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Series. Brown Family Papers: 1st Collection, 1841 - 1899

Andrew Hamilton, 71 Burnside, Garscube Road, Glasgow, 13 August 1841 (File 1)

Death of Janet.

Jane Hay Brown, Edinburgh, to her mother, 9 October 1843 (File 4)

Her visit to Edinburgh.

Jane H. Brown, Edinburgh, to her mother, 12 October 1843 (File 7)

Bad weather has kept her in.

James H. Hoey, 136 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, to Jane, 11 July 1851 (File 10)

Cannot be on the pleasure trip to see her tomorrow. Local news.

Mrs. M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 21 August 1851 (File 13)

She has returned home with Jessie, earlier than expected because of her poor health; Jane should come home soon; family news.

M.A. Brown, Bridge of Allan, to Jane, 5 December 1851 (File 19)

On cousin Matthew, who appears subdued and chastened - all should pray for him...

Margaret Brown to Jane, n.d. (File 23)

Sure she would enjoy herself at Ashmark; John Russell called but only Mamma saw him; outing with Jessie and Mr. Ronald; Mr. Hamilton went to Cumnock to visit her; Elizabeth, who is very weak, has left from Southampton; Mr. Waddell believes he will never see Scotland again; Matthew is no better; James sails shortly; Aunt E. has influenza; hope Mr. James is well.

Tom Hoey, Liverpool to Jane, Maggie and Jessie, 5 July 1852 (File 26)

Will sail in a day or two. In better spirits now after sadness of leaving home.

James Hoey, Eureka, Ballarat, 24 November 1852 (File 29)

Beginning of an account of his leaving Glasgow with Thomas and journeying to Liverpool to board the Birmingham for Melbourne...

Thos. Hoey, Melbourne to Jane, 31 December 1852 (File 32)

Thanks for letter. Thousands are flocking to the colony; there is little work and many live in tents because of the high rents. It is not advisable to leave a comfortable situation at home for the colony. Some do well on the diggings. Living at Collingwood. Bushfires in the hot weather. Catherine has not been very well since coming out. Death of Jane Hamilton.

James H. Hoey, Collingwood to Jessie, 4 February 1853 (File 35)

Would welcome a letter from her. Melbourne lacks society, but the streets are too dangerous at night to go out to pay calls if there were the people to visit. Wm. Parson.

Jas. H. Hoey, 36 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, to Jane, 18 February 1853 (File 37)

Sacrifice of leaving home and friends; society is not as people think as the people on the gold-fields are peaceable, and those of the town are drunken good for nothings. Weather and scenery is pleasant, and the birds beautiful. Will send information on the colony if required for an intending immigrant. Charley Stevenson has arrived; Tom and Mitchell; she is to have 'Britain' a 'parson' after all.

Jas. H. Hoey, 36 Flinders Lane East, Melbourne, to 'Britain' [James Brown], 5 April 1853 (File 40)

Is longing for a letter. Has not got into business in Melbourne so plans to work in a store at Bendigo until about November - Tom will join him; has taken lodgings at 50/- a week including meals; all are in good spirits.

Jas. Brown, Dunoon, to his mother, 31 May 1853 (File 42)

Dunoon; seeking a post there.

Jas. Brown, Dunoon, to Jessie, 13 July 1853 (File 45)

Mutual friends; picnic outing on a boat; news from Australia is rather bad.

Tom [Hoey], Melbourne, to Jane, 22 October 1853 (File 47)

Just returned from the diggings; bad condition of the roads. With an added note from Timothy...

James H. Hoey, Melbourne, to Mrs. Brown, 27 November 1853 (File 50)

Seeking her permission to let Maggie join him in Australia as he is now able to support a wife comfortably; his brother John is looking for a good ship; Catharine will advise her on what to bring - she is now well after a long period of illness. Tom is at Ballarat diggings and he (James) is working at Bendigo.

James H. Hoey, 129 Bourke Street West, Melbourne, to Mrs. Brown, 3 December 1853 (File 53)

Wishes Maggie to leave as early in 1854 as possible; Catharine and John Buckie have a house and shop in Collingwood and she will be welcome there if he is not in town when she arrives; will spend the summer in Bendigo.

Tom [Hoey], Ballarat to 'Britain' [James Brown], 9 January 1854 (File 55)

His work as a digger. Trust he is studying and has set his mind on the ministry.

James Hoey, Melbourne, to 'Britain' [James Brown], 24 March 1854 (File 58)

Has settled in Melbourne, awaiting Maggie; wishes he could come out for two or three years; the journey from Bendigo; Tom still digging at Ballarat, Catharine and John Buckie have a baker's shop at Collingwood. Mixture of race and nationality in the colony.

James H. Hoey, Melbourne, to Mrs. Brown, 25 March 1854 (File 62)

Hopes that he has obtained her consent for Maggie to join him; has left the diggings; Catharine will be glad when Maggie arrives as she will then have one female friend.

Hugh Crichton, Waterloo, to Mrs. Brown. A passage on the ship Great Britain, 27 April 1854 (File 65)

Maggie [Brown] on board the Great Britain, to James, 2 May 1854 (File 66)

Accident to the ships and delay in docking and sailing - thinks she will not come home as it will be distressing; had been happy in the arrangements on the ship.

James H. Hoey, Melbourne, to Jane, 4 May 1854 (File 68)

Thinks she might be better in Melbourne, also James Brown; glad she is getting on so well with her teaching; presumes Jessie is still housekeeping; hopes that nothing has detained Maggie from leaving; marriage seems rife among the Cambridge St. folk; mutual friends.

Maggie Brown, on board the Great Britain, to her mother, [n.d.] (File 75)

Lying at anchor out from Liverpool; a magnificent vessel. Continued on Saturday morning: to sail between 11 and 12.

Maggie Brown, Rosehall, to her mother, 17 May 1854 (File 78)

Weather fine and countryside is beautiful; glad they share her view on not coming home; happy with the house her mother is to occupy; mutual friends.

James H. Hoey, Melbourne, to Mrs. Brown, 29 May 1854 (File 83)

Thanks for letting Maggie leave so soon; the sea voyage should do Maggie and Archy Wetherspoon good. If James does not become a minister he should come out to the colony.

Maggie [Brown], Rosehall, to Jane, 5 June 1854 (File 87)

Visit of her mother and James; glad she will not come before her departure.

James H. Hoey, Melbourne, to Jane, 23 July 1854 (File 90)

Maggie would have reached the colony if she had not put back; hopes that she has transferred to the Lightening which is due shortly. Will rent three roomed house when she arrives, which will cost £150-£200 a year; with Tom has taken ten-year leasehold in Lonsdale Street to open a wholesale produce store; Britain never writes to him now; has not felt settled because of much travelling; fortunes could be made quickly in farming with a good market as long as immigration continues.

James H. Hoey, Melbourne, to James, 24 July 1854 (File 94)

He could have come out with Maggie and then returned home with Archy Wetherspoon. About to open a business; if he has spare money he should send it out for investment.

Maggie [Brown] to Jessie, 29 July 1854 (File 98)

Clearly an intimacy between the Brown and Stewart families; Mr. Tom critical of Mr. Stewart's grand style of living; Jessie's friendship with William - would like to know how things stand with her. Marked private.

J.W. Brown, Edinburgh, to Jessie, 5 August 1854 (File 101)

Someone in the family should attend the marriage of John Hoey who will soon be a relative; Edinburgh is a delightful city; likes the Hall and Dr. Eadie; Joseph Corbett Jnr. may borrow his notes.

Maggie [Brown] on board the Great Britain to her mother, 11 August 1854 - 1 September 1854 (File 104)

A few days from Melbourne; the voyage; the Captain; Dr. Alexander; Archie Wetherspoon; mutual friends; quarantine for smallpox. Letter finished on September 1 as the ship Lightening would not accept the letter.

J.W. Brown, Edinburgh, to his mother, n.d. (File 112)

Has sent a letter for Maggie to Jas. H. Hoey in Melbourne; has seen Edinburgh by moonlight from Arthur's Seat; his studies.

J.W. Brown, Edinburgh, to his mother, n.d. (File 115)

Thanks for loan of £2 with an account on the bank.

J.W. Brown, Edinburgh, to Jane, 24 August 1854 (File 118)

Sorry to hear of her illness for which he will remember her in his prayers.

James [Brown] to Jessie, n.d. (File 121)

Ricardo's illness - Jane should not go near him and risk the infection when she is unwell. McLean and the Sabbath; Maggie must have arrived in Australia.

J.W. Brown to Jane, n.d. (File 124)

Interruption to her newly-begun teaching because of illness; her plan to go to the country for a week or two; the Patons; is getting on very well at the hall.

J.W. Brown, Edinburgh, to Jessie, September 1854 (File 127)

Glad to hear that Jane has arrived safely at Dumfries and that Ricardo is out of the fever; may walk home, in two stages to see the country.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to-Jane, 15 September 1854 (File 130)

Sorry to hear of the return of her complaint, and of Ricardos; mutual friends.

Jane H. Frew, Dunrobin Terrace, Kirn, to Jane, 18 September 1854 (File 133)

Glad she is better and hopes that she will visit her; illness of Mrs Black.

Maggie [Hoey], Gertrude Street, Collingwood, to James Brown, 21 September 1854 (File 136)

Account of her marriage to James a week ago, the ceremony being at Catherine's house and Archie giving her away - she expects to be very comfortable and happy; Melbourne is not as she feared it would be; Mr. Hamilton the preacher.

Jas. H. Hoey, Melbourne, to Mrs. Brown, 22 September 1854 - 25 September 1854 (File 142)

Maggie arrived safely after being kept three weeks in quarantine, and they were married at Catherine's house on September 14; have a comfortable little house a few doors from Catherine; Archie is on the diggings - he was very good to Maggie on the ship.

Jas. H. Hoey, Melbourne, to James, 22 September 1854 - 25 September 1854 (File 145)

Married to Maggie on September 14; wonders if James might come to Melbourne when he gets his licence as Mr Hamilton is a weak brother in the pulpit.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to Jessie, 23 September 1854 (File 147)

Sitting at their own hearth; description of their home; is to have a dog and a goat; is happy, except that she is so far from her; husband changed.

James H. Hoey, Melbourne, to Jessie, 29 September 1854 (File 151)

Wishes for more frequent correspondence; Maggie looks well and happy; they have settled down to being a quiet sedate pair.

Jas. H. Hoey, Melbourne, to Jane, 30 September 1854 (File 153)

Arrival and quarantining of the Great Britain; marriage to Maggie; spend much time talking of the family; Maggie is well; Archie has gone to the diggings; marriage among friends; a friend bankrupted.

Tom [Hoey], Melbourne, to James, 30 September 1854 (File 156)

James and Maggie seem very happy and almost tempts him to marry, but he has no female acquaintances and would welcome a visit from one of James' many admirers; in business as Jas.H. and Thos. Hoey, but things are rather dull; Maggie considers he is thinner, probably due to life on the diggings.

Maggie [Hoey], Gertrude Street, Collingwood, to her mother, sisters and brothers, October [1854] (File 158)

Did not write for the last mail because of a bad head; thinks of the family often particularly on the Sabbath which is not kept the same as in Scotland; James and she are happy and beginning to feel settled; Doctor Walker has told her that her headaches are due to a disease of the heart over many years; there is no immediate danger but must avoid exertion and extreme heat to keep well, so may need to leave Melbourne - James favours Van Diemen's Land; Tom is well after an illness; Archie is in Adelaide and is to go to New Zealand; likes Melbourne except for the hot weather.

James H. Hoey, Melbourne, to Jane, 27 October 1854 (File 162)

Two doctors have examined Maggie and diagnosed slight heart trouble springing from a severe cold in the past, but that if she can avoid a very hot climate she should have excellent health for many years, so they will go to Hobart Town until March, and may stay or may move to New Zealand or Scotland; wonders if she would come out if they settle in New Zealand or Van Diemen's Land.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to her mother, 24 November 1854 (File 168)

Is well and appears so; Archie Wetherspoon returned from Geelong and Adelaide and will sail for home shortly; Mr.Semple who is going to begin to preach soon; mutual friends; Jane's success in examinations; Harriet (servant) is better off at home as there are more servants in the colony than employment...

Archie [Wetherspoon], Melbourne, to Miss Brown, 25 November 1854 (File 170)

Regrets his unkindness when in her house, for he is grateful to Providence that his guardians sent him there, from a life among farming people and without having known his parents; had a comfortable voyage with Maggie; has visited the goldfields, Adelaide and Sydney, and is now off to Geelong to friends who are sailing for England...

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood to James, 29 January 1855 - 30 January 1855 (File 172)

Are all well once more; the weather. Have left Mr Hamilton's church and taken seats at Dr Cairns, who is to have a fine new church; has attended Dr Cairns' soiree. With a note from Jas. H. Hoey...

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to her mother, 10 March 1855 (File 176)

Mutual friends; fears that Jane is doing too much teaching; three new preachers to arrive in the colony seem better than those already there; are sitting with Dr. Cairns; not yet prepared to join the Free Church; feels the heat has been weakening.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to Jessie, 6 April 1855 (File 178)

Has been dreaming of home, and of her; quite better in the cooler weather - has thought she would have died from the heat in the summer, although Tom did not feel it; has not seen a field of green grass or a cow in good condition since she came, milk is expensive, butter and eggs are too dear to buy; James Gemmell; wedding present from Archie; wearying to see the family - it is almost a year since she left 105 Hill Street.

Jeanie Russell; Rose Hall, to Jane, 6 April 1855 (File 183)

Her father is better after an illness; mutual friends.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to her mother, 30 April 1855 (File 186)

A year since she left 105 Hill Street, which seems a long time; presents have arrived; James and Tom have moved their iron store from Great Bourke Street to Lonsdale Street and business has improved despite the hard times for merchants in Melbourne generally; Melbourne; the churches; has thought of moving closer to the business, and glad that it is unlikely now because of being close to Catherine, who is not very strong and is to be confined - she felt little Henry's death very much; has a goat Jessie, a dog and a cat Cumnock.

James Hoey to Jessie, 30 April 1855 (File 196)

P.G. has suggested the people where she is are all skin and bone, but she looks better and fatter; a very pretty place.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to mother, sisters and James, 30 May 1855 (File 200)

Catherine had a daughter on May 27 and both are well despite Catherine's delicate health in the past; thanks for letters on hearing of her illness; James and Tom are very busy at Lonsdale Street; fine streets planned for Melbourne; her Irish servant; John spending much time with Gemmell.

Jane H. Brown to Maggie, 4 June 1855 (File 211)

Glad Maggie's health is no worse; would exchange her hot climate; John Russell is returning from Australia where the heat does not suit his health; Mr.Gemmell; Catherine's delicate health - Australia has not compensated them for the trouble, danger and grief they have had; has she seen David Howat yet?; relatives and mutual friends.

Jessie [Brown] to Maggie, 4 June [1855] (File 214)

About a year since she left Scotland; Ricardo has returned to Madrid to live with his uncle.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to her mother, 9 June 1855 (File 216)

Has spent much time with Catherine since the birth of her daughter, Maggie Elizabeth Buckie who is healthy; the store is being repaired; James Gemmell is better but has not decided if he will return home.

James H. Hoey, Collingwood, to 'My dear friends at 105', 19 June 1855 (File 221)

Could not return to Glasgow for at least another year as hears that trade is dull there and Maggie has been keeping very well; Catherine's baby; have had to have the store raised 3 1/2 feet; business is very dull with poverty and unemployment; has left Mr. Hamilton's church having a choice between an Independent and a Free Church; John Russell and James Gemmell still in Australia although John Russell may leave.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to Jessie, 19 June 1855 (File 224)

Is well now; Catherine's baby Maggie Elizabeth; John Russell still with them; James Gemmell is worse and seems near death - he would not go home when he was advised to.

[Maggie Hoey], Collingwood, to her mother, 17 July 1855 (File 228)

Her mother has taken on the house in Mill Street; business dull and beggars have appeared in Melbourne in the last year; the weather; a good new servant; friendship with Catherine; doctors; have all received certificates from Mr Hamilton; the Church.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to James, 18 July 1855 (File 233)

Anniversary of their father's death eight years ago; James Gemmell seriously ill and has given up his situation at the bank - his mind seems affected as well as his body and he is difficult with John Russell but does not realise that he is dying. Catherine and the baby.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to Jessie, August 1855 (File 241)

James and Tom have had toothache; little Maggie Buckie is getting on well; her little goat has died; about a year since she came to the colony; she still thinks of home as much as ever and misses having relatives to call in during the evening; James Gemmell's health is much worse; mutual friends in Victoria; a hot summer is expected which she dreads.

Jas. H. Hoey, Gertrude St. Collingwood to Jane, 14 August 1855 (File 247)

Maggie is not well; Catherine and baby very well; James Gemmell is the only one who is ill and he is now confined to his bed and is short tempered with John Russell who cares for him constantly; decline of Sabbath schools in Glasgow; has not joined any church.

Tom Hoey, 95 Lonsdale Street East, Melbourne, to Jane, 11 September 1855 (File 251)

Longer he stays in Melbourne the more distant becomes the prospect of seeing Scotland again; is sure that the colony has a bright future despite the present dullness gold; lack of comfort and friends is due to the fact that people think they are only in the colony for a short time; changed to Dr Cairns' church; business is better than last month; is nearly 30.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to her mother, 12 September 1855 (File 257)

Has had a happy peaceful year of married life; business dull; James Gemmell's life is near an end. Dr. Cairns has been good to him and it is a pity that Cairns is not U.P.

James H. Hoey, Gertrude St., Collingwood, to 'Mother, Brother & Sisters', 25 October 1855 (File 260)

Birth of a healthy boy on October 21 to Maggie, who is well - he will be called Robert or Harry; are giving up business - moving to the diggings - John Buckie and Catharine leave their shop on Saturday, Tom and he later and James Moodie and James Hoey will join them. Catherine and Maggie join them with the children when there is suitable accommodation.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood to Jessie, 23 November 1855 (File 267)

John Russell on the voyage home; her baby Robert.

Maggie [Hoey], Geelong, to 'Mother & Sisters', 25 December 1855 (File 271)

Visit to Geelong has done her a lot of good; not sorry to leave Melbourne as never liked it much.

Thos. Hoey, Bendigo, to James [Brown], 8 January 1856 (File 275)

Trying to make up for ground lost on Melbourne business; expecting Jas. & Maggie and John and Catherine that day; camped on a hill, hoping for a good quartz reef.

Maggie [Hoey], to her mother, [February 1856] (File 279)

The journey to Bendigo; living comfortably in a tent with their furniture; scenery very fine; baby Robert now more than three months old.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, 30 March 1856 (File 285)

Baby Robert has a sore mouth before teething; well and happy in Bendigo; tent keeps the rain and wind out; have brought their goats, dogs, cats, ducks and hens; no success on the digging yet; no servants but Catherine cares for her.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to James, 31 March 1856 (File 291)

Remembered him on his birthday; death of William Anderson; all are well in the country; Bendigo diggings; mining; independent easy life which is preferable to Melbourne; Maggie Buckie can almost speak.

Maggie [Hoey] to her sisters, 1 April 1856 (File 295)

James birthday; the baby's needs are small...

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jane, May 1856 (File 297)

Baby very well although still has no teeth, but may walk early; her sewing powers are very useful in Bendigo where she has no servants...

[James Brown], The Hall, to Jane, n.d. (File 300)

Have not communicated since she left for Ardrossan; his visit to Androssan and Irvine; Tom has written from the continent where he has been enjoying his trip...

Jane H. Brown, Rosehall, to James, 16 July 1856 (File 303)

Glad he is enjoying himself at Dunoon; mutual friends; the examination of the Academy; Andrew would like to teach.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jane, 18 July 1856 - 31 July 1856 (File 308)

Nine years since their father's death, but memories still clear; hopes that she will meet her before too long; glad to know that if anything happened to her there would be people to care for the baby.

