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Collections of the Royal Institution of Great Britain (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1837 - 1970
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248 items
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Australian Joint Copying Project
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Scope and Contents

Records selectively filmed by the Australian Joint Copying Project includes Albums 1840-1869 of Rev. John Barlow including letters of Sir John Franklin and King Kamehameha; Papers 1838-1870 of Michael Faraday; Correspondence 1851-1892 of John Tyndall; Papers 1882-1969 of Sir William Bragg; Papers 1883-1970 of Sir Lawrence Bragg; and Discourse 1960-1961 on 'The Southern Milky Way' by B.J. Bok.

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Archival History

Material selectively filmed at the Royal Institution of Great Britain (London) as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1985 (AJCP Reels: M2015-M2020). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

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Royal Institution of Great Britain, London, England.

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This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library in 2018. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

Dates used in this finding aid refer to the date range of the records selected for filming rather than to the date range of the Series or Files.

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Adelaide, South Australia; Airy, Sir George B.; Allen, Natalie; Austalia: visits to; Barlow, John, Rev.; Bok, B.J.; Bragg, Sir W. Lawrence; Bragg, Sir William H.; Chemists; Dargie, Sir William; Faraday, Michael; Florey, Sir Howard, 1st Baron; Franklin, Sir John; Hann, O.; Herschel, Sir John F.W.; Indigenous Australians: New South Wales; Kamehameha IV. King of Hawaii; Kidman, Jean; Lamb, Sir Horace; Lyle, T.R., Prof.; Maori; Marsden, Sir Ernest; Mitchell, Sir Thomas L.; New Zealand: visits to; Oliphant, Sir Mark; Physicists; Pollock, J.A.; Rattlesnake, HMS (ship); Royal Institution of Great Britain; Rutherford, Sir Ernest, 1st Baron; Soddy, Frederick, Prof.; South Australian Institute; Sutherland, W.; Sydney, New South Wales: visits to; Tidmarsh, J.; Tyndall, John; Universities; University of Adelaide; University of Cambridge


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 396, p.152.

Biographical / Historical

The Royal Institution of Great Britain was formed at a meeting at the home of Sir Joseph Banks on 7 March 1799. Its establishment was largely due to the efforts of Count Rumford, who had proposed 'forming by subscription, in the Metropolis of the British Empire, a Public Institution for diffusing the knowledge and facilitating the general introduction of useful mechanical inventions and improvements, and for teaching by courses of philosophical lectures and experiments the application of science to the common purposes of life.' A house was acquired in Albemarle Street and Rumford fitted it out with a lecture theatre, with laboratories in the basements. In 1810 the Institution was reorganized and henceforth it consisted of a body of Members paying annual subscriptions, headed by a Committee of Visitors and and Committee of Managers.

Under the leadership of Humphry Davy, who was engaged as a lecturer in chemistry in 1801, the Royal Institution soon established a tradition of scientific research carried out in its own laboratories, combined with exposition and experimental illustration of the latest researches in its lecture room. The nature of the research has largely corresponded with the interests of the Resident Professors: electrochemistry under M. Faraday; radiation and absorption of heat by gases under J. Tyndall; liquification of gases under Sir James Dewar; x-ray crystallography under Sir William Bragg and Sir Lawrence Bragg. The Davy Faraday Research Laboratory was established as the result of an endowment by L. Mond in 1896 and it provided facilities for a number of research workers. The Friday Evening Discourses, comprising a lecture accompanied by experiments (if the subject was scientific), began in about 1825. They were often given by Faraday (who had joined the staff of the Insitituion in 1813) and soon acquired a world-wide reputation. The Christmas Juvenile Lectures were begun in 1826. In recent years a program of science lectures for schools has been instituted and in addition there are Research Days to enable science teachers to meet leading scientists.

Source: Thomas Martin. The Royal Institution. (London, Royal Institution of Great Britain, 1961).

Resident Professors of the Royal Institution
  1. 1833-1867 Michael Faraday
  2. 1867-1887 John Tyndall
  3. 1887-1923 Sir James Dewar
  4. 1923-1942 Sir William Bragg
  5. 1942-1946 Sir Henry Dale
  6. 1946-1949 Sir Eric Rideal
  7. 1949-1953 E.N. da C. Andrade
  8. 1953-1966 Sir Lawrence Bragg

Item Descriptions

Fonds. Royal Institution Archives: Records of Secretary, Rev. O. Barlow, 1840 - 1869

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2015

Series XVA/177. Scrapbook of Rev. John Barlow, June 1840

1 item

Biographical / Historical

Rev. J. Barlow was Secretary of the Royal Institution, 1843-1860

Sir John Franklin to [unknown], [26 June 1840] (Item 31)

Contribution by G.A. Robinson for Geographical Society on Van Diemen's Land languages; departure of Capt. A. Maconochie for Sydney and Norforlk Island.

Biographical note on Sir John Franklin

Series XVA/186. Album of letters and photographs of Rev. John Barlow, 1862, 1869

2 items
King Kamehameha to Bishop T. Staley, [1869] (Item 1)

Inquires where word 'archangel' appears in Bible.

Bishop G.A. Selwyn (Auckland) to Blackburn, 19 July 1862 (Item 14)

Directions for services at Otahuhu and Auckland.

Photograph of Bishop G.A. Selwyn

Fonds. Davy Papers, 1837

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2015.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829), Professor of Chemistry, Royal Institution; 1802-1813; President of Royal Society, 1820-1827.

Series 8B. Royal Institution Laboratory notebook, September 1837

1 item

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

Royal Institution Laboratory notebook, 30 September 1837 (File 99)

Examination of three samples of water found by Major T.L. Mitchell (6oz. of each).

(i) Greenhill Lake, 24 July [1836]

(ii) Mitre Lake, 24 July [1836]

(iii) Cockajemmy Lake Camp, 20 September [1836]

In the handwriting of Michael Faraday.

Fonds. Faraday Papers, 1838 - 1870

4 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2015.

Biographical / Historical

Michael Faraday (1791-1867), chemist and physicist, Fullerian Professor of Chemistry, Royal Institution, 1833-1867; scientific adviser to Trinity House, 1836-1866.

Series F2. Folio of letters of Faraday, December 1840

1 item

Filmed selectively.

A.B. Lambert (Linnean Society) to Faraday, 24 December 1840 (File 134)

Inquiry by Faraday concerning plant; visit by outstanding young botanist from New Zealand; universal sun dial of F. La Perouse brought by P. Dillon.

Series F4. Lectures of Faraday, April 1838

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Notes for 61 lectures, 6 April 1838 (File G)
1 item
Ward's cases; notes for lecture on Ward's mode of improving and preserving plants in limited atmospheres (4pp), 6 April 1838 (Item 2)

Refers to box of ferns sent to New Holland in 1833-1834; Capt. Mallard; Norfolk Island pines.

