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Collection Summary

Roth, George Kingsley
Papers of George Kingsley Roth (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1872 - 1959
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110 items
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Scope and Contents

Correspondence 1872-1959, notes, photographs, off-prints, book reviews relating to society and culture, including language, administration, totemism, ceremonies, housing, kava ceremonies, music and art. Correspondents include A.B. Brewstar, Lorimer Fison, Edward W. Gifford, Harry Wright, J.B. Thurston and Robert Swanston.

The material is roughly sorted by subject. In addition to subject title, name files carry a reference to G.K. Roth's copy of British Association, Notes and Queries in Anthropology, 1874; these are omitted in this list. Some of the material is in Fijian.

Box 11 contains papers collected by Adolph B. Brewster (1854-1937), son of Paul and Ellen Lowe Joske (nee Brewster) of Suva, Fiji, member of the Fijian Colonial Service, and author of The Hill Tribes of Fiji, 1922.

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Archival History

Filmed as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1992 (AJCP Reel: M2780-M2793). Original microfilm digitised as part of the NLA AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

Cambridge University Library. West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DR, England.

Collection Reference: ADD 8780. For further information, see Cambridge University Library (

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Anthropologists; Brewster, A.B.; Fiji: life and customs; Fison, Lorimer, Rev.; Gifford, Edward W.; Roth, George K.; Swanston, Robert; Thurston, Sir John B.; Wright, Harry


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 391, pp.148-149.

Biographical / Historical

George Kingsley Roth (1903-1960). Anthropologist and administrator in Fiji 1920s and 1930s. Secretary for Fijian Affairs, 1954-1957. Hon. Keeper of Fijian Collection, Cambridge University Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology, 1958-1960. Author, Fijian Way of Life, Melbourne, 1953 (2nd ed., 1973). For a bibliography of G.K. Roth's writings, see P.A. Snow, A Bibliography of Fiji, Tonga and Rotuma, Australian National University Press, Canberra, 1969. G.K. Roth's thesis 'Modern Fiji - changes in Native Custom' (M.Sc. Cantab., 1937) is available in the University Library.

Item Descriptions

Series ADD 8780. G.K. Roth Papers

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reels M2780-M2793.

Language, c.1936 (File 1. Box 1)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, off-prints and book reviews.

Includes: Letter 10 February 1936 from A.B. Brewster (Exmouth) to Col. Hayter, re gift of his principal notes to Roth; G.K. Roth's notes on Fijian words (by subject).

(c. 130p.)

Fijian Culture: General, c.1886-1930 (File 2. Box 1)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, articles, off-prints and extracts.

Includes: List of questions and answers re Fijians for the information of H.M. Administrator, 15 January 1886; letter 8 November 1930 from District Commissioner (Navua) to G. K. Roth, re examinations in Fijian customs.

(c. 113p.)

Medicine/Surgery (File 4. Box 1)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, photographs.


Tatuing and Cicatrization, c.1915 (File 5. Box 1)

Comprises: Correspondence, survey, notes, photographs, design sketches.

Includes: Two letters 3 August 1915 and undated from Anatole von Hugel (Cambridge) to Colman Wall, Fiji Museum (Suva).

(c. 90p.)

Sources of Photographs R.R.W. (File 6. Box 1)

Comprises: Correspondence re photographs sent by G.K. Roth to Department of Social Anthropology and London School of Economics for teaching purposes, and lists of photographs.

(c. 105p.)

Social Life of the Individual (File 7. Box 1)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, press cuttings, photographs and off-prints.

Subjects include: Death by spell, cleansing ceremony after burials, baptism, abortion, man-eating sharks in Suva Harbour and elsewhere.

(c. 105p.)

Fiji Administration (File 8. Box 1)

Comprises: Printed Legislative Council papers and related papers, including Governors' minutes (copy) and notes on native administration elsewhere for comparison; correspondence; off-prints and book reviews.

(c. 390p.)

Fiji/ Sociological, c.1956 (File 10. Box 2)

Comprises: Lists of 'yavusa' and 'mataqali' prepared for Native Lands Commission census, 1956; off-prints on Fijian land and anthropology.

(c. 435p.)

Pacific/ Sociological, c.1958 (File 11. Box 2)

Comprises: Abstracts, notes and off-prints on totemism and other customs in Melanesia and Polynesia.

Includes: Notes from Rivers manuscripts; printed notes on practice of the Land and Titles Court of Western Samoa in hearing of cases affecting Samoan Matai titles, and land held according to customs and usage of Western Samoa, July 1958.

