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Fonds 1148M. Acland of Killerton Papers (Broadclyst), 30 December 1840 - 1898

Series. 1st Deposit, 30 December 1840 - 1898

Joanna Harper (Canterbury, N.Z.) to C.T.D. Acland, July 1871 - September 1871 (File 6 [Box 3])

Visit of C. Acland to New Zealand; litigation; family news; J. Hector; Bishop J.C. Harper; death of Sir Thomas Acland...

L. Mort (Sydney) to C. Acland, 22 June 1869 (File 22 [Box 6])

Plans of Acland to visit southern hemisphere; life in N.S.W.; station on Namoi River; purchase by Garnett of property on Barcoo River; bachelor life.

T.D.D. Harper (Christchurch) to C. Acland, 29 August 1874 (File 22 [Box 6])

Family news.

Bishop G.A. Selwyn (Auckland) to Sir Thomas Acland, 20 February 1850 (File 20 [Box 8])

Loss of Veitch's plants on long voyage of Acheron; return of New Zealand plants; cruise with Capt. Erskine to New Caledonia; missionary work in Melanesia...

Appeal on behalf of Christ's College, Tasmania. (Printed. 12pp), [c.1850] (File 17 [Box 11 (ii)])
G.R. Farmer (Bideford) to Sir Thomas Acland, 10 November 1841 (File 29 [Box 11 (ii)])

Invention of process for preparing flax; urges Acland to bring it to attention of New Zealand Company and Admiralty; suitability of Thames River (N.Z.) for mills; advantages in making Britain independent of Russia and in inducing operatives to emigrate.

Joanna Harper (Christchurch) to Lady Acland, 8 January 1889 (File 6 [Box 16])

News of son; social events; Arthur Acland...

C.J. La Trobe (Melbourne) to Sir Thomas Acland, 30 December 1840 (File 7 [Box 19])

Thanks for Surveys of Beagle; progress of Port Phillip; weakness of Church; growth of dissent and democracy in colonies.

Admiral Sir Fairfax Moresby (H.M.S. Portland) to Sir Thomas Acland, 31 July 1852 - 30 August 1852 (File 12 [Box 19])

Account of Pacific cruise, including visit to Marquesas; relations with natives, beachcombers; treatment of missionaries by French authorities at Tahiti; Queen Pomare; Pitcairn Island; M. Quintal; Mobbs; visits of whalers; need for Pitcairn Islanders to be tranferred elsewhere. (14pp.)

Admiral Sir Fairfax Moresby (Valparaiso) to Sir Thomas Acland, 1 September 1852 (File 12 [Box 19])

Refers to Pitcairn Islanders on H.M.S. Portland.

Bishop G.A. Selwyn (Auckland) to Sir Thomas Acland, 19 April 1844 (File 16 [Box 21 (iv)])

Thanks for books; solitude of library at Kerikeri; St John's College...

Bishop J.C. Harper (Christchurch) to Acland, 13 February 1869 (File 16 [Box 21 (iv)])

Establishment of Irish Church; claims of Bishop H.Jenner to See of Dunedin; achievements of Canterbury College.

Sir Fairfax Moresby (Valparaiso) to Sir Thomas Acland, 25 February 1852 (File 22 [Box 21 (iv)])

Pacific surveys; accounts of starvation on Pictora Island; proposed transfer of Pitcairn Islanders to Norfolk Island; piracy in Magellan Straits.

Sir Fairfax Moresby to Sir Thomas Acland, 2 March 1852 (File 22 [Box 21 (iv)])

Rebellion on Chile; affairs of Pacific Station; possible visit to Pitcairn Island.

J.B. Acland (Auckland, Wellington, Rangitata) to Sir Thomas Acland and Charles Acland, 1872 - 1889 (File 37 [Box 21 (iv)])

Family news; ascent of Mt Cook (1882); British politics; Church establishment; property transactions; Christchurch Cathedral Fund; rabbit pestilence; Sir George Grey; criticisms of governors...

Papers concerning bankruptcy of Harper & Co., land agents and solicitors, of Christchurch, 1893 - 1898 (File 3 [Box 22])

Correspondents include J.B. Acland (Rangitata), A. Mills (Bude), A.P. Harper (London), Sir Thomas Acland, W. Battishill (Exeter)...

Series Add. 14. Series I, 1867-07-29 - 1900?

Subseries 44-99. Correspondence of Sir Thomas Acland, 11th. Bart, 1867-07-29 - 1900?

Filmed selectively.

Bishop A. Short to T.D. Acland, 29 July 1867 (File 75)

Insertion of conscience clause in School Trust deeds; South Australian system and exclusion of denominational catechisms. (copy)

J. Martin (Plymouth) to Acland, 29 May [1900?] (File 99)

Travels in New Zealand; visit to Mt Peel and Dunedin; golf; mutual friends; plans to settle in New Zealand.

Series Add. 14. Series II, 18 June 1896 - July 1898

Subseries 8-125. Papers of Sir Francis Acland, 14th Bart, November 1897 - July 1898
Letters of Francis Acland to his parents, November 1897 - July 1898 (File 8)

Very long letters describing voyage to Australia on S.S. Himalaya via Suez and Colombo and visits to Adelaide, Ballarat, Melbourne, Hobart, Milford Sound, Dunedin, Christchurch, Wanganui, Auckland, Sydney, Bungendore, Coolangatta, Brisbane, Port Darwin, Hong Kong, Peking and Vancouver. They refer to social events, concerts, cricket, schools, universities, politics, paintings, mines, landscape, Capt. Wallington, Lord Brassey, Acland and Harper Families, Sir Oswald Gibbs, R. Seddon, Sir James Hector, P.H.Osborne, G.H. Reid...