Series F11. Posthumous Writings, July 1870

1 item

Filmed selectively

F. Abel to H. Bence Jones, 15 July 1870 (File)

Letter from G. Foord, Assayer at Victorian Mint, on Australian contribution of £83.18.0 for Faraday Memorial Fund.

Correspondence between F. Chapman (Melbourne) and Secretary concerning association of his father, Robert Chapman, with M, Faraday and recollections of Royal Institution, 1931-1932. (3 letters)

Series. Miscellaneous, August 1838

1 item
T.L. Mitchell to Faraday, 27 August 1838 (File)

Presents copy of book; gratitude to Barnard for illustrations and Faraday for analysing waters. Inserted in: T.L. Mitchell. Three expeditions into the interior of eastern Australia. London, 1838. (2 vols.)

Fonds. Grove Papers, 1867

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2015.

Biographical / Historical

Sir William Robert Grove (1811-1896), Professor of Experimental Philosophy, London Institution, 1840-1847; President of British Association, 1866; Judge of Court of Common Pleas, 1871-1887.

T.R. Robinson (Armagh) to Grove, 9 October 1867 (File)

Requests signature for memorial on Stevelly; service to British Association; inspection of Great Melbourne Telescope.

Fonds. Tyndall Papers, 1851 - 1894

16 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2015.

Biographical / Historical

John Tyndall (1820-1893), physicist; Professor of Natural Philosophy, British Institution, 1853-1887; scientific adviser to Trinity House, 1866-1883; President of British Association, 1874.

Series 5/C12. Correspondence, November 1851 - January 1894

16 items
G.B. Airy to Tyndall, 13 December 1866 (File 12)

Purchase of collection of scientific instruments for South Australian Institute. (Case I).

Sir John Herschel to Tyndall, 9 January 1852 (File 2)

Application by Tyndall for Sydney post rejected. (Case I) (Plus typescript).

Tyndall to Sir John Herschel, 8 November 1851 (File 1)

Applies for Chair of Experimental Philosophy and Chemistry at Sydney University. (typescript copy, p.493).

Thomas Henry Huxley to Tyndall, 4 December [1851] (File 1)

Hopes Tyndall will obtain Sydney post; refers to visit to Sydney on H.M.S. Rattlesnake. (typescript copy, p.2855).

J.F. Mann (Southampton) to Tyndall, 19 January 1858 (File 1)

Recalls lectures at Royal Military Academy; visit to Australia and observation of Indigenous Australians. (typescript copy, pp.778-79).

Sir John Herschel to Tyndall, 10 November 1851 (File 1)

Receipt of testimonials and application for post at Sydney University. (Case I) (Plus typescript).

G.W. Rusden (Maggiore) to Tyndall, n.d. (File)

Despatch of book on New Zealand; Alps. (Case VI, Packet XIX).

Tyndall to G.W. Rusden, 17 March 1888 (File)

Thanks for book; destruction of Maori race by English settlers. (Case VI, Packet XIX).

J. Tidmarsh to Tyndall, 12 December 1860 (File 5)

Recalls old times in Ireland; has done well in Australia. (Typescript copy, pp.3874-76).

J. Tidmarsh to Tyndall, 2 November 1889 (File 6)

Invites Tyndall to do lecturing tour in Australia. (typescript copy, pp. 3877-78).

'Reminiscences of J. Tyndall'. South Australian Register. (typescript copy, pp.3879-81), 24 January 1894 (File)
Tyndall to J. Tidmarsh, 24 February 1861 (File 3)

Old friends; current activities. (typescript copy, p. 3872)

G.H. Wilson (Wellington) to Tyndall, 2 November 1874 (File 1)

Sends cuttings on Tyndall's Presidential Address to British Association. (Case II)

Besson (San Francisco) to Tyndall, 14 October 1892 (File 1)

Account of rainbow reflected in sea observed at Tahiti; refers to Tyndall's book Light. (Case VIII)

J. von Haast to Tyndall, 14 April 1864 (File 1)

Thanks for photograph; research in Alps; glaciers in New Zealand. (Case VI, Packet XIII)

J. von Haast to Tyndall, [1864] (File 2)

Seeks opinion on pamphlet on climate of Pleistocene epoch in New Zealand. (Case VI, Packet XIII)

Fonds. William Bragg Papers, 1886 - 1962

83 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M2015-M2018.

Biographical / Historical

Sir William Henry Bragg (1862-1942). Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Adelaide University, 1886-1909; Professor of Physics, Leeds University, 1909-1915; Professor of Physics, London University 1915-1923; Fullerian Professor of Chemistry and Director of Laboratory, Royal Institution, 1923-1941; President of British Association, 1928; President of Royal Society, 1935-1940. Nobel Prize for Physics, 1915.

Note: Some family letters of Sir William Bragg are contained in the papers of his son Sir Lawrence Bragg, described on pages 16-17 below.

Series. Miscellaneous Correspondence and Notes, August 1888 - May 1938

36 items
R.W. Chapman (Adelaide) to Bragg, 12 July 1937 (File C/10 (Box 2))

Thanks for congratulations: appointment of W.L. Bragg to National Physical Laboratory; Chapman's career at Adelaide University; pride of Adelaide in Bragg's achievements.

H.T. Ferrar (Wellington) to Bragg, 30 July 1925 (File B/3 (Box 3))

Examination of structure of ice in Antarctic; inquires about crystal structure of ice.

O. Hahn (Berlin) to Bragg, 12 March 1908 (File C/8 (Box 3))

Thanks for papers; discusses work on β rays.

O. Hahn to Bragg, 18 July 1908 (File C/9 (Box 3))

Experimental study of secondary β rays produced by γ rays of actium; controversy about experiments on velocity of rontgen ray.

Bragg to D. Kerr, 30 April 1904 (File D/38 (Box 3))

Suggestions for lectures for mathematics teachers; address to Collegiate Schools Association.

T.H. Laby (Cambridge) to Bragg, 21 August 1908 (File A/1 (Box 4))

Seeks article for Science Progress; thanks for reprints.

H. Lamb (Manchester) to Bragg, May 1906 - November 1907 (File A/2-6 (Box 4))

Nomination of Bragg for Fellowship of Royal Society; death of P. Curie; G. Duffield; work on new edition of Hydrodynamics; appointment of E. Rutherford to Manchester University; W.L. Bragg; Chair of Physics at Leeds University. (5 letters).

E.F.J. Love (Melbourne) to Bragg, July 1905 - May 1907 (File A/41-43 (Box 4))

Bragg's disc theory of atom; radium research; A.C.D. Rivett; J.J. Thomson. (3 letters).

T.R. Lyle (Melbourne) to Bragg, December 1903 - January 1913 (File A/57-62 (Box 4))

Bragg's γ ray experiments; theory on expenditure of energy of α particles; paper on self-inductance of coils; sends paper for Philosophical Magazine. (6 letters).