(c. 300p.)

History and Myth (File 12. Box 2)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes and off-prints.


Reckoning and Measurement (File 13. Box 2)

Comprises: Miscellaneous notes and T.S. article 'The Names of the months in former times' by Malakai Navatu, ex-Mbuli of Mboumbutho, undated.


Land (File 14. Box 2)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes and off-print.

Includes: Copy of letter 11 January 1916 from Bonar Law to 'Officer administering the government of Fiji' re ownership of land not occupied at time of Cession; notes on custom regarding land, made by L.S. for F.R. Charlton on latter's appointment as Chairman of Native Lands Commission, undated.

(c. 110p.)

Standards of Spelling, c.1932-1950 (File 15. Box 2)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes on miscellaneous topics and off-prints.

Includes: Letter 18 November 1932 from F.W. Caine & Co., photographers (Suva) to G.K. Roth re reproduction of photographs; letter 6 December 1933 from R.D. Furse (London) to G.K. Roth re re-imbursement for obtaining gramophone records of Fijian songs, etc.; letter 16 October 1937 from G.K. Roth (London) to Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office re publication of his M.Sc. thesis and reply 10 March 1938; letter 9 December 1939 from T.K. Penniman, Curator, Pitt Rivers Museum (Oxford) to G.K. Roth thanking him for specimens of Fijian work and mentioning 'Our appreciation of the work of your uncle in Australia'; letter 17 January 1940 from A.C. Haddon (Cambridge) to G.K. Roth re latter's return to Fiji; letter 31 August 1950 from Raymond Firth, London School of Economics thanking him for photographs to be used in teaching [see File Sources of Photographs R.R.W.].


Bau Island (File 16. Box 2)

Comprises: Miscellaneous notes, c. 70 photographs and off-print.

(c. 110p.)

Replies to Questionnaires, c.1957 (File 18. Box 3)

Comprises: Replies in Fijian to questionnaires circulated to 'Bulis' re material culture of Fiji (some pencil); letter 26 June 1957 from Josua Ratu (Kawaga, Labasa) to G.K. Roth concerning response of a Fijian chief to the questionnaire.

(c. 113p.)

Fiji and Pacific/ Plants, Birds, Marine, c.1923-1947 (File 19. Box 3)

Comprises: Correspondence, photographs, notes and off-prints.

Includes: Letter 20 February 1947 from Reverend E.C. Bucknill (St. Briavel's Glos.) to G.K. Roth re introduction of certain fauna to Fiji, with reply 29 September 1947 and associated correspondence; long anonymous letter 12 November 1923 addressed 'Dear Folks', Suva re fauna of Oceania (35p.).

(c. 400p.)

Deed of Cession/ Native Administration, c.1874-1951 (File 20. Box 3)

Comprises: Notes, photographs and off-prints.

Includes: List of Fijian signatories to instrument of Cession, 1874; photographs of Fijian dignitaries, undated with attempted index of names [5]; draft memo by Secretary for Fijian Affairs on ownership of Yagasu cluster of islands, Lau, undated; article on Fijian administrative history showing how, and to what extent, undertakings given by the British Government in 1874 were implemented on lines of Fijian custom, undated [? G.K. Roth, 1950s]; printed syllabus of course of lectures, Evolution of Government in Fiji, given at University of Sydney by G.C. Henderson, Emeritus Professor of History, Adelaide, undated [c. 1880]; heavily annotated and amended copy of 'Native Administration in Fiji during the past 75 Years', G.K. Roth, Royal Anthropological Institute, Occasional Paper, no. 10, 1951.

(c. 155p.)

Early Native Administration, c.1957-1958 (File 21. Box 3)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes and photographs (faded).

Includes: List of Governors of Fiji 1874-1958; papers relating to cession including The Story of Cession by R.A. Derrick, 1957 (printed) and Historical Notes to Explain the Special Session Display at the Fiji Museum, 1957 (printed); paper re proposed purchase of Yagasau cluster, Lau, 1957 [see file 'Deed of Cession']; letter October 1955 from G.K. Roth (Suva) to Professor J.W. Davidson, Australian National University, Canberra re place names on North West cost of Bua and an individual named Takai; letter 22 March 1957 from David Griffiths, District Officer (Southern Vunidawa) to G.K. Roth re extension of story related by A.B. Brewster in The Hill Tribes of Fiji with G.K. Roth's reply 5 April; report on corporate punishment from the Fijian angle, undated; G.K. Roth's notes labelled 'material to be added where appropriate to a re-written version of Early Native Administration'.

