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Samuel, Saul, Sir
Papers of Sir Saul Samuel (as filmed by AJCP)
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1837 - 1900
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237 items
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Scope and Contents

The correspondence has been arranged chronologically, with letters from Charles Cowper, Lord Belmore, Sir Henry Parkes and the Samuel Family separated into distinct groups. Most of the correspondence with Charles Cowper is dated 1870 and relates to Samuel's resignation from the Executive Council. The letters from Lord Belmore are dated 1868-85, with many written 1868-72, when he was Governor of New South Wales. The largest group contains letters from a number of correspondents dealing with personal matters and official business such as appointments, securing loans and relations with the Colonial Office.

There are also letters from Sir Henry Parkes 1872-90, and letters to and from members of Samuel's family.

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Filmed at the private residence of Sir Jon Samuel, Surrey, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1973 (AJCP Reel: 875). Original microfilm digitised as part of the NLA AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

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The private residence of Sir Jon Samuel. Surrey, England.

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Bathurst, NSW; Cowper, Sir Charles; Great Britain: Colonial Office; Lowry-Corry, Somerset R., 4th Earl of Belmore; 4th Earl of Belmore; Mercantile firms; New South Wales: politics and government; New South Wales; Parkes, Sir Henry; Politicians: Australia; Samuel Family; Samuel, Sir Saul


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 403, p155.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Saul Samuel (1820-1900), 1st Baronet, was born in London. His father died before he was born and in 1832 he accompanied his mother to New South Wales, where his uncle and his brother were already living. He was educated at Sydney College and in 1837 he joined the Sydney counting-house of his uncles. With his brother Lewis, he later formed the Sydney mercantile company of L. & S. Samuel and in time became a director of several companies based in Bathurst.

Samuel was the first Jewish parliamentarian and the first Jewish minister of the Crown in New South Wales. He represented the counties of Roxburgh and Wellington in the Legislative Council in 1854-56. In the Legislative Assembly he represented Orange in 1859-60, Wellington in 1862-69 and Orange in 1869-72. He returned to the Legislative Council in 1872. In 1865-66 and 1868-70 Samuel was Colonial Treasurer in the ministries led by Charles Cowper and John Robertson. He was postmaster-general in the ministries led by Henry Parkes in 1872-75, 1877 and 1878-80.

In 1880 Samuel was appointed Agent-General for New South Wales in London. In this post he worked closely with the Colonial Office and, in particular, undertook negotiations on behalf of the New South Wales Government for loans and improved mail services. He also encouraged assisted migration to New South Wales. He represented the colony at the 1887 Imperial Conference and was involved in the planning of several international exhibitions.

Samuel retired in 1897 but continued to live in England until his death. He had married Henrietta Goldsmith-Levien in 1857. She died in 1864 and in 1877 he married Sarah Isaacs. He was knighted in 1882 and was made a baronet in 1898.

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Correspondence of Charles Cowper and Saul Samuel, 1865 - 1870

1 item

Correspondence between Samuel and Charles Cowper, Premier of New South Wales in 1856, 1857-59, 1861-6, 1865-66 and 1870. The letters refer to the possibility of Samuel joining the Government (1865), the ministry formed by James Martin (1866), the resignation of Cowper's last ministry (1870), the coal question, Lord Belmore, John Robertson and James Martin.(11 letters)

Correspondence, 1865 - 1870 (File)

Series 2. Letters of Lord Belmore to Saul Samuel, 1868 - 1885

1 item

Letters written by Lord Belmore, the Governor of New South Wales in 1868-72, to Samuel, mostly in his capacity as Treasurer in the governments led by Charles Cowper and John Robertson. The letters deal with many subjects, including meetings of the Executive Council, supplementary estimates, railway expenditure, expenses incurred by the visit of the Duke of Edinburgh (1869-70), customs duties, Belmore's travelling expenses, unauthorised expenditures, the Supply Bill (1870), the issue of debentures, defences of Sydney, silver coinage, the Stores Valuation Board, Samuel's resignation from the Executive Council (1871), the Navigation Bill (1872) and the Marine Board Bill (1871-72). The last four dated letters were written at Castle Coole, Enniskillen, Ireland, and refer to Samuel's visit to Ireland in 1873 and the appointment of Lord Carrington as Governor of New South Wales in 1885.(61 letters)

