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Volume V, August 1790 - 25 September 1794 (File Add MS 33541)

Filmed selectively.

Lord Lansdown (?) to Bentham, August 1790 (Item ff. 141-42)

Encloses letter of Sir John Parnell.

Sir John Parnell to Lord Lansdown, 6 August 1790 (Item f. 143)

Praises Bentham essay on penitentiary houses.

Sir John Parnell to Bentham, 16 August 1790 (Item f. 145)

Intends to publish Bentham's essay in Ireland.

Sir John Parnell to Bentham, 19 August 1790 (Item f. 146)

Seeks Bentham's advice on aspects of penitentiary system.

Bentham to Sir John Parnell, 2 September 1790 (Item ff. 160-61)

Publication of essay; seeks publications; advantages of penitentiary over transportation.

Sir John Parnell to Major Hobart (Dublin), 3 September 1790 (Item f. 162)

Sends Bentham's essay on penitentiaries; scheme would be less expensive than transportation to Botany Bay; suggests essay be given to Lord Lieutenant.

Sir John Parnell to Bentham, 3 September 1790 (Item ff. 164-65)

Adoption of penitentiary scheme in Ireland.

Bentham to [unknown], 23 January 1791 (Item ff. 201-7)

Sends proposal for construction of penitentiary house (panoptic); superiority of scheme to convict hulks.

J. Jekyll to Bentham, 12 February 1791 (Item f. 217)

Thanks for plan; will send copies to W. Wilberforce and others.

Sir Charles Bunbury to Bentham, 19 February 1791 (Item f. 223)

Thanks for plan.

Bentham to E. Nepean, 22 February 1791 (Item ff. 225-27)

Appeals against sentence of transportation for Chapman; requests engravings of panopticon be sent to Ireland.

E. Nepean to Bentham, 28 February 1791 (Item f. 229)

Parcels for Ireland; removal of Chapman from hulks.

R.P. Carew to Bentham, 9 May 1791 (Item f. 249)

Bentham's proposals mentioned to W. Pitt; construction of penitentiary in Edinburgh by R. Adam.

R. Adam to Bentham, 7 June 1791 (Item ff. 264-65)

Adoption of Bentham's plan at Edinburgh.

Bentham to W. Pitt, 26 November 1791 (Item f. 298)

Sends book on panopticon; economy of proposal.

Bentham to Sir Charles Bunbury, 10 February 1792 (Item f. 315)

Modification of penitentiary proposal; cheapness compared with convict hulks.

Bentham to Lord Auckland, 14 February 1792 (Item f. 318)

Modification of penitentiary proposal.

Bentham to Sir Charles Bunbury, 30 May 1792 (Item f. 325)

Use of Bentham's name in connection with penitentiary proposal.

Bentham to G. Rose, 30 May 1792 (Item ff. 327-28)

Sir Charles Bunbury; consideration given to Bentham's proposal by Government.

Bentham to F. Burton, 2 July 1792 (Item ff. 332-33)

Government's silence on scheme; alleged connection between H. Dundas and Duncan Campbell.

G. Rose to Bentham, 2 July 1792 (Item f. 334)

H. Dundas will discuss proposal.

F. Burton to Bentham, 4 July 1792 (Item f. 336)

Has suggested to Dundas that W. Pitt might consider proposal.

Bentham to G. Rose, 16 July 1792 (Item ff. 347-48)

Dundas' indifference to scheme; Duncan Campbell's corruption.

Bentham to [unknown], 28 September 1792 (Item ff. 365-66)

Dundas' reaction to panopticon proposal; powers of supervisors.

Bentham to Lord Loughborough, 2 February 1793 (Item ff. 381-82)

Panopticon; inactivity of W. Pitt and H. Dundas.

Bentham to E. Nepean, 14 February 1793 (Item ff. 383-84)

Request by convict Chapman to serve in Navy.

Bentham to C. Abbott, 15 April 1794 (Item ff. 510-11)

Difficulties in putting panopticon proposal in statutory form.

Sir Charles Bunbury to Bentham, 24 April 1794 (Item f. 516)

Approval of H. Dundas for Bill.

