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Series. Letters of David Blackburn, 3 April 1785 - April 1796

Note regarding the Wiltshire Weed (File)

Note that refers to 'Wiltshire Weed'- the common elm found in the English county of Wiltshire.

S Martin to Margaret Blackburn (Norwich), 3 December (File)

Margaret Blackburn (Norwich) to Blackburn, 3 April 1785 (File)

Discusses mismanagement of their brother; plans of mother and herself to offer board and education to a few young women; seamen and balloons.

Blackburn (London, Portsmouth) to Margaret Blackburn, 12 March 1787 - 9 May 1787 (File)

Details disappointment at appointment as master of Supply; purchase of clothing and charts; likely to be away for 3-4 years; Lieut. H. Ball; arrival of Capt. A Phillip; possibility of charting New Holland coast; imminent departure. One letter is addressed to his mother Elizabeth Blackburn. (10 letters)

Blackburn (Teneriffe) to Margaret Blackburn, 5 June 1787 (File)

Arrival at Teneriffe; convicts in good condition; proceeding to Rio de Janeiro and Cape of Good Hope.

Blackburn (Rio de Janeiro) to Margaret Blackburn, 2 September 1787 (File)

Progress of voyage; impressions of Rio de Janeiro; convicts in healthy state (only 22 deaths); humanity of Capt. Phillip.

Blackburn (Cape of Good Hope) to Margaret Blackburn, 9 November 1787 (File)

Loading of livestock; expects to reach Botany Bay in February or March.

Blackburn (Sydney) to Margaret Blackburn, 12 July 1788 (File)

Quick passage from Cape of Good Hope; arrival at Botany Bay; discovery of Port Jackson; voyage to Norfolk Island and discovery of Lord Howe Island; unproductive gardens at Sydney; impressions of Aborigines; earthquake (22 June); healthy climate.

Blackburn (Sydney) to Margaret Blackburn, 15 November 1788 (File)

Impressions of colony; swamps and rocky hills, poor soil; trees; harbours; canoes, weapons and food of Aborigines; their lack of curiosity; fauna, including kangaroos; productivity of Norfolk Island; lack of a harbour; departure of transports.

Margaret Blackburn (Norwich) to Blackburn, 9 September 1789 (File)

Family news; death of brother Thomas Blackburn in 1787; hopes Guardian will bring 'many necessaries'.

Blackburn (Batavia) to Margaret Blackburn, 12 August 1790 (File)

Healthy climate of New South Wales; poor soil; vegetables do tolerably well; limited contact with Indigenous Australians; Bennelong; shortage of supplies; wreck of HMS Sirius at Norfolk Island; voyage to East Indies; discovery of islands; impressions of Batavia; hopes of returning to England. Letter continued at Port Jackson, 17 March 1791: return to Port Jackson in Oct. 1790; Blackburn's command of Supply on voyage to Norfolk Island; fir trees rotten at heart; visit by Indigenous Australians to Sydney; conflict between tribes.

Capt. A. Phillip to Blackburn, 25 September 1788 (File)

Directs Blackburn to take Golden Grove to Norfolk Island, land people, stores and provisions and receive on bard spars and deals.

Capt. A. Phillip to Blackburn, 17 January 1791 (File)

Directs Blackburn to take command of Supply and proceed to Norfolk Island and load stores and provisions.

Peter Martineau (London) to Elizabeth Blackburn, 10 February 1791 (File)

Meeting with Lieut. P.G. King; speaks of Blackburn in highest terms; Blackburn's illness; cannot explain why he has not written to his family.

Capt. A. Phillip to Blackburn, 19 March 1791 (File)

Directs Blackburn to take command of Supply and transport settlers, officers and supplies to Norfolk Island.

Capt. A. Phillip to P. Stephens (Admiralty), 18 November 1791 (File)

Commends Blackburn who commanded Supply when Lieut. Ball was ill. (extract)

Blackburn to R. Harper (Plymouth), 27 September 1793 (File)

Appointment to HMS Dictator; requests that his things be sent by London wagon.

Testimonials commending Blackburn written by Lieut. H.L. Ball, 8 April 1789, 8 April 1792, 15 May 1792 (File)

Letters received by Margaret Blackburn and her mother Elizabeth Blackburn from friends and relatives in response to questions about the whereabouts of Blackburn and giving details of his death, January 1795 - April 1796 (File)