Correspondence, 1868 - 1885 (File)

Series 3. General correspondence, 1837 - 1873

26 items

Correspondence between John Walker (Sydney) and L. & S. Samuel referring to stock and stations in the districts of Bligh and Wellington (copies), 1837 - 1851 (File)

G.N. FitzRoy (Sydney) to Samuel, 10 May 1852 (File)

Petition of William Ruttor; Racing at Homebush; Gossip.

Arthur Templer (Narrambla) to Samuel, 24 April 1856 (File)

Condolences on his election defeat.

M. O'Connor (Bathurst) to Samuel, 8 September 1856 (File)

Has enrolled Samuel as a member of the Bathurst Local Improvement Association; Evidence of Samuel's popularity.

W.M. Manning (Sydney) to Samuel, 24 November 1857 (File)

Legacy duty; University of Sydney's debt to Samuel.

G.W.T. Bowen (Sydney) to Samuel, 1 December 1859 (File)

An applicant for a position at Moreton Bay.

Sir William Denison (Sydney) to Samuel, 8 December 1853 (File)

A protest by the Deputy Master of the Mint against Denison altering the Estimates; Possible Imperial control of the Mint.

Sir William Denison to Samuel, 22 December 1859 (File)

Application of Robert Anderson for a position in Customs.

William Forster (Sydney) to Samuel, 22 November 1860 (File)

Hopes Samuel is not considering withdrawing from politics.

Electors of Wellington to Samuel, 4 April 1863 (File)

Thanks Samuel for guarding the interests of his constituency.

Sir John Young (Sydney) to Samuel, 3 January 1866 (File)

Accepts Samuel's resignation as Colonial Treasurer.

Sir John Young (Sydney) to Samuel, 4 January 1866 (File)

Regrets circumstances leading to Samuel's relinquishment of office.

Government House. Invitation from the Governor to the unveiling of a statue of the Prince Consort, 16 April 1866 (File)

Sir John Young to Samuel, 29 May 1866 (File)

Acknowledges receipt of oil.

Sir John Young to Samuel, 2 June 1866 (File)

Acknowledges receipt of a lamp; Wishes success for Samuel's company.

Invitations to functions honouring the Duke of Edinburgh, 11 February 1868 - 1 April 1868 (File)

J. Robertson (Wollongong) to Samuel, 23 April 1869 (File)

John Stuart.

Electors of Orange to Samuel, 15 November 1869 (File)

Requests Samuel to stand at the coming election.

Edward Deas Thomson (Barham) to Samuel, 11 June 1870 (File)

Scheme for the extinction of the deficit debt; Need to limit the duration of the Stamp Act; Recourse should not be had to direct taxation.

Printed address of congratulation to Queen Victoria on the recovery of the Prince of Wales, 7 May 1872 (File)

James Fergusson (Sydney) to Samuel, 3 September 1872 (File)

Thanks Ministry for assistance.

Henry Parkes to Samuel, 26 November 1872 (File)

Appoints Samuel to the Commission to Collect Exhibits for the International Exhibition of Selected Specimens of Art and Industry in London in 1873.

Henry Parkes to Samuel, 5 December 1872 (File)

Appoints Samuel as Postmaster-General of New South Wales. (printed)

Convention between New South Wales and Victoria to receive Customs Duties (printed), May 1873 (File)

A.H. Palmer (Brisbane) to Samuel, 1 May 1873 (File)

Congratulations on Samuel's appointment as Commissioner to Washington. (telegram)

Samuel to C. Alexander, George Stewart and other employees at Collingwood Wool Washing Establishment, 22 May 1873 (File)

Acknowledges an address.

Series 4. General correspondence, 1873 - 1900

170 items

T.J. Farley (London) to Samuel, 9 August 1873 (File)

Requests New South Wales stamps.

