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Created: 2018

Online Items

Series. Volume 1, 1856 - 1864

Genealogical Papers (File 1)

Family trees of Pedley Family 1690-1900 compiled by Edward Pedley (1872), and Ada Hitchen and a record of family of Hannah Platt.

Letters of William Pedley, 1856 - 1857 (File 2)

Letters of William Pedley to members of his family concerning preparations for his departure from Liverpool, conditions on the emigrant ship and his life in Adelaide working on a farm and quarrying stones for a main road (9 letters).

Letters of Edward Pedley, 1857 - 1863 (File 3)

Letters of Edward Pedley (Sandbach, Cheshire) to his son William Pedley concerning family news, local events, economic conditions in England, farming, prices, Indian Mutiny, American Civil War, conditions on emigrant ship, William's experiences in Australia, emigration of tradesmen to Australia, cultivation of cotton in Queensland, and William's doubts about remaining in Australia. (27 letters).

Letter of William Pedley, 1863 (File 4)

Letter of William Pedley to Margaret Pedley, 25 August 1863, concerning his plans for returning to England, his dislike of colonial politicians, and his return to Adelaide.

Legal and accounting papers relating to the last will and testament of Sarah Pedley, 1861 - 1864 (File)

Copy of the will of the late Sarah Pedley of Crewe; records of interest received; Sarah Pedley's account book, including an entry by Thomas or Edward Pedley as the executor of her will.

Series. Volume 11, 1875 - 1906

Letter of Thomas Pedley, 1875 (File 5)

Letter of Thomas Pedley (Melbourne) to his uncle Thomas Pedley, 6 September 1875 concerning cost of living, wages and employment in Australia.

Letters of Edward and Katie Pedley, 1875 - 1887 (File 6)

Letters of Edward Pedley (Williamstown, Victoria) and his daughter Katie to their unclde Thomas Pedley concerning family news, purchase of land, crops, changes at Williamstown, free trade and protection, receipt of seeds, visits to Sydney and Portland, Chinese labourers, work on railways, rabbit problem, concern about penal settlement in New Caledonia, and plans for irrigation in Victoria. (20 letters).

Letters of Nellie Pedley, 1903 - 1906 (File 7)

Letters of Nellie Pedley (Hawksburn, Victoria) to her cousins Sarah Ann and Ada concerning family news and plans of visiting England. (3 letters).

Miscellaneous papers (File 8)

Papers concerning visits of Ada Pedley to the Netherlands to advise on Cheshire cheese-making 1890-1911; in memoriam card for William Pedley died 1902; and poem by Edward Pedley 1859.