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Series 1. Biographical notes of the Marsden Family, 1765 - 1906

(1 packet)

Family Certificates (File)

Contains copies of birth and marriage certificates of Samuel Marsden (1765, 1793), baptism certificate of Jane Catherine Marsden (1808), and two letters to Bishop Samuel Marsden concerning Samuel Marsden's baptism certificate from the vicars of Rawdon and Calverley (1898).

Notes about Samuel Marsden, possibly by Jane Marsden, some of them in the handwriting of her daughter Anna Marsden (14pp.) (File)

Notes on the life of Samuel Marsden, possibly by Bishop Samuel Marsden (3pp.) (File)

(ms and typescript copies)

Proposed memorial window to the late Rev. Samuel Marsden at Farsley, Yorkshire (4pp.) (File)

Extract from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, Digest of Records, 1701-1892 (1893) concerning Samuel Marsden's work in relation to Norfolk Island (File)

Statement of the birth and death of Sydney Thomas Marsden (1835) and Catherine Elizabeth Marsden (1837), taken from a family Bible (File)

Postcard sent to Bishop Samuel Marsden (File)

Gives the date of the death of John Marsden (d. 1886) and two letters (1906) from John W. Walker (Wakefield) giving the baptism dates of Marsden family members of Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Notebook containing transcripts of letters (1894-1898) and documents about the life of Samuel Marsden. (File)

At the back of the notebook is a transcript of a letter (20 May 1827) by Samuel Marsden explaining his wife's relationship to Sir Cloudesley Shovell (d. 1707).

Notes about Samuel Marsden headed 'Simeon's memoir', with an extract from a letter from Marsden to Rev. J. Pratt (3pp.) (File)

Documents about the life of Samuel Marsden (File)

Comprises of extracts from the Act Book of the Diocese of Canterbury (1793), a letter from A.G. Peakett (Magdalene College, Cambridge) to Bishop Samuel Marsden (26 June 1898) and a letter from E. Salisbury (Public Record Office) to Bishop Samuel Wilberforce (7 July 1898).

Documents about the life of Samuel Marsden (File)

Comprises of two letters (Feb. 1894) from W.H. Suttor (Sydney) to Bishop Samuel Marsden and a letter from Harry W. Lee (London) to Bishop Samuel Marsden (9 June 1898), with extracts from the Act Book of the Diocese of Canterbury (1793-1794).

Series 2. Correspondence, 1810 - 1876

Subseries 1. Letters of Samuel Marsden, 1765 - 1838

Rev. Samuel Marsden (Parramatta) to J. Terry, 26 October 1810 (File)

Details: Marsden's return to Sydney; spread of education in most parts of the colony; departure of Catholic priests; qualities of Maoris; massacre of crew of the Boyd in New Zealand; need for a ship constantly to visit South Sea islands; goods that might be sold at Port Jackson...

Rev. Samuel Marsden (Parramatta) to A. Terry, 7 October 1812 (File)

Discusses: progress of the colony; plans to visit New Zealand; recommends to Church Missionary Society that a mission be established in New Zealand.

Rev. Samuel Marsden (Parramatta) to A. Terry, 25 June 1813 (File)

Discusses: despatch of colonial produce, including wool to Leeds; need for more clergy; climate, soil, timber and hemp of New Zealand.

Rev. Samuel Marsden (Parramatta) to George J. Frankland, 13 June 1825 (File)

Acknowledges books; theological matters; attack on Marsden in book by W.C. Wentworth.

Rev. Samuel Marsden (Parramatta) to Sarah Frankland (Newcastle), 1824 - 1826 (File)

Details: Pastoral letters; meeting with Capt. George Frankland in Sydney; his illness and death; Sarah Frankland's impending voyage to England. (4 letters)

Rev. Samuel Marsden (Parramatta) to his daughter Jane Marsden (Bathurst), 13 June 1826 (File)

The letter urges Jane to improve her studies; recommends that she read no novels but only the best authors on history and divinity.

Rev. Samuel Marsden (Parramatta) to Jane Marsden, 5 September 1826 (File)

Exhortatory letter.