Robert Herbert (Colonial Office) to Tilley, 16 August 1873 (File)

Introduces Samuel.

Robert Herbert (Colonial Office) to Samuel, 30 August 1873 (File)

Letter of introduction.

Contract between Postmasters General of New South Wales and New Zealand with Hayden Hall (Sydney) and Paul Forbes (London) for a mail service between San Francisco and the colonies (printed, 11pp), 27 November 1873 (File)

Draft report on overseas trip, 1873 - 1874 (File)

Capt. George S. Nares, 14 May 1874 (File)

Order to carry a line of soundings towards Cook's Strait in connection with the telegraphic cable between New South Wales and New Zealand.

Clarinda Parkes (Sydney) to Samuel, 18 May 1874 (File)

Acknowledges a present.

Lord Carnarvon (London) to Sir Hercules Robinson, 28 May 1874 (File)

Appointment of Samuel as C.M.G. (copy)

Sir Hercules Robinson (Sydney) to Samuel, 28 July 1874 (File)

Forwards despatch regarding appointment of Samuel as C.M.G.

Sir Hercules Robinson (Sydney) to Samuel, 31 July 1874 (File)

Requires a polo pony.

Commodore James Goodenough to Samuel, 28 August 1874 (File)

Inquires about mails.

Speech by Samuel on the opening of the Sydney Post Office (printed), 1 September 1874 (File)

Notes regarding the establishment of further Post Offices (File)

Commodore James Goodenough to Samuel, 5 September 1874 (File)

A present for Band.

Colonial Secretary's Department (Sydney) to Samuel, 5 September 1875 (File)

Dates of his appointment as a magistrate.

President of the Royal Commission for the Paris Universal Exhibition (London) to Samuel, 3 May 1875 (File)

Thanks Samuel for his work for the Exhibition.

Minute of the Postmaster General on the subject of the future arrangements for the Australasian Mail Services (printed), 22 April 1879 (File)

Sir Henry Parkes (Sydney) to Samuel, 6 January 1880 (File)

Offers Samuel a seat on the Commission to secure New South Wales representation at the International Exhibition in Melbourne.

Sir Hercules Robinson (Sydney) to Samuel, 19 September 1880 (File)

Congratulations on his appointment as Agent-General.

John Dawson & Son (Sydney) to Samuel, 24 September 1880 (File)

Colonial Office (London) to Samuel, 19 May 1881 (File)

Uniform to be worn as Agent-General.

Foreign Office. Document giving Samuel freedom to pass without hindrance in Europe, 28 April 1881 (File)

Lord Kimberley (London) to Samuel, February 1882 (File)

Presentation of album and painting to Queen Victoria; proposed fishery exhibition. (4 letters)

Lord Kimberley to Samuel, 18 May 1882 (File)

Proposed recommendation of KCMG to Samuel.

Rev. Randall Davidson (Lambeth Palace) to Samuel, 23 May 1882 (File)

Presents for the princes.

William B. Dalley (Sydney) to Samuel, n.d. (File)

Governor should not be withdrawn before the end of the year. (telegram)

C. Cox (Chancellor of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, Downing Street) to Samuel, 24 May 1882 - 26 May 1882 (File)

Advises Samuel of his K.M.C.G. with Samuel's reply.

Colonial Office to Samuel, 19 June 1882 (File)

Award of KCMG.

Lucy Tait (Croydon) to Samuel, 14 September 1882 (File)

Acknowledges photographs of New South Wales.

John Dalton to Samuel, October 1882 - June 1883 (File)

Presents for the Princes. (3 letters)

Thomas Holt (Grosvenor Hotel) to Saul, 12 June 1883 (File)

Thanks for notes and the Prince's photograph.

H. Brand (House of Commons) to E. Ashley, 7 August 1883 (File)

Admission of Agents General to House of Commons. (copy)

Cardinal S. Simeoni (Rome) to Samuel, 17 October 1883 (File)

Acknowledges letter of sympathy to the Pope on the death of M. Roger Vaughan.

Sir Henry Ponsonby (Balmoral) to Samuel, 10 November 1883 (File)

Two letters. Acknowledges photographs of statues in Sydney sent to Queen Victoria.