Bentham to Samuel Bentham, 17 June 1794 (Item ff. 539-40)

Passing of Bill.

Sir Charles Bunbury to Bentham, 17 June 1794 (Item f. 541)

Concessions made by Dundas to opponents of Bill.

C. Long to Bentham, 25 September 1794 (Item ff. 586-87)

Difficulties in finding site for penitentiary.

Volume VI, 10 April 1795 - 24 February 1798 (File Add MS 33542)

Filmed selectively.

Sir John Parnell (Dublin) to Bentham, 10 April 1795 (Item f. 41)

Suggestion Lord Camden consult Bentham about employment of convicts sentenced to transportation.

Sir John Parnell to Bentham, 16 April 1795 (Item ff. 45-46)

Bill to be drafted to apply money allocated for transporting convicts to employing them at labour in Ireland.

Sir Charles Bunbury to Bentham, 10 July 1795 (Item f. 82)

Suggests Bentham requisition services of carpenter R. Coates, about to be moved to convict hulks.

Sir Charles Bunbury to Bentham, 12 July 1795 (Item f. 86)

Arrangements to detain Coates when convict party passes through London.

Sir Patrick Colquhoun to Bentham, 16 December 1796 (Item ff. 397-98)

Suggests Bentham speak to W. Baldwin at Home Office on employment of less depraved convicts at present sent to Botany Bay.

W. Baldwin to Bentham, 14 January 1797 (Item f. 442)

Thanks for publications; system of convict hulks destroys every hope of reformation.

G. Rose to Bentham, 24 February 1798 (Item f. 525)

Finance Committee to consider expense of convicts; believes they should consider panopticon proposal as alternative to hulk system.

Volume VII, 20 May 1799 - 30 December 1802 (File Add MS 33543)

Filmed selectively.

Capt. J. Hunter (Sydney) to Samuel Bentham, 20 May 1799 (Item ff. 36-37)

Congratulations on appointment; Hunter's irksome command; N.S.W. overstocked with worst description of men.

Bentham to [E. Nepean], 17 August 1799 (Item ff. 93-94)

Number of prisoners to be housed in penitentiary compared with number of transportable convicts; believes hulks are to be abandoned.

E. Nepean to Bentham, 24 September 1799 (Item f. 127)

Number of convicts to be housed.

Duke of Portland to Commissioners of Treasury, 14 October 1799 (Item ff. 143-44)

Penitentiary to be responsible for transportable convicts until embarkation.

C. Long to Bentham, 25 March 1800 (Item f. 290)

Number of convicts to be housed in penitentiary.

Bentham to E. Nepean, 2 July 1800 (Item f. 381)

Conversations with Home Office on N.S.W. and number of convicts to be housed in penitentiary.

Bentham to E. Nepean, 10 September 1800 (Item ff. 411-12)

Possibility of reduction in number of convicts to be housed; complaints by Ordnance Dept. of loss of labour from hulks.

Mrs. Paterson (Sydney) to Mrs. Bentham, 7 October 1800 (Item ff. 423-24)

Fear of Irish uprising in N.S.W.

Bentham to Sir Charles Bunbury, 10 August 1802 (Item ff. 580-81)

D. Collins' account of N.S.W. confirms Bentham's predictions, with promising settlements abandoned, and famine, profligacy, native hostility.

S. Romilly to Bentham, 28 August 1802 (Item f. 601)

Surprise at Bentham's statements on Botany Bay.

Bentham to E. Dumont, 29 August 1802 (Item ff. 603-6)

Villainy of W. Pitt and Duke of Portland; illegal confinement of convicts in N.S.W.; D. Collins' account and Bentham's pamphlet on N.S.W.; obstructions to Panopticon.

Bentham to C. Abbott, 3 September 1802 (Item ff. 611-18)

Illegalities of N.S.W. Government; Government's long policy of obstructing construction of panopticon.

W. Wilberforce to Bentham, 2 October 1802 (Item f. 631)

Undertakes to pass on information about N.S.W.

