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Created: 2018

Online Items

Series A. Why Sotto Voce?: brief encounters with the lives of the Carpenter family of Coventry and Foleshill, by Sheila Bourner 101p, 1988

Concerns Charles Carpenter (1801-1887), his early life as weaver and butcher in Coventry; his arrest on charge of breaking and entering; trial, sentencing and transportation to Van Diemen's Land. Includes: Physical description of Carpenter, Hobart, 1832; Will of William Carpenter. (pp.50-101)

Series B. A Small Oversight, by Sheila Bourner 19p, 1988

Concerning the death of Lavinia Kerrison and subsequent trial and transportation of Charlotte Yaxley (1841) and marriage to Charles Carpenter. Includes: press cuttings from Norwich Mercury re inquest and trial, 1841; C Yaxley's convict record and physical description; broadsheets concerning the case.

Series C. Letters and photographs from Australian relations

Letter from Doris Harding (Burwood, Vic) re family history, 23 August 1988 (File)

Photographs of Australian relations and postcard from Winifred and Jack Birchall, 1960 (File)

Alan Wass (Singapore) to grandmother re visit to Australia, 2 November 1952 (File)

Letters from Lilian Robinson (formerly Lever, nee Carpenter) (Dromana, Vic; Macedon, Vic; Ashburton, Vic.), 1951 - 1971 (File)

To family re visit back to England; family news. 10 letters. (also transcripts).

Letters from Winifred Birchall (nee Carpenter) (Melbourne) to family, 1960 - 1961 (File)

Re family news; visit to England; voyage back to Australia. 7 letters. (also transcripts)

Letters from Jean Lever (daughter-in-law of Lilian Robinson) (Blackburn, Vic; Melbourne; Dromana; Ringwood; Gold Coast) to family, 1951 - 1983 (File)

re visit to England; return voyage encountering monsoon; economic problems in 1950's; family news; removal to senior citizen's village; her son's crocodile farm at Rockhampton. (26 letters)...

Letters from Anne McCreddon (daughter of Jean Lever) (Mermaid Waters, Qld; Wagga Wagga; Broadbeach Waters) to Sheila Bourner, 1982 - 1988 (File)

Re family history; visit to England; farming at Wagga Wagga; economic conditions; her brother's crocodile farm. (22 letters)

Photographs and biographic details of Lilian and Winifred Carpenter in Australia, c.1914-1952 (File)

Includes copies of letters to the Australian relations by Margaret Carpenter (20pp).