Sir Robert Herbert (Colonial Office) to Samuel, 31 January 1884 (File)

Conferment of KCMG on Sir Wigram Allen.

J.N. Dalton (Cambridge) to Samuel, 29 April 1884 (File)

Sends a pamphlet on Federation.

Francis Knollys (London) to Samuel, 24 July 1884 (File)

Invites Samuel to be a member of the Royal Commission to carry out an Indian and Colonial Exhibition in London in 1886.

Sir Robert Herbert to Samuel, 9 October 1884 (File)

New Guinea Protectorate.

Duke of Manchester (Kimbolton Castle) to Samuel, November 1884 (File)

Hawkins Hill Gold Mine at Hill End. (2 letters)

Sir Robert Herbert to Samuel, 2 January 1885 (File)

Lord Derby and Western Pacific matters.

R.L. Antrobus (Colonial Office) to Samuel, 3 January 1885 (File)

Appointment with Lord Derby.

Lord Sherbrooke to Samuel, 23 January 1885 (File)

Requests decipherment of a letter about property in Australia.

William B. Dalley (Sydney) to Samuel, 3 February 1885 (File)

Possibility of Duke of Manchester being Governor of New South Wales. (telegram)

William B. Dalley (Sydney) to Samuel, 12 February 1885 (File)

Offer by New South Wales of two batteries for Suakim. (telegram)

Ralph Thompson (War Office) to Samuel, 12 February 1885 (File)

Offer from New South Wales Government.

Sir Robert Herbert to Samuel, 13 February 1885 (File)

New South Wales contingent to Suakim.

Samuel to Alexander Stuart, 4 February 1885 (File)

British Government accepts offer of a contingent.

Lord Lymington (Hurstbourne) to Samuel, 24 February 1885 (File)

Acknowledges a letter of introduction.

Sir Robert Herbert to Samuel, 6 March 1885 (File)

Appointment of a new governor.

Sir Robert Herbert to Samuel, 6 March 1885 (File)

Lord Carrington to be the new Governor of New South Wales.

Lord Knutsford to Samuel, 8 March 1885 (File)

Acknowledges a letter of congratulation.

Note from J. Tilley to Samuel, [Mar 1885] (File)

Lord Carrington (London) to Samuel, 18 March 1885 (File)

Arranges an appointment.

Thomas Woolner (London) to Samuel, 20 March 1885 (File)

Invites Samuel to see a statue.

Lord Carrington to Samuel, 24 March 1885 (File)

Accepts an invitation.

Sir Henry Ponsonby (Windsor Castle) to Samuel, 25 March 1885 (File)

A statue of Queen Victoria.

H.W. Just (Colonial Office) to Samuel, 9 April 1885 (File)

Lord Derby accepts an invitation to meet Lord Carrington.

Duke of Bedford (London) to Samuel, 17 April 1885 (File)

Accepts dinner invitation for 9 May.

Duke of Manchester (London) to Samuel, 28 April 1885 (File)

Accepts invitation.

Lord Carnarvon to Samuel, 28 April 1885 (File)

Australasian Federation Bill.

Lord Carnarvon to Samuel, 28 April 1885 (File)

Declines dinner invitation.

Lord Carnarvon to Samuel, 2 May 1885 (File)

List of precedence for dinner party.

Sir Robert Herbert to Samuel, 8 May 1885 (File)

Toasts at dinner party.

Lord Carrington to Samuel, 16 May 1885 (File)

Thanks Samuel for dinner party

Ralph Thompson (War Office) to Samuel, 26 June 1885 (File)

Lord Hartington requests that Samuel does not telegraph his Government about the Sudan Contingent.

Lord Carrington to Samuel, 23 July 1885 (File)

A dinner invitation.

Harry Verney (House of Commons) to Samuel, 23 July 1885 (File)

Australasian Bill.

Lord Carrington to Samuel, 22 August 1885 (File)

A dinner invitation.

Lord Carrington to Samuel, 22 September 1885 (File)

Sanitary arrangements.