(c. 160p.)

Fiji/ Official Reports, c.1945-1953 (File 22. Box 3)

Comprises: Various printed reports and two notebooks compiled by Lindsay Verrier, Medical Officer (Cakandrove) on the registration of Fijians and methods used in the child welfare registry, 1945, with statement by Verrier on credibility of Fijian mothers' declared ages on birth certificates, 18 January 1953.

(c. 295p.)

Industrial: Sugar, Copra, Bananas, Gold, c.1948 (File 23. Box 4)

Comprises: 46 photographs relating to these industries, most endorsed but undated.

Includes: Emperor Goldmine, Fiji, July 1948.

Communications, c.1940s-1950s (File 24. Box 4)

Comprises: 10 photographs of trains, launch, canoe, aeroplane and roads, most endorsed, some dated 1940s and 1950s.

Includes: Free train, Lautoka, Fiji; undated, and M.V. Andi Mbeti at Levuka, October 1945.

Suva, c.1946 (File 25. Box 4)

Comprises: 24 photographs of buildings, harbour, etc., most endorsed but undated.

Includes: Main Government officers, January 1946; Victoria Parade and G.P.O., pre and post-1946.

Coastal, c.1944 (File 26. Box 4)

Comprises: 51 photographs of scenic areas, some endorsed, but most undated.

Includes: Lau archipelago, Rotuma Island, Kandaua, Mbengga Island; also Makongai Leper Hospital and Ndalithe Bay, May 1944.

Inland, c.1949 (File 27. Box 4)

Comprises: 49 photographs of scenery, some endorsed and dated, e.g. 'Nandurulonlou as it was in 1876. Taken by Captain Stewart, RE.'; Fiji Publicity Board booklet (photographic) c. 1949 (printed).


Firewalking, c.1934-1952 (File 28. Box 4)

Comprises: Correspondence, photographs, off-prints.

Includes: Correspondence with Dr Harry Wright (Philadelphia) 1949-1952; letter 14 January 1935 from E.S. Thomas, Pitt Rivers Museum to G.K. Roth enclosing article on 'The Fire Walk', Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, part 138, vol. XLII, December 1934 with G.K.R's reply 8 August 1936; 12 photographs of firewalkers, all undated.

(c. 62p.)

Womens' Customs, undated (File 29. Box 4)

Comprises: Detailed replies to a questionnaire re childbirth, midwifery and associated local customs, written by a health sister.

(c. 100p.)

Fijians (1) (File 30. Box 4)

Comprises: 60 photographs of individuals, families and groups, some endorsed and dated.

Includes: Council groups, dance groups and work groups (e.g. banana packing); Professor G.C. Henderson with Fijians.

Fijians (2), c.1938 (File 31. Box 4)

Comprises: c. 215 photographs of individuals and groups, some endorsed and dated.

Includes: Police, soldiers in World War II, teams in football match Fiji v. New Zealand (Maoris), August 1938.

Sources of Information, c.1885-1957 (File 32. Box 4)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, photographs and off-prints.

Includes: List (in Fijian) of Fijian property sent to London for exhibition, 1885; copies of notes on Fijian Ethnographical Collection compiled by G.K. Roth for Trustees of Museum, 1931, with covering letter 10 June 1932 from G.K. Roth (Fiji) to Mr Hodson enclosing original notes and referring to G.K. Roth's efforts to refund the Museum, his subsequent decision to sever connections with it and send his collections to Cambridge; letter 30 December 1955 from Hon. Secretary, Board of Trustees, Fiji Museum to G.K. Roth acknowledging gift of some Brewster papers; correspondence November 1956 - July 1957 with the Mitchell Library, New South Wales re source material for Fiji.

(c. 122p.)

Tourist Pamphlets on Fiji, c.1944 (File 33. Box 4)

Comprises: 4 photographs, 1944 and undated, re military activity in Fiji, and tourist brochures.

(c. 45p.)

Councils of Chiefs, c.1956 (File 34. Box 4)

Comprises: Correspondence, photographs and reports.

Includes: Correspondence August - December 1956 G.K. Roth and Librarian, Colonial Office re search for early copies of reports of Fiji Council of Chiefs.

(c. 215p.)

Tambua, c.1913-1938 (File 35. Box 5)

Comprises: Correspondence, draft articles and off-prints.

