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Created: January 2010

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Dutton, Ninette, 1923-2008
Papers of Ninette Dutton.
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MS 10111
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MS 10111: (50 MS boxes + 1 elephant folio)
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This guide was prepared by the Pictures & Manuscripts Branch with the assistance of the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust.


Scope and Contents

The collection comprises correspondence; manuscript and typescript drafts and original illustrations, mostly relating to Ninette Dutton's published works; photographs; newspapers cuttings, travel journals and early family papers. There is a small group of papers of Geoffrey Dutton, which include correspondence and drafts of his writings.

The strength of this collection lies in the large component of correspondence. During the course of her career and life, Ninette Dutton developed friendships with many well known people in the literary and arts world and letters of many of them, some over a number of years, are included in the collection. In addition, there are the early letters between Ninette and Geoffrey, which document their war time romance and reflect their day-to-day lives in the forces – Geoffrey in the RAAF and Ninette in WAAAF. There is also a large run of letters between Geoffrey and his mother, Emily Dutton, dating from his early days as a border at Geelong Grammar, and continuing on through his time studying and travelling in Europe. These news-filled letters provide an insight into their lives at this time.

Principal correspondents in the collection include Richard Adlington, Sir Walter Campbell, Bruce Chatwin, Dymphna and Manning Clark, Walter Crocker, Denison Deasey, Russell Drysdale, Sumner Locke-Elliott, Shirley Hazzard, Max Harris, Peg Hesse (Princess Margaret of Hesse), Barry Humphries, Alister Kershaw, David Marr, Mirka Mora, Les Murray, Gino Nibbi, Elizabeth Riddell, Nicholas Shakespeare, Jeffrey Smart, Tom Shapcott, Randolph Stow and Patrick White.


Available for reference. Not for loan.

Preferred citation

Items from this collection should be cited as, 'Papers of Ninette Dutton, National Library of Australia, MS 10111, [series and file number]'.


The papers were purchased from Ninette Dutton's children, following her death in 2007.

Papers of Geoffrey Dutton, held in the National Library's Manuscript Collection at MS 7285

An interview of Ninette Dutton by Hazel de Berg in 1978 is held in the National Library's Oral History Collection at ORAL TRC 1/1113


The papers in this collection were accumulated over a lifetime. When received, they were in no discernable order and have been grouped into series and files by the Library. The large component of correspondence has been grouped and listed chronologically, except for a small component of letters from several authors which Ninette grouped for a period of time. These groupings have been retained and listed as a subseries of the general correspondence series.

Index to major correspondents - Series 3

Adlington, Richard: 1949-1961 (see subseries 1 and 2)

Campbell, David: 1957

Coombs, H.C: 1977

Campbell, Sir Walter (Wally): 1944-1950, 1990-1999

Bailey, George: 1949-1950

Battersby, Jean: 1995

Blackman, Barbara: 1995

Bonython, Kim: 1980

Boyd, Arthur: 1949

Brittin, Benjamin: Nd

Chater, Gordon: c1980s

Christesen, Clem: 1948-1952

Chatwin, Bruce: 1984-1988 (see subseries 1 and 2)

Clark, Manning and Dymphna: 1983-1992 (see subseries 1 and 2)

Darling, James R.: 1949

Deasey, Denison: nd (see subseries 1), 1947-1950 (subseries 2)

Daws, Lawrence: 1983

Daws, Edit: 1984, 2001

Crocker, Walter: 1979-1983 (se subseries 1) 1983-1995 (see subseries 2)

Drysdale, Russell: 1962-1963, 1980

Dobson, Rosemary: 2000

Green, Dorothy: 1982-1988

Hazzard, Shirley: 1983-1995 (see subseries 1 and 2)

Herbert, Xavier: 1983

Elliott, Sumner Locke: 1981-1983

Holmes a Court, Janet: 2001

Horne, Myfanwy: 1983

Hesse, Peg (Princess Margaret of Hesse and the Rhine): 1976-1983 (see subseries 1), 1986 (see subseries 2)