Thomas Woolner to Samuel, 14 October 1885 (File)

Invitation to the Garrick Club.

Duke of Manchester to Samuel, 18 December 1885 (File)

Arrangements to meet at Kings Cross.

W.H. Smith (London) to Samuel, 19 February 1886 (File)

Hopes to have a conversation about emigration.

George Baden-Powell (House of Commons) to Samuel, 5 March 1886 (File)

Representation of the Australian colonies in the House of Commons.

George Baden-Powell to Samuel, 12 March 1886 (File)

Colonial Naval Forces.

Lord Justice Lindsey (London) to Samuel, 29 March 1886 (File)

A carriage collision.

Philip Cunliffe-Owen to Samuel, 2 April 1886 (File)

Invites Samuel to be on a committee concerning the Colonial and Indian Exhibition.

R.A. Meade to Samuel, [5 April 1886] (File)

Suspension of convict transportation by French Government.

Philip Cunliffe-Owen to Samuel, April 1886 (File)

Opening ceremony of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition; silver medals for secretaries of various colonial agencies. (4 letters)

Sir Francis Knollys to Samuel, 13 May 1886 (File)

Prince of Wales will attend an Australian cricketers' match.

Comptroller, Marlborough House, to Samuel, 2 June 1886 (File)

Prince of Wales will accept a case of Australian apples.

Invitation from Lord Charles Beresford, 2 June 1886 (File)

Marlborough House to Samuel, 26 June 1886 (File)

Samuel is to be made a CB.

Sir Henry Ponsonby (Windsor Castle) to Samuel, 26 June 1886 (File)

Queen Victoria acknowledges the congratulations of the Mayor of Sydney on the anniversary of her accession.

Albert Woods to Samuel, 23 July 1886 (File)

Invites Samuel to receive his C.B.

Lord Carnarvon (Burton on Trent) to Samuel, 15 September 1886 (File)

Acknowledges a letter.

Sir Henry Ponsonby (Balmoral) to Samuel, 11 October 1886 (File)

Acknowledges a gift for the Queen.

Philip Cunliffe-Owen to Samuel, 19 October 1886 (File)

An invitation to meet the Prince of Wales.

Sir Henry Ponsonby (Balmoral) to Samuel, 24 October 1886 (File)

The Queen will accept further gifts.

Sir Henry Ponsonby (Balmoral) to Saul, 28 October 1886 (File)

Acknowledgement of gifts.

Sir Henry Ponsonby (Balmoral) to Saul, 27 November 1886 (File)

Acknowledgement of gifts.

Sir Francis Knollys to Samuel, 30 December 1886 (File)

Representation of the colonies on a committee to consider the future government of the Imperial Institute.

Sir Henry Ponsonby (Osborne) to Samuel, 31 December 1886 (File)

Presents for the Queen.

Edward Stanhope (Boston) to Samuel, 31 December 1886 (File)

Acknowledges photographs.

Marlborough House to Samuel, 11 January 1887 (File)

Invitation to attend a meeting about the Imperial Institute.

Imperial Institute. Notice of a meeting, 12 January 1887 (File)

Lord Oxenbridge to Samuel, 18 March 1887 (File)

Interest of a friend in joining the New South Wales Constabulary

L. Wilson (House of Commons) to Samuel, 4 April 1887 (File)

A meeting with the Duke of Cambridge.

Chancery of the Order of St Michael and St George. Tickets to a banquet, with a memorandum, 16 April 1887 (File)

Imperial Institute. Invitation to the laying of the foundation stone at the Imperial Institute, 7 June 1887 (File)

Lord Carnarvon to Samuel, 12 July 1887 (File)

Acknowledges a box of Australian books before he leaves for Australia.

Lord Oxenbridge to Samuel, 30 July 1887 (File)

Postpones a visit.

Printed memorandum of the Imperial Institute, October 1887 (File)

B. Boehm (Arundel) to Samuel, 30 November 1887 (File)

A statue.

H. Holland (House of Commons) to Samuel, 2 December 1887 (File)

Sympathy on death of Holland's son.

