Guide to the Papers of William C.A. Vanneck Huntingfield, 5th Baron Huntingfield (as filmed by the AJCP)


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Created: 2018

Online Items

Series A. Correspondence, 1915 - 1941

Includes copies of Lord Huntingfield's letters.

Correspondence with Dominions Office re appointment as Governor of Victoria, 10 November 1933 - 27 March 1934 (File 1)

Correspondents include: A.Bromley, Sir Edward Harding, J.H.Thomas, Richard Linton (Agent General for Victoria), Sir Harry Batterbee...

Correspondence re Governor Generalship of Australia, June 1938 - July 1938 (File 2)

Lord Huntingfield (Canberra) to J.A.Lyons, 17 July 1938 (Item)

Re offer of Governor Generalship of Australia to himself, and to Duke of Kent. (2p.) (Draft, pencil)

Aides Memoire, 20 June 1938 - 24 October 1938 (Item)

Re meetings with Prime Minister and Dame Enid Lyons and Lord Gowrie re appointment of Dukes of Kent or Gloucester as Governor General and his own position as Governor of Victoria and possible appointment as Governor General. (11p., pencil)

Correspondence re Governorships of Madras and Rhodesia, 2 March 1937 - 12 November 1941 (File 3)

Correspondents include: Edward Hartington, Duke of Devonshire (Dominions Office); Lord Stanley (India Office); Sir Geoffrey Whiskard (London); A.Muirhead (India office); Lord Cranborne (Dominions Office). (43p.)...

Correspondence re appointment of Sir Winston Dugan as Governor of Victoria, October 1938 (File 4)

Correspondents include: Sir Winston Dugan (Adelaide); A.A.Dunstan (Melbourne); Eddy, Marquis of Hartington (Dominions Office); Lord Gowrie (Canberra); Lord Huntingfield. (Copies). (52p.)...

Correspondence with Lord Wigram and Sir Alexander Hardinge (Buckingham Palace), 31 August 1934 - 7 May 1938 (File 5)

Subjects include: betrothal of Prince George; visit of Duke of Gloucester to Australia; Lord and Lady Huntingfield's activities; British Medical Association Congress in Melbourne; visit to Gatton; European political affairs; death of George V; tributes paid to the King in Melbourne; coronation gift to George VI; coronation celebrations in Melbourne; Victorian politics; visit to Australia of Mrs Logue; appointment as Acting Governor General. (83p.)

Correspondence with Sir Edward Harding (Dominions Office), January 1915 - April 1938 (File 6)

Subjects include: visit to Australia of Duke of Gloucester; Victorian centenary celebrations; activities of Archbishop Mannix; communication with Dominions Office via Office of Governor General; Dormant Commission appointing Huntingfield Acting Governor General; use of civil uniform in Australian states; Sir Stanley Argyle's views on State/Commonwealth relations and honours system - his visit to London; appointment of Sir Geoffrey Whiskard as High Commissioner in Canberra; Empire Airmail scheme; visit to Queensland; photographs of Government House; ceremonial of assuming acting Governor Generalship; Major General Squires; delights of Canberra; pension rights. (90p.)...

Correspondence with Lord Gowrie (Canberra, Sydney and England), December 1937 - July 1938 (File 7)

Subjects include: visits by Lord Gowrie to Melbourne; federal politics; Lord Gowrie's visits to other states; death of Sir Murray Anderson and arrangements for Melbourne Cup week; recommending Sir Newman Morris for Honour; 'The [Federal] Labour Party are very disorganised'; Lord Gowrie's trip to Papua and New Guinea; arrangements for Huntingfield to become Acting Governor General during Gowrie's leave; expenses of Acting Governor Generalship; Lord Gowrie's activities in Britain - visit to Glasgow Exhibition 'the Australian exhibit was not very impressive', the King's interest in Australia, talks with Hankey on defence; Huntingfield's activities as Acting Governor General; Governorship of Madras; banking legislation; Squadron Leader F.W.Thomas. (126p.)...

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1 June 1934 - 27 January 1939 (File 8)

All letters to Huntingfield unless noted...

Lord Galway (Wellington) re visit by Princess Juliana, 23 February [n.y.] (Item)
Isaac Isaacs (Canberra) enclosing Dormant Commission, 1 Jun; 8 Jun 1934 (Item)

Includes response.

Telegram from Lord Huntingfield (Melbourne) to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester (London), 31 August 1934 (Item)
J.H.Thomas (Dominions Office), 3 January 1935 (Item)

Re invitation to Premiers of Australian states to Silver Jubilee celebrations.

Baden Powell (Tawonga), 23 January 1935 (Item)

Requesting Honour for C.A. Hoadley.

