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Fonds. Quarter Sessions Records, 1789 - 1855

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Series. Q/Unclassified: Chairman's Calendars of Prisoners (2 vols.), 1789 - 1804

Volume 1 (File)
Volume 2 (File)

Series Q/SM. Quarter Sessions Minute Books, 1803 - 1824

Subseries Q/SM/13. Minute Book, 1803 - 1806

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Calendars of Prisoners, Easter (3pp), 1805 (File)
Calendars of Prisoners, Michaelmas (3pp), 1805 (File)
Calendars of Prisoners, Easter (3pp), 1806 (File)
Subseries Q/SM/14. Minute Books, 1806 - 1809

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Calendars of Prisoners, Epiphany (5pp), 1807 (File)
Calendars of Prisoners, Midsummer (3pp), 1809 (File)
Subseries Q/SM/15. Minute Book, 1809 - 1812

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Calendars of Prisoners, Michaelmas (4pp), 1811 (File)
Calendars of Prisoners, Epiphany (4pp), 1812 (File)
Subseries Q/SM/16. Minute Book, 1812 - 1815

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Calendars of Prisoners, Epiphany (5 pp), 1815 (File)
Subseries Q/SM/17. Minute Book, 1815 - 1817

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Calendar of Prisoners, Michaelmas (5 pp), 1815 (File)
Calendar of Prisoners, Michaelmas (4 pp), 1816 (File)
Calendar of Prisoners, Michaelmas (3 pp), 1817 (File)
Subseries Q/SM/18. Minute Book, 1818 - 1819

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Calendar of Prisoners, Michaelmas (7 pp), 1818 (File)
Subseries Q/SM/21. Minute Book, 1823 - 1824

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Calendar of Prisoners, Michaelmas (4 pp), 1823 (File)
Calendar of Prisoners, Epiphany (7 pp), 1824 (File)

Series. Bucks. Quarter Sessions (2 vols.) Printed, 1827 - 1855

Calendar of Prisoners in Aylesbury Gaol, Volume 1 (File)
Calendar of Prisoners in Aylesbury Gaol, Volume 2 (File)

Fonds D/MH. Papers of the Earls of Buckinghamshire, 1796 - 1803

Series D/MH/H. Papers of Robert Hobart, 1796 - 1803

India D, 27 February 1796 - 11 August 1797 (File D/MH/1)

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Hobart to Sir George Elphinstone, 27 February 1796 (Item D/MH/2)

Naval expendition against Dutch settlements in East Indies, including Moluccas.

Hobart to General Braithwaite, 11 August 1797 (Item D/MH/3)

Command of expedition to Manila.

East India Company, 25 January 1797 - 23 June 1801 (File India H)

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J. Carnegy to D. Scott, 23 June 1801 (Item)

Malay trade in Eastern Seas; suggests East India Company abandon Malacca and destroy fort; value of Prince of Wales Island.

Hobart (Madras) to Sir Francis Baring, 25 January 1797 (Item)

Moluccas should be means of Britain retaining Ceylon.

Philippines, 17 April 1794 (File India N)

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R. Woodford to Hobart, 17 April 1794 (Item)

Sends copy of Philippine Project sent to Spanish Government.

List of exports from Philippines (Item)
Project of a convention between East India Company and Royal Philippine Company on commerce and shipping between India and Philippines (Item)
King George III, 2 January 1803 - 22 January 1803 (File War A)

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Hobart to King George III, 2 January 1803 (Item)

Sends memorandum on proposed settlement at Bass Strait; recommends Lt. Col. D. Collins as Lieutenant Governor.

King George III to Hobart, 4 January 1803 (Item)

Agrees to proposal, although impossible to assess chance of success.

Hobart to Lord St. Vincent, 22 January 1803 (Item)

Detachment of marines for new settlement at Bass Strait.

Military and Naval Commanders, 17 January 1803 - 3 March 1803 (File War C)

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Lord St. Vincent to Hobart, 17 January 1803 (Item)

Protests against sending of 100 marines to new colony at Bass Strait; suggests they be separate charge from Navy estimates.

