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Series. Papers of Charles Jenkinson, 1st Earl of Liverpool, 1785 - 1803

Subseries Add MS 38191-38196. Letters from English statesmen, 1791 - 1792

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Volume III, 1791 - 1792 (File Add MS 38192)
W. Pitt to Hawkesbury, 5 February 1791 (Item ff.79-80)

Meeting to discuss trade with north west coast of America.

W. Pitt to Hawkesbury, 7 April 1792 (Item ff.87-88)

Meeting to discuss southern whale fishery.

Subseries Add MS 38197-38236. Official Correspondence, 1785 - 1803

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Volume XXIX, 1785 (File Add MS 38218)
W. Pitt to Jenkinson, 9 December 1785 (Item ff.344-45)

Matters referred to Board of Trade, including renewal of bounties for southern whale fishery.

Volume XXX, 1786 (File Add MS 38219)
N. Smith to Jenkinson, April 1786 (Item f.80)

Rights of whalers in Pacific.

Volume XXXI, September 1786 (File Add MS 38220)
W. Richardson to Hawkesbury, 8 September 1786 (Item ff.11-14)

Encloses paper on increased price of Russian hemp; shipowners wish to purchase hemp from naval dockyards.

R. Campbell to Hawkesbury, 20 September 1786 (Item f.78)

Proposes free emigration to New Holland; his experience in West Indies would make him useful adviser to settlers.

J. Mitchell to Hawkesbury, 21 September 1786 (Item ff.81-82)

High price of Russian hemp; need to promote growth of hemp in other countries.

Volume XXXIV, April 1788 - August 1788 (File Add MS 38223)
S. Green (Liverpool) to Hawkesbury, 21 April 1788 (Item ff.39-40)

Objections to Bill for encouraging southern whale fishery.

J. Morison to Hawkesbury, 23 August 1788 (Item ff.149-51)

Encloses extract of dividends of Dutch East India Co., 1605-1728.

Volume XXXV, 1789 (File Add MS 38224)
Capt. J. Blankett to Hawkesbury, 19 May 1789 (Item ff.128-31)

Encloses extract from letter of J. Matra on establishment of penal settlement at Madagascar ('not knowing Botany Bay was place fixed upon.').

Volume XXXVI, 1790 (File Add MS 38225)
Capt. J. Shields to S. Enderby and Sons, 6 March 1790 (Item ff.70-71)

Account of whaling and sealing voyage in eastern Pacific in Emilia. (copy).

Volume XXXVII, January 1791 - April 1791 (File Add MS 38226)
G. Chalmers to Hawkesbury, 5 January 1791 (Item ff.32-33)

Encloses allegedly threatening letter from South Sea Co. to S. Enderby and Sons.

G.W. Gough to Hawkesbury, 31 January 1791 (Item ff.48-49)

Encloses letter from Sir Edward Hughes; discussion with Lord Chatham on equipping another breadfruit ship to South Seas.

Capt. J. Blankett to Hawkesbury, 8 April 1791 (Item ff.105-8)

Trade with China; experiences in China; Dutch and American trade.

Capt. J. Blankett (Macao) to Hawkesbury, 1 March 1791 (Item ff.114-17)

Voyage through East Indies; natives; Timor; trade between islands.

Volume XXXVIII, October 1791 - February 1792 (File Add MS 38227)
W. Curtis to Hawkesbury, 5 October 1791 (Item ff.81-82)

Opposition of South Sea Co. to licences to trade and fish in Pacific.

A. Davison to Hawkesbury, 6 January 1792 (Item ff.207-8)

Price paid for shipment of stores to N.S.W.

Enderby and Champion to Hawkesbury, 7 February 1792 (Item ff.239-40)

Requests interview to discuss serious position in Pacific.

Volume XXXIX, December 1792 - March 1793 (File Add MS 38228)
J. Tarleton (Liverpool) to Hawkesbury, 3 December 1792 (Item ff.149-54)

Resolutions of meeting of Liverpool merchants on opening up trade to East Indies.

G. Chalmers to Hawkesbury, 13 March 1793 (Item f.372)

Encloses letter from S. Enderby on prices of whale oils.

