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Collections of Contemporary Medical Archives Centre (as filmed by the AJCP)
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1882 - 1984
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M2570 - M2574
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Australian Joint Copying Project
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Scope and Contents

The Australian Joint Copying Project filmed selectively from the papers of: Richard Philps of his experiences as a Royal Air Force Medical Officer in POW camps in Indonesia; physiologist Professor Ernest B. Verney, including manuscripts written at University of Melbourne; surgeon Alfred H. Tubby kept while serving with the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force; Sir Ernst Chain; physiologist Sir Edward Sharpey-Schafer; Grantley Dick-Read; Professor Sir George and Lady Pickering relating to a visit to Australia; Marie C.C. Stopes; Sir Edward Mellanby; Professor Percy C.C. Garnham; Sir Leonard Rogers; Abortion Law Reform Association; Lister Institute;

14. Research 1957-1974 of Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

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Archival History

Material selectively filmed at the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1989 (AJCP Reels: M2570 - M2574). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

Contemporary Medical Archives Centre. Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BP, England. For more information see the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre (

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The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at the National Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

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This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2018. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

Dates used in this finding aid refer to the date range of the records selected for filming rather than to the date range of the Series or Files.

Advisory Statement

Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this Finding Aid contains material and descriptive information which may be considered culturally sensitive and may cause distress, including names and images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people now deceased. This Finding Aid contains terms that reflect authors' views or those of the historical period, but which may not be considered appropriate today. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in an historical context.


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 109, pp.39-40.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Henry Wellcome (1853-1936) built up a medical museum and library which was opened to the public in 1949. The Institute (so called since 1968) houses the library and the academic research centre. The Contemporary Medical Archives Centre was set up in 1979.

Item Descriptions

Fonds G.C.25. Louisa Martindale, 1939 - 1947

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2570.

Related Materials

See also: obituaries in BMJ and Lancet, Feb. 1966 and W.I.H.M. Western Ms Collections. WMs 3470


Dunedin, New Zealand; New Zealand; Surgeons.

Biographical / Historical

Louisa Martindale CRE (1872-1966) was born in London, but spent her early years in Germany and Switzerland. She attended Royal Holloway College and the London School of Medicine for Women. From 1906 onwards she was in private practice in Brighton and in 1911 became the senior surgeon at the New Sussex Hospital. In 1923 she set up in private practice in London. She was active in the British Medical Women's Federation and was for five years secretary of the Medical Women's International Association. She was a pioneer of radium treatment for uterine and ovarian cancer in women.

Series B. Medical Women's International Association, 1939 - 1947

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Subseries B 1-10. Correspondence as President, March 1939 - July 1947
3 items
Correspondence, June 1939 - October 1939 (File B 3)
2 items
Susannah Sinclair, Sec. New Zealand Medical Women's Assoc. (Dunedin) to Dr Montreuil Straus, 30 June 1939 (Item)

Re obtaining entry into New Zealand for three refugee medical women to pursue Auxiliary Medical work. (copy)

Louisa Martindale (Forest Row, Sussex) to Lady Mackenzie, Australian Representative, 17 October 1939 (Item)

Re plans to close MWIA Secretariat in Paris for duration of the war.

Correspondence, September 1941 (File B 5)
1 item
Susannah Sinclair, New Zealand Medical Women's Assoc, (Dunedin) to Louisa Martindale, 27 September 1941 (Item)

Sending condolences on death of Dr Kate Campbell Mead.

Correspondence of Sec. Mm. Montreuil Straus arranged by country or organisation, March 1939 - July 1947 (File B 14)
11 items
Dr Marie J. Crowe (Kensington, London) to MWIA Secretary, (c May 1947) (Item)

Re that she wishes to attend MWIA congress in Amsterdam as Australian delegate.

The Secretary to Dr Crowe that as Australian representative she will have a seat on Council, 21 May 1947 (Item)
The Secretary to Dr Crowe requesting she forward a copy of the Australian national corresponding Secretary's report, 10 July 1947 (Item)
Dr Grace Stevenson (London) to Dr Montreuil Straus, 2 May 1939 (Item)

Re that Dr Spence-Sales is to represent New Zealand at the MWIA meeting.

Dr Montreuil Straus to Dr Stevenson, 23 March 1939 (Item)

Re her attendance at MWIA meeting.

Dr Stevenson (London) to Dr Montreuil Straus, c. April 1939 (Item)

Re that they are unable to attend meeting in Paris as New Zealand representative.

Dr Montreuil Straus to Dr Stevenson, 24 April 1939 (Item)

Re status of medical women in New Zealand.

(Dr Montreuil Straus)? to Dr Haldersen re error in report, 15 March 1947 (Item)
(Dr Montreuil Straus)? to Dr Spencer Sales (sic), (Richmond, Surrey) re attendance at MWIA meeting in Amsterdam, 15 May 1947 (Item)
Dr Dorothy Spence Sales regret that she will be only New Zealand doctor attending meeting, n.d. (Item)
Dr Montreuil Straus to Dr Dorothy Spence Sales requesting she forward report of New Zealand national corresponding secretary, 10 July 1947 (Item)

Fonds G.C.51. Richard Philps, 1983

Personal account of Richard Philps' experiences as a doctor in several working POW camps in Indonesia during WW2 was based on notes he made soon after the war.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2570.


Atomic bomb; Changi, Singapore; Japanese in Dutch East Indies; Japanese in Singapore; Philps, Richard; Prisoners of war; Surabaya, Indonesia: POW camp; Semarang, Indonesia.

Biographical / Historical

Richard Philps MBE (1914-1995) graduated in medicine in 1940 and joined the Royal Army Medical School. He was a prisoner of war in Java, Ambon and Singapore from 1942 to 1945. After the War he was a pathologist at University College Hospital, London. His book Prisoner doctor was published in 1996.

Prisoner Doctor: an account of the experiences of a Royal Air Force Medical Officer during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, 1942 to 1945. (131p.), 1983 (File)

Voyage to Singapore in January 1942; ordered to Java; fall of Singapore and Japanese invasion of Java; life in camps at Surabaya and at Semarany; illicit obtaining of medical supplies; voyage to Haruku to make landing strip - insanitary conditions at camp, dysentery and native remedies used; food rations; deficiency diseases; producing yeast; move to Ambon; smuggling of food into camp; return to Java on Maros Maru (half the prisoners died); journey to Singapore; working in docks; interned in Changi jail; hearing news of atomic bombs and capitulation of Japan; return to England.

Includes map of journeys, four water colours of Haruku, and photograph of Major in charge of Haruku camp, Sgt Mori Cassiama, interpreter, and senior British Officer. Squadron Leader Pitts.

Fonds G.C.72. Prof Ernest Basil Verney, 1957 - 1965

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2570.


Melbourne, Victoria; University of Melbourne; Physiologists; Verney, Ernest, Prof.

Biographical / Historical

Prof (Ernest) Basil Verney FRCP FRS (1894-1967) was born in Cardiff and educated at Tonbridge School and Downing College, Cambridge. He served in the Royal Army Medical Corps (1918-19) and the East London Hospital for Children before joining the Department of Physiology at University College, London, in 1921. In 1926 he became Professor of Pharmacology at University College. He moved to Cambridge in 1934 and was Professor of Pharmacology from 1946 to 1961. In his retirement he spent three years at the University of Melbourne.

Miscellaneous accounts, published and unpublished of experimental work, 1962 - 1965 (File 4)

Includes: Demonstrations: the isolated perfused adrenal of the dog, by E.B. Verney and Lesley Williamson. (Dept of Physiology, University of Melbourne) Abstract of paper presented at meeting held University of Melbourne. November 1962. Reports on research project 'Role of bronchial circulation in modifying the bronchomotor and vascular responses of the perfused isolated lungs of the dog', 1965 and 1964. (21p.)

Odd notes on experiments (31p.), 1962 - 1963 (File 5)

Melbourne: luncheon and dinner parties, 1947 (File 15)

Includes: list of luncheon guests, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 6 February 1957; list of dinner guests, Nuffield Foundation Australian Advisory Committee, 9 February 1957; notes for speeches. (17p.)

Speech presenting E.B. Verney for DSc at University of Melbourne, n.d. (File 16)

Includes: details of EBV's research at Melbourne University. (3p.)

Miscellaneous manuscripts and speeches, 1962 (File 18)

1 item

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

Commonwealth broadcast 'College and University' (13p.), 10 June 1962 (Item)

Fonds G.C.74. Prof Archibald Vivian Hill, c.1946-1950

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2570.



Biographical / Historical

Archibald Vivian Hill OBE FRS (1886-1977) was born in Bristol and was educated at Blundell's School, Tiverton, and Trinity College, Cambridge. He was a research fellow at Cambridge from 1910 to 1920 when he became Professor of Physiology at Manchester University. He moved to University College, London, in 1923 and from 1926 to 1951 was Foulerton research fellow of the Royal Society. He was the author of several books and was active in many organisations, including the Royal Society and the British Physiological Society. He was one of the founding fathers of biophysics and with Otto Meyerhof won the Nobel Prize in 1923.

Hedley Marston, CSIRO, Adelaide University to A.H. re government interference in working conditions, 19 April [c.1946-1950] (File GC/74/301832)

Fonds G.C. 87. Col Alfred Herbert Tubby, 1915

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2570.


Alexandria, Egypt; Gallipoli, Turkey; New Zealand; Surgeons; Tubby, Alfred.

Biographical / Historical

Alfred Herbert Tubby CB, CMG, MS, FRCS (1862-1930) was educated at Christ's Hospital and London University. He was appointed Senior Demonstrator in Physiology at Guy's Hospital. In 1898 he became surgeon at Westminster National Orthopaedic Hospital and held the post for over 30 years. He was the author of a number of works including Deformities; a treatise on orthopedic surgery (1986). A major in the Royal Army Medical Corps, Tubby was seconded to the British Mediterranean Force in 1915 and was stationed at Alexandria. He wrote of his wartime experiences in Consulting surgeon in the Middle East (1920).

Diary notes, 20 June 1915 - 31 October 1915 (File 1)

Gives more details than the published account; based on an original diary.

Includes: descriptions of voyage to Egypt; activities of Australian troops in Alexandria - 'Les enfants terribles of our forces'; treatment of wounded from Gallipoli in hospitals; insufficient medical supplies; journey to Gallipoli and life under fire; fierce fighting at ANZAC; wounded taken onto hospital ships; report on Clan MacGillivray, a former ANZAC troop ship as possible hospital ship; return to Alexandria and visits to Australian and New Zealand hospitals; Tubby orders 12 New Zealand men, who had been invalided home, to return to duty since they had recovered while awaiting transport; contrast between fitness of British and ANZAC men; problem of typhoid carriers returning to Australia.

(Typescript carbon copy 139p.)

Fonds PP/CRA. James Craigie, 1950 - 1953

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2570.



Biographical / Historical

James Craigie OBE, FRS (1899-1978) was born in Arbroath, Scotland, and was educated at the University of St Andrew's and University College, Dundee. In 1931 he migrated to Canada to become a research assistant at the Connaught Laboratories at the University of Toronto. He was secretary of the School of Hygiene (1935-45) and professor of virus infections (1946-47). During his Canadian years he studied a number of viruses, including typhoid and poliomyelitis. In 1947 he returned to Britain and joined the staff of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund where he did work on the preservation of tumour cells after freezing. He retired in 1964.

Correspondence with William Ewart Gye, January 1950 - November 1953 (File Items no. 56-66)

6 items

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

William Ewart Gye (1884 - 1952) was born William E Bullock but changed his name to that of his first wife in 1919. He was an exponent of the virus hypothesis of cancer and Director of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, 1936-1949. On his retirement he went to Perth, WA, on health grounds, but was able to continue his experimental work there together with his second wife, Ida Mann.

W.E. Gye (Nedlands) to J. Craigie re his bad health, 15 January 1950 (Item 62)
J. Craigie to Harold P. Rusch, Editor Cancer Research re misunderstanding that J. Craigie shares Gye and Mann's views, 20 July 1950 (Item 63)
W.E. Gye (Nedlands) to J. Craigie re WA laws on animal experiments, 14 February 1952 (Item 64)
Obituary notice for W.E. Gye written by J. Craigie and covering correspondence with Nature (7p.), October 1952 (Item 65)
William Ewart Gye obituary notice reprinted from Obituary notices of Fellows of the Royal Society Vol 8 (12p.) (printed), November 1953 (Item 66)

Includes details of Gye's work in Australia.

Press cuttings from Australian papers re William Gye & Mann (12p.) (Item No no.)

Fonds PP/EBC. Sir Ernst Boris Chain, 1964 - 1976

24 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2570.


Auckland, New Zealand; Australia: visits to; Australian National University; Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science; Beecham Research Symposia; Beecham Research Symposia; Chain, Sir Ernest; Dunedin, New Zealand; Florey Memorial Fund; Florey, Sir Howard, 1st Baron; Medical research; Melbourne, Victoria; New Zealand; Sydney, New South Wales ; University of Melbourne.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Ernst Boris Chain FRS (1906-1979) was born in Berlin and graduated in chemistry and physiology from the University of Berlin. In 1933 he migrated to Britain and obtained a position in the Department of Biochemistry at Cambridge University. In 1936 he was persuaded by Howard Florey to join the School of Pathology at Oxford University. The work they did together on penicillin led to their winning the Nobel Prize in 1945. In 1948 Chain moved to Rome where he set up a plant for antibiotic production and did further work on penicillin. From 1961 to 1973 he was Professor of Biochemistry at Imperial College, London.

Series A. Biographical And Personal, 1969

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Subseries A 7-174. Career Honours and Awards, June 1969
1 item
Receipt of Knighthood, 17 June 1969 (File A 114-146)
1 item
Sir Arthur Porritt, (Government House, New Zealand) congratulations on honour received, 17 June 1969 (Item A 134'P')

Series B. Research at Cambridge and Oxford, 1968 - 1969

2 items
Subseries B 68-72. Death of Lord Florey, February 1968 - March 1969
2 items

Filmed selectively.