[unknown] to B. Ball, 11 October 1802 (Item ff. 644-45)

Conditions on convict ship Glatton.

Bentham to Sir Charles Bunbury, 3 December 1802 (Item ff. 661-62)

New pamphlet compares panopticon with N.S.W.

S. Perceval to Bentham, [13 December 1802] (Item f. 665)

Bentham's pamphlet on transportation and penitentiary systems; Bill introduced to enable Royal Navy ships to transport convicts.

Lord Auckland to Bentham, 26 December 1802 (Item f. 684)

Doubts wisdom of continuing system of convict hulks.

Sir Frederick Eden to Bentham, 27 December 1802 (Item ff. 685-86)

Thanks for pamphlet; shared views on N.S.W.; inaccuracies in pamphlet.

Bentham to S. Perceval, 30 December 1802 (Item f. 691)

Futility of trying to improve transportation system.

Volume VIII, 10 January 1803 - 17 September 1812 (File Add MS 33544)

Filmed selectively.

S. Perceval to Bentham, 10 January 1803 (Item f. 4)

Bentham's second letter to Lord Pelham on N.S.W.

D. Collins to Bentham, 11 January 1803 (Item f. 8)

Acknowledges pamphlets.

G. Lee to Sir Henry Mildmay, 24 January 1803 (Item ff. 14-15)

Conditions on convict hulk. (extract).

Bentham to D. Collins, 27 January 1803 (Item ff. 20-21)

Invitation to dinner.

Sir Frederick Eden to Bentham, 27 January 1803 (Item f. 22)

Acknowledges second letter to Lord Pelham; refers to import of timber from N.S.W. in exchange for export of immorality; suggests Bentham read accounts of deportations to Cayman.

B. Hobhouse to Bentham, 2 February 1803 (Item f. 25)

Acknowledges second letter, to Lord Pelham.

Bentham to E. Dumont, 9 February 1803 (Item ff. 30-31)

Conversation with Dr. Parr concerning letters to Lord Pelham; copies of pamphlets to be given to C.J. Fox.

Sir John Carter to Sir Henry Mildmay, 13 February 1803 (Item f. 32)

Conditions on convict hulks.

J. Neild to Bentham, 17 February 1803 (Item f. 38)

Sends letter from Carter.

Bentham to Samuel Bentham, 22 February 1803 (Item ff. 41-42)

Meetings with D. Collins; his plans to erect prison in N.S.W.

Bentham to S. Romilly, 7 March 1803 (Item ff. 44-45)

Evidence of sodomy on convict ships.

D. Collins to Bentham, 4 April 1803 (Item f. 57)

Departure from England.

S. Wilberforce to Bentham, 8 March 1811 (Item f. 498)

Requests copies of Bentham's letters to Lord Pelham.

J. Abercromby to Bentham, 31 March 1811 (Item ff. 501-2)

Meeting of Select Committee on Transportation.

T. Beeby to Bentham, 3 May 1811 (Item f. 515)

Bentham's evidence to Select Committee.

Bentham to Sir Evan Nepean, 21 May 1811 (Item ff. 519-21)

Committee's consideration of convict hulks.

J. Abercromby to Bentham, 25 May 1811 (Item ff. 525-26)

Work of Select Committee.

Bentham to J. Abercromby, 27 May 1811 (Item ff. 535-36)

Proceedings of Committee; Sir Charles Bunbury; Sir Evan Nepean.

T. Beeby to Bentham, 24 January 1812 (Item f. 578)

Requests copies of Panopticon and other works for Select Committee.

Bentham to Lord Sidmouth, 17 September 1812 (Item ff. 634-39)

History of Panopticon project.

Volume IX, 21 July 1817 - September 1820 (File Add MS 33545)

Filmed selectively.

Lord Colchester to Sir Samuel Bentham, 21 July 1817 (Item ff. 253-54)

Refers to wreck of Alceste near Batavia.

Bentham to Sir Samuel Bentham, September 1820 (Item ff. 443-46)

Refers to departure of Lawrence for Van Diemen's Land; will collect botanical specimens for Kew.