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Series 1. Maps of the Americas, 1942-1956

Central and Western United States interstate travel guide, [ca. 1:3,611,520], 1946 (Item 1)

Esso Interstate route map. Western United States on recto and Central United States on verso. Includes principal points of interest and table of approximate mileage between principal points on recto and verso, and an advert for 'Esso Dealer Service for Happy Motoring' on recto. Cover (when folder) annotated in pen with "The whole route I spoke of is marked on this map and on the Eastern U.S. map." Route marked in red and blue includes, from approximately the westernmost point to the easternmost point, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Pasadena, Boulder City, 'Black Canyon Road' - annotated on map, nearby 'OPTIONAL' stamp mark - Grand Canyon National Park, Salt Lake City, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Petrified Forest National Monument/Navajo, Santa Fe, Taos, Colorado Springs, Lead, Hill City/Keystone/Mt. Rushmore Memorial, Bad Lands National Monument, Topeka, St. Louis, Terre Haute. On sheet 82 x 47 cm.

Central Section of Los Angeles including the cities of Bell, Beverly Hills, Culver City, El Segundo, Hawthorne, Huntington Park, Inglewood, Lynwood, Maywood, Santa Monica, Southgate, Vernon, Map Number 1813, [ca. 1:41,265], 1942 (Item 2)

Street index on recto. Road map in black and red showing U.S. highways, State highways, Unimproved rights of ways or private streets, Municipal boundaries and Elementary Schools, points of interest and block numbers on verso, including small inset of Malibu and Sunset Boulevard. On sheet 59.5 x 86.5 cm.

Eastern Section of Los Angeles including the cities of Alhambra, Arcadia, Bell, El Monte, Huntington Pk., Lynwood, Maywood, Monrovia, Montebello, Monterey Pk., Pasadena, San Gabriel, San Marino, Sierra Madre, South Gate, So. Pasadena, Vernon, Whittier, Map Number 1956, [ca. 1:42,351] (Item 3)

Street index on recto. Road map in black and red showing U.S. Highways, State highways, Unimproved rights of ways or private streets, Municipal boundaries and Elementary Schools, points of interest and block numbers on verso. On sheet 59 x 86.5 cm.

Eastern United States interstate travel guide, 546, [ca. 1:2,534,400], 1946 (Item 4)

Esso Interstate route map showing First Class Roads, Second Class Roads, Third Class Roads, State Route Numbers, U.S. Route Numbers, and approximate populations of cities and towns based on the 1940 Census. Northeastern Section on recto and Southeastern Section on verso. Includes principal points of interest on recto and verso, an advert for 'Esso Dealer Service for Happy Motoring' on recto and a table of approximate mileage between principal points on verso. Two insets on verso: Maine/New Brunswick/Nova Scotia at [ca. 1:7,663,543] and New York at unknown scale. Cover (when folded) annotated in pen with "The whole route to include the wonders I spoke of is marked on this map and the Central and Western map." Route marked in red and blue includes, from the westernmost point on recto to the easternmost point on verso, Terre Haute, Indianapolis, Richmond, Springfield, Delaware, Ashtabula, Erie, Dunkirk, Niagra Falls, Batavia, Elmira, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Newark, Lancaster, York, St. Louis, Mammoth Cave National Park, Knoxville, Asheville, Roanoake, Williamsburge, Richmond, Charlottesville, Shenandoah National Park, York, New York. On sheet 78 x 83 cm.

Geographia Map Co.'s latest map and guide to New York, Various scales (Item 5)

'Four maps in one: 1. Street map of Manhattan with transit lines and house numbers 2. Subway and "L" map of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens 3. Midtown Manhattan large scale 4. Financial section large scale". Map of Midtown Manhattan on recto showing subway lines and stations, area and population, chain stores, book & stationery stores, theatres, public libraries, telegraph offices, churches, clubs, post offices, police stations, bus terminals and piers. Churches, hotels, bridges, skyscrapers, a housenumber guide, places of interest, museums and picture galleries, theatres and movie houses, nightclubs and supper places, parks, baseball fields and arenas, beaches and swimming pools, airline offices, aviation fields and public buildings are listed below, the panel headed with beaches and swimming pools annotated in pencil with '30'. Three remaining maps listed on verso with street index. Transportation map showing Independent Lines, I.R.T. Lines, B.M.T. Lines, Elevated Lines, Hudson and Man. Tubes, Express Stations, Local Stations, Free and Pay Transer Points, Railroad Stations, Highways and House Numbers at [ca. 1:64,702]. On sheet 95 x 63cm.