MS and typescript draft for an appreciation (10p.), February 1968 (File B 68)

Includes appreciation given to Australian Associated Press.

Correspondence with Lord Blackett, Royal Society, re establishment of Florey Memorial Fund by Royal Society and Australian National University (23p.), 14 February 1969 - 12 March 1969 (File B 71)

Includes letter from Robert Pocock, BBC and transcript of tape recorded by Lord Florey in Australia c 1965 re his work on penicillin.

Series F. Industrial Consultancies and Collaborative Research, 1969 - 1975

3 items

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

Beecham Group Ltd.: Correspondence, May 1969 - July 1969 (File F 130-139)
2 items
Correspondence B, 17 July 1969 (Item F 130)

F.R. Batchelor, Beecham Research Laboratories (Brentford) re dates of Penicillin Symposia in Australia.

Correspondence S-W, 16 May 1969 (Item F 139)

G.J. Wilkins, Beecham Research Laboratories, (Brentford) re holding symposium on penicillin in Australia and New Zealand in order to boost sales. Includes 'Outline of symposia to be held in Australia, 1970. The semi-synthetic penicillins in hospital and general practice'. (8p.)

National Iranian Oil Co.: Correspondence, January 1975 (File F 270)
2 items
E. Chain to Dr A.H. Samii (Tehran) with travel plans for trip to Australia, 10 January 1975 (Item)
MS rough notes on impressions during flight across Australia to Singapore, and Bangkok (2p.), n.d. (Item)
Roche Products Ltd, February 1974 - 18 June 1975 (File F 326)
9 items
Dr J. Marks, Roche (London) re possible visit to Sydney for opening of Department of Marine Biology, 29 Feb 1974 (Item)
E. Chain to Dr Marks re recent visit to Roche Institute for Marine Pharmacology at Dee Why, 17 February 1975 (Item)
Dr J. Marks re successful trip to Sydney, 25 February 1975 (Item)
E. Chain to S Simpson, Managing Director Roche Institute for Marine Pharmacology re hospitality received on recent visit, 25 February 1975 (Item)
E. Chain to Dr J Baker, Research Director, Roche Institute for Marine Pharmacology re future research interests of the Institute, 25 February 1975 (Item)
J.T. Baker, (Dee Why) re visit to England, 4 March 1975 (Item)
J.T. Baker, (Dee Why) forwarding slides of coastal collecting expedition, 24 April 1975 (Item)
E. Chain to J.T. Baker, memories of the expedition, 19 May 1975 (Item)
J.T. Baker, (Dee Why) re visit to England, 18 June 1975 (Item)

Series J. Visits And Conferences, 1964 - 1975

16 items
Subseries J 58-68. Visits And Conferences, October 1964
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Sydney D. Rubbo, Bacteriology Dept, Univ of Melbourne, inviting E. Chain to official opening in 1965 of new School of Microbiology, 27 October 1964 (File J 68)
Subseries J 99-111. Aspects of Infection, February 1970 - September 1970
11 items

Beecham Research Symposia held in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne, April 1970.

Chain gave opening and closing address at each symposium on 'The semi-synthetic penicillins - an introduction' and 'Prospects in Anti-infective Therapy' respectively. His own conference paper 'Advances in the understanding of the mechanism of penicillin allergy' was published in the proceedings. (J 111) During the visit he addressed various biochemical/medical society meetings on the history of penicillin, and attended various dinners and celebrations.

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

Programmes, timetables, itinerary, biographical notes (17p.) (File J 99)
Correspondence with organisers at Beecham, colleagues and friends re conference. Chain's participation contributions, travel arrangements (24p.), September 1969 - January 1970 (File J 100)

Correspondents include: G J Wilkins (London); F Rowland (Moorabbin); Eric Knudsen (London); Bernard Lake (Moorabbin).

Correspondence, February 1970 - June 1970 (File J 101)

Correspondents include: Sir Charles Dodds (London); F Rowland (Moorabbin); A Landa (Agent General, NSW); Asher Joel (Sydney); A J Melrose (Moorabbin). (34p.)

Material re dinner in Auckland, N.Z., 2 April 1970 (File J 102)

10p menu, guest list, his draft speech, correspondence re arrangements from W.G. MacDonald (Beecham's, Auckland)

Ms draft speech in Australia (re medical research in Australia) (3p.), n.d. (File J 103)
Correspondence re Hong Kong and Bangkok. Press cuttings re Fiji, 16 March 1970 (File J 104)
2 items

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

Press cutting re Fijian education (Item)
A Landa (Agent General, NSW) to EC enclosing copies of letters from Kenneth Fung Ping Fan (Hong Kong) and Horace Kadoorie (Hong Kong) re visit by E.C, 16 March 1970 (Item)
Scientific correspondence with colleagues re visit, 1970 (File J 105)

Items of interest include:

E.G. McQueen (University of Otago, Dunedin) re diagnosis of penicillin allergy.

Douglas D Smith (Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick) re Fleming's work on penicillin.

E.C. to Smith re Fleming.

Filmed selectively.

E.C.'s letters of thanks on return, April 1970 - September 1970 (File J 106)
9 items

Filmed selectively.

To Sir MacFarlane and Lady Burnet (Kew) re visit to New Guinea and impressions of Australia, 7 May 1970 (Item)
To Sir Hugh Ennor (Canberra) re journey home, visit to CSIRO, impressions of Australia, 7 May 1970 (Item)
Bill MacDonald (Beechams, Auckland) re E.C.'s contribution to symposium, 21 April 1970 (Item)
To Bill MacDonald re impressions of New Zealand, 30 April 1970 (Item)
A.J. Melrose (Beecham's, Moorabbin) re visit, 16 September 1970 (Item)
To Melrose on his leaving Beecham, 9 September 1970 (Item)
A.J. Melrose re leaving Beecham, 1 September 1970 (Item)

Includes letter to F Rowland (Beecham's, Moorabbin) re success of visit, [1 May 1970].

To F Rowland re receipt of souvenirs, 21 May 1970 (Item)
F Rowland re souvenirs, 2 July 1970 (Item)
Xerox of letters written on behalf of E C by A J Melrose (Beecham's, Moorabbin) to Doctors and officials who met E C on his visit to Papua New Guinea. 31p, 1 May 1970 (File J 107)
Transcript of recording of Chain's lecture, 'Thirty years of Penicillin Therapy in Perspective' given at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne (typescript, 17p.), 1970 (File J 108)
2 items
Bernard Lake (Beecham, Moorabbin) to E. Chain re publication of lecture, n.d. (recieved 26 May 1970) (Item)
E. Chain to Lake that paper is not to be published, 28 May 1970 (Item)
Ms and typescript drafts of Chains paper on Penicillin allergy and editorial correspondence (40p.), June 1970 - August 1970 (File J 109)

Correspondents include: H Smith (Beecham's, Betchworth) Bernard Lake (Beecham's Moorabbin).

Subseries J 152-155. 46th Congress of Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science. Canberra, July 1974 - April 1975
4 items

Chain was president, Pharmaceutical Sciences Section and gave presidential address 'The Pharmaceutical Sciences, Government and the People'. (Bibliog. 171)

Correspondence re Congress: travel arrangements, publications, letters of thanks, July 1974 - March 1975 (File J 152)

Correspondents include: Cecil A Gibb (ANU); L F Dodson (Canberra); Dr R.A. Anderson (University of Sydney); I McD Cook (Sydney); Anthony Legg (Kelmscott); G.M. Badger (Canberra). (34p.)

Programme and abstracts of Congress; press statements by Chain; press notices (41p.), January 1975 - April 1975 (File J 153)
The Pharmaceutical sciences, government and the people'. Chain's presidential address. Ms and annotated typescript (39p.) (File J 154)
Two typescript versions (not identical) of J 154 (33p. and 30p.) (File J 155)

Series K. Correspondence, 1971 - 1976

2 items
Pop - Por, January 1971 (File K 188)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

E. Chain to Sir Arthur Porritt (Wellington) re visit to NZ of Hugh Ford, 18 January 1971 (Item)
Sir Arthur Porritt (Wellington), acknowledging letter, 28 January 1971 (Item)
Australian Research Grants Committee, 17 August 1976 (File K 330)

K.E. Creech (Woden) to E. Chain re assessments he did for ARGC.

Fonds PP/ESS. Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer, 1882 - 1934

18 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2571.


Dunedin, New Zealand; Gold and Goldfield: Western Australia; Malcolm, John; Martin, Sir Charles; Melbourne, Victoria; New Zealand; Physiologists; Schafer, Sir Edward; Sharpey, Ernest; Singapore; Sydney, New South Wales .

Biographical / Historical

Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer FRS (1850-1935) was born in London and educated at University College School and University College, London. He joined the staff of University College in 1871 and was appointed professor of physiology in 1883. He was elected to the chair of physiology at Edinburgh University in 1899 and held the post until 1933. He was one of the founders of the Physiological Society and for 25 years edited the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology. He was President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1929-34).

Series B. Correspondence With British Colleagues, 1891 - 1934

7 items
Barcroft - Bosman, 16 January 1919 (File B 25)

Filmed selectively.

Sir James W Barret (London), to E.S.S. that leaving soon for Australia, 16 January 1919 (Item B 25/8)
J. Argyll Campbell, 22 March 1914 - 28 December 1934 (File B 28)

Comprises: 15 letters to E.S.S. from J Argyll Campbell, (School of Medicine, Singapore; Fremantle and London) Subjects include: administration problems of the school; voyage to Brisbane on Montoro; his research with monkeys; account of the mutiny in Singapore (letter 5, 20 April 1915); news of colleagues; visits to family in Australia; influenza epidemic in Singapore; attendance on Royal Commission to Trengganu.

Madden - Marjoribanks, 26 May 1905 - 27 November 1932 (File B 45)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

12 letters to E.S.S. from John Malcolm, (University of Otago, Dunedin and Aberdeen), 26 May 1905 - 27 November 1932 (Item B 45/2-13)

Subjects include: his lecture course and conditions of work at the university; his research on the pituitary; marriage to Miss Simpson of Dunedin; voyage back to New Zealand with a cage of white rats to be used in experiments on vitamins; membership of Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Martin - Meldola, 23 July 1891 (File B 47)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Sir Charles J Martin (University of Sydney) to E.S.S. that he likes Sydney and is working with Professor Wilson, 23 July 1891 (Item B 47/1)
Robertson - Rutherford, 2 August 1923 (File B 55)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Ray Russell Jones (Randwick) to E.S.S. that he is successfully practising in a suburb of Sydney, 2 August 1923 (Item B 55/15)
Stokes - Symes, 9 January 1891 - 28 June 1919 (File B 58)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

10 letters Sir (Thomas Peter) Anderson Stuart, (Dumfries, London, Sydney University, Double Bay) to E.S.S, 9 January 1891 - 28 June 1919 (Item B 58/4-13)

Subjects include: University administration, his research, problems of library provision; sending animal specimens; his health; cost of living after the war.

Walshe - Williams, 13 January 1892 - 10 February 1903 (File B 64)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

David A Walsh (Rose Bay) to E.S.S. re visit to Blue Mountains; his working conditions at the University, 10 February 1903 (Item B 64/9)
W Carnac Wilkinson (London) to E.S.S. re his trip to England trom Sydney to marry an Australian, 13 January 1892 (Item B 64/11)

Series E. Edinburgh Chair Of Physiology, 1914 - 1933

4 items
Sharpey-Schafer Lectureship: Letters in response to the Appeal, 1933 - 29 November 1933 (File)
1 item

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

John Gibson (Brisbane) enclosing contribution, 29 November 1933 (Item E 3/29)
80th Birthday Celebrations, 2 May 1930 (File E 18)
1 item

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

John Malcolm (Dunedin) to Professor Evans and E.S.S. re celebration dinner to be held by Physiological Society, 2 May 1930 (Item E 18/3-4)
British Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting in Australia, 1914 (File E 23)


E.S.S. complimentary B.A.A.S. pass; January - April 1914 correspondence with Anderson Anderson & Co, London, re accomodation on board Orvieto; plans of Orvieto, Otway and Katori Maru; passenger list of Orvieto; booklet on Orient Line Fleet; ticket; B.A.A.S. 84th Annual Meeting Progamme; Programmes and information booklets for Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide sessions of B.A.A.S.; invitations to receptions and dinners; List of excursions arranged for visiting members of B.A.A.S. and notes on other places of interest [in Victoria]; bill and receipt from Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

40 items. (176p.)

British Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting in Australia, 1914 (File E 24)
6 items

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

Maps of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Batavia and Sourabaya were not filmed by the AJCP.

Booklet on Java (48p.), 1913 (Item E 3/1)
Burns Philp & Co suggested sightseeing itinerary for E.S.S. in Java (3p.), 24 August 1914 (Item E 3/2)
Hotel Bellevue, Buitenzorg Bill (Item E 3/3)
NSW Excursions arranged for members of B.A.A.S. Sydney (78p.), 20 August 1914 - 26 August 1914 (Item E 3/8)
B.A.A.S. Information lists for use of overseas members and others Sydney session (26p.) (Item E 3/10)
Quarantine notice, Sydney (1p.) (Item E 3/11)

Series P. Personal, 1885 - 1914

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Letters from brother Ernest and sister Victoria, October 1891 - April 1914 (File P 3)
2 items
Letters and Christmas card to E.S.S. from brother Ernest, (Perth, Gilgerring, Murchison Gold Field, Lawlers Gold Fields, Blackrange), 14 October 1891 - 5 December 1905 (Item P 3/1-9)

Subjects include: Voyage to Fremantle on Gulf of Marlaban; impressions of Fremantle and Perth; discovery of gold at Murchison; employment as carpenter making gates; experience of bush fire; his medical expertise; working on goldfields as carpenter and nursing typhoid patients; plans to return to England; sending pressed flowers and seeds. (30p.)