Rev. Samuel Marsden (Parramatta) to Jane Marsden (Bathurst), n.d. (File)

Discusses the illness of her husband Thomas Marsden.

Rev. Samuel Marsden (Parramatta) to Jane Marsden, 9 January 1837 (File)

Discussess the improved health of Thomas Marsden and Marsden's impending visit to New Zealand.

Rev. Samuel Marsden (Parramatta) to B. Scott, 8 June 1827 (File)

Details: the Estate of Sir Cloudesley Shovell; rights of Elizabeth Marsden to property at Islington; family news; growing influx of convicts from England and Ireland.

Subseries 2. Letters of Charles S. Marsden, 1803 - 1868

Charles Marsden (St Mary's, NSW) to his sister Jane Marsden, 1851 - 1862 (File)

Family and personal news; property at Hull, Yorkshire. (3 letters)

Charles Marsden (St Mary's, NSW) to his nephew Rev. Samuel E. Marsden, 1863 - 1864 (File)

Discusses: property at Hull; power of attorney and financial matters.

Subseries 3. Letters of John Marsden, solicitor, 1842 - 1864

John Marsden (Wakefield) to his sister-in-law Jane Marsden (London), 1842 - 1864 (File)

Details: sale of property at Hull; power of attorney; financial transactions and family news. (18 letters)

John Marsden (Wakefield) to Rev. Samuel E. Marsden, 21 May 1862 (File)

Discusses the sale of Charles Marsden's property at Hull.

Subseries 4. Letters of John H. Challis, 1839 - 1858

John H. Challis (Sydney) to Jane Marsden (Parramatta, London), 1839 - 1848 (File)

Details: Challis's long association with Samuel Marsden; litigation involving Sir Maurice O'Connell; estate of Thomas Marsden; sale of bank shares; bill of exchange; property at Molong; cattle; Challis's success as a merchant; possible career of Samuel E. Marsden as a merchant; land prices; news of Marsden Family in Sydney. (4 letters)

John H. Challis (London) to R.T. & G. Want, 5 March 1858 (File)

Release of £1000 for Jane Marsden.

Subseries 5. Miscellaneous letters, 1819 - 1876

Unsigned letter to a correspondent in Cincinnati about a legacy left by Thomas Marsden (File)
E.M. Hope to her aunt Jane Marsden, n.d. (File)

Family news. (incomplete)

H.G. Robley (London) to Bishop Samuel E. Marsden, 29 Nov. ? (File)

Request by Thomas Hocken for a portrait of Rev. Samuel Marsden, together with postcards of old St John's Church, Parramatta, and Maori sketches by Robley.

Anne Marsden (Parramatta) to her sister Jane Marsden, 7 May 1819 (File)

Family and personal news.

B. Scott (Hull) to her cousin Jane Marsden, 14 June 1825 (File)

Family news.

S. Brown (Macquarie Plains, NSW) to Jane Marsden (Parramatta), 29 January 1828 (File)

Requests help with a purchase; personal news.

B. Scott (Hull) to Jane Marsden (Sydney), 23 April 1832 (File)

Jane's marriage; family news.

John Marsden (Wakefield) to his brother Thomas Marsden, 24 February 1833 (File)

Family news. (incomplete)

Jane Marsden to Thomas Marsden, n.d. (File)

Monies paid to children of Rev. Samuel Marsden. (incomplete)

J.S. Katter (?) (Wakefield) to Thomas Marsden, 24 April 1837 (File)

Personal news; illness of Thomas Marsden.

S. Brown (Brownlea) to Jane Marsden (Parramatta), 21 October 1837 (File)

Personal news.

Philip W. Flower (Sydney) to Jane Marsden, 29 April 1839 (File)

Settlement of affairs of Marsden & Flower; payments.

J. Terry (Hull) to Jane Marsden (London), 24 December 1841 (File)

Property of Mrs Scott.

W. Dealtry (London) to Jane Marsden, 15 January 1842 (File)

Arranging a visit; his friendship with Jane's parents.

