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Created: 2018

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Arnold (Exeter) to his parents (Windsor), [12 Dec.?] 1841 (File 1)

Railway journey from Slough to Exeter.

Arnold (Exeter) to his parents, 13 December 1841 (File 2)

Description of Clarence Hotel; Arnold treated like an English gentleman; meeting with Bishop G. A. Selwyn; Exeter Cathedral.

Arnold (Plymouth) to his family, [23 Dec.?] 1841 (File 3)

Arrival in port of ship Tomatin.

Arnold (Plymouth) to his parents, 26 December 1841 (File 4)

Imminent departure; farewell.

Arnold (Sydney) to his parents, 4 June 1842 (File 5)

Damage to Tomatin on entering Sydney Harbour; enforced stay at Mosman Bay for nearly a month; departure of Bishop Selwyn and W. Cotton for New Zealand; would not encourage anyone to emigrate to NSW; difficulty of finding employment; impressions of Sydney; convicts; town of Windsor; capture of bushrangers.

Arnold (St John's College, Waimate) to his parents, 14 January 1843 (File 6)

Memories of home; possibility of teaching either at school for sons of missionaries or a native school; Arnold's knowledge of Maori language; his assistance to Sarah Selwyn as an interpreter; travels of Bishop Selwyn in South Island; disputes with Maoris; arrival in Auckland of juvenile convicts from England; need for a native hospital; Maori pas; discussion with Bishop Selwyn about Arnold's future; St John's College.

Arnold (Waimate) to parents, [20 April] 1843 (File 7)

Plans to return to England; offer of work as a sawyer in Fiji; friends and relatives in England. (incomplete)

Arnold (Sydney) to his parents, 19 June 1843 (File 8)

Departure from New Zealand; Bishop Selwyn; Arnold's low wage; food prices in Sydney; plans to stay in Sydney until he can get a steward's berth; Sarah Broughton; voyage from New Zealand; purchase of clothes.

Arnold (Sydney) to his parents, 29 July 1843 (File 9)

Pecuniary difficulties; his grievances concerning Bishop Selwyn; conflict between Maoris and settlers; request of J. Busby for a warship to be sent to New Zealand; possibility of Arnold joining it as a purser's steward.

Arnold (Sydney) to his parents, 14 September 1843 (File 10)

Engaged as second steward and valet on the Rajah sailing from Port Phillip; expects to be valet to Sir John Franklin returning to England; conflict with Maoris in New Zealand.

Isabelle McCullum (Sydney) to Arnold, 12 November 1843 (File 11)

Bishop W.G. Broughton's good opinion of Arnold; family news.

Arnold (Geelong) to parents, 18 December 1843 (File)

Discusses the impending voyage home; Sir John and Lady Franklin; Arnold's duties on the Rajah.

Letter Fragments (File)

6 fragements. 4 are illegible but are legible. They mention time in New Zealand, and family and friends.