication (File 45) - Box 6 (MS Acc11.100)

Correspondence PC with literary agent, Margaret Kennedy, and NLAQ; contract between NLA and Patricia Clarke, Meredith McKinney; correspondence PC, MMcK, Paul Hetherington re contract; correspondence Maureen Brooks, PC; Correspondence PC and NLA editor re editing queries; email Stephanie Green suggesting Maureen Brooks as editor; list of photos given to Stephanie Green; JW/Nugget Coombs letters considered for possible future book of letters.

Correspondence (File 46) - Box 7 (MS Acc11.100)

re With Love & Fury including with Kevin Hart, Bea Sanger, Ann Tregenza (includes photo and drawing of Judith Wright); emails Margaret Kennedy; emails between PC and MMcK; lists of letters

Launch and Reviews (File 47) - Box 7 (MS Acc11.100)

With Love & Fury, NLA, 4 March 2007; Correspondence, drafts, papers re discussion between PC, MMcK and Veronica Brady, NLAl ads for event; notes prepared fro seminars, interviews for release of book; article MMcK NLA News, correspondence; postcard Rosemary Dobson; Reviews-Canberra Times, 17 February 2007, Diana Stubbings; Sydney Morning Herald, 10-11 March 2007, Tom Shapcott; Weekend Australian, 10-11 March 2007, Karen Lamb; Courier Mail, 17 March 2007, Suzanna Clarke; Age, 7 April 2007, Fiona Capp; Overland, No. 188, 2007 Georgie Arnott; Australian Book Review, July/August 2007, Lisa Gorton; Sun Herald, Eleanor Limprecht, 22 April 2007;

Various (File 47) - Box 7 (MS Acc11.100)

Request to write article; correspondence Two Fires Festival, speaker 1 April 2007 Braidwood; Section of talk, 'Writing women into History', PC , U3A Books and Writing Group, 22 March 2007

Draft letters, 1926-50; 1951-1962 (File 48) - Box 7 (MS Acc11.100)

Including letters not used in published book

Draft letters, 1962-1971 (File 49) - Box 7 (MS Acc11.100)

Including letters not used in published book

Draft letters, 1972-1983 (File 50) - Box 7 (MS Acc11.100)

Including letters not used in published book

Draft letters, 1984-1992 (File 51) - Box 7 (MS Acc11.100)

Including letters not used in published book

Draft letters, 1992-2000 (File 52) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.100)

Including letters not used in published book

Series. Sylvia Curley Oration

Various (File 53) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.100)

'Pioneer Women on the Limestone Plains', Sylvia Curley Oration, Mugga Mugga, 20 May 2007;Correspondence, invitation Canberra Museum and Gallery Historic Places, acceptance; Program, flyers; ABC 666 interview, 18 May 2007; author information; publicity; Copy of oration; Card, thanks

Series. Writing women into history

'Writing Women into History' published Manning Clark House Newsletter, March 2002 (3pp)

Various (File 54) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.100)

'Writing Women into History' Talk to U3A Books and Writing Group, 22 March 2007, venue St Luke's Deakin (16 pp) (includes section on editing Judith Wright's autobiography and letters); 'Writing Women into History: The importance of writing women's lives and some problems in fidning and researching source material on women', U3A History Group, Wesley Centre, 17 May 2007

Series. ADB

Charlotte Barton & Mary Braidwood Mowle (File 55) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.100)

Request, correspondence Chris Cunneen re entry on Charlotte Barton (1796-1867) for ADB Supplementary volume; draft article; replies to queries. Copy of published entry: 'Barton, Charlotte, governess, feminist, author' in Australian Dictionary of Biography Supplement 1580-1980 ed. Chris Cunneen, MUP, 2005; Request, correspondence re article on Mary Braidwood Mowle (1827-1857); Draft article; replies to queries. Copy of published article: Mowle, Mary Braidwood , diarist in ADB Supplement ed. Chris Cunneen, MUP, 2005

W G Woodger (File 56) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.100)

Request, correspondence re article on William George Woodger (1887-1979): material on W Woodger, Canberra real estate, news cuttings; family information from Helen Woodger, Chifley; transcript of radio interview; draft article; published 2002; entry Vol. 16; online edition

J B Commins (File 57) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.100)

Request, correspondence re article on John Bede Commins (1913-1987); background material on Jack Commins, ABC political journalist, news cuttings, death certificate, letters requesting information, oral interview; information from Ray Aitchison; draft article; article published in ADB Vol. 17, 2007; online edition

Lu Rees (File 58) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.100)

Request, correspondence ADB re article on Lucy Frances Harvey Rees (1901-1983); material on Lu Rees, family background including from Nancy Fox, Jennings via Wallangarra, NSW 4383, family tree, connection to John Oxley; marriage, husband, Wilfred Benjamin Rees, family interviews; material on Lu Rees in connection with Children's Book Council, Cheshire's Bookshop, Australian War Memorial, Lu Rees Archive, University of Canberra

Series. Catherine Deakin

Material collected for article on Catherine Deakin's diary (NLA MS4913 Box 2) (File 59) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.100)

Series. Murray and Deniehy

Deniehy Seminar, Centre for Australian Cultural Studies/Manning Clark House, at MCH, 21 November 2003

Various (File 60) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.100)

Seminar program; Paper: 'Big Tancred from the South'. (10 pp.) Portrayal of Terence Aubrey Murray in Daniel Deniehy's satire 'How I became Attorney-General of New Barataria'; Copy of Attorney-General of Barataria; notes; information on political models in satire

Various (File 61) - Box 8 (MS Acc11.100)

Canberra & District Historical Society 14th Shamrock in the Bush Conference, Galong, 3-6 August 2006; Invitation; program; participants; Paper: ' "Big Tancred from the South": The crossed paths of Terence Aubrey Murray and Daniel Deniehy' (20 pp.); Tree planting for Fr John Phillip Kennedy, chaplain, 2/40th Battalion, 8th Division AIF, 4 August 2006; Booklet on Galong – historical accounts; Correspondence Graeme Barrow, editor Canberra Historical Journal, re illustrations for publication; permissions to reproduce illustrations; Published article: '"Big Tancred from the South": The Crossed Paths of Terence Murray and Daniel Deniehy', Canberra Historical Journal, March 2007, pp. 8-16;

Series. Articles, Papers, talks

Maxwell Newton (File 62) - Box 9 (MS Acc11.100)

Papers, articles about Maxwell Newton. I was employed by Max Newton, an economic journalist publisher of economic and political newsletters, from about late January 1968 to 1974, at first to write and edit Tariff Week, one of the subscription newsletters, and later also to write for other newsletters including Parliamentary and Legislative Review, Minerals Week and for Daily Commercial News and to write and edit special publications. When the organisation moved to Sydney I became Canberra correspondent for Daily Commercial News, Pacific Islands Trade News, Australian Miner and other periodicals; Australian Media Traditions Conference, Old Parliament House, Canberra, 24-25 November 2005; Paper 'On a roller coaster with Maxwell Newton Publications' (14 pp.); Program Politics/Media History, OPH/University of Canberra