S. Enderby to G. Chalmers, 13 March 1793 (Item f.373)

Prices of whale oils; whalers in Pacific.

Volume XL, June 1793 - September 1793 (File Add MS 38229)
A. Phillip to Hawkesbury, 27 June 1793 (Item f.44)

Encloses returns; seeds from N.S.W.

G. Chalmers to Hawkesbury, 30 September 1793 (Item ff.85-87)

Statement on southern whale fishery, 1791-1793.

S. Enderby to G. Chalmers, 28 September 1793 (Item f.88)

Southern whale fishery; candles made from oil of Pacific whales.

Volume XLI, September 1795 (File Add MS 38230)
G. Chalmers to Hawkesbury, 15 September 1795 (Item ff.312-17)

Discussion with S. Enderby on price of whale oil; state of South Seas fishery.

Volume XLIII, April 1798 - August 1798 (File Add M28232)
Liverpool to H. Dundas, 13 April 1798 (Item f.25)

Memorial on high duty on flax and hemp; unlikely hemp could be imported from East Indies as cheaply as from Russia.

Lord Hertford to W. Fawkner, 2 August 1798 (Item f.181)

Treaty of peace with United Irishmen. (copy).

Volume XLV, August 1800 (File Add MS 38234)
Liverpool to [unknown], 1 August 1800 (Item ff.123)

Encloses letter on southern whale fishery.

C. And S. Enderby and A. and B. Champion to Liverpool, 1 August 1800 (Item ff.124-25)

Requests removal of restrictions on British merchants sending goods to N.S.W.; mutual advantages of whalers trading with N.S.W.; American activities.

Volume XLVII, February 1802 - January 1803 (File Add MS 38236)
S. Enderby to Liverpool, 22 February 1802 (Item ff.22-25)

Limits of southern whale fishery; claims of East India Co. in Indian and Pacific Oceans; list of vessels in southern whale fishery.

Sir Joseph Banks to Lord Glenbervie, 30 July 1802 (Item ff.115-23)

State of cultivation of hemp in Russia; supply of hemp from Canada and East Indies. (copy).

S. Enderby to Liverpool, 27 November 1802 (Item ff.233-35)

Import duties on produce from southern whale fishery.

Liverpool to Lord Glenbervie, 16 January 1803 (Item ff.238-42)

Banks' abstract on hemp; strategic necessity of cultivating hemp in East Indies. (copy).

Navy Board to W. Fawkener, 27 December 1802 (Item ff.244-50)

Report on strength and cost of East India hemp.

Subseries Add MS 38304-38311. Official Letterbooks, 1787 - 1801

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Volume CXXI, 1787 - 1792 (File Add MS 38310)
Hawkesbury to Lord Cornwallis, 23 July 1787 (Item f.1)

Civil war in Holland and effect on Dutch East Indies.

Hawkesbury to Sir Hugh Palliser, 1 November 1787 (Item f.9)

Proposals on southern whale fishery.

Hawkesbury to S. Garbett, 11 June 1791 (Item f.65)

Opening up of trade in East Indies to British manufactures.

Hawkesbury to C. Greville, 29 September 1792 (Item ff.81-82)

State of whale fisheries; effect of expansion of southern whale fishery on price of oil.

Volume CXXII, October 1799 - March 1801 (File Add MS 38311)
Liverpool to H. Dundas, 20 October 1799 (Item ff.27-30)

Effect of export of copper to East Indies on price of copper.

Liverpool to H. Dundas, 15 August 1800 (Item ff.71-72)

Application by East India Co. to export copper to East Indies.

Liverpool to J. Foster, 29 January 1801 (Item ff.100-2)

British dependence on Russian hemp; need to encourage cultivation in British dominions, especially Ireland.

Liverpool to J. Foster, 3 March 1801 (Item ff.104-6)

Cultivation of hemp.

Liverpool to J. Foster, 23 March 1801 (Item ff.106-7)

Minute of Linen Board of Dublin for encouraging growth of hemp.

