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Created: 2018

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Series 57/1-19. Political correspondence, 1812 - 1827

Filmed selectively.

Lord Melville to Bathurst, 6 April [1812] (File 57/5/449)

East India Co. and fur trade with China; Java; renewal of Company's charter.

G. Rose to Bathurst, 3 April 1812 (File 57/5/450)

Renewal of East India Co.'s charter; fur trade between China and America.

J. Owen to Bathurst, 1 July 1812 (File 57/5/483)

Seeks grant of land in N.S.W. for brother Edward Lord, formerly officer at Van Diemen's Land.

Bathurst to J. Owen, 3 July 1812 (File 57/5/484)

Lord's accounts under investigation by Treasury.

I. McMahon to Bathurst, 14 July 1812 (File 57/5/496)

Transmits memorial from D. Allan, Deputy Commissary General in N.S.W.

Bathurst to I. McMahon, 15 July 1812 (File 57/5/498)

Rejects Allan's request; land grants originate with Governor.

Sir Charles Price to Bathurst, 22 August 1812 (File 57/5/539)

Recommends appointment of J. Ferrier to command of vessel at N.S.W.

J.F. Lumsden to Bathurst, 1 September 1812 (File 57/6/564)

Seeks position as attorney in N.S.W.

J. Belbin to Bathurst, 25 September 1812 (File 57/6/585)

Seeks financial relief; distressed position arose from support of Governor Bligh in Van Diemen's Land.

J. Owen to Bathurst, 25 September 1812 (File 57/6/585. (sic))

Seeks land grant for Edward Lord.

Bathurst to J. Owen, 3 October 1812 (File 57/6/590)

Land grants originate with Governor; promise to E. Lord made by Lord Castlereagh.

J. Princep to Bathurst, 24 June 1813 (File 57/7/680)

Seeks appointment as commissioner for disposal of Java produce.

Bathurst to Archbishop C.M. Sutton, 3 July 1813 (File 57/7/684)

Acknowledges letter concerning United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.

J. McArthur to Bathurst, 20 April 1814 (File 57/7/757)

Transmits samples of wool imported from N.S.W.; Australian wool may remove necessity of importing Spanish wool.

J. Sneyd to Bathurst, 25 July [1814] (File 57/7/774)

Appointment of nephew to position at Java.

C. de Hogendais(?) to Bathurst, 10 November 1814 (File 57/8/851)

Report on Java.

H. Goulburn to Bathurst, 15 December 1815 (File 57/10/1112)

Governor Macquarie's excursion into interior of N.S.W.: legislation on plartation trade.

G. Rex to Bathurst, 14 January 1816 (File 57/11/1128)

Recommends W.N. Wylde for passage to and land grant in N.S.W.

Lord Moira (Calcutta) to Bathurst, 8 July 1816 (File 57/11/1155)

Transfer of Java to Dutch; prejudice against Dutch amongst natives.

Lord Melville to Bathurst, 11 August 1817 (File 57/11/1240)

Strength of naval forces at various stations; necessity of sending frigate to South American Station.

Lord Hastings (Calcutta) to Bathurst, 23 March 1819 (File 57/12/1377)

Acquisition of Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles; Dutch claims to Singapore.

Lord Hastings (Calcutta) to Bathurst, 11 April 1819 (File 57/12/1381)

Occupation of Singapore; Singapore's relations with Johore.

Lord Hastings (Calcutta) to Bathurst, 11 May 1819 (File 57/12/1387)

Dutch claims to Singapore; influx of Malay settlers.

J. Stephen to Bathurst, 16 August 1819 (File 57/12/1401)

Establishment of colony at South Africa; disposal of Crown lands in colonies.

J.T. Bigge to Bathurst, 13 December 1821 (File 57/13/1599)

Declines appointment as Judge Advocate at Gibraltar.

H. Goulburn (Dublin) to Bathurst, 7 September 1824 (File 57/15/1860)

Frederick Goulburn; Bathurst's correspondence with Sir Thomas Brisbane.