Kellaway, Frank: 1942-1943

Johnstone, Gavin: 1987

Marshall, Jock: 1950

Lindsay, Norman: 1963, 1969

Lascaris, Manoly: 1963, 1979 (see subseries 1), 1963, 1991-1994 (see subseries 2)

Marr, David: 1991-2006

Malouf, David: 1996-2006

Mora, Mirka: 1984-1996 (see subseries 1 and 2)

Nibbi, Gino: 1948-1950

Palmer, Nettie: 1950

Mucha, Jiri: 1980-1981 (see subseries 1), 1985-1987 (see subseries 2)

Murray, Les: 1983-1989 (see subseries 1 and 2)

Rodriguez, Judith: 2003

Smart, Jeffrey: 1993-1999

Shakespeare, Nicholas: 1992-1996

Stonier, Noel and Brian: 2005

Macauley, Robbie: 1988

Garner, Helen: 1986

Kershaw, Alister: 1947-1989 (see subseries 1 and 2)

Kershaw, Helen: 1995

Reed, John: 1945

Lively, Penelope: 1999

Olsen, John: 1998

Jeffares, Norman and Jeanne: 1983-2001

Sharman, Jim: 1992-1993

Sutherland, Joan: 1981

Humphries, Barry: 1981-1998 (see subseries 1 and 2)

Thompson, Tom: 1995

Riddell, Elizabeth: 1983-1984 (see subseries 1), 1994 (see subseries 2)

White, Patrick: 1962-1998

Shapcott, Tom: 1995-2001

Stow, Randolph (Mick): 1960, 1983-1986

Serventy, Vince: 1983

Thiele, Colin and Rhonda: 1997

Harris, Max: 1983 (see subseries 1), 1942-1949 and 1992 (see subseries 2)

Winton, Tim: 1992

Wright, Judith: 1968 and 1975 (see subseries 1), 1992 and 2001 (see subseries 2)

Biographical note

Ninette Clarice Florence Dutton (née Trott) was born in Adelaide on 24 July 1922. She studied Social Science at Adelaide University and joined the WAAAF as a driver during World War II. In 1944 Ninette married Geoffrey Dutton, with whom she had three children.

In 1946 they travelled to England where Geoffrey studied English at Magdalen College, Oxford. They returned to Australia in 1951, travelling overland by car via Europe and Asia, where they settled in Adelaide. Geoffrey took up a post lecturing in English at Adelaide University and went on to establish a name for himself in the literary world as an author and editor. He was involved in the establishment of the Adelaide Festival of the Arts and its Writers' Week in 1960 and in 1965 was co-founder of Sun Books with Brian Stonier.

Ninette was closely involved in Geoffrey's literary activities from the beginnings of his career and over the period of their marriage. Their association with local and international writers at events such as the Adelaide Festival resulted in the formation of close personal relationships with many well known figures in the literary and art world.

In 1983, Ninette and Geoffrey separated and were divorced in 1985.

As well as supporting Geoffrey in his career, Ninette was an artist and author in her own right. She established a reputation for her work as an enamellist, studying the art overseas in Europe and the USA. She held exhibitions of her work, received commissions in Australia for works in public spaces and is represented in the Art Gallery of South Australia and private collections around the world.

Ninette had a great love of the Australian landscape, native plants and gardening. She combined these interests in several published books, most of which are illustrated with her own beautifully executed botanical paintings and drawings. From 1989 to 1991 Ninette published a weekly gardening column in The Advertiser, from which resulted her book A passionate gardener. She also published autobiographical works, including Firing and Home.

In 1994 Ninette was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to the community and to the arts as an artist, particularly as an enameller.

Ninette Dutton died at Katoomba, New South Wales, on 7 July 2007.

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Correspondence of Ninette and Geoffrey Dutton, 1941-1988

The correspondence in this series comprises letters written by Ninette and Geoffrey Dutton to each other.