Cuthbert Cobb (Sandstone) to E. Sharpey-Schafer, 12 April 1914 (Item P 3/10)

Re death of Ernest and local suspicions as to Cobb's knowledge of a will and valuables; contents of Ernest's box - medical textbooks, dental forceps and other medical instruments, carpentry tools, Australian Aboriginal spears, letters, clothing etc; Ernest's character and life in Australia; how Cobb received the news of Ernest's death from Indigenous Australians of Darlot tribe; description of Ernest's illness and death. (30p.)

Correspondence with cousins and German relatives, March 1908 - October 1912 (File P 5)
2 items
William Henry Brown (Colac) to E.S.S. family news, 27 March 1908 (Item P 5/1)
W.H. Brown (Colac) to E.S.S. his attempted transplant operation of glands into patient with Addison's disease, 16 October 1912 (Item P 5/2)
Letters from Maud (wife), August 1885 - September 1885 (File P 7-20)
2 items
Maud (London) to E.S.S. re marriage and death of Geraldine Brown and enclosing, 22 September 1885 (Item P 13/6)
William H Brown (Victoria) to E.S.S. re death of his wife, 10 August 1885 (Item P 13/7)
Letters of condolence on death of Maud Schafer, December 1896 (File P 34-40)
1 item
Sir Charles J Martin (Melbourne) to E.S.S. that has just transferred trom Sydney, 10 December 1896 (Item P 40/12)

Series PHO. Photographs, 1882 - 1916

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Anderson Stuart, 1882 (File P 98/PHO 15173)

14.2cm x 10.2cm by Fred Hollyer, London.

Biographical / Historical

Australian physiologist (1856 - 1920)

Anderson Stuart, 1882 (File P 98/PHO 15174)

14.4cm x 10.1cm, Hollyer.

Biographical / Historical

Australian physiologist (1856 - 1920).

Album, 1912 - 1916 (File P 108/PHO 15918)

Filmed selectively.

[p. 26-29] Views of Malaya and Penang, 1913.

[p. 34-43] Views of Adelaide; Dr Barrett, Melbourne; Margaret Brown, Melbourne, Sydney, Toowoomba; Sir David & Lady Hardie, Brisbane; Magnetic Island Townsville, Port Darwin, Singapore, Penang, 1914.

Fonds PP/GDR. Grantley Dick-Read, 1947 - 1959

20 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2572.


Australia; Dick-Read, Grantley; Dunedin, New Zealand; Family planning; Gallipoli, Turkey; Melbourne, Victoria; New Zealand; Singapore; Sydney, New South Wales ; University of Melbourne.

Biographical / Historical

Grantley Dick-Read MD DSc (1890-1959) was born at Eccles, Suffolk, and educated at Bishops Stortford College and St John's College, Cambridge. He joined the Royal Army Medical Corps in 1914 and served at Gallipoli and France. After the War he established a practice at Woking, Sussex, with consulting rooms in London. He was the author of Natural Childbirth (1923) and Revelation of Childbirth (1942) and his books and articles were translated into many languages. He maintained a vast correspondence with mothers, but he had poor relations with the medical establishment and was denied public honours.

Series B. Medical, 1952 - 1958

1 item
Cerebral Palsy: notes, cuttings from Sister Joyce Macpherson [Mrs Nott], Western Australia (79p.), 1952 - 1958 (File B 49)

Items of interest include:

Joyce Nott, (Goswells, WA) to D.R. re incidence of cerebral palsy in USA. [19 October 1958].

Report on [birth practices] at King Edward Memorial Hospital Subiaco, WA (3p.) [1956].

Letters to Joyce Macpherson from Western Australian mothers on their experiences of natural or induced/drugged birth. [November 1953].

Sister Covell, (Lightning Ridge) to Macpherson re non incidence of mentally handicapped babies in Lightning Ridge. [7 May 1953].

Newspaper cuttings on drugless childbirth in WA (13p.) [May-June 1952].

Draft articles by Joyce Macpherson detailing her experiences of drugged childbirth and the case for natural childbirth. (typescript with Ms annotations)

Series D. Natural Childbirth Correspondence, 1947 - 1959

17 items
Mothers - British Commonwealth, November 1948 - September 1954 (File D 85)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

Dick-Read to Mollie Corkran, (Taiping) with family news, 22 November 1948 (Item)
Mollie Corkran (Taiping) to Dick-Read re life in Malaya, 11 November 1948 (Item)
Dick-Read to Mrs Dorothy J Sharp (Singapore) acknowledging her letter, 14 September 1954 (Item)
Mrs Dorothy Sharp (Singapore) to Dick-Read with her experiences of childbirth, 7 September 1954 (Item)
New Zealand, c.1947-1956 (File D 94)

Correspondents include: Elsie Brown (Hastings); B.R. Clarke (Hawkes Bay); Miriam Corban (Auckland); G. Dobbs (Wellington); Joan Henderson (Onewhero); M.G. Goodare (Auckland); Eva Hoffman (Auckland); Phyllis Hudson (Gisborne); Norma Jacobs (Christchurch); Frances Judd (Auckland); Jocelyn Martin (Wellington); Joan Matheson (Papakura); J.M. Moody (Masterton); Joyce Nichols (Wellington); Audrey North (Nelson); Jeanne Oliver (Auckland); Joan Pardon (Napier); S.A. Rankin (Napier); Sheila Stewart (Auckland).

Subjects include: their experiences of childbirth, medical practices in New Zealand; doctors and nurses who were sympathetic/antagonistic to Dick-Read's methods; carbon copies of Dick-Read's replies are attached. (99p.)

Mothers - British Commonwealth From 1957: A-G, July 1956 - July 1958 (File D 95)
17 items

Filmed selectively.

Disillusioned (Melbourne) protesting at D-R film of African childbirth, n.d. (Item)
D-R to Cecily M Anthoness (West Wyalong), with advice on birth, 21 May 1958 (Item)
Cecily Anthoness (West Wyalong) to D-R re problems of giving birth in a small country town, 27 February 1958 (Item)
Secretary to D-R, to Daphne Calvert-Smith re his preference for home births, 6 November 1957 (Item)
Daphne Calvert-Smith, (Devonport, Tas) to D-R re Australian practice of hospital births, 11 October 1957 (Item)
D-R to Penelope Collins, ack, 21 July 1958 (Item)
Penelope Collins, (Lutong, Sarawak) to D-R re birth of daughter, 29 June 1958 (Item)
Mrs Dunstan (Toorak) to D-R re death of husband, 23 May 1957 (Item)
D-R to Mrs Dunstan re friendship with Cpt Dunstan VC of Lone Pine, 8 March 1957 (Item)

Includes telegram from Dick-Read to Mrs Dunstan. [5 March 1957].

W Dunstan (Toorak) to D-R with family news and visit to Emma King, 18 February 1957 (Item)
Emma S King (Albert Park) to Dunstan re his visit and efforts to bring D-R to Australia to lecture, 22 December 1956 (Item)
D-R to Dunstan requesting he visit Mrs King; he is unlikely to get to Australia, 28 November 1956 (Item)
W Dunstan (Toorak) to D-R re journey back to Australia, 25 October 1956 (Item)
D-R to Dunstan re coincidental meeting, 12 July 1956 (Item)
W Dunstan (London) to D-R re attendance at function at Australia House given by P M Menzies, 2 July 1956 (Item)
D-R to Phyl Gardner with news of old friends and hopes to visit New Zealand, 16 March 1958 (Item)
Phyl Gardner (Taupo) re life in Taupo, 24 February 1958 (Item)
Mothers - British Commonwealth From 1957: H-M, March 1957 - November 1958 (File D 96)
21 items

Filmed selectively.

D-R to S Harris re showing of his film on television, 9 March 1957 (Item)
S Harris (Dandenong, Vic) to D-R re his film, n.d. (Item)
D-R to Marion Harvey ack, 14 August 1958 (Item)
Marion Harvey (Sydney) to D-R re her childbirth experience, n.d. (Item)
D-R to Colleen Jenkins ack, 26 November 1958 (Item)
Colleen Jenkins (Gillenbah) to D-R re her childbirth experience, 13 November 1958 (Item)
D-R to Colleen Jenkins hopes to visit Australia, 5 May 1958 (Item)
Collen Jenkins (Gillenbah) to D-R re reactions to natural childbirth in Australia, 21 April 1958 (Item)
Secretary to D-R to Colleen Jenkins re D-R return home, 27 December 1957 (Item)
Colleen Jenkins (Gillenbah) to D-R re possible formation of Natural Childbirth Association in NSW., 10 December 1957 (Item)
D-R to Colleen Jenkins suggesting she contact Mrs Nott of Natural Childbirth Association of Western Australia, 6 September 1957 (Item)
Colleen Jenkins (Gillenbah) to D-R that she wishes to start a Natural Childbirth Association in NSW., 26 August 1957 (Item)
D-R to Colleen Jenkins ack, 7 August 1957 (Item)
Colleen Jenkins (Gillenbah) to D-R re her childbirth experiences and opposition of medical staff to natural methods, 25 July 1957 (Item)
D-R to Frances Judd ack, 24 July 1958 (Item)
Frances Judd (New Zealand Association for Tall Women, Auckland) to D-R sending newsletter, 20 May 1958 (Item)
Correspondence with Mrs H J Ligtermoet, (Applecross, WA) re her Midwifery Centre and visit to Holland and England (9 letters), 24 March 1959-7 Sept 1958 (Item)
Secretary to D-R to Margaret Moyse ack, 14 November 1957 (Item)
Margaret Moyse (Magill, SA) to D-R re birth of son, 5 November 1957 (Item)
D-R to Margaret Moyse ack, 17 April 1957 (Item)
Margaret Moyse (Magill, SA) to D-R re opposition of medical profession to natural childbirth, 12 April 1957 (Item)
Mothers - British Commonwealth From 1957: P-R, July 1957 - February 1958 (File D 97)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

D-R to Gwen Pillar, suggesting she contact Dr Roland Beard, 5 February 1958 (Item)
Gwen Pillar (Adelaide) to D-R that his methods are unknown in Adelaide, n.d. (Item)
D-R to Jean Rosenberg re her 'foolish' letter, 15 August 1957 (Item)
Jean Rosenberg (Sorong, PNG) to D-R that he is spreading a falsehood, 25 July 1957 (Item)

Includes letter from Sheila K. Smith to Mrs Rosenberg. [6 August 1957].

Mothers - British Commonwealth From 1957: S-W, July 1957 - October 1958 (File D 98)
13 items

Filmed selectively.

D-R to Evelyn Sung ack, 18 March 1958 (Item)
Evelyn Sung (Brunei) re expectant birth, 10 March 1958 (Item)
D-R to Kath Symonds ack, 6 August 1958 (Item)
Kath Symonds (Adelaide) to Mrs King re childbirth experiences, 29 March 1958 (Item)
D-R to Kath Symonds suggesting she contact Mrs King, 20 August 1957 (Item)
Kath Symonds (Dernancourt) to D-R trying to find doctor in South Australia who practices his methods, 30 July 1957 (Item)
Bridget Tothill (Nelson) to D-R re Facing the Facts by B Ristori, 31 October 1958 (Item)
D-R to Bridget Tothill ack, 16 May 1958 (Item)
Bridget Tothill (Nelson) that now a matron of a hospital, 6 May 1958 (Item)
Secretary to D-R to Anne Udy ack, 22 January 1958 (Item)
Anne Udy (Armidale) to D-R re birth of fourth child, 11 January 1958 (Item)
D-R to Anne Udy re impending child birth, 7 October 1957 (Item)
Anne Udy (Armidale) to D-R re her childbirth experiences, 26 September 1957 (Item)
Doctors - British Commonwealth From 1947: A-C, April 1947 - April 1959 (File D 188)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Dr M Bevan Brown, (Christchurch) re his book, suggests D-R visits New Zealand. 7 letters, 23 February 1949 - 17 July 1950 (Item)
D-R to Dr Sylvia Chapman re meeting, 18 April 1947 (Item)
Sylvia Chapman (London) to D-R re her medical practice in Wellington and Greece, 12 April 1947 (Item)
Correspondence with Lady Clinto (Dr Phyllis Clinto) (Brisbane), 9 June 1955 - 24 April 1959 (Item)

Re her practice of natural childbirth, family news, Joyce Nott's work in Western Australia (13 letters)

Doctors - British Commonwealth From 1947: Co-D, February 1955 - January 1957 (File D 189)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Dr Enid Cook (Christchurch), 22 February 1955 - 14 February 1957 (Item)

Re D-R reception by the Pope; natural childbirth in Australia; D-R film to be shown in New Zealand. Includes correspondence with Dr Peter Cook, London (23 letters)

D-R to J.F. Corkell, acknowledgement of letter, 30 January 1957 (Item)
J.F. Corkell (Wellington) to D-R re opposition to natural childbirth in New Zealand, 15 January 1957 (Item)
D-R to Corkell re change in attitude of New Zealand doctors, 5 December 1956 (Item)
Doctors - British Commonwealth From 1947: E-Ke, May 1955 - September 1959 (File D 190)
3 items

Filmed selectively.