J.P.V. Madsen (Adelaide) to Bragg, 28 December 1906 (File C/4 (Box 4))

Problem of electrometer deflection; experiments with α and β rays.

O. Masson (Melbourne) to Bragg, October 1906 (File C/21-22 (Box 4))

Bragg's ionisation figures; atomic values for various compounds. (2 letters).

J.A. Pollock (Sydney) to Bragg, June 1907 - March 1908 (File A/38-41 (Box 5))

Thanks for papers; Pollock's work on neutral ions; work of J.J. Thomson on critical energy for non-capture. (4 letters).

H. Schwerdtseger (Adelaide) to Bragg, 31 October 1940 (File A/3 (Box 6))

Thanks for enabling him to obtain refuge in Australia.

Soddy (Glasgow) to Bragg, October 1904 - July 1907 (File A/23-48 F (Box 6))

Publication of papers; despatch of pure radium bromide; verification of Daltonian idea on atoms; investigation of absorption phenomena; E. Rutherford; criticisms by G.W. Walker of ionisation theory; paper on relative ionisation of uranium and thorium; death of P. Curie; J.J. Thomson; academic appointments; despatch of liquifier; election of Bragg as Fellow of Royal Society; despatch of argon and helium; Chair of Physics at Leeds University. (26 letters)

W. Sutherland (Melbourne) to Bragg, July 1905 - January 1908 (File B/18-23 (Box 6))

Theory of Meyer on disc-like structure of atoms; theory of J.J. Thomson on cessation of ionizing power in α; Bragg's square root law and significance for dynamics of atom; paper on ionisation and new type of viscosity. (6 letters).

Bragg (Adelaide) to J.J. Thomson (Cambridge), 10 August 1904 (File C/10 (Box 6))

Differences in absorption phenomena of α and β rays; paper sent to Philosophical Magazine; experiment by Becqueul on magnetic deflection of α rays.

Bragg (Adelaide) to R. Threlfall (Sydney), August 1888 - April 1892 (File C/17-24 (Box 6))

Visit to Sydney; deduction of elementary electrostatic theorems form Maxwell's elastic medium theory; thanks for assistance on electrical theories; magnetic resistances of various circuits. (9 letters).

J.P. Willmott (East Maitland) to Bragg, 6 January 1915 (File B/21 (Box 7))

Sends notes on magnetism of earth (5pp.); relative motion of charged body on another body.

W.G. Woolnough (Sydney) to Bragg, 11 April 1923 (File B/27 (Box 7))

Career as field geologist; Bragg's work on hardness of minerals; structure of diamond and cuprite.

Bragg to W.G. Woolnough, 19 May 1923 (File B/28 (Box 7))

Woolnough's observations; structure of cuprite.

N.L. Wright to F.E. Smith and Bragg, May 1934 - April 1935 (File B/34-41 (Box 7))

Seeks advice on query from E. Marsden on variations in beneficial effects of limonites fed to cattle suffering ion deficiency; despatch of samples of limonites. (8 letters, including 2 replies from Bragg).

Sir George Murray (Adelaide) to Bragg, 4 September 1928 (File A/14 (Box 8))

Congratulations of University of Adelaide on Presidency of British Association. (cable)

J.A. Pollock (Sydney) to Bragg, 7 March 1902 (File A/1 (Box 10))

Urges Bragg to apply for Chair at Sydney University; names selection committee.

F. Soddy (Glasgow) to A. Smithells, January 1907 (File A/2-3 (Box 10))

Recommends Bragg for Chair of Physics at Leeds University; Bragg's career; refers to his visit to Adelaide. (2 letters)

W. Cassie to Bragg, 9 February 1907 (File A/4 (Box 10))

Thanks for paper for Philosophical Magazine; nomination of Bragg for Fellowship of Physical Society.

W. Peterson (Montreal) to E. Rutherford, 19 November 1907 (File A/5 (Box 10))

Possible appointment of Bragg to Chair at McGill University.

Bragg to H. Lamb, [November 1907] (File A/6 (Box 10))

Advantages of move to McGill University; research and teaching. (draft)

Bragg to E. Rutherford, [November 1907] (File A/7 (Box 10))

Advantages of move to McGill University. (draft).

H. Beaver (Adelaide) to Bragg, 1 December 1915 (File B/1 (Box 10))

Congratulations of Adelaide City Council on Nobel Prize.

W. Rutt (Adelaide) to Bragg, November 1915 (File B/21-22 (Box 10))

Congratulations of Royal Society of South Australia on Nobel Prize and Barnard Gold Medal.

Bragg (Adelaide) to Secretaries, Royal Society, 6 June 1907 (File A/1 (Box 11))

Election as Fellow of Royal Society. (draft)

Sir Samuel Way (Adelaide) to Bragg, 1 December 1915 (File A/12 (Box 11))

Congratulation of Council of Adelaide University on Nobel Prize; death of R. Barr Smith.

B.C. Aston to Bragg, 1 February 1923 (File A/50 (Box 11))

Election as Honorary Member of New Zealand Institute.

Bragg to B.C. Aston, 24 April 1923 (File A/51 (Box 11))

Thanks for honour; association with New Zealand scientists.

N. Hamilton-Smith to Bragg, 10 May 1938 (File B/78-79 (Box 11))

Election as member of Australia Club, London; encloses rules.

Bragg to N. Hamilton-Smith, 18 May 1938 (File B/80 (Box 11))


Series Box 14. Autobiography, c.1927

3 items

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

Draft of autobiography by Bragg, c.1927 (File E/1 (Box 14))

Family history; childhood in Market Harborough, Leicestershire; education at King William's College and Cambridge University; voyage to Australia; arrival in Adelaide; meeting with Todd Family. (31pp.)

Autobiographical notes by Bragg, n.d. (File F/1 (Box 14))

Teaching of physics at Adelaide University; early experiments with radium. (4pp.)

Extracts from autobiographical notes, n.d. (File F/2 (Box 14))

Cambridge University; appointment to Adelaide University and voyage to Australia. (4pp.)

Series Box 19. Press Cuttings, August 1906 - September 1906

2 items

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

Newspaper cutting on Bragg's departure from Australia to take up Chair of Physics at Leeds University, [1909] (File A/1 (Box 19))
Newspaper cuttings on controversy concerning elementary or compound nature of radium, (9pp.), August 1906 - September 1906 (File C/1 (Box 19))

Series Box 26. Bragg-Rutherford Correspondence, August 1904 - May 1913

7 items

Filmed selectively.