James H. Hoey, Bendigo, to Mrs. Brown, 1 August 1856 (File 312)

Well and comfortable despite lack of success on the diggings; supposes James Brown will soon be settled and preaching.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, 21 August 1856 (File 316)

A move to a new house. Their tent, which keeps them dry in the present wet weather; Robert has some teeth; presents on the way from home for the baby.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to James, 22 August 1856 (File 327)

James first sermon; a nice minister at Bendigo belonging to the Free Church; other ministers.

Jas. Brown, Edinburgh, to his mother. Has spoken his sermon and it went well; his studies, 3 September 1856 (File 334)

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jane, 22 September 1856 (File 336)

John's illness at home - wonders if he caught Gemmell's disease from spending so much time with him; their mother's aunt; John Buckie has put all his money into a share in a quartz reef which James and Tom have not the means to do, but James has been advised by a Mr McNair on mining; have all moved three miles further into the bush; baby having some difficulty with teething.

Maggie [Hoey], to her mother, n.d. (File 342)

Will write a long letter next month. Winter is nearly over; event may enable her to stand the summer better before the worst of it sets in.

Maggie Hoey, Bendigo, to Mother, Sisters and James, 6 January 1857 (File 344)

Seasonal greetings; baby Robert has been sick with severe dysentery and fever; gold prospects seem quite good; very hot and dry and crops destroyed by bush fires; narrow escape of Jessie and James; New Year's Eve gathering; if the charms turn out well, will be coming home.

Maggie [Hoey] to her mother, [Jan 1857?] (File 348)

Expecting another baby shortly - had not told her or she would have been anxious and she feels affronted that it is so soon as Robert needs all her care for many more months; her health is good.

Jas. H. Hoey, Bendigo to 'My Dear Friends', 10 February 1857 (File 350)

Birth of a daughter on February 9 - Maggie and baby both well; Robert has had another attack of dysentery.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, 4 March 1857 (File 353)

Maggie a month old; Robert has been very ill; will move to Eaglehawk.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jane, April [1857] (File 356)

Little Maggie is growing fast and is looking like Jessie; she is 5 weeks old and has been baptised; Robert is almost eighteen months and has had his weakness but is developing; the two sit on James' knees; James is the most gentle and unruffled man; report that Jane was to marry Professor Eadie; cheerful letter from John Russell; wishes she could come to them. Maggie Buckie is two years old.

Maggie [Hoey] to Jessie, [April 1857?] (File 362)

The new daughter lately arrived and Robert now accepts her; their hot summer is nearly over and the land starts to look green; must be patient with the prospecting but wishes to return to Scotland although she has every comfort; Jane Frew has another daughter.

[Maggie Hoey] to her mother, [April? 1857] (File 365)

Thanks for the promised box; would be proud to see Robert going to the chapel; supposes Jane will be coming home; hopes James keeps well...

James H. Hoey, Bendigo, to James, 10 April 1857 (File 368)

James' last letter to Maggie was from the Observatory; James will be a minister in two years time - he would like to hear his first sermon; prospect on the diggings is quite good; about to move to Snobs Gully; an accident to the steamer Oneida now in Sydney; Maggie has her hands full with the two children.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo to James, 20[?] June 1857 (File 371)

Jane H. Brown, Ardrossan, to her mother, 16(?) July 1857 (File 374)

General gossip; has heard James preach.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, July 1857 (File 379)

Baby Maggie is over five months and healthy; young Robert's teeth out; the tent; would they send a recipe for making light drinks for the heat.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo to James, 15 July 1857 (File 384)

Like her, he is not strong; wishes she had some of the treasures in the Australian hills, in order to help him; mutual friends.

Maggie [Hoey], Eagle Hawk Gully, to her mother, 12 October 1857 (File 387)

Two missing tin boxes have arrived with clothes for children and other gifts; her health has improved slowly but still has a pain in her side; the children are fit; prospects are a little brighter; Catherine Buckie complains of dropsy.

James H. Hoey, St. Mungo Reef, Eagle Hawk to Jane, 12 October 1857 (File 392)

Can seldom rest; children are well but the doctor diagnosed pleurisy with Maggie; wish they could all be home by the time that James is licensed; prospects are very fair.

Jane H. Brown, ship Dunedin in the Elbe, to her mother, 27 October 1857 (File 395)

The voyage; should reach Hamburgh tomorrow morning to catch a train for Hildesheim.

Jessie [Brown] to Jane, October 1857 (File 397)

Glad to hear of her safe arrival; domestic news.

James [Brown], 3 Windsor St., to Jane, [n.d.] (File 403)

Her voyage; will find the service of a continental church strange - he has sympathy with German theology; domestic news.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 1 November 1857 (File 407)

Glad to hear of her safe arrival.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, 1[?] Nov (File 411)

Has eye trouble as many do on the diggings; James and Tom still prospecting; thanks for clothes sent; church is some distance; cannot walk in the heat; news of Robert's progress - has been fed since a week old on very fine boiled sago...

Jane H. Brown, Hildesheim, to her mother, 9 November 1857 (File 418)

Domestic news.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jessie, 10 November 1857 (File 421)

Interested in the account of Jeannie Russell's marriage; William seems to be a favourite with everyone; Jessie's accident; domestic news; wishes she were closer to them; Tom Hoey.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jane, 11 November 1857 (File 424)

Supposes she is home again; Jeannie settled at last after ups and downs and love affairs; health improving; a new acquaintance Mrs McNair she expects to like very well - Mr. McNair has a half share with James in the quartz mining; mutual friends; Catherine has dropsy and has written to Dr. Wilkie in Melbourne about it; Robert's smart outfit.

J.W. Brown, 3 Windsor Street, Glasgow, to Jane, 3 December 1857 (File 427)

Has taken Stuart's class; mutual friends.

Jessie [Brown] to Jane, 9 December 1857 (File 430)

A letter tells that Maggie has been very ill; would Jane consider going to her in Australia; she is staying with Janet Stewart, whose mother has died; Mr. Galbraith the widower; mutual friends.

[M.A. Brown], Glasgow, to Jane, 9 December 1857 (File 434)

Three years since her mother died; Maggie has been poorly - the boxes have reached her...

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, 10 December 1857 (File 436)

Children ill in hot weather; books sent by Janet Stewart to Robert; James and Toms' claim look promising; writing to Charlotte left childless for a second time; Catherine in Melbourne under Dr. Wilkie with her children and Helen, Maggie's servant, leaving Catherine's servant, the younger sister, with Maggie.

Maggie [Hoey] to Jessie, n.d. (File 439)

Sorry that she has not been very strong; her own illness has not been as severe and prolonged as had been first feared it would be; all the children have had colds; expect that Jeannie is now married; trial of Miss Smith; fears Annt Stewart, who is ill, will not live long; James and Tom have not yet come on the reef that will take them all home; the weather is springlike and Robert and Maggie go out among the wild flowers under Helen's care.

Jas. H. Hoey, Bendigo, to James, 11 December 1857 - 12 December 1857 (File 442)

Little Maggie is very ill; bad bushfires; have struck a promising reef 'The St. Mango Reef'. With a note of Dec. 12: baby is improved.

Jane H. Brown, Hildesheim, to her mother, 26 December 1857 (File 445)

The 'City Banks' affair, which made many people penniless; happy in Germany; Maggie has been very ill - wishes they would return home.

Mrs. Cratchat, Glasgow, to James, 1 January 1858 (File 449)

Seasonal greetings. General news.

Maggie [Hoey], Eagle Hawke to Jane, 11 January 1858 - 13 January 1858 (File 1)

Hopes she is happy in Germany; their aunt's serious illness; all are well; some success at the diggings and so hope they can all meet before 1860; Catherine and two little girls Maggie and Catherine have returned healthy from Melbourne.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, 12 January 1858 (File 6)

Very hot; the children; prospect at the diggings not quite so hopeful.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to James, 12 January 1858 (File 9)

Possibility of their mother and he losing money in the City Bank; would like to be home for his ordination and Jessie's marriage; mutual friends.

Kate Scott, 16 Monteith [Row], to Jane, 25 January 1858 (File 12)

Local and domestic news.

Jessie [Brown] to Jane, 2 February 1858 (File 15)

Local and domestic news; Jane's friend Bob Cairncross' two brothers, James and John are getting on very well in Melbourne; think that another little stranger will be making its appearance at Bendigo.

Maggie [Hoey], [Feb 1858] (File 24)

Jessie who was employed as a servant by Catherine Buckie and Maggie; John Russell has got home safely; John Hoey; Flora's new daughter looks like Catherine; Maggie will be a year old next week; James and Tom are glad they left business for the diggings; nice new minister...

James [Brown] to Jane. Local news, 13 February 1858 (File 27)

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 18(?) Feb 1858 (File 30)

Glad she has such a good opportunity to prove herself; news from Maggie Hoey; local news.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jane, 12 March 1858 (File 32)

Nearing the time when Jane's school will be given up; wondered if she would have left for Glasgow following the news of the stoppage of the City Bank; death of Aunt Stewart; all are well; the children.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jessie, 12 March 1858 (File 35)

Death of Aunt Stewart; Jane in Germany; mutual friends; Helen in New Zealand.

Maggie [Hoey], to Jessie, n.d. (File 38)

Warmest wishes for her happiness and hopes that William succeeds in his business; happy at the prospect of her marrying William, he was always a favourite; not a shade has passed over her love for James; her old friend Tom has changed, he is a batchelor at heart and if he marries it will be a cool cautious one; send her news of James and Jane.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to William Stewart, 18 March 1858 (File 41)

On his forthcoming marriage to Jessie the St. Mungo reef is not as promising as it seemed; people are not getting rich suddenly as they used to on the diggings.

E.T. Maclaren, Glasgow, to [Jane] Brown, 18 March 1858 - 10 June 1858 (File 47)

Domestic news; German people; the church.

Jessie [Brown], to Jane, 9 April 1858 (File 50)

Passing on news of Maggie - her daughter Maggie is saying little words; mutual friends.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to [James], 13 April 1858 (File 53)

Death of their Aunt Stewart; Jessie's projected marriage in supposes his marriage will follow; James will write on the state of the U P church in the colony.

Maggie Hoey, Eagle Hawk, to Jane, 13 May 1858 (File 56)

Slowness of mails from home; little Maggie has recovered from an illness; hope that they can visit Scotland before very long; the children.

Maggie [Hoey], Eagle Hawk, to Jessie, 13 May 1858 (File 59)

The health of the family at home; serious illness of Catherine Buckie's youngest daughter; Mrs. Wright, a friend at Geelong, has lost her youngest; Mrs. Nair has had a daughter; mutual friends.

Kate Scott, 8 Newhall Terrace, Greenhead, to Jane, 25 May 1858 (File 62)

Family and local news.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 4 June 1858 (File 65)

Glad of her good health; Dr.Eadie present at the opening of the church; Mr.Hamilton's address.

Jessie [Brown] to Jane, 4 June [1858] (File 65)

Glad to hear she is so well and will have such a nice trip; children are visiting Mr. Frew's old uncle in Fife; new church has opened on the Sabbath and she attended it all day - it does great credit to the architect; mutual friends including Miss Agnes Kirkwood who will get her Mr Hamilton's address; the parcel will be a treat for Maggie.

Isabella Githison, 93 Douglas Street, to [Mrs. Brown], 16(?) June 1858 (File 74)

Seeks advice on English authors to read for a study of the language. With a note from Mrs. Brown to Jane for her advice.

Maggie [Hoey], to Jessie, [n.d.] (File 77)

Jessie will sympathise with all they have been through; James Russell's wife; Andrew perseveres at college more than his older brother; terrible country for tooth and face ache.

Maggie [Hoey], Eagle Hawk, to James, 12 July 1858 (File 80)

His work; account of Robert's serious accident a month previously when a heavy log fell across his back.

J.W. Brown, Loch Ranza, to Jessie, [n.d.] (File 89)

With their mother at Loch Ranza.

[M.A. Brown], Glasgow to Jane, 16 July 1858 - 17 July 1858 (File 92)

With James, returned from 10 days at Loch Ranza - he will preach at Ardrossan on the Sabbath. Family and local news...

J.W. Brown, 3 Windsor Street, Glasgow to Jane, 29 July 1858 (File 95)

Preaching every Sabbath; Jane should stay in Germany until summer. The City Bank has given a more favourable report; mutual friends.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 29 July 1858 (File 99)

Jane in Germany; family and domestic news.

Jane H. Brown, to her mother, [n.d.] (File 102)

Sending recipes; embroidering a morning cap to send to Maggie.

Jessie [Brown], 3 Windsor Street, to Jane, 10 Aug [1858] (File 105)

Staying with Jane; Jane keeps quiet about a certain young gentleman; sorry they will not meet in October but the extra time away will be beneficial; William Stewart is at Loch Ranza.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow to Jane, 10 August 1858 - 11 August 1858 (File 108)

Family and domestic news.

James H. Hoey, Eagle Hawk, Bendigo to Mrs. Brown, 13 August 1858 (File 113)

A healthy boy born on August 6 and the child Henry and Maggie are both well. Mr. Buckie's brother's wife just arrived from London stayed with them; Robert is recovering from his serious accident; thanks for box.

Kate Scott, 8 Newhall Terrace, to Jane, 29 August 1858 (File 116)

Visit to Ardrossan; family and local news.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow to Jane, 1 September 1858 (File 119)

James' preaching; portraits from Australia. Family and local news.

James [Brown], Edinburgh, to Jane, 4 September 1858 (File 122)

Expects to be licensed early in the year; preaches regularly...

[Maggie Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, 13 September 1858 (File 126)

All well and Henry is healthy; has help from Helen and Mrs Buckie; James in Melbourne to make arrangements regarding the claim; thanks for box...

James [Brown], to his mother, n.d. (File 129)

Blessed escape of little Robert Hoey - the agony seems to have done Maggie no harm; may send the letter to Jane but please return it to him; sad to be done with student life.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 16 September 1858 (File 132)

Sending Maggie's interesting letter of danger and deliverance. Family and local news.

James [Brown] to Jane, [Sept ? 1858] (File 137)

New church opened; John Anderson and Bob back from Australia; Mrs Logan; glad she has so many summer engagements; may not be able to get away to bring her home in October; has been two months in Edinburgh.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 8 October 1858 (File 139)

James Brown; local news.

Gertrude, Tirmlisbergen to Jane, 19 October 1858 (File 149)

In German.

Jas. [Brown], 3 Windsor Street to Jane, 20 October 1858 (File 154)

Very busy with work; death of Mr Scott Bates' father; Australian news; sending books.

[M.A.Brown], Glasgow, to Jane, 21 October 1858 (File 157)

Family and local news.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jessie, 8 November 1858 (File 160)

Robert resting under frame made by father; moved further from township into higher and prettier land; wild flowers in spring; fruits grown in the area; summer weather of 3 days of very hot weather ended by great storm; a recent fearful thunderstorm.

James [Brown], 3 Windsor Street, to Jane, 11 November 1858 (File 163)

Given his first two sermons in trial for license at the presbytery; local news.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 11 November 1858 (File 166)

Naming some of their ancestors. Family and local news.

James H. Hoey, Eagle Hawk, Bendigo, to Jane, 12 November 1858 (File 169)

Maggie has felt unsettled and unwell probably because of Robert's accident and the birth of Henry; the children thrive; prospects are tolerably fair; Mr. Hamilton and Miss Staughton's expected arrival.

Jane [Brown] to Jessie, [Nov 1858?] (File 174)

Congratulations on her birthday on December 2; may God Bless her through the new year of her life and crown her with all earthly happiness; Maggie has been well supported through the trying midsummer heat; James 'settlement'.

James. H. Hoey, Eagle Hawk, Bendigo, to Mrs. Brown, 14 December 1858 (File 180)

The family have been staying at a farm house on the Axe Creek for a change of air; Maggie's health improves slowly.

Jane [Brown], Hildesheim, to her mother, 5 January 1859 (File 183)

Seasonal greetings; Mr. Sherrif's departure must have been a great loss to her especially in the state of the Bank affairs - she will try to be as economical as possible with her little teaching salary; bad news of Maggie's health remembering their father's pleurisy; James coming appearance in Cambridge Street pulpit.

Jessie [Brown], to Jane, 19(?) Jan 1859 (File 186)

Maggie still very weak; James' preaching.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 13 February 1859 (File 189)

James' preaching; family and local news; Maggie is quite well but wishes she were home.

Jessie [Brown] to Jane, 14 Feb [1859] (File 193)

Preparing James' clothes for his visit to London; Maggie's poor health; Jane to stay on in Germany; mother poorly; Lotty Hoey has meazles; local news.

Jas. [Brown], 34 Burton Street, Burton Crescent, London W.C. to his mother, 25 February 1859 (File 196)

Just arrived in London, staying near a friend Mr. Thomson; his lodgings; his visit to Cambridge on the way down, which he enjoyed.

Jas. [Brown], 34 Burton Street, Burton Crescent W.C. to his mother, [March(?) [1859] (File 201)

Sightseeing in London; has preached; probably will not be home until the week after next.

Jas. [Brown], 34 Burton Street, Burton Crescent, London W.C. to Jane, [March(?) 1859] (File 207)

Thanks for congratulations on his 24th birthday - they are both spring children; likes the preaching life remarkably well; his journey to London and visit.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, 14 March 1859 (File 210)

Baby Henry has died after a short illness - the doctor did not seem to understand what was wrong; they are resigned to it; the other children are well and Maggie feels stronger; on her suggestion that Jane comes to the colony.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jessie, 14 April 1859 (File 220)

Henry's death was so peaceful that she grieved little at the time, but has missed him greatly since; the children speak of him; her request for Jane to come to Australia; her health is a little better.

Janet Logan, Engwali, to Miss Brown, 27 April 1859 (File 224)

The influence of the Gospels is taking effect on even the most degraded at Emgwali; their mission.

James and Maggie [Hoey], Eagle Hawk, Bendigo, to Mrs. Brown, 13 May 1859 (File 230)

Hopes James will soon be settled in a manse in a country town; Maggie no worse; comfortable and happy despite lack of wealth; children are well.

Tom [Hoey], Eagle Hawk Gully, Bendigo, to James [Brown], 13 May 1859 (File 235)

James is now a preacher, but he (Tom) has not realised his early ambition to be a missionary abroad, and has little opportunity to study since coming to Australia except for some geology; saw a damaged portrait of James' sweetheart - wishes he had one but they are not found underground; Jane will be good company for Maggie who bore the loss of baby Henry with Christian fortitude and resignation.

E.R. Russell, Rose Hall, to Jessie, 16 May 1859 (File 239)

It is her duty to go to Australia although a sacrifice; hopes that Maggie will be spared to return home.

[M.A. Brown], Glasgow, to Jane, 20 May [1859] (File 242)

Dull after Jane left last night - hopes she will be comfortable and find friends on the ship; it will be a happy meeting for Maggie.

Jessie [Brown] to Jane, 20 May 1859 (File 245)

Thinking and speaking of her since she left; she is doing right; look forward to her speedy return with all their Australian friends.

John G. Hoey, Irvine, to Jane, 20 May 1859 (File 248)

Sending a note from Flora to Maggie, and one for Mr. Hamilton; hopes she finds them all in better health than expected.

Jane [Brown], Liverpool, to her mother & Jessie, 20 May 1859 (File 250)

Journeyed to Liverpool with James; reminded of the journey with Maggie five years ago; a beautiful ship with few passengers [The Royal Charter].

Telegraph: Mrs. Brown to Miss Jane Brown on the Royal Charter, 21 May 1859 (File 253)

Maggie is well and longing for her, Henry is dead and they are resigned.