There is a large group of Ninette's letters to Geoffrey, which were written during the period 1941-1945 while Geoffrey was serving in the RAAF. These often lengthy, news-filled letters document not only their war-time romance but also Ninette's day-to-day activities as a member of the Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force (WAAAF), which she joined in Adelaide in 1942.

The largest component of the letters from Geoffrey to Ninette were written after their separation in 1983. These letters are for the most part filled with news of Geoffrey's day-to-day activities. There is a smaller group of letters from Geoffrey to Ninette while he was serving with the RAAF dating from 1941 to 1945 and a few letters during the period c1960s to 1983. There is also a collection of illustrated notes (c1960s-1983) that it was Geoffrey's custom to create for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Subseries 1.1. Letters from Ninette to Geoffrey, 1941-1945 - Box 1-3

Comprises Files 1-12

Subseries 1.2. Letters from Geoffrey to Ninette, 1942-1988 - Box 3-4

Comprises Files 13-23

Series 2. Correspondence of Geoffrey Dutton and Emily Dutton, 1932-1961

This series comprises a large group of letters exchanged between Geoffrey Dutton and his mother, Emily Dutton, over the course of a number of years.

The correspondence commences while Geoffrey is a boarder at Geelong Grammar and continues over the years whenever they were separated. There is a large group written during the period from 1946 to 1951 when Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton lived in England.

Both write news filled letters that provide an interesting insight into their day-to-day lives and activities.

Subseries 2.1. Letters from Geoffrey to Emily, c1932-1961 - Box 5-7

Comprises Files 1-14

Subseries 2.2. Letters from Emily to Geoffrey, 1932-1951 - Box 7-10

Comprises Files 15-30

Series 3. General correspondence, c1940s-2007

The correspondence in this series is one of the strengths of the collection. The Duttons were close friends with a number of prominent people in the literary and arts fields and letters from many of them, often spanning a number of years, can be found in this series. Interleaved with these letters are those of family and other friends and a small amount of non-personal correspondence. There are also letters from readers of several of Ninette's published works. For reasons unknown, there is a gap in the correspondence for the period 1957 to 1974.

When received, there were several small groupings of letters created by Ninette Dutton, and these have been retained in subseries 1. However, the bulk of the correspondence was in no particular order and these letters have been grouped and listed chronologically in subseries 2.

Please note that other letters from authors in subseries 1 may also be included in subseries 2. This is because it appears that Ninette only grouped their letters for a certain period of time. For example, Alister Kershaw's correspondence with the Dutton's commenced in 1947, but the group of letters created by Ninette is only for the period 1984 to 1989.

See index to major correspondents.

To assist researchers in identifying authors of letters from family, the following is a list of family nicknames:

Mole - Ninette's nickname for Geoffrey

Skunk - Geoffrey's nickname for Ninette

Jiffa/Gep/Geppy/Bert - various nicknames for Geoffrey

Chibs - Geoffrey's sister, Helen

Tisi - Teresa Dutton

Pusscat and Mumcat - Geoffrey and Emily Dutton's nicknames for each other

Subseries 3.1. Letters grouped by Ninette Dutton, c1950s-1998

There are two components to the letters grouped by Ninette Dutton. The first comprises letters grouped by author. The second comprises two groups of letters - one of letters from various authors received following her separation from Geoffrey Dutton in 1983, and one of letters from various authors that Ninette has annotated as being 'kind and caring'.

Letters from Bruce Chatwin, 1984-1988 (File 1) - Box 10
Letters of Dymphna and Manning Clark, 1987-1990 (File 2) - Box 10
Letters of Shirley Hazzard, 1984-1990 (File 3) - Box 10
Letters of Alister Kershaw, 1984-1989 (File 4) - Box 10
Letters of Patrick White, 1962-1998 (File 5) - Box 11

Includes a letter from Elizabeth Riddell, advising Ninette of Patrick's death (1990), Letters from Manoly Lascaris (1990 and 1998) and the draft of a letter from Ninette to Patrick (1980).