Includes: Letter 7 June 1913 from D. Toganivalu (Nabouwalu) to K.L. Allardyce, Commissioner of Natives re material used for tambua before whales teeth; letter 21 July 1913 (copy) A.W. Brewster (Torquay) to Director, British Museum (Natural History) re identification of Fijian flower, the wood of which was used in early times for making tambua, with associated correspondence; 'Fiji: Tambua', G.K. Roth, reprint from Ethnographic Cranmorensis, privately circulated by the Granmore Ethnological Museum, Chislehurst, Kent, 1938.

(c. 145p.)

Presentation of Tambua, c.1955 (File 36. Box 5)

Comprises: Notes and photographs.

Includes: Programme and draft reports of ceremony of welcome to Lady Garvey by ladies of Bau, 27 January 1955; c. 90 photographs and illustrations of presentation ceremonies.

(c. 140p.)

Historical Occasions, c.1876-1945 (File 37. Box 5)

Comprises: 33 photographs of special occasions, some endorsed and dated.

Includes: Sir Arthur Gordon, A.D.C. and Governor of Fiji, 1876; Sir John Thurston and a cannibal, undated (2 copies); Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II with Queen Salote, undated; various presentation of Yaguna ceremonies, undated; Sir Alexander Grantham presenting the Victoria Cross to father of late Corporal Sukanaivalu (Suva) 6 February 1945.

Presentation of Property, c.1944 (File 38. Box 5)

Comprises of notes and photographs.

Includes: c. 43 photographs of various items for presentation, and ceremonies e.g. presentation of mats to Fijians of Ra province on return from active service, Nanakuloa, Ra, August 1944.

(c. 45p.)

Chiefly Ceremonies, c.1942-1957 (File 39. Box 5)

Comprises of notes and photographs.

Includes: Note on programme of visit to Bau Island by Sir Cosmo Parkinson 12 June 1945; notes of lecture and discussion on Fijian Chiefly Customs by G.K. Roth, 24 August 1942; 24 photographs of various ceremonial occasions, including presentation of food, yagona and tabua at Government House, May 1957.

(c. 125p.)

Sources of Photographs (General), c.1940-1952 (File 39. Box 5)

Comprises of correspondence and notes.

Includes: Correspondence April 1949 - February 1952 between G.K.N. and White's Aviation Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand re reproduction of photographs; pages from G.K. Roth's diary September - October 1940 re visit to Lau, and, February 1941 re hurricane; list of illustrations for G.K. Roth's M.Sc. thesis.

(c. 35p.)

Food and Drink, c.1956-1957 (File 41. Box 5)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes and photographs.

Includes: Letter 24 October 1957 (copy) from N.J. Guest, Senior Geologist to G.K. Roth re analysis of salts and brines; notes on salt, 12 October 1956; c. 40 photographs, mostly endorsed, showing food e.g. taro, being prepared and eaten.

(c. 90p.)

Presentation of Food, c.1895-c.1932 (File 42. Box 5)

Comprises: Notes and photographs.

Includes: Note on method of accepting food, G.K. Roth, 1932; c. 85 photographs, mostly endorsed but undated, of food for presentation e.g. pyramids of bananas on occasion of a marriage in Rewa village, 1895.

(c. 90p.)

Kava: The Plant (File 43. Box 5)

Includes: 20 photographs, mostly endorsed, of various presentations of yagona root (from which kava is produced).


Kava Ceremony (1), c.1934-1956 (File 44. Box 5)

Comprises: Correspondence and notes.

Includes: 'Fijian Yangona Bowls and Cups', A.B. Brewster, 20 February 1934; part of letter 22 May 1956 from M.M. Townsend (Vila, New Hebrides) re kava in New Hebrides.

(c. 62p.)

Kava Ceremony (2) (File 45. Box 5)

Comprises: c. 108 photographs, some endorsed, of preparing and offering kava.

Circumcision, c.1854-1956 (File 46. Box 6)

Comprises: Note of statement on circumcision given by Malakai Navatu of Nabobuco to A.B. Brewster, September 1894, with translation by Jonati Mavoa, February 1956 (2 copies, 1 amended); notes from MacGillivray manuscript, Moala, September 1854.


Clothing, c.1876 (File 47. Box 6)

Comprises: Photographs and notes re mens' and womens' dress.

Includes: c. 76 photographs, some endorsed of old Fijian and ceremonial dress, including reproductions of sketches by Arthur Gordon, 1876.

(c. 100p.)

