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Series. Letters of Robert and Georgina Lowe, 1840 - 1849

Georgina Lowe [Oxford] to Anne Sherbrooke (Southwell, Nottinghamshire), c. 9 January 1840 (File 1)

Thanks for present; Robert's dislike of his present occupation; his enjoyment of law; Georgina looks forward to his becoming a great man; paintings; painters William Harriott and Samuel Prout.

Georgina Lowe to her aunt, n.d. (File 2)

Decision of Robert to emigrate to Sydney and practise as a barrister; believes he might make £1200 in the first year; the Bar very crowded in England.

Georgina Lowe ( Parramatta) to Anne Sherbrooke, n.d. (File 3)

Arrival in Sydney; legal acquaintances; kindness of Sir George and Lady Gipps; prospective home in Macquarie Street; wages and prices; Sydney Harbour; buildings in town reminiscent of Leamington or Cheltenham; a ride through the bush.

Cover of a letter to Agnes Lowe, Bingham, Nottinghamshire (File 4(a))

Georgina Lowe to Agnes Lowe, n.d. (File 4(b))

A visit to Mr Aspinall; Robert's problems with his eyesight; they hope to return to England in a few years with a competency.

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Anne Sherbrooke, 11 December 1842 (File 5)

Robert's success at the Sydney Bar; his eyes have improved since arrival in Sydney; his work for James Norton; his new chambers; not yet settled in house in Macquarie Street; many 'polished' people in Sydney; Lady Gipps. (crossed)

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Anne Sherbrooke, c. 28 May 1843 (File 6)

A ball at Government House; dismal apprehensions concerning the state of the colony; prices; depreciation of property; imprudent action of Denison brothers in purchasing extensive land in Hunter Valley.

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Anne Sherbrooke, 21 July 1843 (File 7)

A journey from Parramatta to Bathurst; crossing the Blue Mountains; the Macquarie Plains; 'in these wild places one spot is so much like another that I have little inducement to sketch'; breakdown of the carriage near Mt Lambie; John Palmer; Sir George and Lady Gipps. (crossed)

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Anne Sherbrooke, 8 November 1843 (File 8)

Appointment of Robert to the Legislative Council; Richard Windeyer 'a violent clever barrister'; Sir George Gipps's high opinion of Robert; need to protect his eyes from too much reading; economic depression in the colony.

Georgina Lowe to Agnes Lowe, 20 November 1843 (File 9)

Robert has resumed his profession; the state of his eyes; Georgina is 'Robert's clerk and reader'; forwards newspapers reporting Robert's speeches; jealousies arising from his appointment to the Legislative Council; drawings.

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Agnes Lowe, c. 22 December 1843 (File 10)

Drawings; English news; Robert's health; his speech on free trade.

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Anne Sherbrooke, c. 24 December 1843 (File 11)

Widespread praise of Robert's abilities; economic conditions; climate; meeting with Capt. Robert Fitzroy and Mrs Fitzroy; New Zealand 'a hopeless failure'; beauty of Sydney Harbour.

Georgina Lowe to Agnes Lowe, c. 28 January 1844 (File 12)

John Knatchbull murder case; wages of servants; visit to George Macleay at Brownlow Hill; Australian birds.

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Anne Sherbrooke, 28 February 1844 (File 13)

Improvement in Robert's health; Robert's role as defence counsel in the Knatchbull Case; despatch of drawings and seeds; import of Chinese silks and satins; economic conditions; 'no property is of any real value except in Sydney'; recent immigrants have found employment at moderate wages; country can never pay for immigrants.

Robert Lowe (Sydney) to Anne Sherbrooke, 15 August 1844 (File 14a)

Sympathy on her great loss [Robert's godmother]; no practice at the Bar on account of the universal ruin which has overtaken the colony; report on lands; intends to resign from Legislative Council.

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Anne Sherbrooke, c. 1 September 1844 (File 14(b))

Sympathy on her loss; planned trip to Port Macquarie; petition to British Government to recall Sir George Gipps.

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Rev. William Whitley (Winsford, Cheshire), 20 July 1845 (File 15)

Robert said to be the best public speaker in the legislature; whole weight of the Government is opposed to him; colonial society is unprincipled; investments; William Macleay.

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Anne Sherbrooke, c. 11 December 1845 (File 16)

Legacy of Mrs Coape; Robert retained by the owners of wharves in dispute with the Government; Robert urged to return to England; Bank of Australia case; newspaper attacks on Robert; unpopularity of Sir George Gipps; high price of wool; Jamieson children [children of Ellen Jamieson, murdered by John Knatchbull].

Georgina Lowe to Mrs Sherbrooke, 12 September 1846 (File 17)

New house; splendid views from drawing room; Robert's earnings; Jamieson children; popularity of Sir Charles FitzRoy; Georgina only visits a few families 'of the most intimate acquaintance'.

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Anne Sherbrooke, c. 3 October 1846 (File 18)

Enjoyment of her garden; Sir Charles and Lady Mary FitzRoy; seeds collected on Leichhardt's expedition; sure-footed horses of Sydney; wealth and propriety of former convict Margaret Catchpole; behaviour of many old convicts; immigrants are worthless and indolent, the lowest and worst of the Irish Catholic population.

Robert Lowe (Sydney) to Rev. R. Michell (Oxford), 30 November 1846 (File 19)

His progress at the Sydney Bar; seeks assistance on behalf of William C. Wentworth; his son, W.C. Wentworth, at Trinity College, Cambridge, has damaged his health through debts and dissipation.

Georgina Lowe (Sydney) to Rev. William Whitley, 4 May 1849 (File 20)

Investments; possibility of Robert entering politics in England; Georgina's poor health; improvement in Robert's eyesight.

Series. Miscellanea, 1819 - 15 September 1924

Code of laws instituted by the Lowes, 1819 (File 1(a))

Compiled by Robert Lowe at the age of seven. (ms, 4pp)

Notes of Oxford Union debates in which Robert Lowe took part (11pp), 1831 (File 1(b))

Verse beginning with words 'Two men of fame'. (1p) (File 1(c))

Martyn Threlfall. Bronte House: home of Viscount Sherbrooke. [Sydney Morning Herald], 15 September 1924 (File 1(d))

Exercise book containing obituaries and other newspaper cuttings concerning Robert Lowe, political affairs and subjects of general interest, c. 1887-1893 (File 2)

Joseph Chamberlain to Lady Sherbrooke, 28 July 1896 (File 3)

Reminiscences of Robert Lowe.