Sir John Cooke to Samuel, 2 December 1887 (File)


Sir Daniel Cooper to Samuel, 20 January 1888 (File)

Developments since Samuel's departure from London.

C. Nicholson (Totteridge) to Samuel, 21 February 1888 (File)

Role of the Agent-General.

Lord Carrington (Sydney) to Samuel, 1 March 1888 (File)

Looking forward to seeing the Samuels.

Sir Daniel Cooper to Samuel, 19 April 1888 (File)

Reports on events in Agent-General's office.

Lord Carrington (Sydney) to Samuel, 17 May 1888 (File)

Declines an invitation.

Sir Francis Knollys to Samuel, 9 April 1889 (File)

Asks that thanks of Prince of Wales be passed on to Sir Henry Parkes.

Lord Salisbury to Samuel, 10 April 1889 (File)

Acknowledges a gift.

Sir George Macleay (Italy) to Samuel, 27 April 1889 (File)

A matter relating to William Macleay and Lord Knutsford.

Sir Joseph Long Innes (Sydney) to Samuel, 13 June 1889 (File)


John Dawson & Son (Sydney) to Samuel, 25 June 1889 (File)

An account.

Ernest Davis to Samuel, June 1889 - July 1889 (File)

Accounts. (3 letters)

Geoffrey Eagar (Treasury, Sydney) to Samuel, 25 July 1889 (File)

Thanks for help in floating a loan.

A. Daintrey (Sydney) to Samuel, 31 July 1889 (File)

Acknowledges a transfer of mortgage.

Sir Charles Dilke to Samuel, 8 September 1889 (File)

New South Wales Government and the Sugar Bill.

Sir Charles Dilke to Samuel, 12 September 1889 (File)

Acknowledges cuttings.

G.P. Slade to Samuel, 11 December 1889 (File)

Alteration of Samuel's will.

Sir Joseph Long Innes to Samuel, 2 January 1890 (File)

Apologises for not saying goodbye in person.

John Dawson & Son (Sydney) to Samuel, 27 January 1890 (File)

Lady Samuel's marriage settlement and the Liverpool property.

William McMillan (Sydney) to Samuel, 12 May 1890 (File)

Policy in relation to the banks; question of the term of office for the Agent-General; praises Samuel.

A. Austin Lee (Paris) to Samuel, 29 May 1890 (File)

Invitation to breakfast with Lord Lytton.

Lord Wolseley (War Office) to Samuel, 10 June 1890 (File)

He will present Col. Roberts.

Want, Johnson & Co. (Sydney) to Samuel, 30 June 1890 (File)

An account.

Lord Rosebery to Samuel, 14 August 1890 (File)

Acknowledges a photograph of W.B. Dalley.

Marlborough House to Samuel, 22 November 1890 (File)

Contribution of New South Wales Government to the fund for establishing the Imperial Institute.

Sir Francis Knollys to Samuel, 4 December 1890 (File)

Acknowledges Samuel's reply.

Lord Carrington (Wycombe Abbey) to Samuel, 14 January 1891 (File)

Invitation to meet the Prince of Wales.

Printed notice concerning Opal Association, 19 January 1891 (File)

Want, Johnson & Co. (Sydney) to Samuel, 25 December 1891 (File)

Distribution of the estate of his uncle.

Samuel to Sir Henry Parkes, 7 August 1891 (File)

A loan. (telegram)

G.P. Slade to Samuel, 26 April 1892 (File)

Receipt for preparing a codicil to his will.

Johnson, Minter, Simpson & Co. (Sydney) to Samuel, 3 May 1892 - 6 May 1892 (File)

Samuel's bill of costs.

Sir Frederick Abel to Samuel, 13 January 1893 (File)

Invitation from the Goldsmiths Company.

Sir Frederick Abel (Imperial Institute) to Samuel, 30 January 1893 (File)

Re gift of silver and the N.S.W. contribution.

Robert Meade (Colonial Office) to Samuel, 7 February 1893 (File)

Choice of new governor of New South Wales.

Sir George Baden-Powell (Cheltenham) to Samuel, 25 February 1893 (File)

His engagement.

