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Created: 2018

Online Items

Series 12000. Original notes on Ambrym (286p.), 1914 - 1922

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Series 12001. 11 notebooks from 1914 New Hebrides Expedition (c 1200p.), 1914

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Series 12002. Notes on New Hebrides (171p.)

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Series 12004. Drafts of various articles

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Series 12005. Drafts of various articles (268p.)

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Series 12006. Drafts of various articles (273p.)

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Series 12007. Drafts of various articles (274p.)

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Series 12009. Notes from field notes (259p.)

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Series 12013. Drafts of various articles (260p.)

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Series 12014. Pencil drawings

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Series 12017. Concept of the Soul (58p.)

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Series 12018. Solomon Islands (140p.)

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Series 12019. Fiji (67p.)

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Series 12021. Death

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Paper: Funeral Customs in Vanua Lava: account by Raymond Woqet of Vanua Lava. (4p.), [n.d.] (File)

Series 12022. Kinship, 9 November 1901

Box 126...

L. Fison (Melbourne) to Rivers re kinship in Fiji, loss of his papers in hurricane, 9 November 1901 (File)

Series 12027. Correspondence with Radcliffe Brown (35p.), c.1912-1914

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Series 12030. Santa Cruz (67p.)

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Series 12033. Tikopia (30p.)

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Series 12037. Polynesia

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Series 12039. Melanesia (c200p.)

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Series 12043. Totemism, 15 September 1908 - 19 January 1916

Box 128...

H.N. Drummond (Raga) to Rivers re vocabulary for relationships, 15 September 1908 (File)

John Patteson Pantutum (Auckland) to Rivers re his health, 17 March 1909 (File)

W.J. Durrad (Norfolk Island) to Rivers re his work on Torres vocabulary (damaged), 14 April 1909 (File)

C.E. Fox (Norfolk Island) to Rivers re language work; collected 40 children's games played in Banks' Islands, 3 July 1909 (File)

C.E. Fox (Norfolk Island) to Rivers comments on Tylor's work, language work, 15 September 1909 (File)

John Pantutum (Southern Cross) to Rivers requesting cigarettes for his father's asthma, 10 January 1910 (File)

Rivers (Cambridge) to Humes re Kava, 15 February 1913 (File)

J.W. Layard to Rivers re Kava. (6p.), 19 January 1916 (File)

Note on totemism, 12 October 1912 (File)

Typescript, in envelope addressed to Rivers by Andrew Lang).

Series 12048. Secret Societies, 5 February 1914 - 11 October 1921

Box 128...

Robert Williamson [] re sun worship in Polynesia (part letter), [n.d.] (File)

Elsdon Best (Wellington) to Rivers re sun worship in Maori tradition, 5 February 1914 (File)

Katherine Routledge (Bursledon) to Rivers re Easter Island. (6p.), 15 August 1920 (File)

Sidney Ray (Ilford) to Rivers re Easter Island language connections, 2 November 1920 (File)

J.G. Frazer (London) to Rivers re sun worship in Polynesia; Gifford's work on Tonga, 11 October 1921 (File)

Series 12049. Culture, 15 October 1913 - 29 November 1915

Box 128...

E. Sidney Hartland (Gloucester) to Rivers re cultural influences on Gazelle Peninsula, 15 October 1913 (File)

E. Sidney Hartland (Gloucester) to Rivers re transmission; Tylor; the war, 29 November 1915 (File)

A. Radcliffe Brown [] post script only of letter, re argument that Australia is a mixed race society, [n.d.] (File)

Series 12051. Sociological

Box 128...

'Anthropological Thoughts'. Poem. (Paper headed Southern Cross, Melanesia Mission, 2p.) (File)

Series 12052. New Guinea (17p.)

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Series 12055. New Guinea, 16 August 1908 - 15 October 1915

Box 129...

Rivers (Cambridge) to Father Egidi, re terms for relationship in Melanesia. (4p., carbon), [n.d.] (File)

Egidi (Yule Island) to Rivers(?) re terms for relationships (in French). (27p.), 16 August 1908 (File)

Egidi (Papua) to Rivers(?) re family relationships (in French). (4p.), 11 December 1908 (File)

A. Wollaston (New Guinea) to Rivers, 4 May 1910 (File)

Re field work amongst natives - language difficulties 'not one of the natives understood a single word of Malay'. (3p.)