Subseries Add MS 38328-38356. Official Papers, 1785 - 1802

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Volume CLVII, 1785 - 1786 (File Add MS 38346)
Produce of southern whale fishery for 1785, 1785 (Item f.75)
Extracts from letters from British consuls on the southern and Greenland whale fisheries; the markets for fish and oil; and treaties of commerce with the American States, January 1786 (Item ff.274-78)
Volume CLVIII, 1786 (File Add MS 38347)
Cultivation of hemp, especially in Ireland, August 1786 (Item ff.50-51)
Duties on wines exported to East Indies, 1786 (Item ff.217-18)
Volume CLXI, 1791 (File Add MS 38350)
Brief review of such parts of the charters and Acts of Parliament for the erection and continuation of the East India Co., the South Sea Co. and the Hudson's Bay Co. as relate to the southern whale fishery, together with an abstract of the two Acts of 1785 and 1787 for the encouragement of that fishery, 1791 (Item ff.262-83)
Heads of the proposed new Bill on the southern whale fishery, 1791 (Item ff.284-87)
F. Russell. Remarks on Southern Whale Fishery Bill, 28 March 1791 (Item ff.288-94)
Appendices on southern whale fishery (Item ff.295-318)
Volume CLXII, 1792 (File Add MS 38351)
A. Phillip. Return of settlers and persons to whom lands have been granted, Sydney, 8 October 1792 (Item f.267)
Return of land grants in N.S.W. and its dependencies, 1792 (Item ff.293-304)
Volume CLXIII, 1786 - 1793 (File Add MS 38352)
Account of total imports and exports of oil, 1786 - 1790 (Item f.123)

Includes number of ships arrived from southern whale fishery.

Minute of Board of Trade on letters from Enderby, Champion and others on effect on southern whale fishery of Bill to encourage Nantucket whalers to settle in England, 28 May 1793 (Item ff.225-26)
Bill to encourage whalers to settle in England, 1793 (Item ff.379-80)
Volume CLXVI, December 1800 (File Add MS 38355)
Minute of Board of Trade on encouragement of growth and importation of hemp, 16 December 1800 (Item ff.257-67)
Minutes of Board of Trade on encouragement of growth and importation of hemp, December 1800 (Item ff.276-97)
Volume CLXVII, 1790 - 1802 (File Add MS 38356)
Draft Bill for encouragement of southern whale fishery, 1800 (Item ff.27-28)
Account of value of imports and exports to and from Britain and its colonies, 14 September 1801 (Item ff.72-79)
Comparative statement of value of imports and exports to and from East Indies, 1790 - 1801 (Item ff.82-83)
Extracts from Acts of Parliament on southern whale fishery (Item ff.123-41)
Information supplied by S. Enderby on southern whale fishery (Item ff.142-44)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-761984142.

Draft licence granted to whalers by South Sea Co (Item ff.145-46)
Resolution of South Sea Co. on Bill for allowing British ships to sail in Pacific Ocean without obtaining licence from South Sea Co, 13 May 1802 (Item f.187)
State of southern whale fishery for, 1802 (Item ff.223-26)
Rough sketch of discoveries of Lady Nelson in Bass Strait (Item f.227)

Subseries Add MS 38373-38377. Official Papers of Lord Hawkesbury, 1792

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Volume CLXXXVII, 1792 (File Add MS 38376)
Return of land in cultivation at different settlements in N.S.W., 16 October 1792 (Item ff.139-40)

Subseries Add MS 38388-38394. Minutes of the Board of Trade, 1784-1793, 1786 - 1792

