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Created: 2018

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Series 1. Paintings, drawings, maps and photographs produced during the surveying voyage of HMS Herald, 1852 - 1860

At the time of filming, the works were not numbered nor were they arranged by date, medium or format. The list below corresponds with the order of the images on the reel. Most of the works have captions, sometimes very precise. Many of the captions are in the hand of the artist James Glen Wilson, while others (in faint pencil) are in the hand of Captain Denham. The list indicates if the signature of Wilson and the date appears on a work, but it should be noted that nearly all of the unsigned works are also by Wilson.

Bure Kalou and sacred tree at Toko Toko near Rewa, Viti Levu, December 1855 (File 1.1)

Framed watercolour, 18cm × 23cm.

Sydney, when approaching the anchorage (File 1.2)

Framed wash drawing, 13cm × 55cm.

Thakombau Vu-Ni-Valu, King of Mbau, Fiji, his wife and daughter (File 1.3)

Three watercolours on one mount, framed, 15cm × 20cm.

J. Glen Wilson. Captain Henry M Denham and officers of HMS Herald, 1860 (File 1.4)

Both images captured on the same mount...

J. Glen Wilson. Conway Reef (Cevaira) showing the wreck of the American whaler Logan, 8 January 1856 (File 1.6)

Ink drawing, 18cm × 30cm.

HMS Herald and Torch leaving Madeira / Funchal, Maderia, eastern extremity of the island and bearing east north east, 1852 (File 1.7)

J. Glen Wilson. Map of Raoul or Sunday Island, 1854 (File 1.9)

15cm × 19cm.

'A Vale mai Gau' / Blocks of coral in the lagoon or salt water lake at the Isle of Pines, 1853 - 1855 (File 1.1)

Two drawings by J G Wilson on same mount: Wash drawing, 17cm × 17cm and 16cm x 27cm

J.G. Wilson. Creeping plants at Lord Howe Island / Lord Howe Island, 1853 (File 1.13)

Two images on same mount. Ink drawings.

J. Macdonald. Ko mai Naitasiri, Fijian chief, 1856 (File 1.15)

Wash drawing. 31cm × 24cm.

HMS Herald in a gale, Bay of Biscay, 16 June 1852 (File 1.16)

J. Glen Wilson. Madeira peasants / the palanquin at Madeira / Madeira boats, 1852 (File 1.17)

3 images on the same mount.

Ko mai Naitasiri / Two Fijians ? (unidentified) (File 1.21)

Three portraits on one mount.

J. Glen Wilson. Marine surveying in the South Pacific, 1858 (File 1.23)

Watercolour drawing, 16cm × 37cm.

J. Glen Wilson. A fishing party: natives of Angau, Fiji / Kindling a fire in Fiji, 1864 (File 1.24)

Pencil drawing, 18cm × 24cm.

J. Glen Wilson. HMS Herald ashore in Shark Bay, April 1858 (File 1.26)

Wash and watercolour drawing, 15cm × 25cm.

J. Glen Wilson. A Fijian woman / Fijians resting, 1856 (File 1.27)

Wash drawing, 14cm × 15cm.

[Seated man with bone through his nose and scars on his chest / unidentified man in ceremonial headdress] (File 1.29)

Mounted watercolour drawing, 25cm × 17cm. Unidentified title supplied by archivist.

J. Glen Wilson. Settlement at Sunday Island, South Pacific / Volcanic Crater of Sunday Island (Raoul), South Pacific, July 1854 (File 1.3)

Unidentified harbour and town (File 1.32)

Lord Howe Island, thinly stratified sandstone (File 1.33)

Ink drawing, 11cm × 27cm.

Houses, Lord Howe Island (File 1.34)

Settlement at Lord Howe Island (File 1.35)

Pen and ink drawing.

Scenery of Lord Howe Island (File 1.36)

Ink drawing.

Sketches of Ball's Pyramid (File 1.37)

Ink drawings.

HMS Herald and Torch at Lord Howe Island, Queen's Birthday, 1853 (File 1.38)

Ink drawing, 16cm × 24cm.

Ball's Pyramid (File 1.39)

Unidentified woman / Man, woman and child, Aneiteum, New Hebrides (File 1.4)

Pencil drawings.

J. Glen Wilson. A remarkable pinnacle of rock in the mountains of Ovalau, Fiji (File 1.42)

Wash drawing, 20cm × 27cm.

Photograph of the grave of Fleetwood Denham (d. 1854), Raoul Island, with an attached letter from the Royal New Zealand Navy Headquarters in London to Mrs H.M. Denham, 17 June 1958 (File 1.43)

Chart of Sunday Island (Raoul) (File 1.44)

Cliff on the north-eastern point of Sunday Island (Raoul) (File 1.45)

Watercolour drawing, 17cm × 24cm.

F.C. Terry. Cockatoo Island, Sydney (File 1.46)

J. Glen Wilson. Views of pyramid Islet, Bass Strait, 1853 (File 1.47)

Ink drawing, 17cm × 22cm.