Maxwell Newton (File 63) - Box 9 (MS Acc11.100)

Revised, expanded version for publication; 'On a rollercoaster with Maxwell Newton Publications', published ISAA Review, March 2006; correspondence with Ian Keese, editor; Another version with illustrations published 'On a Roller Coaster with Maxwell Newton Publications', Canberra Historical Journal, July 2006; Version with illustrations published CHJ; correspondence with Graeme Barrow, Editor; permissions re illustrations

George Bruce Barton (File 64) - Box 9 (MS Acc11.100)

Australian Media Traditions Conference, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, 22-23 November 2007; Conference program; correspondence; Research material, including newspaper reports of apprehension and trial George Bruce Barton; Paper 'Byways of Biography: Tracing a murderer in the Bathurst Free Press'; Published version: 'Literary Links to a nineteenth-century murder', Margin: Life and Letters of Early Australia, April 2008 (Louisa Atkinson's step father)

Stella Allan (File 65) - Box 9 (MS Acc11.100)

Paper "Beyond the Social Columns? Stella Allan and Women's Page Journalism"; at Journalism Down Under: the Future of media in the digital age, 2nd joint JEANZ/JEA Conference, Auckland NZ, 4-7 December 2006; Copy of paper, disk, copy of program; Revised paper for JEANZ website, 2007

Stella Allan (File 66) - Box 9 (MS Acc11.100)

"Pioneer Woman Journalist's Career Spanned Two Continents: Stella Allan in Wellington and Melbourne", Article published Margin: Life and Letters of Early Australia, No. 71, April 2007; Correspondence with Victor Crittenden, illustrations; correspondence with Lyn, Colin Bannerman; "Part-time Columnists to Women's Page Editors: The problematic advance of women journalists"; Paper for Headliners: Early Australasian Press Biographies Conference, Macquarie University/State Library of NSW, held at State Library, Sydney, 23 November 2010; Copy of paper; correspondence re arrangements Bridget Griffin Foley, Denis Cryle; with Jenny Tabakoff, Jonathon Este, Walkley Foundation

Women in Canberra's History (File 67) - Box 9 (MS Acc11.100)

'Women in Canberra after 1927', CCE/ANU/CDHS course on Canberra History, 16 March 2010 (includes Pattie Tillyard; Eilean Giblin); 'Pioneer Women on the Limestone Plains', 13 February 2010 (includes Mary Braidwood Mowle); 'So you want to research and write history': The importance of writing women's lives, 26 September 2009; 'Some thoughts on writing women's history', Paper to History Teachers' Assosiation, MCH, 30 May 2003

Eilean Giblin (File 68) - Box 9 (MS Acc11.100)

'A Room of Her Own: Eilean Giblin, feminist, diarist, potter', Paper for Historians talking about History U3A course, Wesley Centre, 16 September 2009. 36 pp; 'Canberra in Wartime: Through the eyes of Eilean Giblin', U3A History course, Majura Community Centre, 9 February 2010. 34 pp; 'A Room of Her Own', Conference paper, ISAA Annual Conference 2009, National Library, 16 October 2009. 13 pp. draft; 20 pp final; Published paper 'A Room of Her Own', ISAA Proceedings. The National Estate: Cultural Heritage, ISAA, 2010, pp. 213-34; 'The Dunera 'Enemy Aliens: A Canberra perspective' (Eilean Giblin 1940), Canberra Historical Journal, May 2010 pp. 2934 with illustrations; typed version 9 pp; Correspondence Alan Roberts, editor; Walter Struve (Kurt Offenburg)

Landscapes of Exile Rosa Praed (File 69) - Box 10 (MS Acc11.100)

Chapter in book, 'A Paradox of Exile: Rosa Praed's Lifelines to her Australian Past' in Landscapes of Exile: Once perilous, now safe, eds Anna Haebich and Baden Offord, Peter Land, Oxford, 2008; 'Rosa Praed's Queensland' The Clem Lack Memorial Lecture presented at meeting, 17 August 2000, published Journal of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Vol. 17, No. 9, February 2001, pp.406-26. (illustrations ); 'The Queensland Shearers' Strikes in Rosa Praed's Fiction', Queensland Review, Vol. 9, No. 1, May 2002, pp. 67-88 (illustrations); 'Turning Fact into Fiction: The 1857 Hornet Bank Massacre' (Rosa Praed), Margin: Life and Letters of Early Australia, no. 65, April 2005, pp. 8-17. (illustrations); 'Rosa Praed's Lifelines to her Australian Past', Margin, No. 78, July/August 2009; 'Two Colonials in London's Bohemia', NLA News, September 2003; 'Rosa Praed's Irish Connections', Australian Journal of Irish Studies, No. 1, 2001, pp. 118-25

Landscapes of Exile Rosa Praed (File 70) - Box 10 (MS Acc11.100)

Landscapes of Exile conference, Byron Bay, 26-28 July 2006 (University of Southern Cross/Griffith University); program; paper; Correspondence with Baden Offord and publisher re publication of paper in Landscapes of Exile; chapter for publication

National Women's History Month (File)
Various (File 71) - Box 10 (MS Acc11.100)

Correspondence Mary Sexton, Marie Coleman; committee meeting reports, launches etc; Leader online discussion April 2002; Paper 'Writing Women into History' (ACT Regional Studies Network, 11 December 2001), online; Paper 'Writing an "Ordinary" Woman into History – Mary Braidwood Mowle' at National Women's History Month seminar, 'Writing Women into History' MCH, 22 March 2003; Tasma adopted for publicity NWHM 2005; cards; list of journalists for Women's Pages celebration, 2008

Series. Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate

Senator R V Keane (File 72) - Box 10 (MS Acc11.100)

Entry on Senator Richard V Keane for Senate Biographical Dictionary; Information collected on Senator Keane: documents; newspaper cuttings; Archives material; Hansard extracts; correspondence with Victorian Railways; Article sent 30 November 1995, acknowledged 4 December 1995; Edited article correspondence 15, 20 April 2003; Copy of published entry, Biographical Dictionary of Australian Senate, Vol. 2, 2004

Senator C W Sandford (File 73) - Box 10 (MS Acc11.100)

Entry on Senator Charles W Sandford for Biographical Dictionary of Senate; Information collected on Senator Sandford: Archives material; newspaper cuttings; Hansard extracts; parliamentary documents; correspondence with Victorian Railways; information from son, John C. Sandford, Widford St Glenroy, Patricia Grenfell, 20 Hoskens St North Balwyn; information on Ellen Greenough, wife; Copy of article sent 4 December 1995; correspondence re editing, May 2009; Copy of published entry, Biographical Dictionary of Australian Senate, Vol. 3, 2010

Series. Canberra's Early Hotels: A Pint-sized History

Hotel Wellington (File 74) - Box 10 (MS Acc11.100)

Chapter on Hotel Wellington, 'The Journos' Pub: the Hotel Wellington 1927-1984' in Canberra's Early Hotels: A Pint-sized History, CDHS, 1999. Pages 87-100, 137-38; Material collected for research including Archives, news cuttings, interviews, Federal Capital Commission annual reports and photographs. Includes article OC 'Dry Hotels and Draughts: Entertainment in Early Canberra' published in Canberra Times 50th anniversary issue