D-R to Geoff Hall re Natural Childbirth Association of Western Australia, 28 November 1956 (Item)
Dr Geoff Hall (Perth) to D-R re NCA of WA and his own practice, 15 October 1956 (Item)
Correspondence with Dr Jim Henderson (Devonport, NZ), 5 May 1955 - 8 April 1959 (Item)

Re natural childbirth in New Zealand; training of nurses; hostility of other colleagues (10 letters)

Doctors - British Commonwealth From 1947: Ke-O, March 1948 - January 1958 (File D 191)
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Dr Ellen Kent Hughes (Armidale), 14 November 1951 - 22 January 1958 (Item)

Covers personal and family news; trips with flying doctor; the work of Mrs Charles Nott; her son David Wilson in Malaya; her career. (13 letters)

Correspondence with Professor Bruce Mayes, (Brisbane) on eve of leaving for Australia (3 letters), 6 July 1954 - 7 October 1954 (Item)
Correspondence with Dr Michael Munro (Selangor) that not safe for his wife to stay in Malaya (4 letters), 17 March 1948 - 8 February 1949 (Item)
Doctors - British Commonwealth From 1947: P-W, February 1950 - December 1957 (File D 192)
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Mrs B Tothill (Russell, NZ), 17 February 1950 - 14 June 1950 (Item)

Discusses: using D-R's methods as midwife assistant to her husband; encloses copy of 14 February (1950?), Iris Kempthorne to Mrs Tothill re using D-R's methods during birth of her son. (5 letters)

Correspondence with Professor Lance Townsend (University of Melbourne), 12 July 1956 - 10 August 1956 (Item)

Discusses natural childbirth in Victoria, and D-R's meeting with W Dunstan VC in London and during service at Gallipoli. (3 letters)

Correspondence with Dr Chester Wilson (Ipswich, Queensland) re birth of Diane Clinto's daughter (2 letters), 12 December 1957 - 18 December 1957 (Item)
Correspondence with Professor F.J. Browne (Sydney), 14 December 1950 - 14 November 1955 (File D 213)

Subjects include: Professor Jeffcoate; Dick-Read's work in Africa and the reception of his methods in Australia and New Zealand; qualification of Dr Chester Wilson from Australia. (32 p.)

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Dr Chester Wilson (Australia), 1947 - 1959 (File D 214)

Subjects include: life and medical experiences in England and return to Australia; his work in Tasmania at Royal Hobart Hospital, Melbourne and Sydney; interesting cases from practice in Brisbane. (67p.)

Natural Childbirth Association. International 1957-1959: A-C, November 1958 - December 1958 (File D 250)
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Joyce Nott (WA Natural Childbirth Assoc.) to Mr Aiken re Natural Childbirth in Australia, 21 December 1958 (Item)
Dick-Read to Mrs Win J Wise (Benalla,Vic) ack, 10 November 1958 (Item)
Win Wise (Benalla) to Dick-Read requesting advice on setting up classes, n.d. (Item)
Natural Childbirth Association. International 1957 - 1959: D, 20 July 1951 - 6 June 1957 (File D 251)

Correspondence with Mrs Phyllis Turner (Family Planning Assoc. of NZ., Dunedin). (25p.)

Subjects include: publicity for natural childbirth in NZ. Dick-Read's articles in NZ Women's Weekly. Includes F.P.A. of NZ Newsletter no.15 October 1951.

Filmed selectively.

Natural Childbirth Association. International 1957 - 1959: W, c.1952-April 1959 (File D 257)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Antenatal education: the parent's viewpoint; Mrs Helen Brew, NZ Parents Centres Federation (12p.), 1958 (Item)
Correspondence and papers from Helen Brew (Wellington), c.1952-20 April 1959 (Item)

Re natural childbirth in NZ. Includes Wellington Parents' Centre Annual Report, 1956, Newsletters and other literature (38p.)

Correspondence with Natural Childbirth Association of Western Australia, 1956-1957, 6 December 1956 - 15 October 1958 (File D 262)

Correspondents include: C N Harris, Joyce Nott, Mrs E M Ford.

Subjects include: news of meetings; arrangements for a tour of Australia and NZ by Dick-Read; publicity and action for natural childbirth; efforts to establish Natural Childbirth College. Includes W.A.N.C.A. newsletter no 1 August 1957. (32p.)

Series F. Publications By Others, 1956 - 1958

2 items

Filmed selectively.

AIM Newsheet Melbourne, (4p.), December 1956 (File F 5)
Australian and New Zealand groups, January 1958 - July 1958 (File F 8)
3 items
Programme of discussions on antenatal education to be held at National Women's hospital. [Auckland] (5p.), 28 January 1958 - 31 January 1958 (Item 1))
NZ Association for Tall Women. Newsletter (8p.), May 1958 (Item 2))
WA Natural Childbirth Association. Newsletter (4p.), March 1958 - July 1958 (Item 3))

Fonds PP/GWP. Professor Sir George White Pickering, 1962 - 1965

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2572.


Australia; Australia: visits to; Australia: visits to; Australian National University; Canberra, ACT; Melbourne, Victoria; Pickering, Carola, Lady; Pickering, Sir George; Rogers, Sir Leonard; Sydney, New South Wales ; University of Melbourne.

Biographical / Historical

Sir George White Pickering FRS FRCP (1904-1980) was born at Whalton, Northumberland, and educated at Dulwich College and Pembroke College, Cambridge. He worked at University College Hospital, London, until 1939, when he was appointed professor of medicine at St Mary's Hospital medical school. From 1956 to 1968 he was regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University and from 1968 to 1974 he was Master of Pembroke College, Oxford. Although he carried out some important medical research, his main interest was medical education at Oxford and throughout the country.

Series B. Correspondence and Papers, 1962 - October 1965

1 item
Subseries B 13. Travel, 1962 - October 1965
1 item
Australia etc., 1962 - 1 October 1965 (File B 13/17)
30 items

File of correspondence on Sir George and Lady Pickering's trip to Fiji, Australia and USA 1965. (178p.)

Details of itinerary, 4 August 1965 - 1 October 1965 (Item A)

Includes: Addresses in Australia of contacts; correspondence with House of Travel, Marylebone re travel arrangements.

Second Australian Medical Congress, 16-20 August 1965. Perth, 30 December 1964 - 5 July 1965 (Item B)

Correspondents include: R A Joske (Perth), O R Corr (Perth), Dr Charles Ross Smith, A.M.A. (Sydney), re attendance at 2nd A.M.A. Congress, Perth and invitation to Sir George to give the Henry Simpson Newland Oration.

National Heart Foundation of Australia (Item C)

Correspondence with Ralph Reader (NHFA, Canberra) re stay in Canberra.

G.W. Pickering to V. McFarlane (Canberra) re trip to Adelaide, 1 June 1965 (Item)
A.D. Jose to G.W. Pickering, 11 June 1965 - 19 July 1965 (Item)

re trip to Sydney.

Includes reply from G. W. Pickering. [19 July 1965].

W.V. Macfarlane to G.W. Pickering, 11 June 1965 - 19 July 1965 (Item)

Offer of accommodation during his visit.

Includes reply from G. W. Pickering. [19 July 1965].

University of Western Australia, 2 June 1965 - 8 July 1965 (Item D)

Correspondence with A J Williams, Registrar, re award of Honorary Degree.

University of Melbourne, 19 February 1965 - 18 June 1965 (Item E)

Correspondence with A Sanderson, Faculty of Medicine, and Prof R R H Lovell, Royal Melbourne Hospital re invitation to give the Halford Oration.

E.J.M. Campbell to G.W. Pickering, 1 July 1965 - 5 July 1965 (Item)

Re Chair of Clinical Science job in Canberra.

Includes reply from G. W. Pickering.

F.H. Bentley (Portland) to G.W. Pickering, 25 May 1965 - 19 July 1965 (Item)

Inviting him to stay with him while in Portland.

Includes reply from G. W. Pickering. [19 July 1965].

G.W. Pickering to C.H. Gurd (Fiji), 19 July 1965 (Item)

Re change in travel plans.

Sydney, 11 February 1965 - 24 July 1965 (Item F)

Correspondence with Dorothy Roseby, Royal Australasian College of Physicians; D M Storey, St George Hospital (Kogarah); Dr H T Goodman (Sydney); Prof Ralph Blackett (Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney) re itinerary for Sydney visit and acting as external examiner for University of New South Wales.

Includes conditions for award of Degree of Doctor of Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine. (printed)

G.W. Pickering to M. Sokolow (San Francisco), 19 July 1965 (Item)

Re trip to San Francisco.

G.W. Pickering to A.L. Rogers (Portland), 19 July 1965 (Item)

Re final travel plans.

G.W. Pickering to R.R. Lovell (Melbourne), 19 July 1965 (Item)

Re booking accommodation at Hotel Windsor, Melbourne.

G.W. Pickering to Dr. and Mrs. J. Aub, 20 July 1965 (Item)

Asking to stay with them while in Portland.

Adelaide, 11 May 1965 - 25 July 1965 (Item G)

Correspondence with Dr Colin Schwartz (Adelaide) re visit.

B.E. Juel-Jensen to G.W. Pickering (Oxford) re Medication, 26 July 1965 (Item)
G.W. Pickering to Dr. Lot Page (Boston) re upcoming visit, 28 July 1965 (Item)
Martin A. Howard (Rotary Club of Portland) to G.W. Pickering (Oxford), 14 July 1965 (Item)

Confirmation and details of his upcoming presentation at the Rotary Club of Portland.

G.W. Pickering to H. Ennor (Canberra), 16 June 1965 - 19 July 1965 (Item)

Re upcoming trip to Canberra.

Includes letter from H. Ennor (Australian National University) to G. W. Pickering: inviting he and Lady Pickering to be the guests of the University.

C.J. Ross-Smith to G.W. Pickering (Oxford) re arrival in Perth, 30 July 1965 (Item)
Secretary to G.W. Pickering to M.A. Howard (Portland), 2 August 1965 (Item)

Biographical details of Sir George Pickering.

Lady Pickering (Item H)

Letters from Lady Pickering to her family and covering letters to Sir George's secretary.


17 August. Re Tahiti - preparations to explode French atom bomb and other impressions; impressions of Perth 'ghastly party at Government House'.

2 September. Sydney to secretary, 26 August to family: AMA meeting in Perth; visit to sheep station of Bob Ritchie; visits to Melbourne and Canberra.

10 September. Fiji: Visit to Sydney and to site of Opera House-local opinion on the building and cost; impressions of Fiji-watched rugger match, visit to Medical school, lunch with Governor.

Dr. M.A. Howard (Portland) to G.W. Pickering (Oxford), 24 August 1965 (Item)

Thanking him for his biographical sketch.

David F. Spark (N.S.W.) to G.W. Pickering (Oxford), 25 August 1965 (Item)

Finalising arrangements regarding air travel in attending the Second Australian Medical Congress in Perth.

Includes second letter from David F. Spark re further travel arrangements. [25 August 1965].

C.J. Ross-Smith (N.S.W.) to G.W. Pickering (Oxford), 6 September 1965 - 4 October 1965 (Item)

Thanking him for the magnificent Oration he gave in Perth.


Second letter from C. J. Ross-Smith to G. W. Pickering: asks if he would be pleased to recieve regular copies of The Medical Journal of Australia.

Reply from G. W. Pickering. [4 October 1965].

Scott Harbison (St. George Hospital) to G.W. Pickering (Oxford), 29 August 1966 (Item)

Inviting him to become an honorary member of the St. George Hospital Medical Association.

Sir George Pickering Myocardial Infarction and Strokes 25th Halford Oration delivered at University of Melbourne. (typescript), 23 August 1965 (Item I)
Publications, 1962 - 1965 (Item)

Items of interest include:

'The Great Value of Ignorance' [11 June 1965].

'Fashions in Disease' by Richard Asher [1962].

'Research in Britain' by Ian Bush [1962].

Fonds PP/HAM. Lillias Anna Hamilton, 1919 - 1921

2 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2572.


Sydney, New South Wales .

Biographical / Historical

Lillias Anna Hamilton MD (1858-1925) was born in New South Wales. The family moved to England in 1860 and she attended Cheltenham Ladies College. In 1886 she enrolled in the London School of Medicine for Women and subsequently established a practice in Calcutta. In 1894-96 she was personal physician to the Emir of Afghanistan. On her return to England she set up a nursing home in London and was active in the Women's Freedom League. From 1908 to 1924 she was warden of Studley College, an agricultural and horticultural college for women, in Warwick.

Series A. Correspondence, April 1919 - June 1921

2 items
Subseries A 1-17. Correspondence and Personal Papers, April 1919 - June 1921
2 items
Banks and Shares, 11 April 1919 - 24 August 1920 (File A 15)

Correspondence with Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney (London) re allotment of new shares and payment of interest. (11p.)

Filmed selectively.

Papers Of Colonel Claud Hamilton, 25 April 1921 - 27 June 1921 (File B)
1 item
Transfer of Lillias Hamilton's shares in Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney to Claud Hamilton, 25 April 1921 - 27 June 1921 (Item B 22)

Comprises correspondence between Commercial Banking Co.of Sydney (London), Claud Hamilton (Dublin) and Lillias Hamilton (Studley). (10p.)

Fonds PP/LEW. Sir Thomas Lewis, 1924 - 1936

1 item

Auckland, New Zealand; New Zealand; Sydney, New South Wales .

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2573.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Thomas Lewis CBE FRS (1881-1945) was born in Cardiff and graduated from University College, Cardiff. In 1902 he began work at University College Hospital, London, and he remained associated with University College for the rest of his life. He became physician to the hospital in 1919. For many years he carried out research on heart disease and he was the author of Diseases of the heart (1933). He founded the Medical Research Society in 1930.

Series A. Correspondence, August 1924 - December 1936

1 item

Filmed selectively.

General Correspondence, 3 August 1924 - 15 December 1936 (File A 1)
11 items
Gilbert Brown (Adelaide) to T. Lewis describing 3 case studies of possible interest to T.L. (3p.), 28 June 1932 (Item A 1/97)
T. Lewis to Gilbert Brown ack, 14 September 1932 (Item A 1/98)
Dr Harry C Rutherford Darling (Macquarie St, Sydney) to T. Lewis enclosing A case of Raynaud's Disease treated by operative methods (typescript, 3p.), 28 August 1929 (Item A 1/177-178)
Dr William N Horsfall (Macquarie St, Sydney) to T. Lewis re his ideas for treatment of irritating focus with proliferation of epithelial cells with notion of tonus to all cells, 3 August 1924 (Item A 1/331)

[Letter to Choyce not in file].