Guide map of the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, 1942, [ca. 1:268,224], 1942 (Item 6)

Recto has panels formings a booklet: four panels form the map verso, and two fold-out, double-sided panels are stapled in, and one double-sided sheet has come loose. The booklet is authored by the United States Department of the Interior. It has a Welcome to Visitors with park regulations, a List of Accommodations, instructions on how to reach the park, information on entrance fees, flora, wildlife, Principal Points of Interest Reached by the Trail, text on vacationing in the park and black and white photographs of various park views. Guide map on verso showing Park Boundary, Paved Roads, Improved Roads, Unimproved Roads, Parking Overlook, Appalachian Trail, Other Trails, Ranger Stations, Picnic Grounds, Trailside Shelters and Fire Lookouts. Also includes Location Map inset. Abridged Log of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah Park below Guide Map, showing distance and elevation. On sheet 59 x 23cm [excluding fold-out dimensions].

Guide map of Yellowstone National Park, [ca. 1:321,869], 1941-1946 (Item 7 (2 copies))

Two copies held. Supplement to the Haynes Guide Book of the Yellowstone. Recto cover entitled Yellowstone National Park Season June 20 to September 10. Motorists - May 1 to October 15 (Dates approximate). At bottom of cover: "Any Approach To Bears Is Dangerous. Feeding, Molesting, Teasing, Or Touching Bears Is Prohibited." Recto and verso have various information on the Park, which ends with statement of authorship and note that "The Haynes Guide Book of the Yellowstone supplements this circular. It is edited and approved by the National Park Service and is on sale at all points in the park." Guide Map on verso has information printed outside each corner on dangers, rules and opening hours. Copy 1 map is annotated in pen: "Nests of Canada Goose [?] and Silk Sand Piper." and "Violet Green swallows nesting."

Hagstrom's map of Long Island, New York, 2520A, [ca. 1:134,112], 1946 (Item 8)

Map on two sheets, one kept folded with cover shown. Contents, as listed on cover: Automobile roads, Parks and Parkways, Golf and Country Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Beaches, Cities, Towns and Townships, Railroads and stations. Cover lists price as 50 cents. Verso cover lists Hagstrom's Maps and Atlases of Greater New York and the New York Metropolitan area, with prices. Each sheet 42 x 79cm.

Hagstrom's map of 50 mile radius from New York City, [ca. 1:292,608], 1947 (Item 9)

Colour map showing Columbus Circle (B'way & 59th St.). Inset of Principal Routes to New York City at [ca. 1:289,972]. Sheet of Index to Cities and Towns, Polpulations, and Mileage by Automobile from Columbus Circle (B'way & 59th St.) New York City folded within cover. Cover lists contents as Automobile Roads, Railways and stations, Towns and polulations, Mileage from N.Y.C. Price on cover listed as 50 cents. Verso cover lists Hagstrom's Maps and Atlases of Greater New York and the New York Metropolitan area, with prices. Map on sheet 80 x 26 cm and index on sheet 82 x 27cm.

Happy motoring in New Jersey, various scales, 1946 (Item 10)

Two sided map in colour. Cover has image of oyster fleet on Delware Bay. Recto shows pictorial map at [ca. 1:536,448] with Information for Sightseers and index of New Jersey Counties, Cities and Towns. Verso also has maps of Camden and Philadelphia at [ca. 1:160,934], Trenton at [ca. 61,898], Newark at [ca. 80,467] and Metropolitan New Jersey at [ca.1:201,168], the latter with New Jersey and Vicinity mileages table alongside. Advert for Esso Dealer Service for Happy Motoring also on recto. Verso shows highways, roads, route numbers, approximate mileage and approximate populations at [ca. 1:321,869]. Shows index of state parks and forests in the top left corner of map. Inset of Atlantic City at [ca. 1:73,152] in lower right corner. Advert for Esso prepaid inquiry post card above inset. Maps on sheets 83 x 39cm.

Port of Spain, [ca. 10,560], 1949 (Item 11)

Map in colour showing government and public buildings, bus and trolleybus routes, public parks, post offices, one way streets, government railways, tramways, mangrove swamps, letter boxes and gasoline filling stations. Annotated in red and blue. Cover shows image of The Red House and a coat of arms in quarters showing a figure, a ship, trees and a whale, with the inscription 'Vires. Acquirit. Eundo'. Cover lists price as 36 cents. On sheet 49 x 56cm.

Map of Trinidad showing motor roads and other means of communication, 1:250,000 (Item 12)

Coloured map showing major roads, beach roads, projected roads, important private roads, government railway, Gulf Launch Route and U.S. leased areas. Cover lists prices as 40 cents. On sheet 40 x 50cm.

Metropolitan Los Angeles, Map Number 1235, 1:130,910 (Item 13)

Two copies held. Index on recto and coloured road map with circular inset of Downtown Los Angeles, enlarged, on verso. Route annotated in blue, with cross marked at Beverly Hills on Copy 1. Auto Club So. Cal. in approximately the middle of the map annotated in blue on Copy 2. Each on sheet 59 x 44cm.