Permanent houses (1), c.1956 (File 48. Box 6)

Comprises: Notes, extracts and references re design and building of Fijian houses.

Includes: letter 6 November 1956 (copy) G.K. Roth to Ulaisi Vosabalavu (Bau, Taileru) re tanoa for use at the ceremonial house at Lawaqa.

(c. 60p.)

Permanent houses (2) (File 49. Box 6)

Comprises: c. 122 photographs and illustrations, some endorsed, showing design, construction and decoration of houses in various parts of Fiji.

Arrangement of Houses in Villages (File 50. Box 6)

Comprises: c. 92 photographs and illustrations, some endorsed, of various sites.

Includes: Some aerial photographs.

Housebuilding (File 51. Box 6)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, photographs and drafts.

Includes: c. 52 photographs and illustrations, mostly endorsed, showing house building work, in progress; 2 copies of chapter on house building from G.K. Roth's M.Sc. thesis (one with original photographs).

(c. 150p.)

Personal Ornaments, c.1956-1957 (File 52. Box 6)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes and photographs.

Includes: Letter 12 January 1956 (copy) from G.K. Roth to Curator, Fiji Museum (Suva) re loan of breastplates to Museum; letter 25 October 1957 from John Parham, Department of Agriculture (Suva) to G.K. Roth re identification of palm at Government House, endorsed by G.K. Roth 'use of sunshade/fly whisk, sign of social status, therefore, personal ornament'; c. 52 photographs, some endorsed, of objects used in personal adornment.

(c. 100p.)

Personal Enhancement (File 53. Box 6)

Comprises: Notes and chapter 4 from G.K. Roth's dissertation on anthropology, including original photographs.

(c. 74p.)

Caves, c.1921-1934 (File 54. Box 6)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes and photographs.

Includes: List of party to explore Kalabu cave, 20 June 1921; letter 11 November 1934 Charles Longdale (Korowaiwai Station, Namosi Province) to G.K. Roth enclosing photograph of Namado cave.


Dances (File 55. Box 6)

Comprises: Photographs, some endorsed and dated, and notes.

Includes: Photographs of gesture dance, mens' club dance, and womens' club dance.

(c. 65p.)

Fire/ Cooking (File 56. Box 6)

Comprises of notes and photographs, some endorsed.

(c. 37p.)

Hair Dressing/ Skin Decoration, c.1957 (File 57. Box 7)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes and photographs.

Includes: Correspondence 4-11 September 1957 G.K. Roth with Christopher Legge (Northern Division, Labasa) re photographs of girls with tobe plait; c. 55 photographs, some endorsed, of hairstyles and wigs, some of early Fijians.

(c. 95p.)

Gongs, c.1959 (File 58. Box 7)

Comprises: Correspondence and notes.

Includes: Letter 22 July 1959, George Milner (Apia, Western Samoa) to G.K. Roth giving information on wooden gongs in Samoa.

(c. 51 p.)

Noseflutes and Stamping Tubes, c.1957 (File 59. Box 7)

Comprises: Correspondence and notes.

Includes: Correspondence July - October 1957 re G.K. Roth's attempts to record a noseflute player.

(c. 80p.)

Singing (File 60. Box 7)

Comprises of notes and references.

(c. 23p.)

Ethnomusicology, c.1958 (File 61. Box 7)

Comprises: Notes, correspondence, newscuttings and off-prints.

Includes: Manual for field workers, 1958.

(c. 90p.)

Recorded Songs (File 62. Box 7)

Comprises: Notes, lists, transcripts of words and some correspondence.

(c. 165p.)

Songs, c.1955-1956 (File 63. Box 7)

Comprises: Notes, correspondence and transcripts of words.

Includes: Song 'Sir Father Owl' or 'Ra Lulu' written down and translated by A.B. Brewster; Fiji Broadcasting Commission scripts, 'Ceremonies for lifting of mourning, Lakeba', July 1955 and 'A Trip to the Yasawas', March 1956.

(c. 205p.)

Musical Instruments, c.1959 (File 64. Box 7)

Comprises: Notes, letter and photographs, mostly endorsed.

Includes: Letter 8 January 1959 from Ernest S. Dodge, Director, Peabody Museum (Salem, Mass.) to G.K. Roth enclosing sketch of Jew's harp [sketch wanting]; c. 68 photographs and illustrations of instruments, many in use.

(c. 90p.)

Excavations, c.1947-1955 (File 65. Box 7)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, tracings and off-prints.

