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Edgeworth, Anne
Papers of Anne Edgeworth
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MS 10418
6.28 metres (33 ms boxes + 2 large map folios + 1 folder)
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Scope and Contents

The collection comprises notebooks, journals and papers written by Anne Edgeworth including published and unpublished poems; correspondence with literary figures, and members of the Edgeworth David family; reviews of theatre productions; university revue scripts and ephemera plus ; a script, with handwritten production notes for 'Born of Fire' the Judith Wright 80th birthday tribute.

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Item Descriptions

Class 1. Original consignment received 2017, 1950s-2007

This e original consignment comprises notebooks, journals and papers written by Anne Edgeworth including published and unpublished poems; correspondence with literary figures, and members of the Edgeworth David family; reviews of theatre productions; and theatre scripts.

Notebooks/Journals, 1981-2002 (File) - Box 1(MS 10418)

Notebooks/Journals, 2003-2007 (File) - Box 2(MS 10418)

Drafts/Notebooks, 1969-1999 (File) - Box 3(MS 10418)

1 x CD-R Poems of Canberra removed to Digital Carriers Box

Drafts; early poems; Doonkuna Poets, 1967-2002 (File) - Box 4(MS 10418)

Poems, 1975-2000 (File) - Box 5(MS 10418)

Illustrated poem Zinjanthropus Eve with artwork by Graham Willoughby

Poems, 1975-2003 (File) - Box 6(MS 10418)

Poems, 1978-2002 (File) - Box 7(MS 10418)

Poems; reviews, correspondence, poetry in education, 1976-1999 (File) - Box 8(MS 10418)

Correspondence and papers relating to AD Hope, 1969-2000 (File) - Box 9(MS 10418)

Includes suite of unpublished love poems for AD Hope in the 1980s but never shown to him

Correspondence with Judith Wright, Peter Sculthorpe, Mark O'Connor, Dawn Langman, 1980s-1990s (File) - Box 10(MS 10418)

Some Peter Sculthorpe music; original and published

Correspondence with family; W K McIntyre (father), A K McIntyre (brother), M E David (aunt), 1950s-2003 (File) - Box 11(MS 10418)

includes scientific papers and photographs of AK McIntyre

Correspondence with family; David McIntyre (brother), Peg Waterworth (sister), Margaret McIntyre (sister-in-law), Robert Johnston (former spouse), R A Godfrey-Smith (former spouse) (File) - Box 12(MS 10418)

Correspondence with poets and writers; papers relating to adult and community education; community radio and theatre, 1960s-1990s (File) - Box 13(MS 10418)

Business and personal correspondence; the Armidale School; Kay Mill; Kardoorair Press; Graham Willoughby; Alan Walker; Lloyd Thomson; Mollie Campbell-Smith and others, 1980s-1990s (File) - Box 14(MS 10418)

Personal correspondence - Ric Throssell; Keith Wargent; Dindi Vaughan; M and J Meggitt; Adrian Gattenhof; Sol and Diana Encel and others, 1970s-1990s (File) - Box 15(MS 10418)

Writers/writing; book reviews; publishers; references; miscellaneous, 1970-1998 (File) - Box 16(MS 10418)

Papers on reconciliation; protest letters; Peace Movement; women's issues; environment/science; drug law reform; Alexander technique, 1960-2002 (File) - Box 17(MS 10418)

1 x audio cassette 'Animal Rights Song Competition' removed to cassette box 423 storage

Job applications and submissions; poems; honours/awards, 1966-2000 (File) - Box 18(MS 10418)

folder on Canberra Citizen of the year

Christmas/annual letters; journal extracts; literary matters; dreams, 1984-2003 (File) - Box 19(MS 10418)

Travel: Antarctica 2001; Canada 1993, 1989-2001 (File) - Box 20(MS 10418)

includes reference to Anne Edgeworth's grandfather TWE David who was a member of Scot's 1912 Antarctic expedition

Papers and clippings relating to Anne Edgeworth's work with Canberra Repertory Society- Rep history & productions; Letters -Tyrone Guthrie, Jon Stephens; reviews/lectures; Launceston Players, 1950s- 1992 (File) - Box 21(MS 10418)

1 x audio cassette 'Launch of 'The Cost of Jazz Garters' removed to cassette box 423 storage

Reviews, letters, articles; Stage Society: Misrepresentations; UNSW Drama Society; Arts Development Board; Companion to Australian Theatre, 1960-1994 (File) - Box 22(MS 10418)

Revue scripts; Pantomime scripts; ACCFEEAYCTO script and CD, 1960s-1970s (File) - Box 23(MS 10418)

1 x CDR 'ACCFEEAYCTO' removed to Digital Carriers Box 28

Reviews, articles; Festivals and Summer Schools, 1959-2000 (File) - Box 24(MS 10418)

Correspondence and reviews, 1964-2000 (File) - Box 25(MS 10418)

Class 2. Consignment received 2018, 1995

This consignment addition comprises a script, with handwritten production notes for 'Born of Fire' the Judith Wright 80th birthday tribute. Anne Edgeworth and Dawn Langman directed 'This Intolerable Gold', the second programme of Langman's three part programme of Judith Wright's poetry in honour of her birthday.

Script, with handwritten production notes, 1995 (File) - Box Shared, Piece 26(MS 10418)

Born of Fire' the Judith Wright 80th birthday tribute; Edgeworth and Dawn Langman directed 'This Intolerable Gold'

Class 3. Consignment received 2018, 1936 - 2006

This consignment comprises a large quantity of poetry, diaries, journals and notebooks. There are also several boxes of correspondence as well as university revue scripts and ephemera.

Diaries, notebooks, journals, medals, passports, 1936-2006 (File) - Box 27 (MS 10418)

Frensham school notebooks of Anne Edgeworth nee McIntyre 1936-38; Canada travel journal 1993; Poetry 1995-97; journal of Antarctic visit 2001; 3 passports as Anne Godfrey-Smith; Medals - Canberra Citizen of the Year 1994, British Empire Medal

Journals, 1997-2000 (File) - Box 28 (MS 10418)

Order of Australia Medal

Selected poems and papers (File) - Box 29 (MS 10418)

Songs for my Father; Oliver at Captain's Flat; Janus Observes; English Honours Thesis 1966; Poems about science and family

Poetry, 1970s-2005 (File) - Box 30(MS 10418)

Poetry; correspondence, 1959-2004 (File) - Box 31(MS 10418)

Turtles All the Way Down; correspondence with Cooko and Georgie, Dawn Langman and other friends; Bards

Correspondence; poetry, 1963-1978 (File) - Box 32(MS 10418)

Correspondence - personal, students, Reid Douglas

Correspondence; University Revue papers; The Conspirators script, 1963-1986 (File) - Box 33(MS 10418)

Letters from Anne Godfrey-Smith to her aunt ME David

Scripts and miscellaneous papers, 1963-1990s (File) - Box 34(MS 10418)

Scripts-The Bedbug; production photographs from student revue; part scripts of The Lotus Eaters, Lysistrata and West Lynne; Canberra Public Radio scripts; Montsalvat Poetry festival 1995; interview transcripts with TAFE students and teachers

Order of Australia citation; Bachelor of Arts; Master of Arts; Bachelor of Science, 1942;1967;1973;2005 (File) - Folio 35(MS 10418)

Canberra Citizen of the Year, 1994 (File) - Folio 36(MS 10418)