E. Rutherford (Montreal, Manchester) to Bragg, October 1904 - July 1908 (File A/1-16 (Box 26))

Absorption of alpha rays; radium work; revised edition of book; Bragg's papers on mathematical development of ionisation in thick and thin layers; paper on ionisation and recombination; Silliman Lectures; growth of radium in solutions of actinium; Rutherford's move to Manchester; Chair of Mathematical Physics at McGill University; Bragg's results with gamma rays; appointment of Bragg to Leeds University; work of other scientists. (16 letters).

Bragg (Adelaide) to E. Rutherford, August 1904 - October 1908 (File B/1-25 (Box 26))

Differences in absorption phenomena of alpha and beta rays; ionisation of gases; isolation in Adelaide; recombination of ions; F. Soddy; discovery of radioactive mineral in South Australia; actinium experiments; offer of post at McGill University; offer of Chair at Leeds University; experiments with secondary x-rays. (24 letters, xerox copies)

Bragg (Skipton) to E. Rutherford, [1910] (File B/26 (Box 26))

Candidates for Queensland post.

Bragg (Leeds) to E. Rutherford, [October 1910] (File B/27-29 (Box 26))

Interviews of candidates for Chair at Queensland University. (3 letters, xerox copies).

Bragg to E. Rutherford, 3 December 1910 (File B/31A (Box 26))

Queensland post; Florance.

Typescript of the above letter (File B/31B (Box 26))
Bragg to E. Rutherford, 1 May 1913 (File B/62 (Box 26))

Letter from Radcliff in Australia on production of radium bromide.

Series Box 27. Royal Institution Administration files, May 1924 - January 1928

7 items

Filmed selectively.

Natalie Allen (Melbourne) to Bragg, 25 May 1924 (File A/77 (Box 27))

Wishes to do x-ray research under Bragg's supervision.

T.H. Laby (Melbourne) to Bragg, 29 May 1924 (File A/78 (Box 27))

Requests Natalie Allen be admitted as research student at Davy-Faraday Laboratory.

Bragg to T.H. Laby, 30 June 1924 (File A/79 (Box 27))

Natalie Allen.

Natalie Allen (Melbourne) to Bragg, May 1926 - December 1926 (File B/19-21 (Box 27))

Discovery of crystal structure of Benzil; inquires about publication. (2 letters)

Bragg to Natalie Allen, 9 February 1927 (File B/22 (Box 27))

Results expressed more satisfactorily in terms of hexagonal lattice; paper sent to Philosophical Magazine.

Thora Marwick to Bragg, 26 October 1927 (File B/85 (Box 27))

Arrival from New Zealand interest in working on crystal structure with Bragg.

E. Deller to Thora Marwick, 27 January 1928 (File B/89 (Box 27))

Admission as doctoral student at London University under supervision of Bragg.

Series Box 28. Correspondence and Autobiography, c.1886 - February 1962

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Bragg (Adelaide) to W.L. and R. Bragg, n.d. (File A/1 (Box 28))

Visit to Sir Charles Todd; exhibition of painting.

W. Sutherland (Melbourne) to Bragg, 22 January 1908 (File B/1 (Box 28))

Thanks for reprints; symmetry of gamma rays; discussion with J.A. Pollack.

'Salute to x-ray pioneers', [1945] (File H/1 (Box 28))

Paper on contributions of Australian scientists, including Bragg, T.R. Lyle, G.W. Selby, F.J. Clendinnen, S. Barbour, W.J. Hancock, Rev. J. Slattery, H.M. Hewlett, J.W. Sutton, G.R. King, R. Threlfall. (typescript, 62pp.)

Photograph of Adelaide Lacrosse Club, including Bragg, c.1886 (File J/2 (Box 28))
Sir Lawrence Bragg to P.P. Ewald, 5 February 1962 (File J/11 (Box 28))

X-ray work carried out by W.H. Bragg in Adelaide.

Series Box 31. Lecture Notes, 1886 - 1888

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Lecture notes by Bragg on elementary physics, Adelaide University, (1 folder), 1886 - 1888 (File A/1-56 (Box 31))

Series Box 36. Correspondence of Lawrence Bragg, March 1942

6 items

Letters of condolence to Sir Lawrence Bragg on death of his father. Filmed selectively.

Sir David Rivett (Melbourne), (cable), 16 March 1942 (File 9 (Box 36))
H. Darnley Naylor (Keswick), 13 March 1942 (File 168 (Box 36))
M.L. Oliphant (Birmingham), 13 March 1942 (File 176 (Box 36))
J.S. Reid (Melbourne), 28 March 1942 (File 215 (Box 36))
Jessie Todd (Adelaide), (cable), 25 March 1942 (File 274 (Box 36))
H.C. Webster (Australia House), 17 March 1942 (File 292 (Box 36))

Series. Notebooks and Papers, (13 vols.), 1890s-c.1965

Kept by Bragg while carrying out research on radioactivity at Adelaide University.

Notebook (c.140pp.), 30 July 1904 - 29 October 1904 (File 1)
Notebook (c.138pp.), 31 October 1904 - 24 March 1905 (File 2)
Notebook (c.138pp.), 25 March 1905 - 14 July 1905 (File 3)
Notebook (132pp.), 15 July 1905 - 24 October 1905 (File 4)
Notebook (136pp.), 31 October 1905 - 19 December 1905 (File 5)
Notebook (139pp.), 30 January 1906 - 23 May 1906 (File 6)
Notebook (139pp.), 25 May 1906 - 29 August 1906 (File 7)
Notebook (139pp.), 29 August 1906 - 12 March 1907 (File 8)
Notebook (c.138pp.), 24 April 1907 - 30 December 1907 (File 9)

Notebook No. 9 includes a letter from Registrar of Melbourne University to Bragg, 13 Dec. 1907 requesting a report on doctoral thesis of E.F.J. Love, 'Some applications of thermodynamics'.

Notebook (c.70pp.), 28 September 1907 - 17 October 1907 (File 10)
Notebook (16pp.), 19 June 1908 - 26 June 1908 (File 11)
Notebook (113pp.), 31 July 1908 - 9 December 1908 (File 12)
Notebook (138pp.), 1907 - 1908 (File 13)
Notebook kept by Bragg at Adelaide University (193pp.), 1890s (File)

Subjects include systems of conductors; magnetic shell; variations of energy in electro-magnetic field; magnetic theory; Hobart address; paper by J.J. Thomson on electromagnetism; paper by Lord Rayleigh on self-induction; Sydney examination papers; currents in multiple circuits.

Folder of newspaper cuttings, 1893 - 1909 (File)

Many of cuttings are incomplete or dilapidated and some are undated. Subjects include University extension lectures (1895), lectures on Rontgen photography (1896), Queen's School Sports Day (1899), lecture on radioactivity (1903), Australiasian Association for Advancement of Science Congress, Dunedin (1904), lecture on radium (1905), unveiling of statue of Sir Walter Hughes at Adelaide University (1906), lecture on alpha rays of uranium and thorium (1906), A.A.A.S. Congress, Adelaide (1907); election of Bragg as Fellow of Royal Society (1907); annual meeting of Lady Victoria Buxton Girls Club (1908); departure of Bragg from Adelaide (1908); A.A.A.S. Congress, Brisbane. (1909).