Harriet A. Woolley (Sydney) to Jane Marsden, 3 February 1843 (File)

Personal news. (crossed)

H.H. Bobart (Parramatta) to his sister-in-law Jane Marsden, 4 September 1845 (File)

Estate of Sir Cloudesley Shovell, relative of Elizabeth Marsden.

David Chambers (London) to Jane Marsden, 1 May 1846 (File)

Sends copy of a note from H.H. Bobart; power of attorney.

W. Dealtry (Winchester) to ?, 3 August 1847 (File)

Enquiry about Eliza Marsden.

J. Terry (Hull) to Jane Marsden, 10 May 1856 (File)

Payment of monies.

J. Terry (Hull) to Jane Marsden, 13 May 1856 (File)

Proposed visit to Jane at Hereford.

[Rev. Thomas Hassall] (Denbigh, NSW) to his nephew Rev. Samuel E. Marsden, 20 April 1863 (File)

A visit by his aunt Elizabeth Bobart; vicissitudes of clerical life; income. (incomplete)

Elizabeth Marsden (St Mary's, NSW) to her nephew Rev. Samuel E. Marsden, 19 February 1869 (File)

Death of her husband Charles S. Marsden; financial matters.

J.K. Bowden (Sydney) to William Byrnes (Parramatta), 3 October 1876 (File)

Property of Jane Marsden.

Series 3. Legal documents and accounts, 1802 - 1902

Papers concerning a property near Molong, New South Wales, 1 January 1839 - 31 December 1902 (File)

Includes a bill of sale (1 March 1839), a lease of lands at Bathurst to John Betts (28 March 1840), a conveyance from Bishop Samuel E. Marsden to his son E. McL. Marsden (18 June 1901), a lease to H.C. Betts (25 April 1901) and papers concerning land on Molong Creek (1901-1902).

Property and cattle money notes (File)

Note containing amount of T. Marsden's property and Betts cattle money and note showing credit and debit between 1851 and 1854.

Conveyance of a farm or grant of land from Thomas Tynan to Rev. Samuel Marsden, 8 June 1802 (File)

John Betts to Thomas Smith and others, mortgage in fee, 28 March 1840 (File)

Probate of will of Thomas Marsden of Sydney, 22 August 1842 (File)

Papers concerning the estate of Catherine Fristan, mother of Elizabeth Marsden, 1843 - 1844 (File)

Expenses of Betty Scott for Rev. John Scott, 1834 - 1844 (File)

Costs on obtaining letters of administration of the effects of Elizabeth Marsden, 18 October 1844 (File)

Accounts of Jane Marsden with William Rutledge & Co. (Belfast), 1853, 1860 (File)

Probate of the will and codicil of Jane Marsden, 25 March 1886 (File)

Balance sheets of account of Charles S. Marsden with estate agent Charles S. Clarke (Hull), 1851 - 1862 (File)

There are 10 sheets covering the following years: 1851, 1852 (including letter from John Marsden to Jane Marsden, Wakefield, 10 Jan 1853), 1855, 1856, 1857 (including copy of letter Charles S. Clarke to John Marsden, Hull, 16 Jan 1857), 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1862.

Invoice from Clarke & Sons (Bristol) to Anna Marsden, January 1894 (File)

Series 4. Literary pieces

J. Marsden. The parting charge, a poem, c. 1826 (File)


Rev. Samuel Marsden. The husband's complaint, the wife's answer (File)

(manuscript verse)

Our first settlement, 1814, a study of Samuel Marsden in New Zealand (File)

(17 pp) (typescript)

Series 5. Newspaper cuttings

Obituary notice of William Morgan Crompton, Taranaki Herald, and pencil sketch of Egmont and foothills, including cottages and a pa (File)

Letter to a Norwich newspaper from J. Lawson-Sisson/Obituary of John Marsden (File)

Letter to a Norwich newspaper from J. Lawson-Sisson giving his recollections of the Marsden Family

The late Mrs Marsden [Jane Marsden]: special services at St Barnabas, Milltown, Bathurst Free Press, 1885 (File)

Cecil Rhodes' London ancestry, Daily Telegraph, 20 March 1902 (File)

Marjorie Irvine-Smith. Gustaf Weindorfer, 'Hermit of Cradle Mountain', Herald (Melbourne) (File)

