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Series Box D7. Papers relating to New Zealand of 7th Earl of Glasgow, 1892 - 1965

Letters from Lord Glasgow (Government House, Wellington) to his brother Robert (Berto), 14 June 1892 - 29 September 1892 (File Bundle 1/1-10)

Subjects and correspondents includes: Morgan Grace (Wellington) commodiousness of Government House; description of the country; New Zealand 1892, Legislative Council Appointments; his opinion of his ministers; Lord Ripon's advice. (48p.)

Correspondence regarding items of furniture missing from Government House and despatches relating to Lord Glasgow's leave of absence, 1897 - 1898 (File Bundle 2/1-21)

Correspondents include: Lord Glasgow (Fairlie); H Blow (Public Works Dept., Wellington); L. H. D. Wilson (Wellington). (109pp.)...

Official letters re Governorship (22p), 1892 - 1897 (File Bundle 3/1-11)

Subjects include: Commission appointing Earl of Glasgow Governor of New Zealand; Lord Knutsford (Colonial Office) to Lord Glasgow re appointment; Warrant of appointment to order of St. Michael and St. George; Instructions to the Governor and Commander in Chief of New Zealand; Appointment to Honorary Colonelship of Mounted Rifle Volunteers; Colonial Office to Lord Glasgow re passage allowance on expiration of his service as Governor.

Press cuttings, c. 1892-1895 (File Bundle 4)

Cuttings from New Zealand newspapers regarding Lord Glasgow's governorship (tours, Legislative Council appointments etc.) (c. 30 cuttings).

Correspondence between Lord Glasgow and R. D. Seddon (c.74p), 1894 - 1895 (File Bundle 6/1-8)

Subjects include: appointment of Under Sec. of Defence and Commander of the forces; annexation of Samoa by New Zealand; opinion on this in Australia; position of all Western Pacific Islands. Seddon believes they should form part of New Zealand; Germnan interests; native land courts; the relationship between the Governor and his advisors; Neckar Island; defence costs; tension between Great Britain and France; Japanese aggression; New Zealand defence capabilities; protectorate of Cook Islands...

Miscellaneous letters, 1895 (File Bundle 8/1-8)

Lord Glasgow (n. pl.) to his wife, 6 August 1895 (Item)

Family news; 'Seddon made a most extraordinary exhibition of himself'; Bank of New Zealand business; defence (4p.).

Lord Glasgow (Auckland) to his wife, 9 May (n.y.) (Item)

Includes: social events; 'I hear the Parliament buildings are hideous'; dismissal of Railway Commissioners; fears will have a stormy session [of Parliament] (4p.)

Lord Glasgow to his wife, family news (4p.), 13 August (n.y.) (Item)

Other material, June 1892 - 1965 (File)

Welcome address to Lord and Lady Glasgow on visit to Palmerston North (1p.), 17 October 1892 (Item Vol.1)
Farewell address presented to Lord Glasgow by chiefs of hapus of the Maori people., 14 September 1896 (Item Vol.2)

In Maori and English. (4.)

Address of congratulation on being appointed Governor by various Friendly Societies in Wellington (2p.), June 1892 (Item Vol.3)

These are representative of c. 30 addresses presented to Lord Glasgow and which are hung in various places in the castle.

Colonial customers and customs by J. Stuart Allen, June 1895 (Item Vol.4)

Presented to Lord Glasgow by R. C. Campbell Preston; contains sketches and cartoons of New Zealand life. (59p.)

Album of sketches of New Zealand life; yachting, driving in country, n.d. (Item Vol.6)

Includes photographs of Maoris. (17p.)

Photograph albums, 1892 - 1897 (File)

[New Zealand and Fiji album], 1892 - 1897 (Item 1)

Includes photographs from Raratonga of natives, houses, scenery, mission station, Makea's Palace; from Wangaria of scenery; from Bay of Islands of scenery; of Government House, Auckland; of Samoa; of Honolulu; from Fiji of natives making kava, native houses, native troops; of Mr Traver's garden, Wellington. (48p.)

New Zealand album [black], 1895 (Item 2)

Includes photographs of Moawhango, logging camp; Ruapehu sheep station, Feb 1895; Lake Taupo; Black boiling pools, Tikitere; Maoris; Lake Wakatipu. (46p.)

New Zealand album [red], 1892 - 1894 (Item 3)

Includes photographs of Lady Glasgow's sitting room, Wellington; Government House, Auckland; Lord Glasgow in his office; swearing in the Governor, 8 June 1892; street scenes in Wellington, 8 June 1892; Maoris; Dunedin; Bligh Sound; Bowen Falls; railway at Westport Ingline; Napier Cathedral; family, friends and staff at Government House; Government House, Hobart, Tas.; Lyttleton regatta, Jan 1894; gold mining, Kumara. (58p.)

Scrapbooks, 1892 - 1901 (File)

Scrapbook of cuttings mainly from New Zealand newspapers re Lord Glasgow's Governorship (c. 100p.), 1892 - 1901 (Item)

Subjects include: welcome and arrival; dispute over Legislative Council appointments; social events; invitations; tours (to Cook Islands and other parts of NZ); farewells.

Series Box REB. Papers of Robert Elphinstone Boyle, 1892 - 1895

Correspondence from his brother, 7th Earl of Glasgow, 13 December 1894 - 5 March 1895 (File Bundle 8/6)

Lord Glasgow (Wellington) to Robert re Alan Ferguson; Hon. William Feilding of North Island and an incident with the French consul, 13 December 1894 (Item 6)
Lord Glasgow (Wellington) to Robert re disagreements with Seddon over Samoa, 7 January 1895 (Item 8)
Lord Glasgow (Auckland) to Robert re appointment of Commander of forces; Japan is a power to watch, 5 March 1895 (Item 9)