Recollections of Stanley Addison (4pp), c. 1965 (File)

Typescript recollections of Stanley Addison, a laboratory assistant at Adelaide University 1899-1909, written in about 1965. They refer to Addison's previous work for an Adelaide doctor, his admiration of Bragg, Bragg's early life and his research on x-rays and radium.

Fonds. Lawrence Bragg Papers, 1921 - 1970

141 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M2018-M2020.

Biographical / Historical

Sir William Lawrence Bragg (1890-1971). Educated at St. Peter's College, Adelaide University and Trinity College, Cambridge. Professor of Physics, Victoria University of Manchester, 1919-1937; Director of National Physical Laboratory, 1937-1938; Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics, Cambridge University, 1938-1953; Professor of Natural Philosophy, Royal Institution, 1938-1953; Fullerian Professor of Chemistry and Director of Laboratory, Royal Institution, 1953-1966. Nobel Prize for Physics, 1915.

Series Box 3. Speeches and lectures, September 1960 - December 1966

8 items

Filmed selectively.

'The Royal Institution'. Auckland, Nelson, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Sydney, Adelaide, (14pp.), September 1960 - November 1960 (File 2)
'Biological molecules'. Auckland, Wellington, (7pp.), September 1960 (File 3)
'Development of x-ray analysis'. Rutherford Memorial Lecture. Christchurch, (22pp.), 21 September 1960 (File 4)
'Talking and writing about science'. Armidale, (4pp.), 7 October 1960 (File 5)
'The molecules of living matter'. Brisbane, Adelaide, (5pp.), October 1960 (File 6)
'The growing power of x-ray analysis'. Melbourne, (20pp.), 18 October 1960 (File 7)
'Science and the layman'. Adelaide, (4pp.), October 1960 (File 8)
Australian Broadcasting Commission interview, 'Sir Lawrence Bragg in his retirement', 13 Nov. 1966. (4pp.) With manuscript notes and correspondence with E.K. Scholl, A. Rendell, and G. Porter, (8 letters), February 1966 - December 1966 (File 41)

Series Box 10. Correspondence on honours and appointments, October 1936 - June 1966

5 items

Filmed selectively.

A.L. Rogers (Adelaide) to Bragg, 12 October 1936 (File)

Claim that wireless message in Southern Hemisphere was sent in Tasmania in 1900; Sir William Bragg sent first message on 8 July 1899.

H. Darnley Naylor (Keswick) to Bragg, 6 May 1937 (File 32)

Congratulations on appointment as Director of National Physical Laboratory.

Bragg to J.L. Pawsey, 22 November 1960 (File)

Congratulations on award of Hughes Medal of Royal Society.

J.L. Pawsey (Sydney) to Bragg, 18 December 1960 (File)

Thanks for congratulations; development of radio astronomy in Australia; visit of Bragg to Australia.

Bragg to Ngaio Marsh, 13 June 1966 (File)

Congratulations on award of D.B.E.; enjoyment of her novels; visit to New Zealand.

Series Box 31. General Correspondence, February 1949 - April 1970

5 items

Filmed selectively.

R.D. Brown (Melbourne) to Bragg, 18 November 1969 (File 108-10)

Seeks opinion on candidates for Fellowships of Australian Academy of Science.

Bragg to R.D. Brown, 26 November 1969 (File 111)

Declines to advise on candidates.

J.H.T. Goldsmith to Lady Bragg, 27 April 1970 (File 19)

Comments on visit to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Sir Mark Oliphant (Canberra) to Bragg, 15 November 1966 (File 19)

Congratulations on award of Copley Medal by Royal Society.

Correspondence between Bragg and B. Whitington (Adelaide), February 1949 - October 1949 (File)

Friendship with Sir William Bragg; seeks help to publish paper on ricochet. (6 letters)

Series Box 35. Correspondence, April 1954 - February 1955

5 items

Filmed selectively.

W. Boas (Melbourne) to Bragg, 6 April 1954 (File)

Trip to London; plans to visit Royal Institution.

A. Mathieson (Melbourne) to Bragg, 27 May 1954 (File)

International Conference on Crystallography; wishes to visit Royal Institution.

Bragg to A. Mathieson, 10 June 1954 (File)

Visit to Royal Institution

Bragg to M. Oliphant, 18 February 1955 (File)

Invitation to visit Royal Institution.

R. Purchase (Canberra) to Bragg, 24 February 1955 (File)

Visit of M. Oliphant to England.

Series Box 38. Old Files, October 1960 - November 1961

3 items

Archival History

Although listed, the Files in this Series were not filmed by the AJCP. Permission For Filming Not Given.

E.P. George (Sydney) to Bragg, 25 October 1960 (File Box 38)

Seeks article on structure of myoglobin for Australian Scientist.

E.P. George to Bragg, 9 November 1960 (File Box 38)

Regrets Bragg unable to write article; will approach J. Kendrew.

H. Gerlach (Melbourne) to Bragg, 12 November 1961 (File Box 39)

Article by Bragg, 'What is life made of'; inquires if possible to turn chain of atoms inside-out to make homologuc pair.

Series Box 40. Broadcasts, January 1943 - March 1943

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence between Bragg and R.S. Lee (B.B.C.), January 1943 - March 1943 (File A)

Australian Broadcasting Commission programme on science for children. (6 letters).

Series Box 41. Canadian Liaison, May 1943

2 items

Filmed selectively.

A. Richards (Colonial Office) to Bragg, 19 May 1943 (File)

Seeks representative of Australian and New Zealand Science Research Councils to give evidence to Colonial Research Committee.

Bragg to A. Richards, 21 May 1943 (File)

Suggests heads of Dominions Scientific Liaison Missions in London be contacted.

Series Box 42. Letters of Congratulation, March 1938

5 items

Filmed selectively.

H. Darnley Naylor (Keswick) to Bragg, 1 March 1938 (File B.166)

Congratulations on appointment to Cavendish Chair of Physics at Cambridge.

C.E. Tilley (Cambridge) to Bragg, 1 March 1938 (File B.184)


J.S. Reid (Melbourne) to Bragg, 3 March 1938 (File C.223)

Congratulations on appointment.

C.S.S. Highgam (Adelaide) to Bragg, 26 March 1938 (File C.312)


W.J. Smeeton (Auckland) to Bragg, 29 March 1938 (File C.318-19)

Congratulation recollections of King Edward's Horse in World War I. Includes reply from Bragg.