Includes: 13 letters May 1947 - April 1955 from Professor Edward W. Gifford (Fiji and University of California, Berkeley) to G.K. Roth re his excavation works in Fiji and elsewhere, with associated papers.

(c. 45p.)

Terracing (File 66. Box 7)

Comprises of notes and photographs re terracing for irrigation.


Stone Monuments, c.1895-1916 (File 67. Box 7)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, drafts and photographs.

Includes: Letter 5 January 1895 (copy by G.K. Roth September 1950) from Lorimer Fison (Melbourne) to Baron von Hugel; letter 26 March 1915 from Coleman Wall, Curator, Fiji Museum (Suva) to Baron von Hugel with drawings of 3 sacred stones for Cambridge Museum, by Mr Mclntoch; letter 2 June 1916 from Baron von Hugel to Coleman Wall; c. 32 photographs, some endorsed, and illustrations of stones in Fiji Museum and in situ.


Games and Amusements (File 68. Box 7)

Comprises: Notes and photographs.


Rock Drawings, c.1919-1949 (File 69. Box 7)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, photographs and off-prints.

Includes: Letter 12 May 1919 from H. Monkton (Lawaga) to Curator, Fiji Museum; letter 13 July 1937 from H.J. Braunholtz, Department of Oriental Antiquities and Ethnography, British Museum to A. Armstrong, Colonial Secretary's Office (Suva); correspondence December 1948 - May 1949 re stone carvings at Dakinuba; c. 32 photographs, mostly endorsed.

(c. 80p.)

Pottery (File 70. Box 8)

Comprises: Notes, drafts and photographs.

Includes: Draft article, anon., on pottery-making at Naudroga; c. 90 photographs, mostly endorsed, of pots and pottery-making.

(c. 155p.)

Pottery, General (1), c.1930 (File 71. Box 8)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, drafts, off-prints and photographs.

Includes: Letter 7 November 1930 from Stuart [?] Bean (Likuri Island) to G.K. Roth containing information on other subjects, e.g. tattooing and rock paintings; draft of chapter 3 of G.K. Roth's dissertation, with original photographs; c. 30 photographs, some endorsed, of pots and pottery making.

(c. 180p.)

Pottery - Yanuga (File 72. Box 8)

Comprises of notes and c. 30 photographs.

(c. 60p.)

Pottery - Qoma (File 73. Box 8)

Comprises of notes and c. 20 photographs.

(c. 30p.)

Pottery - Rewa (File 74. Box 8)

Comprises of notes, drafts and c. 35 photographs.

(c. 50p.)

Matting (File 75. Box 8)

Comprises of notes and 7 photographs, endorsed.


Tools and Mechanisms (File 76. Box 8)

Comprises of notes, photographs and off-prints.


Weapons, c.1957 (File 77. Box 8)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, photographs and off-print.

Includes: 2 letters (copies) 18 January 1957 from G.K. Roth to 2 'Ratus' asking for information on Fijian names of clubs and spears; 15 photographs, mostly endorsed.

(c. 70p.)

Basketry (File 78. Box 8)

Comprises of notes and photographs.

(c. 35p.)

Fishing (1), c.1958 (File 79. Box 8)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes and photographs.

Includes: Letter 17 October 1958 from Ian [?] to G.K. Roth re fishing and sale of G.K. Roth's fan; 27 photographs and illustrations, mostly endorsed.

(c. 62p.)

Fishing (2), c.1935 (File 80. Box 8)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, maps and off-print.

Includes: Letter 7 February 1935 from G.K. Roth (Naitonitoni, Fiji) to his mother re visit of Duke of Gloucester to Fiji, including report on a firewalk and fish drive (10p.).

(c. 275p.)

Strings/Nets/Knots (File 81. Box 9)

Comprises: Notes, illustration and photographs, endorsed.


Transport, Land/Water (1) and (2), c.1932-1933 (File 82. Box 9)

Comprises: Correspondence, photographs, notes and press cutting.

Includes: 2 letters 28 September 1932 (London) and 22 September 1933 (St. Leonards-on-Sea) from James Hornell to G.K. Roth re sailing craft and canoes; c. 102 photographs, some endorsed.

(c. 136p.)

Woodworking (File 83. Box 9)

Comprises: Notes and photographs, endorsed.

(c. 49p.)

Fortified Sites, c.1921 (File 84. Box 9)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes and photographs.

Includes: Letter 25 July 1921, G. Garrick (Nabonono, Taviani) to Bernard Wall re limestone axe head, and native village sites known to him.