Jane H. Brown [Liverpool] to her mother and Jessie, [May 1859] (File 255)

Thanks for letters and telegraph - glad she may now expect to reach Maggie in time to be useful; Henry's death; a good berth to herself; sending farewells.

Jane [Brown] [Liverpool] to James, [May 1859] (File 259)

Glad to hear that Maggie is improved; is now sharing a cabin; sending farewells...

Jane H. Frew, Grove Hotel, Buxton, to Jessie, 24 May 1859 (File 261)

Fears for the effect of Henry's death on Maggie in her weakened condition; Jane will be a great benefit to Maggie; Forrest is unwell but is hopeful that the mineral bath will help.

Jessie [Brown] to Maggie, [June? 1859] (File 264)

Death of Henry; Jane will soon be with her; hope they come home some time.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, 14 June 1859 (File 268)

Happy at James' success and James' news-considering coming to Australia; her cough is worse and she is weaker; is to consult a Doctor Hutchison in Bendigo, said to be very skilful with chest diseases; hopes that James is called to Paisley; a plan to have a church at Eagle Hawk; box has arrived with some contents damaged; Helen back after an absence; the children.

Agnes J. Nichol, Observatorys, to Jane, 14 June [1859] (File 272)

Hopes she is now with her sister after the long voyage; has returned home from Hildesheim; John's Oxford degree; Germany.

Jessie [Brown], 3 Windsor Street, to Jane, 16 June 1859 (File 275)

Would have felt unsatisfied if she had stayed at home; will be at the diggings when she receives the letter; James to go to Paisley; has got very little of her white seams done.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Maggie, 17 June 1859 (File 278)

Death of Henry Hoey; possibility of their coming home - James has suggested she lives with her but she wishes to keep a home ready for Maggie...

With an envelope bearing a note (File 280)

E. Raphael, Royal Charter, 25 June 1859 (File 282)

Requesting Miss Brown's company that evening.

Log of the Royal Charter for May 22 - July 21 giving date, wind, latitude, longitude and miles covered, n.d. (File 283)

[?], Omgwali, to Mrs. Brown, 23 July (File 285)

Tijo will write. News from the mission.

Jessie [Brown] to Jane, n.d. (File 295)

Tijo is anxious to have Miss Barwick out to Caffaria; mutual friends; a very nice little time at her school at Springbank; getting a great deal of sewing done since the new servant came as she is worth two of Margaret; William has more time now and will not forget her.

James Hiles (?) [Ships Officer], s.s. Royal Charter, Hobsons Bay to Miss [Jane] Brown, 10 August 1859 - 15 August 1859 (File 298)

Her kindness and sympathy impressed on to him that his 'Elder Sister' is a true friend; still has a letter for Mrs. Foster; mutual acquaintances who have just married; tired of Melbourne and anxious to start home; his brother in Melbourne is to go to the diggings; hopes he may meet Miss Brown again under more favourable circumstances; she left her German dictionary on board which he has sent to Mr Hamilton the Presbyterian minister.

James [Brown], Rockbank, Helensburgh, to Jane, 15 August 1859 (File 304)

How he settled on Paisley; is to be ordained on August 30; her departure; staying with Jane and Forrest.

S.A. Foster, St. Kilda, to Miss Brown, 18 August 1859 (File 307)

Has received her letter; fellow passengers; the journey home.

Mary Watson, Lake Boga, to 'My very dear Friend' [Jane], 24 Aug [1859] (File 310)

Arrived on Wednesday afternoon; hope she and Mr Hoey reached home safely; how is her sister; very pleased with the new home by the Lake, has vegetables, fowls and turkeys; husband away all day so need employment to keep her from loneliness; will have a splendid cook and also had a black page but husband has now employed a married couple; Mrs. Gilbert, the stewardess who now lives in Geelong - she and her husband offered to work for her; has she heard of the doctor - the Royal Charter is due home tomorrow.

Jane H. Brown, Eagle Hawk Gully, Sandhurst, to her mother, 12 September 1859 (File 313)

Maggie is in pain and weak and dreads another blister or severe medicine - the doctor stated that the pain came from the heart and she was in a precarious state - in his absence a young doctor prescribed a different treatment which has reduced the pain; costs a guinea for a doctor to come the four miles.

Jane H. Brown, Eagle Hawk Gully, Sandhurst to Jessie, 14 September 1859 (File 316)

Mr. Hamilton met her at Melbourne and took her to her hotel; Jessie's marriage; Hoey children.

Jane [Brown], Eagle Hawk, Sandhurst, to Jessie [Stewart nee Brown], 13 October 1859 (File 322)

Maggie is more breathless; colonial sayings of Maggie and Robert; colonial children are cheeky but not to strangers.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Maggie, 16 October 1859 (File 325)

Glad she has her sister to help her; trusts it will please their Heavenly Father to spare her.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 16 October 1859 (File 328)

Happy at her safe arrival and that she is with Maggie; must give Maggie Dr Clarke's prescription; Jessie's marriage will be on the 21st and she will make an excellent wife; to commit Maggie to God's care.

Jas. [Brown], Paisley, to Maggie, 17 October 1859 (File 330)

A dirty town, but he is happy in his work; glad that Jane is with her and she must do all she tells her to do; his duties in the post.

Jessie [Brown], 3 Windsor Street, New City Road, to Maggie, 17 October 1859 (File 332)

Sad to hear of her suffering; glad that Jane is with her; hopes to welcome her into her little home in Myrtle Street; will be married [to William] on October 25 - their mother says she will not be lonely and she will be able to visit her every day; James is getting on nicely.

Jessie [Brown] to Jane, n.d. (File 335)

Glad of her safe arrival after a good voyage; William will write.

Jane H. Frew, Newhall House, to Jane, 26 October 1859 (File 337)

Jane is glad she went out; marriage of Jessie to William Stewart yesterday; the marriage of James and the bride given away by Dr. Eadie; the guests; considers Newhall unhealthy for Forrest so are looking for another house; fears for Maggie's health; sinking of the Royal Charter in which over 400 perished within sight of land.

Jane H. Frew, Birkbank, to [Mrs. Brown], n.d. (File 343)

Pleased that she is glad that Jane is with Maggie; Mrs. Brown will enjoy James' visit - she herself has not seen him since Jessie's marriage.

Jessie A. Stewart, Old Mill, Bothwell, to her mother, 2 Nov [1859] (File 346)

Spent last week in the Trossachs which would delight her; were churched on the Sabbath in a tiny church in a remote mountain; Jane will be grieved by the loss of the Royal Charter.

Jessie [Stewart] to Jane, 9 November 1859 (File 349)

Account of her marriage on October 25 and return to Mrs Stewart at Bothwell; Dr Eadie gave her away and James performed the ceremony.

Jessie Stewart, 5 Myrtle Street, Violet Grove, to Maggie, n.d. (File 354)

Has sent long account of marriage to Jane; wished she had had her sisters with her and Maggie must have felt the same; hopes to welcome them all to her new home soon; Maggie's illness; description of their house.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 11 November 1859 - 17 November 1859 (File 357)

Sorry that Maggie has had another bad turn but it is the Lord's will; she must persevere with the sponging; Jessie's marriage; Robert Raphael.

Kate Scott, 38 Monteith Row, 14 November 1859 (File 369)

Family news.

James H. Hoey, Melbourne, to Mrs. Brown, 18 November 1859 (File 372)

Interested in success of James; Maggie is very poorly and hope that a change of air will suit her so the family have come down, and also Tom who is trying to form a mining company; the doctors say there is no chance of a permanent cure for Maggie...

James H. Hoey, Brighton, to Mrs. Brown, 15 December 1859 (File 375)

Still at Brighton; when he last wrote on November 18 a change was already taking place in Maggie and she was dead before the mail was out of the Bay; lonely without her, and will be more lonely when they return to Eagle Hawk; Jane has been a great comfort to him; an eventful year in Mrs. Brown's family.

Margt. A. Brown, Glasgow, to Maggie, 16 December 1859 (File 378)

Painful to hear of her suffering, and must be thankful for our friends to care, as does the Lord; delighted that Jane is with her - she could wish to be there but Jane is the best.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 16 December 1859 (File 381)

Bad news of Maggie's health; 25 years since grandmother died.

Jane [Brown], Brighton, to James, 17 December 1859 (File 384)

Knows how he loved Maggie and had hoped to see her again; Maggie had loved him and had been so interested in him, and had wept at the recent news of his ordination.

James H. Hoey, Melbourne, to James, 17 December 1859 (File 387)

Always interested in news of the family; Maggie's last days and death on November 19; the children are now in Jane's care - they will spend a few days at Geelong with Mr and Mrs. Wright before returning to Eagle Hawk the day after Christmas; glad he is succeeding so well at Paisley.

And. Hamilton, Melbourne, to Jane, 20 December 1859 (File 390)

Lonely at home without a smile of affection to greet him; thought of the way they have been brought together after long wanderings; the hand of God is uniting them.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 22 December 1859 (File 393)

Delighted to receive her letter; for years had almost abandoned the hope of again being the object of a confiding tender, loving, womanly, heart; hope they will meet tomorrow and she will not leave until after the following Sabbath.

E. Raphael, Sale, to Jane, 24 December 1859 (File 396)

Sending a letter from her sister Agnes; the Royal Charter has come back to Liverpool; their old shipmates; settled in the bush.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 6 January 1860 (File 398)

Her return to the home at Eagle Hawk; he feels the silence at his house since they left.

Andrew [Hamilton], Brighton, to Jane, 8 January 1860 (File 402)

Visit from Tom - he will talk to him as she has suggested; her present position must be an irksome one and glad he is an instrument to changing it; she has revived his holier nature; wreck of the Royal Charter.

Jane H. Brown, Eagle Hawk Gully, to 'My ever dearest Friend', 10 January 1860 (File 407)

[Andrew Hamilton]. Grateful for his love - she loves him fondly; love of Christ; recalls conversations with ships company of wrecked Royal Charter, in particular the doctor and Mr. Stephens - has wept for them and their widows; Jessie's marriage on October 25, the night of the wreck; brother James work.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 11 January 1860 (File 416)

News is painful but it is the will of God; astonished that they had undertaken such a journey with Maggie; looking forward to the remove and some rest and ease of mind; anxious to hear if Maggie is any better for the change.

Jessie [Stewart], to Jane, 11 January 1860 (File 419)

Astonished that Maggie could undertake the journey and hope that she will benefit from the change of air; the children's interest in church; James glad that a church is being erected at Eagle Hawk and hopes there will be an acceptable preacher; the Nicholls will be leaving the Observatory in May; mutual acquaintances.

Jessie [Stewart] to Maggie, 11 January 1860 (File 425)

The trip to Melbourne must have tired her - hopes the change will do her good; glad that she has friends, and that Jane is there.

Jane H. Brown, Eagle Hawk Gully, to her mother, 12 January 1860 (File 428)

Returned from Brighton yesterday week; Maggie's funeral and internment about a mile and a half from Sugar Villa, Mr. Hamilton's house and her future home; may be selfish but has followed the course dictated by her heart and hopes for a life of ease, affluence and happiness; Andrew Hamilton; may see her in two years; loss of the Royal Charter; Jessie's marriage; God has rewarded her for any sacrifices for coming to the colony; believes it would be good for the children if she cared for them entirely for a while although she could never promise Maggie to stay with them always; glad that her future husband has always been close to their father.

Jane [Brown], Eagle Hawk Gully, to James, 13 January 1860 (File 431)

Congratulations on his success; discussion on spirits of the departed; acceptance of Andrew's proposal; loss of the Royal Charter and people she knew on it; Mr. Henderson.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 13 January 1860 (File 434)

Must not let the loss of the Royal Charter sit too heavily on her; delay in meeting will increase their fondness. A conversation in which Tom 'shut me up at the outset by letting me aware that the whole matter was closed'...

Andrew [Hamilton], Brighton to Jane, 14 January 1860 (File 437)

A love letter; prefers the climate in Victoria to that in Scotland; glad James is more kind to her now, but hopes he will not do anything to disturb their affections. Public of Bendigo should know of their ties.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 16 January 1860 (File 444)

Maggie's death; grateful for Mr Hamilton's kindness to them all; James Brown.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 19 January 1860 (File 450)

Glad Catherine knows the secret and was kind to her; feels it is a foregone conclusion in the public mind; will see her on Saturday...

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 23 January 1860 (File 456)

Journey home; a love letter. Damaged.

Andrew Hamilton, Melbourne, to Jane, 26 January 1860 (File 458)

A journey; his absence had not been noticed.

Andrew [Hamilton], Brighton, to Jane, 29 January 1860 (File 461)

In her solitude she must trust that they will be brought together soon for time and hopefully for eternity in Christ; he lacks her faith - she must pray for him; churchgoing; will visit Maggie's grave; James bereavement seems to sit light on him.

E. Raphael, Sale, to Jane, 30 January 1860 (File 467)

Death of Maggie; loss of the Royal Charter; will see poor Mrs Nicholls when she visits Melbourne; is engaged in a sawmill, steamboat, tannery which should be very remunerative; country is lovely and has made very pleasant acquaintances.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 1 February 1860 (File 471)

Miserable that he has injured her so; could not ask her to sin against her convictions; agrees must excuse a little self denial to make the marriage joy more enduring.

Andrew Hamilton. An account, 2 February 1860 (File 476)


Andrew [Hamilton], Brighton, to Jane, 5 February 1860 (File 477)

Visit from Tom who proposed that their marriage should be first; Miss McB is coming up with Tom and he cannot visit when she is in the house.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 8 February 1860 (File 482)

If Miss McB stays over the week he cannot see her.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 9 February 1860 (File 484)

Visit of Mr. Cuthbertson of Otago who is marrying Miss Moncrieff with him as best man.

Jane [H.B.], Eagle Hawk Gully to her mother, 15 February 1860 (File 487)

Maggie's death; her mother's projected move to Paisley; fears James does too much; her marriage will probably be in June as Mr Hamilton is lonely so she will not wait the year; Tom hopes to marry a Melbourne girl about the same time - a Miss McBeth from Perthshire; quaint sayings of Robert and Maggie who need a firm hand; heat and drought.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to James, 1 March [1860] (File 492)

He takes on too much; he is 25 on Monday; mutual friends.

A. Wright, Evesham, to Jane, 8 March 1860 (File 500)

Miss Brown's letter regarding her son.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne to Jane, 8 March 1860 (File 503)

Is a juror at court; Mr. Marriot had a son yesterday.

Andrew [Hamilton], Brighton, to Jane, 11 March 1860 (File 505)

Believes they are well suited, and that though they have not known each other long intimately, yet they know each other better than most; will not see each other much before June; probable delay of Tom's marriage.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 14 March 1860 (File 512)

Sorry she has been unwell; Tom says she will come to Melbourne in the month.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 16 March 1860 (File 515)

Maggie's death; Jane's coming marriage - will send money and household goods that have been in the family.

Jas. [Brown] to his mother, n.d. (File 519)

Strange news from Australia; seems that Jane has fallen on her feet; sorrow at Greenhill because of Andrew.

Jas. [Brown], Paisley, to Jane, 17 March 1860 (File 522)

Her engagement to Mr. Hamilton, late Senior President of the Cambridge Street Young Mens' Association; on a text from a Psalm.

[Andrew Hamilton], Brighton, to Jane, 18 March 1860 (File 525)

A love letter. Incomplete.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 28 March 1860 (File 527)

Journey back to Sugar Villa; things in Melbourne are not worse than when he left and so hopes that the storm is over for the present; thought Catherine looked suspicious; does Jane need money?; he quite loves Miss McBeth; Tom should be careful or he might lose her yet.

Andrew [Hamilton], Brighton, to Jane, 1 April 1860 (File 530)

A love letter; should disregard Catherine and Jas. remarks - they are malicious and do not want their union; Jane may stay with Mrs Thompson before the marriage; their servant.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 10 April 1860 (File 539)

Return to Sugar Villa.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 11 April 1860 (File 541)

Goods sent to Jane for wedding - Andrew did not write to seek her consent.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 17 April 1860 (File 547)

Jane's forthcoming marriage; advice on rearing Robert and Maggie.

Jas. [Brown], Edinburgh, to Jane, 18 April 1860 (File 550)

At the Synod; has enjoyed the visit to London and went to Brighton to the grave of Frederick William Robertson. They are both marrying next month.

And. Hamilton, Melbourne, to [James], 24 April 1860 (File 553)

Australia; recalls his native Scotland; in Victoria each section of the community is ruled by its individual and particular need; presbyterian teaching is at a low ebb; he and Jane have resolved on matrimony.

Elise Schultzen, Claremont Terrace to Miss [Jane] Brown, 28 April 1860 (File 560)

Letter in German.

J.H. Brown. Account for money laid out in Melbourne in April and May, May 1860 (File 564)

Jessie [Stewart] to Jane, 1 May 1860 (File 566)

Sending a butter cooler and hope they can send a better gift next year; good wishes for the marriage.

Kate [Scott], 38 Monteith [Row], 8 May 1860 (File 568)

Congratulations to Jane on her forthcoming marriage; she and James have set their wedding date at June 26; news of mutual friends.

Andrew [Hamilton], Sugar Villa, to Jane, 10 May 1860 (File 571)

Hope and pray that they may be long spared to each other; getting the home ready.

Jessie [Stewart], 3 Myrtle Street, Violet Grove, to Jane, 11 May 1860 (File 575)

Will be married on the receipt of this letter; sad they are so far separated, but look forward to their promised visit to Scotland; Jane's preparations; their mother soon leaves the old home for Paisley; James and Kate marry on June 21; presents being sent to Jane; Jessie may visit Australia one day; mutual friends.

Jane B[rown], Eagle Hawk, to her mother, 14 May 1860 (File 579)

Deepest thanks for congratulations; Andrew is very gentle, kind and generous; thanks for money, has also received some from Andrew and James Hoey; her mother's move; Helen will stay on to care for the children; she has also engaged a servant; thanks for sending her silver tea service.

[Jane Brown], Eagle Hawk, to Jessie, 14 May 1860 (File 583)

Sad in that she will be separated from her little charges but Helen is so good with them and Catherine is not far; will probably marry on 12 June; wedding gifts; her clothes...

Jane [Brown], Eagle Hawk, to Andrew, 17 May 1860 (File 585)

A letter she has written to her cousin [in N.Z.]. Visiting Catherine who is as kind as ever...

Jane H. Brown, Eagle Hawk, to Andrew, 18 May 1860 (File 587)

Her Father's hand seems to have guided her over the past year; opening of St. Mungo mine on June 2 which he should attend; Catherine too frail to attend their wedding; James is quite cordial now; Tom is a weak stupid boy although 28, and should have a sense of duty to Miss McBeth to whom he can be unkind.

Jane [Brown], Eagle Hawk, to Andrew, n.d. (File 593)

Mr. Walker who intends to settle there; a poor church service in their spirited little church. Six months yesterday since Maggie died and twelve months yesterday since she embarked on the Royal Charter; the servant Helen is to marry which concerns her as she was to have cared for the children.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 21 May 1860 (File 597)

To be at the opening of St. Mungo if it is on June 2; getting the house ready...

Jane [Brown], Eagle Hawk to Andrew, 25 May 1860 (File 600)

Anxious as no letters have been received from him; opening of the St. Mungo.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 31 May 1860 (File 603)

Difficulty over the cards; house is ready; wine...

Andrew [Hamilton], Brighton, to Jane, 3 June 1860 (File 606)

Last Sabbath before they are together and so probably his last Sunday epistle; believes the union will be an harmonious one; will leave on Friday for Eagle Hawk; preparations for the wedding; Helen might be replaced by Mrs. Marwood's girl who is a first class servant.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne to Jane. Preparations, 7 June 1860 (File 1)

Two sections of unidentified letters from Andrew Hamilton to Jane, n.d. (File 4)

Kate [Scott], 38 Monteith Row to Jane, 15 June 1860 (File 10)

Congratulations on Jane's marriage; preparations for her own - gifts she has received; mutual friends.