Series. Miscellaneous

Various (File 75) - Box 10 (MS Acc11.100)

Reader's reports for Allen & Unwin includes Bullwinkel; Maisie; Legge. Includes correspondence Mark Tredinnick A & U early 1990s re reader's reports, paperback edition of A Colonial Woman, reprints etc.; Henry Handel Richardson Society tour, October 2008 for Margin; support for Blast

Class MS Acc16.034. Consignment received 2016

This consignment comprises Clarke's research into the histories of the Giblin, Burton, MacRae and Garnett families as well as their related activities including involvement with the suffragettes, the Wycombe Abby Peckham Settlement and UWC; related papers to the Dunera internees and Hay Internment camp; copies of Eilean Giblins diaries and research into her life and activities; research and papers on the Canberra Women in World War I; Historical notes on Canberra; Correspondence with the Australian National Review; Research and writings on Canberra in WWII; Research and papers on the White Australia Policy and Australian Government propaganda in the 1950s; Research and papers on Australian Women in the media and Companion to the Australian Media Companion; and research relating to Tasma : the life of Jessie Couvreur.

Series. Eilean Giblin

Giblin relatives and Burton family, 1915-1955 (File 1) - Box 1 (MS Acc16.034)

Giblin family correspondence, interview Violet Giblin, widow LF Giblin's nephew 'Copper' Giblin; Margot Giblin, letters EG to 'Copper' Giblin 1954-55, Diana Giblin, grandnieces; Elaine Ross, Deidre Mackinnon, nieces; Michael Roe; Peter Bailey; Burton family Correspondence, notes Gillian Pole-Carew, Devon, niece, Peter Burton, nephew, South Africa; letters EG to parents "Shirley", Torrens Creek, Qld, 1915; Biddy Compton Boyd, granddaughter EG's brother Colin; Angela Mawbey, genealogy. Frogmore NSW, genealogical research on Burton family. Family history, Clive Mence Burton, EG's youngest brother; Alfred Burton; Pritchard and Burton; Edward Pritchard Burton; Ada MacRae

MacRae family and suffragettes, 1910-1912 (File 2) - Box 1 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes, records Roberts/Mence, Roberts/MacRae; Burton/MacRae; MacRae sisters, aunts EG, Elizabeth (Betty) Nurse Boer War; Mary (Molly) MacRae White, painter, divorced James Martin White MP, 2 chn; Georgina, Helen MacRae, suffragettes; notes arrests, trials, imprisonment Holloway Prison, 1910, Helen 1912, force fed, Votes for Women suffrage demonstrations; Australians Nellie Martel, Margaret Fisher, Muriel Matters, Lillian Richardson, IWS News, pics

Wycombe Abbey and Peckham Settlement, 1899-1902 (File 3) - Box 1 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence, notes, Wycombe Abbey School, Register 1899-1902, photographs 1902, Frances Dove; Jessie Street, Wycombe Abbey MS2683. Notes, extracts Peckham Settlement

Wycombe School 1896-1986 A partial history by Lorna Flint, 1896-1986 (File 4) - Box 1 (MS Acc16.034)

Copy Lorna Flint, Wycombe Abbey School

Edward Pritchard Burton (File 5) - Box 1 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes ancestry; Pritchard & Burton tobacco manufacturers; 'Homefield', East Molesley, boating Thames; Vintners Co

Burton Brothers (File 5) - Box 1 (MS Acc16.034)

Kenneth MacRae Burton: WWI, tobacco manufacturer; Colin Burton, Brigadier CBE DSO RASC.Esmond Burton, WWI, sculptor, sculptures churches, war memorials; arts and crafts movement; Geoffrey Edward Burton, Lieutenant Commander Navy WWI; correspondence Marlborough College

Garnett connection (File 5) - Box 1 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes Arthur Garnett, gardener, Tasmania; Constance, Edward Garnett, Cearne; E.M. Heath; E.V. Lucas; Fabians; D H Lawrence; David Garnett, autobiographies; Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell

Eilean in Queensland 1917, 1913-1917 (File 5) - Box 1 (MS Acc16.034)

Australia 1913-17, travel records; Queensland 1915. Correspondence re Harold Griffydd Roberts, 'Shirley' Torrens Creek, Moorrinya National Park, racecourse; wife Grace, children; notes, conversations Katie Dean, granddaughter Lucy Edkins, partner in 'Shirley'; notes, letters EG October/November 1915; women travellers; Overseas journal

Lyndhurst Falkiner Giblin, 1917-1976 (File 6) - Box 2 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes LFG ancestry, on Vance Palmer, John Reynolds, Frank Green; Giblin Memorial Lecture, Roland Wilson, 47th ANZAAS Congress, May 1976; Giblin/Garland, Ann Kent; R. Downing; E. M. Forster; LFG letters to Eilean 1917-19, 1926-9, 1929-38; Giblin sisters.World War I, Western Front Notes LFG letters to EG 1917; Bertrand Russell; New Statesman; Nation; wounds, awards; 40th Battalion AIF; women munitions work; Trades Boards; war brides; Katoomba News; ALP conference 1919

Tasmanian Women's Non-Party Political League, 1923-1932 (File 7) - Box 2 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes Bessie Rischbieth MS2004, correspondence EG; WNPPL 1923 Rome Congress, Dawn; Marian Quartly; Jus Suffragii, 1923 International Woman Suffrage News, conference; EG on committee nationality married women, reports, interviews Rome Congress; Australian Federation of Women Voters for Equal Citizenship, 1924, 1927; Dawn 1920s; reforms Tasmania; notes for Ch. 4. Hobart 1920sRoyal Commission on Child Endowment 1928 EG evidence; notes Giblins' Hobart house; Hobart Public Hospital Board, Tasmanian society, Club, University, personalities 1920s. LFG/ EG letters 1929, move to Melbourne, house, 1932.Victorian Women's Citizens' MovementNotes letters LFG/EG 1932; Rischbieth papers, letters B.Rischbieth/EG 1932, draft material; Dawn 1929-32, draft VWCM; correspondence BR/EG, MS2004; letters LFG/EG 1929, move to Melbourne, 1932; sketch plan house MS366/1

University Women's College establishment, EG's role, 1930-1938 (File 8) - Box 2 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence Deborah Seiffert, Head, Ian Forster, Archivist UC; Boar's Head tobacco label in UC coat of arms; notes UWC archives 1930, EG president 1933; architectural plans, provisional committee; negotiations site, EG/Governor's wife.Notes Alan Gregory, correspondence Ailsa Zainu'ddin/Marion Amies; The College off the Ground; Elizabeth Lothian, Eveline Syme 'A brief history', Margaret Campbell, record 1937: Extracts UWC Annual Report 1937; Edna Walling; press references 1932-8

Appointment of heads, College identities, 1938-1955 (File 9) - Box 2 (MS Acc16.034)