New England with special maps of cities, various scales, 1962 (Item 15)

Recto shows coloured road map of Southern New England at 1:427,000, and index. Annotated with route in orange, with Boston circled. Insets of Boston at 1:343,000, New York City approaches at 1:390,000, New Haven, Conn. at 1:71,600, Hartford, Conn. at 1:70,000, Springfield, Mass. and vicinity at 1:115,000, Worcester, Mass. and vicinity at 1:157,000, Providence, R.I. at 1:78,000. Recto also has advert for Free Travel Service Routes Marked By Experts, an Index to Historic and Other Places of Interest, a note about the image on the cover, as well as notes on turnpikes, safety and proposed highways. Verso shows Northern New England at 1:691,000. Annotated with route in navy blue, with Peterborough circled. Insets of Northern Maine at 1:800,000 and Portland, ME. Main Turnpike Connections at 1:132,000, and table of Principal Public Recreation Areas. Verso also has an Index to Historic and Other Places of Interest, and notes on principal toll roads and proposed highways. Front cover shows image of Old Man of the Mountains, Franconia Notch, N.H. Back cover annotated with "Ripley: 1 1/2 m [?] - KILRAVOCK INN - R [illegible] road 4/com. Stone embankment - R.G [?] "Williams" [?] 4/10m. 2 red cottages - just beyond [illegible]. Uphill to red house." On sheet 60 x 84 cm.

New York with sightseeing guide, various scales, 1962 (Item 16)

Recto shows coloured road map of Westchester and Rockland Counties with Adjoining Areas at 1:129,300, and list of Golf Courses and Boat & Yacht Clubs in top left corner. Insets of Downtown Albany at 1:21,000, Downtown Buffalo at 1:29,000, Buffalo-Niagra Falls at 1:184,000, Albany-Schenectady-Troy at 1:190,000, Downtown Rochester at 1:25,800, Rochester at 1:141,000, Syracuse at 1:127,000. Below maps is an index of Counties, Cities and Towns, and Principal Public Recreation Areas of New York and a note on front cover image. Verso shows coloured road map of New York with routes annotated in orange and navy blue. Navy blue and red pen route notes exit numbers. Notes on safety, future highways and New York Thruway and advert for Free Travel Service Routes Marked By Experts. Front cover depicts U.S. Military Academy (West Point), near Highland Falls. Back cover annotated with "West Drive: Enter at 57th St. to Washington Bridge - 9W." On sheet 84 x 60cm.

North Carolina and South Carolina with pictorial guide [ca. 1:950,400], 1947 (Item 17)

Recto shows Pictorial Guide to Happy Motoring in North Carolina and South Carolina at [ca. 1:63,360]. List of illustrated features, and inset of Historic Landmarks of Charleston at [ca. 1:30,949]. Above is a list of public recreation areas, pictorial map of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Environs at [ca. 1:402,336] and accompanying text. Recto also has insert of Principal Highways of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida at [ca. 1:2,682,240], text on Fishing and Hunting in the Carolinas, notes on safety, adverts for Esso prepaid enquiry postcard and Esso Road News, and Your Touring Headquarters advert on Esso Dealers. Verso shows North Carolina, South Carolina road map with table of approximate mileages, Index of Counties, Cities & Towns and an advert for Esso Reporter. Route annotated in red. Cover depicts scene Looking southwest from Caesars Heady, lofty South Carolina overlook. On sheet 86 x 62cm.

Official road map California Nevada, [ca. 1:1,584,000], 1946 (Item 18)

Recto shows road map in colour, with National and State Parks and Forests marked in green, National Monuments marked in yellow, and Indian Reservations marked in red/orange. Accompanying text on National and State Parks. Recto also shows adverts for Auto-Lite batteries and spark plugs. Verso lists hotels, inns, resorts, bridges, ferries, principal attractions, an index to cities and villages, San Francisco and Vicinity map at [ca. 1:240,768] and index, Los Angeles and Vicinity map at [ca. 1:348,480] and index. Verso also has advert for Electric Auto-Lite Service. On sheet 95 x 60cm.

Official road map North Central States, [ca. 2,217,600], 1946 (Item 19)

Recto shows road map in colour, with route annotated in blue. Recto also shows adverts for Auto-Lite batteries and spark plugs. Verso lists hotels, inns, resorts, bridges and ferries and suggested routes. Verso also shows Map of Central Canada at [ca. 1:4,118,400] with Nestor Falls District inset, advert for Electric Auto-Lite Service and advert for American Express Travelers Cheques. Cover annotated with '5' in pink. On sheet 60 x 96cm.