Bathurst to King George IV, 12 November 1824 (File 57/15/1868)

Recall of Sir Thomas Brisbane and F. Goulburn; recommends appointment of General R. Darling as Governor of N.S.W.

Duke of Wellington to Bathurst, 20 November 1824 (File 57/15/1870)

Regrets recall of Sir Thomas Brisbane.

H. Goulburn (Dublin) to Bathurst, 28 November 1824 (File 57/15/1874)

Wilberforce's attack on F. Goulburn; character of F. Goulburn; charges against Dr. Douglas by S. Marsden.

R.W. Hay to Bathurst, 25 November 1825 (File 57/16/1986)

Colonial Office business; appointments in N.S.W. and Van Diemen's Land.

Memorandum on secret intelligence from Paris, 30 November 1825 (File 57/16/1989)

French plans to form convict settlement in New Holland.

Bathurst to Duchess of Atholl, 21 March 1826 (File 57/16/2036)

Appointment of J. Burnett as Colonial Secretary of Van Diemen's Land.

R.W. Hay to Bathurst, 31 March 1826 (File 57/16/2040)

Colonial Office business; letters concerning N.S.W.

Wilmot Horton to Bathurst, 28 June 1826 (File 57/16/2080)

Colonial finance; powers of governor vis a vis Secretary of State and Treasury.

Bathurst to Duke of Cambridge, 26 July 1826 (File 57/17/2102)

Naturalisation of Schmollett in Australia.

Wilmot Horton to Bathurst, 21 October 1826 (File 57/17/2118)

Emigration, effects on manufacturing districts and pressure for cheap corn.

To Bathurst, 19 March 1827 (File 57/17/2221)

Emigration of Major Bates to Australia.

Series 57/20-23. Political correspondence, 1808 - 1826

Filmed selectively.

T. Ritchie (Greenock) to Bathurst, 18 October 1808 (File 57/20/38)

Advocates abolition of East India Co's privileges in seas east of Cape of Good Hope and west of Cape Horn.

J. Ferrier to Bathurst, 19 August 1812 (File 57/21/89)

Seeks command of vessel at N.S.W.

R.W. Hay to J. Brickwood, 15 August 1826 (File 57/23/293)

Employment of convicts by Australian Agricultural Co.

Suggestions on emigration and corn laws, n.d. (File 57/23/324)

Series 57/55. Letters from various correspondents, 1824

Filmed selectively.

Capt. J. Bremer to Bathurst, 25 November 1824 (File 57/55/4-5)

Settlement at Melville Island; seeks promotion for son.

Lord Gwydir to Bathurst, 23 July (File 57/55/12-13)

Supports application of McIntyre for land grant in Van Diemen's Land.

Lord Gwydir to Percy, 23 July (File 57/55/14-15)

Supports application of McIntyre for land grant in Van Diemen's Land.

Wilmot Horton to T. Macqueen, 17 April 1824 (File 57/55/16-17)

Transmits letter for Sir Thomas Brisbane stating that McIntyre is Macqueen's represetnative and authorising land grant.

Wilmot Horton to T. Macqueen, 18 August 1823 (File 57/55/18-19)

Bathurst approves of land grant of 10,000 acres in N.S.W.

Sir Patrick Murray to Sir George Murray, 19 July 1824 (File 57/55/20)

Seeks letter of introduction to Sir Thomas Brisbane for P. McIntyre. (Copy).

L. Macquarie to Bathurst, 1 June 1824 (File 57/55/27-28)

Requests letters be returned to him.

Lord Northampton to Bathurst, 28 November 1824 (File 57/55/30-31)

Supports claims for advancement of E. Abbott, returned from Van Diemen's Land.

J. Owen to Bathurst, 26 January 1824 (File 57/55/33-34)

Seeks appointment of his brother as N.S.W. Commissioner of Excise and Collector of Duties.

W. Wilberforce to Bathurst, 6 December 1823 (File 57/55/36-37)

Shortage of clergy in Van Diemen's Land.

