Guide to the Papers of Walter Jervoise Scott (as filmed by the AJCP)

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Created: 2018

Online Items

Letterbook of Walter Jervoise Scott (Indexed), 10 July 1866 - 1 July 1880 (File 1)

Copies of letters by Walter Jervoise Scott from Valley of Lagoons and Alton (Jan 1876-Feb 1877) concerning running the property...

Letterbook of Walter Jervoise Scott (Indexed), 19 July 1880 - 10 January 1887 (File 2)

Copies of William Jervoise Scott's letter from Valley of Lagoons, Pelican Lakes, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Christchurch, Wellington, Alton (1 August 1885 - 10 January 1887) concerning running the property. P17 photograph of an unidentified lady (13 August 1882). (Pressed letterbook, some faint, poor copies)

Letterbook of Walter Jervoise Scott (Indexed), 17 January 1887 - 25 December 1888 (File 3 (Part 1))

Correspondence of Walter Jervoise Scott (1887-1888) from Alton, Mount Clare and London relating to the management of the property. Filmed selectively...

Letterbook of Walter Jervoise Scott (indexed), 27 December 1888 - 21 October 1889 (File 3 (Part 2))

Second part of correspondence from Walter Jervoise Scott from Alton, Mount Clare and London re running the property. Correspondents include: Bank of NSW; Arthur Scott; F G Beazley. Last letter mentions leaving England...

Walter Jervoise Scott Photograph album. 79p, (undated) (File 4)

Photographs of unidentified Australian scenes and of family and friends...

Archibald E Scott Photograph album. 98p, 1884 - 1885 (File 5)

Includes photographs of Java; Brisbane; Sydney; Indigenous Australians; Waitakerei, New Zealand; Maoris; Rotomahana, Wellington, Tamworth, Goonoo Goonoo Station, Peel River, Lake Tarawera, New Zealand...

Archibald E Scott Photograph album, (undated) (File 6)

Photographs of Peel River Company Ltd, 1898; Goonoo Goonoo; Indigenous Australians in Queensland; Dalrymple Gap, Queensland; Herbert River, Queensland (6p)

Additional Material, 1862 - 1898 (File 7)

Each item is preceded by a transcript and a brief precis.

Correspondence and other papers, 1862 - 1868 (Item A1-14)

Correspondents include the Scott brothers, (Walter, Arthur, and Charles) James Winter Scott and R.G.W. Herbert regarding management of the properties, and Sir George Bowen (Governor) to A.J. Scott concerning the new settlement at Cape York. Ther are also financial estimates and other papers relating to the management of the property.

Financial statements and estimates, station accounts and correspondence, 1872 - 1896 (Item B1-16)

Correspondents include R.G.W. Herbert, R.H. Gamlen, Walter and Arthur J. Scott regarding management of the properties.

Correspondence, 1890 - 1898 (Item C1-29)

Correspondents include R.H. Gamlen, Archibald E. Scott, W. Kilgour of Dalgety, Brian Lynn of Queensland Trustees Ltd., Arthur J. Scott, Villiers Brown, R.J. Atkinson, William Wood, W.A. Lowe and R.H. Ramsden concerning management of the properties, death of Walter J. Scott and sale of property.

Description of Valley of Lagoons, Herbert Vale and the surrounding country from the incaption of the enterprise to 1898 (Item)

Financial reviews and summary including a survey of causes of the failure of the enterprise (Item)

Maps of Charters Towers district, the Townsville-Cardwell district, North Kennedy and Cardwell (Item)