UWC archives correspondence EG/Susie Williams; notes Greta Hort, 1938, candidates, arrival, Nordic News; correspondence St Michael's School St Kilda re Lacerta Finton (Kammerer, Fischel), refugee Nazi Germany; Lacerta F. in Arthur Koestler, The case of the midwife toad, evolution controversy; correspondence re Greta Hort/Ursula Hoff; notes Lyceum Club, Catalysts, Arts and Crafts Society; letters LFG/ EG 1935-38; tribute Eveline Syme, death EG 1955

Canberra 1939-45, 1940 (File 10) - Box 2 (MS Acc16.034)

Letters, information on Canberra for Chapters 6-9 (WWII). Includes Forrest phone directory, 1940; notes on government officials; Canon Edwards' diary; Nuggett Coombs; Dick Downing; establishment of embassies; Anne Dyason; Nelly Ludbrook

Dunera internees, Hay Internment Camp (File 11) - Box 3 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence with Victor Isaacs re timetables for trains Junee to Hay (Internment Camp).Internment records Peter, Erich Stadlen; wartime camps at Hay

Pottery, 1930s (File 12) - Box 3 (MS Acc16.034)

RMIT courses, late 1930s; Jack Knight; women artists 1930s – influence on EG's pottery; inspiration for her designs; NGA with Shirley Storey to see EG's pottery; arts and crafts movement; EG's diary references to potting

Post 1945, 1943-1955 (File 13) - Box 3 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes LFG letters to Edith Hall 1943-46; Standard Hours Case 1947; LFG letters/Eilean 1947-50; Bertrand Russell's lecture tour 1950; Nicky Yardley/Betty Roland; AE Melville; EG Hobart.Letters EG to Sidney Crawford, notes; EG to 'Copper' Giblin from England 1954-55; Kenneth Burton to D. Giblin after EG's death

Photographs, illustrations and permissions (File 14) - Box 3 (MS Acc16.034)

Burton family photographs from Gillian Pole Carew, Devon; Colin Burton, Biddy Compton Boyd, Cambridge. EG pics from Elaine Ross, Hawthorn Vic.; Wycombe Abbey pics; correspondence re Giblin portrait by William Dobell; cartoon, force feeding Holloway Gaol; Peter Stadlen internment doc. Permissions NGA, UC, Gilda Barrachi, NLA, AWM

Photographs on disks (File 15) - Box 3 (MS Acc16.034)

Two disks containing photos for publication in Eilean Giblin, lists on covers

Eilean Giblin Photos on Disc, Various (Item NLA.MS-DM003179) - Digital-Carriers-Box 112
1 item, Imation 80min/700MB, Data CD (any content on recordable CD-R)

Includes Wycombe Abbey hockey team 1902, 40 Battalion AIF Western Front 1918 (Major LF Giblin), University Women College Building SW elevation 1937, UWC First students on steps with Susie Williams-Head, 1937 and 11 other images

E.G. Photos on Disc. First students of Women's College (University of Melbourne) on steps with Susie Williams, first Head., Various (Item NLA.MS-DM003180) - Digital-Carriers-Box 112
1 item, Data CD (any content on recordable CD-R)
E.G. Photos on Disc. Eilean Giblin 1940s, Eilean Giblin beside car 1940s, Various (Item NLA.MS-DM003181) - Digital-Carriers-Box 112
1 item, Imation 80min/700MB, Data CD (any content on recordable CD-R)

Presentation of painting of Susie Williams, former head of University Women's College 13 December 1938, Wycombe Abbey School Workshop 1900s. More information in casing

Photos on disc. Pics for E.G. publication. Disk 1 Pat Burton Family Tiffs and jpegs, Various (Item NLA.MS-DM003182) - Digital-Carriers-Box 112
1 item, Imation 80min/700MB, Data CD (any content on recordable CD-R)

Includes Wycombe Abbey hockey team 1902, 40 Battalion AIF Western Front 1918 (Major LF Giblin), University Women College Building SW elevation 1937, UWC First students on steps with Susie Williams-Head, 1937 and 11 other images. More information in casing

E.G. Photos on Disc. 14/09/2012 plus added 28/09/2012. Master Publisher Copy, Various (Item NLA.MS-DM003183) - Digital-Carriers-Box 112
1 item, Imation 80min/700MB, Data CD (any content on recordable CD-R)

Includes Wycombe Abbey hockey team 1902, 40 Battalion AIF Western Front 1918 (Major LF Giblin), University Women College Building SW elevation 1937, UWC First students on steps with Susie Williams-Head, 1937 and 11 other images. More information in casing

Photos on disc. 1937 Ships pics G.H. Monash. Presentation of painting of Susie Williams, former head of University Women's College. (Item NLA.MS-DM003184) - Digital-Carriers-Box 112
1 item, Imation 80min/700MB, Data CD (any content on recordable CD-R)

Great Hort, Principal of University Women's College 1939-46. More information in casing

Photos on Disc. Burton Family, 1908, Colin Burton and Family 1920s, Various (Item NLA.MS-DM003185) - Digital-Carriers-Box 112
1 item, Philips DVD 120 min, Data DVD (any content of recordable DVD-R)

Another 6 images including Wycombe Abbey School 1902. More information in casing

History UC-Display(2) 1937-1939-Portrait Presentation Giblin et al. Captions and Timeline, 1937-1939 (Item NLA.MS-DM003186) - Digital-Carriers-Box 112
1 item, Imation 80min/700MB, Data CD (any content on recordable CD-R)

More information in casing

E.G. My Copy. Text 18/09/2012, 18/09/2012 (Item NLA.MS-DM003187) - Digital-Carriers-Box 112
1 item, Imation 80min/700MB, Data CD (any content on recordable CD-R)
Publication negotiations (File 16) - Box 3 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence with Margaret Kennedy, literary agent; Nathan Hollier, Director, Monash UP; contract; text, publishing schedule; correspondence Dale Spender re Foreword; comments from NH editor; Sarah Cannon, marketing plan

Proposal publication; synopsis (File 18) - Box 4 (MS Acc16.034)

Proposal publishers, synopsis, various titles, approaches; Margaret Kennedy Literary Agent, Ian Forster, UC Archivist, Nathan Hollier, Monash University Publishing

Launch of Eilean Giblin by GG Quentin Bryce, 15 July 2013 (File 19) - Box 4 (MS Acc16.034)

Arrangements, correspondence Quentin Bryce; my speech; invitation; correspondence thanks; Sarah Cannon, Dale Forrest, NLA

Publicity, correspondence, comments, July-August 2013 (File 20) - Box 4 (MS Acc16.034)

Pic with GG, Dale Spender; correspondence GG's office.Email from Beverley Kingston; review in Jessie Street National Women's Library Newsletter; Frappe Fort (University College), July 2013 correspondence Jennifer McDonald, Head UC; ISAA Newsletter, August 2013; correspondence Michael Roe, Sarah Cannon, Gordon Reid, Frank Moorhouse, Helga Griffin, Alison Ransome, Baden Offord, Doris and James McCauley

EG Diaries (File 21) - Box 4 (MS Acc16.034)

