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Letters from Edmund Hobhouse to his family in England, 1858 - 1864 (File 1)

The bulk of the letters were sent to Hobhouse's sister, Eliza Hobhouse. There are also single letters to his brothers Henry and Reginald, Rev. David Williams (Warden of New College, Oxford), and Rev. E.H. Hansell. Some of the original letters are missing, but there are typed transcripts of all the letters, typed extracts from some letters, and occasional notes by Dorothy Hobhouse...

Photographs of Nelson, New Zealand (File 2)

Five photographs of Nelson, including two street scenes and photographs of the original Christ Church Cathedral.

Miscellaneous letters of Edmund and Mary Hobhouse, 1859 - 1865 (File 3)

Mary Hobhouse (Sydney) to Maud Williams, 21 February 1859 - 11 March 1859 (Item)

Remoteness from friends in England; nomadic life; medical and dental problems; departure of Edmund for New Zealand.

Mary Hobhouse (Nelson) to Henry Hobhouse, 16 February 1860 (Item)

Sends sample of New Zealand flax.

Edmund Hobhouse to Mary Hobhouse, 1859-61 (mostly Oct.-Nov. 1860) (Item)

Descriptions, sometimes in diary form, of his travels in the diocese; visits to sheep stations; services; descriptions of the landscape. (11 letters)

Mary Hobhouse (Nelson) to Maud Williams, 8 February 1861 (Item)

Illness of her son; domestic duties; training school for servants.

Mary Hobhouse (Nelson) to Fanny, 12 December 1861 (Item)

Thanks for sewing machine.

Diary-letters of Edmund Hobhouse, February 1859 - April 1859 (Item)

Voyage from Sydney to Nelson; meetings with local clergy; provincial synod at Wellington; meetings with Bishops G.A. Selwyn, H.J.C. Harper and C.J. Abraham. (4 items)

Edmund Hobhouse to members of Nelson Diocesan Synod, 22 September 1865 (Item)

Retirement as bishop.

Address presented to Bishop Hobhouse from parishioners of St Peter-in-the-East, [1858] (Item)

Bishop G.A. Selwyn (Auckland) to Edmund Hobhouse, 22 September 1865 (Item)

Edmund Hobhouse to Bishop G.A. Selwyn, 5, 7 May 1864 (Item)

His resignation.

Appendix to letter to Primate, 19 May 1864 (Item)

Sarah Selwyn (Auckland) to Eliza Hobhouse, 31 August 1864 (Item)

Resignation of Edmund; his intention of remaining in England.

Lady Martin (Taurarua) to [Eliza Hobhouse], 1 September 1864 (Item)

Resignation of Edmund Hobhouse; his severe comments on the immorality of the people of Nelson.

Bishop G.A. Selwyn (Auckland) to Edmund Hobhouse, 22 September 1865 (Item)

Duplicate copy.

Extract from charge (Item)

Letters of Mary Hobhouse to her family in England, 1858 - 1864 (File 4)

Most of the letters were sent to her sister-in-law, Eliza Hobhouse. There are also a few letters to Harriet Brodrick, Mary Hobhouse (the wife of Arthur Hobhouse), her cousins Augusta and Louise and other relatives. Some of the original letters are missing, but there are typed transcripts of all the letters. The subjects of the letters include the voyage to Australia, her stay in Sydney, first impressions of Nelson, requests for medicines, a piano and other goods, the colonial clergy, the difficulty of finding congenial company, news of the family in England, the first meeting of the diocesan synod (August 1859), the move from lodgings to her own home, servants, Edmund's meetings with Maoris, cooking, household duties, visits to Motueka, Edmund's tours of the diocese, the garden and orchard, the church school, Rev. R.H. Codrington, books, daily routines, descriptions of her house, the climate, conflict with the Maoris in Taranaki, her children Edmund and William, travels in the country, the distribution of clergy in the diocese, the provincial synod (Feb. 1862), relations with Bishop G.A. Selwyn, illnesses, visitors to the house, the diocesan synod (Oct. 1862) and Edmund's declining health (June 1864). Of the 74 items, 22 are undated or incomplete fragments of letters. Many of them deal with purchases of books, prints, clothes, drapery, groceries, flower seeds and other goods undertaken in England by Eliza Hobhouse on behalf of Mary Hobhouse. There is also a letter from Sarah Selwyn (Auckland) to Eliza Hobhouse (9 Aug. 1847) relating to the health of Selwyn's father and an explanation to accompany a map of the diocese of Nelson (1861)...

