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Created: 2018

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Volume VII, 1796-[1797] (File Add MS 38734)

Huskisson to [H. Dundas], 30 Oct. [1797] (Item ff.209-14)

Strength of various naval stations; attack on Manila; despatch of Fleet to South Seas in 1798.

H. Dundas to Huskisson, n.d. (Item ff.227-28)

Despatch concerning Manila; naval strategy.

List of India ships which arrived in Thames in 1796 (Item f.237)

Volume III, 11 August 1819 - 20 August 1819 (File Add MS 38741)

Filmed selectively.

Lord Bathurst to Huskisson, 11 August 1819 (Item ff.295-96)

Proposal to mint silver coinage for all colonies.

Huskisson to [unknown], 13 August 1819 (Item ff.297-301)

Queries arising from Bathurst's proposal.

Huskisson to Lord Bathurst, 20 August 1819 (Item ff.307-9)

Views on proposal. (draft).

Volume XI, 16 September 1823 (File Add MS 38744)

Filmed selectively.

S. Enderby and Son and D. Bennett and Son to Col. E. Nicoll, 16 September 1823 (Item ff.314-15)

Advantages of establishing settlements in New Zealand for South Sea whalers. (copy).

Volume XIII, 16 January 1825 (File Add MS 38746)

Filmed selectively.

Lord Bathurst to Duke of York, 16 January 1825 (Item f.251)

Appointment of General Darling as Governor of N.S.W. (copy).

Volume XVII, 14 August 1827 - 6 September 1827 (File Add MS 38750)

Filmed selectively.

Lord Goderich to Huskisson, 14 August 1827 (Item ff.22-25)

Offers post of Secretary of State for War and Colonies.

Huskisson to E. Stanley, 4 September 1827 (Item ff.227-28)

Departure of W. Horton from Colonial Office; offers Stanley Under-Secretaryship.

E. Stanley to Huskisson, 6 September 1827 (Item ff.241-42)

Accepts offer.

Volume XVII, 19 September 1827 - 18 October 1827 (File Add MS 38751)

Filmed selectively.

J. Pearse (Limerick) to Huskisson, 30 September 1827 (Item ff.90-91)

Wishes Irish priests could be sent to Botany Bay; encloses letter from Secretary of Van Diemen's Land Company; need for instructions to be sent to Lieutenant-Governor.

J. Inglis (London) to J. Pearse, 19 September 1827 (Item ff.92-94)

Need for instructions to be sent to Van Diemen's Land; grant of 10,000 acres to company; encloses propositions agreed to by R. Hay. (copy)

Huskisson to W. Horton, abilities of J. Stephen and his ranking at Colonial Office. (copy), 18 October 1827 (Item ff.267-70)

Volume XIX, 3 December 1827 (File Add MS 38752)

Filmed selectively.

T. Spring Rice to Huskisson, 3 December 1827 (Item ff.180-81)

Career and character of General Richard Bourke.

Volume XXI, 19 January 1828 (File Add MS 38754)

Filmed selectively.

T. Spring Rice to Huskisson, 19 January 1828 (Item ff.177-78)

Bourke's departure from South Africa; problem of finding him another colonial appointment

Volume XXIII, 3 April 1828 - 30 May 1828 (File Add MS 38756)

Filmed selectively.

Lord Anglesey (Dublin) to Huskisson, 3 April 1828 (Item ff.9-12)

Recommends family of convict Kingston to be sent out; policy of judges on transportation.

Huskisson to Lord Anglesey, 15 April 1828 (Item ff.62-64)

Case of convict Kingston; N.S.W. not a place of terror for guilty; Irish trials. (copy)

Sir George Murray to Huskisson, 30 May 1828 (Item ff.216-17)

Possibility of R. Therry being offered Solicitorship of New Brunswick.

Huskisson to Sir George Murray, 30 May 1828 (Item ff.218-19)

R. Therry; congratulations on Murray's appointment to Colonial Office

Volume XXIV, 26 December 1828 - 25 March 1829 (File Add MS 38757)

Filmed selectively.

R. Hay to Huskisson, 26 December 1828 (Item ff.162-63)

Swan River settlement; memorandum issued to settlers; other colonial matters.

R. Therry to Huskisson, 17 March 1829 (Item ff.232-34)

Interest in colonial appointment.

Sir George Murray to Huskisson, 25 March 1829 (Item ff.258-59)

Colonial appointment for R. Therry.

R. Therry to Huskisson, n.d. (Item ff.260-61)

Appointment as Commissioner of Court of Requests at N.S.W.

Volume XXVII, 29 March 1825 (File Add MS 38761)

Filmed selectively.

J.G. Lambton to Huskisson, 29 March 1825 (Item ff.175-76)

Sends memorial on New Zealand Company.

Volume XXIX, 4 August 1827 (File Add MS 38762)

Filmed selectively.

Duke of Wellington. Memorandum on reductions in British Army, including references to troops in N.S.W. (copy), 4 August 1827 (Item ff.71-90)

Volume XXX, March 1825 (File Add MS 38763)

Filmed selectively.

Memorial of Lieut. Col. E. Nicolls to Lord Bathurst proposing settlement at New Zealand founded on military principles, n.d. (Item ff.70-74)

Memorial of J.G. Lambton and others to Huskisson requesting the exclusive right to trade with New Zealand for 31 years, March 1825 (Item ff.99-100)

Volume I, 20 February 1831 - 17 August 1833 (File Add MS 39948)

Filmed selectively.

R. Therry (Sydney) to E. Huskisson, 20 February 1831 (Item ff.133-34)

Sympathy on death of Huskisson; encloses newspaper containing memoir; requests engraving.

J. Henty (Launceston) to T. Humphry, 6 September 1832 (Item ff.139-40)

Shipment of shells, skins, native implements to W. Henty; difficulties arising from Land regulations.

T. Henty (Cormiston, V.D.L.) to W. Humphry, 5 April 1833 (Item ff.147-49)

Henty family; trade with Swan River; natives at King George's Sound; bushrangers; prices, agriculture in Van Diemen's Land; interest in exploring and settling at Spencer's Gulf.

T. Henty to W. Humphry, 17 August 1833 (Item ff.150-51)

Proposes to inspect land at Portland Bay and Western Australia; success with sheep breeding; interest in whaling, sealing, collecting specimens.