Clarkes' manuscript transcriptions, notes

Footnotes for EG diaries (File 22) - Box 4 (MS Acc16.034)
Talks, articles, 2007-2010 (File 23) - Box 4 (MS Acc16.034)

ISAA conference 2009 'A room of her own: feminist, diarist, potter'; 'The Dunera "Enemy Aliens": A Canberra perspective', Canberra Historical Journal, May 2010; U3A History Group, February 2010, 'Canberra in Wartime: Through EG's eyes'; U3A Historians talking about history, September 2009; 'A diarist's view of wartime Canberra: PC discovers some unexpected social history', NLA News, June 2007; comments Ann Kent

Follow-up to launch Eilean Giblin: A feminist between the wars. (File 24) - Box 5 (MS Acc16.034)

Reviews, article for Australian Women's Register. Correspondence Monash University Publishing; UC; Michael Roe, Diana Giblin, Angela Giblin, Neil MacKinnon

EG's travel diary, 1913-1917 (File 25) - Box 5 (MS Acc16.034)

Copy of typescript, 'A woman on the wallaby' by Eilean Mary Burton, nom de plume Mary Mence: covers Eilean's adventures travelling around Australia 1913-17 149 pp. Correspondence with Neil MacKinnon, Evandale, Tasmania, who discovered the MS after reading Eilean Giblin; travels in Victoria, Tasmania, New South, Queensland; to New Zealand, United States, England. Copy of diary. NLA does not have a copy of this diary

L.F. Giblin's war (File 26) - Box 5 (MS Acc16.034)

Article for NLA Magazine, contract etc.Article sent Feb 2014 (published March 2016)Giblin's war recordEarly version of book chapter, 'Love letters: An unlikely courtship'

Series. Canberra Women in World War I Australian Women's Archives Project

CWWI project AWAP/Canberra & District Historical Society (File 27) - Box 6 (MS Acc16.034)

Grant to AWAP/CDHS for essay and individual biographies on Canberra Women in WWI.Correspondence Michael Hall CDHS re local information on WWI; notes on sources for women in the community; nurses, at Duntroon, Canberra Hospital, family connections, overseas in Egypt, France, England, India, Salonika

Canberra Women in WWI (File 28) - Box 6 (MS Acc16.034)

Talk at NAA for CDHS, 9 June 2015: 'Canberra Women in WWI: On the home front and nursing overseas' plus slide show: published Canberra Historical Journal, September 2015. Correspondence Helen Morgan (U of M), Niki Francis, researcher. Copies: Canberra Women in WWI: Community at Home, Nurses Abroad, with additions from Niki Francis, 8.8.15; corrections etc. Emails, correspondence with Helen Morgan, Nikki Henningham, Niki Francis, text of essay. Launch of AWAP website by Gai Brodtmann MP at CMAG, 17 December 2015; notes for my speech read by Anne Buttsworth; bookmarks. Website

Nurses in Lemnos, Egypt, France, England (File 29) - Box 6 (MS Acc16.034)

Madeline Patricia Blundell; notes; research. Talk to CDHS: CHJ article: entry AWR.Francis Alice Robinson, Flora Gallagher ditto

Nurses in India - general (File 30) - Box 6 (MS Acc16.034)

Research, notes, drafts; Gallagher family nurses (3), Kowen ACT, family background, nursing; includes photographs, certificates, correspondence

Nurses in India (cont.) (File 31) - Box 6 (MS Acc16.034)

Evelyn Gallagher notes; research; text for CDHS talk; CDHS exhibition; CHJ article; AWR entry, Janet Gallagher, Gertrude Lawler ditto

Nurses in Salonika (File 32) - Box 6 (MS Acc16.034)

General: research; notes; drafts. Gladys Boon Notes; research; text for CDHS talk; CDHS exhibition; CHJ article; AWR entryAmy Bembrick ditto

Nurses in Salonika (cont) (File 33) - Box 6 (MS Acc16.034)

Ethel Macfie Notes; research; text for CDHS talk; CDHS exhibition; CHJ article; AWR entry Ruth Steel ditto Nurses in Egypt: Marie Whitlock; Alma McKnight Tessa Youngman (not in project but of interest in Canberra)

Series. Canberra Women; Canberra before and during WWII

Lady Denman to Katy Gallagher, 2013 (File 34) - Box 7 (MS Acc16.034)

AWAP meetings: to add 100 Canberra women to Australian Women's Register for Centenary of Canberra, 2013; possible subjects, chosen subjects, authors for entries; resources; Exhibition Canberra Museum and Gallery. 'A Century of Women's Contributions to Canberra', ISAA Review, 12/1, 2013; talk Regional Studies, May 2013; item, ISAA Newsletter

Lady Denman to Katy Gallagher (cont.) (File 35) - Box 7 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes, entries on Frances (Betty) Allan, biometrician; Lady (Yseult) Bailey, oral history interview; notes, research material on community involvement; Lady (Hope) Hewitt nee Tillyard, includes notes from CDHS archives; Lucy (Lu) Rees, children's literature, ADB entry, see also NLA ACC 2006/25, 8/58; Loma Rudduck, community activist, historian etc., broadcasting, pottery, L. Rudduck Street; Pattie Tillyard, my ADB entry; Patience (Pat) Wardle nee Tillyard. Notes on other possible subjects

Patience Australie (Pat) WARDLE, née Tillyard, 1910-1922 (File 36) - Box 7 (MS Acc16.034)

Entry for ADB. Correspondence, notes, research in CDHS Archives (Wardle Papers); oral history interview NLA TRC 2300; service records; text of entry¸ editing approved

Australian National Review, 1937-1939 (File 38) - Box 7 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence NLA, Noel Butlin Archives. Notes and research Canberra Publishing Co., founders Robyn Tillyard, Jens Lyng, Farmer Whyte. Establishment, program, initiatives, first issue, cover design competition. Press comment, SMH, Mercury, London Times; contributors, Mary Gilmore, Judith Wright (first published poems), politicians, scientists, novelists etc. Board meetings, finances, lists subscribers, contributors, payments; crisis meeting, change of board members; notes on each issue; Australian National Review prospectus 28 June 1938. PC paper 'The Australian National Review: A Brave Cultural Venture in and Embryonic City', National Library of Australia Magazine, September 2014, pp 14-17

Canberra in WWII, 2013 (File 39) - Box 7 (MS Acc16.034)

PC paper at 'Canberra Hidden Histories and Back Stories' CDHS symposium, ANU, 10 August 2013; 'Canberra in Wartime: a Changing Community', Canberra Historical Journal, September 2013, pp. 1-10. Paper ISAA Conference 'Canberra – Capital and Creativity', 17-18 October 2013, NLA, 'The National Capital in World War II', 2013 ISAA Conference Proceedings, pp. 133-150. Research Claire R Truscott, 2012 Memories, [some WWII excerpts], pp 30-37; Hilary Brettell, history teacher

Canberra in WWII, 2010 (File 40) - Box 7 (MS Acc16.034)

PC paper 'Canberra in Wartime: Through the eyes of Eilean Giblin, feminist, diarist and potter', U3A History Group ACT, 9 February 2010. Notes, research Edison bros., wartime illustrations, stories