T. Lewis to Horsfall re his research methods, 8 September 1924 (Item A 1/332)
Dr T.W.J Johnson (Auckland) to T. Lewis re problems of access to comprehensive library and the problem of ventricular fibrillation, 20 August 1935 (Item A 1/357)
T. Lewis to Johnson re ventricular fibrillation, 18 September 1935 (Item A 1/358)
Johnson (Auckland) to T. Lewis re discussion amongst NZ colleagues upon the effect of exercise on morbid conditions of the heart, 23 November 1936 (Item A 1/359)
T. Lewis to Johnson with his theories on the subject, 15 December 1936 (Item A 1/360)
William J Penfold, Thomas Baker, Alice Baker and Eleanor Shaw Medical Research Institute, Alfred Hospital (Melbourne) re his thesis at Edinburgh University on systolic murmurs, 28 July 1936 (Item A 1/565)
T. Lewis to Penfold answer, 7 September 1936 (Item A 1/566)

Fonds PP/MCS. Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes, 1919 - 1955

4 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2573.


Australia; Family planning; New Zealand; Sex education; Stopes, Marie C.C.; Sydney, New South Wales.

Biographical / Historical

Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes (1880-1958) was born in Edinburgh and educated at North London Collegiate School and University College, London. She studied palaeobotany in Munich and in 1904 became a lecturer in botany at Manchester University. In 1918 she published Married Love, which became a best-seller, and Wise Parenthood appeared in the same year. In 1921 she opened a birth control clinic in London and several provincial clinics followed. She was President of the Society for Constructive Birth Control and for many years was a household name. Her later works did not match the success of Married Love.

Series A. Married Love Letters And General Correspondence, 1919 - 1955

4 items
Married Love. Australia. Mrs Marion Piddington, 9 July 1919 - 18 August 1943 (File A 307)

Correspondence between Marie Stopes, Vernon Roe and Marion Piddington, (Interstate commission, Melbourne; Glenbrook, NSW and Institute of Family Relations, Sydney).

Subjects include: still birth of Stopes' child; sex education in Australia; sales of Married Love in Australia ('Queensland shops have never seen it'); Chidley's theories of sex education; Piddington's book on mothercraft; banning of Stopes' book in New Zealand; negotiations for producing Vectra in Australia and sales of the book.

Includes letters from Ralph Piddington (son), London to Stopes, 1933. Some of Stopes' carbon replies are faint. (126p.)

Australia: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1931 - 1946 (File A 308)

Correspondents include: E F McIntosh (Moss Vale); Collector of Customs, NSW; Ward & Ward, Drug Merchants (Sydney); R J Scott (Sydney) Muriel Segal (Australian Women's Weekly); Dr Victor Wallace (Melbourne)

Subjects include: methods of family planning; misuse of 'Stopes cap' name; seizing of contraceptives by Customs authorities; problem of Roman Catholic influence in Australia.

Includes: draft article for New Idea: 'The Mother's clinics for constructive birth control.' 30 September 1938. (205p.)

New Zealand General Correspondence, 23 December 1933 - 29 December 1936 (File A 310)

Correspondents include: Intelligence Officer and Librarian, New Zealand House; Mrs R A Swatton (Auckland); Harold Jowsey (Auckland)

Subjects include: NZ Government report on abortion and problems in obtaining methods of contraception in New Zealand. (32p.)

Overseas Various, May 1950 - June 1955 (File A 318)
12 items

Filmed selectively.

Stopes to Editor Pacific Islands Monthly re over-population of Fiji, n.d. (Item)
Stopes to Dr Lin Yutong, Nan Yang University (Singapore) re his interest in contraception, 29 March 1955 (Item)
Stopes to Crown Prince of Tonga re his support for birth control, 3 May 1950 (Item)
Stopes to Prince Tungi (Tonga) sending details of books and contraceptive methods, 16 June 1950 (Item)
Colonial Office to Stopes sending address of Prince Tungi in London, 26 July 1951 (Item)
Note fragment, [n.d.] (Item)
National Provincial Bank (London) to Stopes, 30 July 1951 (Item)
Stopes to Prince Tungi re visit to her clinic, 3 August 1951 (Item)
Stopes to New Zealand High Commisssioner re opposition of Roman Catholics in Auckland to sex education, 6 June 1955 (Item)
Official Secretary, New Zealand House, to Stopes sending booklets issued by Dept of Health on sex education, 9 June 1955 (Item)
Stopes to Official Secretary, NZ House with suggested amendments to booklet, 14 June 1955 (Item)
Stopes to D Krishnamurti (Nadi, Fiji) sending booklets, 29 April 1953 (Item)

Fonds PP/MEL. Sir Edward Mellanby, 1950 - 1954

17 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2573.


Australia; Australian National University; Canberra, ACT; Copland, Sir Douglas B.; Denton, Derek, Prof.; Florey, Sir Howard, 1st Baron; Florey, Sir Howard, 1st Baron; Melbourne, Victoria; Mellanby, Sir Edward; Paton, Sir George; Physiologists; Sydney, New South Wales; University of Melbourne; Wright, R.D., Prof.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Edward Mellanby KGB FRS (1884-1955) was born in West Hartlepool and educated at Barnard Castle School and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He studied medicine in St Thomas's Hospital, London. From 1913 to 1920 he lectured at King's College for Women in London and during this time he discovered the role of Vitamin D in preventing rickets in children. He was professor of pharmacology at the University of Sheffield from 1920 to 1933 and was secretary of the Medical Research Council from 1933 to 1949. He visited Australia and New Zealand in 1950.

Series A. Personal and Biographical, 1951

1 item
Subseries A 15-37. Awards and Appointments, 1951
1 item
Australia, 1951 (File A 37)

Comprises: correspondence between E.M. and Lady Mellanby and Sir Douglas Copland, Vice Chancellor, ANU, 1950-1951; Prof. M L Oliphant, ANU, 1951; A P Rowe, University of Adelaide, 1951; E H Clark, ANU Representative in London, 1951; L C Bridgland, Melbourne, 1951; E R Beech, BMA, Perth 1951; R Douglas Wright, University of Melbourne, 1951-1952, concerning arrangements for E.M.'S trip to Australia and invitations to lecture. Also includes correspondence with Esther M Killick, Royal Free Hospital, London, and E L Ball, University of London concerning the oral examination of J D Biggers of Dept of Veterinary Physiology , University of Sydney.

- The Australian National University: an Experiment in Education by D B Copland. 1950 (6p.)

- ANU Act. no. 22 1946

- The ANU: a project in research, by D B Copland. Reprinted from Nature. Vol 165 p. 169 4 February 1950

- ANU News nos. 6-7, 1950-1951. (57p.)

Series B. Correspondence, April 1950 - December 1954

9 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence, April 1950 - November 1950 (File B 33)
1 item
Correspondence between E. Mellanby and W.D. Sturch, 8 May 1950 - 1 July 1950 (Item B 33/21-27)

Royal Commission for exhibition of 1851, London on application of P.M. Nossal from Adelaide for Science Scholarship. (7 letters)

Correspondence, October 1951 - December 1951 (File B 34)
2 items
Sir Douglas Copland (ANU, Canberra) to E. Mellanby re establishment of graduate School of Medical Research at ANU and Menzies' views, 23 October 1951 (Item B 34/41-46)

Includes paper: Notes on the proposed medical school at Canberra. (n.d. 4p.)

Dr L. Bastings (Wellington) to E. Mellanby re E.M.'s trip to New Zealand, 9 December 1951 (Item B 34/54)
Correspondence, January 1952 - June 1952 (File B 35)
2 items
R. Douglas Wright (Univ. of Melbourne) to E. Mellanby introducing Mr Denton, 20 February 1952 (Item B 35/17)
R. Douglas Wright (Univ. of Melbourne) to E. Mellanby re Denton and money for a Ramsay Fellowship, 1 May 1952 (Item B 35/69)
Correspondence, July 1952 - December 1952 (File B 36)
5 items
Derek Denton (London) to E. Mellanby re his research in Australia and future plans to work with Professor Verney at Cambridge, 22 July 1952 (Item B 36/15-16)
Derek Denton (London) to E. Mellanby re plans to work in Cambridge, 5 August 1952 (Item B 36/20)
Derek Denton (London) to E. Mellanby re plans to visit the continent, 28 August 1952 (Item B 36/26)
Derek Denton (London) to E. Mellanby re work with Verney, 11 December 1952 (Item B 36/93)
Derek Denton (London) to E. Mellanby re invitation to dinner, 24 December 1952 (postmark) (Item B 36/96)
Correspondence, January 1953 - June 1953 (File B 37)
4 items
H.W. Florey (Oxford) to E. Mellanby that he is not looking forward to his visit to Australia, that the Medical School there is in a mess from 'inexpert tinkerers fiddling', 18 March 1953 (Item B 37/27)
R. Douglas Wright (Univ. of Melbourne) to E. Mellanby concerned that Denton, working in England, is under stress, 2 April 1953 (Item B 37/38)
R. Douglas Wright (Univ. of Melbourne) to E. Mellanby, 3 June 1953 (Item B 37/57)

That Denton is returning to Australia and enclosing Edmond's letter from Suva re training of medical orderlies (Edmond's letter sent to Colonial Office).

R. Douglas Wright (Univ. of Melbourne) to E. Mellanby ack of E.M.'s letter, 25 June 1953 (Item B 37/66)
Correspondence, July 1953 - December 1953 (File B 38)
6 items
Hedley Marston (CSIRO, Adelaide) to E. Mellanby re his research on influenza virus and his trip to England, 18 August 1953 (Item B 38/14-16)
J.E. Cummins (Australian Scientific Liaison Office, London) to E.M. re CSIRO film 'Chronic Phalaris Staggers in Sheep', 30 September 1953 (Item B 38/25-26)
J.E. Cummins to E. Mellanby re the CSIRO film, 13 October 1953 (Item B 38/28)
J.E. Cummins to E. Mellanby forwarding him a copy of the film, 26 October 1953 (Item B 38/31)
R. Douglas Wright (Univ. of Melbourne) to E.M. introducing Ian McDonald, 14 December 1953 (Item B 38/44)
Charles Fletcher, Postgraduate Medical School of London to E. Mellanby, 30 December 1953 (Item B 38/51)

Re the suggestion he should be a candidate for the Chair of Medicine at Melbourne, and suggesting other suitable candidates.

Correspondence, January 1954 - June 1954 (File B 39)
8 items
G.W. Paton (Univ. of Melbourne) to E. Mellanby forwarding details of the Chair of Medicine, 17 December 1953 (Item B 39/1)
Hedley Marston (CSIRO, Adelaide) to E. Mellanby re proposed visit by the Queen to Academy of Sciences, 10 February 1954 (Item B 39/17-21)
Ian McDonald (London) to E. Mellanby requesting an interview, [c. 24 February 1954] (Item B 39/28)
F.H. Johnstone Registrar (Univ. of Melbourne) re E.Mellanby's suggestions for Chair of Medicine, 9 March 1954 (Item B 39/31)
Ian McDonald (London) to E. Mellanby that will be working with Prof. Harris at Maudsley Hospital, 15 March 1954 (Item B 39/35)
Paul Pincus (Melbourne) to E. Mellanby wishing to be considered for a Royal Society Fellowship, 1 April 1954 (Item B 39/44)
G.W. Paton (Univ. of Melbourne) to E. Mellanby re likely candidates for Chair of Surgery, 19 May 1954 (Item B 39/74)
Derek Denton (Univ. of Melbourne) to E. Mellanby re sending a private letter in an open envelope, 17 June 1954 (Item B 39/94)
Correspondence, July 1954 - December 1954 (File B 40)
4 items
Gordon Gordon-Taylor (London) to E. Mellanby re suitability of Lambert Rogers for Chair at Melbourne, 27 July 1954 (Item B 40/11-12)
George Paton (Univ. of Melbourne) to E. Mellanby ack his letter, 9 August 1954 (Item B 40/20)
W.H. Madge, Registrar (Univ. of Sydney) re suitability of certain candidates for Chair of Physiology, 18 August 1954 (Item B 40/22)
Derek Denton (Univ. of Melbourne) to E.Mellanby, 10 October 1954 (Item B 40/47-50)

Re his research work with sheep; his plans to return to Cambridge; observed differences in dental decay between Polynesians of Western Samoa and Society Islands.

Correspondence, n.d. (File B 41)
1 item
Derek Denton (Cambridge) to E. Mellanby with research proposal to study renal response to subtraction stress in experimental animals, n.d., Wednesday (Item B 41/12-13)

Series D. Lecture Notes, 16 July 1951 - 11 October 1951

7 items

Filmed selectively.

The present state of medical research, Australia (12p.), 1951? (File D 53)
The future of medical science, Brisbane (9p), 16 July 1951 (File D 54)
Medical Science, Canberra (18p.), 25 July 1951 (File D 55)
Speech at degree ceremony, Adelaide University on the state of the university and scientific research (8p), 8 August 1951 (File D 56)
Melbourne Hon LLD (3p.), 3 September 1951 (File D 57)
The State and Medical Research, Melbourne University (11p.), 5 September 1951 (File D 58)
Development of medical science and its political and social impact. Wellington (4p.), 11 October 1951 (File D 59)

Fonds PP/PCG. Prof. Percy Cyril Claude Garnham, 1939 - 1984

30 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2573.

Related Materials

See also: Parasitological Topics: A Presentation Volume to P.C.C. Garnham FRS on the occasion of his 80th Birthday, 1981. (Society of Protozoologists, special pub. 1). n.d. for a biography and bibliography of his published works.


