Guide to the Diaries of Reverend Henry Welchman (as filmed by the AJCP)



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Created: 2018

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Diary of Henry Welchman, 24 July 1892 - 30 November 1893 (File 1)

The first diary opens when Welchman was working at Santa Isabel. It describes the visit of H. Montgomery, the Bishop of Tasmania (Sept. 1892), Welchman's return to Norfolk Island (Oct. 1892), his training for the priesthood, his journey to New Zealand (June 1893), his ordination as a priest by Bishop W.G. Cowie at Auckland (25 June 1893), his first communion services and sermons, missionary meetings, discussions about the future of the Melanesian Mission, travels in New Zealand including visits to Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Nelson and Napier, his return to Norfolk Island (Aug. 1893), and a cruise in the Solomon Islands including visits to Ulawa, Sepi, Savo and Vatilau (Sept.-Oct. 1893).

Diary of Henry Welchman, 1 December 1893 - 31 May 1895 (File 2)

The first part of the second diary also records Welchman's life in the mission at Santa Isabel before moving to Norfolk Island in May 1894. It refers to news of the appointment of Cecil Wilson as Bishop of Melanesia (April 1894), Welchman's first meeting with Wilson (27 June 1894), synod meetings, the proposed industrial college at Siota, dealings with Pitcairn Islander families such as the Nobbs, Quintal and Buffet families, Welchman's association with the Rossiter Family and his marriage proposal to Helen Rossiter (9 May 1895), engagement celebrations, and his voyage back to Santa Isabel (May 1895).