Jane H. Hamilton, Sugar Villa, Brighton, to her mother, 16 June 1860 (File 15)

Wedding on June 12, in James little house; description of the house, and the ceremony and the wedding day and return home on the Friday; Andrew is not well being susceptible to cold; preaching is better in the Wesleyan church than the Presbyterian but is scarcely prepared to join that body, so will probably join the Free Church at St. Kilda; hope to have a summer in Scotland soon; thanks for gifts.

John & Jessie Wright, Geelong, to Andrew Hamilton, 20 June 1860 (File 22)

Death of their little boy; will visit Bendigo to cheer Mrs. Wright.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 25 June 1860 (File 24)

Wishing her happiness; James to be married tomorrow; fatiguing time since came to Paisley.

Jas. [Brown] King's Arms Hotel, Dumfries to his mother. Their trip, 4 July 1860 (File 27)

J.H. Hamilton, Sugar Villa, Brighton, to Jessie, 20 July 1860 (File 30)

Thanks for gift; is Jessie expecting a child?; wishes she could visit them to see how snugly they get along; Mr. Hamilton's reminiscences of Cumnock. John Hamilton and his girls have left for Liverpool on the Red Jacket; Robert and Maggie staying with them now; hopes they get a good woman at Eagle Hawk to replace Helen; her servant is lazy and would like a hardworking Ayrshire girl for the easy-going £40 a year position; thinks much of Maggie; James is cheerful and is much occupied with his own business and that of the church; sending portraits; Robert and Maggie.

J.H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, 25 July 1860 (File 45)

Thanks for box; sending portraits.

William Stewart, 5 Myrtle Street, Violet Grove, Glasgow, to Jane, 25 July 1860 (File 47)

Sending good wishes for their happiness; James and his wife have been domesticated in Paisley for some time and seem happy; he and Jessie are happy; mutual acquaintances.

Jessie [Stewart], Glasgow, to Jane, 25 July 1860 (File 49)

Marriage of James and Kate Scott; sudden death of Mrs. Scott; the house at Paisley; Mrs. Kirkwood; thanks for gift.

[Helen A. Stuart], Turakina, New Zealand, to Jane, 11 August 1860 (File 53)

Had heard of Maggie's death and was glad that Jane went to be with her and care for the children; wishes her happiness with her husband; her old friend James Brown and Jessie; excitement in New Zealand where reinforcements of the 40th Regiment have been sent from Melbourne to Taranaki; Major General Scott has come with 1000 soldiers; Volunteer Rifle Corps are everywhere; tired of teaching and will give it up in November...

Jane [Hamilton], Brighton, to her mother, 23 August 1860 (File 58)

Very busy as Robert and Maggie with her; thanks for box; Andrew could not stand the cold weather at home; business is depressed in Melbourne; the children; sending portraits; their house.

J.H. Hamilton, Brighton, to William, 23 August 1860 (File 62)

Thanks for gift of a butter cooler, also books for Robert and Maggie; Mr. McTaggart Brown; wonders if they will come to Victoria; business is flat in Melbourne; need a good church.

Kate Brown, 57 Love Street, Paisley, to Jane, 24 August 1860 (File 65)

Family news; Mr and Mrs. Hoey and family are well; Mrs. Kirkwood and Mrs Drysdale; Jane's sisters in law called; Andrew looks grave in the portrait.

J.H. Hamilton, Sugar Villa, Brighton, to her mother, 23 September 1860 (File 68)

Is busy as they only have one servant; Thanks for news from home; Tom was married on July 30. Robert and Maggie are staying at Geelong with Mrs. Wright.

James H. Hoey, Eagle Hawk, to James, 23 September 1860 (File 73)

Congratulations on his marriage - now he is the only one that is alone; children are at Geelong then return to Sugar Villa; he does not know how to act with them as does not want to leave them with strangers but fears he may be estranged from them as things are; glad of James Brown's success; will not be able to see them for some time yet as is involved in mining speculations.

Jane H. Hamilton, Sugar Villa, Brighton, to [Jessie], 24 September 1860 (File 76)

Thanks for letter of James' wedding; James and Tom came down for Tom's wedding; Robert and Maggie are with Mrs Wright; Tom's wedding on July 30; mutual friends; has got a good new Scottish servant.

Jane H. Hamilton, Sugar Villa, Brighton, to her mother, 22 October 1860 (File 80)

Reference to the little stranger expected at Myrtle Street; remembering how ill Maggie was a year ago - her children are well and have returned to Sugar Villa; Helen marries soon but will live near James; James manages one of the companies that are replacing private ventures; has asked Andrew how her mother's capital could be invested more profitably here than in the City Bank.

J.H. Hamilton, Sugar Villa, Brighton, to Jessie, 23 October 1860 (File 85)

Waiting for the 'great news' from her; glad their mother is happy; Andrew has bought her a beautiful piano; the children and Tom and his wife are at Sugar Villa.

Maggie Hoey, Brighton, to 'My Dear Grandmama' (in Jane's hand). The puppies, 23 October 1860 (File 88)

Jane H. Frew, 6 Hampton Court Terrace to Jane, 16 November 1860 (File 90)

Mutual friends; interested in the portraits; Forrest is 40 in February - his business is doing well.

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, 1860-11-20 - 1860-11-31 (File 93)

Anniversary of Maggie's death - she took the children to put flowers on the grave; James talks of taking the children back, but they are better with her; Jessie's child.

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to Kate, 21 November 1860 (File 103)

Social life; South Yarra; Studley Park; thinks she and James would like the colony; Jessie's daughter.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 24 November 1860 (File 106)

Robert and Maggie's portraits; James Hoey's letter to James; Jessie's baby; none of them are pleased with Jane's portrait; mutual friends.

Kate Brown, 57 Love Street, Paisley, to [Jane], 24 November 1860 (File 109)

Portrait of Andrew and Jane do not do them justice; Jessie's baby; the house; mutual friends.

James H. Hoey, Brighton, to Mrs. Brown, 25 November 1860 (File 114)

Jane has been exceedingly kind in caring for the children as he could not manage at Bendigo where he is always out - would like to have them back but it is better for them at Brighton; Tom and his wife will return to Bendigo; Catherine's family are well except for the youngest child which they may not be able to bring up.

James H. Hoey, Brighton, to Jessie, 25 November 1860 (File 117)

Congratulations on the birth of a daughter; all are well at Sugar Villa.

Jessie and William Stewart, 5 Myrtle Street, Glasgow, to Jane, 25 November 1860 (File 120)

Glad Tom has married a nice person; visit of John Hamilton and his little daughter Maggie; their baby Maggie - Mrs. Brown thinks she is the only one that can care for her; church news.

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to William, 22 December 1860 (File 125)

His baby Maggie; James Hoey is still with her - he does not like leaving the children but they are better with her; they should come out to the colony where the chances are better.

J.H. Hamilton to her mother, 24 December 1860 (File 128)

Glad she is so well and happy; Jessie's baby; feels William might be more prosperous in the colony; delighted at the thought of seeing Henry.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 24 Dec [1860] (File 131)

Sorry she cannot come for a visit as soon as she had hoped - perhaps Mr. Hamilton and James Hoey might decide to come home altogether; Maggie Hoey; baby Maggie Stewart; William has not prospered and should not have married until he could provide for a wife.

Kate and James Brown, 57 Love Street, Paisley, to Jane, 24 December 1860 - 25 December 1860 (File 134)

Have visited Cumnock; the Misses Atkinson went to Melbourne and have written enquiring after her; local news.

Jessie [Stewart] to Jane, 25 Dec [1860] (File 137)

The portrait of Jane and Andrew is so serious; Robert and Maggie Hoey; Jane's piano; her baby Maggie thrives.

'Sermon After the Communion Paisley 30th December 1860'. Text: Matthew XXVI 30, 30 December 1860 (File 140)

J.H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, 23 January 1861 (File 148)

Sorry that William Stewart does not prosper but building is such a speculative affair in Glasgow - business is a lottery everywhere and times are bad in Melbourne. James is still with them doing business in Melbourne for the St. Mungo Company of which he is founder and principal; Robert and Maggie; gathering peaches in their large garden in which they also have turkey, chickens and geese; her husband is turning an old man - but has become much ruddier in the last 20 years; tormented by flies.

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to [Jessie], 23 January 1861 (File 152)

Hope her toothache is better - she has been free of it since she left Scotland; baby Maggie; would be difficult for Andrew to leave his business for a visit home; business in Melbourne dull and wishes they had a less expensive home.

Janet Kirkwood, Glasgow, to 'My Dear Sister' [Jane], 24 January 1861 (File 155)

Tell Andrew she should be less absorbed in business; John Hamilton was married to his sister-in-law widow of the late Captain Harrison of Liverpool and has taken his children with him; a very bad winter.

James H. Hoey, Sugar Villa, Brighton to Mrs. Brown, 24 January 1861 (File 158)

Spent over eight weeks in Melbourne, but should return to Bendigo the next week; business is very dull, including mining; Catherine lost her youngest child of 5 months about 3 weeks ago.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 18 February 1861 (File 161)

Funeral of Jane Frew's youngest child; Kate cannot consider James going to another country; mutual friends.

Jessie [Stewart] to Jane, n.d. (File 165)

Has read her letters to Jane Frew; on Jane rescuing a chicken from the water; her music book; Charlotte has another son; mutual friends.

William Stewart, 5 Myrtle Street, Violet Grove, Glasgow, to Jane, 19 February 1861 (File 167)

Are considering her suggestion of going to Victoria and staying at the outset, with her; local news; the Sabbath school; Alex Cowan.

Kate B. Brown, 57 Love Street, to Jane. Family and local news, 22 February 1861 (File 171)

Kate B. Brown, 57 Love Street, to Jane. Family and local news, 22 March 1861 (File 177)

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, 24 March 1861 (File 180)

Sympathy for Sally, sister of Kate Brown (nee Scott); fears that her brother James is overtaxing himself; children have returned from Geelong because of an outbreak of measles there; mutual friends; business is quiet in Melbourne; glad of news of Maggie Stewart.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 25 March 1861 (File 184)

Maggie Stewart ill; looking after the children has been part of Jane's mission; Janet Hoey Buckie's death; mutual friends; rheumatism.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 24 April 1861 (File 187)

Has had rheumatism; John Hoey has rheumatism and would like to go to Australia which would suit it; kindness of the Wrights of Geelong.

J.H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, 24 April 1861 (File 190)

Birthday greetings; hopes Jessie, William and baby will come out; Andrew wishes he had got out of business in Melbourne when times were better and he could have got a rich return on his properties.

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to Kate, 24 April 1861 (File 193)

Glad of James' success but fear for his health - he would do better in the Victorian climate where there is great work to be done; Geelong.

Kate B. Brown, 57 Love Street, Paisley to Jane, 24 April 1861 (File 205)

Jessie very thin and Mrs. Brown ill with rheumatism; family and local news.

Jane H. Frew, 6 Hampton Court Terrace, Glasgow to Jane, 24 April 1861 (File 208)

Miss Hutchieson is going to Victoria to marry a Mr Scott and will bring a parcel for the children.

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to William and Jessie, 25 April 1861 (File 211)

The possibility that they may join her in Victoria; in the colony people will try one thing after another; a bowker - form of local brokerage.

Jas. [Brown], Paisley, to Jane. Will try and get a good preacher sent out, 25 April 1861 (File 214)

Helen A. Stuart, Turakina, New Zealand, to Jane, 1 May 1861 (File 217)

Thanks for kindness to their brother Henry - they are very disappointed that he is not coming on to New Zealand from Melbourne; Maggie's children; mutual friends; their monotonous life.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 24 May 1861 (File 220)

Often looks over old letters from Australia including those of Maggies; is grateful for the interest Jane and her husband take in Henry; Jane Frew is daily expecting to be confined; news of friends; Miss [?] married to Mr. Lack who has an income of £700; old Mr. Lack made a respectable appearance at the wedding.

Katherine B. Brown, 57 Love Street, Paisley, to Jane, 24 May 1861 (File 223)

Family and local news; Jessie is very thin but the baby is well.

Jessie A. Stewart to Jane, 25 May 1861 (File 226)

Jane had Henry with them last time she wrote; Mrs. Anderson had a letter from him. James called and has been at Mull for 6 months; He was to sail for New Zealand next month but had to meet with trustees first.

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, 25 May 1861 (File 230)

Sending some things to Jessie. Miss Andrew came out with her in the Royal Charter and is returning a cripple; Mrs. Williamson is also returning; James Hoey and Andrew are dispirited about business; Mrs. Tom Hoey has to be in bed under doctor's orders.

Jane H.H. [amilton], Brighton, to Jessie, 25 May 1861 (File 233)

Sending presents; asking her to visit Miss Andrew on her return; Henry is still there.

J.H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, 24 June 1861 (File 236)

Sorry she is ill; The prospect of her visiting them with Andrew is not as bright as it was as the wholesaling business is so fluctuating and it depresses him; remembering Maggie Hoey's cheerfulness; anxious for James Brown's health; they fix their hopes on the St. Mungo Company; Mrs. Tom Hoey is very delicate.

J.H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her aunt, Miss E. Anderson, 24 June 1861 (File 239)

Business dull at home; the colonial government's encouragement of immigration indicates that they expect prosperity although business is bad now.

Jessie [Stewart], 5 Myrtle Street, to Jane, 24 June [1861] (File 242)

Have been staying at Paisley, where baby crept about in the garden - wish they had one; James has been taking too much in hand and is easily exhausted, so has been advised to take a change of air; James might favour going to Australia, and mother says she would if they all would, but Kate will not consent; James Hoey sounds lonely; Mrs. Tom Hoey is very delicate; mutual friends.

Jessie [Stewart], 5 Myrtle Street, to Kate, 28 June [1861] (File 245)

Wishing to hear of James - she has consulted the doctor about him and been told that he must be very particular about changing his flannels.

Jessie [Stewart], 57 Love Street, Paisley, to [Jane], 24 July 1861 (File 248)

James and Kate have gone to Continent as James was 'knocked up' with work and one lung is slightly inflamed.

William and Jessie Stewart, 5 Myrtle Street, Violet Grove, Glasgow, to Jane, 24 August 1861 (File 251)

Thanks for gifts, including Maggie Hoey's dress; tried for Surveyorship of Roads but did not succeed; seems to be pointed towards the colonies but he thinks that New Zealand would be better than Australia; James and Kate still in France where his health has improved; mutual friends.

Kate Brown, Cauterets, Hautes Pyrenees, to Jane, 27 August 1861 (File 255)

James is very much better with his cough gone and the chest pains improved - he has been away six weeks and the congregation will permit him to spend as much time away again; very stormy crossing; account of the holiday...

Agnes N. Jack, Huntly Lodge, Edinburgh, to Jane, 11 Sept [1861] (File 258)

Her first letter since her marriage to William; has spent a lazy summer; hope Jane's stay in the Pyrenees will help his health; Mrs. Brown's illness; family news.

Kate [Brown]. Maison Jalou, Bagneres de Bigorre, Hautes Pyrenees, to Jane, 22 September 1861 (File 261)

The congregation have urged James to stay in France until spring; the holiday.

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, 24 September 1861 (File 265)

Worried for his health and the approval of the Scottish winter; Mr. Adam, a good new preacher. Bank permits them to occupy the property until it is sold; hope to leave for Bendigo in a month; hope they can get the furniture from the creditors; Andrew's health is better; have no servants but she enjoys most of the work; the children are helpful.

J.H. Hamilton, Brighton, to William and Jessie, 24 September 1861 (File 268)

Worried for James' health - he should come to Australia for the climate; gold discovered in Otago and many people have left Victoria for New Zealand, but have suffered from cold there; all Bendigo seems on the move; went to church service held in Theater Royal.

William and Jessie [Stewart], 57 Love Street, Paisley, to Jane, 24 September 1861 (File 271)

Little Maggie is twelve months; are giving the 'Old Country' another trial before deciding to emigrate and will try for an architect's post in Paisley; James' health is much improved...

J.W. Brown, Bagneres de Luchon, Haute Garonne, France to Mr. Hamilton, 25 September 1861 (File 274)

The countryside; interested in James' account of little church at Brighton which sounds liberal.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane. William may set up in business at Paisley, 28 September 1861 (File 277)

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to Jessie, 24 October 1861 (File 283)

William's disappointment at Kilmarnock - people try different things in the colony; Mungo looks promising and must hold on till it pays - James has £3 a week as manager and will get £5 a week when it turns out rich, but he has only recently been paid by it; Andrew given up his interest in St. Mungo's, a pet scheme of his; Robert should start lessons soon.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 24 October 1861 (File 287)

Family and local news On Jane's moving to a smaller house in a situation where she can still care for the children; Jessie looks much better.

Jessie [Stewart], 5 Myrtle Street, Violet Grove, to Jane, 25 October 1861 (File 293)

Sympathy for Jane and Andrew; glad Andrew's health is improved; hopes that if they leave Sugar Villa they will find 'some sweet spot'; will enjoy the visit to Bendigo; congratulations on Tom's child; James' health improves in France; better for his visit to Paisley; local news.

W. Stewart, 5 Myrtle St., Violet Grove, to Jane, 25 October 1861 (File 295)

Sorry for their difficulties but prosperity is a secondary matter - there can be no real danger if He is with you; have no house or post in Paisley yet.

Kate and James Brown, Maison Jalou Bagneres de Bigorre to Jane, 27 October 1861 (File 298)

Sympathy for their misfortune in business; looks forward to hearing how they will all get along at Eagle Hawk; their holiday in France. With an addition from James.

[M.A. Brown], Paisley, to Jane, 20 November 1861 - 25 November 1861 (File 303)

James should make a complete recovery; William looking for house and office in Paisley...

Kate [Brown], Maison Jalou Bagneres de Bigorre to Jane. James' health is improving; the holiday in France, 26 November 1861 (File 306)

Jas. [Brown], Bagneres de Bigorre, to Jane, 26 November 1861 (File 309)

Glad for the prospect of an early settlement and hope for success in new projects; hopes to be made stronger than before so will not consider Australia yet; the holiday in France.

William Stewart, 7 Myrtle Street, Violet Grove, Glasgow, to Jane, 23 December 1861 - 25 December 1861 (File 312)

Is on the short list of four for a project but feels he would have heard by now if he were successful; a projected new church on the Western Road for Dr Eadie; wee Maggie is well and is staying with Mrs Brown; if things were encouraging in Australia might have gone out, but have decided to try Paisley first.

Jessie [Stewart], Glasgow, to Jane, 23 December 1861 - 25 December 1861 (File 317)

William must hope for other work if he fails in the competition; Robert Black.

Margt. A. Brown, Paisley, to Jessie, 24 December 1861 (File 328)

Family and local news. William and Jessie coming to her house as baby is with her. She would like to see Jane and Jessie and James Hoey prospering and her son James home with confirmed health.

Margt. A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 24 December 1861 - 25 December 1861 (File 330)

It is Christmas Day and fearfully cold. Jessie has just come out of mourning for Maggie. News of their friends.

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, 25 December 1861 (File 333)

Longs to feel settled again; has received a long letter from Henry; Jane [Frew's] friend Mrs. Scott called on her lately.

Jessie [Stewart] to her mother, 1 January 1862 (File 335)

Domestic news; her cough is not quite away; her mother will keep New Year's Day with 'wee May'.

William Stewart, 57 Love Street, Paisley, to Jane, 17 January 1862 (File 338)

Have not found a home in Paisley; Paisley; his church design was not accepted although his was the only one on the short list that could be built for the sum specified.