Series. Australian News and Information Bureau; The Australian 50th anniversary

Australian News and Information Bureau (File 41) - Box 8 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence DFAT, NAA, location missing ANIB files. Notes on history Dept of Information, abolition, establishment successor ANIB; charter, aims, functions, organisation; notebook research on Eric Kennedy's investigation, report ANIB 1958; Hansard, Journalist. Notes, research in files on scope/result/success of publicity in Asia, references, copies of a few of my articles, 1950s-1961; notes Asian Publicity files Manila, Singapore, New Delhi, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines. Original my ANIB article i.e. 'Melbourne through the eyes of a Singapore town planner', Singapore Sunday Times, Singapore Standard, 22 September 1957. Correspondence re publication 'Government Propaganda in the 1950s: The Role of the News and Information Bureau', in Media International Australia, May 2011, pp. 64-72

White Australia and Government Propaganda 1950s, 2009-2012 (File 42) - Box 8 (MS Acc16.034)

Paper at AMIT conference, Uni. Sydney, 22-24 November 2009, includes work as ANIB journalist. Notes, reference material Colombo Plan, White Australia policy, attacks on Indian students (2009); Gillard's visit to India; O'Keefe White Australia case 1949. 'Bias for Good or Ill? Australian Government Overseas propaganda in the 1950s' in ISAA Conference Proceedings 2011 Perversions of Prejudice – How Bias Distorts, 2012, pp. 77-81. Correspondence DG of National Archives re missing ANIB records. Oral History Interview David Walker, NLA, 21 August 2012, TRC6469Experience as ANIB journalist 1950s; correspondence, transcript interview, corrections

The Australian 50th anniversary Symposium, Sydney, July 2014 (File 43) - Box 8 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence, research for paper 'The Australian in Canberra 1964-67' includes copy of Don Davies' A Miracle Every Day' (Murdoch's daily bulletins to staff). Notes Summer School of Journalism; Dissent, weather, books by Sykes, Shawcross, Souter; issues of Australian; Bennetts; NCDC annual reports

The Australian 50th anniversary Symposium, Sydney (File 44) - Box 8 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes on Canberra Day Citizens' Committee 1963-64; Horne, Souter, NCDC, Munster, CT, articles in Territorial; Max Newton

The Australian 50th anniversary Symposium, Sydney (File 45) - Box 8 (MS Acc16.034)

Further notes issues of the Australian1964-67 including Canberra editions; CT; Tariff Board, editing, writing Tariff Week and other Max Newton publications

The Australian 50th anniversary Symposium, Sydney, 2015 (File 46) - Box 8 (MS Acc16.034)

Expanded article published Media International Australia, November 2015, pp. 41-8, launched Australian Media Traditions conference, NSFA, 4 December 2015 by Jock Given. Paper AMT conference, 4 December 2015, draft paper (short version of Janet Mitchell), ill, unable to give paper. Conference program; abstracts

Series. A Companion to the Australian Media; women writers

Correspondence, invitations to contribute, launch, 2011-2014 (File 47) - Box 9 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence with BGF 2011-14, invitations to write entries on 'Women in the Media', 'Press ACT', Stella Allan, Max Newton and Dulcie Boling. List of topics, contributors; updates. Correspondence Noel Butlin Archives re Journalist; Susan Sheridan, reader 'Women in Media' entry; reviews, notices: Peter Coleman The Spectator, 31 May 2014; Mark Day The Australian, 17 November 2104. Correspondence with Victor Isaacs on article for CDHS Newsletter, June 2015. Canberra launch by Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington, 21 November 2014

Women in the Media' for Companion, 1916-2014 (File 48) - Box 9 (MS Acc16.034)

Research in Australian Journalist; copy of entry.

'Women in the Media' (cont.) (File 49) - Box 9 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes, research on women in radio, television, gender in newsrooms

'Women in the Media' (cont.), 1850-2014 (File 50) - Box 9 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes, research on women journalists, historical to recent

'Press, ACT' for A Companion to the Australian Media (File 51) - Box 9 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence Victor Isaacs on Canberra newspapers; draft entry referred to Rod Kirkpatrick, Victor Isaacs for comment. Copies of more detailed draft entries, need to reduce entry, queries on Queanbeyan Age and suburban and ethnic press; final entry. Notes and research various sources including Federal Capital Pioneer, Jack Waterford, Freeman Wyllie, Mark Day

Series. Companion - women journalists

Maxwell Newton' for A Companion to the Australian Media Companion (File 52) - Box 10 (MS Acc16.034)

Article on Maxwell Newton for Companion; correspondence Bridget Griffen-Foley.Notes, research on MN including Hansard; Incentive; Management Newsletter; Tariff Week; Australian Parliamentary and Legislative Review etc. Reports of court case following raid on Deakin premises; extracts from Tariff Week; articles on leaks by journalists

Dulcie Boling' for Companion (File 53) - Box 10 (MS Acc16.034)

Article on Dulcie Boling for Companion; correspondence Bridget Griffen-Foley.Notes, research including Quills Award; interviews

Annie Christie Massy, Dame Mary Gilmore for Labour Conference, 15-17 September 2011 (File 54) - Box 10 (MS Acc16.034)

Paper at 'Labour History and Its People', National Labour History Conference, ANU ; 'Labour Women and the White Australia Policy', published Conference papers, NCB/RSSS, ANU, pp. 180-90. Notes, research material on Annie Christie Massy, proprietor and editor of the Port Denison Times; Bowen Historical Society; booklet Short History of life of Annie Christie Massy (nee Hall-Scott); John Eyre Massy; James Hall-Scott

Annie Christie Massy, Dame Mary Gilmore (cont.) (File 55) - Box 10 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes on John Eyre Massy, Massy bros.; policy, politics of Port Denison Times and Bowen Advocate, 1900-01; articles by Mary Gilmore, columnist The Worker; ALP and White Australia

Mary Hannay Foott: Queensland's First Professional Woman Journalist (File 56) - Box 10 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes on M H Foott, family background, life in far western Qld; widow, poet, journalist, notes sons; poetry; material in Fryer Library; material in Clarke's papers NLA MS8363, 14/20; Correspondence Celia Taylor, Gladys Cooney, contact Bethia Foott. MHF (La Quenouille) interview with Rosa Praed, Queenslander, 26 January 1895; Florence Blair (Baverstock), 2 November 1895

Mary Hannay Foott (cont), 1968-2014 (File 57) - Box 10 (MS Acc16.034)

Article Queensland History Journal, Vol. 22, No. 4, February 2014, pp. 302-15; correspondence Val Donovan, Margaret Kowald, Ruth Kerr. Notes MH Foott's articles, journalism, writing; sons' careers, WWI; MHF (nee Black), ms State Library Victoria; JOL biography by Margaret Henry, 1968, 25 pp; first publication 'Where the Pelican Builds', Australasian Sketcher, 26 March 1881; proposed exhibit on Australian newspapers for St Louis exhibition; material on Pte Arthur Foott; notes on published material by M H Foott