Canberra, ACT; Dissanaike, A.S., Prof.; Edeson, J.F.B.; Field, John; Garnham, Percy C.C., Prof.; MacKerras, I.M.; Malaria research: Australia; Malaysia; Singapore; Sydney, New South Wales.

Biographical / Historical

Percy Cyril Claude Granham CMG FRS MD (1901-1994) was born in London and educated at Paradise School and St Bartholomew's Hospital. In 1925 he joined the Colonial Service and worked in Kenya, becoming director of the Division of Insect Borne Diseases. In 1947 he returned to England and worked at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, researching the life cycle of malaria parasites. He was Professor of Medical Protozoology from 1952 to 1968. From 1968 to 1980 he carried out research at Imperial College.

Series A. Personal, 1964 - 1984

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Subseries A 4-5. Honours, 1964
2 items
Royal Society - Election as Fellow, May 1964 - August 1964 (File A 4)
4 items
John W Field (Penang) to P.C.G. congratulations on being made Fellow of Royal Society, 1 August 1964 (Item A 4/13)
Alan Charters (Subiaco, WA) to P.C.G. congratulations on being made Fellow of R.S, 14 June 1964 (Item A 4/20)
A.A. Sandosham, Institute for Medical Research (Kuala Lumpur) to P.C.G. congratulations and news of other scientists, 9 June 1964 (Item A 4/23)
Dr I.M. Mackerras, CSIRO (Canberra) to P.C.G. congratulations and that John Sprent has been selected to Academy, 22 May 1964 (Item A 4/27)
C.M.G., 1964 (File A 5)
1 item
Dr T R Arulambalam (Sarawak) to P.C.G. congratulations on award of C.M.G, 5 August 1964 (Item A 5/6)
Subseries A 10-23. Additional Personal Correspondence, 1977 - 1984
4 items
Personal Correspondence, March 1977 (File A 15)
1 item
Prof. V. Zaman, (Department of Parasitology, University of Singapore) to P.C.G. re his research with rats, 31 March 1977 (Item A 15/17)
Personal Correspondence, June 1982 (File A 19)
1 item
McWilson Warren, Institute for Medical Research (Kuala Lumpur) to P.C.G. re his trip to Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and PNG and current research. n.d. P.C.G. reply on reverse, 10 June 1982 (Item A 19/26)
Personal Correspondence, March 1983 - August 1984 (File A 20)
5 items
Marshall Laird (Wellsford, NZ) to P.C.G. with description of farm bought on retirement, 7 March 1984 (Item A 20/5)
Marshall Laird (St John's, Newfoundland) to P.C.G. re decision to take early retirement and return to New Zealand, 11 August 1984 (Item A 20/23-27)
Draft reply by P.C.G., n.d. (Item A 20/23-27)

Archival History


Larval Aedes aegypki from Tuvalu Papaya tree M Laird and J Mokry. Mosquito News vol 43 no 1, March 1983 (pp. 81-82) (Reprint) (Item A 20/23-27)

Archival History


Publicity sheets for two books by M Laird (Item A 20/23-27)

Archival History


80th Birthday (Festschrift), December 1981 (File A 23)
2 items
P.C.G. to McWilson Warren re his new position in Malaysia and intended research, n.d. (Item A 23/76)
McWilson Warren [Atlanta] to P.C.G. re move to Kuala Lumpur and proposed research into malaria in S.E. Asia, 15 December 1981 (Item A 23/77)

Series B. Notebooks, 1958 - 1960

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Mombasa Bats (Gut) III; Karyolysus in Argas Brumpti; Mouse Deer Malaria Parasites, May 1958 - August 1960 (File B 27)
3 items
J.F.B. Edeson, (Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur) to P.C.G. sending him sections from mouse deer, 20 May 1958 (Item B 27/1)

Research notes on reverse.

J.F.B. Edeson (Liverpool) forwarding mouse deer material from Kuantan, 16 March 1960 (Item B 27/2)
(left hand) - 75, 20 May 1958 (Item B 27/70)

Research notes and photographs (3) on the mouse deer material.

Series C. Subject Files, 1939 - 1979

13 items

Filmed selectively.

On Some Curious Bodies Found in Erythrocytes Containing Immature Crescents, December 1939 - February 1940 (File C 9)
2 items
John Field (Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur) to P.C.G. that he has seen similar bodies, 12 February 1940 (Item C 9/7)
John Field to P.C.G. requesting reprints, 6 December 1939 (Item C 9/8)
Haemoproteus and Hepatocystis, February 1949 - February 1952 (File C 17-18)
9 items
Institute for Medical Research. A malaria parasite of Malayan gibbons (1p), n.d. (Item C 17/3)
J J Lawrence, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (Univ. of Sydney) to P.C.G. re infected flying foxes shot in Trobriands, 28 September 1950 (Item C 17/9)
John W Field, IMR, (Kuala Lumpur) to P.C.G. re visit to England of Dr Edeson, 20 March 1950 (Item C 17/11)
I M Mackerra, Institute of Medical Research (Brisbane) to P.C.G. re his work with flying foxes, 1 November 1949 (Item C 17/13)
John Field, IMR (Kuala Lumpur) to P.C.G. re work on flying foxes parasite, 2?6 October [1949] (Item C 17/14)
John Field, IMR, (Kuala Lumpur) to P.C.G. re squirrel parasite, 25 August 1949 (Item C 17/15)
John Field, IMR, (Kuala Lumpur) to P.C.G. re work on squirrel and flying fox parasites, 28 February 1949 (Item C 17/88)
P.C.G. to Edeson with comments on the sections of flying fox livers he sent, 27 February 1952 (Item C 18/41)
J F B Edeson, Malaria Branch Laboratory, IMR,(Tampin) to P.C.G. sending flying fox liver sections, problems of obtaining flying foxes, 21 February 1952 (Item C 18/42)
Not kochi (Hepatocystis) Bats Sitatunga, n.d. (File C 19)
1 item
Alan L Dyce, CSIRO (Glebe) to PCG re transmission of blue-tongue virus by Culicoides, n.d. (Item C 19/5)
Correspondence About Malaria, May 1949 - July 1958 (File C 20-21)
14 items
Sir Neil Hamilton Fairley (Toorak) to PCG re Cairns data on malaria, 9 December 1951 (Item C 20/3-5)
PCG to Sir Neil Hamilton Farley re his research into malaria, 30 November 1951 (Item C 20/9)
M J Mackerras, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, to PCG re section of P. cynomolgi, 16 May 1949 (Item C 20/58)
J F B Edeson, IMR, (Kuala Lumpur) to PCG re blood films from mouse deer, 18 July 1958 (Item C 21/22)
PCG to Edeson re importance of blood films of mouse deer and other research, 9 June 1958 (Item C 21/23)
Edeson to PCG re problems of obtaining infected monkeys, 31 May 1958 (Item C 21/24)
PCG to Edeson re material from mouse deer (see B 27/1), 28 May 1958 (Item C 21/25)
Edeson to PCG re possible visit by PCG to Malaya, 2 January 1957 (Item C 21/33)
PCG to Edeson re pre-erythrocytic schizonts of Plasmodium knowlesi, 11 December 1956 (Item C 21/34)
Edeson, IMR,(Kuantan) to PCG re problem of obtaining infected monkeys, 8 June 1956 (Item C 21/49)
John Field, IMR, (Kuala Lumpur) to PCG re attendance at WHO Malaria Congress in Philippines, 10 November 1954 (Item C 21/66)
J F B Edeson, IMR, (Tampin) to PCG re PCG's comments on liver sections; news of IMR, 1 July 1953 (Item C 21/69)
PCG to Edeson with comments on liver sections, 7 April 1953 (Item C 21/70-71)
Edeson to PCG sending liver sections from kra monkeys, 30 March 1953 (Item C 21/72)
Malaria Immunity, July 1949 - September 1949 (File C 22)
5 items
Note for reply to Mackerras' letter (Item C 22/36)
I M Mackerras, Queensland Institute of Medical Research to PCG re malaria policy in New Guinea during WW2 and his trip to Cape York and Torres Straits to investigate incidence of malaria, 23 September 1949 (Item C 22/37)
PCG to Mackerras re his research in New Guinea, 18 August 1949 (Item C 22/42)
Mackerras to PCG re his findings of tolerance of young babies to malaria infection in Wewak, and notes by PCG on his paper, 29 July 1949 (Item C 22/44-45)
Hyperendemic Malaria by N H Swellengrabel, D Bagster Wilson and P C C Garnham (6p.), n.d. (Item C 22/49-54)

(Includes statistics from New Guinea)

Illustrations, February 1949 - March 1949 (File C 23)
3 items
John Field, IMR, (Kuala Lumpur) to PCG re problem of obtaining animals due to death of Aboriginal trapper, 21 March 1949 (Item C 23/20)
John Field to PCG re sections from liver of infected squirrel, 13 February 1949 (Item C 23/21)
John Field to PCG re infected squirrels, 10 February 1949 (Item C 23/22)
Piroplasms Correspondence, July 1955 (File C 28)
1 item
Marshall Laird, Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Malaya (Singapore) to PCG re his work on South Pacific Mosquitoes, 22 July 1955 (Item C 28/1)
Miscellaneous Mammalian Plasmodia, December 1953 - December 1962 (File C 29)
14 items
Don E Eyles, IMR, (Kuala Lumpur) to PCG re his research trip to Cambodia, 24 October 1962 (Item C 29/1-2)
Plasmoduim sandoshami: a new species of malaria parasite from the Malayan flying lemur by F L Dunn, D E Eyles and L F Yap (20p.), c1962 (Item C 29/3-22)
PCG's notes on the new parasite (Item C 29/23)
Eyles to PCG re infection of bats and current research at IMR, 1 June 1962 (Item C 29/35-36)
Correspondence between Dr E Pampana, (Geneva); P G Shute, (Epsom); and Julian de Zulueta, (Baram Sarawak) regarding malaria in Sarawak (9p.) (copies), 4 December 1953 - 21 December 1962 (Item C 29/41-49)
Don Eyles, IMR,(Kuala Lumpur) to PCG re new parasites, 17 February 1962 (Item C 29/50-52)
The malaria parasites of the pig-tailed macaque, Macaca nemestrina nemestrina (Linnaeus) in Malaya by D E Eyles, A B G Laing and C G Dobrevelny (25p.) (blurred), c1962 (Item C 29/53-77)
Institute for Medical Research (Kuala Lumpur) Plasmodium sp. and Hepatocyotis sp. in the mouse-deer in Malaya (1p.), n.d. (Item C 29/78)
PCG to Edeson re blood films of mouse-deer, 23 July 1958 (Item C 29/105)
PCG to Dr M J Colbourne (Kuching) re import permit for monkey, 5 November 1957 (Item C 29/106)
Michael Colbourne (Kuching) to PCG slides from Wawas, 30 October 1957 (Item C 29/107)
PCG to Mark Slade, General Hospital (Sibu, Sarawak) re malaria infections of Gibbons in Sarawak, 7 June 1957 (Item C 29/109)
Mark Slade to Dr J Oldham, Royal Veterinary College (London) sending blood smear from a gibbon, 30 May 1957 (Item C 29/110)
IMR. Malaria parasites of Malayan leaf monkeys of the genus Presbutis (1p.), n.d. (Item C 29/111)
Research General Correspondence, March 1966 - August 1967 (File C 42)
4 items
PCG to Dr H M D Hoyte, Dept of Parasitology, (Univ. of Queensland) requesting further details of his research project, 14 August 1967 (Item C 42/46)
Edda Hanington, Wellcome Trust, to PCG re Hoyte's research project, 9 August 1967 (Item C 42/47)
H M D Hoyte (Univ. of Queensland) to PCG re his research project 'The tick fever parasites of cattle; comparisons between Australian and foreign species', enclosing list of his publications and outline plan of research, 10 July 1967 (Item C 42/48-53)
C H Hwang (Miri, Sarawak) re problems of sending a gibbon by air, 14 March 1966 (Item C 42/129)
Specimens for opinion of PCG, July 1970 - January 1979 (File C 51-53)
11 items
PCG to Colonel Cadigan re blood film of patient who contracted infection in Johore, 29 April 1971 (Item C 51/12)
Francis C Cadigan, US Army Medical Research Unit,IMR, (Kuala Lumpur) to PCG re technician who became ill after field trip to Johore, 12 March 1971 (Item C 51/13-14)
PCG to Colonel Cadigan re man with suspected Simian malaria, 21 July 1971 (Item C 51/20)
Francis Cadigan to PCG with results of tests on serum from man suspected of Simian malaria infection, 28 June 1971 (Item C 51/21)
Douglas E Moorhouse (Dept of Parasitology, Univ. of Queensland) to PCG re blood smears from fruit bats trapped at Mitchell River Mission, Cape York, 30 July 1970 (Item C 51/63)
Correspondence between Dr I G Kagan (Center for Disease Control, Atlanta); PCG; P F D Van Peenen (Jakarta); re piroplasm blood smears from Timor and possible testing of the population (7p.), 30 January 1974 - 13 May 1974 (Item C 52/55-61)
PCG to Dr V Thomas (Dept of Parasitology, Univ. of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur) ack, 22 January 1979 (Item C 53/33)
Dr Vijayam Thomas (Kuala Lumpur) to PCG thanking him tor help with manuscript, 9 January 1979 (Item C 53/34)
John D Humphrey, Central Veterinary Laboratory (Boroko, PNG) to PCG re Sarcocystis in fowl, 31 July 1978 (Item C 53/42)
B L Munday, Dept of Agriculture, (Launceston, Tas) to PCG re Sarcocystis, 25 July 1978 (Item C 53/43)
John D Humphrey (Boroko) to PCG re parasite infection of cuscus, 24 July 1978 (Item C 53/44)
Parakeet Parasites, December 1972 - January 1975 (File C 57-58)
3 items
PCG to Yap Loy Fong (IMR,Kuala Lumpur) re work on mouse-deer, 5 December 1972 (Item C 57/41)
J T Ponnampalam (IMR, Kuala Lumpur) to PCG re infected swan at local zoo, 15 January 1975 (Item C 58/26-27)
William J Hartley (Dept of Vet. Clinic Studies, Univ. of Sydney) to PCG re Leucocytozoon in the Currawong, 24 May [1973] (Item C 58/79)
Zoonoses For Heath Clark Lectures, July 1956 (File C 64)
1 item
Marshall Laird (Singapore) to PCG re Singapore mosquitoe parasites, 9 July 1956 (Item C 64/65)
Gaillard Festschrift Paper, c.1967-March 1972 (File C 66)
5 items
John E Hill, British Museum (Natural History) to PCG identifying bats from Sabah, 21 March 1972 (Item C 66/17)
Seasonal variation of Polychromophilus melanipherus (Sporozoa :Haemoproteidae) in the Bent-winged Bat Miniopterus schreibersii (Chiroptera) in New South Wales by Barbara B Dew and Bruce McMillan (13p.) (typescript), n.d. [c1967/1968?] (Item C 66/24-37)
Polychromophilus melanipherus (Sporozoa: Haemoproteidae) in Miniopterus schreibersii (Chiroptera) by B McMillan., n.d. (Item C 66/38-45)

Presented at the Second International congress of Parasitology, Washington D.C. Colloquium on the life-cycles of Protozoa (Haemosporidia). (duplicated typescript, 7p.)