General Evangeline Booth (London) to Lord Huntingfield (Melbourne), 28 March 1935 (Item)

Regarding Huntingfield presiding over Salvation Army meeting.

Lord Huntingfield to Secretary of State, 2 April 1936 (Item)

Re political crisis in Victoria, result of election, activities of Country Party, new government formed by Dunstan. (blurred carbon copy)

Lord Huntingfield (Melbourne) to Baden Powell (Item)

Re refusal of Governor General to recommend Hoadley for Honour.

Baden Powell (Bentley) re Hoadley, 14 August 1935 (Item)
E.Tristram Crutchley (Canberra) re visit of Lyons to the Pope, disloyalty of certain Irish Catholics, 3 September 1935 (Item)
Baden Powell (Bentley and SS Mantola) that he will write to new Governor General re Honour for Hoadley, 15 October 1935 - 30 October 1935 (Item)
Ernest R.Pitt (Chief Librarian, Melbourne) enclosing translation of a Portuguese document creating Jacob Van Neck Admiral, 11 November 1935 (Item)
Lord Galway (Auckland) re visit for Melbourne Cup, 27 December 1935 (Item)
Sir Winston Dugan (Adelaide) re visit to Adelaide, 4 January 1936 (Item)
Sir Leslie Wilson (Brisbane) re taking a new oath of allegiance, 29 January 1936 - 7 February 1936 (Item)
Sir Winston Dugan (Adelaide) re court mourning, 16 February 1936 (Item)
Sir Leslie Wilson (Brisbane and Canberra) re visit, impressions of Canberra, 30 April 1936 - 5 May 1936 (Item)
Lord Galway (Wellington) that cannot visit Australia, 5 May 1936 (Item)
Lord Tweedsmuir (Ottawa) re marriage of Lord Huntingfield's daughter, 8 May 1936 (Item)
E. Clark (Canberra) to Lord Huntingfield, 12 May 1936 (Item)
Charles Bonham-Carter (Malta) to Lord Huntingfield, 29 May 1936 (Item)

Recommendation for Captain Curmi.

Lord Huntingfield to Charles Bonham-Carter (Malta), 30 June 1936 (Item)

Thanks for letter; Captain Curmi.

Sir Winston Dugan (Adelaide) re visit to Adelaide for show week, 2 June 1936 (Item)
Sir Leslie Wilson (Brisbane) re proposed tour of Northern Queensland, 3 June; 8 June 1936 (Item)
Sir William Irvine (Toorak) re Honour, 24 June 1936 (Item)
Unknown (Brisbane) to Charles [Unknown], 24 June 1936 (Item)
Sir Winston Dugan (Adelaide) re trips, 2 July 1936 - 29 July 1936 (Item)
Lord Galway (Wellington) re Dr Malcolm Sergeant, 20 August 1936 (Item)
Sir Philip Game (London) re Chief Inspector Duncan's report on Victorian Police matters, 7 September 1936 (Item)
Lord and Lady Huntingfield (Melbourne) to Lady Anderson (Sydney), 30 October 1936 (Item)
J.Latham and Sir James Barrett (Melbourne) re Honours; and recommending Dr J.Newman Morris for Honour, 2 January 1937 - 13 February 1937 (Item)
Reverend A.W.Ivory (Inglewood) re Ivory family, 30 January 1937 (Item)
Dorothy Haig (Toorak) that leaving for Tasmania, 8 March 1937 (Item)
Lord Tweedsmuir (Ottawa) regrets Huntingfield will not visit Canada, 27 March 1937 (Item)
Neville Chamberlain (London) glad Huntingfield is enjoying life in Australia, 25 August 1937 (Item)
Malcolm MacDonald (London) re death of Ramsey MacDonald, 6 December 1937 (Item)
Telegram from Lord Huntingfield, 21 December 1937 (Item)
Huntingfield to Malcolm MacDonald re Honour for Lady Bourchier, 4 January 1938 (Item)
Lord Lloyd (London) re affiliation of 21st (City of Melbourne) Squadron Citizen Air Force with 600 (City of London) Squadron, 10 January 1938 (Item)
Malcolm MacDonald (London) re Lady Bourchier; talks with De Valera, 26 January 1938 (Item)
Sir Winston Dugan (Adelaide) re leave in London; his new staff, 5 April 1938 (Item)
Dugan to Lord Huntingfield (Melbourne), 4 February 1928 (Item)

Thanks for kind message regarding Dugan's mother's death.