Official road map Southeastern States, [ca. 1:2,090,880] (Item 20)

Recto shows road map in colour with routes annotated in purple and green. Inset with extension from Daytona Beach to Miami at [ca. 1:2,090,880] and inset of West Indies at [ca. 1:12,672,000]. Cover marked with '2' in purple. Recto also shows adverts for Electric Auto-Lite Service and Auto-Lite spark plugs. Verso lists hotels, inns, resorts, bridges, ferries, recommended attractions, Index to Cities and Villages, adverts for American Express Travelers Cheques and Auto-Lite batteries. On sheet 60 x 95cm.

Official road map United States, [ca.1:4,752,000], 1946 (Item 21)

Recto shows United States Mileage Chart in map form, list of U.S. numbered routes, text on National Parks, National Historical Parks, National Military Parks, National Monuments, National Battlefield Sites, Custom and Immigration Regulations and adverts for American Express Travelers Cheques, Auto-Lite Batteries, Electric Auto-Lite Service - annotated in pencil with '6:30 Thurs 13th' - and Auto-Lite spark plugs. Verso shows road map in colours, with several annotations in the form of red circles. Inset of Cuba at [ca. 1:14,256,000]. On sheet 67 x 102cm [orientation referring to main map on verso].

Official road map Western States, [ca. 1:3,041,280], 1946 (Item 22)

Two copies held. Recto shows road map in colour, including South-West Canada. Copy 1 has route annotated in blue and Copy 2 has route annotated in purple. Also shows note about preventing forest fires. Cover marked with '4' in pink on Copy 1 and in purple on Copy 2. Recto also shows adverts for Auto-Lite batteries and Auto-Lite spark plugs. Verso lists hotels, inns, resorts, and Index to Cities and Villages. Verso also shows advert for Electric Auto-Lite Service. Each on sheet 96 x 60cm.

Pennsylvania with pictorial guide, [ca. 1:804,672], 1946 (Item 23)

Recto shows Pictorial Guide to Happy Motoring in Pennsylvania, with Information for Sightseers, Approximate Mileages table, and list of Public Recreation Areas. Insets of Philadelphia and Vicinity at [ca. 1:134,112] and Pittsburg and Vicinity at [ca. 1:123,796]. Recto also shows smaller insets of Erie, Johnstown, Altoona, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading, Allentown, Bethlehem, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton at unstated scales, and adverts for Esso Dealer Services and Esso Reporter. Verso shows Happy Motoring in Pennsylvania road map with route annotated in red. Verso also shows Index of Counties, Cities & Towns and advert for Esso Dealer prepaid inquiry post card. On sheet 83 x 58cm.

Principal automobile routes in and out of Los Angeles, [Map Number] 1545[?], [ca. 1:51,914] (Item 24)

Recto has covers,and verso shows black and white map with Civic Centre and several other locations encircled, and route annotated in blue. On sheet 44 x 59cm.

San Fernando Valley Section of Los Angeles, Map Number 1884, [ca. 41,265] (Item 25)

Recto shows list of abbreviations and street index. Verso shows map in black and red with highways, unimproved rights of ways and private streets, Municipal Boundaries, Elementary Schools, places of interest and block numbers marked. Includes Burbank, Glendale and San Fernando cities, and the communities of Calabasas, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Eagle Rock, Encino, Flintridge, La Canada, La Crescenta, Montrose, N. Hollywood, Northridge, Reseda, Sepulveda, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Sunland, Tarzana, Tujunga, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills. On sheet 60 x 110cm.

Street map of Los Angeles and environs with highway map of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, various scales, 1944 (Item 26)

Recto shows map of Los Angeles in black and red at [ca. 1:40,234], showing Los Angeles Railway Lines, Pacific Electric RY. Lines, City Boundary Lines, Los Angeles Postal Zones, Glendale Postal Zones and Postal Delivery Stations. This map is annotated with a circle in blue pen on Grand Avenue, and a cross in blue pen on a Pacific Electric RY. Line in Hollywood. Recto also shows enlarged map of Central Los Angeles, and map of California State Highway System at [ca. 1:5,364,480] with insets of San Francisco and Vicinity and Los Angeles and Vicinity. Verso shows Map of Santa Monica with no scale showing Pacific Electric RY. Lines, City Boundary Lines, Los Angeles Postal Zones and Postal Delivery Stations, and index to streets Santa Monica, and Renie Map System Atlas Key Map Showing Portions of Los Angeles & Orange Counties at [ca. 1:210,168] with list of incorporated and unincorporated places, and notes on history alongside, extracted from Renie Pocket Atlas of Los Angeles City & County. Front and back cover shows printed prices as 75 cents, crossed out in pencil and '50c' added. Street index within covers. On sheet 65 x 82cm.