PCG to W H Ewers answering his letter, 23 March 1971 (Item C 66/56)
W H Ewers (IMR, Kuala Lumpur) to PCG re sex determination of malaria parasites, 19 January 1971 (Item C 66/57)

Series D. Individual Files, 1968 - 1979

12 items
Professor A S Dissanaike, 31 January 1973 - 21 May 1979 (File D 14)

Correspondence between Professor Dissanaike (Dept of Parasitology, Univ. of Malaya) and PCG concerning his research especially parasites of moon rats and Malayan jungle-fowl; problems of non-Malay in Malaysia.

Includes: A case of human Sarcocystis infection in West Malaysia by M Kannan Kuffy and A S Dissanaike. n.d. (5p.)

Further stages of the 'Sporozoan' from the moon rat Echinosorex gymnurus and its possible connections with Sarcocystis by A S Dissanaike, B L Lim and M Poopalachelvam. 1974. 1p

Leucocytozoon sabrazesi - first record from the Malayan jungle fowl by Chin How Chong, A S Dissanaike and M A Fernando. 1974. (1p.)


Dr. Irene Landau, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, March 1973 - November 1973 (File D 35)
8 items

Filmed selectively.

PCG to Dr Landau (IMR, Kuala Lumpur) requesting her to bring back infected squirrels, 29 November 1973 (Item D 35/1)
PCG to Dr Bhagwant Singh (IMR, Kuala Lumpur) re visit of Irene Landau, 29 November 1973 (Item D 35/2)
PCG to Dr Bhagwant Singh (IMR, Kuala Lumpur) re visitors from Paris, 26 July 1973 (Item D 35/3)
Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, (Paris) to Bhagwant Singh (IMR,Kuala Lumpur) requesting facilities to research at his laboratory, 2 July 1973 (Item D 35/23)
Bhagwant Singh (IMR, Kuala Lumpur) to Prof. A G Chabaud, M.N.D'H.N. that welcome to use facilities of IMR but must obtain permission from Malaysian government, 10 July 1973 (Item D 35/25)
A Chabaud (Paris) to PCG thanking him for introduction to Bhagwant Singh, 29 March 1973 (Item D 35/26)
PCG to Lim Boo Liat (IMR Kuala Lumpur) introducing scientists from M.N.D'H.N, 27 March 1973 (Item D 35/27)
PCG to Bhagwant Singh (IMR, Kuala Lumpur) introducing scientists from M.N.D'H.N, 26 March 1973 (Item D 35/28-29)
Correspondence: N-R, May 1968 (File D 66)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

D G Reynolds (Nauru) to PCG re research work in Nauru, 24 May 1968 (Item D 66/11-12)
Correspondence: S-W, September 1969 - November 1969 (File D 67)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

PCG to D Sherriff (Adelaide) that he has retired from L.S.H.T.M, 5 November 1969 (Item D 67/5)
D Sherriff (Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, Adelaide) re possible visit to L.S.H.T.M, 15 September 1969 (Item D 67/6)
Correspondence: Ca, September 1977 - April 1978 (File D 71)
5 items

Filmed selectively.

PCG to Francis C Cadigan (Bethesda, Ma) re visit of Yap Loy Fong and his work on gigantic mouse-deer parasite, 11 April 1978 (Item D 71/1)
A Chabaud (Paris) to PCG re visit of Yap Loy Fong to Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, 15 November 1977 (Item D 71/3-4)
Yap Loy Fong (IMR, Kuala Lumpur) to A B Chabaud, Paris, re studying museum display techniques at M.N.D'H.N, 28 September 1977 (Item D 71/5)
A Chabaud (Paris) to Yap Loy Fong that pleased to have him at the Museum, 6 October 1977 (Item D 71/6)
Plan of study (1p.), n.d. (Item D 71/7)
Correspondence: D-E, August 1976 - April 1977 (File D 74)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

P.C.G. to Dr G F de Witt (IMR, Kuala Lumpur) re important work done by Yap Loy Fong on malaria parasites of small mammals, 26 April 1978 (Item D 74/9)
Correspondence between Dr W Ewers (Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education) and P.C.G., 12 August 1976 - 28 March 1977 (Item D 74/36-47)

Discusses Ewer's attempt to get study leave to study mammalian haemoproteids with P.C.G. Includes list of his publications. (12p)

Correspondence: F, July 1976 - November 1977 (File D 75)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence between Dr G E Ford (Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, Adelaide) and P.C.G. on his research on Sarcocystis, 16 July 1976 - 21 November 1977 (Item D 75/22-32)

Includes copy: 8 June 1977, Ford to Dr J D Dunsmore (Murdoch University) re his work on Wallaby parasites. (10p.)

Correspondence: Pa-Pe, July 1976 - February 1978 (File D 82)
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence between Major A D Parkinson, Australian Army 1st Malaria Research Unit (Ingleburn, NSW) and P.C.G., 26 October 1977 - 3 February 1978 (Item D 82/8-19)

Re avian malaria in Australia; includes copy (faint) of his C.V.

Includes: 8 November 1977. Robert Black, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Sydney Univ. to P.C.G. re slides. (11p.)

Dr W Peters (Liverpool) to Birute Galdikas (Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia) re her work on malaria in orangutans, 26 August 1976 (Item D 82/45)
Birute Galdikas (Kalimantan Tengah) to W Peters re her work, 18 July 1976 (Item D 82/46)
Correspondence: Ra-Re, February 1976 - October 1977 (File D 84)
6 items

Filmed selectively.

P.C.G. to Neville Rajapaksa, Australian Dept of Health (Woden) re his W.H.O. paper, 3 September 1976 (Item D 84/2)
W A Langsford, N Rafapaksa, R C Russell (Item D 84/3-8)

A trial to assess the efficiency of inflight disinsection of a Boeing 747 aircraft on the Singapore/Sydney sector. W.H.O. 1976. (11p)

[W Peters] (Liverpool) to N Rajapaksa glad he survived Darwin typhoon. (copy), 11 March 1976 (Item D 84/9)
N Rajapaksa (Woden) to Prof. Peters re experiences during Darwin cyclone. (faint copy), [4 February 1976] (Item D 84/10-11)
P.C.G. to Prof. R H Black (School of Public Health, Sydney Univ.) Re slides, 26 October 1977 (Item D 84/25)
Correspondence between Dr A Ray, Australian Army 1st Malaria Research Unit (Ingleburn, NSW) and P.C.G. re parasites of wood ducks (6p.), 1 August 1977 - 23 September 1977 (Item D 84/26-31)
Correspondence: Si-St, August 1976 (File D 87)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

P.C.G. to Song Cheow Yong (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia) re malaria parasites, 27 August 1976 (Item D 87/26)
Song Cheow Yong (Universiti Pertanian Malaysia) to P.C.G. re turkey parasites, 19 August 1976 (Item D 87/27)
Correspondence: T-V, October 1976 - May 1978 (File D 88)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Letters from P.C.G. to the University of Malaya, 15 October 1976 - 22 November 1977 (Item D 88/36-47)

Discusses his role as external examiner and reporting on Dr V Thomas and Dr Chua Sau Pheng for posts as Professor/Reader in the Dept of Parasitology. (12p.)

Correspondence between P.C.G. and Dr S A Rayner, Registrar, Queensland University, 11 May 1978 - 11 September 1978 (Item D 88/53-68)

Discusses P.C.G. acting as external examiner of Dr L L Callow. Includes P.C.G.'s report on the thesis The Epizootiology Immunology and control of tick-borne disease, with particular reference to bovine babesiosis and list of Callow's publications. (16p)

Correspondence: Wi-Z, December 1976 - May 1978 (File D 90)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence concerning Yap Zoy Fong's residence and study at Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, 6 December 1976 - 30 May 1978 (Item D 90/32-41)

Correspondents include: P.C.G.; Dr G F de Witt (Kuala Lumpur); Dr T Lepes (Geneva); Lim Boo Liat (Kuala Lumpur); A G Chabaud (Paris). (10p.)

Fonds PP/RBS. Sir Ronald Bodley Scott, 1966 - 1979

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2574.


Canberra, ACT; Melbourne, Victoria; Singapore; Sydney, New South Wales.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Ronald Bodley Scott GCVO DM FRCP (1906-1982) was born in Bournemouth and educated at Marlborough College and Brasenose College, Oxford. He worked in his family practice and St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, and was consultant at the Woolwich Memorial Hospital from 1936 to 1971. During World War II he served in the Middle East with the Royal Army Medical Corps. He was one of the leading figures in the management of leukaemia and lymphoma. He was active in many organisations, including the Royal Society of Medicine and the British Heart Foundation.

Series A. Biographical Items, August 1966 - July 1979

2 items
Subseries A 2-9. Diaries, August 1966 - July 1979
2 items
Diary of Tour of USA, Japan, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, S.E. Asia, Pakistan, Beirut, 9 August 1966 - 21 September 1966 (File A 3)

Appointment diary of tour of Hawaii, Australia, Hong Kong, including details of social engagements ('lunch Lord and Lady Casey, Admiralty House') in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra. (52p)

Brunei, 22 June 1979 - 9 July 1979 (File A 7)

Journal of visit to Brunei, 22 June - 9 July 1979.

Covers flight to Singapore, stay at Raffles Hotel, flight to Brunei, dinner with High commissioner, visit to hospital site and laying of foundation stone on 28 July (sic), other social events. (8p.)

Fonds PP/ROG. Major General Sir Leonard Rogers, 1915 - 1935

20 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2574.

Related Materials

See also his autobiography Happy Toil: Fifty-five Years of Tropical Medicine (1950) and Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society no. 9, 1963. (pp. 261-282.)


Australia; Rogers, Sir Leonard.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Leonard Rogers FRS (1868-1962) was born in Helston, Cornwall, and educated at Plymouth College and St Mary's Hospital Medical School in London. He worked in the Indian Medical Service from 1893 to 1921 and was the founder of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine. In his later years he established a consulting practice in London and lectured on tropical diseases at several London medical schools.

Series C. Notes and Correspondence, 1915 - 1935

20 items
Subseries C 9-12. Cholera, January 1915 - March 1915
2 items
F S C Elkington, Federal Quarantine Office, (Brisbane) to L.R. re production of brochure on cholera by the Quarantine Service, 19 January 1915 (File C 9/28)
L.R. (Calcutta) to Elkington sending details of results of hypertonic saline treatment of cholera, 19 March 1915 (File C 9/29)
Subseries C 13-17. Leprosy and Tuberculosis, December 1919 - July 1935
17 items
L. Rogers to Dr H.T. Hollmann (Honolulu) re his use of chaulmoogra oil in treatment of leprosy, 8 December 1919 (File C 13/28)
Treatment of leprosy [by Dr H.T. Hollmann], n.d. (File C 13/29-34)
Note on contagiousness of leprosy and of workers in leper hospitals (1p.), 1935 (File C 13/53)

Includes incidents at Father Damien's leper hospital in Hawaii.

Notes for an address on the distribution, modes of infection and prophylaxis of leprosy (7p.), 1922 (File C 13/136-142)

Includes details of spread in Pacific area.

Memorandum on the prevalence and prophylaxis against leprosy in the British empire, based on replies to the questionnaire of the British Empire Leprosy Relief Association: with suggestions for dealing with the problem, 1925 (File C 13/202-250)

Draft and final version. (50p.)

B.E.L.R.A. Minutes of meeting of Medical Sub-Committee with Medical Officers of the Colonial Service, 7 October 1926 (File C 13/258-262)

Includes report by Dr E.A. Neff on work in Fiji, Dr E.A.O. Travers and Dr Hawes on Straits Settlements. (5p.)

Memorandum on the present position of prophylaxis against leprosy in relation to recent improvement in treatment by L. Rogers, January 1931 (File C 13/313-329)

Includes problem of leprosy in Nauru. Prepared for Leprosy Conference at Manila. (17p.)

Remarks at B.E.L.R.A. Annual meeting. By L. Rogers (5p.), 20 April 1933 (File C 13/330-334)

Details of rapid control of Nauru Island epidemic.

B.E.L.R.A. Executive Committee Meeting minutes (3p.), 29 May 1933 (File C 13/345-347)

Re letter from Australia commenting that unlike the other Dominions Australia was not represented among the Vice Presidents of the Association by its Governor General.