Letters of Caroline and Charles Abraham, 1859 - 1902 (File 5)

Caroline Abraham (Wellington) to Eliza Hobhouse, 1859 - 1864 (Item)

Arrival of Edmund Hobhouse in New Zealand; family news; her visit to Nelson (March 1862), the home of Edmund and Mary Hobhouse; Edmund's health; his resignation and Bishop Abraham's visit to Nelson (Aug. 1864). (4 letters)

Bishop Charles Abraham (Bakewell) to Anna Hobhouse, 17 December 1902 (Item)

Seeks news of Edmund; Abraham's health; books.

Letters to Edmund and Anna Hobhouse and to Dorothy Hobhouse, 1869 - 1962 (File 6)

The correspondents include Bishop G.A. Selwyn (Lichfield), Sarah Selwyn (Lichfield), Bishop C.J. Abraham (Lichfield), Edmund Hobhouse (Beechill), George Brodrick (Oxford), S.J. Selwyn (Henley-on-Thames) and John G. Lonsdale (Lichfield). The letters mostly deal with news of their families and old friends, including the death of Edmund in 1904, with occasional references to New Zealand. The correspondence of Dorothy Hobhouse relates to her work on the life of her grandfather and the Selwyn Family. There are typed transcripts of some of the letters...

Obituaries and correspondence on the death of Edmund Hobhouse, 1904 - 1905 (File 7)

Obituaries of Edmund Hobhouse (Item)

Obituaries published in the Wells Journal, Nelson Diocesan Gazette, Guardian (by R.H. Codrington), Times (London), Morning Advertiser, Bristol Times, Lady's Pictorial, Bristol Mercury, Truth (London), Daily Mirror, Clifton Society and Western Chronicle (by R.H. Codrington). There are also some obituaries of Hobhouse's brother, Lord Hobhouse, who also died in 1904.

R.J. Kingsley (Nelson) to Rev. W. Hobhouse, 20 June 1904 (Item)

Death of Edmund Hobhouse.

R.H. Codrington (Chichester) to Anna Hobhouse, 21 August 1905 (Item)

Thanks for memoir of Edmund Hobhouse.

Stephen Hobhouse (London) to Henry Hobhouse, 9 August 1905 (Item)

Thanks for memoir of his great-uncle.

In Memoriam: Edmund Hobhouse, reprinted from the Guardian (8pp), 27 April, 4 May 1904. (Item)

A.F. Kirkpatrick (Cambridge) to Anna Hobhouse, 26 May 1904 (Item)

Resolution of Selwyn College Council on death of Bishop Hobhouse.

Laura Mules (Nelson) to Edmund Hobhouse, 24 April [1904] (Item)

Death of his father.

Rev. F. Ault (Nelson) to Dorothy Hobhouse, 19 August 1957 (Item)

Sends obituary of Bishop Hobhouse in Nelson Diocesan Gazette.

Memoirs of Edmund Hobhouse (File 8)

Typescript copy of 'Outline of my life' by Edmund Hobhouse, undated (21pp). The document covers the years 1817-58 in some detail, but has only a few lines on his time in New Zealand and nothing on his later life. The document is accompanied by 18 photographs and drawings of Nelson, including a pen and ink drawing by Mary Hobhouse, a photograph of Bishopdale (1880), two pen and ink drawings of a house in Nelson rented by Bishop Hobhouse, a photograph of Maitai Valley, five photographs of gold diggings in New Zealand, and a pen and ink drawing of Christchurch Cathedral.