Bishop Arthur Winnington-Ingram. A visit to New Zealand (File)

Illustration of Rev. E. Hulme-Moir presenting Capt. A.H. Davey of the Awatea with a picture of the ship that took Rev. Samuel Marsden to New Zealand (File)

Eric Ramsden. Link with Tahiti: the Hassalls of Cobbity (File)

Dora Wilcox. Samuel Marsden, a New Zealand poem (File)

Eric Ramsden. Samuel Marsden: his New Zealand journals (File)

Eric Ramsden. Wilberforce: Marsden letters discovered (File)

Cutting recording a cloak made from Australian wool presented to the King (File)

F.C.R. A Maori reformer (Ruatara, Marsden's Duaterra) (File)

Cuttings concerning the Marsden Cross, Oihi, near Kerikeri (File)

Illustration of a gathering at the Marsden Cross, Auckland Weekly News; The Marsden Cross unveiled by the Governor, New Zealand Herald, 13 March 1907; The altar erected at the cross; Illustration of the Marsden Cross, Auckland Weekly News, 1911; notice of unveiling of the Cross, Church Gazette (Auckland), c. 1907-1914.

Cuttings concerning Marsden centenaries (File)

Marsden's way, Sydney Morning Herald, 21 May 1938, Elsie K. Morton. The Christmas message, New Zealand Herald, 26 Dec. 1914, Marsden centenary: Town Hall meeting, New Zealand Herald, 16 Dec. 1914, A pilgrimage to Marsden's tomb: C.M.S. Centenary.

Cuttings about Marsden's birthplace, Farsley, Yorkshire (File)

Eric Ramsden. Marsden's birthday: new memorial at Farsley; Account of Marsden's contribution to early wool trade and approved memorial at Farsley, Nottingham Guardian, 1 July 1911; Rev. Samuel Marsden: the first missionary to New Zealand.

Cuttings concerning Parramatta (File)

A hundred years ago: New Year's time in Parramatta in 1799; Tin of sovereigns found at St John's parsonage, Parramatta; Marsden's Maori memorial in St John's Church Parramatta; Parramatta supplement, Sydney Morning Herald, 28 Oct. 1938.

Cuttings concerning Windsor (File)

Historic rectory at Windsor: a link with Samuel Marsden, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 July 1938; Link with Marsden: tablet unveiled in St Matthew's Church, Windsor; photograph of Eliza Betts, granddaughter of Samuel Marsden; Eric Ramsden. Marsden's Windsor: granddaughter's gallery, Sydney Morning Herald, 26 Nov. 1932; Illustration of the old rectory at Windsor.

Cuttings about Marsden's farm Mamre, St Mary's (File)

Memorial cairns: Blaxland and Marsden: ceremony at St Mary's, 11 May 1938; Frank Walker. Mamre, St Mary's: erected by Marsden.

Series 6. Pamphlets and leaflets

A sermon preached in the chapel of St Augustine's College on Sunday October 25, 1857, after the arrival of the intelligence of the death of the Rev. Charles Marsden Betts, curate of Goulburn, Canterbury (12 pp.), 1857 (File)

Mary Betts. Lines written on the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Rev. Samuel Marsden, Sydney (32 pp.), 1871 (File)

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Church in the Colonies, no. 5. Australia, part 1. Two journals of visitation to the northern and southern portions of his diocese by the Lord Bishop of Australia, 1843, London, (48pp.), 1846 (File)

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Church in the Colonies, no. 6. Australia, part 2. Two journals of missionary tours in the districts of Maneroo and Moreton Bay, New South Wales, in 1843. London, (46pp.), 1846 (File)

Church Missionary Society. Missionary Papers, no. 111 (3pp.), 1816 (File)

[Contains Marsden's account of his first Sunday in New Zealand]

Anglican Diocese of Auckland. The story of the Maori Mission (4pp.), 1905? (File)

St Augustine's College, Canterbury. Occasional Papers, no. 25 (12pp.), 31 October 1857 (File)

[Contains biographical notes about Rev. C.M. Betts]

Unveiling of the Marsden Cross at Oihi, Russell, Bay of Islands, on Tuesday, March 12th, 1907 by his Excellency the Governor. Order of proceedings, Auckland (4pp.), [1907] (File)

Archdeacon Philip Walsh. Proposed Marsden Cross. Extract from New Zealand Herald (4pp.), 14 October 1905 (File)

Series 7. Personal effects

Autograph book of Jane Marsden, 1 January 1835 (File)

With an inscription by her husband Thomas Marsden...