Correspondence re use of L. Rogers' methods for the control of Nauru Island leprosy outbreak, 13 August 1924 - 2 July 1935 (File C 13/532-547)

Correspondents include Dr George Bray (London); W.A. Newman (Administrator, Nauru); F. McCallum (Chief Medical Officer, Australia House); Alan Grant (Edinburgh).

Includes: The Story of Leprosy at Nauru by G.W. Bray, Proceedings of Royal Society of Medicine, 1930.

Report on the investigation of a number of cases of leprosy at Nauru by F.G. Morgan, Melbourne, G.P. n.d. (25p.)


Note by L. Rogers on synopsis of correspondence that the Japanese drowned the few remaining cases of leprosy on their capture of the island.

Correspondence on leprosy in Australia, 4 April 1926 - 23 June 1931 (File C 13/724-733)

Includes: abstract of Dr Cecil Cook's report of inquiry into leprosy in Australia; note by L.R. on epidemiology of leprosy in Australia. 'When will Australia adopt modern prophylactic measures against leprosy', by L.Rogers Medical Journal of Australia 18 October 1930; 23 June 1931 L.Rogers (London) to Dr Drew (Queensland) re new measures.


Leprosy in far Eastern countries, May 1926 - March 1930 (File C 13/734-751)
5 items
Synopsis of correspondence (Item C 13/734)
L. Rogers (London) to Dr P.N. Van Eyck (London) re leprosy in Dutch East Indies, 4 February 1928 (Item C 13/735)
Administrator (Fiji) to L.R. introducing Dr E.A. Neff, Medical superintendent, 3 May 1926 (Item C 13/736)
E.A. Neff (Makogai, Fiji) to L. Rogers re his leper patients, 14 November 1927 (Item C 13/737-738)
Correspondence with Harry Hollmann (Honolulu) re leprosy in Hawaii, 2 February 1928, 18 February 1930, 18 March 1930 (Item C 13/739-741)
Note on a fine emulsion of hydnocarpus oil for intravenous use in leprosy. (1p.), 1930 (File C 16/237)

Includes: work of Dr Harper in Fiji.

L. Rogers to Lyle Cummins (Cardiff) re testing for leprosy in Nauru, 5 October 1930 (File C 16/239)
L. Rogers to Dr Neff (Fiji) re Harper's work, 23 October 1930 (File C 16/247)
Dr V.G. Walsh (London) to L. Rogers that despatching hydnocarpus emulsions to Neff in Fiji, 30 October 1930 (File C 16/249)
L. Rogers to Walsh that Neff has left Fiji, 6 September 1931 (File C 16/257)
Subseries C 19-20. Indian Medical Service Matters, April 1926
1 item
Sir Ambrose Stanton (IMR, Kuala Lumpur) to L. Rogers re his nomination for Fellowship of Royal College of Physicians, 23 April 1926 (File C 20/11)

Fonds SA/ALR. Abortion Law Reform Association, 1937 - 1974

4 items

Abortion Law Reform Association was established in 1936. In 1967 it achieved a major reform in the abortion law with the passing of David Steele's Abortion Act.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2574.


Abortion Law Reform Association; Dunedin, New Zealand; Family planning; Family planning; Malaysia; New Zealand; Singapore.

Series A. Records Of A.L.R.A., 1937

1 item
Subseries A 12. Statistics, Information on Abortion Legislation, 1937
1 item
Abortion law in other countries, 1937 (File A 12/1)
2 items
New Zealand: notes on statements by Religious Assemblies (1p.), n.d. (Item A 12/1/14)
Report of the Committee of Inquiry into various aspects of the problem of abortion in New Zealand. (Chairman: Dr D G McMillan) Wellington. G.P. (printed, 39p.), 1937 (Item A 12/1/15)

Series H. Supplemental Papers, 1968 - 1974

3 items
Abortion in Other Countries c.1965-1977: A-D, 1968 - 1974 (File H 29)
1 item
Australia File, 1968 - 1974 (Item)

Includes correspondence from Elizabeth Baker (ANU, Library); Allan Brown (Brisbane); Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics; Robin Millhouse (Adelaide); B.C. Hartnett (London); Valerie Tobin (London) Anne Turvey (Dunedin); re Abortion reform in Australia and New Zealand. (14p.)

Abortion in Other Countries c.1965-1977: J-N, 1969 - 1974 (File H 31)
2 items
Malaysia File, 1972 - 1974 (Item)

Correspondence with Federation of Family Planning Associations, Malaysia and Inter-Governmental Coordinating Committee re establishing family planning clearing house. (4p.)

New Zealand File, 1969 - 1973 (Item)

Correspondents include: Christchurch Hospital; Anne Turvey (Dunedin); R.A.M. Gregson (University of Canterbury); on the situation in New Zealand. (9p.)

Abortion in Other Countries c.1965-1977: P-Z, 1969 (File H 32)
1 item
Singapore File, 1969 (Item)

Correspondence with Kingsford, Dorman & Co., Solicitors (London) re information on induced abortion for David Marshall. (6p.)

Fonds SA/LIS. Lister Institute, 1902-c.1933

5 items

The Lister Institute, (formerly Jenner Institute), at one time conducted research into vaccines and sera, it now administers fellowships for research into biomedical sciences. The Papers of Sir Charles Martin, (Director 1903-1930) were transferred to the Australian Academy of Sciences, Canberra.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2574.


Australia; Lister Institute; Martin, Sir Charles; Melbourne, Victoria; Sydney, New South Wales.

Series I. Serum and Vaccine Lymph Production and Distribution, 1902 - 1905

4 items
Subseries I 4-8. Documents Concerned with the Supply of Anti-Plague Serum, 1902 - 1905
4 items
Correspondence between Jenner/Lister Institute and the Local Government Board and the Colonial Office, December 1902 - January 1903 (File I 4)
4 items
C P Lucas (Colonial Office) to Lord Lister that Australian Government have agreed to contribute £333 6 8p towards expenses of special anti plague serum laboratory, 21 January 1903 (Item f 46)
Edmund Barton (Melbourne) to Governor General that Western Australian Government suggests it be allowed to order serum directly from Jenner Institute. (copy), 10 January 1903 (Item f 42)
J L Pattisson? (Cobham) to Lord Lister that the Australian Government hope to produce the serum themselves eventually, 3 January 1903 (Item f 36-41)
Memorandum on meeting between Jenner Institute and Colonial Institute (Office), 16 December 1902 (Item f 24-26)

R.e. the supply of plague serum that Mr Chamberlain had agreed approaches should be made to governments of South Africa, Australia, Mauritius and Hong Kong suggesting they contribute to cost of establishment of laboratory for supply of Yersin serum.

Correspondence with Local Government Board and Colonial Office, February 1903 - June 1903 (File I 5)
5 items
Colonial Office circular re special laboratory; mentions grant from Australian Government. (printed), 14 February 1903 (Item f 15)
H Bertram Cox (Colonial Office) to Jenner Institute re desire of Government of Western Australia to order serum when necessary by telegram, 5 March 1903 (Item f 17)
Original of f.17, 5 March 1903 (Item f.18)
Lord Ranfurly (Wellington) to Joseph Chamberlain ordering serum trom Jenner Institute. (copy), 1 May 1903 (Item f 63)
G S Clarke (Melbourne) to Joseph Chamberlain ordering serum from Jenner Institute. (copy), 2 June 1903 (Item f 67)
Correspondence with Local Government Board and Colonial Office, June 1903 - January 1905 (File I 6)
14 items
H Bertram Cox (Colonial Office) to Jenner Institute forwarding copy of, 7 August 1903 (Item f 6)
S J Way, Lt Governor South Australia to Joseph Chamberlain ordering serum, 25 June 1903 (Item f 7)
H Bertram Cox (Colonial Office) to Jenner Institute forwarding copies of, August 1903 (Item f 16)
Lord Tennyson (Sydney) to Joseph Chamberlain ordering serum for New South Wales, 2 July 1903 (Item f 17)
Herbert Chermside (Brisbane) to Joseph Chamberlain re yearly requirements of Queensland for serum, 11 July 1903 (Item f 18)
H M Jackson (Suva) re occurrence of bubonic plague in Fiji, 25 June 1903 (Item f 19)
Colonial Office to Jenner Institute forwarding, 27 August 1903 (Item f 20)
J G White, Agent General NSW (London) to Colonial Office re order of serum tor NSW, 21 August 1903 (Item f 21)
Sales of Haffkine's fluid and sales of Yersin serum. (2p.), 1903 (Item f 30-31)
Colonial Office to Jenner Institute forwarding, 19 February 1904 (Item f 48)
Lord Tennyson (Melbourne) to Joseph Chamberlain re supplies of serum for Tasmania, 6 January 1904 (Item f 49)
Premier of Tasmania (Hobart) to Governor of Tasmania re orders for serum, 21 December 1903 (Item f 50)
H Bertram Cox (Colonial Office) to Lister Institute re orders for serum from Queensland, forwarding, 3 January 1905 (Item f 63)
J M Grant, Agent General for Queensland (London) to Lister Institute ordering serum tor Queensland, 6 January 1905 (Item f 64)
Statements of account estimates etc, c.1903 (File I 7)

Quantity of Yessin's Serum to meet folowing urgent orders. 1903 Yersin's Serum and Haffkine's fluid have been sent to following Colonies. 1903

The following are orders urgently requiring speedy despatch. Sales of Yessin Serum. November - December 1903

Includes sales of serum to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and New Guinea.

Series K. Relations with Outside Bodies and Individuals, c.1933

1 item
Miscellaneous Items of Correspondence, c.1933 (File K 8)
1 item
Robert Menzies (Canberra) to Sir Charles Martin (Cambridge), n.d. (c.1933) (Item f 14)

Re establishment of C.J. Martin Fellowships in Australia. ['enclosed' memorial letter wanting]

Fonds SA/MSS. Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, c.1957-1974

3 items

MSS set up in 1953 to 'cooperate with medical profession to encourage research ... and to aid and ameliorate the conditions of those suffering'.


Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2574.


Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Ireland; New Zealand.

Series D. International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies, c.1957-1974

3 items
Australia (64p.), c.1957-September 1974 (File D 3)
5 items

Items of interest include:

Report of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Australia to I.F.M.S.S. Conference, London. (5p.) [September 1974].

Role of the volunteer within the Multiple Sclerosis Society Victoria, Australia presented to Conference of I.F.M.S.S. (17p.) [1974].

Correspondence [c1957-1972]. Correspondents include: K J Donaghue, Secretary, National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Australia; A M Wilson, Queensland MS Society; John Godfrey (Cremorne); re incidence of MS in Australia, formation of MS societies and controversial vaccine treatment.

History of Australian Multiple Sclerosis Society. (faint).

Report of Australian MSS re proposed international MS Society.

New Zealand (64p.), 1964 - 1974 (File D 50)
4 items
Correspondence, c.1965-1974 (Item 1)


Correspondents include: Ian J Main, National MSS of New Zealand (Wellington); Mrs Gilman Dunn (Wellington); Cmdr. H E Cave (Gisbourne); re incidence of MS in New Zealand and functions of MS societies.

Report on conference of I.F.M.S.S., Barcelona, 1973 (Item 2)

By I J Main and its relevance for New Zealand. (17p.)

Wellington MSS 1st Annual Report. (4p.), 1964 (Item 3)
Details of MS Societies in New Zealand. (2p.) (Item 4)
World MS Societies, 1965 - February 1966 (File D 76)
5 items

Filmed selectively.

C Neave (Waikato MS Soc.) to William Breed (New York) with support for formation of International Society and with history of own society, 22 February 1966 (Item)
A C Cockburn (Australian MS Soc.) to Breed (New York) re possible formation of National Australian Society, 18 February 1966 (Item)
MS in Australia: Report by Dr June C Brierley, Australian MS Soc. (3p.), 1965 (Item)
MS in Australia (Queensland): Report by A M Wilson. (3p.), 1965 (Item)
MS in New Zealand: Report by A M Wilson (3p.), 1965 (Item)

Fonds SA/MWF. Medical Women's Federation, 1913 - 1916

3 items

Founded in 1916 to represent the interests of women as doctors. After WW2 the Federation made an attempt to preserve its own history and that of women doctors and appointed an archivist with an active collecting policy.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2574.


Singapore; Medicine; Medicine; New Zealand.

Series C. Historical Files, September 1913 - February 1916

3 items
Subseries CV. Medical Women Overseas, September 1913 - February 1916
3 items
Charles Ferguson-Davie (Bishop's Lodge, Singapore) to Miss Long, 14 September 1913 (File CV 151)

Enclosing copy of advertisement from daily paper for female inspection officer in connection with registration of births and deaths. Duties include inspection of dead bodies of 'Mahomedan females' to ascertain cause of death, and instruction of mothers in feeding and care of infants. (2p.)

Dr Jessie C. Maddison (Christchurch, NZ) to secretary that unable to obtain work with Imperial forces and wishing to do patriotic medical work in England. (3p.), [February 1916?] (File CV 154)
W Anderson? (Education Dept, Wellington) to 'whom it may concern', 3 February 1916 (File CV 154)

That Dr Jessie Maddison was appointed Medical Officer to two Industrial schools in the South Island in February 1909.

Fonds SA/NBT. National Birthday Trust Fund, 1936

1 item

N.B.T.F. campaigned in 1930's for the wider provision of analgesics in childbirth and improvements in midwifery services. After the war it contributed to several government reports on maternity provision and provided research grants for various projects connected with maternity services.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2574.


New Zealand.

Series F. Correspondence, February 1936

1 item
Correspondence with Individuals, February 1936 (File F 10)
1 item
P.P. Lady Williams to Councillor Mrs Dore (Pinner), 25 February 1936 (Item F 10/3)

Typed versions of Mrs Dore's notes on nursing and maternity services in New Zealand. Includes table of NZ death rates from puerperal sepsis. 1927-1933. (5p.)