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Created: 2018

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Series. Sketchbook No. 2. South Australia, 1840

Township of Wellington on the Murray, 25 October 1840 (File 2)

Pencil and wash. 11.1 x 38cm.

Entrance of the Murray into Lake Alexandrina (File 3)

Pencil and wash. 11.1 x 38cm.

River Murray. Pomondah Point (File 4)

Pencil and watercolour. 11.1 x 38cm

Murray (File 5)

Pencil. 1.1 x 19cm.

Local method of burial (File 6)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 19cm

German missionary's hut on the Murray, 1840 (File 7)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 19cm.

Coorong (File 8)

'Spot where the murderers of the crew of the Maria were captured.' Watercolour. 11.1 x 19cm.

On the Coorong (File 9)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 19cm.

Salt lake in the Coorong Desert (File 10)

Watercolour and pencil. 11.1 x 19cm.

Salt lagoon in the desert, October 1840 (File 11)

11.1 x 19cm.

Lake Coorong. Halting place (File 12)

Pencil and wash. 11.1 x 27.3cm

Salt creek, Coorong, near Bonney's Well (File 13)

Pencil and wash. 11.1 x 19cm

View of the horizon from hill on our ride to the eastward (File 14)

Pencil. 1.1 x 19cm

Entrance to salt creek (File 15)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 23.5cm

Crossing place at U. Light, S. Australia (File 16)

Pencil. 11.1 x 19 cm

Camp (File 17)

Ink and pencil. 11.1 x 19cm

Village on the Coorong deserted by the Milmenina community after the murder of the crew of the Maria, 'Burnt by me', October 1840 (File 18)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 19cm.

Look out station of the Milmenura Community, Coorong, Oct. 3 (File 19)

Watercolour. 11.2 x 19cm.

'Pilgaru'., September 1840 (File 20)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 19cm.Depicts two locals hung for murder.

Sea outlet of the Murray from 'Barker's Knoll' (File 21)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 38cm.

Sea outlet of the Murray from the beach below 'Barker's Knoll' (File 22)

'Where that fine fellow Barker was murdered by the natives. I discovered the remains of his skull by digging in this knoll and gave them to his old friend Capt. Sturt.' Watercolour. 11.1 x 38cm.

Barker's Knoll. Sea outlet of the Murray, 1840 (File 23)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 38.4cm.

Rosetta Head, Encounter Bay, 1841 (File 24)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 19cm.

Rapid Bay. S. Australia, 22 January 1840 (File 25)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 38cm.

Rapid Bay (File 26)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 36.5cm.

Rapid Bay. First steamer going in (File 27)

Pencil and wash. 11.1 x 38cm.

Rapid Bay (File 28)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 19cm.

Jupiter Creek (File 29)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 19cm.

Nepean Bay. Kangaroo Island. Kingscote, 1840 (File 30)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 38cm.

Kingscote, Kangaroo Island. The first settlement in South Australia – made by the S.A. Company. (File 31)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 27cm.

Barossa Range from about 1½ miles N. of Gawler (File 32)

Pencil and ink. 11.1 x 38cm.

The 'H Tree' Hutt, 1840 or 1841 (File 33)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 19cm.

Scrub Plain (File 34)

Pencil and wash. 11.1 x 38cm.

Flinders Hummock (File 34a)

Pencil and wash. 11.1 x 38cm.

Barossa Range. (2 sketches) (File 35)

Pen and ink. 11.1 x 19.2cm.

Poole's Camp, S. Australia (File 36)

Watercolour. 11.1 x 32cm.

Poole's Camp on the Para (File 37)

Pencil and wash. 23.5 x 11.1cm.

Group [of trees] near Poole's Camp (File 38)

Pencil and wash. 25 x 11.1cm.

Miscellaneous sketches (File)

Contains rough drafts and notes.

Series. Sketchbook No. 3, n.d.

From the top of the highest of the 'Black Rock' hills, S. Australia (File 1)

Pencil. 17.8 x 28.1cm.

[View from Black Rock Hills.] (File 2)

Pencil. 17.8 x 28.1cm.

Series. Sketchbook No. 4. South Australia and Mauritius, 1845 - 1851

Several of the drawings in this book are not identified, while others depict scenes in Mauritius and also the Isle of Wight. The following are Australian drawings.

1st camp on the 'Burra', South Australia, 1845 (File)

Watercolour. 16.1 x 48.2cm.

2nd camp near the Burra, 1845 (File)

Pencil and wash. 16.2 x 35.2cm

Sand bar at the mouth of the Onkaparinga, April 1848 (File)

Watercolour. 16.2 x 24.3cm.

Noarlunga Bridge, Onkaparinga, S. Australia (File)

Pencil and wash. 16.2 x 24.2cm.

Hahndorf Bridge, 1848 (File)

Pencil. 16.2 x 40.5cm.

Picnic party, Yorke's Peninsula, South Australia., 1848 (File)

The Governor Col. Robe, Capt. and Mrs Frome, Mrs Torrens, Miss Cooper, Mr Dashwood & c. lost the boat and could not get on board the Cutter – or obtain either Provisions or Water. Periwinkles were however abundant – and we took on shore a supply of eatables that kept us alive till relieved in a few days.

Coastline sketches (File)

Col. Robe trying to patch up the boat. S. Australia, 1848 (File)

Where the Governor's Party were left to starve! Yorke's Peninsula, S. Australia.

Series. Sketches Album No. 1 of Black Rock Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, Lower Murray and Coorong, Lake Torrens and Mid North, 1839 - 1849

Sketches medium includes watercolour, pencil and ink...

Series. Sketches Album No. 2 of the Fleurieu Peninsula, River Murray, Adelaide Hills and Barossa Ranges, 1840 - 1848

Sketch mediums include of watercolour, pencil and ink...