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Volume CC, February 1786 - July 1786 (File Add MS 38389)
Memorial of S. Enderby and others for bounties to British ships engaged in southern whale fishery, 4 February 1786 (Item f.60)
Number and tonnage of ships engaged in Greenland and southern whale fisheries, 23 February 1786 (Item f.98)
Number and tonnage of ships engaged in Greenland and southern whale fisheries, 3 March 1786 (Item f.115)
Invitation to merchants to attend Committee to consider bounties for whale fisheries, 13 March 1786 (Item f.130)
Report of Customs Commissioner on petition of S. Enderby and Sons, 16 March 1786 (Item f.148)
Evidence of S. Enderby and others on southern whale fishery, 17 March 1786 (Item ff.148-50)
Evidence of S. Enderby and others on southern whale fishery, 22 March 1786 (Item ff.177-79)
Invitation to W. Selwyn to attend Committee to discuss trade and fishing in Pacific, 29 April 1786 (Item f.228)
Draft report on southern whale fishery, 1 May 1786 (Item ff.229-35)
Evidence of S. Enderby and others, 1 May 1786 (Item f.236)
Invitation to East India Co. and South Sea Co. to attend Committee, 1 May 1786 (Item f.237)
Response of East India Co. and South Sea Co, 3 May 1786 (Item f.238)
Resolutions of East India Co. and South Sea Co, 26 May 1786 (Item f.246)
Act for encouragement of southern whale fishery to be sent to ports in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 21 July 1786 (Item ff.253-54)
Volume CCI, February 1787 - December 1787 (File Add MS 38390)
Memorial of southern whalers to extend time of sailing, 23 February 1787 (Item f.102)
Commission for trial of pirates in N.S.W. and Pacific, 12 April 1787 (Item f.127)
Commission and draft instructions to A. Phillip as Governor of N.S.W, 24 April 1787 (Item f.134)
Report of Customs Commissioners on memorial of whalers, 8 May 1787 (Item f.148)
Southern whale fishery, 12 September 1787 (Item f.180-181)

Interest of other countries in southern whale fishery, 1787-09-12...

Proposed amendments to Act for encouragement of southern whale fishery, 31 October 1787 (Item ff.195-97)
Reports from British consuls on southern whale fishery, 15 December 1787 (Item f.215)
Proposal for additional bounties to be submitted to Customs Commissioners, 21 December 1787 (Item f.217)
Evidence of B. Ray, formerly of Nantucket, on southern whale fishery, 26 December 1787 (Item ff.218 -21)
Volume CCII, March 1788 - October 1789 (File Add MS 38391)
Comparative tables of Greenland and Southern whale fisheries, 7 March 1788 (Item ff.25-26)
Proposed amendments to laws on southern whale fishery, 7 March 1788 (Item ff.27-28)
Discussion with East India Co. on extension of limits of southern whale fishery, 26 March 1788 (Item f.32)
Letters from British consuls on southern whale fishery, 20 August 1788 (Item f.69)
Accounts of vessels engaged in southern whale fishery, 27 January 1789 (Item ff.91-93)
Letter from S. Enderby on amendment to Act for encouragement of southern whale fishery, 27 April 1789 (Item f.131)
Petition from whaling merchants rejected, 29 April 1789 (Item f.134)
Governor A. Phillip to be directed to send specimens of New Zealand hemp seed, 13 October 1789 (Item f.188)
Volume CCIII, March 1790 - August 1790 (File Add MS 38392)
Letter from S. Enderby on first whaling vessel to round Cape Horn into South Sea, 9 March 1790 (Item f.71)
Great Seal for use of Government of N.S.W. to be prepared, 31 May 1790 (Item f.122)
Proposals to encourage inhabitants of Nantucket to settle in England and develop southern whale fishery, 13 July 1790 (Item f.132)
Draft Great Seal for N.S.W. Considered, 23 July 1790 (Item f.133)
Draft Great Seal for N.S.W. Approved, 3 August 1790 (Item f.136)
Volume CCIV, January 1791 - March 1792 (File Add MS 38393)
Request by Bristol merchants for information on trade and fisheries in South Sea and Pacific, 12 January 1791 (Item f.3)
Request by S. Enderby and others to send vessels to northern Pacific, 21 January 1791 (Item ff.10-11)
Opinion of Law Officers on navigation and fishing within limits of East India Co. and South Sea Co, 10 February 1791 (Item f.23)
Proposals to be put to East India Co. on navigation in Pacific, 14 February 1791 (Item ff.26-27)
Response of East India Co, 3 March 1791 (Item ff.31-32)
Evidence of East India Co, 7 March 1791 (Item ff.32-33)
Submission of East India Co. on Committee's proposals, 10 March 1791 (Item ff.36-39)
Proposals to be put to East India Co, 14 March 1791 (Item f.42)
Committee's decision on alterations proposed by East India Co, 21 March 1791 (Item ff.46-47)
Further proposals of East India Co, 25 March 1791 (Item f.54)
Proposals to be put to Secretary of Excise, 28 March 1791 (Item ff.55-56)
Response of Commissioners of Excise, 5 April 1791 (Item f.59-60)