Series Box 44. Correspondence with English-Speaking Union of Commonwealth, December 1957

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Helena Mills to Bragg, 2 December 1957 (File A.61-62)

Talk on Australia, New Zealand and Canadian tour; invites Bragg to chair meeting.

Bragg to Helena Mills, 10 December 1957 (File A.63)

Unable to attend.

Series Box 50. Miscellaneous Correspondence, February 1947 - July 1968

41 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence between Sir David Rivett (Melbourne) and Bragg, 5 February 1947 - 24 April 1947 (File)

Includes: Rivett to Bragg (05/02/1947): congratulations on award of Ripley Medal; rumour that M. Oliphant will not come to Canberra. Bragg to Rivett (24/04/1947): Thanks for congratulations; M. Oliphant.

G.A. Cook (Melbourne) to Bragg, 3 March 1947 (File)

Requests paper for new journal Australian Journal of Scientific Research.

Bragg to G.A. Cook, 9 May 1947 (File)

Unlikely to contribute to journal.

Margaret Anderson (Hobart) to Bragg, 5 July 1947 (File)

Seeks information for lecture on H.G.J. Moseley.

Bragg to Margaret Anderson, 25 July 1947 (File)

H.G.J. Moseley; work with Sir William Bragg on x-ray spectra.

N.F. Astbury (Wolverhampton) to Bragg, 8 July 1949 (File)

Interest in Chair of Applied Physics at N.S.W. University of Technology.

Lord Bruce to Bragg, 13 February 1950 (File)

Thanks for paper 'The standards of advanced studies and research in science and technology; refridgeration problem.'

Sir Ernest Marsden to Bragg, 15 February 1959 (File)

Impending departure for Tasmania; hopes to see Bragg.

Correspondence between P.F. Butler and Felicity Annand, 4 January 1962 - 11 January 1962 (File)

Includes Butler to Annand (04/01/1962): Seeks copy for C.S.I.R.O. of talk by Bragg on art of lecturing on scientific objects. Annand to Butler (11/01/1962): Sends copy of talk.

P.F. Butler to Felicity Annand, 16 January 1962 (File)


Correspondence between H. Basten (Adelaide) and Bragg, 5 March 1962 - March 1962 (File)

Includes; Basten to Bragg (05/03/1962): Completion of Bragg Laboratories at Adelaide University. Bragg to Basten (March 1962): Delighted that building is named after Sir William Bragg.

Correspondence between L.A.R. Evans (Adelaide) and Bragg, 10 May 1963 - 13 May 1963 (File)

Includes; L.A.R. Evans to Bragg (10/05/1963): W. Dargie asked to paint portrait of Bragg for St. Peter's College. BragG to L.A.R. Evans (13/05/1963): Agrees to sit for W. Dargie.

Bragg to L.A.R. Evans, 20 June 1963 (File)

Portrait almost completed; pleased with result.

Bragg to H. Messel (Sydney), 14 June 1963 (File)

Thanks for copy of Science.

J. Bloomfield (Melbourne) to Bragg, 19 June 1963 (File)

Sends book on impressions of use of film and television in American universities and colleges.

Bragg to K. Pelly, 25 June 1963 (File)

Portrait; W. Dargie.

Bragg to Sir Cyril Hinshelwood, 26 January 1965 (File)

Account of early researches in physics of Sir William Bragg at Adelaide.

Katherine O'Brien (Canberra) to Bragg, 14 January 1965 (File)

References to Sir Charles Todd in Ernestine Hill's The Territory.

Bragg to Katherine O'Brien, 5 April 1965 (File)

The Territory; Ernestine Hill.

Correspondence between J.S.C. Miller (Adelaide) and Bragg, 5 April 1965 - 28 April 1965 (File)

Includes; J.S.C. Miller to Bragg (05/04/1965): Sends St Peter's College Magazine with article and portrait of Bragg. Bragg to J.S.C. Miller (28/04/1965): Acknowledgment; portrait by W. Dargie.

Bragg to L. Baillaud, 18 October 1965 (File)

Confirms that Bragg did not study physics at school; education in Adelaide.

Bragg to C.J. Birkett Clews, 6 January 1966 (File)

Hopes for meeting when Clews visits England.

C.J. Birkett Clews (Perth) to Bragg, 11 January 1966 (File)

Plans for visit to England; regrets Bragg did not visit Perth in 1960.

Josephine Blogg (Sydney) to Bragg, 3 May 1966 (File)

Publication of article by Bragg on Sir William Bragg in history textbook Australia in the twentieth century.

Bragg to Josephine Blogg, 9 May 1966 (File)

Agrees to publication; work of Sir William Bragg at Adelaide University.

Correspondence between Sir Mark Oliphant (Canberra) and Bragg, 29 March 1966 - 4 April 1966 (File)

includes; Oliphant to Bragg (29/03/1966) Requests reminiscences of Adelaide days and Sir William Bragg for Records of Australian Academy of Science. Bragg to Oliphant (04/04/1966) Wishes to defer article.

Sir Mark Oliphant to Bragg, 15 April 1966 (File)

Impending retirement of Bragg from Royal Institution.

Bragg to Sir Mark Oliphant, 13 October 1966 (File)

Reminiscences of Sir William Bragg; his research methods; hobbies; house in Adelaide; nostalgia for Australia; Lord Rutherford; holidays in South Australia.

J. Govett to Bragg, n.d. (File)

Wishes to paint portrait of Bragg for exhibition of prominent Australians living abroad.

Correspondence between Bragg and Lord Bruce, 7 June 1966 - 24 June 1966 (File)

Includes; Bragg to Bruce (07/06/1966): Seeks advice on request of J. Govett; portrait by W. Dargie. Bruce to Bragg (15/06/1966): Portrait of Lord Bruce by J. Govett commissioned by Food and Agricultural Organization.

Correspondence - Bragg to Bruce, and Bragg to J. Govett, 16 June 1966 - 24 June 1966 (File)

Includes; Bragg to Bruce (16/06/1966): Reply, thanks Bruce for advice. Bragg to J, Govett (24/06/1966) Agrees to sit for portrait.

Correspondence between R.P. Gladwin and Bragg, 2 August 1966 - 5 August 1966 (File)

Includes; R.P Gladwin the Bragg (02/08/1966):Seeks interview for Adelaide News. Gladwin to Bragg (05/08/1966): Seeks appointment for Jules Zanetti

Correspondence between E.K. Scholl and Bragg, 24 October 1966 - 26 October 1966 (File)

Includes; E.K. Scholl to Bragg (24/10/1966): Sends payment for Australian Broadcasting Commission interview with Bragg. Bragg to E.K.Scholl (26/10/1966): Reply and thanks for cheque

R. Street (Melbourne) to Bragg, 21 November 1966 (File)

Invites Bragg to launch series of public lectures at Monash University.