Pottery - Ra/Bua, c.1922 (File 85. Box 9)

Comprises: Correspondence, notes and photograph.

Includes: Letter 14 December 1922 from A.B. Brewster to Baron von Hugel re braziers used on canoes.


Pottery - Kadavu (File 86. Box 9)

Comprises: Notes, drafts and photographs.

(21 p.)

Pottery – Malolo (File 87. Box 9)

Comprises of c. 43 photographs.

Bark Cloth (1), c.1933 (File 88. Box 9)

Comprises: Correspondence, off-prints, illustrations, notes and photographs, most endorsed.

Includes: Letter 1 February 1933 from A.B. Brewster (Torquay) to 'my very dutiful Nephew' thanking him for a collection of photographs, giving information from memory about Fiji, and family news.

(c. 140p.)

Bark Cloth (2) (File 89. Box 9)

Comprises: Notes, photographs, most endorsed, draft and off-prints.

Includes: Notebook on 'Masi' or Fijian native cloth; chapter 1 'Bark Cloth' of G.K. Roth's dissertation with original photographs.

(c. 200p.)

Subseries B. A.B. Brewster Papers

A.B. Brewster Papers (19p.) (File B1. Box 11)
Note on papers deposited [where?] by G.K. Roth, June 1937 (Item)
Scripts of two legends from Samoa and Rotuma, probably by A.P. Maudsley, 1880s., c.1880s (Item)
Papers re Englishmen in Barkley Prison [possibly] Mauritius, 1872 (Item)
A.B. Brewster Papers: Booklet,The International Status of Fiji, Charles St. Julian, Sidney, 1872 (File B2. Box 11)

Presented to Lieutenant J.N. Martin, R.N. by John B. Thurston, 16 August 1873, with annotations and photographs inserted by J.B. Thurston. (25p.)

A.B. Brewster Papers (15p.) (File B3. Box 11)
Notes on Maafu's account of British annexation of Fiji, by C.R. Swayne, undated (Item)
Notes [? by C.R. Swayne] On early Fijian history and Maafu, 6 September 1880 (Item)
Travelling notes [? of C.R. Swayne], Leketa, 5 February 1880 (Item)
Memorandum by C.R. Swayne, 20 November 1890 (Item)

Re Vunisewa and Lakeba, early history.


A.B. Brewster Papers (35p.) (File B4. Box 11)
Annotated printed list of dates of principal occurrences in Fiji, 1817 - 1874 (Item)
Papers re Royal Commission and legal affairs in Fiji, including letter 6 January 1872 from R.W. Hamilton (Levuka) to R.S. Swanston, 1872 - 1873 (Item)
Papers, including affidavit and declaration by E.H. Turpin concerning native affairs and Sir J.B. Thurston, 1895 (35p.), 1895 (Item)
A.B. Brewster Papers (c.58p.) (File B5. Box 11)
Notes on pre-European history of Fiji, probably by E.J. Turpin, 1796 - 1867 (Item)
Brief account of instructions given by Sir Hercules Robinson to R.S. Swanston on Board H.M.S. Pearl when leaving Fiji for Sydney, after annexation [? by E.J. Turpin] (Item)
Notes on Fijian chiefs, by E.J. Turpin (Item)
Pencil note re natives working on government plantations, with note by J. Roth 'I think this is in Sir Arthur Gordon's handwriting', undated (Item)
Museum label for war club from Fawn Harbour, Vanua Levu, 1862 (Item)
A.B. Brewster Papers: 'History of the Pacific' by a European settler in the New Hebrides, undated [probably 1880s] (File B6. Box 11)

Islands in New Hebrides are described individually, including Annatam Island (account of J. Paddon, his farm, trading and whaling ventures) and Tanna (mention of Captain Cook's visit, notes on anchorages, ships and crews lost); entries 8 October -18 December 1883 list local events, including deaths of natives.

(c. 90p.)