Includes bill to be drafted to allow navigation and fishing within limits of East India Co. and South Sea Co.

Proposal that persons engaged in southern whale fishery move from Nova Scotia to England, 19 April 1791 (Item f.65)
Request by S. Enderby for information, 4 May 1791 (Item f.136)
Interest of other countries in Greenland and southern whale fisheries, 7 November 1791 (Item f.149)
Portuguese activity in southern whale fishery, 6 March 1792 (Item f.195)
Question to be submitted to Enderby and Champion on southern whale fishery, 10 March 1792 (Item f.198)
Reply by whaling merchants to questions to be sent to Foreign Office, 17 March 1792 (Item ff.203-4)
Volume CCV, April 1787 - April 1791 (File Add MS 38394)
Commission to be drafted for Government of N.S.W. for trial of pirates, 13 April 1787 (Item f.23)
Committee report on proposal to transfer persons engaged in southern whale fishery from Nova Scotia to England, 19 April 1791 (Item ff.147-65)

Subseries Add MS 38397-38415. Papers on India, 1791

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Volume CCXX, 1791 (File Add MS 38409)
Note on shipment of articles to N.S.W. by South Sea whalers, n.d. (Item ff.140-42)
S. Lushington to S. Cottrell, 24 March 1791 (Item ff.261-69)

Proposals of East India Co. on opening up of trade and fisheries in Pacific Ocean. (copy).

Draft letter to East India Co. on its proposals on opening up of trade and fisheries in Pacific Ocean, n.d. (Item ff.395-96)

Series. Papers of Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, 1804 - 1826

Subseries Add MS 38191-38196. Letters from English statesmen, 1812

Filmed selectively.

Volume II, June 1812 - July 1812 (File Add MS 38191)
W. Wilberforce to Liverpool, 30 June 1812 (Item ff.255-56)

Deputation which saw Spencer Perceval concerning missions in East Indies.

W. Wilberforce to Liverpool, 16 July 1812 (Item ff.258-59)

Character and conduct of R. Campbell of N.S.W.; testimony of Rev. S. Marsden.

Subseries Add MS 38237-38303. Official Letters, 1805 - 1826

Filmed selectively.

Volume LII, July 1805 (File Add MS 38241)
Capt. P. Puget to J. King, 20 July 1805 (Item f.177)

Requests appointment as Governor of N.S.W. when vacancy occurs; W. Bligh not likely to remain long; recommends Morley as settler in N.S.W.

Volume LV, March 1810 (File Add MS 38244)
L. Macquarie to J. Foveaux, 8 March 1810 (Item ff.218-19)

Commends Foveaux's work while administering N.S.W.(copy)

Volume LVI, October 1810 (File Add MS 38245)
J. Foveaux to Liverpool, 23 October 1810 (Item ff.240-42)

Defends decision not to restore Governor Bligh; seeks appointment as Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen's Land; conditions in colony.

Volume LVII, October 1810 (File Add MS 38246)
Liverpool to Sir Samuel Auchmuty, 21 December 1811 (Item ff.351-53)

Approbation of Prince Regent on conduct of Army in Java.

Volume LXIII, March 1813 - May 1813 (File Add MS 38252)
Crawfurd to Liverpool, 5 March 1813 (Item ff.22-23)

Petitions against transportation to N.S.W.

J. Capper to R. Willimott (Item f.24)

Crawfurd's case.

J.A. van Braam to Liverpool, 12 May 1813 (Item ff.370-71)

Claims of inhabitants of Java; seeks postion at Batavia.