J. Glen Wilson. Sydney Bay, Norfolk Island, 1855 (File 1.48)


Portrait of a man with a club (File 1.49)

Sketches of Erronan (Futuna), New Hebrides (File 1.5)

Wash and ink drawings.

Village at Isle of Pines, New Caledonia (File 1.51)

Doorway of a magai, Isle of Pines (File 1.52)

Wash drawing, 19cm × 15cm.

French fishing station at St Paul's Island, Indian Ocean, 1853 (File 1.53)

Ink drawing.

J. Glen Wilson. Natural breakwater of the harbour at St Paul's Island, 1853 (File 1.54)

Ink drawing, 20 × 28cm.

J. Glen Wilson. Sketch from nature, 1859 (File 1.55)

J. Glen Wilson. Calm at sea: vessels getting foul of each other, 4 August 1852 (File 1.56)

Ink and wash drawing.

Sketch of HMS Herald's small bower anchor broken in weighing at Lord Howe Island, May 1853 (File 1.57)

Outline sketch of the relative position of the new channel entrance of 1833 and that of 1839 projected by Capt. H.M. Denham. (Formby Point, Lancashire) (File 1.58)

Fijian spears (File 1.59)

Wash drawing, 22cm × 28cm.

The tent tree, Lord Howe Island (File 1.6)

Breadfruit (File 1.61)

Pencil drawing, 11cm × 11cm.

Betel nuts, Solomon Islands (File 1.62)

2 drawings on one sheet, 17cm × 19cm.

Breadfruit, Fiji (File 1.63)

Wash drawing, 62cm × 25cm.

Ripe seed of the mangrove, Fiji (File 1.64)

Watercolour drawing, 22cm × 13cm.

Holothuria, sea slug, sea urchin (File 1.65)

17cm × 28cm.

A vrata helepelee ni Viti. Crustacean resembling a lobster (File 1.66)

Waterolour drawing, 10cm × 26cm.

Sketch of a fish (File 1.67)

Fish from Sunday Island and Lord Howe Island (File 1.68)

7 watercolour drawings on one mount.

Fish from Middleton Reef (File 1.7)

3 watercolour drawings on one mount.

Fish from Bass Strait, Fiji and Lord Howe Island (File 1.71)

One ink and 2 watercolour drawings on one mount.

Fish from Sunday Island and Aneiteum (File 1.72)

One ink and two watercolour drawings.

Penguins, albatross, Cape pigeon, St Paul's Island, 1853 (File 1.73)

4 ink and watercolour drawings.

Cape Barren goose, Bass Strait, and Seagulls, Bass Strait (File 1.74)

Ink drawings, 11cm × 8cm.

Birds' eggs (File 1.76)

Unidentified flowers (File 1.77)

Tent tree at Lord Howe Island (File 1.78)

Wash drawing, 17cm × 15cm.

Sketches of baskets (File 1.79)

Three drawings on one sheet.Four drawings on one sheet, 11cm × 23cm.

Fijian clubs (File 1.8)

Matai ni ivi. Fijian stone adze / Gnaiagh. Hut ornaments, Isle of Pines, New Caledonia, 1853 (File 1.81)

Wash drawings.

George Adams, son of John Adams, mutineer on HMS Bounty (File 1.83)

Pencil drawing.

Pandanus of Fiji (File 1.84)

Ink drawing, 17cm × 17cm.

War march in Fiji. Herald's voyage 1855. Fijian army going into battle. Framed oil painting, 1855 (File)

Unidentified trees (File 1.85)

Canoe of New Zealand, 1854 (File 1.86)

Ink drawing, 20cm × 31cm.

[Norfolk Island in the South West Pacific. The landing place with an onshore wind. Ships boats being taken overland. J. Glen Wilson. Framed oil painting with rounded top], 1855 (File)

Image is unidentified. Title from internal AJCP finding aid.

[In shore canoes of the Isle of Pines, South West Pacific. J. Glen Wilson. Herald's Voyage. Framed oil painting], 1855 (File)

Unidentified image. Title from internal AJCP list.

[Town in Fiji, South West Pacific attacked by "converted natives". J. Glen Wilson. Herald's Voyage. Framed oil painting], 1856 (File)

Unidentified image. Assumed title from AJCP internal list.

[Portrait of Admiral Denham] (File)

Framed chalk portrait, signed Koberwein. Unidentifed image. Title assumed from AJCP internal descriptive list.

Tongese canoes at Levuka, Ovalau, 23 July 1853 (File)

King George and the Vo-ni-valu going on board the HMS Herald. Framed watercolour, unsigned.

Fijian war canoes, 1856 (File)

Framed wash drawing. Signed J Glen Wilson.

Fijian and Tongese canoes getting underway at Levuka, 26 July 1855 (File)

Framed watercolour.

[Untitled view of HMS Herald and cutter], 1852 (File)

Framed wash drawing, signed J Glen Wilson March 1852.Title from internal AJCP descriptive list.

Unidentified [Chief, 1856 HMS Herald Expedition], 1856 (File)

Tail of a porpoise / Shells (File)

Herald and Torch (File)

Unidentified [Fish of South Pacific, HMS Herald including flying fish], 1858 (File)

Titled created by archivist.