Southern Section of Los Angeles, Map Number 1930, [ca. 1:41,265] (Item 27)

Recto shows abbreviations and street index and miscellaneous index. Verso shows map of Southern Section of Los Angeles including the cities of Compton, Gardena, Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes Estates, Seal Beach, Signal Hill, Torrance and the communities of Artesia, Bellflower, Clearwater, Hynes, Lawdale, Lomita, Los Alamitos, Norwalk, San Pedro, Walteria and Wilmington. On sheet 60 x 88cm.

Tennessee with pictorial guide, various scales, 1946 (Item 28)

Recto shows map of areas surrounding Tennessee at [ca. 1:2,534,400], adverts for Esso Dealer Service and Pictorial Guide to Happy Motoring in Tennessee at [ca.1:1,609,344] with Information for Sightseers, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Environs at [ca. 1:536,448] and accompanying text, and maps of Memphis at [ca.1:160,934] and Nashville at [ca. 1:114,953]. Verso shows Happy Motoring in Tennessee and adjoining territory at [ca. 1:63,360] with index to Counties, Cities & Towns, adverts for Esso Road News, Esso Reporter, Esso Dealer Prepaid Enquiry Post Card and table of approximate mileages. Cover depicts Norris Lake recreational area. On sheet 41 x 77cm.

Virginia West Virginia Delaware Maryland with pictorial guide, various scales, 1947 (Item 29)

Recto shows Pictorial Guide to Virgina, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland at [ca. 1:1,341,120] with Information for Sightseers, Suggestions for Anglers and Hunters, adverts for Esso Road News and Esso Dealer Prepaid Inquiry Postcard. Recto also lists Public Recreation Areas and shows map of Williamsburg at [ca.1:13,411] with text about Williamsburg and map of Shenandoah National Park and Environs at [ca. 1:536,448]. Recto also has map of Baltimore, M.D. at [ca. 1:146,304], Richmond, V.A. at [ca. 1:84,702], Wilmington, Del. at [ca. 1:73,152], Norfolk and Vicinity at [ca. 1:321,869] and advert for Esso Dealer. Verso shows Happy Motoring in Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland at [ca. 1:950,400] with route annotated in red. Also shows index, maximum speed limits, Jamestown-Scotland Ferry timetable and fares, table of approximate mileages and advert for Esso Reporter. Cover depicts Monticello, Charlottesville. On sheet 62 x 85cm [note orientation is for main map on verso].

Visitor's Guide to Washington, various scales, 1946 (Item 30)

Recto shows maps of Washington, Annapolis, Alexandria and surrounds at unknown scales, and lists of principal attractions in Washington, Alexandria and Mount Vernon. Recto also shows adverts for Electric Auto-Lite Service, Auto-Lite Spark Plugs, a local route and local establishments. Verso shows Visitors Map of Washington D.C. in colour at [ca. 1:19,159] and lists points of interest, embassies and legations, hotels, restaurants, and has two adverts for local establishments. On sheet 45 x 60cm.

Wyoming Highway map, [ca. 1:1,140,480], 1947 (Item 31)

Recto has map in colour, showing roads, highways, points of interest, railways, mileages, springs, rivers and streams, historic trails, populations of cities and towns, airports and similar, and National Parks and Monuments, National Forests, Military Reservations, Indian Reservations, and Game Refuges. Recto also has index and text on traffic regulations. Verso shows milage chart, map of Western United States at [ca. 1:10,581,120], and various photographs. Cover shows photograph of a woman on a horse, mountains in background. On sheet 51 x 72cm.

Yosemite National Park, various scales, 1946 (Item 32)

Recto has text information on the Park and black and white photographs. Verso shows map of Yosemite National Park at [ca. 1:178,816], Routes to Yosemite National Park at [ca. 1:1,149,531], Yosemite Valley at [ca. 1:67,056] a notice on preventing fires, and black and white photographs. On sheet 46 x 59cm.

Series 2. Maps of Australia and Asia, 1944-1962

British North Borneo, 1953 (Item 33)

Map in colour showing West Coast Residency, Labuan & Interior Residencty, Dutch Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei and inset with continuation inset at 1:15,000,000 featuring Colony of North Borneo. Map on fabric backing and folded into blue covered book. 'British North Borneo' hand written on label on cover. Map on sheet 102 x 76cm.

China-South-East Coast Eastern approaches to Hong Kong, [Sheet number] 937, 1:50,000, 1960-1962 (Item 34)

Hydrographic chart with annotations in red. Includes tidal information. Caution: "Gun practice takes place periodically by day or night in the approaches to Hong Kong." Ammunition dumping ground is marked. Last update 1962. On sheet 101 x 69cm.

China-South-East Coast. Hong Kong and approaches, [Sheet number] 938, 1:50,000, 1962-1963 (Item 35)

Hydrographic chart with annotations in red. Includes tidal information. Last update 1963. On sheet 101 x 69cm.