Extract from Bigge Report on need for clergymen in Van Diemen's Land (File 57/55/38)

Series 57/57-59. Letters to Secretary, 1825 - 1828

Filmed selectively.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 30 October [1825] (File 57/57/88)

Despatches; tea for convicts at N.S.W.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 7 November 1825 (File 57/57/109-10)

Lord Melville's view on action of Capt. C. Mitchell (Slaney) in seizing merchant ship Almorah at Sydney.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 10 November 1825 (File 57/57/111)

Acquittal of Capt. Mitchell; appointment of Attorney-General in N.S.W.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 15 November 1825 (File 57/57/120)

Despatch on juries addressed to Governor R. Darling.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 29 March 1826 (File 57/58/47)

Utility of sending convicts to Melville Island; despatches to Shark's Bay; property of convicts, banishment to Norfolk Island.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 17 June 1826 (File 57/58/70-71)

Private letters from Governor R. Darling; good relations between Lieut. Governor G. Arthur and Chief Justice; appointment of Attorney-General for Van Diemen's Land.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 19 June 1826 (File 57/58/72)

Appointment of governors.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 19 June 1826 (File 57/58/74)

Dismissal of J. Gellibrand as Attorney-General; despatch to Governor R. Darling.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, n.d. (File 57/58/82)

Appointment of Attorney-General for Van Diemen's Land.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 22 June 1826 (File 57/58/84-85)

Letter of J. Gellibrand to be sent to Lieut. Governor G. Arthur.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 10 June 1826 (File 57/58/94)

Australian paper; equipment of steam vessels.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 4 July 1826 (File 57/58/98)

Suggests Sir Herbert Taylor see Sir Thomas Brisbane.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 12 July 1826 (File 57/58/102-3)

Instructions to Governor R. Darling concerning Rev. S. Marsden; Marsden's intemperate letter.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 2 August 1826 (File 57/58/112-13)

Brisbane's encouragement of trial by jury and legislative assembly.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 4 August 1826 (File 57/58/116)

Letter for Sir Herbert Taylor.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 12 September 1826 (File 57/58/152)

Letter from J. Gellibrand.

R.W. Hay to Bathurst, 14 September 1826 (File 57/58/153)

Papers on J. Gellibrand.

R.W. Hay to Wilmot Horton, 23 September 1826 (File 57/58/172-73)

Admission of French ships to colonies, including N.S.W.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 24 September 1826 (File 57/58/174)

Letters of Governor R. Darling.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 25 October 1826 (File 57/58/182-83)

Hood's case; Australian's treatment of Lieut. Governor G. Arthur; W. Sorell's opposition to Arthur and appointment of J. Beamont.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 26 October 1826 (File 57/58/186)

Howell's report on J. Gellibrand.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 30 October 1826 (File 57/58/203-4)

Inconvenience of replacing Lieut. Governor G. Arthur.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 13 January 1827 (File 57/59/19-20)

Emigration to N.S.W., Lord Melville's representations.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 5 September 1828 (File 57/59/135)

Requests copy of regulations on land grants in Australia.

Bathurst to R.W. Hay, 24 December 1828 (File 57/59/160-62)

Assessment of Wilmot Horton; relations between Privy Council and colonies.

Series 57/64. Letters on Eastern Colonies, 1822 - 1824

Items of interest include:...

Series 57/89. Private letters and drafts, 1813

Filmed selectively.

Bathurst to Elliot, 22 August 1813 (File 57/89/3-4)

Appointment as governor of Java; transfer of Java from East India Co. to Crown.

Series 57/107. Correspondence with Lord Melville, 1798 - 1830

Filmed selectively.

Lady Carpenter to H. Dundas, 15 May 1798 (File 57/107/37)

Appointment of Capt. Baird as Deputy Master Attendant at Prince of Wales Island.

G. Wyke to Bathurst, 20 May 1829 (File 57/107/115-15a)

Seeks promotion for son, midshipman on Alligator.