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Created: 2018

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Notebook of Charles A. Brown, 1841 - 1842 (File 1)

Written in a 1838 diary and partly in code, the notebook mainly comprises notes made on the voyage of the Oriental to New Zealand (June-Oct. 1841), with daily longitudes and latitudes and copies of letters.

C. A. Brown (Plymouth) to Carlino Brown, 13 April 1841 (File 2)

Details: preparations for departure; selection of properties in New Zealand; sale of cottage.

Portrait by Joseph Severn of Carlino Brown as a boy (File 3)

Certificate, signed by Governor T. Gore Brown, appointing C. Brown as Colonial Treasurer of New Zealand, 20 May 1856 (File 4)

Certificate, signed by Sir George Grey, appointing C. Brown as a major in the Taranaki Militia, 17 November 1864 (File 5)

J. Trelawny (Monmouth) to C. Brown, 3 January 1852 (File 6)

Discusses: Brown's dislike of New Zealand; farming activities; Brown's marriage; lack of incentive for labourers to go to New Zealand.

W.S. Landor (Bath) to C. Brown, 29 October 1853 (File 7)

Thanks for Taranaki Herald; congratulations on appointment as Superintendent of New Plymouth.

M. Snooke (Chichester) to C. Brown, 4 November 1853 (File 8)

Thanks for Taranaki Herald; appointment as Superintendent.

Letter from Major Charles Brown to [?]. Re books sent to England with daughter Lucy (File)

Freda Harley. Painting of 'The Pines', the home of C. Brown at New Plymouth. (File 11)

W.S. Landor (Florence) to C. Brown, 16 July 1863 (File 9)

Thanks for New Plymouth Journal; shameful treatment of Maoris; American Civil War.

Letters of Mona Osborne (Auckland), daughter of C. Brown, to D. Kilgour and Joanna Richardson, 1948 - 1954 (File 10)

Includes: information and anecdotes about C.A. Brown; annotated books; portraits; Coronation celebrations in New Zealand; notebook of C.A. Brown; Richardson's book on Fanny Brawne. (10 letters)

Beverley A. Mitchell. Charles Armitage Brown family tree (New Plymouth, 1983) (File 12)

Contains entries for C.A. Brown, C. Brown and Mona Osborn nee Brown.