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Online Items

Series I. Autobiography

Typescript of unfinished autobiography covering Crutchley's early life, his work with the Oversea Settlement Office, his appointment in 1928 as the British Government Representative for Migration in Australia, the voyage to Australia, impressions of Perth and Melbourne, and first meetings with Australian politicians and officials. (23pp)...

Series II. Diaries of E.T. Crutchley, 1928 - 1940

The diaries provide a detailed record of Crutchley's working and social life, his conversations with many of the leading figures in Australian and British political and official circles, his opinions and attitudes, and anecdotes that he had heard. The entries in the early diaries tend to be briefer than those in the later diaries. For some days there are no entries and there are a few longer gaps, the largest being from July 1939 to August 1940...

Printed diaries, August 1928 - December 1928 (File)

Printed diaries, April 1929 - December 1929 (File)

Printed diaries, January 1930 - December 1930 (File)

Printed diaries, January 1931 - December 1931 (File)

Exercise books, February 1932 - June 1933 (File)

Exercise books, June 1933 - December 1934 (File)

Exercise books, January 1935 - December 1936 (File)

Exercise books, December 1936 - November 1938 (File)

Exercise books, November 1938 - September 1940 (File)

Series III. Miscellaneous Papers, 1931 - 1935

E.T. Crutchley. Canberra: a private appreciation. Typescript. (4pp), 1931 (File (i))

Papers concerning the tour of Australia by the English Cricket Team, 1932 - 1933 (File (ii))

Extracts from Crutchley's diary, letters and cuttings concerning the tour and Crutchley's involvement in the controversy concerning bodyline bowling. They include correspondence with the Manager of the Team, P.H. Warner (February 1933) and a letter from Crutchley to O. Thompson, 6 March 1933.

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1931 - 1935 (File (iii))

J. Daly (Canberra) to Crutchley, 12 March 1931 (Item)

Thanks for note re departure from Government.

Mary Masson (Melbourne) to Crutchley, 24 December 1931 (Item)

Crutchley's departure for England; his encouragement to New Settlers League.

C.A.S. Hawker (Melbourne) to Crutchley, 8 April 1932 (Item)

British preparations for Ottawa Conference; Australian concessions. (incomplete)

Sir Isaac Isaacs (Canberra) to Crutchley, 26 December 1932 (Item)

Thanks for congratulations on election to Bench of Inner Temple.

W.K. Hancock (Adelaide) to Crutchley, 8 November 1933 (Item)

Although described individually, this document was originally microfilmed with a page from another document. The last page of the document described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-742825923...

Sir Philip Game (Sydney) to Crutchley, 11 January [1935] (Item)

Departure from Australia; wishes he could discuss political situation.

Crutchley to W. Teeling, 1 July 1935 (Item)

Crutchley's visit to Group Settlements; lack of response to proposal for development of northern Australia by chartered companies.

Miscellaneous Papers