Hong Kong and the new territories. Shelter Island, Sheet 20, 1:20,000, 1952 (Item 36)

Topographic map of Hong Kong and the New Territories, China. Geographical Section General Staff 3868. Relief shown by contours, roads and paths, woods, scrub, irrigated land, cliffs, isolated boulders, isolated houses, rocks, trig. stations and fathom lines. Location of Heron's nest annotated in blue pen. Fourth Edition. On sheet 64 x 87cm.

Subgrp 37-38. Manuscript maps of Sikkim

[Map of Asia showing the location of Sikkim], 1955 (Item 37)

Three copies held. Sketch map in black and white with Nepal, Bhutan and Goa[?] marked in red. One copy on paper (on sheet 41 x 50cm), one copy on card (on sheet 40 x 50cm) and one copy on tracing paper (on sheet 40 x 50cm - one edge folded). Tracing paper copy has Karachi, Bombay, Colombo, Ceylon and Rangoon named. Other copies name additional locations.

[Sketch map of Sikkim giving the place names of the villages, etc. visited by Loke Wan Tho and Dr. Salim Ali], 1955 (Item 38)

Three copies held. Copy on tracing paper sketched in black, with Zemu Glacier sketched in pencil. Two other copies on paper, at differing unstated scales. On sheets 50 x 41cm.

Motor map of Ceylon, 1/506,880, 1950 (Item 39)

Road map showing various road types, cart tracks, motor ferries, railways, petrol depots, rest houses, hotels, police stations, hospitals, resident dispensaries, telegraph and/or telephone offices, A.A.C. telephone boxes, province boundaries, light houses and aerodromes. Also shows traffic signs and altitude. Insets of Jaffna, Nawara Eliya, Galle, Colombo, Kandy, Kurunegala, and Anuradhapura, all at 1:63,360. Sixth edition. Front cover shows pictorial map and coat of arms of Survey Department Ceylon and lists price as RS. 3. and back cover has circular table of distances between principal towns and junctions. On sheet 90 x 59cm.

Plan de Saigon-Cholon, [ca. 1:20,000] (Item 40)

Colour street map of Saigon and Cholon with tourist directory and photographs in film-strip formation along the short edges. Verso shows map of Saigon-Cholon environs. Adverts on recto and verso, and on recto and verso of front cover and verso of back cover. On sheet 45 x 71cm.

Sikkim Himalaya. Herausgegeben von der Schweiz. Stiftung fur Alpine Forshungen, 1:150,000 (Item 41)

Swiss edition of contour map of Sikkim, Himalaya with gridlines on fabric backing. On sheet 90 x 72cm.

Lae–Australian Aeronautical map, B8, 1:1,000,000, 1944 (Item 42)

Aeronautical map in colour with annotations in black. Note printed on map that it is to be used in daylight or under red light. On sheet 54 x 74cm. Folded into book with green covers and title in gold on front cover.

TAA Map of the Commonwealth of Australia showing air routes, railways, towns, primary industries and routes by explorers, [ca. 1: 3,333,333], 1957 (Item 43)

Map in colour with a table of air route distances and a table on Australian climate, area and population, and TAA routes and ports and fleet. Eighth edition. Inset of TAA Papua/New Guinea Air Routes at [ca. 1:10,000,000] and inset of routes to/from Darwin from Singapore, Manila, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Djakarta, and to Perth from Singapore at [ca. 1:8,333,333]. 'This map is obtainable from Newsagents & Bookstalls or direct from TAA Offices' and 3/6 price printed on map. Back cover lists TAA offices and contact details. On sheet 75 x 100cm.

Series 3. European maps, 1949-1962

Allemagne et Pays Limitrophes Carte Automobile, KF 117, 1:1,000,000 (Item 44)

Road map in colour showing in whole or part Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Italy, Yugoslavia and England, with inset of Denmark. Covers show area of this sheet and other sheets on a map of Europe. Front cover in Franch, with 8/6 annotated in pen. Back cover in German and English. On sheet 91 x 127cm.

Alpenländer. Alpine countries, KF 32, 1:1,000,000 (Item 45)

Coloured road map showing super highway under construction, international throughway, trunk road, main road, important secondary road, road numbering, distances in kilometres, railway, mountain railway, pass-road with steep ascent, mountain pass closed in winter time, pass-road in bad condition, State frontier, custom house, interesting locality, airfield/airport, cathedral/church, convent/pilgrimmage church, monument, museum, palace, castle, ruin, tower/town wall, lighthouse, ancient monument, cave/grotto, isolated hotel, altitude in metres above sea level, beach, spa camping site, scenic road, car ferry and motel. Front cover shows sheet coverage on map of part of Europe. Inside front and back covers shows various sheets and their coverage. Front cover annotated with "L.W.T" in blue pen. Price listed as 8/6 net. On sheet 74 x 113cm

BP Energol Carte Routière Schweiz Suisse Switzerland, 1:600,000 (Item 46)

Recto has road map in colour showing all of Switzerland and parts of France, Germany, Austria and Italy. Features highways, important roads, secondary roads, distance in kilometres, road numbering and frontiers. Verso shows table of distances in centre, surrounded by insets of Bern, Chur, Basel, Aarau, St. Gallen, Shaffhausen, Frauenfeld, Lucern, Zürich, Lugano, Locarno, Lusanne, Genève, Fribourg, Neuchâtel and Solothurn, as well as map of Cantons and map of languages. Verso also shows road signs. On sheet 44 x 74cm.

