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Created: 2018

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King Island, 1802 (File MPG 1/295. AJCP Reel No: 1546)

Australia: rough chart of the West Coast of King Island, Bass Strait. Scale: 1 inch to about 3.5 miles. [Surveyed] by Mr Campbell, Master of the 'Harrington'. 1 item (enclosure to Governor King's despatch of 5 June 1802) extracted from CO 201/21.

Sydney, Port Jackson, 1788 (File MPG 1/301. AJCP Reel No: 1546)

New South Wales. Chart of Port Jackson Harbour [Sydney]. Surveyed by Captain I Hunter. [1 item extracted from CO 201/3.]

Hawkesbury River, 1794 (File MPG 1/303. AJCP Reel No: 1546)

Plan of allotments to settlers on the Hakesbury River, New South Wales. Scale 1 inch to about 350 yards. [1 item (enclosure to governor's despatch of 29 April 1794) extracted from CO 201/11.]

Jervis Bay, 1791 (File MPG 1/304)

Chart of Jervis Bay, New South Wales. Scale: 1 inch to 1 mile. [1 item (enclosure to despatch of 18 November 1791) extracted from CO 201/6.]

Great Swan Settlement, 1822 (File MPG 1/306. AJCP Reel No: 1546)

Plan of settlements at Great Swan Port, east coast of Tasmania. Scale: not shown. The plan was exhibited in court in the suit Merdith v Talbot.[1 item extracted from CO 201/147.]

Port Phillip Bay, 1803 (File MPG 1/595. AJCP Reel No: 1546)

Australia. Map of Port Phillip Bay, New South Wales (now Victoria), a copy of one made in March 1803 by Charles Grimes, Sureveyor General. Scale: 1 inch to 1 3/4 miles...

Sydney (File MPG 1/760. AJCP Reel No: 1546)

Plan and elevation of Captin Kent's house on the west side of Sydney Cove, New South Wales, intended for an orphan house and school. No scale shown...

Queensland, 1858 (File MR 1/44. AJCP Reel No: 1546)

Australia: Moreton Bay Colony (now in Queensland). Map showing proposed electoral districts and the proposed boundary with New South Wales. Scale 1 inch to 16 miles...