H Gobe (Melbourne) to Lord Huntingfield, 17 February 1938 (Item)
J.F.Giles (North Sydney) to Captain Bracegirdle (Canberra) enclosing copy of, 14 June 1938 (Item)
John Panico (Apostolic Delegate) to J.A.Lyons re 'unpleasant incident' at Levee on 9 June and that he was not invited to dinner at Government House, 13 June 1938 (Item)
J.A.Lyons (Canberra) re meeting of Federal Executive Council, 15 June 1938 (Item)
C.S.Bracegirdle (Canberra) to Dr Giles re circumstances of dinner given at Government House on 9 June. (Copy), 20 June 1938 (Item)
Joseph Giles (North Sydney) to Bracegirdle re position of Apostolic Delegate, encloses copy of, 22 June 1938 (Item)
John Panico (North Sydney) to R.G.Menzies (Canberra) re precedence to be given to Apostolic Delegate, 28 July 1937 (Item)
C.S. Bracegirdle (Canberra) to Dr. J.F. Giles (Sydney), 30 June 1938 (Item)
Sir James Barrett (Melbourne) re Honours, 1 July 1938 - 19 July 1938 (Item)
Dame Enid Lyons (Canberra) to Lady Huntingfield re her birthday message, 12 July 1938 (Item)
Warren Kerr (Kew) re masonic matters, 2 August 1938 (Item)
Huntingfield (Melbourne) to Sir Samuel Hoare (Home Office) re naturalisation of Werner Falk, 30 September 1938 (Item)
Harold [Unknown] (Caulfield) to Lord Huntingfield (Melbourne), 1 October 1938 (Item)
Baron Brabourne (Bengal, India) to Lord Huntingfield (Melbourne), 7 November 1938 (Item)
Samuel Hoare to Lord Huntingfield, 9 November 1938 (Item)
H.W.Conolly (Superintendent of Mails, Melbourne) re letter immersed in Katherine River following crash of Koranga on 18 January 1939, 20 January 1939 (Item)
J.A.Lyons (Melbourne) re Honour for Professor Scott, 27 January 1939 (Item)

Series B. Speeches, 1934 - 1938

Speeches (various topics), 27 March 1934 - 31 March 1936 (File 1)

Includes speeches at: Royal Empire Societies Reception, Veterans' luncheon, Royal Victorian Exhibition; Opening of St Andrew's Hospital; Christmas message; Box Hill - Opening of new Town Hall; ANZAC Day; Silver Jubilee State Banquet. (90p., indexed)

Speeches (various topics), March 1934 - March 1938 (File 2)

Includes speeches at: Lord Somers' Camp; St George's Day; Empire Day; Christmas message. (103p., indexed)...

Speeches (various topics), March 1938 - March 1939, undated (File 3)

Includes speeches at: Sesquicentenary celebrations, Sydney; English Speaking Union; ANZAC Day; Empire Flying Boat Service; Farewell Speech. (61p.)

Series C. Miscellaneous, 1931 - 1938

Itineries for visits; programmes, invitation, press cuttings (50p.), 1931 - 1938 (File)

Items of note include:...

Series D. Photograph Albums, 1933; undated

24 photographs of Government House, Melbourne taken by Commercial Photographic Co Pty Ltd (File 1)

Includes exterior and interior scenes.

Sara Venneck: photograph album (60p.), 25 September 1933 (File 2)

Subjects include: family snapshots; voyage to Australia on SS Maloja; crossing the line; official duties in Australia; Langi Willi; Findon Harriers; animals; visit by Duke of Gloucester; Luna Park, Sydney; Guide Rally 1935; Sorrento; Malta.

Brown Photograph Album. (46p. and 10 loose photographs) (File 3)

Family snapshots and official photographs...

Series E. Press Cuttings Albums, 1933 - 1939

Press Cuttings, December 1933 - March 1935 (File 1)

Subjects include: appointment as Governor of Victoria; new Governor's staff; arrival ceremonies; state dinners; official duties; opening of Parliament; Lady Huntingfield's activities; visit to Mildura; scout jamboree; installation as Masonic Grand Master. (195p.)

Press Cuttings, March 1935 - October 1937 (File 2)

Subjects include: opening of Parliament; defeat of Argyle ministry; Great Ocean Road; official duties of Lord and Lady Huntingfield; Royal Empire Society dinner; Country Women's Association meeting; visit to Gatton; Cup day; death of King; marriage of Honourable Sara Vanneck at Melbourne Cathedral; Royal Show; Vice Regal garden party; accession of George VI; coronation celebrations. (401p.)

Press Cuttings, November 1937 - April 1939 (File 3)

Subjects include: Melbourne Cup week party; centenary assembly of Presbyterian Church; official duties of Lord and Lady Huntingfield; visit from Lord Galway; ball at Government House; Ballarat centenary; appointment as Acting Governor General; Sir Winston Dugan; farewell visits. (217p.)