Carte Michelin Europe Nord grandes routes, [Sheet number] 987, 1:1,000,000, 1956 (Item 47)

Recto shows road map in colour marked with road importance, road width, straightness, steepness and distance in kilometres. Above map title annotated with "ATLANTA Koolsingel" in blue pen. Inside cover lists Pneu Michelin maps published in 1956. Back cover in German. On sheet 98 x 109cm.

Carte Michelin: les grandes routes. Main roads, [Sheet number] 989, 1:1,000,000, 1962 (Item 48)

Recto show road map in colour marked with road importance, road width, straightness, steepness, distance in kilometres and snowbound roads. Inset shows Corsica. Area above map title annotated with "L.W.T." in green pen. Legend in mulitple languages on inside cover and Pneu Michelin maps of France, Europe and Africa listed in strip alongside lower left side of map. On sheet 97 x 109cm.

Carta stradale d'Italia, 1:800,000, 1952 (Item 49)

Recto shows road map in colour with insets of Sardinia, Corsica, Calabria and Sicily. Verso shows map of northern Italy and surrounding countries with national borders marked in green. Front cover has 4/6 annotated in blue pen. Back cover has automobile specific adverts. On sheet 64 x 93cm.

France, Belgium, Switzerland and adjoining territories, [ca. 1:1,609,344] (Item 50)

Recto shows road map in black, white and brown, marked with through routes, main roads, special motor roads, roads snowbound during winter, col or mountain pass, railway tunnel connections, road numbers, distances and frontiers. Route annotated in blue pen. Verso shows continuation of roadmap through France, Switzerland and Italy with some locations circled in pencil. On sheet 38 x 75cm.

Map of Western Europe showing through routes, main roads, and special motor roads with road numbers and distances, 1:1,860,000, 1962 (Item 51)

Road map in red, black and white. Recto shows Holland, Belgium, Germany, parts of France, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark and Sweden, with inset for Norway, Sweden and Denmark at 1:3,801,600. Verso shows France, Switzerland, Italy and Sardinia, and parts of Austria and Yogoslavia with insets of Spain and Portugal at 1:3,801,600 and Sicily at 1:1,860,000 and Area of Western Europe show in the AA Foreign Touring Guide at 1:1,860,000. On cover above map title is 'L.W.T.', annotated in green pen. On sheet 58 x 90cm.

Norge Norway Veikart - Road Map, 1:1,000,000, 1957 (Item 52)

Recto shows road map in colour showing large towns, small towns and villages, churches, aerodromes, railway stations, major roads, minor public roads, other roads, distances and heights. Insets of Trondheim at [ca. 1:27,027], Stavanger at [ca. 1:1,33,333], Bergen at [ca. 1:45,455], Oslo at [ca. 1:09,909] and Kristiansand at [ca. 1:22,727]. Namsskogan circled in blue pen and annotated with 'Night. 3/7.' Verso shows continuation, with Innhavel circled in blue pen and annotated with 'sleep the night 2/7.' Narvik and nearby areas, Olderaalen, Nordreisa circled, Burfjord circled with 'Dinner' annotated, areas near Burfjord circled, Banak and Kirstrand also circled. Verso also shows table of distances in Norwegian miles and has Shell logo in star showing cardinal directions in the form of north and south. Front cover has Shell logo and graphic design in red, blue, black, white and mustard. On sheet 96 x 52cm.

Plan Blondel Paris & Banlieue, 1:18,000 (Item 53)

Recto shows gridded map in pastel colours indicating Paris arrondissements and Banlieue communes with Metropolitan lines marked in navy and Paris city limits and significant structures marked in orange. Verso shows Plan de Paris A Vol D'Oiseau in black and white. On sheet 68 x 98cm.

Ticino Sudschweiz, 1949 (Item 54)

Recto shows map in colour with mountains and their altitudes marked, as well as various unlabelled routes. Verso entitled 'Das Tessin die Sonnenstube der Schweiz!' and 'Lugano des Malcantone, die Collina d'Oro und das Cassarate-Tal', each title followed by text in German, black and white photographs and colour illustrations. Front cover shows colour illustration of church tower and village with mountain in the background. On sheet 65 x 43cm.