Diary of J. Marsden kept on the first part of a voyage from London to Sydney on the Nimrod (Capt. J. Hervie), 14 June 1827 - 19 August 1827 (File)

The entries are usually very brief, recording winds, seas, Marsden's sea sickness, sightings of porpoises and flying fish, and the crossing of the Equator. There are longer entries describing the visit to Funchal, Madeira.

Series 8. Portraits and photographs

G. Terry. Engraving of Rev. Samuel Marsden (File)

16.5cm x 11.4cm.

Photograph of the engraving (File)

14cm x 10cm.

G. Terry. Engraving of Eliza Marsden, wife of Rev. Samuel Marsden (File)

16.5cm x 11.4cm.

Photograph of Jane Catherine Marsden (File)

8.9cm x 5.7cm.

Photograph of Anna Marsden (File)

8.9cm x 5.7cm.

Photograph of Rev. Samuel E. Marsden in robes (File)

11.4cm x 8.2cm.

Photograph of Jane Marsden (File)

12.7cm x 8.9cm.

Tinted photograph of Jane Marsden (File)

8.9cm x 6.3cm.

Photograph of Rev. Samuel E. Marsden in robes (File)

11.4cm x 8.3cm

Photograph of Rev. Samuel E. Marsden in robes, seated (File)

13.3cm x 10cm.

Photograph of Rev. Samuel E. Marsden, seated (File)

8.9cm x 5.7cm.

Photograph of Rev. Samuel E. Marsden, seated at a table (File)

8.2cm x 5.7cm.

Photograph of Beatrice Marsden, wife of Rev. Samuel E. Marsden (File)

8.9cm x 6.3cm.

Photograph of Edward McLaren Marsden, aged 15, January 1886 (File)

8.9cm x 5.7cm.

Photograph of Anna Marion Marsden as a young girl (File)

8.9cm x 6.3cm.

Photograph of Anna Marion Marsden in her teens (File)

8.9cm x 6.3cm.

Photograph of Bishop Frederick Barker (File)

8.2cm x 5.7cm.

Photograph of Mary Jane Barker, wife of Bishop Frederick Barker (File)

8.9cm x 6.3cm.

Photograph of Marian Smith, sister of Beatrice Marsden (File)

8.2cm x 5.7cm.

Photograph of Percival Smith, husband of Marian Smith (File)

8.2cm x 5.7cm.

Avonbank, Bathurst, home of Jane Marsden, with Jane and Anna Marsden and another figure (File)

6.3cm x 10.8cm.

Avonbank, Bathurst, with Jane and Anna Marsden and two other figures (File)

6.3cm x 10.8cm.

Avonbank, Marsden, with five figures (File)

5.7cm x 10.1cm.

Bishopscourt, Bathurst (File)

9.5cm x 15.8cm.

Bishopscourt, Bathurst, with Bishop Samuel E. Marsden, Katie and Solomon (File)

6.3cm x 10.8cm.

Oihi and neighbourhood, Bay of Islands (File)

15.2cm x 20.9cm.

Series 9. Sermons

Although the sermons are unsigned, and only one is dated, the consistent handwriting suggests that they were all written by Rev. Samuel Marsden.