Jessie A. Stewart, Paisley, to Jane, 18 Jan [1862] (File 341)

Little Maggie is staying with her mother; proposed visit to Eagle Hawk; must be dull for Mr Hamilton being unemployed; William was in a competition to design a church at Irvine but did not win; James and Kate are enjoying France; late New Year good wishes; Jeannie Anderson.

Margt. A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 18 January 1862 (File 344)

Family and local news. Jane's proposed visit to Eaglehawk; Edinburgh firm successful with the Irvine church contract.

Kate Brown, Maison. Jalou, Bagneres de Bigorre to Jane, 20 January 1862 (File 346)

James is well but he must be careful and not get cold; William's lack of success is serious with a young family coming so quickly; little Maggie and mother well at Paisley; the kind Paisley congregation...

J.W. [James] Brown, Maison Jalou, Bagneres de Bigorre, Hautes Pyrenees, to Jane, 20 January 1862 (File 349)

Improves, but for occasional chest pain; Settlement with America; her last letter was gloomy; might consider Australia if he cannot work at home, but he has a united and attached people that he wishes to remain with...

J.H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, 23 January 1862 (File 352)

Thankful that her mother gave up housekeeping; James' illness; have not gone to Bendigo yet and Andrew thinks they may move to New Zealand, as does James Hoey if Tom would take over from him; Tom has been ill with rheumatism but his wife and [twin.] girls are well; Catherine's family is well; mutual friends.

Jane [Hamilton], Brighton, to Jessie, 23 January 1862 (File 355)

Andrew, like William, does not let business affairs worry him; stays in Melbourne near business; Tom Hoey's health is badly broken - hears that his twins are pretty little girls; mutual friends.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane. The mail has arrived, 6 February 1862 (File 358)

Jane H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother and Jessie, 23 February 1862 (File 360)

Trade dull because of fear of war with America; Andrew will not go to New Zealand yet as he fears digging in the severe climate there; Tom Hoey has not gone - she thinks it would have killed him as Nina writes that he only improves slowly; St. Mungo is at a standstill and James is prospecting at a new place; Nina has two infants and Catherine has a son at last; Mr. Thomson a cheerful friend in their difficulties; Miss Moodie has sailed for home in the True Briton; mutual friends.

Kate and James [Brown], Rue Bernadette 23, Pau, to Jessie. Birth of her son; their holiday, 15 March 1862 (File 364)

Kate [Brown], Rue Bernadette 23, Pau, to Mrs Brown. James has no chest pains now, 15 March 1862 (File 367)

Jane H. Frew, 6 Hampton Court Terrace, to Jane, 20 March 1862 (File 370)

Sorry for their adversities; Forrest believes that business will improve and has entered business again himself; her children, Janet Elisa, Maggie June, Bella; Mary and Catherine. Family news.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jessie. Domestic news, 13 April 1862 (File 376)

J.H. Hamilton, Brighton, to her mother, Jessie and James, 20 April 1862 (File 379)

The birth of their son John Brown Hamilton 4 weeks ago on Tuesday; has left Sugar Villa; the birth of the baby helped by Mrs Fullarton, the sister of Mrs Tom Hoey; now staying at Mr Thomson's home before going to Bendigo; one of Mrs Tom Hoey's twins has died.

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Jane. Congratulations on baby, 23 May 1862 (File 384)


Kate [Brown], 57 Love Street, Paisley, to Jane, 24 May 1862 (File 387)

The birth of John Brown Hamilton; Jessie and William are now settled beside them; was difficult at first to settle to housewifely duties again; James is quite well, as she is; returned via Paris; local news.

Jessie A. Stewart, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 25 May [1862] (File 390)

Birth of her son; have been a week in their new home; James and Kate are home.

Jane H. Hamilton, Eagle Hawk, to William and Jessie, 25 May 1862 (File 393)

Congratulations on their son Robert and wonder if the three Brown boys will ever meet; death of Tom's daughter Kate - Mary remains; their new home at Paisley; mutual friends.

Margt. A. Brown, Rarthsay, to Jane, 25 May 1862 (File 402)

Little Maggie was ordered to the seaside; mutual friends: James to attend Synod in Dublin; Jane's children.

Jessie Stewart, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 25 June [1862] (File 406)

Her son thrives; she must be reminded of Maggie at Eagle Hawk but the baby will keep her busy; regards to James and Tom; she enjoys James Brown's preaching; mutual friends; her daughter is like their sister Maggie.

William Stewart, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 25 June 1862 (File 409)

Her new baby; so many things he wishes to know - correspondence is unsatisfactory; has prospects of work but not in his profession; their children.

Margt. A.[Brown], Paisley to Jane. Jane's return to Eagle Hawk, 25 June 1862 (File 412)

Jane [Hamilton], Eagle Hawk, to Jessie & William, 25 June 1862 (File 415)

In gold mining you never know when the lump will come to make you independent and hopes that James is nearing that time; Andrew is examining quartz and Tom is prospecting; the children...

M. Thomson, Elstrenwick, to Jane Hamilton, 16 August 1862 (File 417)

Mutual friends. May come up and hopes that they will come down in the summer to see them.

Jame H. Hamilton, Eagle Hawk, to her mother, sisters and brother, 24 August 1862 (File 421)

Happy at news from home; local people; children's clothes - James has offered his to Tom Hoey's wife and not to her; James has never expressed gratitude for the things she and her husband have done for him, but they get on well; St. Mungo is at a stand still; Robert and Maggie are growing very fast and are at school.

[M.A. Brown], Paisley; to Jane. Family news, 18 September 1862 (File 427)


J.H. Hamilton, Eagle Hawk, to her mother, 25 September 1862 (File 430)

Glad she enjoyed her trip; wishes the war was over - Andrew has relatives in America; baby John; her method of starching clothes; Andrew is not interested in New Zealand believing there are better goldfields here undiscovered; she does not believe in mining yet if you do find gold there is less worry than making money in a large business.

Jessie [Stewart] to Jane. Mutual friends; their children, 25 October (File 435)

William Stewart, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 25 October 1862 (File 438)

Life is as a battle, and he has been skirmishing with his competitors; children are well.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane. Family and local news, 25 October 1862 (File 440)

James Brown, Hampton Court Terrace, Renfrew Street, Glasgow, to Jane, 25 October 1862 (File 443)

In Glasgow for the 'Saturday Night' of the Glasgow October Sacrament. Local and family news; the ministry.

Jane H. Frew to Jane, 26 October 1862 (File 449)

James is with them and he looks well but will need care; local news.

J.H. Hamilton, Eagle Hawk, to her mother and sisters, 25 November 1862 (File 451)

Baby John who is 8 months old - the other children are fond of him particularly Maggie; thanks for gifts; Robert and Maggie have grown fast; Robert is rather slow - would be better at a boys school but the colonial boys are rude and not good company; does not share Andrew's faith in quartz mining.

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Andrew Hamilton, 25 November 1862 (File 455)

His letter from France which did not arrive; severe winter; unemployment; help for the poor; have taken a home in a pretty spot two miles out of Paisley and will keep a gig; is reading Christopher North's life.

Agnes N. Jack, 6 Cassilles Street, Ayr, to Jane, 25 November 1862 (File 458)

Death of her baby of 6 weeks - she wishes to get strong so that she can have another child; mutual friends.

[Jane H. Hamilton], Eagle Hawk, to her mother, sisters and brother, 23 January 1863 - 24 January 1863 (File 461)

Hope that James continues to keep well - his carriage; Andrew is prospecting; she wishes to go to New Zealand where mining is more successful but Andrew does not wish to dig in water as is done there; it would be expensive to take them over and he could not raise credit for a business there; sometimes feels she is losing faith; her son John Brown Hamilton; Andrew has advised his brother Thomas to emigrate - would not William and Jessie consider it; James Hoey is inspecting Echuca; he hopes to marry a woman who wishes to go to New Zealand...

Jane [Hamilton], Eagle Hawk, to her mother and sister, 21 February 1863 (File 466)

News from home; John who has seven teeth and is strong; James' move from Paisley. James Hoey has married and has gone to New Zealand and his children are with her for a time - she warned James not to send for them until he can support them comfortably; James has been a fool to marry in his present situation; his wife is said to be a first-rate business woman who was determined to go to New Zealand and is prepared to work there also; James has offered her £1 to care for the children but she does not know where it will come from as there is no money coming in and already school fees are owing; James has taken all from Tom, and has taken all of Maggie's things.

Margt. A. Brown, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane. Family news, 25 February 1863 (File 472)

Katherine Brown, 57 Love Street, to Jane, 25 February 1863 (File 475)

James is at Irvine; he has not resumed all of his duties yet and should keep quite well; Jessie gets very tired; are thinking of moving.

William Stewart, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 19 March 1863 (File 478)

Sympathy at news; is in her father's situation with friends of his prosperous days who do not come near him now; hoping for better times; James will be better outside Paisley - more healthy and less callers; poet William Spens.

Jane H. Hamilton, Eagle Hawk, to James and Kate, 24 March 1863 (File 480)

Worried by James' health, a common condition in Scotland, but one he might overcome in Victoria; a visiting preacher; John Brown's birthday tomorrow; situation seems more helpful and feel may hope for better days; James Hoey may leave Mary his wife in Dunedin to take a situation and go alone to the diggings; the three children.

Margaret A. Brown, 10 West Brae, Paisley to Jane, 25 March 1863 (File 484)

John's birthday; sympathises in her situation sitting beside someone else's fireside; family news.

Jane H.H [amilton] to William and Jessie, [25 March 1863] (File 487)

Mother's presence must be a great assistance; her child John whose birthday it is today; congratulates William on better days; poverty does not matter so much in the colony and the rich man may live in as plain a house as the man who is struggling. With a letter commenced on the same sheet to her mother dated 25 March 1863 on child John and a plan to go visit Brighton soon; uneasy of James' health and wishes he were in Victoria; their family dare not tamper with coughs and colds.

Kate Brown, 57 Love Street, to Jane, 25 March 1863 (File 490)

Sympathise in the state of business; getting furniture together for their own house - they will rectify the mistake James made in the arrangements when they were married; James is in perfect health; local news...

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 25 March [1863?] (File 493)

Hope to hear of her renewed prosperity; preparing for the move to Gleniffer; wish her family could visit them there.

Jane H. Frew, 6 Hampton Court Terrace, to Jane, 19 May 1863 (File 496)

Her last letter to her has been returned; her 39th birthday on May 15; William's prospects seem improving; James Brown's move; James Hoey's marriage; Dr. Eadie's new wife.

Kate Brown, Lounsdale Cottage to Jane, 22 May 1863 (File 499)

Family news; James' letters make her nervous with her anxiety over James' health.

Jas. [Brown], Verdon Hotel, Dublin to Jane. On a mission to Ireland; the Synod, 24 May 1863 (File 502)

J.H.H [amilton], Eagle Hawk, to her mother and sister, 25 May 1863 (File 505)

She has had sore eyes, as has Andrew. Baby John has been unwell; sensitive people are apt to be annoyed at trifling circumstances - one must be calm and quiet; asked James for money for the children and he referred her to Tom, whose money he had already taken; Tom has a new daughter; cannot expect to lay out for James' children so have taken them out of school; prospects are a little brighter.

J.W. Brown, Verdon Hotel, Dublin, to his mother, 29 May 1863 (File 508)

Dr. Patterson of the cold water establishment shall advise them on Maggie's health; his stay in Ireland.

Kate Brown, Lounsdale Cottage, Paisley, to Jane, 24 June 1863 (File 512)

Have had to enlarge James' clothing; has no children to write to them about; can walk to town in 35 minutes; Jane's cousin Jane has had her eighth daughter; family and local news.

[Jane Hamilton], Eagle Hawk to her mother, sister and brother, 25 June 1863 (File 515)

Has a large stye in one eye and the other is weak; mutual friends; hope there is no discomfort that will prevent them seeing James' new home; £4 James Hoey sent for the children did not arrive - it is his style not to send it by money order; Tom is overcome with responsibilities left by James and the only money is some owed to Andrew by Catherine and John Buckie - the Hoeys are indebted to him too; James has made babies of his children and so they are too timid to go to New Zealand unless under a captain's care, but Tom may go and take them; if Mary Hoey is to have them then the sooner the better; excitement of finding gold to pay the debts; the Hoeys have been unfortunate but also indolent; Andrew has found £50 of gold in the fortnight from 'poultering abt.'...

Jessie [Stewart], 11 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 25 June [1863] (File 520)

James Hoey's marriage and the poor way he has treated her; hopes that Mary Hoey will be a kind stepmother to the children; Jane seems more cheerful about their own affairs; would love to see John Brown Hamilton but must be patient...

J.W. Brown, Lounsdale, Paisley, to Jane, 25 June 1863 (File 522)

Enjoyed his visit to Dublin; enjoys the country residence; hopes that St. Mungo will return them to Scotland; William Stewart is getting a little business; movement of union with the Free Church.

Jessie A. Stewart, 10 West Brae to Jane, 25 August [1863] (File 525)

Sorry for her sore eyes; pleased at Andrew's better prospects; asks her to write more often to Mrs Kirkwood; a visit from Miss Schultzen; her children.

Jane H. Hamilton, Colonial Bank, Melbourne, to her mother, 25 August 1863 (File 527)

John has had an abcess lanced and is recovered; worried about James' health; the children; Andrew is doing well and they have discharged many obligations and started to replace things left at Brighton; will not remain in the old place of James longer than can help; James is not being successful; staying with Mrs Thomson at Brighton.

William Stewart, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 6 September 1863 (File 532)

Maggie is very ill with toothache; Maggie's neck is improving and Bob is wonderfully well but thin; is working on plans and prospects in Paisley are good.

Jane [Hamilton], Eagle Hawk, to Jessie, 24 September 1863 (File 534)

Better times are coming; remembering Maggie Hoey's death; the visit to Melbourne with Maggie and John when she met Mrs James Hoey who said that they would take the children soon; finds Mrs Hoey a pleasant woman who wants to do her duty by the children, so left Maggie in Geelong with Mrs Wright while Mary Hoey collects Robert.

J.W. Brown, Melbourne Place, Saltcoats, to Mr. Hamilton, 24 September 1863 (File 537)

On holiday on the coast from Paisley; church flourishes; the war; local news.

Margt. A. Brown, 10 West Brae, Paisley to Jane. Glad of their success. Family and local news, 25 September 1863 (File 540)

Kate A. Brown, Saltcoats, to Jane, 25 September 1863 (File 545)

Ardrossan is not as good for bathing now because of new docks having been built; William prospers; have seen John Hoey but he says nothing of Australia.

Jessie [Stewart], 10 West Brae, to Jane, 25 Sept [1863] (File 548)

Spent two nights at Violet Grove; Aunt E. works away as usual; mutual friends; Andrew's success which she hopes will bring them back to Scotland - the cousins will be able to play together.

William Stewart, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 25 September 1863 (File 551)

Hopes her good fortune will bring her back to Scotland; is prospering.

Mary Hoey, Stroud Street, to Jane, 29 September 1863 (File 553)

The children are well; has had their portraits done; sail soon for New Zealand; Tom's wife is a two-faced being and he is listless and addicted to drink.

Jane [Hamilton], Eagle Hawk, to William and Jessie, 22 October 1863 (File 556)

Their relief from anxiety; James Hoey's children should be in New Zealand now; Robert's departure from Eagle Hawk.

J.H. Hoey, Dunedin, to Jane, 26 October 1863 (File 559)

Mary and the children have arrived - they are well and in good spirits.

Jane [Hamilton], Eagle Hawk, to her mother and sister, 25 November 1863 (File 562)

The anxieties from lack of money; pity that her mother cannot visit them; their child John; will get a stone made for Maggie's unmarked grace at Brighton; Maggie's child Henry was buried at White Hills near Bendigo although she wished to be buried by him but the papers were given to the present Mrs James Hoey; Tom and his wife have left Bendigo - she had felt kindly towards Tom but now find that both treated her with lies and misrepresentation; she has heard that he spoke in a public house of Andrew as having ruined him - in fact his wife has ruined him; his sister has spoken against him to Jane; Tom may go to New Zealand.

M.A. Brown, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 25 November 1863 (File 567)

Thanks for portraits; last Friday Jessie gave birth to a very feeble daughter who did not survive; new church hall; local news.

J.W. Brown, St. James' Street Vestry, Paisley, to Jane, 25 November 1863 (File 570)

Mr. Service's removal to Australia - he is an admirable preacher; opening of the new church.

Kate Brown, Lounsdale Cottage, to Jane, 25 November 1863 (File 572)

Jessie is weak after the confinement; William is busy; church news; glad that she has confidence in Mrs James Hoey...

William Stewart, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 25 November 1863 (File 578)

Jessie's baby Mary born on the 20th hardly lived two hours; Jessie is recovering.

[Aunt] Elizabeth to 'My dear Sister', n.d. (File 581)

Hopes of Jessie's restoration to health have been crushed; has been staying away from Paisley lest she does harm to the sufferer.

John G. Hoey, Irvine, to William. Sympathy on Jessie's death, 15 December 1863 (File 583)

Jane H. Frew, 6 Hampton Cre. Terrace, Glasgow, to Jane, 22 December 1863 (File 585)

Death of Jessie; William has improved wordly prospects but no-one to share them with; saw her body on the day of the funeral and saw that the life like looks had returned to her; James is very well; her mother may care for the children - feels that her mother in staying with Jessie may not have done her sister any good; seeking news of Jane and Andrew...

Janet H. Kirkwood, Glasgow, to 'My Dear Sister', 25 December 1863 (File 588)

Sympathy for the loss of her sister - must seek grace to help her and the Lord will bring good to the family. Mutual friends.

Jane (?) Anderson, 57 Love St., Paisley, to 'My dear Cousin', 18 January 1864 (File 591)

Has received her letter; has heard of her marriage; Mr. Hamilton's losses.

Kate Brown, Lounsdale Cottage, Paisley, to Jane, 23 January 1864 (File 593)

A month since Jessie's death; are sending her portraits but none have been done since the marriage; her mother cares for the children and gets on well with William, who will surely not forget Jessie as quickly as James Hoey forgot Maggie - he has written in extravagant terms of his new wife...

J.W. Brown, Claughton, Birkenhead, to Jane, 24 January 1864 (File 595)

Sorrow for Jessie's death; have visited her grave; William grieves deeply; have had a letter from James Hoey describing his wife extravagantly and asking for an old portrait of himself for her; heart bleeds for poor Tom whom he wishes he could influence; mutual friends.

Kate Brown, Lounsdale Cottages, Paisley, to Jane. Jessie's death; Jessie's children; mutual friends, 18 February 1864 (File 598)

Jane H. Hamilton, Eagle Hawk, to her mother, 24 February 1864 (File 601)

Jessie's death; James has written that Robert and Maggie are well and at school.

James [Brown], Lounsdale, Paisley, to Jane, 25 February 1864 (File 604)

William has got back some of his spirits since Jessie's death and is working hard for the children's sake; Mr. Miller, one of the elders, who will visit Melbourne, also Mr Service.

[M.A. Brown], Paisley, to Jane, 25 February 1864 (File 606)

Jessie's death; William and the children; has taken a larger house - William is anxious to leave his; James.

James H. Hoey, Dunedin, to Jane, 27 February 1864 (File 609)

All are well; Robert is at a new school, Maggie stays at the old one. Business in Dunedin is very dull and people are leaving for Auckland, Queensland and Victoria; sees that St. Mungo does well; how is Andrew doing?

Andrew Hamilton to Jane, 5 March 1864 (File 611)

To join her at St. Kilda with John and Anne.

James. H. Hoey, Dunedin, to Jane, 23 March 1864 (File 613)

Death of Jessie; his wife Mary died on Monday some days after a difficult confinement; doesn't know how he will manage particularly with the infant.