Volume LXIV, May 1813 (File Add MS 38253)
M. Margarot to Liverpool, 29 May 1813 (Item ff.96-97)

After long residence in N.S.W. offers Government important information.

Volume LXV, August 1813 (File Add MS 38254)
Lord Camden to Liverpool, 31 August 1813 (Item ff.173-74)

Encloses memorial from Rotch of Milford on southern whale fishery.

Volume LXXI, December 1814 (File Add MS 38260)
Sir James Gordon to Liverpool, 6 December 1814 (Item ff.269-76)

Encloses memorandum on military forces necessary for Peace Establishment, including N.S.W.

Volume LXXX, January 1818 (File Add MS 38269)
G. Harrison to Liverpool, 12 January 1818 (Item ff.379-84)

Encloses Treasury minute of 24 Oct. 1815 and letter of Isabella Phillip, widow of Arthur Phillip, concerning date of commencement of her pension.

Volume LXXXVII (File Add MS 38276)
T. Hipkins to Liverpool, 31 March 1819 (Item ff.116-17)

Criticizes appointment of military governors in N.S.W.; obstacles to free emigration; sale of spirits; qualifications of J.T. Bigge.

Volume LXXXVIII, May 1819 (File Add MS 38277)
T. Hipkins to Liverpool, 31 May 1819 (Item ff.183-84)

Administration of Cape of Good Hope; changes needed in N.S.W.

Volume XCVII, July 1820 - August 1820 (File Add MS 38286)
T. Rowcroft to Liverpool, 31 July 1820 (Item ff.308- 9)

Sends cutting from Chronicle; plans to emigrate to Van Diemen's Land.

Sir John Osborn to Liverpool, 8 August 1820 (Item f.371)

Encloses letter from T.P. Macqueen, M.P...

T.P. Macqueen to Sir John Osborn, 5 August 1820 (Item ff.372-73)

Seeks appointment as Governor of N.S.W.; advantage of civilian governor with knowledge of trade.

Volume XCIX, October 1820 (File Add MS 38288)
Baillie to R. Willimott, 20 October 1820 (Item ff.3-5)

Encloses form letter sent by Colonial Office to people wishing to emigrate to Australia.

Volume CX, November 1823 - August 1824 (File Add MS 38299)
Sir Thomas Mantell and G. Leith to Liverpool, 21 August 1824 (Item f.65)

Recommends T. Curling be given land grant in Van Diemen's Land.

T. Curling to [unknown], 14 November 1823 (Item ff.67-75)

Applies for land grant in Van Diemen's Land; its climate, soils, pasture, prices, bushrangers; capital required.

Volume CXII, June 1826 (File Add MS 38301)
Gen. H. Taylor to F. Robinson, 4 June 1826 (Item ff.215-30)

Report on British military forces; refers to regiments in N.S.W. and use of N.S.W. troops as reliefs for India.

Subseries Add MS 38320-38328. Official Letterbooks, 1810 - 1812

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Volume CXXXIV, January 1810 - December 1811 (File Add MS 38323)
Liverpool to W. Wilberforce, 5 January 1810 (Item 22r.-23r)

Petition of S. Evans; convicts unlikely to be reformed if sent to N.S.W. for few years only.

Liverpool to [unknown], 27 October 1810 (Item 99v.-100r)

No assistance to J. Foveaux until completion of investigation into affairs of N.S.W.

Liverpool to J. Owen, 7 November 1810 (Item 105r.-105v)

Appointment of brother in Van Diemen's Land; no N.S.W. appointments until investigation completed.

Liverpool to Capt. Stirling, 25 March 1811 (Item 131v)

Declines to make appointment in N.S.W.

Liverpool to Miss Johnson, 21 December 1811 (Item 177r.-177v)

News of capture of Java by Lord Minto's troops.

Volume CXXXIX, July 1812 (File Add MS 38328)
Liverpool to J. Owen, 9 July 1812 (Item 27r)

Lord Bathurst has written concerning application of brother to post of Collector of Customs in N.S.W.

Subseries Add MS 38357-38372. Official Papers, 1804 - 1818

Filmed selectively.