Series. Media Hall of Fame; various requests to write books etc

Consultant Victorian Media Hall of Fame 2012 (File 58) - Box 11 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence Michael Smith on proposed inductees Victorian Media Hall of Fame 2012; suggested Alice Henry, Stella Allan, Vida Goldstein, Tilly Shelton Smith, background material, biographies. Media Hall of Fame dinner, 6 December 2012, Monash University Law Chambers (with daughter Brigid Veale); Clarke's video recording on Stella Allan played during dinner

Stella Allan, video interview for Media Hall of Fame, 2010-2012 (File 59) - Box 11 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes for video interview Stella Allan recorded Parliament House by Chris Hammer (Fairfax), PH Canberra, 20 September 2012. Info from some previous articles: 'The transformation of Stella Allan: from soapbox socialist to conservative women's page editor', published Australian Journalism Review, December 2011, pp.41-9; material collected for article and for Headliners: Early Australasian Press Biographies seminar paper, State Library NSW, 23 November 2010; correspondence Denis Cryle, Liz Morrison

Victorian Media Hall of Fame, 2013, 2014, Media Legends 2014, 2013-2014 (File 60) - Box 11 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence Mike Smith, Clarke's proposed 2013 inductees: Freda Irving, Pat Jarrett, Claudia Wright, Tilly Shelton Smith, May Maxwell, Frances Taylor; correspondence re video interview on Caroline (Lynka) Isaacson, 2013 inductee; interview with Michael Rowland (ABC), 12 September 2013, Parliament House; notes for interview. Media Hall of Fame dinner, 11 October 2013, at State Library of Victoria, agreement for Library to house 'The first living Hall of Famers'. Correspondence Mike Smith proposed 2014 inductees; dinner, Grand Hyatt Hotel, 10 October 2014; launch of Media Legends: Journalists who helped shape Australia, eds M. Smith, Mark Baker (entries)

Requests for information, as referee, examiner, to write books, 2000-2006 (File 61) - Box 11 (MS Acc16.034)

Research for friend Marilla North, 2000, for Yarn Spinners: A Story in Letters, Dymphna Cusack, Florence James, Miles Franklin, UQP, 2001; requests to write books: War Widows 2001; Canberra University College (Don Baker) 2002; Robert Purves, Carwoola (Bridget Griffen-Foley) 2003; referee William Lines; Women's History Month Committee for National Volunteer Award 2003; examiner doctoral thesis University of Newcastle 2003; request Outback House ABC TV (2004); NLA Open Book Conference speaker; NLA oral history interview (2004); examiner doctoral these UQ (S.J. Steggall) 2005; qualities of editors UOW 2006; publication of paper at USC conference as chapter in Landscapes of Exile 2006; entries in Dictionary of Australian Artists transferred to Online version.

Requests for information, 2007-2013 (File 62) - Box 11 (MS Acc16.034)

Reference Friends of Ireland for Vincent Buckley celebration, 2007; Interview Hindsight ABC on Georgiana Molloy, Louisa Atkinson, notes for interview, 2007; request to write book from Don Griffin on Griffin family history including Olive Grey, editor East Africa and Uganda Mail, journalist in other African countries, India, author several books, born Australia, multiple changes of name, several marriages, 2013; Avarest to Avarest, 2008

Requests for information: Richard Pape (File 63) - Box 11 (MS Acc16.034)

Request from Andrew Eatch, Bradford, UK, for information for book on Richard Pape, personal friend and colleague of my husband on PNG, Dept of Territories (employed by Hugh Clarke), books, war service, POW, wife Helen (nee Prouting), previous wives, Cheshire Homes

Series. Women writers; Clarke's experiences in Press Gallery OPH, at NCDC etc

A Voice from the Country. Louisa Atkinson articles, 1978-2016 (File 64) - Box 12 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence with Victor Crittenden re his request to select, edit, write introduction for a new series of A Voice from the Country to be published by Mulini Press; proof 2011. Publication abandoned due to Victor's ill health; introduction PC; selected Louisa Atkinson articles, January 2009; list of LA articles already published in A Voice from the Country, 1978, Excursions from Berrima and A Trip to Manaro (sic) and the Molonglo, in the 1870s, 1980. (Possible publication offer Australian Garden History Society, 2015-16)

Janet Cosh, granddaughter of Louisa Atkinson, 1990-2012 (File 65) - Box 12 (MS Acc16.034)

Clarke was invited to launch 'Flowering Wonderfully': The Botanical Legacy of Janet Cosh and open exhibition of her botanical illustrations, 14 November 2012, Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre; speech. Origin of title phrase in letter Janet Cosh to PC, 1988, MS8363, 19/9, Pioneer Writer: Louisa Atkinson, p.3; pic Janet Cosh taken by Hugh Clarke not long before her death. Correspondence editor 'Flowering Wonderfully', help with research on Janet Cosh. Notes Janet Cosh Herbarium UOW; RAHS Magazine, April 1990, includes pic JC and mother Louise (nee Calvert)

Louisa Atkinson, Southern Highlands, Mt Tomah, Katoomba, 2003-2004, 2011 (File 66) - Box 12 (MS Acc16.034)

Speech at commemoration of Louisa Atkinson, Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre, 28 February 2004, 'Louisa Atkinson in the Southern Highlands' published, combined with speech 'Louisa Atkinson at the Kurrajong' at Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens, 23 November 2003 in Margin, 63, July/August 2004, pp. 5-17; 'The Fitzroy Waterfalls', by LA, SMH, 2 January 1871. Speech for ASAL conference, Katoomba, October 2011, 'Riding the Mountains: Louisa Atkinson's Nature Articles' (long version).

Turning Fact into Fiction: The 1857 Hornet Bank Massacre, 2005 (File 67) - Box 12 (MS Acc16.034)

Notes, material for talk and article, comparing the fictional treatment of the 1857 Hornet Bank Massacre in Rosa Praed's autobiographical and fictional works, based on her father's memoirs and her own unreliable childhood memories, with an account of a similar incident in Charles de Boos' novel, Fifty Years Ago, based on newspaper reports. Talk ISAA lunch meeting, High Court, 16 August 2005; published Margin, 65, April 2005, pp. 8-17. Congratulatory letter from Beverley Kingston (6 July 2005).