Jane [Hamilton], St. Kilda, to James and Kate, 23 March 1864 (File 616)

Neither she nor Andrew have relatives in Victoria and have yearned to see cousin Helen in New Zealand to talk of Jessie's death; being on the coast has done her much good; is having a headstone put on Maggie's grave; Andrew believes that James Hoey did not change and that he was always selfish and thoughtless - she thinks Mary Hoey is also as she has never written to her about the children; worried about Tom who drinks and then acts wild and who has had no success on new diggings; wife of Rev. Andrew Robertson spent days away from home drinking in shantys and was found by the police lying in the bush; he has sent her away apparently to a sister in New Zealand.

J.W. Brown, Lounsdale, Paisley, to [Andrew] Hamilton, 25 March 1864 (File 619)

Glad he is well and prosperous; hopes Jane is well now; living in the clean air has done his health good; union of the U.P. and Free Church; the United States question and other political issues.

Andrew [Hamilton], Eagle Hawk, Bendigo to Jane, 16 April 1864 (File 622)

Delayed joining her as Tom and Nina with baggage have turned up, so is moving out from the old quarters and will try to secure Thorpe's cottage, putting their goods in the St. Mungo office in the meantime; John is at Catherine's.

Kate Brown, Lounsdale Cottage, Paisley, to Jane, 24 April 1864 (File 624)

Sorrow at Jessie's death; is planning photographs of the children for her; James has kept well; Robt. McInnes is ill; Mr. Miller an elder sails on the Great Britain; Jas. Baird goes to Queensland; Mr McLeod's ideas in his book on emigration; glad of their improved fortunes; Agnes Jack's illness; has consulted a doctor herself for a condition she has kept secret - she is improved.

William [Stewart], 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 24 April 1864 (File 628)

Grief at Jessie's death - his account of it; great support by James; sending portraits.

Margt. A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 25 April 1864 (File 631)

Jessie; will stay with the children; delighted that they hope to see her in Scotland.

Jas. [Brown], Paisley, to Jane. Is well; the recent Synod, 25 May 1864 (File 634)

William Stewart, 10 West Brae, Paisley, to Jane, 25 May 1864 (File 637)

Will send portraits; if they had gone to Victoria they might have been spared their great loss; wishes his faith was as great as Jessie's had been; hopes to see them at home...

James [Brown], The Old Manse, Cumnock, to Jane, 24 June 1864 (File 639)

Little change at the view from the Manse which Jessie had loved when a child; journey there on way to assist Dr Simpson; hopes James Hoey is spared for the children's sake now they are for the second time motherless - he and Kate will help them if necessary; Tom was a good kind lad and there may be something good in store for him yet.

Kate and James Brown, Lounsdale Cottage, to Jane, 24 August 1864 (File 642)

Glad Mr Hoey is improving; glad they are all comfortably settled; William's children; flowers blooming on Jessie's grave; death of Mrs Russell; mutual friends including James Cook, a cousin of Andrew; Kate cannot walk far yet; has visited boyhood places.

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to her mother, 25 October 1864 (File 647)

Received letter from Mrs John Logan about Jessie after she had visited Paisley; anxious to see Jessie's children; sending portraits including picture of her little daughter when 8 weeks which they have named Janet; her servant girls have no idea about children; has James Hoey's daughter Mary and her grandmother Mortley staying; James Hoey is much changed and is sad; Hoey children; glad Aunt E. is well.

Jane. H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to James and Kate, 25 October 1864 (File 650)

Her daughter; enjoying the larger house; Mrs. Service and her family were staying with her; she resented it that Mr Service hardly passed any time with them during the visit - he is having trouble with his parental relative; has Mary Hoey and Mrs Mortley staying; her Jessie gets on well.

[Kate Brown], Lounsdale Cottage, to Jane, 24 November 1864 (File 652)

Robert Stewart; Jane's decision to name her daughter Jessie does not hurt her mother as there are already two children named after her; glad she likes Mr Miller who does not seem to think much of Brisbane, favouring Sydney or Melbourne; Miss Schultzen will spend part of her Christmas holiday with them, and probably her sister too; have got a house in town in the High Street.

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to her mother, James, Kate and William, 25 November 1864 (File 655)

All well except James Hoey who has had a cough and chest pain and is dejected feeling he may be called away from his children; remembering Maggie's death; baby 'Jessie' who was three months old yesterday; Tom is steady now but unsuccessful; John and Catherine are prosperous - she is very stout and unrecognisable from the former Miss Hoey; have not heard from Mr Miller; Mr Service.

James and Kate Brown, Lounsdale, to Jane, 25 November 1864 (File 658)

Glad she is well and James Hoey improves; began to be impatient of the inconvenience of living out of town; the new house in town; the church prospers; glad that Mr Service will be settled; mutual friends...

M.A. Brown, 1 Maxwelton, Paisley to Jane. Glad she will call the baby Jessie, 25 November 1864 (File 661)

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to her mother, 24 December 1864 (File 1)

Baby Jessie has bronchitis; John Brown has been ill but has recovered; Mary Hoey has been ill but James is rather better; Tom and Nina are ill - his chest is weak and mining does not agree with him; Andrew pays out for them; James is depressed with his precarious mining business; Mr. Miller.

Jane [Hamilton], Liddels Cottage, Long Gully, to her mother, 24 March 1865 (File 4)

Baby's illness has been stubborn despite a stay at St. Kilda; with her children and James who seems to get worse; mines seem promising; Mr Miller.

Jane [Hamilton], Bendigo to her mother, 24 May 1865 (File 10)

Jessie's health has improved and is 9 months old today and is strong although she cannot speak or stand; James is thin and his expectoration is bad; Robert and Maggie are at school; John Brown.

Jane H. Anderson, 10 Argyle Place, Rothesay, to Jane. People going to New Zealand, 25 May 1865 (File 16)

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to her mother, brothers and Kate, 24 June 1865 (File 18)

Lincoln's murder; how rife chest disease is in her circle - Tom's illness is very serious; Tom has not found any gold so no return on the money Andrew has used to support him; James grows weaker; Jessie keeps fragile; the children are all fond of her; John Service; mutual friends.

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to James Hoey, 23 July 1865 (File 23)

Hopes that James Hoey may be spared but if he dies he will take Robert as his own son - would have done so even if he had not asked; his lot has been happier than Hoeys; Mr Miller had jaundice on the ship so has not been well since his return.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 25 October 1865 (File 26)

If James Hoey dies the children will be cared for; babies Jessie and Mary; family and local news; death of Mr Miller.

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 25 October 1865 (File 29)

Will accept Robert if James Hoey dies; death of Mr Millar on Sept.29.

Jane H. Hamilton to her mother, 25 December 1865 (File 32)

Glad she enjoyed her stay on the coast; glad that friendship is restored between her father's people; Jessie; Andrew is bilious; Tom's birthday - he is spitting blood; misses James; Mr. Miller.

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, [25 Dec] 1865 (File 35)

Seasonal greetings; hopes James has improved; Aunt Elizabeth has moved to Paisley; expect Miss Schultzen tomorrow; local news.

Jas. [Brown] to Jane, 25 January 1866 (File 38)

Received her letter two weeks ago on the death of James Hoey, his old friend; Robert Hoey will find a warm welcome in Paisley; death of Thomas Hamilton; loss of the London steamer; Mr. Service's health has suffered in the colony...

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo to her mother, 23 February 1866 (File 41)

Glad that Aunt E. has joined her at Paisley; James has been over three months dead; Tom has improved - his baby died of whooping cough; Jessie improves; Robert and Maggie have passed their school examination creditably; dairy people are giving up milking cows as there is no water and feed is such a price so milk is scarce, and there is much distress and death of infants.

J.W. Brown, Cooks Hotel, Leicester, to Jane, 24 February 1866 (File 47)

To preach at a new church; anxious for Jessie's health; wish they could all come home; looking forward to Robert's arrival; Mr. Miller's mine has turned out well for his family's sake.

J.E. Stewart, Lyleston Gardross, Dumbartonshire, to Jane [Frew], 24 March [1866?] (File 50)

Glad that aunt is contented, has not seen James since Aunt left; will be down to see her; Mary is allowed up again; have James and Kate been to see her.

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 25 March 1866 (File 53)

A daughter born on March 23; they had resigned themselves to being childless and had thought that God was answering their desire by sending Robert. When will Robert arrive?...

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to William, 24 April 1866 (File 56)

Andrew often wonders how she would manage in a Scottish winter but would willingly risk it; hope business keeps on well with him - it is not very brisk with them; municipality of Eagle Hawk becomes prosperous; their landlord wants to buy the house; does not want husband to build a nice home or she will feel settled.

J.W. Brown, Lyleston, Cardross, Dumbartonshire, to Mr Hamilton, 25 April 1866 (File 59)

The baby makes rapid progress and Kate is well; to come away for rest and recruitment; wishes they would come home; Dr. Eadie to baptise the baby; local and political news.

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to her mother, 26 May 1866 (File 63)

Has written to Jane, who is more kind than many a sister might be-in Victoria relatives seem only to care for you for what they can get off you; Happy at news of Jane's child, Jessie is much better; Robert's voyage.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, 1 Maxwelton, to Jane, 25 July 1866 (File 65)

Will not see her for some time if she will not come without her husband; thinks of Robert coming to strangers; William's children are well and happy; have not heard from Aunt E. for some time; Miss Schultzen.

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to her mother, 26 September 1866 (File 69)

Glad she has been to the coast; wishes to return with her family as much as she wants her to, but would be a trial to leave behind the country that contains Jessie and Maggie's graves; keeps herself busy; last Sabbath she walked with Robert to Sandhurst to church.

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to James and Kate, 27 September 1866 (File 72)

Sorrow of losing a child; has let her girl go to another situation and so can work herself; Tom is ill - Catherine is kind to him and his wife; cousin James in Sydney is very successful in ship-building; a little 'Bazaar' as a gift received for the children, also the clothes for Jessie and the others; visit by the Governor; the 'old' Services have gone with John to Tasmania.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, 1 Maxwelton, to Jane. Death of baby Jessie, 25 October 1866 (File 78)

Kate and J.W. Brown, 44 High Street, to Jane, 25 October 1866 - 26 October 1866 (File 81)

Her bereavement; Maggie Stewart has scarlet fever; Mary Agnes is very fat and strong; working on a scheme to clean the town which is threatened by cholera.

J.H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to 'My Dearest Friends', 26 October 1866 (File 84)

Keeps as cheery as possible in the Christian manner; the portraits of the children at home, including the sleeping form of baby Mary Agnes Brown; Andrew is often ill; mining matters are not good; Tom gets weaker; Aunt E's serious illness; Mr Inglis of Sandhurst, intellectual, eloquent preacher who is lame; John Brown; J.G.H[oey] has been elected as elder yet he has no concern for a dying Tom or James Hoey's orphaned children.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 25 November 1866 (File 89)

Her affliction; family news; when will John be able to write to his grandmama?

Jane H. Frew, Lyleston, Cardross, Dumbartonshire, to Jane, 6 December 1866 (File 92)

Jane Hamilton's loss; news of the family and mutual friends...

J.W. Brown, Bardannoch, Moniaive, to Jane, 24 April 1867 (File 96)

Having a few days holiday; Tom's death and consequent anxiety for his wife and children - has told his brother John; remembers Tom and James when they were boys together; their mother is brighter and he is determined to have her away from Paisley when William moves them.

Kate Brown, Troon, to Jane. On two weeks holiday; family news, 24 April 1867 (File 99)

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 25 April 1867 (File 103)

Feeling rather better; may go with James next week; Tom and James Hoey; wish her family were back in Scotland; moving house.

M.A. Brown, Paisley to Jane. Sending a bank draft, 25 April 1867 (File 106)

Joseph Thomson, 34 Collins Street West, Melbourne to Mrs Hamilton, 1 May 1867 (File 109)

French and German class books; sending Mullen's catalogue of school books.

Margt. A. Brown, Paisley to Jane. Move to a new house; family and local news, 25 May 1867 (File 112)

Elise Schultzen, 24 Tay Street, Dundee, to [James] Brown, 21 June 1867 (File 115)

Have no doubt as to Jane's success in running a school in Australia; text books. Sent with an addition by James Brown of 25 June: Her plan to open a school in which Jane Frew is particularly interested and wants to discuss it with them; anxiety at news of Andrew's constant colds; local news...

[M.A.Brown], 26 Orchard Street, Paisley, to Jane, 25 June 1867 (File 118)

Sad to hear her having to take up employment at her time of life - if she continues it Maggie might help her; Aunt E. visited yesterday, she is frail; family news...

Kate Brown, 44 High Street, Paisley, to Jane, 25 June 1867 (File 121)

Sad that times are so dull for Jane and her husband and hopes that her school will succeed and bring them home - wish the school were in Scotland where such institutions are highly remunerative, or at Sugar Villa; feel that Robert should be with them; text books; visit by Aunt E; the baby thrives.

J.H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to her mother, 26 June 1867 (File 124)

Glad she is stronger; must not be anxious about them; glad she will be nearer James; Andrew cannot stand damp and cold; the school gets on comfortably although it has not increased; need to add music lessons; the children - John, Maggie and Robert; mutual friends.

Jessie Hay Frew, Lyleston, to Jane, 17 July 1867 (File 127)

Sad at her situation; would Andrew benefit from coming home?; sorry that she must start teaching at her age; sending a bank draft for £25; could not Andrew help her at the school?; James' child is lovely; James' mother has moved and says she will not go to Australia as she should not share a home with her daughter - as James says they would quarrel; family and local news. With the cheque dated July 18.

[James Brown], Paisley, to Jane, 23 July 1867 (File 133)

Glad of her success, but she must not work too hard; the old house at Cumnock is to be pulled down; mutual friends...

Kate Brown, 44 High Street, to Jane, 24 July 1867 (File 136)

Letters from Maggie and John; she must watch her health; the child has had a minor scald; family news.

Jane [Hamilton], Bendigo, to her mother, brothers and sister, 25 July 1867 (File 139)

Hope Mary Agnes well now; cold weather; school has been moved to Eagle Hawk and she walks there daily with Maggie and John, as would have difficulty in selling her house in the present bad times; Mrs. Tom Hoey does quite well with a little hosiery and materials business in Eagle Hawk but needs capital and Catherine has appealed to Uncle Tom in Glasgow; Robert attends Mr Rae's school and seems to have a talent for languages; is getting a piano; mutual friends.

James [Brown]. Paisley, to Robert Hoey, 25 July 1867 (File 143)

Thanks for his letter saying he is getting on well at school - glad of Maggie and John's letter too; Mary Agnes Brown; is going to Renfrew to preach.

Joseph Thomson, 34 Collins Street West, Melbourne, to Mrs Hamilton. Sending books she has ordered, 10 August 1867 (File 146)

Jane H. Frew, Lyleston, Cardross, Dumbartonshire, to Jane. Sending a second cheque for £25; her children, 19 August 1867 (File 149)

Kate and J.W. Brown, Tighnabruaich, Kyles of Bute, to Jane. On holiday; domestic and local news, 22 August 1867 (File 150)

Margt .A. Brown, 26 Orchard St., Paisley, to Jane. Very happy with James and the children; death of Mrs. Logan, 25 August 1867 (File 153)

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to her mother, brothers and sister, 26 September 1867 (File 156)

Would be better if they lived at Eaglehawk but house would not sell; the school of about 20 pupils; neither Tom nor John Hoey have sent money to Mrs Tom Hoey for her business; times are hard but food is cheap such as 1 1/2 pence a lb. for sheepmeat; James should try Australia if his health gets worse and our mother would come; the children.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, 26 Orchard Street, to Jane, 25 October 1867 (File 159)

Thinks she could help her if they were near each other; Robert's twelfth birthday.

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Jane. Domestic news, 25 October 1867 (File 162)

Kate Brown, 44 High Street, Paisley, to Jane, 25 October 1867 (File 164)

James needs a change near the sea; Jane's cousin Ellen Stewart who will return to New Zealand and is to marry again; mutual friends

Jane Hay Frew, Lyleston House, Cardross, Dumbartonshire, to Jane, 18 November 1867 (File 167)

Her two eldest girls are in Brussels; anxious at Jane's fatigue; business deplorable; mutual friends.

Kate Brown, 44 High Street, to Jane. John's letter; her daughter, 24 Nov [1867] (File 170)

Jas. [Brown], Paisley, to Jane. The church prospers though trade is bad, 25 November 1867 (File 173)

M.A. Brown, 26 Orchard Street, Paisley, to Jane. John's letter; Maggie is getting on well at school, 25 November 1867 (File 175)

M.A. Brown, 26 Orchard Street, to Jane. Domestic and local news, 25 December 1867 (File 177)

Jas. [Brown], Paisley, to Jane, 25 December 1867 (File 180)

More recognition in Christmas keeping in Scotland now; family and local news...

Kate Brown, 44 High Street, to Jane. Domestic news, [25 Dec] 1867 (File 183)

M.A. Mortley to Maggie [Hoey], 6 January 1868 (File 186)

Thanks for note; children's fete and laying of foundation stone for Mechanics Institute by Prince Alfred; sorry she couldn't see her this Christmas.

Margaret Thomson, to [Jane] Hamilton, [Jan? 1868] (File 189)

Birth of Jane's daughter to take Jessie's place; offer to help her with the school; Mrs. Ronald.

Jane H. Frew, Lyleston, Cardross, Dumbartonshire, to Jane, 23 January 1868 (File 192)

Has visited Brussels; believes she will have a new baby now; Christmas; impressed by school in Brussels; death of Margaret Mackie; mutual friends.

Jane H. Frew, Glasgow, 183 Renfrew Street, to Jane, 24 January 1868 (File 197)

Staying with Mrs John Frew; mutual friends. With a bank draft for £25.

Kate Brown, 44 High Street, Paisley, to Jane, 25 January 1868 (File 200)

Mrs Frew let it out that she was expecting a child; glad she did not send Robert home with the people she mentioned - he must come with someone who will be a good example; Andrew should try the sulphur cure for his condition; mission sewing class; mutual friends; sure cousin Jane or Janet will go to the colony one day.

Margt. A. Brown, 26 Orchard Street, Paisley, to Jane, 26 January 1868 (File 204)

Glad that she will have the home near the school; family and local news.

J.H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to Jane [Frew], 2 February 1868 (File 210)

Account of her daughter's birth on 3 Jan. - is healthy; haemorrhage suffered by Andrew ten days later from which he has recovered; John at Brighton; a good opportunity to send Robert home on the 27th; asks her if she will have an eye on him if she outlives her mother and James.

M.A. Mortley, Bond Street, to [Jane] Hamilton, 16 March [1868] (File 213)

Sorry that Maggie has not written yet; Robert is comfortable on the ship although he is not in the saloon with Mr and Mrs Service; Mr and Mrs Grieve and Mrs Hewitt are also on the ship; Maggie depressed and does not want to go to Bendigo; hopes Jane will come down at Easter.

Robert B. Hoey, to [Jane], [March 1868] (File 216)

Departure from Melbourne; believe they sail by the Cape of Good Hope.

Robt. Grieve to [Jane]. Bobby is very comfortable and is friendly with other boys of his age, [March 1868] (File 218)

Maggie Hoey, to Jane, 24 March 1868 (File 220)

Would like to see her at Easter; local news; how are the Buckies; has a book for John.

William Kirkwood, Rothesay, to Andrew, 25 March 1868 (File 223)

Anxious about his health; congratulations on Jane's confinement; John may soon be a great comfort to them all; family news.

Andrew [Hamilton], American Gully, to Jane, 14 April 1868 (File 226)

Looking for a letter from her; the children; tell Mr. Thomson the claim holders on the St. Mungo have caved in.