Offizieller Stadtplan Zürich mit Strassenverzeichnis und Führer. Bearbeitet und Herausgegeben vom Vermessungsamt der Stadt Zürich und der Art Institut Orell Füssli AG., 1:20,000, 1952 (Item 55)

Blue booklet containing indexes, adverts text and a colour fold out map of Zürich at 1:20,000 with inset of downtown on back cover. Map on sheet 66 x 71cm.

Series 4. Pamphlets, 1953-1962

Basel. Basel on the Rine/ Switzerland (Item 56)

Folded pamphlet. Recto top has front and back cover illustration panels, and panel with text and graphics on points of interest in Basel. Lower recto has colour pictorial [?] map over two panels, and third panel has text on mapped attractions. Verso entitled 'No traveller should fail to visit Basel. The busy modern town attractively situated at the junction of three countries: Switzerland - Germany - France', and shows black and white photographs, with text. On sheet

Basel. Hotels und Restaurants, 1953-1954 (Item 57)

Fold-out pamphlet in black, white and orange. Front cover has image of bird sculpture and back cover shows map of hotels and restaurants listed inside. Inside has table of hotels and restaurants, with telephone numbers, proprietor names, number of beds, types of rooms and their prices, prices for meals. On sheet 21 x 21 cm.

3 Boat Schedule. Connecting New England and Long Island, N.Y., 1962 (Item 58)

Front cover has details on service and image of boat in blue and white. Back cover has place to affix stamp and write address, 'From Orient Point-New London Ferry. Orient Point, Long Island, New York.' Inside has time has seasonal and year-round timetable and rates, and tear off timetable for May 25 to June 28. Verso shows map [ca. 1: 804,672] in blue and white and red, noting docks and exits, with accompanying table of distances. On sheet 32 x 19 cm.

The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company. Connecticut. Long Island, 1962 (Item 59)

Two copies of ferry schedule printed on yellow paper. Front cover shows image of ferry sailing and seagull on the pier and has detail on service. Back cover has place to affix stamp and write address, 'From The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company. Port Jefferson, Long Island, N.Y.' Inside has schedule, tours and excursions and rates. Verso shows map with exits and ferry routes marked, with illustrated adverts for tours to connecticut and Long Island below. On sheet 33 x 18 cm.

Fahrbewilligung. Automobilkarte der Schweiz, 1950 (Item 60)

Booklet with green cover containing adverts, tables of distance and maps of Switzerland with index. Stamp on front cover reads 'Bler & Spelserestaurant. HELM. Robert Eiche. Basel, Elsengasse 16.' Dimensions: 20 x 11 cm. 56 pages numbered, excluding maps and first and last leaves.

Great Onyx Cave. Kentucky. Hanging Gardens. (Item 61)

Pamphlet in green and white consisting of 12 panels. Recto panels show front and back cover, map, various photographs with captions and text article on the Great Onyx Cave. Verso shows various photographs. On sheet 42 x 53 cm.

What to see in New England, 1961 (Item 62)

Esso pamphlet. Front cover shows colour photograph of Vermont farm country attributed to Sawders from Cushing. Inside lists places of interest in Connecticut, Maine - with a colour photograph of Boothbay Harbour - and Massachusetts - featuring Old Sturbridge Village. Verso lists places of interest in New Hampshire - featuring White Mountains, Rhode Island and Vermont. On sheet 22 x 27 cm.

What to see in New York State, 1961 (Item 63)

Esso pamphlet. Front cover shows colour photograph of Lake George from the N.Y. Dept. Commerce. Inside lists places of interest, featuring Thousand Islands. Verso continues places of interest, featuring West Point. On sheet 21 x 27 cm.

Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority Summer Schedule, 1962 (Item 64)

Timetable in green and white on card. Front cover shows photograph of a ship. Inside shows summer schedule, including connecting buses, effective June 15, 1962 thru September 9, 1962. Annotated in pen with 'Edward Chalif - WestTisbury - Martha's Vineyard Mass. Phone - Mission 5-2543.' Also annotated in pen with 'Chilmark'. Woods Hole and Vineyard Haven marked in pen. Back cover shows rates and fares. On sheet 11 x 14 cm.

Series 5. Bookplates

[Loke Wan Tho bookplates] (Item 65)

22 bookplates showing 'Ex-Libris' at top edge and 'Loke Wan Tho' at bottom edge, with crest at centre. Crest depicts bird of prey with wings outstretched, a fish in its claws. Above the bird is a Chinese pot (Loke Wan Tho was a premiere art collector, including of pre-Han pottery. What appears to be a film strip forms the edges of the crest, with a red patterned background within. Around the borders are various objects, including musical instruments. Each on sheet 10 x 7cm.