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Created: 2018

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Letterbook of Captain William Keeling, 1615 - 1620 (File 1)

William Keeling (1578-1620) was general and commader of all the English in the East Indies in the East India Company's third voyage, 1615-1617. The letters concern the establishment of an English factory in the domain of the Samorin of Calicut, pepper-trade at Achin, Priaman and Tiku (Sumatra), Anglo-Dutch rivalry at Bantam and Jacatra (Java), an expected attack by the Spanish Armada from Manila, and the fleet's homeward voyage via the Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena. The correspondents include T. Kerridge (the English Factor at Surat), John Jourdain, Messrs. Nelson and Coppindale (of the English Factory at Hirado, Japan), the Earl of Southhampton, Sir Thomas Smith (Governor of the East India Company) and Keeling's second wife, Anne Bromfield. Many of the letters were written on board the Dragon, the principal flagship of the East India Company's Fleet...

Note on English translation of the work of Gabriel Rebello by R.S. Whiteaway (File)

Includes handwritten notes by C.R. Boxer.

Book review, by C.R. Boxer, of S.J. Jacobs' work A Treatise on the Moluccas (c.1544) (pp.828-830) (File)

From Gregorianum, Vol. 52 (1971) Fasc. 4: Recensiones.

Contemporary manuscript copy of Gabriel Rebello. Informacao das cousas de Maluco, 1569 (File 2)

The Work consists of three parts: a description of the Spice Islands and their natural history, a history of the Portuguese discovery of the Spice Islands and of the disputes of the Portuguese and the Spaniards for their possession, and an account of the captaincy of Bernaldim de Sousa. Rebello was in the Moluccas in 1543, 1551 and 1566; he was later Secretary of the Mesa da Consciencia in Lisbon.

Allen Catchpole. Cash book kept at Chusan, China, 26 November 1700 - 10 February 1703 (File 3)

Catchpole was an officer of the East India Company. The book includes entries for goods purchased at Batavia.

Vegt. Vander Kaaeij. Journal of the Flora, 13 October 1731 - 20 June 1732 (File 4)

Journal of a Dutch East Indiaman on a voyage from Batavia to Holland.

Beknopt vertag van 't wek 't welk dagelijks gedaan moet verden ten Comptoire van den Heere Directeur Genraal van Nederlants Inden, 1733 - 1741 (File 5)

Manuscript on the organization of trade and commerce in Java. The final page was written by Johan Paul Schagen, Director-General at Batavia, 1737-1741.

Sino-Spanish manuscript, 1590 (File 6)

Anonymous journal in Spanish giving descriptions of the Far East and South East Asia. It contains many illustrations of the peoples of the region and of mythical and naturalistic animals and birds...

Log of a Manila galleon on a return voyage from Manila to Acapulco, c.1634-1636 (File 7)

Log of a Manila galleon on a voyage from Manila to Acapulco, 1668 (File 8)

Letter of appointment of Anthony Van Diemen as Commander of the Fleet in the East Indies, 1632 (File 9)

The document is signed by all but one of the directors of the Dutch East India Company.

16 Van de Heeran 17, Middleburg (File)

Two page handwritten list.