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Robinson Goderich, Frederick John, 1st Viscount Goderich
Papers of Frederick Robinson Goderich, 1st Viscount (as filmed by the AJCP)
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1831 - 1832
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4 items
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Scope and Contents

The papers all date from Goderich's second period at the Colonial Office. They mainly contain requests for appointments in the Australian colonies. Correspondents include Sir Richard Bourke, Ralph Darling, Judge John Stephen and Capt. W. Windeyer.

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Material selectively filmed as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1980 (AJCP Reel: M1173). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

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British Library, 96 Euston Road, London.. Collection reference: Add MS 40862 - 40880 (Ripon Papers). For further information see Frederick Robinson Goderich at the British Library (

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Booth, Charles; Bourke, Sir Richard; Darling, Sir Ralph; Great Britain. Colonial Office; Politicians: Britain; Robinson, Frederick J., 1st Viscount Goderich, 1st Earl of Ripon; Stephen, John, Judge; Windeyer, W., Capt.


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 191, p71.

Biographical / Historical

Frederick John Robinson (1782-1859), created 1st Viscount Goderich 1827, created 1st Earl of Ripon 1833. Educated at Harrow and St. John's College, Cambridge. Elected to Parliament as a Tory, in 1806, he was appointed Under Secretary for the Colonies in 1809 and subsequently held several junior ministerial posts. In the Liverpool Government he was President of the Board of Trade 1818-23 and Chancellor of the Exchequer 1823-27 and in the Canning Government he was Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, April-August 1827. On the death of Canning in August 1827 Goderich was appointed Prime Minister but he relinquished the office in January 1828. He was again Secretary of State for War and the Colonies in the Grey Government, November 1830-April 1833. He later held office in the Peel Government, as President of the Board of Trade 1841-43 and President of the Board of Control for the affairs of India, 1843-46.

Item Descriptions

Volume I, July 1831 - January 1832 (File Add MS 40862)

4 items

Select folios

Sir Herbert Taylor to R.W. Hay, 13 July 1831 (Item ff.276-77)

King sends Goderich application from Commander Windeyer for position in N.S.W.

Walter Windeyer to Sir Herbert Taylor, 11 July 1831 (Item ff.278-79)

Seeks position in N.S.W.

R.W. Hay to Goderich, 4 January 1832 (Item ff.302-9)

Opposes tabling in Parliament of Colonial Budget; undesirability of publicizing instructions to governors on financial matters; budgets of various colonies, including N.S.W.

Lord Howick to Goderich, 9 January 1832 (Item ff.310-15)

Tabling of Colonial Budget; despatch on expenditure in N.S.W.

Volume XVII, September 1822 - January 1833 (File Add MS 40878)

28 items

Select folios

D. Murray to Lord Anglesey, 25 January 1832 (Item f.10)

Requests memorial of J. McEncroe be sent to Goderich.

Rev. J. McEncroe to Rev. D. Murray, 23 January 1832 (Item ff.11-12)

Seeks position as chaplain in N.S.W.; does not wish to put J.H. Plunkett to expense of supporting him in colony.

Lord Anglesey to Goderich, 2 April 1832 (Item ff.20-22)

Appointment of surgeon on convict ship.

Lord Anglesey to Goderich, 6 May 1832 (Item ff.26-27)

Encloses memorial from A. Saunderson.

A. Saunderson to Sir William Gossett, 3 May 1832 (Item f.28)

Urges appointment of Lt. M. Thornton to Constabulary, if not at home then in N.S.W.

J. Andrews to Goderich, 17 September 1822 (Item ff.45-46)

Seeks position in N.S.W. or Tasmania.

Lord Anglesey to Goderich, 10 December 1832 (Item ff.51-52)

Supports memorial of R. Brenan.

R. Brenan to Lord Anglesey (Item ff.53-54)

Seeks legal position in N.S.W.

J. Bishop to Goderich, 10 January 1832 (Item ff.64-65)

Seeks medical position in N.S.W. or Tasmania.

General R. Bourke to Goderich, 1 May 1832 (Item ff.144-45)

Appointment of W.C. Pery, son of Lord Limerick, to position in N.S.W. Post Office.

General R. Bourke to Goderich, 4 July 1832 (Item ff.178-79)

Appointment of Major Sullivan as Stipendiary Magistrate at Pt. Macquarie.

A. Balfour to Goderich, 12 September 1832 (Item ff.199-200)

Seeks civil or medical position in Tasmania.

J. Blagborne to Goderich, 8 October 1832 (Item ff.209-10)

Seeks teaching position in Tasmania.

J.D. Burridge to Goderich, 11 November 1832 (Item ff.236-37)

Seeks information on passage to N.S.W. and possibility of legal position in Sydney.

W. Banting to Lady Goderich, 11 December 1832 (Item f.257)

Recommends W. Pickworth for position in Sydney.

Lieut. W. Boys to Goderich, 24 Dec. (Item f.266)

Seeks letters of introduction to General Bourke and Colonel Arthur for his son.

Draft reply to Lieut. W. Boys, 3 January 1833 (Item f.267)

Cannot accede to request.

Lieut. J.P. Curran to Goderich, 16 February 1832 (Item ff.315-16)

Seeks position in N.S.W. or recommendation to Governor.

Lord Cleveland to Goderich, 27 October 1832 (Item ff.398-99)

Recommends interview with W.G. Samps of Tasmania.

Dudley to Goderich, 20 April 1832 (Item ff.462-63)

Purchase of land in Australia; introductions.

General R. Darling to Goderich, 11 June 1832 (Item ff.464-65)

Seeks interview; wishes to be presented to King.

T. Darch to R.W. Hay, 18 August 1832 (Item ff.478-79)

Seeks position in N.S.W. for his son.