Letters sent to Ninette following her separation from Geoffrey, 1983-1984 (File 6-7) - Box 11
'Kind and caring' letters, c1950s-1991 (File 8-13) - Box 11-12

Subseries 3.2. Letters grouped chronologically, c1940s-2007

Friends and family, undated, c1940s (File 14) - Box 12
Ninette Dutton to Emily Dutton, 1942-1949 (File 15) - Box 12
Friends and family, undated, c 1942-1952 (File 16) - Box 12
Friends and family, 1942-1949 (File 17-25) - Box 12-14
Friends and family, undated, c1950s-1960s (File 27) - Box 14
Friends and family, 1950-1956 (File 28-32) - Box 14-15
Congratulations from friends and family on birth of son, Francis, 1958 (File 33-35) - Box 15
Congratulations from friends and family on birth of daughter, Teresa (Tisi), 1961 (File 36) - Box 15
Congratulations from family and friends on birth of son, Sam, 1963 (File 37) - Box 15
Cards and letters to Ninette from her children, mostly undated (File 38-39) - Box 16
Friends and family, 1970, 1975-1979 (File 40-41) - Box 16
Readers and friends following the publication of Portrait of a Year, 1976-1977 (File 42) - Box 16
Friends and family, undated, c1980s-1990s (File 43) - Box 16
Friends and family, 1980-1989 (File 44-50) - Box 17
Readers of Ninette's gardening column in The Advertiser, 1989-1994 (File 51-54) - Box 18
Friends and family, undated, c1990s (File 55) - Box 18
Friends and family, 1990-1993 (File 56-60) - Box 18-19
Congratulations from friends and family on being made a Member of the Order of Australia, 1994 (File 61) - Box 19
Readers and friends following the publication of Firing, 1995 (File 62) - Box 19
Friends and family, 1995-1999 (File 63-67) - Box 19-20
Friends and family, undated, c1999-2004 (File 68) - Box 20
Readers and friends following the publication of Home, 2000-2001 (File 69) - Box 20
Friends and family, 2000-2006 (File 70-78) - Box 20-21

Series 4. The Beautiful Art of Enamelling, c1966 - Box 22

Ninette Dutton was a renowned enamellist, having studied the art overseas in Europe and the USA. Contained in this series are papers relating to her book on the subject, The Beautiful Art of Enamelling, which was published by Sun Books in 1966.

Comprises File 1

Series 5. Portrait of a Year, c1976 - Box 22-23

Contained in this series are papers relating to Ninette Dutton's book Portrait of a Year, which was published by Thomas Nelson in 1976. There are manuscript and typescript drafts and a copy of the contract.

See also series 20, Artwork, for originals of illustrations used in the publication

Comprises Files 1-7

Series 6. An Australian Wildflower Diary, c1981 - Box 23

This series contains papers relating to Ninette Dutton's book An Australian Wildflower Diary, published by Rigby in 1982. There is an annotated sketchbook containing selections of poems, edited typescript draft and a copy of the contract.

Comprises File 1

Series 7. Wildflower Journeys, c1985 - Box 23

Contained in this series are papers relating to Ninette Dutton's book Wildflower Journeys, which was published by MacMillan in 1985. They comprise research notes, an edited typescript draft, correspondence with the publisher, and reviews.

See also series 20, Artwork, for originals of illustrations used in the publication

Comprises Files 1-4

Series 8. Presents From Your Garden, c1986 - Box 23

Contained in this series are papers relating to Ninette Dutton's book Presents from your garden, which was published by nelson in 1986. They include a copy of the contract and correspondence with the publisher.

See also series 20, Artwork, for originals of illustrations used in the publication

Comprises File 1

Series 9. Probabilities, 1987 - Box 24

Ninette Dutton's book of short stories, Probabilities, was published by Angus and Robertson in 1987. Contained in this series are drafts of three of the stories together with reviews of the book.

Comprises Files 1-2

Series 10. An Australian Gardener's Notebook, c1988 - Box 24

Contained in this series are papers relating to Ninette Dutton's book, An Australian Gardener's Notebook, which was published by Greenhouse Publications in 1988. There are proofs, transparencies, a media release and reviews.