Andrew [Hamilton], American Gully, to Jane. Glad she is well; are all right there, n.d. (File 228)

Jane H. Hamilton, Bendigo, to her mother, 23 April 1868 (File 229)

P & O mail changes; school has reopened at California Gully, hope it does well as she regrets the change from Eagle Hawk; hopes her mother will not be parted from the children; Would William take the children to his father's if she left?; James' ill health makes her worry for sending Robert to him; the baby is well; the Howats; would she not be happy with Aunt E?; grieves that William has been so unsuccessful.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane. Preparing for her removal to Paisley, 17 May 1868 (File 233)

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 21 May 1868 (File 236)

The birth of her daughter which gives her less misgivings about breaking up her family by the removal of Robert; Andrew's illness; look daily for the arrival of the Norfolk with Robert; Union cause and other church matters.

James [Brown], Brodick Arran, to Jane, 9 September 1868 (File 239)

Mr. Hamilton's ill health; Robert's school work in Scotland; will see Uncle John Hoey.

Jane [Hamilton], Bendigo, to 'My Dearest Friends', 11 September 1868 (File 241)

Glad they are healthier; Andrew's illness and treatment; Robert seems happy - he should write to Aunt Nina who has lost her only son, little Tom.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 6 October 1868 (File 247)

Wish they were there to fill her empty rooms, she has a great wish to see her home; James may visit the Holy Land; Robert is getting on well at school.

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to [Jane], 7 October 1868 (File 250)

Andrew's illness; increased public duties of the winter season; the family are well; if Robert is a good scholar he will have the best education he can; his Uncle and Aunt were kind to him at Irvine; William is against sending Maggie to Miss Schultzen; William never comes to see them; mutual friends; John Gorrie seems to be prosperous at Hobart; to see the Prince and Princess of Wales lay the foundation stone of the New College buildings in Gilmershill.

[M.A.Brown], Lyleston, to Jane, 8 October 1868 (File 253)

Is with James; Robert has resumed school after a long period of running about; he looks well and his uncle says he is diligent - James will see to his education and it is a pity her two charges do not have the same advantages; James sent Mary in with some of the children's things; spent an hour with Aunt E.; sorry that Andrew has had a return of his former complaint; perhaps a voyage home would help him; Mary is staying with a kind aunt during her own visit...

Jane H. Frew, Lyleston, Cardross, Dumbartonshire, to Jane, 5 November 1868 (File 255)

Wonders if she will ever see Jane and Andrew together - she used to exchange looks with him in church before Jane ever saw him; James mother stayed for 3 weeks; Kate is staying with James' mother; she cannot love Kate as much as James; the Stewart children are well and in the best place with William's family; James' mother could not afford to keep them without board and she did not get on well with William; mutual friends.

M.A. Brown, Paisley, Abercorn Building, 21 Gauze St, 5 November 1868 (File 259)

Has stayed at Lyleston and has seen Bobby; Robert Hoey is better here.

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 5 November 1868 (File 262)

Andrew's ill health; Robert is finding the winter cold, and will get a fright when he sees the snow; local news.

Kate Brown, 44 High Street, to Jane, 5 November 1868 (File 265)

Enclosing Robert's letters; has ordered warm clothes for Robert.

Geo. G. Allan, Melbourne, to [Jane] Hamilton, 21 November 1868 (File 268)

Acknowledging a cheque for £4, believes [Jas] Black is keeping steady.

Robert B. Hoey, 44 High Street, Paisley, to [Jane Hamilton], 28 December (File 271)

Glad uncle is better; presents for school masters for Christmas; learning to swim; local news...

Margt. A. Brown, 21 Abercorn Building, Paisley, to Jane, 31 December 1868 (File 273)

Family and local news...

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 31 December 1868 (File 276)

Sorry she has so much competition with the school but when she has the piano she will be able to bid for a higher class of pupil; earthquakes; think on the whole that the world is improving and the church too; the church prospers...

Kate Brown, 44 High Street, to Jane, 27 January 1869 (File 279)

Wishes her school were in Paisley; Jessie's children are well and healthy; William looks very seedy; had John Hutchinson (Mrs. Scott's brother) preaching.

James [Brown], St. Heliers, Jersey, to Jane, 28 January 1869 (File 282)

Gone south for 3 weeks with Robert Clark who has rheumatism and gout - they will go on to Normandy and Britanny.

Margt. Brown, 21 Gauze Street, Paisley, to Jane. Is the age when her mother left her; family news, 28 January 1869 (File 285)

James Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 24 February 1869 (File 288)

Glad Andrew is so much better; has received the portraits; Robert got through the winter well; local news.

Jane H. Frew, Abercorn Buildings, Paisley, to Jane, 24 February 1869 - 25 February 1869 (File 291)

When she last wrote she was in a foreign land and in affliction, now with Maggie she is safely home and recovering slowly; has not got to know Robert well as he has not yet stayed with her; Mary Agnes is a sweet child; mutual friends...

M.A. Brown, 21 Abercorn Buildings, Paisley, to Jane. Family and local news, 25 March 1869 (File 295)

Jas. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 25 March 1869 (File 298)

Sermons that could be printed as a book; Bill against the Irish Establishment; friends ask after her.

Katherine Brown, 44 High Street, to Jane, 25 March 1869 (File 300)

Wishes her school were at Brighton or Melbourne. Visit from Mr and Mrs Grieve with their children who return to Melbourne on the McDuff.

Robert B. Hoey, 44 High Street, Paisley, to John [Hamilton], 25 March 1869 (File 303)

How is he getting on at school and how is Jane Elizabeth; local news.

Robert B. Hoey, 44 High Street, Paisley, to [Jane Hamilton], 22 April [1869] 1866 (File 305)

Asking after Victorian people; holiday tomorrow for the laying of the stone of the new Library and Museum.

James and Kate Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 22 April 1869 (File 307)

Visit by Janet Eliza and Bell; Frew - Robert is delighted with Bella; Robert does well at school and gets on with Mary very well; have had many visitors; Mr. Grieve has a box from them; mutual friends.

[M.A. Brown], Abercorn Buildings, Paisley, to Jane, 22 April 1869 (File 311)

Family news; sending a box by Mr. Grieve...

M.A. Mortley to [Jane] Hamilton, 26 April 1869 (File 316)

Suffering from rheumatism; Melbourne people...

M.A. Brown, Paisley, Abercorn Buildings to Jane. James' new son; has had Robert Hoey with her, 17 June 1869 (File 319)

James [Brown], Paisley, to Jane, 17 June 1869 (File 322)

His son was born on May 28 and he and Kate are well; he is to be called Robert after his grandfather although there will be now 2 Roberts in the house; Robert has been staying away; the Irvine squabble is at end - a storm in a teacup concerning Dr Robertson.

Robert B. Hoey, Castlehead, Paisley, to [Jane Hamilton], 18 June 1869 (File 325)

People he is staying with now and during the forthcoming holiday; Aunt has a little baby.

M.A. Brown, Abercorn Buildings, Paisley, to Jane, 15 July 1869 (File 327)

Family news; has seen her grandson Robert; Mary Agnes is so nice but she seldom sees her for Kate does not consider her loneliness as many others would...

J.W. Brown, Paisley, to Jane, 15 July 1869 (File 330)

The family's health; the baby thrives famously; 22 years since their father Robert Brown died; death of Mr Hill; Robert is with his uncle at Irvine; he has done well at school; knighthood for Peter Couts...

Jas. [Brown], Paisley, Loch Ranza, Arran, to Jane, 11 August 1869 (File 333)

On holiday with cousin Jane and her husband; their mother will join them; Scotch Education Bill; his mission does well. With a note from Kate.

Jane H. Frew, Isle of Arran, Loch Ranza, to Jane, 11 August 1869 (File 336)

Staying with James; Mr. Davidson a sick preacher; people in the party; her second daughter Maggie is to be married to Robert Napier.

Margt. A. Brown, Lyleston, to Jane. Robert Hoey. James; sending money, 12 August 1869 (File 339)

Receipt from H.L. Atkinson, M.D. for money from Mr. Hamilton, 31 August 1869 (File 343)

R.B. Hoey, Lock Ranza, to [Maggie Hoey], 8 September 1869 (File 345)

Can Jane Elizabeth walk and how is school; the holidays...

J.W. Brown, Lock Ranza, to Jane, 9 September 1869 (File 348)

Glad that Andrew's health is improved and that they are considering living at home, or at least closer than now; the children; the holiday; mutual friends.

Maggie [Stewart], Violet Grove, Glasgow, to Maggie [Hoey], 10-06 (File 351)

Likes living in Scotland; at Arran for 3 months in the summer; school; crocheting; baby Brown; love from Bobbie and herself.

William Stewart, 4 Moss Street, Paisley, to Jane, 7 October 1869 (File 353)

Thanks for portrait of Jessie - Bob is very like her; could not let Maggie go to Miss Schultzen for education at her age as it was too far, but she might go later; he is 'just getting along', between architecture, land surveying and auctioneering; his children are well; Maggie Frew's marriage; mutual friends.

Kate Brown, 44 High Street, Paisley, to Jane, 7 October 1869 (File 356)

Household has grown larger - is busier and more cheerful; call the baby Bertie to distinguish him from Robert Hoey; Maggie Frew's marriage; local news.

Jas [Brown], Damascus, to his mother, 19 April 1870 (File 359)

An account of his journey to the Holy Land; Jane's bereavement - she may arrive home before him and will need a long rest from her toil and sorrow.

M.A. Brown, Broom Hill, Jesselton to Jane, 22 August 1870 (File 362)

Has been staying with Jane where she received great kindness; at the church for the first time this year; glad she is coming home and will help with Jane and John as much as possible.

Isabella McNair, Eagle Hawk, Specimen Hill to [Jane] Hamilton, 8 October 1870 (File 365)

Glad of her safe arrival; 16 pupils at present; the Eagle Company has bought more ground but she has little faith; has had to sell 100 shares to pay calls.

Jas. Brown, Elm Hill, Moffat, to Jane, 7 July 1873 (File 369)

Her home is let from tomorrow to the end of July for £10 and letting for August has been arranged; her safe arrival in Paris where she must speak no English at all; their dog run over by a carriage but not injured.

Printed prospectus for Mrs Hamilton's Young Ladies School, Sea-View House, Largs (Established Nine Years). With a table of terms, and copies of 3 testimonies for Jane Hamilton, 1873 (File 372)

Jessie H. Kirkwood to [Jane], [n.d.] (File 375)

Sending cheque; thanks for her kind attention to Jessie's lessons; Jessie likes school now and can converse in French reasonably fast.

Robert B. Hoey, 8 Scotia St., Glasgow, to [Jane Hamilton], 9 May 1878 (File 378)

Putting an advertisement for a governess into the Herald; expecting to hear from John; will write to Maggie; local news.

Mary Howat, 180 William St., Melbourne, to [Jane] Hamilton, 28 November 1878 (File 380)

On letters of introduction to Christian friends in Sydney; glad she is getting on so well; her family; a gold watch given to her brother by Mr Joseph; new Cumnock folk on visit to Ballarat; mutual friends.

Maggie Hoey, Maryfield Cottage, to [Jane Hamilton], 25 August 1879 (File 387)

Harry has lost his cough; John; Robert; Mr Houghan(?) has sent a silver wreath brooch to Aunt Flora for her silver wedding; saw her advertisement in the paper.

Jane Elizabeth Hamilton, 15 Elmbank Crescent, to [Jane Hamilton], 1880 (File 390)

Has returned from the Smiths - the children are rather wild; a dinner invitation; the Mss. Clarkes are cleaning before going away; will write to Maggie Hoey.

Robt. B. Hoey, Crailsheim & Herman, Glasgow, to [Jane Hamilton], 19 April 1880 (File 392)

Missed her on Saturday; Mrs. Roberts who is returning to Melbourne told her that Mrs Mortley is almost totally blind and very frail, and that if anything happens to her Lottie will come to this country.

Maggie [Hoey], Waterside, to [Jane Hamilton], 18 August 1881 (File 394)

To marry in December or January; would she like money from Robert instead of a present as Uncle John has not much money to spare - it must be secret.

Robt. B. Hoey, Crailsheim & Herman, Glasgow, to [Jane Hamilton], 17 February 1883 (File 397)

Thanks for offer of cash for Fiji but as his departure with Walker is delayed he does not need it; hope for agencies there; will write her; Maggie and Bob Stewart insist on his keeping her share of Aunt's money.

Robt. B. Hoey, s.s. Potosi [Jane Hamilton], 17 July 1883 (File 399)

The voyage via Teneriffe and Santa Cruz and now approaching Capetown; does not know where she will be; remember him to the Largs people.

Robt. B. Hoey, Navua by Suva, to [Jane Hamilton], 24 November 1883 - 25 November 1883 (File 404)

Changed job and situation and am out of government employ - is bookkeeper to Sharpe, Fletcher & Co.Ltd. for £260 with a house and boy - will get the Suva agency later; the sugar plantation; cannot go anywhere without meeting Scotchmen; Suva; Jane should like Dundee; hope John is settled in Edinburgh; James Taylor's marriage is probably to Maggie Barclay; made little progress with the language; would not advise Maggie Stewart to go to the Cape for it is very dirty.

Robt. B. Hoey, Navua, to [Jane Hamilton], 5 August 1884 (File 409)

Disputes in the company have put his Suva post in doubt; making plenty of sugar but sharp competition from Queensland. believes Kerr has been drowned; is she to settle in Edinburgh?; has John been preaching ? and other questions.

H (?) Armour, Hillhead Mearas, to John, 10 August 1885 (File 413)

Hopes he will stay with them; getting in the hay; family and local news.

Geo. G. Allan, Melbourne, to [Jane] Hamilton, 13 November 1888 (File 416)

Received her £1 for James Black who had called raggedly-dressed and drunk, asking for money - got his clothes from pawn and arranged his board; mutual friends.

K. Brown, St. James Manse, to Jane [Hamilton], 9 March 1889 (File 422)

A long voyage to help James' health - possibly returning with the mail two days after reaching Sydney so saving on hotel bills; Mary will be better for the voyage.

Kate Brown, St. James' Manse, to Jane, 18 March 1889 (File 425)

Notes from ship before leaving Naples, when Mary wrote that her father was feeling rather better already; Mary's cough troubling her; will possibly return immediately from Sydney instead of waiting 2 weeks for the return of their ship the Orient; have cabins on their own; passengers include the Earl of Kintore and John Dillon; thinks the voyage will set him up but he must be careful afterwards; Jane must be careful now she is about again.

Robt. B. Hoey, Sydney, to John [Hamilton], 3 June 1895 (File 429)

Arrived on the 31st, travelling from London on the Oruba in good time; in Melbourne visited the Mortleys, Hon Jas. Balfour and met Mr Howatt; in Sydney met the Hoeys and the Whites; will leave for Queensland in a few days or find Cheaper lodgings.

Robt. B. Hoey, 356 Darling Street, Balmain, to [Jane Hamilton], 15 December 1895 (File 431)

Glad of John's success; mutual friends; Jane's plan to go to Norway; Bob Brown for South Africa; still unemployed and nearly out of money; business is bad; Liza has suffered from mosquito bites; James Hoey has not helped with work and believes he should not have come.

Robt. B. Hoey, 15 Carrington Street, Balmain, Sydney to John, 27 February 1899 (File 433)

Jane Hamilton's death before he had been able to repay her for being a second mother to him; thanks for £16 and offer to pay his Life Insurance - Liza and he appreciate their kindness particularly after the way Liza's brother has acted on her share of the legacy - Rev. Jas. is in financial difficulty and none of them have noticed Liza since she left; have not even acknowledged the baby's pictures; out of work since left Lister Henry & Co.; the Hoeys offered them their return fares and have lent money; Liza expects another baby in 2 weeks and is not as well as before; Geo Forrest is gold mining; their child Mary is well. (Written on Lister Henry paper)

Robt. B. Hoey, 15 Carrington Street, Balmain, to John, 27 March 1899 (File 439)

Have a son and the baby and Liza are fairly well; Liza sending a letter about Rev. Jam' handling of the legacy; still unemployed; George has not succeeded with gold; calling baby James after his father and Uncle. (Written on Lister Henry paper)

Subseries. Undated Unplaced Letters and Fragments

M.A. Brown to James, n.d. (File 441)

His Uncle's offer to acquire a useful accomplishment is kind; if she removes.

Maggie [Brown] Rosehall, to Jane, n.d. (File 443)

Anxious at news of John's illness for he has a place near her heart; sad at leaving all her friends.

Jane [Frew], to Jane, n.d. (File 446)

On material for shoes; Maggie's lessons; glad Jane gets on well; Marion Crawford.

Jane [Frew] to Jane, n.d. (File 451)

Maggie's safe arrival in Glasgow; sending on Maggie's patterns; mutual friends.

Maggie [Hoey] to Jessie, n.d. (File 454)

Miss Scott who James is happy with; pleased with it except for age for it must be three years before he can marry and she will not be such a young wife then; guess she is waiting for William to get a business before marrying; Tom is well and argues against marriage believing that all married people are unhappy - Robert thinks him funny.

Jessie and [M.A.Brown] to Jane, n.d. (File 457)

Maggie Stewart's marriage; visit from Miss Schultzen; Agnes Jack.

[M.A. Brown] to Jane, n.d. (File 459)

Sorry for William and Jessie - old Mr Stewart is good to them but he has a large family and is a poor business man; if they emigrated it would be a great trial to part with the last daughter.

Susan Stevenson, 3 Granite Terrace, to 'dear Friend', n.d. (File 461)

Will not see her again at Brighton before she sails on the Dover Castle for London on the 27th; proud of Mr Wright's commendation of her and Fred; Miss Andrew is going home; will see that parcel reaches Mrs Stewart.

Jessie [Stewart], 5 Myrtle Street, Violet Grove, to Jane, n.d. (File 464)

Maggie has recovered from illness; Maggie Hoey's children still with Jane; great revival week in Glasgow.

Margt. A. Brown to Robert, Maggie and John [grandchild], n.d. (File 467)

Thanks for letters; they must not forget Robert [Brown] when they write again, a dreadful storm.

Jas. H. Hoey to Mrs. Brown, n.d. (File 469)

Sending a small present by a Mr. McDonald from Bendigo who is a monosyllibic Highlander.

M.A. Brown to Maggie, n.d. (File 471)

Maggie's weak condition; Jane is sorry for her suffering but says it is the Lord's will which should calm and sustain her spirit; love to her husband and children.

From Jessie, n.d. (File 474)

Tiyo's life is valuable to the Mission; a narrow escape for Tiyo in an accident; business dull in Glasgow; share call on the Western Bank which will ruin many people; invitation for party at the Observatory...

From M.A. Brown. Henry, Jeamie and Janet, n.d. (File 477)


From M.A. Brown, n.d. (File 479)

Mr. Robertson's pulpit; City Bank is looking better every day; offer to James of a larger salary if he will stay at the Bank; Mr Baird...

Subseries. Miscellanea, n.d.

Portrait Of Andrew Hamilton[?] (File 481)
Envelope 'Ages of Mama's Grandchildren in her writing' containing notes on the children and a fair lock of hair (File 484)
11 envelopes without contents (File 485)

Series. Brown Family Papers: 2nd Collection, 1829 - 1895

Helen Officer, M.K.K., to the Rev. Robert Brown, Bankhead, Cumnoch, 5 April 1829 (File 1)

News of 'the poor exile' 30 degrees east of the Cape of Good Hope, hoping that 'those fearful clouds among which he seemed so shrowded have ere this begun to break'; visit to Bankhead; mutual friends.

Jane Hay Stewart, Glasgow, to 'My Dear Cousin', 9 September 1841 (File 3)

Jane will be at liberty from her classes now; mutual friends.