Sir Robert Duff to Samuel, 24 March 1893 (File)

Acknowledges his congratulations.

Robert Meade to Samuel, 16 May 1893 (File)

Appointment of Sir Alfred Stephen as a Privy Councillor.

Sir Frederick Abel (Imperial Institute) to Samuel, 19 June 1893 (File)

Invitation to the Goldsmiths Hall.

Robert Meade (Colonial office) to Samuel, 28 June 1893 (File)

Requests Samuel to see Mr Peel.

Henry Wheatley (Society of Arts) to Samuel, 28 June 1893 (File)

His appointment as Vice-president of the Society.

Lord Jersey (Bicester) to Samuel, 3 October 1893 (File)

Returns papers.

Lord Jersey to Samuel, 8 October 1893 (File)

Withdraws money from a Sydney bank.

John See (Sydney) to Samuel, 22 November 1893 (File)

Premature announcement of the New South Wales loan.

[Unknown] (Treasury) to Samuel, 7 February 1894 (File)

Australian finance.

G.P. Slade to Samuel, 30 May 1894 (File)

Codicil to Samuel's will.

Sir Hercules Robinson to Samuel, 6 September 1894 (File)

Introduces Major Edward Bourke; he cannot understand why Parkes is not Premier of New South Wales.

Richard O'Connor (Moss Vale) to Samuel, 26 January 1894 (File)

Samuel's retirement from office; government of George Reid.

Lord Jersey (Bicester) to Samuel, 31 January 1895 (File)

Thanks New South Wales Government.

B. Russell to Samuel, 25 April 1895 (File)

His possible elevation to KCMG.

Lord Hampden to Samuel, 26 June 1895 (File)

Declined KCMG.

Joseph Chamberlain to Samuel, 13 May 1896 (File)

Acknowledges a book.

John Dawson & Son (Sydney) to E.L. Samuel, 30 July 1896 (File)

Liverpool property.

Sir Charles Nicholson to Samuel, 30 October 1896 (File)

Sends a gift of books.

Samuel to New South Wales Government, 14 February 1897 (File)

A battery offered by New South Wales to the British Government. (telegram)

John Dawson & Co. (Sydney) to Samuel, 3 June 1897 (File)

An application.

Sir Robert Meade to Samuel, 4 October 1897 (File)

Wishes Samuel well in his retirement.

J. Whittaker Ellis to Samuel, 9 October 1897 (File)

Wishes Samuel well in his retirement.

Edward Wingfield (Colonial Office) to Samuel, 11 October 1897 (File)

Appreciation of Samuel's work as Agent-General.

C.P. Lucas (Colonial Office) to Samuel, 16 October 1897 (File)

Wishes Samuel well in his retirement.

C.E. Fryer (Board of Trade) to Samuel, 16 October 1897 (File)

Wishes Samuel well in his retirement.

Lord Salisbury to Samuel, 27 December 1897 (File)

Samuel's baronetcy.

Letters of congratulations to Samuel on his baronetcy, January 1898 (File)

The writers are Frederick Dangar, Sir Robert Herbert, R. Mackay (Post Office), I.C. Lamb (Post Office), E.S. Haulder, J. Whittaker Ellis, Sir Charles Dilke, Lord Knutsford, Sir George Baden-Powell, C.E. Fryer, John Anderson (Colonial Office), B.S. Gurneys (?), Ethel Hedderwick, A.W. Norman, Joseph Chamberlain, R.A. Joseph, Sir Charles Nicholson and Sir Edward Hutton. (18 letters and 4 telegrams)

Sir Frederick Abel (Imperial Institute) to Samuel, 5 February 1898 (File)

Will do as Samuel wishes.

Sir Frederick Abel to Samuel, 28 February 1898 (File)

Samuel included in Institute's Council.

J. Arthur Cooper to Samuel, 17 August 1900 (File)

Invites Samuel to join a committee.

Series 5. Letters from Sir Henry Parkes, 1872 - 1890

6 items

Parkes to Samuel, 2 November 1872 (File)

Thanks for work at Treasury during absence of William Piddington.

