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Created: 2018

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Fonds Lab. Records of the International Labour Division and Overseas Department, 1941 - 1953

Series Lab 13. Overseas Department: Registered Files, 1941 - 1953

Files relate to Overseas Settlement Scheme for ex-servicemen, the Assisted passage scheme and other schemes of assisted migration to Australia and New Zealand particularly for British emigrants...

Recruitment of skilled labour from the Dominions and USA, 1941 (File 36. AJCP Reel No: 6781)
Overseas settlement scheme for ex-servicemen, 1944 - 1946 (File 127. AJCP Reel No: 6781)
Overseas settlement scheme: question of shipping and transport of emigrants to Australia, 1944 - 1953 (File 129. AJCP Reel No: 6781)
Proposal to apply free passage scheme to Australian allied nationals, 1945 (File 199. AJCP Reel No: 6781)
Overseas settlement in the Dominions, 1945 - 1947 (File 160. AJCP Reel No: 6782)
Overseas settlement on demobilisation: admission of migrants to Australia into Australian trade unions, 1945 - 1947 (File 200. AJCP Reel No: 6782)
Overseas settlement on demobilisation: eligibility for free passage of ex-servicemen who have received vocational training or other resettlement benefits, 1945 - 1947 (File 201. AJCP Reel No: 6782)
Overseas settlement: position of shipping agencies under Australian migration schemes, 1946 - 1948 (File 248. AJCP Reel No: 6782)
Assisted passage scheme to Australia: administrative arrangements, 1946 - 1949 (File 250. AJCP Reel No: 6783)
Enquiry from Commonwealth of Australia concerning eligibility for free passages of ex-servicemen who have received grants under United Kingdom Resettlement Scheme, 1946 - 1949 (File 251. AJCP Reel No: 6783)
Arrangements regarding attendance of Ministry of Labour observer during interviews of overseas settlers: free passage scheme to Australia, 1946 - 1950 (File 252. AJCP Reel No: 6783)
Overseas settlement in New Zealand: administration of New Zealand scheme of assisted migration, 1947 (File 277. AJCP Reel No: 6783)
Overseas settlement: opening of free and assisted passage scheme to Australia, 1947 - 1948 (File 278. AJCP Reel No: 6783)
Discussion of large-scale migration to Dominions, 1948 - 1951 (File 433. AJCP Reel No: 6784)
Overseas settlement in Australia: Commonwealth Hostels arrangements in conjunction with free and assisted passage schemes, 1950 - 1953 (File 434. AJCP Reel No: 6784)
Future of assisted migration: Commonwealth Relations Office Working Party discussions, 1950 - 1953 (File 835. AJCP Reel No: 6785)
National Institute of Economic and Social Research: memorandum on post-war emigration from UK, 1950 - 1951 (File 838. AJCP Reel No: 6785)
Recruitment of coal miners for New South Wales Coal Board under assisted passage scheme, 1950 - 1952 (File 839. AJCP Reel No: 6785)