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Created: 2018

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Diary of Edward Ashworth kept on the Tuscan on a voyage from London to Port Phillip, while staying in Melbourne, and on the voyage from Melbourne to Auckland, 18 May 1842 - 26 September 1842 (File 1)

The diary describes the departure from St Katherine's Dock, London, impressions of Porto Praya, St Jago (Cape Verde Islands), the daily routine on the ship, winds and storms, crossing the Equator, relations between the crew and passengers, sightings of other ships, the activities of the passengers, arguments among the crew, St Paul's Island, and the arrival at Port Phillip (26 September 1842). There follows a brief history of the colony, a description of Port Phillip Bay and Melbourne, walks around the town and into the bush, details of prices of provisions, Ashworth's return to the ship and the voyage from Melbourne to Auckland.

Notebook containing Ashworth's impressions of Auckland, details of economic and social conditions in New Zealand, relations with the Maoris, the activities of French and English missionaries, and other observations. (File 2)

The diary entries resume on 28 January 1844 when Ashworth sailed from Auckland. His arrival in Sydney on 15 February 1844 is followed by descriptions of Sydney, its churches, the botanic gardens, and Indigenous Australians, with details of food prices in the colony.

Notebook containing diary entries from 8 May 1844, when Ashworth left Sydney on the American ship Navigator, and descriptions of the Torres Strait, Timor, Java, Macao, Canton and Hong Kong. The final entry is for 10 July 1844. (File 3)

Loose sketches and a sketchbook containing about 150 drawings of the landscape, buildings, people, flora and fauna of New Zealand, Australia, Java and China, with maps of Gibraltar and Macao. (File 4)

Photograph of Ashworth's tombstone. (File 5)