See also series 20, Artwork, for originals of illustrations used in the publication

Comprises File 1

Series 11. A Passionate Gardener, c1990 - Box 24

Ninette Dutton's book, A Passionate Gardener, was published by ABC Enterprises in 1990. It was based on her weekly gardening column of the same name, published in the Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser. Contained in this series is the draft of the introduction and proof sheets.

See also series 16, Other writings - non-fiction, for drafts of the weekly column; and series 20, Artwork, for originals of illustrations used in the publication.

Comprises File 1

Series 12. Firing, c1995 - Box 23-26

Contained in this series are papers relating to Ninette Dutton's autobiographical works, Firing, which was published by Imprint Books in 1995. They comprised notebooks of manuscript draft, together with edited typescript drafts.

See also series 3, General correspondence, for letters from readers

Comprises Files 1-13 (9 files and 4 packets)

Series 13. Home - Box 27-28

Ninette Dutton's autobiographical work, Home, was published by Text Publishing in 2000. Contained in this series are manuscript and typescript drafts, a proof copy, a copy of the contract and correspondence with the publisher.

See also series 3, General correspondence, for letters from readers

Comprises Files 1-9 (7 files and 2 packets)

Series 14. Which Way the Wind Blew, c1999-2000 - Box 28

This series contains papers relating to Ninette Dutton's book about Kangaroo Island, entitled Which Way the Wind Blew, which was published by Molonglo Press in 2000. The cover was designed by Romola Templeman. There are manuscript and typescript drafts, proofs, editing notes, correspondence with the publishers and letters from readers.

Comprises Files 1-4

Series 15. Other Writings - Fiction

Contained in this series are papers relating to works of fiction by Ninette Dutton. The bulk comprise drafts of short stories, and it is not clear whether or not they were published. They are listed alphabetically by title.

There are drafts of a longer work of fiction entitled 'Births, marriages and death' and fragments of unidentified fiction writings. There is also juvenilia in the form of a short story entitled 'Elizabeth's trip to Skyland' and a journal entitled 'Fourth Form Games Magazine'.

Short stories (File 1-12) - Box 29-30

All in the family

The bears who played the cymbols


Country life

Discoveries, later renamed Findings and Keepings

A dog's life

Lions in an envelope

The honey monk

The dragon and the chinky chiny bird

Early one morning

Going north




One perfect day

Sea story

The secret

Secret lives - earlier title Confidences

The smiling cat

The story of the happy mouse

Summer holiday

Three friends have an adventure

Three women

Winter flower

Births, marriages and deaths (File 13-16) - Box 30-31

Juvenilia (File 17) - Box 31

Unidentified fragments of fiction writing (File 18) - Box 31

Series 16. Other writings - Non-fiction

Contained in this series are non-fiction writings of Ninette Dutton. The bulk comprises a large collection of drafts of her weekly gardening column, 'The Passionate Gardener', which was published in the Adelaide newspaper, The Advertiser, from 1989 to 1991. There are also drafts of book reviews, articles and speeches, fragments of unidentified non-fiction writings and the draft of what appears to be an autobiographical work with the title 'A time and place'.

'A passionate gardener' (File 1-11) - Box 32-34

Speeches (File 12) - Box 34

Book reviews (File 13) - Box 34

Articles (File 14-16) - Box 34

'A time and place', c1981 (File 17-18) - Box 35

Unidentified fragments of non-fiction writings (File 19-20) - Box 35

Series 17. Travel Journals, 1946 - c1980s - Box 35-36

This series comprises a group of mostly undated travel journals kept by Ninette Dutton. In 1946 Ninette and Geoffrey left Australia to live in England for five years and there are several journals covering their travels in the UK and Europe during this time. The journals are filled with the details of all they are experiencing as well as general musings on life in general.

There are also a group of journals, together with a typescript copy, kept on a trip from Geraldton to Perth c1980s and journals of a trip overseas in 1972, a trip to Russia (undated) and a return car trip from Piers Hill to Canberra (undated).