A.B. Brewster Papers (c.56p.) (File B7. Box 11)
2 Letters 20 February 1894 and undated, from J.B. Thurston, Government House (Fiji) to E.J. Turpin re Turpin's request for information for publication of a book on Fijian pioneers (Item)
Autobiographical account of life of R.S. Swanston, undated [? for Turpin's book on Fijian pioneers] (Item)
Autobiographical account of life of [? G.R. Burt], for Turpin's book on Fijian pioneers, October 1894 (Item)
Letter from G. Gerrish (Lakeba) to C.R. Swayne re Fijian affairs since Swayne left., 12 February 1914 (Item)
A.B. Brewster Papers (75p.) (File B8. Box 11)
Account in Fijian by Solomon Islanders of their kidnapping on the Carl, undated (Item)
Letter from R.S. Swanston (Sydney) to Langham re his actions in Fiji, 14 April 1875 (Item)
Legend of the hot springs at Nasarusavu Vanua Levu script by William Sutherland, 2 March 1887 (Item)
2 Declarations in Fijian, 1876 - 1877 (Item)
Account of Diamond Jubilee of Fiji Times by A.B. Brewster (2 copies), 1930 (Item)
Account of Chatsworth and the Fijian Islands, by A.B. Brewster, undated (Item)
Legend, 'Tabiria's Family' (2 copies) (Item)
Account of Easter at Nadarivatu hill station, by Jay Bird, undated (Item)
'Island Reminiscences' by G.E.L. Westbrook, undated (Item)
Opening speech of the Administrator at the Annual Meeting of Chiefs at Tavuki, Kadavu, 4 May 1885, Suva Times, 9 May 1885 (Item)
Notes from statement by Henry Miller (Maafu's assistant and interpreter) at Court House Levua Levua, 18 June 1913 (Item)
A.B. Brewster Papers (c.58p.) (File B9. Box 11)
Papers on Nanga rites, including folder entitled 'Papers handed to me by A.B. Brewster in 1937. G.K.R.' (Item)
Off-print 'The Nauga of Viti-Levu', Internationales Archiv fur Ethnographie, Bd. II, 1889. With letter and copy 5 January 1895 from Lorimer Fison (Melbourne, Victoria) to Baron von Hugel, commenting on the article (Item)
Papers on Lau in folder endorsed 'Mostly from Swayne, a former stipendiary magistrate in Lau (via A.B.B.) (Item)
A.B. Brewster Papers (c.90p.) (File B10. Box 11)
2 Letters from Aborigines Protection Society (London) to E.J. Turpin re threats by Turpin, 18 September 1896; 14 October 1896 (Item)
3 Letters from Robert Swanston to E.J. Turpin and his wife re various local affairs, 15 March, 10 April, 10 June 1896 (Item)
6 Letters from William Tillingham Parr (London) to Turpin, his wife and Swanston re native policy in Fiji, January 1890 - August 1896 (Item)
Various accounts of events and anecdotes, probably collected by E.J. Turpin, for his proposed book on pioneers in Fiji, 5 April 1882; 1857; 1840; 1924 (Item)

Includes: Swayne's account, 5 April 1882, of an incident at Naivuki c. 1857; notes [? by A.B. Brewster] on Captain Bully Hayes, killed on board the Lenora, undated; notes on Jimmy the Devil, escaped convict in Fiji and Tonga, who led the Tongan attack on H.M.S. Favourite in 1840, undated; draft article, 'The Obsequies of a Dynasty - the Tui Kamba' by B. Glanville Cornay, February 1924

A.B. Brewster Papers: papers relating to the Germans in the South Seas (138p.) (File B11. Box 11)

Especially the exploits of Graf von Luckner's exploits in the Seeadler during World War I, including extract from von Luckner's own narrative.

A.B. Brewster Papers: Field notebook of A.B. Brewster (c.78p.), 1894 - 1895 (File B12. Box 11)

Includes names of villages visited on tour.

A.B. Brewster Papers: article on Fijian bowls and cups by A.B. Brewster (18p.), 20 February 1934 (File B13. Box 11)

(3 copies)

A.B. Brewster Papers (24p.) (File B14. Box 11)
Part of letter from [? Baron von Hugel] to Maudslay (Fiji) re his work and journey from Samoa, 10 September 1922 (Item)
Correspondence between A.B. Brewster (Torquay), Mrs Lock (Cambridge) and University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (8 letters), February 1931 (Item)
Extracts from Museum Committee Minutes, 1928-1934, 1928 (Item)
Travelling notes on Cicia, by [? A.B. Brewster], 10 August 1878 (Item)
Notes on turtle fishing by C.R. Swayne, 28 September 1882 (Item)
Particulars of Ono obtained from Bali Oni at Lakeba [? A.B. Brewster], 30 March 1893 (Item)
Miscellaneous notes on Fijian, Samoan and Tongan peoples (Item)
A.B. Brewster Papers (15p.) (File B15. Box 11)
5 Government Gazettes, 1874 - 1875 (Item)
Vocabulary from Funafuti Island, undated (Item)