Jane Hay Stewart, Glasgow, to 'My dear Aunt', 27 December 1843 (File 6)

Mother has been very ill; death of Mrs Black's little son; Jane need not collect next year for the Society - she is much confined now and one must hope her health does not suffer.

Jane Stewart, Glasgow, to Jane, 1 December 1845 (File 9)

Her own ambiguous sentence, which had particularly aroused the curiosity of her aunt; Agnes Kirkwood's marriage to Mr. Niven, a widower of about 40 with two children who was a missionary in Jamaica; Eliza Patterson to marry Mr Young; Willie Gourlie's marriage; Maggie may come whenever convenient.

W.W. Officer, Man Kirk, to 'My dear Sir', 10 February 1846 (File 12)

Glad that he has recovered from scarlet fever, also his son James; cannot offer James Miller employment at the works.

Jane Hay Stewart, Glasgow, to Jane, 16 March 1847 (File 15)

Sorry that her father's illness has not been progressing as much as wished.

Jane Hay Stewart, Glasgow, to Jane, 25 March 1847 (File 18)

Sympathy on her father's illness; longs to see her; Janet Alexander and other mutual friends.

Jane Hay Stewart, Glasgow, to Jane. Jane Stewart's father's serious relapse, 18 July 1847 (File 21)

Jane Hay Stewart to Jane, 1 September 1847 (File 24)

Glad her mother is so much better than expected; intends to keep Maggie busy when she arrives.

James Murray, Minister, Manse of Old Cumnock. Testimonial for James Brown, 7 April 1848 (File 27)

George Roger, Minister, Original Sermon Manse, Auckinleck, 29 April 1848 (File 28)

Testimonial for James Brown, son of the late Rev. Robert Brown.

P.W. Grant, Independent Minister, Cumnock. Testimonial for James Brown, 1 May 1848 (File 30)

David L. Scott, Schoolmaster, Cumnock, to Mrs. Brown, United Presbyterian Manse, Cumnock. Testimonial for James Brown, 1 May 1848 (File 32)

Ninian Bannotyne, Free Church Manse, Cumnock. Testimonial for James Brown, 1 May 1848 (File 34)

James Chrystal (?), Manse of Auchinlech. Testimonial for James Brown, 1 May 1848 (File 36)

D. Thomas, Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Manchline. Testimonial for James Brown, n.d. (File 38)

Envelope containing a lock of hair. 'John Stewart died 28th June Aged 67 1849', n.d. (File 39)

Agnes. M. Cowan to Miss Brown, 15 September 1849 (File 40)

Hopes to see her on her return from Cumnock.

J.L. Samson, Irvine, to Jane, 16 November 1849 (File 42)

Glad that she enjoyed the country air; her pocket was picked at Auchinleck station; mutual friends.

Rachel Waddel to Mr. David, n.d. (File 45)

Has been very ill and fears that her days on earth will not be many, but has found peace and resignation in God.

Capt. James Anderson, ship Strabane, Arabian Sea, to 'My Dear Aunt', 1 May 1850 - 9 May 1850 (File 48)

His mother in indifferent health but a favourable change in Matthew; necessity to watch one's health; glad that Mr Waddel is at peace with God; Rachel may have missed many wordly pleasures but gained a crown from the Redeemer; the grand aim of life is securing eternal happiness in Jesus Christ; is much away from the world and so free of its snares; teaches the seamen reading, writing and arithmetic, and gives religious instruction; Aden; congratulates Mrs. Frew on an auspicious event; his mother will be leaving for Medina. In the section written on 9 May: the death of Rachel Waddel.

Maggie Brown, Glasgow, to Jessie Brown, 6 August 1851 (File 53)

Glad that Jessie and their mother are well - they should enjoy themselves rambling in the glens and by the sea; Tom Hoey has said that he passed their boat, which was pitching; mutual friends.

Letter of credit for Andrew Hamilton to proceed to Australia and the goldfields there, 20 August 1852 (File 56)

James H. Hoey, Eureka, Ballarat, 24 November 1852 - 21 January 1853 (File 60)

Letter in the form of a journal: Leaving Glasgow with Thomas and journeying to Liverpool, with an account of the voyage to Melbourne on the ship Birmingham with Catherine and John Buckie, and brother Tom; followed by a description of the journey to Ballarat with Tom, leaving Melbourne on 25 October, 1852 and returning to meet the Cleopatra at Melbourne...

Maggie Hoey, Collingwood, to Jane, 10 March 1854 (File 93)

Jane's work; John and James Gemmel - John went to the diggings but did not stay long; James is getting on well at the bank; hopes Archie has returned safely; visit by Mr and Mrs. Wright.

James H. Hoey, Melbourne to James Brown, 4 May 1854 (File 96)

His thoughts on James entering the ministry; U.P. ministers in Melbourne; James would enjoy a few years of colonial bush life; they are all very well, living in town; mutual friends.

Maggie Brown, on board the s.s. Great Britain, to Jane, n.d. Saturday [1854] (File 100)

Glad Jane came to Liverpool; should be comfortable; Archie; kept awake by a child but the berths will be changed.

Maggie Brown, Liverpool, to Jane, n.d. Sabbath [1854] (File 103)

Sad trial to leave Rosehall; John wants advice from James Hoey on going to the colony; James Gemmel will be staying at Rosehall.

J.W. Brown, Dunoon, to Jessie Brown, 28 July 1854 (File 106)

Expecting a visit from some of them in the week; personal news; Maggie should be well on her way in the Great Britain.

Maggie Brown, s.s. Great Britain, Port Philip, 1 September 1854 (File 109)

In quarantine on the Great Britain with Archie Wetherspoon.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to Jane, 23 November 1854 (File 112)

Jane will not want for a home as long as they have a house; James is suffering from business disappointments, Melbourne is depressed; Mr and Mrs. Wright.

Maggie [Hoey], Gertrude Street, Collingwood, to James Brown, 1 December 1854 (File 115)

Glad he got on so well at Dunoon; sure he had a good companion at the Hall in John Row; mutual friends; the important work ahead of him; Mr. Hamilton is a poor preacher; the weather.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to Jane. Family news; mutual friends, 6 January 1855 (File 121)

Largely illegible.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Maggie, 1 February 1855 (File 124)

Glad that she has decided not to leave home - she must stay within doors to keep cool, and avoid exertion; hopes that there is a mistake in diagnosing heart disease.

Jessie [Brown] to Maggie, 3 March 1855 (File 129)

Thanks for letters and a ring; would like a lock of her hair.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to Jane, 28 April 1855 (File 133)

Sad remembering their parting in Liverpool; thanks for a bonnet; Jessie Wright; her health. John Russell is well and may go to Sydney before going home; James Gemmell's health is poor.

Maggie [Hoey] Collingwood, to Jane, 9 June 1855 (File 135)

Grateful for sympathy from so many people our poor friend James Cairncross' who appears ill and shrinks from society.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to James, 15 August 1855 (File 140)

Must have been sad to leave his student friends. The U.P. church in Melbourne; Dr. Cairns new church is nearly finished; mutual friends...

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to Jane, 12 September 1855 (File 144)

James Gemmell is dying, but would not realise it until Dr. Cairns spoke to him about it; he is cared for by John Russell and is now peaceful after a period of feeling deeply concerned for his soul's salvation.

Jane Frew, Birkenshaw Cottage, Dunoon, to Maggie, 14 September 1855 (File 149)

Glad that she is to return to them; a visit to London, Paris, and Germany; mutual friends and family news.

Maggie [Hoey], Collingwood, to Jane, 23 November 1855 (File 154)

Her strength is returning after the confinement five weeks ago; the baby is well; James Gemmel's death will be a great blow to his mother; they all miss John Russell.

Maggie Hoey to Jane, February 1856 (File 157)

Little boy takes up much of her time; has been unwell but feels quite well now; no regret on leaving Melbourne which is an unhealthy place; John Russell must be home. With addition from James Hoey...

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jessie, 17 July 1856 (File 159)

Their correspondence; sorry to hear of John's misfortune; James, Tom and John Buckie intend to prospect for a quartz reef which if it succeeds could bring them home; Robert and Maggie; Jessie's next letter will be after she has moved.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 15 January 1857 (File 161)

Future plans; her health, family and local news.

Sophie Steinhardt, Hildesheim to [?], 28 September 1857 (File 164)

Please ask Miss Brown, her friend, to write - she will accept her in her place on her recommendation; classes begin again in October.

Jane H. Frew, Newhall, to Jane, 2 Dec 18[57] (File 166)

Glad she is happy and comfortable; death of her mother; the house in Renfrew Street will be sold; her children.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to her mother, 13 April 1858 (File 169)

Glad Jane is so comfortable in Germany; young Robert and Maggie - they have very much to be thankful for in the children; local church life is unsatisfactory; has been making warm clothes for the children.

James [Brown] to Jane, 23 April 1858 (File 172)

Sending £5 and will send more when she wants it; may visit her and perhaps they may go up the Rhine; his work; mutual friends.

Gertrude Knoke, Hildesheim to Jane, 12 May 1858 (File 175)

Death of her aunt Louise...

Jane H. Frew, Newhall, to Jane, 10 August 1858 (File 178)

Glad and sorry to hear of her prolonged absence from home.

[Gertrude Knoke], Sundesbergen, to Jane, 27 December 1858 (File 181)

Thanks for the Bible; Christmas...

Maggie [Hoey], Ardale, to Jane, Dec. 1858-[Jan 1859] (File 184)

In the last six months there has been Robert's accident and the birth of Henry now 4 months old and healthy; she had developed a little cough; the rough ride to the church for the baby's baptism left her weak and the doctor diagnosed a weakness of the heart and inflammation of the lungs; on a farm for a change of air. Letter finished at home, with further details of her poor health.

J[anet] Logan, Emgwali, to Jane, 28 January 1859 (File 190)

Glad of her progress in acquiring German language; the German language is most fashionable in South African towns; German people; her slowness to learn the Kaffir language; Tiyo; local news...

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Jane, 15 February 1859 (File 194)

Dr. Wilkie has told her that her left lung is diseased but the right one is quite sound; both James and she wishes Jane would come to Australia. The letter completed by James Hoey: Jane would be made most welcome and their worldly affairs are comfortable; her education would be advantageous; Mr. Hamilton has written to his brother Thomas regarding money for the passage...

James Brown, 34 Burton Street, Burton Crescent, London W.C. to Jessie, [1859] (File 197)

The Albion Chapel at London Wall; personal news.

Maggie [Hoey] Bendigo, to Mrs Brown, 14 March [1859] (File 200)

Death of baby Henry who had appeared to be thriving until the final illness; the burial four miles from Bendigo; Robert and Maggie...

James [Brown], 3 Windsor Street, Glasgow, to Jane, 8 April 1859 (File 203)

Sending on letters from Australia which show the seriousness of Maggie's illness and containing the request that Jane go to Australia; sending £5 (Enclosing letters from Maggie & James of [Dec.-Jan 1859] and 15 February [1859].

Sophie Steinhardt, Hildesheim, to Jane, 30 April 1859 (File 209)

Letter in German.

Bertha Wichen, Hildesheim, to Jane. Personal news, 13 May 1859 (File 212)

Sophie Steinhardt, Hildesheim, to Jane, 7 June 1859 (File 215)

Letter in German.

Jessie [Brown] to Jane, 17 July 1859 (File 218)

James has been at Cumnock with John Logan, preparing for his ordination; the joy of Jane's arrival in Australia; Jane Frew sees Jane's voyage to Australia as answering a clear call to duty; death of John Maclaren.

Jane H. Brown, Eagle Hawk Gully, to Mrs. Brown, 15 August 1859 (File 220)

Praise God for her safety health and happiness after an uneventful voyage, entering Hobsons Bay on 22 July, to find that Maggie was still alive and had improved; the landing and journey to meet Maggie, found to be old-looking and with badly-decayed teeth; the family; Maggie's health and treatment; James ordination; hopes her mother will go to James as he wishes; Maggie's return to Scotland not considered.

Jane [Brown], Eagle Hawk Gully, to James, 16 August 1859 (File 225)

Congratulations to him in his new sphere; Maggie needs constant care and watching; James and Tom are unchanged - they have shares in several claims, and prefer the life to being in business, but would prefer farming to anything else; John is threatening to come out; Mr. Hamilton's success in speculating.

Jessie [Stewart] to Jane. Thanks for news of Maggie, n.d. (File 227)

Jessie [Brown], to Maggie, 16 September 1859 (File 229)

Disappointed to hear that she has not been so well - Jane's going out will do her good; James is now a minister; James' ordination which they attended; hopes she will be back in Scotland soon; strange that none of her sisters will be present at her marriage.

Jessie [Brown] to Jane, 16 Sept [1859] (File 232)

Preparations for her marriage which has now been postponed until October 25 or 26; local news.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Maggie, 16 September 1859 (File 235)

Hopes the pain in her side has gone and her strength returned; must 'cast you again and again on the care of our blessed friend on high'; family news.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 16 September 1859 (File 238)

Hopes that she has arrived safely, is among friends and that Maggie is able to enjoy her society; wants details of Maggie and the children; James' ordination; preparations for Jessie's marriage and home.

Sophie Steinhardt, Hildesheim, to Jane, 12 October 1859 (File 241)

Letter in German.

Mr and Mrs. Logan, 17 Nenton Place, 13 October 1859 (File 244)

Accepts invitation to Jessie's wedding; upbraids Rev. James Brown for not calling on her.

Jane H. Brown, Eagle Hawk, Sandhurst, to Mrs. Brown, 13 October 1859 (File 247)

Maggie's health is worse due to the heart disease and lung condition which makes her extremely breathless particularly in the hot weather - the end cannot be far off and they must expect worse news.

Maggie [Hoey], Bendigo, to Mrs. Brown, Jessie and James, 14 Oct [1859] (File 250)

Lying on her back in bed; interested to follow events at home - departure of Jane, Jessie's marriage, James' ministry; seems that God has ordained that they shall not all meet again in this world...

James [Brown], 22 St. James St., Paisley, to Jane, 17 October 1859 (File 256)

Glad to hear of her safe arrival; preached at Paisley; glad that she went to Maggie; mutual friends.

Agnes J. Nichol, Observatorys, to M.A. Brown, 26 Oct [1859] (File 259)

Wishes Jessie every happiness on her marriage; returning Jane's interesting journal - how different her future has been from Jane's since they parted at Hildesheim.

Agnes Russell, Observatorys, to Jane, 1-5 Nov [1859] (File 262)

Sinking of the Royal Charter; mourns her father; Mr. Grant will probably be appointed to the professorship - he is a married man so will want the house; thought they might move to London to be near John but Mrs. Nichol will not leave Scotland; John's law studies; hopes her sister is keeping better; are the stars coloured in Australia?.

(?) Hildesheim to Jane, 13 November 1859 (File 268)

Letter in German.

Jane H. Brown, Eagle Hawk Gully, to Jessie, (?)-17 Nov 1859 (File 271)

News of Maggie must fill them with great anxiety - she has difficulty with breathing and is losing strength; Maggie's slow journey by buggy to Brighton; will follow accompanied by Tom who will be going to Melbourne on business; getting up a Presbyterian church at Eagle Hawk. With an addition of Nov. 17 from Brighton.

Jane H. Brown, Brighton, Melbourne to Mrs Brown, 17 November 1859 (File 275)

Maggie wished to come to Melbourne so James brought her down, taking four days; Mr. Hamilton's pretty villa and several acres of ground; Maggie cannot walk but while there is life there is hope - Maggie was thrown from the buggy on the journey down but was unhurt; James ordination; glad little James is staying with her and hopes that she can show him 'the narrow way' Maggie more hopeful after seeing Dr. Wilkie.

Jane H. Brown, Brighton, Melbourne, to Jessie Stewart, 2 December 1859 (File 278)

Congratulations on Jessie's birthday; Maggie's journey to Brighton; death of Maggie on 19 November, and burial at Brighton.

Jane H. Brown, Brighton, Melbourne, to her mother, 15 December 1859 (File 284)

The Lord had directed her footsteps there; Maggie's death and funeral...

Jane [Brown], Eagle Hawk Gully, to Andrew [Hamilton], 1 January 1860 (File 290)

Joy of receiving his letter; his loneliness; her pleasure in reading in congenial company - hopes they will have much of this; intensely hot weather; impatient for names of persons saved from the Royal Charter, remembering the men on her speaking of their families, now bereaved; is sanguine of earthly hope after so much disappointment and trial.

Maria Knoke to [Jane], 2 January 1860 (File 296)

Letter in German.

Gertrude Knoke, Landesbergen, to Jane, 2 January 1860 (File 302)

Happy New Year; sorry that Jane's sister is not better; mutual friends.

Kate [Scott] 38 Monteith Row, to Jane, 9 February 1860 (File 305)

Sympathy in her sorrow on Maggie's death; happy that she went to Australia and so can care for the little ones; have had scarlet fever; her mother is looking for a small house near them.

Jas. [Brown], Paisley, to Jane, 16 Feb [1860] (File 308)

Death of Maggie; fever at Kate's home in Monteith Row; their mother has given up the Glasgow house.

M.A. Brown, Glasgow, to Jane, 16 February 1860 (File 311)

The blank feeling in no longer having Maggie to write to; Maggie's death - she is glad she is buried at Brighton and not up in the country; wants news of Maggie's children.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane. Not certain when he will come to her, 16 February 1860 (File 316)

Jessie [Stewart] to Jane, 17 February 1860 (File 318)

Will never regret going to Maggie - it was a great comfort for them in Scotland to know she was there; Jane must be lonely at Eagle Hawk when James is away.

Sophie Steinhardt, Hildesheim, to Jane, 25 February 1860 (File 321)

Letter in German...

Andrew [Hamilton], Brighton, to Jane, 26 February 1860 (File 323)

Recovering from an attack of dysentery; glad she favours Miss McB who would be a great blessing for Tom; keeps a mental picture of her in his mind; her doubts on her future health; wishes she were in Brighton to enjoy the grape season.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 28 February 1860 (File 331)

Glad to hear that she enjoys herself; his health is improved; sending her grapes.

Andrew [Hamilton], Melbourne, to Jane, 1 March 1860 (File 334)

Grateful for her sympathy for his illness; she is his only centre of his earthly repose and comfort; his health; is sending the letter by 'cousin James' whose St. Mungo business has taken up a great part of the day.

Andrew [Hamilton], Brighton, to Jane, 4 March 1860 (File 340)

Glad she is so impressed by Miss McB but he disapproves of her bantering her Thomas in public; feels that Jane and he have natures that are in unison; although his affections have been brought back from the tomb yet memory sometimes recalls the past where he is so alone; Miss McB; wonder if people approve of their plans.

Agnes J. Nichol, Observatory, to Jane, 15 March 1860 (File 349)

Death of her uncle William; Maggie's death; reference to their being together at Hildesheim; local news; to move to Merchiston.

Agnes J. Nichol, Observatory, to Mrs Brown, n.d. [1860] (File 355)

Sympathy on Maggie's death - fortunate that Jane has been with her; death of her uncle William.

Flora Hoey, 58 Buccleuch Street, to Jane, 17 March 1860 (File 358)

Illness of little Maggie; changes to Jane's family in Scotland; sending her love to the Hoeys; wishing her happiness whether married or single.

Jane H. Frew, Kirkbank, Helensburgh, to Jane, 11 April 1860 (File 361)

Wishes her happiness and prosperity in her marriage; local news; Jane's mother and Aunt Elizabeth; Forest Frew's ill health and his leaving J.H. Young & Co.

Jane H. Brown, Eagle Hawk, to Jessie, 15 April 1860 - 23 April 1860 (File 366)

Will be staying at Brighton to make preparations for her wedding; Tom's fiancee is an obliging girl; Maggie's death; James' approaching wedding; Robert and Maggie; intend to lead a very quiet domestic life with the Thomsons her closest friends; clothes she will purchase.