Journal of Francis Acland, 4 March 1898 - 2 July 1898 (File 9)

Very detailed journal describing latter part of travels in New Zealand and Australia. Subjects are similar to those of letters in 8. Includes some sketches...

Subseries 126-984. Papers of Eleanor Acland, 18 June 1896 - 23 December 1896

Filmed selectively.

W.J. Conybeare (Adelaide) to Eleanor Cropper, 18 June 1896 (File 156)

Birthday greetings; work as Private Secretary to Governor; impending visit to River Murray village settlements run on communist principles.

W.J. Conybeare to Eleanor Cropper, 23 December 1896 (File 166)

Social events; music in Adelaide; relations with Buxton Family.

Fonds 2851M. Papers of Troyte and Harper Families, 1857 - 1902

Diaries of Joanna Harper nee Acland, 1863 - 1893 (File F1-19)

Filmed selectively.

Diary, 1863 - 1864 (Item F 3)
Diary, 1864 - 1870 (Item F 4)
Diary, 1870 - 1875 (Item F 5)
Diary, 1875 - 1878 (Item F 6)
Diary, 1881 - 1883 (Item F 7)
Diary, 1883 - 1885 (Item F 8)
Diary, 1886 - 1889 (Item F 9)
Diary, 1889 - 1891 (Item F10)
Diary, 1891 - 1893 (Item F11)

Letters of Joanna Harper to her aunt, Agnes Mills, 1864 - 1878 (File F20)

Written at Christchurch, Ilam, Timaru and elsewhere in New Zealand, the detailed letters refer to the voyage to New Zealand in 1864-65, family news, health, social events, travels, Church affairs, English news, isolation of New Zealand...

Letters of Joanna Harper to her sister Frances Bere, 1863 - 1888 (File F21)

Detailed letters, usually intended to be circulated among family in England. They refer to voyage to New Zealand in 1864-65, family news, social events, travels, Church affairs and English news...

Newspaper cuttings, 1897 (File F24)

Newspaper reviews of Arthur P. Harper. Pioneer work in the Alps of New Zealand, 1897...

Reminiscences of Joanna Harper, c. 1901 (File F25)

Reminiscences by Joanna Harper of her children: Arthur P. Harper (b. 1865), C. Coleridge Harper (b. 1866), Leonard L. Harper (1868-1897), Clara A.C. Harper (b. 1870), Henry T.A. Harper (b. 1872), John E.T. Harper (b. 1874), Reginald T. Harper (b. 1876), Joanna D. Harper (b. 1879), Joan A. Harper (b. 1883)...

Reminiscences of Joanna Harper, c. 1902 (File F26)

Reminiscences by Joanna Harper covering period 1895-1902...

Photograph of Joanna Harper, c. 1900 (File F28)


Fonds 2862M. Papers of Acland and Anson Families, May 1884 - 26 January 1885

Series F. Family, May 1884 - 26 January 1885

Subseries F452-91. Letters to Agnes Acland, daughter of Sir Thomas Acland, 11th Baronet, May 1884 - 26 January 1885

Filmed selectively.

William Acland (New Caledonia) to Agnes Acland, May 1884 (File F.481)

Family news; cruise of Miranda; hopes it can visit Christchurch; music lessons.

A.D. Acland (Wellington) to Agnes Acland, 8 August 1884 (File F482)

News from England; friends in Wellington.

Mary Acland (Orari Gorge) to Agnes Acland, 26 January 1885 (File F484)

Family news; books; music.

Fonds 51/12. Acland Papers, 30 August 1851 - 1894

Series 51/12/1. Correspondence, 30 August 1851 - 3 October 1854

Filmed selectively.

T. Tancred (Cirencester) to Acland, 30 August 1851 (File 8)

Legal matters; plans for emigrating to New Zealand; pasturage licence at Canterbury.

T. Tancred to Acland, 5 October 1852 (File 10)

Requests Acland be executor to will; appointment of D. Daly as Governor of New Zealand (sic); rapid progress of N.Z.

J.B. Acland (Teignmouth) to Sir Thomas Acland, 26 September 1854 (File 113)

Travel arrangements; has heard criticisms of soil at Canterbury.

J.B. Acland to Sir Thomas Acland, 3 October 1854 (File 116)

Delays in departure; lists cabin passengers on Royal Stuart; books.

J.B. Acland to Sir Thomas Acland, n.d. (File 126)

Interview with New Zealand farmer.

Series 51/12/4. Correspondence, 1 September 1856 - 1894

Filmed selectively.

J.B. Acland (Christchurch) to T. Acland, 1 September 1856 (File 9)

Congratulations on engagement.

J.B. Acland and Emily Acland (Christchurch, Rangitata, Dunedin, Wellington) to Sir Thomas and Lady Acland, 1880 - 1894 (File 58-96)

Subjects include family news, farming, education, protectionism in New Zealand, Sir Julius Vogel, Irish Home Rule, Church-State relations, financial matters, New Zealand property tax, New Zealand politics, visit to England (1892), female suffrage, death of Bishop H.J.C. Harper (1893).