Writing Women into History, 1999-2011 (File 68) - Box 12 (MS Acc16.034)

Several talks, various versions, different lengths, all drawing on experience writing books about women's lives. 'How I came to write books', 'So you want to research and write history'; 'Women in Canberra since 1913' 'Aspects of researching and writing history' in ANU CCAE course, 2010-11. 'Historians talking about history', U3A History Group, 16 May 2007, Barton; Books and Writing Group, 22 March 2007, Deakin; Hidden Histories: National Capital Family History Papers, ed Rhonda Kerr, Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra, 2009, pp. 1- 14, History Teachers' seminar, Manning Clark House, 22 March 2003. 'Essential tools for writing biographies', presidential address CDHS AGM, September 1999

Pioneer Queensland Women Writers and Journalists, 2015 (File 69) - Box 12 (MS Acc16.034)

'Fact and fiction on the Frontier' (Rosa Praed, novelist; Mary Hannay Foott, pioneer journalist; Flora Shaw London Times correspondent in Queensland 1892), talk to Toowoomba Town and Country Club, 18 February 2015. Correspondence Lou (Liesel) Grainger, Jan Markham re talk. Arrangements for Liesel Grainger to offer important historical material to the NLA, accepted; advice to other women in audience about preserving historical material or offering it to institutions

Judge ACT Writers Award Non-Fiction, 2011-2012 (File 70) - Box 12 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence ACT Writers Centre; consultations with fellow judge, Robert Macklin, July-December 2011, recommendation. Correspondence Irma Gold, 2012, Invisible Thread ACT Writers website, biographical information; list of published books; website info; extract from Rosa Rosa! plus cover

Interview on Press Gallery OPH, 27 October 2004 (File 71) - Box 12 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence re interview on Clarke's experiences as an ABC journalist in the Press Gallery 1963-68 for use at the opening of OPH Press Gallery Leaks, Scoops & Scandals: The Press Gallery 1927-1988 exhibition. Copy of interview, 27 October 2004, transcript, recording; some of Clarke's quotes are displayed in the old ABC room.PC found the interview extremely narrow and unsatisfactory; a supplementary one was to go ahead but this has not happened. Copies of Clarke's ADB entry on ABC chief parliamentary journalist, Jack Commins, and articles on Press Gallery identity and later her employer, Max Newton, plus pics kept in Press Gallery records

Editor, National Capital Development Commission 1970s, 10 August 2012 (File 72) - Box 12 (MS Acc16.034)

Oral history interview on work as editor of Publications/Professional Writer NCDC 1974-1979, interviewer Lindsay Ferguson, 10 August 2012, to be used in publication on NCDC. Transcript, correspondence. Published in A City Like No Other: Stories from staff of the National Capital Development Commission 1958-88, 2013

Series. Research, correspondence for writing Tasma

Two notebooks of research material Tasma, 1990-1991 (File 73) - Box 13 (MS Acc16.034)

Material for writing biography of Tasma (Jessie Huybers/Fraser/Couvreur). Notebook One: John Oxley Library, notes on Journal 1889-91, MSS F234; R. Beilby letters etc., MSS 232; reviews in continental papers 1889-97, MSS233; Edith Huybers diary,1875, MSS371; cuttings kept by Edward Huybers 1880-1900, MSS372; E.A. Huybers diary 1877-1937 MSS373.Notebook Two: Information from Renée Erdos (Tasma's grandniece), Neutral Bay, 1990; Tasmania, February 1991, Huybers' old home Highfield, research at Tas. Archives, Tas. Museum and Gallery; at Kyneton, Malmesbury, 1991

Notebook Tasma: London, Brussels, Paris, Athens, 1991 (File 74) - Box 13 (MS Acc16.034)

In England, National Archives, visit to birthplace, Highgate with Fred McGrath; Brussels houses Chausée de Vleurgat, statue Charles Buls, Bibliothèque Royale; Paris, houses near Luxembourg Gardens, Bibliothèque Nationale; Athens, 1991

Overseas correspondence re Tasma, 1991 (File 75) - Box 13 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence re Tasma with contacts and institutions before and after visit to London, Brussels, Paris and with descendants of relatives including Lt Col. Douglas Morris, Salisbury UK; letters of introduction, maps etc for research in Brussels and Paris

Overseas correspondence re Tasma, 1990-1991 (File 76) - Box 13 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence seeking information re Tasma from institutions, individuals, in Hobart, Kyneton, Melbourne and from descendants of relatives, including Dr Kenneth Huybers, Enid Jones, Kim Jones, Fraser/Falkiner relatives

Correspondence with Fred McGrath, London, re Tasma, 1991 (File 77) - Box 13 (MS Acc16.034)

Fred McGrath was a friend of Tasma's grandniece, Renée Erdos, a retired Angus & Robertson representative in London. His extremely detailed and very informative research for Clarke covered many sources before, during and after her visit to London to research Tasma. Includes some letters from Renée Erdos

Correspondence Fred McGrath, Renée Erdos, 1992-1997 (File 78) - Box 13 (MS Acc16.034)

Further correspondence. Includes Buzz Kennedy's obituary of Dr Renée Erdos, SMH, 30 April 1997

Correspondence re Tasma, 1992-1994 (File 79) - Box 13 (MS Acc16.034)

Correspondence with Allen & Unwin publishers re publication of Tasma; correspondence and arrangements for launch

Correspondence Don Norman, Hobart, 1991-1997 (File 80) - Box 13 (MS Acc16.034)

Mainly research for Tasma, also A Colonial Woman, and details of his books

Correspondence during/after launch Tasma (File 81) - Box 14 (MS Acc16.034)

With Allen & Unwin; for illustrations permissions; various notes about the book; launch speech; R. Erdos; Ros Pesman etc

Correspondence after launch (File 82) - Box 14 (MS Acc16.034)

With Enid Jones; Billie Huybers; Malmsbury Historical Society; Margaret O'Hagan UQ; Fleur Kenyon, Brussels; Marie-Louise Ayres; Dale Spender; Gerard Vaughan, Oxford; Geoffrey Stilwell, Allport Library; Jane Clark; Melanie Aspey, Times London; H.E. Jacques Scavee, Ambassador Belgium; Jetty Couvreur; Lt Colonel Douglas Morris, Salisbury UK; Bibliothèque Royale

Reviews, Tasma, Tasma's Diaries, Award for Tasma, 1994-1995 (File 83) - Box 14 (MS Acc16.034)

Reviews by Joy Hooton, Jill Roe, Michael Ackland, Kay Ferris; talks Women's Pioneer Society of Australasia, Allen & Unwin Evenings in Women's Writing, 15 June 1994; SWW Non-Fiction Book Award, late 1994; Tasma's Diaries released January 1995, Sue Martin Latrobe, 1995

Later correspondence Tasma, 2000-2003 (File 84) - Box 14 (MS Acc16.034)

With Brenda Stevens-Chambers, Margaret Harris, Bruce Bennett, Patricia Clancy, thanks, Explorations, June 2001; Rosemary Lancaster, 'A Belle Epoque'; Victor Crittenden, Love in the Antipodes (Tasma)

Later correspondence Tasma, 2008-2013 (File 85) - Box 14 (MS Acc16.034)

With Rosemary Lancaster Je suis Australienne, 2008, pp.3-57, 197-201; biographical lists Tasma and Tasma's Diaries; Disagreement with Victor Crittenden's claim that author 'Theresa Tasmania' was Tasma (Waiting, 2008), VC intended publishing correction 2010 but too ill. Contribution on Tasma to Literary Melbourne, 2009; correspondence David Carter UQ re 'Tasma in a Harem' 2010; Judy Johnston UWA 'Amour aux Antipodes', 2010; Sandra Peixoto, Lisbon, seeking help for exhibition on Arthur Loureiro (Tasma's brother-in-law) published in Artur Loureiro 1853-1932, catalogue December 2010, 254 pp.; 'Tasma on the Windward', conference on travelling, UTAS, 2013