Sermon lacking first and last pages (File 1)

1 Kings, ch.13, v.30 (File 2)

Psalms, ch.16, v.8-11, 23 July 1815 (File 3)

Psalms, ch.26, v.12 (File 4)

Psalms, ch.42, v.5 (File 5)

Psalms, ch.51, v.5 (File 6)

Psalms, ch.106, v.10-12 (File 7)

Psalms, ch.143, v.2 (File 8)

Proverbs, ch.14, v.14 (File 9)

Isaiah, ch.26, v.3-4 (File 10)

Isaiah, ch.26, v.20-21 (File 11)

Isaiah, ch.49, v.6 (File 12)

Jeremiah, c.13, v.15-17 (File 13)

Haggai, ch.2, v.7 (File 14)

St Matthew, ch.11, v.28 (File 15)

St Matthew, ch.27, v.62-66 (File 16)

St John, ch.11, v.25-26 (File 17)

St John, ch.15, v.15 (File 18)

St John, ch.19, v.38-42 (File 19)

Acts, ch.2, v.37-39 (File 20)

Romans, ch.3, v.10-20 (File 21)

1 Corinthians, ch.10, v.12 (File 22)

Ephesians, ch.6, v.10 (File 23)

Colossians, ch.2, v.6-7 (File 24)

Hebrews, ch.4, v.1 (File 25)

1 Peter, ch.4, v.19 (File 26)

Series. Miscellaneous Notebook

Letter from G. A. Selwyn to S. E. M. Selwyn (File)

Amongst the papers of S. E. Marsden, Bishop of Bathurst, there is a notebook with letters inserted. One of these letters (undated, probably 1869?) is from G. A. Selwyn, Bishop of Lichfield to S. E. M. Selwyn speaks of himself as the 'spiritual grandson' of Samuel Marsden. Selwyn was one of the Bishops present at S. E. M's consecration, and one of S.E.M's sons was named Selwyn. (Anna Marsden to S.E.M., Bathurst, 18 February 1885). (2pp.)

Series 10. Papers of Bishop Samuel E. Marsden: Correspondence, 1842 - 1907

Letters to Bishop Marsden, 1842 - 1885 (File Envelope 1)

The subjects of the letters include family news, the deaths of John Betts (1852) and Mary Betts (1885), Marsden's studies, a proposal for Marsden to act as secretary of the Church Missionary Society in Herefordshire (1858), a memoir of his grandfather Reverend Samuel Marsden, Marsden's appointment as Bishop of Bathurst, clerical appointments, a visit of John R. Selwyn to Sydney, the formation of the Archdeaconry of Mudgee, addresses to the Synod, and All Saints College, Bathurst. The correspondents include his sister Anna Marsden (London, Bathurst), Mary Betts (Parramatta), Mary Flower, Joseph Fenn, Rev. John Venn (Hereford), E.M. Faithfull, W. Knight (Clifton), Bishop Frederic Barker (Sydney) and Bishop Alfred Barry (Sydney).

Letters and notes to Bishop Marsden, 1860 - 1907 (File Envelope 2)

The subjects include payments from the Marsden estates at Parramatta, Molong and Windsor, Marsden's appointment as Bishop of Bathurst, affairs of the diocese, his concerns about the huge extent of the Diocese (1870), clerical appointments, financial matters, the appointment of Samuel Thornton as Bishop of Ballarat (1874), the death of his mother Jane Marsden (1885), and Marsden's work in the Diocese of Gloucester. The correspondents include Archbishop Archibald Tait (London), Bishop Frederic Barker (Sydney), Bishop Charles Perry (Melbourne, London), Bishop Daniel Sandford (Hobart), Bishop Charles Ellicott (Bristol, Dundee) and Arthur Balfour (North Berwick).

Letters from bishops and others to Bishop Marsden, 1876 - 1906 (File Envelope 3)

The correspondents include Arthur Balfour (North Berwick), Sir George Bowen (Melbourne), Bishop Saumarez Smith (Sydney), Bishop Sydney Linton (Norwich), Edmund Warre, Archbishop Randall Davidson (London), Bishop Charles Ellicott (Gloucester), Bishop Edgar Gibson (Gloucester), Bishop George Browne (Bristol), Bishop Francis Chavasse (Liverpool), Bishop George Kennion (Wells), A. Montagu Butler (Oxford) and I. Mitchinson (Cambridge). The letters deal with the ordination of Australian bishops, the ordination of Marsden's son, confirmations, his work in the Diocese of Gloucester, the offer of an honorary canonry in Bristol Cathedral (1905) and the incomes of clergy.