Beveley Humes (Rabaul) to Rivers, 5 August 1912 (File)

Re work in bush behind Port Resolution; encloses answers to questions in J.G. Frazer's booklet on the customs of savages (of New Hebrides). (15p.)

Robert Williamson (Godalming) to Rivers re burial customs, 10 January 1913 (File)

Sidney Ray (Ilford) to Rivers re language, 31 January 1913 (File)

(?) (London) to Rivers re Motu iduhu (incomplete), 7 February 1913 (File)

Sidney Ray (Ilford) to Rivers re language, enclosing word list, 20 February 1913 (File)

Sidney Egidi (Rome) to Rivers re notes received from Seligman, 9 March 1913 (File)

Beveley Humes (Kinigunan) to Rivers re New Hebrides, Kava. (5p.), 13 April 1913 (File)

Beveley Humes (Kinigunan) to Rivers re producing fire on Tanna. (6p.), 11 May 1913 (File)

Malinowski (Samarai) to Rivers re work in Tobriands, 15 October 1915 (File)

Series 12056. Languages (72p.)

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Series 12058. General Sociology

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Rivers (Cambridge) to A. Radcliffe Brown re place of psychological interpretations in sociology. (Carbon) (3p.), [n.d.] (File)

A.R. Brown (Birmingham) to Rivers re Rivers' criticism of Brown's work. (7p.), [n.d.] (File)

F. Shmidt (St. Gabriel-Modling) to Rivers, will request information on social organisation from Father Suas in New Hebrides, 8 July 1912 (File)

Series 12062. Totemism (25p.), 31 May 1913

Box 129

A.R. Brown (Birmingham) to Rivers re relationships; differences between them; Durkheim's theories; totemism. (2 letters), [n.d.] (File)

Shmidt (Modling) to Rivers re Durkheim, Frazer, Haddon, and other anthropologists (in German), 31 May 1913 (File)

Series 12063. Melanesia, December 1912

Box 129...

The Decadence and Preservation of the Natives of the New Hebrides, by Felix Speiser, Basle. (Typescript) (22p.), December 1912 (File)

Series 12070. Torres Straits field notes (c 700p.)

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Series 12071. Torres Islands field notes (c300p.)

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Series 12072. Torres Islands field notes (c800p.)

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Series 12073. Torres Straits field notes (c800p.)

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Series 12074. Physical anthropology - Torres Straits (148p.)

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Series 12075. Physical anthropology - Torres Straits, 2 December 1898

Box 130...

39 cards of physical measurements of natives from Mabuiag, Saibai, Muralug, Hammond Island, 2 December 1898 (File)

R. Etheridge (Australian Museum) to Rivers re exhibits., 2 December 1898 (File)

Series 12080. Torres Straits (c 445p.)

Box 131...

Series 12081. Obituary, 16 March 1920 - 9 May 1922

Box 131...

Rivers correspondence, 16 March 1920 - 9 May 1922 (File)

W. Armstrong (Sydney) to Rivers re strike by marine engineers prevents him leaving for New Guinea, 16 March 1920 (Item)

History of Melanesian Society: extracts and notes by ? (Notes on Rivers' concept of totemism). (5p.) (Item)

J. Reynolds (London) to Rivers, 8 May 1922 (Item)

Re Permanent Committee on Geographical names lists to be submitted to governments of Australia and New Zealand.

W. Ramsay Smith (Adelaide) to Rivers re his work, 16 March 1920 (Item)

Haddon (Cambridge) to Rivers, 22 March 1922 (Item)

Re Humphreys' thesis and his possible employment on Melanesian collections at Museum.

Fred G. Bowie (Aberdeen) to Rivers re visit to Scotland, cold weather after New Hebrides, 9 May 1922 (Item)

A. Radcliffe Brown (Cape Town) to Rivers that preparing ethnographical catalogue of Australian tribes, 20 February 1922 (Item)

Fred G. Bowie (Santo, New Hebrides) to Rivers, family news, possible site for Humphreys' field work, 6 October 1920 (Item)

Fred G. Bowie (Santo) to Humphreys that not possible for him to do field work on Epi or Erromango. (Copy), 6 October 1920 (Item)

Series 12082. Genealogies and relationships - Torres Straits, 1898 - 1899

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Series 12083. Genealogy and relationship sheets (132p.)

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Series 12084. Genealogical charts (121p.)

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Series 12085. Map of cultures of New Guinea

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Series 12086. [Miscellaneous] (63p.)

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