Correspondence- Bragg to B. Bleaney (Oxford), and Bragg to Florey, 1 December 1966 (File)

Includes; R. Street to Bragg (01/12/1966): Request of R. Street Bragg to B. Bleaney (01/12/1966): Request of R. Street.

Correspondence- Lord Florey to Bragg, and R. Bleaney to Bragg, 5 December 1966 - 10 December 1966 (File)

includes; Florey to Bragg (05/12/1966) Monash University; doubts about cooperation between three Melbourne universities. R. Bleaney to Bragg (10/12/1966): Inaccessibility of Monash University; suspects lectures would cause ill-feeling at Melbourne University.

Correspondence between Bragg and R. Street, 16 December 1966 - 27 January 1967 (File)


Bragg to R.Street(16/12/1966): Requirements of course of lectures for young people. R. Street to Bragg (27/01/1967): Hopes to discuss proposal on visit to England.

Bragg to R. Street, 15 March 1967 (File)

Difficulty of visiting Australia.

Correspondence between J.A.R. Miles (Wellington) and Bragg, 8 September 1967 - 3 January 1968 (File)

Includes; J.A.R. Miles to Bragg (08/09/1967): Appeal to establish Royal Society House at Wellington. Bragg to J.A.R. Miles (03/01/1968): Thanks for donation; native birds.

P. van Asch (Wellington) to Bragg, 25 June 1968 (File)

Book for 80th birthday of Sir Ernest Marsden.

Bragg to P. van Asch, 12 July 1968 (File)

Sends signature; acquaintance with Sir Ernest Marsden.

Series Box 56. Personal Correspondence of Lawrence Bragg, January 1948 - January 1954

22 items

Filmed selectively.

Eileen Rogers (Adelaide) to Bragg, 18 January 1948 (File)

Offers to send letters of Sir William Bragg to her father Arthur Rogers; Adelaide University Library.

Bragg to Eileen Rogers, 28 January 1948 (File)

Skill and originality of A. Rogers as mechanic; interest in letters.

Bragg to J.S. Reid, 16 February 1949 (File)

Thanks for food parcel.

J.S. Reid (Melbourne) to Bragg, 25 February 1949 (File)

Visit of daughter to England; seeks Trinity College Record for 1947.

Correspondence between Bragg and J.S. Reid, 10 March 1949 - 18 March 1949 (File)

includes; Bragg to J.S.Reid (10/03/1949): Trinity College Record; hopes to meet Reid's daughter. J.S.Reid to Bragg (18/03/1949): Acknowledgment.

C.E.S. Gordon (Adelaide) to Bragg, 25 May 1949 (File)

Thanks for St Peter's College Register.

Bragg to South Australian Institute of Engineers, 24 May 1949 (File)

Seeks copy of 1914 article on history of overland telegraph.

Bragg to H.R. Creswick, 11 October 1949 (File)

Seeks copy of pamphlet on Sir Charles Todd.

Correspondence between Bragg and H.R. Creswick, 13 October 1949 - 27 October 1949 (File)

Includes; Bragg to H.R.Creswick (13/10/1949): Article on Sir Charles Todd by Sir William Bragg. Bragg to H.R.Creswick (27/10/1949): Thanks for photostats; difficulty in tracing records of Sir Charles Todd.

Bragg to Alice Terry, 12 October 1949 (File)

Returns material on Sir Charles Todd.

Sir Kerr Grant (Adelaide) to Bragg, 22 May 1950 (File)

Seeks sources for lecture at Queensland University on life and work of Sir William Bragg.

Bragg to Sir Kerr Grant, 3 June 1950 (File)

Will send material including autobiography.

Bragg to Sir Kerr Grant, 8 July 1950 (File)

Lecture by Grant; Sir William Bragg had no interest in crystal structures in Adelaide.

Eileen Rogers (Adelaide) to Lady Bragg, 14 December 1950 (File)

Christmas greetings; visit to St Peter's College.

G.F. Dodwell (Adelaide) to Bragg, 30 March 1951 (File)

Seeks help to restore Adelaide Observatory.

Bragg to G.F. Dodwell, 18 April 1951 (File)

Memories of old Observatory; formal letter for use at public meeting on Observatory.

R.H. Chapman (Adelaide) to Bragg, 2 September 1951 (File)

Possible visit by Bragg to Australia; work on protein molecule.

R.H. Chapman to Bragg, 29 Nov. [1951] (File)

Proposed Australian lecture tour by Bragg.

Alice Terry (Bristol) to Bragg, 23 May 1952 (File)

Sends correspondence on article on overland telegraph; biography of Sir Charles Todd by Lorna Todd.

Bragg to E.J. Brereton (Melbourne), 16 September 1952 (File)

Thanks for information on Sir Charles Todd.

Eileen Rogers (Adelaide) to Bragg, 23 December 1953 (File)

Sends map of Adelaide University; Royal Institution.

Bragg to Eileen Rogers, 4 January 1954 (File)

Growth of Adelaide University.

Series Box 57. Correspondence, May 1957 - July 1965

20 items

Filmed selectively.

Bragg to M. Oliphant, 15 May 1957 (File)

Interest in lecturing in Australia; invites Oliphant to give Royal Institution discourse.

Jean Kidman to Lady Bragg, 8 July 1957 (File)

Sends letter from Lorna Todd in Adelaide.

Bragg to Jean Kidman, 12 July 1957 (File)

Invitation to visit Royal Institution.

Bragg to Sir Ernest Marsden, 26 March 1958 (File)

Congratulations on knighthood.

Sir Ernest Marsden (Lowry Bay) to Bragg, 5 April 1958 (File)

Acknowledgment; hopes Bragg will visit New Zealand.

Bragg to Sir Ernest Marsden, 15 April 1958 (File)

Seeks assistance to visit Australia and New Zealand.

I.J. Ball (Adelaide) to Bragg, 3 July 1958 (File)

Press report about Black Hamburgh vine growing at home of Sir Wallace Sandford in Adelaide.

Bragg to I.J. Ball, 9 July 1958 (File)

Recollections of vine.

I.J. Ball to Bragg, 18 July 1958 (File)

Thanks for information; meeting between Bragg and Sir Henry Simpson Newland.

Beatrice Beare to Bragg, 30 May 1960 (File)

Visit to England with Lilias Needham; letter from Lorna Todd.

Bragg to B. Beare, 31 May 1960 (File)

Invitation to Royal Institution Discourses.

Bragg to W.S. Bristowe, 24 November 1960 (File)

H. Messel; inquires about funnel-web spiders.

W.S. Bristowe to Bragg, 25 November 1960 (File)

Toxic power of funnel-web spiders.

W. Dargie to Bragg, 30 June 1963 (File)

Thanks for cooperation with portrait.

Bragg to W. Dargie, 9 July 1963 (File)

Requests photographs of portrait.