Parkes to Samuel, 17 May 1873 (File)

Appoints Samuel as commissioner to negotiate subsidies towards the establishment of an official line of steam packets between Sydney and San Francisco.

Parkes to Samuel, 2 February 1875 (File)

Thanks for help; Samuel's high qualities.

Parkes (London) to Samuel, 25 May 1889 (File)

Congratulations on KCMG.

Parkes to Samuel, 17 November 1890 (File)

Changes in office of Agent-General.

Parkes to Samuel, 1872 (File)

Formation of a ministry; Asks Samuel to be Postmaster-General.

Series 6. Dated letters with illegible signatures, 1883 - 1898

1 item

15 letters (File)

Series 7. Miscellaneous Correspondence

14 items

Lady Belmore (Moss Vale, Enniskillen): Samuel's offer to send ferns from Sydney; photographs (2 letters), 4 Dec 1873; 21 Nov 1870 (File)

Reginald Bloxsome: transport arrangements for Royal party, 16 Sep (File)

Walter Hely-Hutchinson: Thakambou intends to visit Liverpool to inspect Samuel's establishment, 8 Dec (File)

Lord Herschell: matters concerning Imperial Institute (3 letters), 4 Jun; 26 Feb; 12 Mar (File)

Robert Meade: meeting on naval defence; King George's Sound (File)

Sir Charles Nicholson: general political reflections, 6 Jan (File)

Lord Normanby: declines invitation to meet Lord Carrington, 14 Apr (File)

Lord Onslow: requests meeting with Agents-General; thanks for photographs of New South Wales scenery (2 letters) (File)

Lady Robinson (Sydney): invites Samuel's children to a children's Christmas party (File)

Lord Sidmouth: requests an interview to discuss formation of an Australasian navy, 7 Mar (File)

W.H. Smith: requests letter of introduction for Walter Sarcombe of Exeter College, Oxford, visiting Australia and New Zealand, 23 Mar (File)

Edward Stanhope: inquires about relics discovered of Captain Cook's first voyage (2 letters), 22 Sep; 8 Jan (File)

James Thomson: congratulations on election victory (File)

Edward Thornton: dinner invitation (File)

Series 8. Undated letters with illegible signatures

1 item

12 letters (File)

Series 9. Invitation cards to various occasions

1 item

Invitations (File)

Series 10. Samuel Family papers, 1889 - 1898

16 items

E.L. Samuel to John Dawson & Son, 5 March 1889 (File)

Property of Miss F.F. Samuel.

Fanny Alexander to her nephew E. Samuel, 17 January 1896 (File)

Family matters.

Fanny Alexander to E. Samuel, 24 January 1896 (File)

Family matters.

Sir Saul Samuel (London) to his son Teddy Samuel, 20 March 1896 (File)

Reprimands him for a life of idleness; Commercial Building Society shares.

Sir Saul Samuel to Teddy Samuel, 27 March 1896 (File)

Criticises him for a share transaction.

Sir Saul Samuel to Teddy Samuel, 5 June 1896 (File)

'Canobolas Mine'; Warns against putting money in anything speculative.

Ray Samuel to Edward Samuel, 3 January 1898 (File)

Congratulations. (telegram)

Phoebe Nathan (Hobart) to Edward Samuel, 3 January 1898 (File)

Congratulations on his father's honour.

Victor Lowther to Edward Samuel, 3 January 1898 (File)

Congratulations on his father's honour.

W.E. Laing to Edward Samuel, 6 January 1898 (File)

His father's baronetcy.

Vera Samuel to [unknown], n.d. (File)

H.L. Samuel to Edward Samuel, 6 January 1898 (File)

Congratulations on his father's baronetcy.

Fanny Alexander to Edward Samuel, 6 January 1898 (File)


Sydney Davis to Edward Samuel, 7 January 1898 (File)


Sir Saul Samuel to Edward Samuel, 7 January 1898 (File)

The baronetcy.

Vincent Fosbery to Edward Samuel, 7 March 1898 (File)

A conversational letter.