Letters to Bishop Marsden inserted in a notebook, 1869 - 1898 (File)

The letters refer to Marsden's health, his relations with the Dean of Bathurst, John Marriott, the letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to Dean Marriott (1886), the appointment of a successor to Alfred Barry as Bishop of Sydney (1889), and Marsden's work in the Diocese of Bristol. The correspondents include Bishop Frederic Barker (Braemar), Bishop Alfred Barry (Mudgee), Archbishop Edward Benson (London), Alexander Gordon (Sydney), Bishop Josiah Pearson (Morpeth), Bishop Charles Perry (London), Bishop George A. Selwyn (London), Archbishop William Plunket (Bray, Ireland), Archbishop William Thomson (York), Bishop John Pelham (Norwich), H.C.G. Moule (Cambridge) and Bishop George Browne (Bristol).

Letters from Bishop Marsden to his mother Jane Marsden, 1842 - 1884 (File)

The letters refer to a visit to London, family and personal news, the jubilee of the Church Missionary Society, Marsden's visit to England (1876-1877), his presentation to Queen Victoria (1877), travels in France and Germany, his departure from Sydney and a voyage to Melbourne (1884). (12 letters)

Letters from Bishop Marsden to his sister Anna Marsden, 1844 - 1889 (File 6)

The subjects include family news, confirmations, Marsden's receptions at Mudgee and Bourke (1870-1871), the River Darling, and a visit to Dresden (1877). (8 letters)

Miscellaneous family letters, 1844 - 1886 (File 7)

The letters were mostly written to Jane and Anna Marsden and the correspondents include E.M. Faithfull (Headley), W. Knight (Clifton), C.G. Coombe (London), Joseph Fenn (Baldock) and Isabella and Seymour Thorne (Bristol). There are references to Samuel Marsden's schooling and his training for the ministry.

Series. Papers of Bishop Samuel E. Marsden: Miscellanea, 1849 - 1886

Fragments of a diary kept by Samuel E. Marsden, 2 December 1849 - 10 December 1849 (File)

Referring to his first Communion, the death of Queen Adelaide, a meeting of the Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews, and a visit to St Michael's Ragged School, Bristol.

Notarial act on the consecration of Samuel E. Marsden as Bishop of Bathurst, 29 June 1869 (File)

Archbishop A.C. Tait (Croydon) to Samuel E. Marsden, 17 August 1869 (File)

Creation of new See of Bathurst; mandate for licence issued by Colonial Office; position of Marsden as Bishop Designate.

Exercise book containing newspaper cuttings relating to Bishop Marsden and his diocese, 1869 - 1874 (File)

Address of welcome to Bishop Marsden from the Bishop and clergy of the Diocese of Sydney, n.d. (File)

Address of welcome to Bishop Marsden from the inhabitants of Brewarrina, August 1871 (File)

Address of welcome to Bishop Marsden from the parishioners of Bourke, 4 May 1880 (File)

Letters and papers concerning the question of precedence, as it affected the appointment of Dr John Marriott as Dean of Bathurst, 1883-85, 1883 - 1886 (File)

The correspondents include Rev. H. Macartney (Melbourne), Alexander Gordon (Sydney), Thomas a Beckett (Melbourne), Bishop Daniel Sandford (Hobart), Rev. I. Black (Wellington, New Zealand) and Bishop William Magee (Peterborough). There is also a cutting from the Church of England Record (Dec. 1885) and an extract from a letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury (22 Nov. 1886)

Cuttings from the Bathurst Daily Times and Bathurst Free Press concerning Bishop Marsden's departure from Australia, November 1885 - December 1885 (File)

Address to Bishop Marsden from the parishioners of Bourke on his final visit to Bourke, n.d. (File)

Address to Bishop Marsden from the Western Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society on the occasion of his departure for Europe, n.d. (File)

Marriage certificate of John Cunningham McLaren and Clara Sallis (parents of Beatrice Marsden) at St Peter and St Paul's Church, Aston, Warwickshire, 26 January 1838 (File)

First report of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, London, 1704 (File)

Reprinted by Richard Clay, 1853.