Correspondence between F. Carr and Bragg, November 1963 - March 1964 (File)

Photocopies and other materials on Sir Charles Todd. (7 letters)

Bragg to Alice Fisher, 9 June 1964 (File)

Thanks for view of old observatory in Adelaide.

Bragg to [J.S.C. Miller], 10 August 1964 (File)

Portrait by W. Dargie for St Peter's College.

Katherine O'Brien (Tokanni) to Bragg, 20 September [1964] (File)

Thanks for notes on connection of grandfather R.J. Bragg with S.S. Tararua.

Sir Mark Oliphant (Cambridge) to Bragg, 14 July 1965 (File)

Visit to England.

Series Box 62. Royal Institution Lectures, March 1950

2 items

Filmed selectively.

A.B. Hackwell (Australian Scientific Liaison Office) to Bragg, 1 March 1950 (File)

Will attend Bragg's Royal Institution lectures.

E. Marsden to Bragg, 3 March 1950 (File)

Thanks for tickets to Royal Institution.

Series Box 67. Letters on T.V. Series, 'The nature of things', December 1961 - February 1962

2 items

Filmed selectively.

P.P. Gastelaars (Hamilton, Victoria) to Bragg, 13 December 1961 (File 120)

Fireproof plastic.

Bragg to P.P. Gastelaars, 1 February 1962 (File 121)

Fireproof plastic.

Series Box 69. Overseas Visits, September 1960 - November 1960

2 items
Visit to Australia, October 1960 - November 1960 (File E)

Correspondence, May 1959-Dec. 1962, concerning arrangements for travel and lectures, visits to universities, research institutes and other bodies, social events, Einstein Memorial Lecture at Adelaide, election of Bragg as Honorary Member of Royal Society of N.S.W., and visit of Sir Mark Oliphant to Britain for Royal Society's Tercentenary celebrations. Principal correspondents are Sir Mark Oliphant (Canberra), H. Basten (Adelaide), A.L. Reimann (Brisbane), A.D. McRonald (Adelaide) and F.G. Lennox (Melbourne). Other correspondents include E.L. Allen (Brisbane), C.J. Connell (Brisbane), E.J. Drake (London), G.R.A. Ellis (Camden), Alice Fisher (Adelaide), R.D.B. Fraser (Melbourne), G.B. Gresford (Melbourne), C. Grimshaw (Brisbane), Sir Eric Harrison (London) D.K.R. Hodgkin (Canberra), Rita Knight (Sydney), H. Messel (Sydney), H.R. Millard (Sydney), C.J. Milner (Sydney), E.E. O'Farrell (Hobart), Sir William Oliver (Canberra), J. Reid (Somers, Victoria) F.H. Schubert (Adelaide), R.A. Smith (Armidale), J.R. Somerville (Armidale), Lorna Todd (Adelaide), H.C. Webster (Brisbane), F. White (Melbourne), N.F. Williams (Sydney), H. Wood (Sydney).

There are also notices of lectures, programs, itineraries, and notes on Sir Norman Jude, Sir Kerr Grant, Sir George Ligertwood, J. Melville and R.W. Boswell. (144 items)

Visit to New Zealand, September 1960 - October 1960 (File Q)

Correspondence, April 1959-Nov. 1961, concerning arrangements for travel, lectures and broadcasts, visits to universities and research institutes, social events, Rutherford Memorail Lecture at Canterbury University, conferral of Doctorate of Science by University of New Zealand and election of Bragg as Honorary Member of Royal Society of New Zealand. Principal correspondents are Sir Ernest Marsden (Wellington), R.S. Allan (Christchurch), K. Mees (Honolulu) and M. Wood (Wellington). Other correspondents include G. Arehey (Auckland), A. Bowman (Nelson), F.E. Cumming-Bruce (Wellington), Sir George Currie (Wellington), J.K. Dixon (Wellington), J.B. Earnshaw (Auckland), D.C.W. Florance, D. Hall (Auckland), R. Livesey (Taupo), D.C. Martin (London), J.T. Salmon (Wellington), P. Smithells (Dunedin), F.G. Soper (Dunedin), D. Studholme (Dunedin), W.H. Taylor (Cambridge).

There are also programs, itineraries, notes on New Zealand, and the text of the Rutherford Memorial Lecture, 'The development of x-ray analysis'. (158 items)

Series Box 77. Research Notes and Correspondence, October 1921 - March 1952

13 items

Filmed selectively.

D.C.W. Florance (Hong Kong) to Bragg, 2 October 1921 (File Box 77 B.114)

Thanks for information on x-ray equipment; Hong Kong University visit to Australia and New Zealand - changes since 1911.

J.M. Bruckshaw (Australia House) to Bragg, 11 June 1930 (File Box 77 D.114)

T.H. Laby; wishes to do geophysical research at Manchester University.

Bragg to J.M. Bruckshaw, 17 June 1930 (File Box 77 D.116)

Willing to offer facilities.

J.M. Bruckshaw to Bragg, 19 June 1930 (File Box 77 D.119)

Encloses scheme of research submitted to Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

H. Hirst (Melbourne) to Bragg, 9 April 1938 (File 102)

X-ray apparatus; research on lead alloys; difficulty in finding research students.

Bragg to H. Hirst, 25 May 1938 (File 149)

Sends notes on movement of atoms as crystal is distorted; glad Hirst enjoys Australia.

A.L. Thompson (Melbourne) to Bragg, 20 June 1938 (File 182)

Despatch of thesis. (cable)

A.L. Thompson. 'The wavetron - the wave-particle of radiation'. (19pp.) (File 184)
Bragg to C. Thompson, 22 June 1938 (File 186)

Need for A.L. Thompson to have university training and research experience before tackling fundamental physics problems.

Bragg to F. Ellis, 22 June 1938 (File 187)

Suggests A.L. Thompson take course at Melbourne University.

C. Thompson (Melbourne) to Bragg, 26 May 1938 (File 1-4)

Sends second instalment of thesis and notes by son, A.L. Thompson.

G.L. Rogers (Wellington) to Bragg, 26 February 1952 (File 63)

Meeting with D. Gabor; research; optical problems.

Bragg to G.L. Rogers, 25 March 1952 (File 64)

Hopes Rogers enjoys new post; suggests he consults S. Tolansky.

Series Box 93. Correspondence on Royal Institution Discourses, May 1954 - November 1963

3 items

Filmed selectively.

B.J. Bok (Canberra) (18 items), November 1960 - May 1961 (File 130-47)

Discourse: 'The southern Milky Way', 5 May 1961.

C. Pantin (Wellington) (13 items), May 1954 - November 1955 (File 21-33)

Discourse: 'The primitive nervous system', 18 Nov. 1955.

S.K. Runcorn (Newcastle upon Tyne; Adelaide) (24 items), June 1962 - November 1963 (File 92-115)

Discourse: 'How the continents drift', 18 Oct. 1963.