Volume CLXIX, January 1804 - January 1805 (File Add MS 38358)
Strength of British forces, including N.S.W. and East Indies, January 1804 (Item ff.2-3)
Strength of British forces, including N.S.W. and East Indies, 22 November 1804 (Item ff.197-201)
Abstract of Royal Navy ships, including East Indies, 10 January 1805 (Item ff.241-42)
Strength of British forces, including N.S.W. and East Indies, January 1805 (Item f.270)
Volume CLXX, January 1806 - February 1807 (File Add MS 38359)
Strength of British forces, including N.S.W. and East Indies, 1 January 1806 (Item ff.47-48)
Disposition of British Fleet, including East Indies, January 1806 (Item f.51)
Strength of British forces, including N.S.W. and East Indies, 1 February 1807 (Item f.283)
Volume CLXXII, January 1811 (File Add MS 38361)
Strength of British forces, including N.S.W. and East Indies, January 1811 (Item f.63)
Volume CLXXIII, January 1812 - July 1812 (File Add MS 38362)
Memorandum by India Board on expedition against Java, 6 January 1812 (Item ff.111-19)
Petition of R. Campbell seeking passage to N.S.W. and remuneration for losses incurred while staying in England, 4 July 1812 (Item ff.224-25)
Volume CLXXIV, November 1812 (File Add MS 38363)
Petition of J.P. Inglis, commander of N.S.W. colonial brig Emu, seeking withdrawal of prosecution, 3 November 1812 (Item ff.36-37)
Volume CLXXVII, 1817 (File Add MS 38367)
Memorandum on southern whale fishery, including great benefits derived by N.S.W., 1817 (Item ff.107-8)
Memorandum on dispute between northern and southern whale fishery and Gaslight Company, 1817 (Item ff.109-11)
Volume CLXXIX, July 1818 (File Add MS 38368)
Confession of Deal Boatmen's Society admitting it prevented boatmen from removing anchors from Chapman, bound for N.S.W. in December 1816, thereby exposing ship and crew to great danger, 6 July 1818 (Item ff.64-65)

Subseries Add MS 38378-38380. Official Letters and Papers (large), 1811 - 1823

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Volume CLXXXIX, November 1811 (File Add MS 38378)
Return of deaths, discharges and desertions in Regular Army in 1810, including N.S.W., 15 November 1811 (Item f.180)
Strength of British forces, including N.S.W. and East Indies, 27 November 1811 (Item ff.186-87)
Volume CXC, July 1816 (File Add MS 38379)
Statement of expenses of each department (Commissariat, Paymaster General, Ordnance, Navy etc.) abroad, including N.S.W. for one month, 1 July 1816 (Item ff.198-99)
Volume CXCI, 1817 - 1823 (File Add MS 38380)
Papers concerning estate of William Weightman, died at Prince of Wales Island on 14 November 1817, Lady Liverpool being an executor, 1817 - 1819 (Item ff.25-34)
G. Palmer to Liverpool, 10 November 1823 (Item ff.290-93)

Encloses petition of W. Barnes to Lord Bathurst urging formation of settlement on north coast of Australia to further trade with East Indies.

Subseries Add MS 38397-38415. Papers on India, 1813

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Volume CCXXI, April 1813 (File Add MS 38410)
J.A. van Braam to Liverpool, 22 April 1813 (Item ff.232-39)

Encloses memorial on paper currency of Java.

Subseries Add MS 38571-38576. Official Correspondence, 1804 - 1826

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Volume CCCVIII, March 1804 - April 1804 (File Add MS 38571)
J. Spencer Smith (Stuttgart) to Hawkesbury, 1 April 1804 (Item ff.63-64)

Encloses anonymous letter.

[unknown] to J. Spencer Smith, 27 March 1804 (Item ff.74-75)

Defence of Java; despatch of Dutch ships to Java to capture British China vessels.

Volume CCCXIII (File Add MS 38576)
H. Goulburn (Dublin) to Liverpool, 26 September 1826 (Item ff.106-7)

Requests appointment for brother who is unable to purchase another commission.