Comprises Files 1-6

Series 18. Diaries and notebooks, 1985-2006 - Box 36-37

This series contains 25 small appointment diaries and 10 undated notebooks containing diary-style entries, addresses and miscellaneous notes.

Comprises Files 1-5 (35 items)

Series 19. Research Material

Contained in this series is research material relating to unrealised book projects of Ninette Dutton.

Miscellaneous notebooks, n.d. (File 1) - Box 38

Depiction of children in Australian art, 1981-1982 (File 2-3) - Box 38

Includes application for Australian Bicentennial Authority grant and correspondence with Laurence Rentoul and Robert Juniper.

Flower poems, with Kevin Pearson, c1992 (File 4) - Box 38

'Snakes and lizards', c1990 (File 5-6) - Box 38

Series 20. Artwork of Ninette Dutton

Ninette Dutton was a skilled botanical artist and created the illustrations that appear in all of her published works. These range from simple black and white sketches to detailed watercolour paintings. Contained in this series are a large number of these works. There are also several early sketchbooks containing sketches of miscellaneous subjects.

Ninette was also a renowned enamellist. Included in this series are her design ideas for an enamelled panel she was commissioned to create as the decorative centrepiece of a new organ for the Adelaide Festival Centre. The organ was commissioned by the Centre to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Illustrations for Portrait of a Year (File 1) - Box 39

Illustrations for Wildflower Journeys (File 2-3) - Box 39-40

Illustrations for Presents from your Garden (File 4) - Box 39

Illustrations for An Australian Gardener's Notebook (File 5) - Box 39

Illustrations for A Passionate Gardener (File 6-7) - Box 39

Designs for enamelled panel, Adelaide Festival Centre Silver Jubilee Organ, c1978 (File 8) - Box 40

Early sketchbooks (File 9) - Box 39

Miscellaneous unidentified botanical illustrations (File 10-14) - Box 40-41

Series 21. Biographical Papers, 1923-2002

Contained in this series is a small group of papers accumulated by Ninette Dutton that document aspects of her life. Included is the transcript of an oral history interview by Hazel De Berg (1978); papers associated with her appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia in 1994; various official papers such as passports, baptism certificate and university certificate; papers associated with the sale of her home in Canberra (2002); World War II memorabilia; and ephemera from events at which she was a participant.

Official records, 1941-1998 (File 1) - Box 41

Ephemera from events, 1969-1999 (File 2) - Box 41

Transcript of oral history interview, 1978 (File 3) - Box 41

Sale of Ninette's home in Canberra, 2002 (File 4) - Box 41

Order of Australia, 1994 (File 5-6) - Box 40, 42

Memorabilia, 1923-1942 (File 7) - Box 42

Miscellaneous papers, c1930s-c1990s (File 8) - Box 42

Series 22. Cuttings, 1957-2003 - Box 40, 42-43

This bulk of this series comprises four volumes of newspaper cuttings accumulated by Ninette Dutton over a number of years. They contain items relating to family and friends, local news, quirky news stories and also a small amount of ephemera in the form of theatre programs, invitations to exhibitions etc. In addition there are two filesfol of loose cuttings dating from the 1990s and a file of articles about the death of Geoffrey Dutton in 1998.

Comprises Files 1-8 (4 files and 4 volumes)

Series 23. Family Papers, 1890-1998

This series comprises a small group of family papers accumulated by Ninette Dutton. They relate to the Dutton and Trott family histories; to her three children, Francis, Tisi and Sam, mostly consisting of school reports; and to her day-to-day family life in general.

Trott family, 1890-1930 (File 1-2) - Box 44 (and folio)

Newspaper cuttings relating to Ninette Dutton's grandfather, artist George A.J. Webb

University certificates of Ninette Dutton's father, Leonard Walter Trott, 1912-1918

Dutton family, 1924-1948 (File 3-10) - Box 44, 46

Papers relating to Geoffrey Dutton's mother, Emily Dutton, 1924-1949.

Letters sent to Helen Dutton from family and friends (1940s-1960 + 1996) together with a school report from 1932.