C.G. Frankland to Goderich, 17 September 1832 (Item ff.607-8)

Seeks position in Tasmania.

C. Grant to Goderich, 13 February 1832 (Item ff.621-22)

Supports application of Capt. Robison for position in N.Z.

C. Grant to Goderich, 23 March 1832 (Item ff.639-40)

Encloses letter from merchants connected with trade to N.S.W. and N.Z. on Capt. Robison.

P.F. Gahan to Goderich, 13 April 1832 (Item ff.641-42)

Seeks position of Solicitor-General in N.S.W.

D. O'Connell, 28 February 1832 (Item ff.643-44)

Testimonial in support of P.F. Gahan.

A.T. Goodman to Goderich, 6 July 1832 (Item ff.666-68)

Seeks free passage to Tasmania.

Volume XVIII, November 1831 - October 1832 (File Add MS 40879)

12 items

Select folios

H. Hill to Goderich, 23 April 1832 (Item ff.38-39)

Position of Master of Supreme Court in N.S.W.

J.G.F. Hassell to Goderich (Item ff.52-53)

Seeks medical position, possibly in N.S.W.

G.R. Holden to Goderich, 31 July 1832 (Item ff.56-57)

Seeks legal position in Australia.

Sir John Hobhouse to Goderich, 22 Nov. (Item ff.66-67)

Recommends accountant for position in Canada or N.S.W.

N. Kentish (Parramatta) to Goderich, 23 January 1832 (Item f.231)

Encloses pamphlet on N.S.W.

Goderich to Lord Kenyon, 1 March 1832 (Item ff.234-35)

Appointment of clergyman to N.S.W. convict ship.

T.F. Kennedy to Goderich, 25 August 1832 (Item ff.251-52)

Encloses letter from Sir John Hay.

Sir John Hay to T.F. Kennedy, 18 Aug. (Item ff.253-54)

Seeks letter of Introduction from Goderich to General Bourke, for T. Burnett who is returning to N.S.W.

Rev. T. Ludbey to Goderich, 24 March 1832 (Item ff.295-96)

Seeks interview concerning son emigrating to Tasmania.

Capt. R.G. Meares (Swan River) to Goderich, 7 November 1831 (Item ff.307-8)

Encloses memorial to King on his distressed condition; seeks position.

Lord Limerick to C. Douglas, 3 October 1832 (Item ff.336-37)

Thanks Goderich for obtaining position for his son in N.S.W.

R. McClelland to Goderich, 10 July 1832 (Item ff.465-66)

Seeks teaching or chaplain's position in Australia or Canada.

Volume XIX, June 1831 - December 1832 (File Add MS 40880)

23 items

Select folios

Sir Amos Norcott to Goderich, 2 June 1832 (Item ff.18-19)

Seeks position at Swan River for son.

S.T. Potter to Goderich, 10 February 1832 (Item ff.51-52)

Seeks land grant in N.S.W.

A. Hawkes to T. Price, 9 June 1831 (Item ff.82-83)

Seeks post of Superintendent of Convicts at Tasmania for E. Richards.

J. Patten to C. Douglas, 17 July 1832 (Item ff.98-99)

Seeks position in Upper Canada or Australia.

Pickworth to ?, 19 September 1832 (Item ff.107-8)

Seeks position in N.S.W.; reasons for emigrating.

J.C. Powell to Goderich, 16 October 1832 (Item ff.115-16)

Seeks position as chaplain in Western Australia.

R. Postlethwaite to Goderich, 26 October 1832 (Item ff.118-119)

Seeks position as chaplain in N.S.W. or Tasmania.

Lord Palmerston to Goderich, 8 December 1832 (Item f.132)

Encloses letter from G. Hollis.

G. Hollis to Lord Palmerston, 21 October 1832 (Item ff.133-35)

Seeks letter of introduction for T. Hood who is emigrating to Tasmania.

C. Rowcroft to Goderich, 4 April 1832 (Item ff.157-58)

Seeks position as protector of slaves.

Harriott Reed to Goderich, 18 September 1832 (Item ff.187-88)

Seeks teaching position in N.S.W. or Tasmania.

J. Stephen to Balfour, 26 March 1832 (Item ff.255-56)

His suspension from office in N.S.W. by Governor Darling.

N. Smith to Goderich, 9 June 1832 (Item ff.284-85)

Seeks position of Sheriff in Sydney for his son.

Rev. W. Stawell to Goderich, 12 June 1832 (Item ff.288-99)

Seeks position of chaplain in N.S.W. or Tasmania.

James Stephen to I.N. Pearson, 30 July 1832 (Item ff.305-6)

Recommendation of chaplaincy in N.S.W. to Mr. Styles (copy).

Duke of Sussex to Goderich, 16 September 1832 (Item ff.324-25)

Discovery by Mr. King in N.S.W. of sand suitable for manufacture of glass.

Goderich to Duke of Sussex, 23 September 1832 (Item ff.326-27)

Mr. King's discovery; requests more information (copy).

E.L.L. Swift to Goderich, 12 October 1832 (Item ff.332-33)

Seeks position in Tasmania for his son.

R. Tebbott to A. Sullivan, 4 January 1832 (Item ff.343-44)

Seeks introduction to General Bourke for J.J. Wagstaff.

J.A. Thomson to Goderich, 4 May 1832 (Item ff.364-65)

Seeks position in Canada or Tasmania.

Capt. W. Windeyer to Goderich, 28 June 1832 (Item ff.500-1)

Seeks position in N.S.W.

C. Wood to Goderich, 30 June 1832 (Item ff.502-3)

Seeks introduction to General Bourke for his son.

R. Windeyer to Goderich, 10 August 1832 (Item ff.531-32)

Capt. W. Windeyer's interest in position in N.S.W.