Miscellaneous early papers accumulated by Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1942-1957 (File) - Box 46

Comprises Files 11-13

Papers relating to Ninette Dutton's three children, 1964-1978 (File 14-15) - Box 45-46

Papers relating to the Old Anlaby and Piers Hill properties, 1978-1980s (File 16-18) - Box 45-46

Includes catalogue for the sale of the contents of Old Anlaby, 1978; a brochure advertising the sale of Piers Hill; and maps and aerial photographs of Piers Hill.

Series 24. Photographs, c1920s-2000s

The bulk of this series comprises early black and white photographs of family and friends of Ninette and Geoffrey Dutton and of travel in Europe during the five-year period they lived in England from 1946-1951. There are also early Trott family photographs, Ninette and Geoffrey's wedding photographs, photographs of the Dutton children and grandchildren and photographs of Ninette's copper enamel works.

Trott family, c1920s-1940s (File 1-2) - Box 47

Includes photographs of portrait paintings by Ninette Dutton's grandfather, artist G.J.A. Webb.

Album - mostly Geoffrey Dutton, 1941 (File 3) - Box 47

Album - family and friends, 1943-1946 (File 4) - Box 47

Album - wedding photographs, 1944 (File 5) - Box 47

Album - family and friends, 1944-1945 (File 6) - Box 48

Albums - Europe, 1946-1951 (File 7-10) - Box 45, 48

Miscellaneous black and white photographs, c1940s (File 11) - Box 48

Album - Europe, 1954-1955 (File 12) - Box 49

Enamel works by Ninette Dutton (File 13-15) - Box 50

Miscellaneous family photographs, c1960s-2007 (File 16-20) - Box 50

Includes photographs of Ninette's children and grandchildren; a small album of a trip Ninette took to the Flinders Rangers (1990), two photographs of Ninette and Sam Dutton taken by William Yang (c1980s); a portrait photograph of Arthur Boyd; a photograph of Ninette with Barry Humphries (c2007); and photographs that were in frames in Ninette's room at the time of her death.

Large format photographs, c1920s-2004 (File 21) - Box 49

A small group of enlarged photographs comprising early Trott family portrait photographs (c1920s); portrait photographs of Ninette and Geoffrey Dutton (c1940s); Ninette, Geoffrey and Francis Dutton at Anlaby (c1970s); and a portrait photograph of Ninette (2004)

Series 25. Audio Visual Material, c1981-1992 - Box 50

This series consists of five cassette tapes. Four are recordings of an unidentified radio program in which Ninette Dutton participated and the fifth is an interview of Geoffrey Dutton by Margaret Throsby in 1996.

Comprises File 1

Series 26. Papers of Geoffrey Dutton, 1932-c1980s - Box 51-53

This series comprises a small group of papers of Geoffrey Dutton, which it appears were retained by Ninette. There are papers and photographs from his school days at Geelong Grammar; World War II memorabilia; early letters to and from family and friends, including a personal reference from the Governor-General, Lord Gowrie, written in 1938; and photographs of his unit in Rose Bay (c1980s). There is a small amount of Geoffrey's writings, including drafts of poetry and the manuscript draft of his book A long way south, which was published in 1953.

Comprises Files 1-12

Series 27. Miscellaneous Papers

Contained in this series is a small group of miscellaneous papers accumulated by Ninette Dutton.

Unidentified loose papers (undated) (File 1) - Box 53

Early manuscript copies of unidentified playscripts (File 2) - Box 53

Typescripts (File 3) - Box 53

An untitled work of fiction, no author

A piece on the history of South Australia

A poem by Alister Kershaw entitled 'The Denunciad'

'Papers from an old diary' - Mrs David Milson

Papers (File 4) - Box 53

Words and music to Winterreise by Wilhelm Muller

Orders of service for funerals of friends

Print by Julie Corfe, with dedication to Ninette Dutton, 1991 (File 5) - Box 53

Publications and journals (File 6-9) - Box 49, 54

Mostly containing articles about well-known friends of Ninette Dutton.