Hobart to Capt. W. Drury, 3 March 1803 (Item)

Declines to discuss appointment of Governor of N.S.W.

Moluccas, 19 January 1801 - 24 November 1801 (File War N)
W.C. Lennon to Hobart, 24 November 1801 (Item)

Urges Government to capture Malacca; its commercial advantages and natural resources.

R.T. Farquhar (Amboyna) to Col. D. Burr, 19 January 1801 (Item)

Account of government, revenues, defences of Moluccas.

R.T. Farquhar to Col. D. Burr, 20 January 1801 (Item)

Depopulation of Batchian due to warfare.

R.T. Farquhar to Court of Directors, 3 August 1801 (Item)

Capture of Ternate; urges establishment of British settlement at Ouby Major; acceptance ny native chiefs of British rule at Amboyna.Includes terms of capitulation by Ternate.

New South Wales, 30 December 1801 - 19 July 1803 (File War O)
S. Thornton to Hobart, 30 December 1801 (Item)

Recommends R. Atkins be confirmed as Judge Advocate of N.S.W.

Capt. J. Hunter to Hobart, 17 November 1802 (Item)

Suggests Commissioner be sent to N.S.W. to investigate progress of colony; offers assistance.

Lord St. Vincent to Hobart, 28 December 1802 (Item)

Suitability of D. Collins for N.S.W. post; commissioning of ship to take settlers to new colony; objections to sending detachment of Marines to relieve N.S.W. Corps.

Capt. W. Drury to Hobart, 1 March 1803 (Item)

Seeks Governorship of N.S.W. previously promised by Duke of Portland.

C. Wilson and G.F. Holt to Hobart, 19 July 1803 (Item)

Seek approval to go to N.S.W. as free settlers.

Requests for assistance, 27 October 1801 - 19 November 1802 (File War Y/Box 1)

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Hobart to D. Collins, 2 November 1801 (Item)

Accepts dedication of History of N.S.W.

Hobart to S. Thornton, 30 January 1802 (Item)

R. Atkins confirmed as Advocate-General of N.S.W.

Duke of Portland to Miss Hunter, 27 July 1802 (Item)

Memorial of Capt. J. Hunter to the King.

J. Sullivan to D. Collins, 19 November 1802 (Item)

No place for Collins on N.S.W. establishment.

D. Collins to Hobart, 27 October 1801 (Item)

Dedication of History of N.S.W.

D. Collins to Hobart, 22 February 1802 (Item)

Seeks employment; lacks private means.

Correspondence, 13 June 1802 - 23 August 1803 (File War Y/Box 2)

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R. Farquhar (Amboyna) to Hobart, 13 June 1802 (Item J183)

Five birds of paradise given to Capt. J. Macarthur; shells collected at Moluccas.

D. Collins to Hobart, 30 June 1802 (Item J190)

Presentation of History of N.S.W. to the King.

D. Collins to Hobart, 20 July 1802 (Item J204)

Presents second volume of History of N.S.W.

D. Collins to Hobart, 16 November 1802 (Item J251)

Seeks recompense for 10 years' service in N.S.W.

A. Martin to J. Sullivan, 24 January 1803 (Item J305)

Thanks for assistance to Rev. Marsden.

General T. Trigge to Hobart, 23 August 1803 (Item J444)

Testimony for Lt. Col. R. Darling.

Fonds D/RO. Papers of Archibald Primrose, 1873 - 1923

Series 5. Correspondence, plans and other papers relating to Rosebery's properties in Australia, 1873 - 1923

Correspondence, 1883 - 1923 (File 5/1-14)

Correspondence between Rosebery and his agents in Britain and Australia. The Sydney agents were C.A.M. Billyard 1883-1891, W.P. Manning 1890-1892, J. Mills 1892-1893 and T. Horder 1894-1923. The correspondence concerns the purchase by Rosebery of property in Pitt Street, Hunter Street, Middle Harbour and elsewhere in Sydney and at Palmerston and Talc Head, Darwin, other investments in Australia, the building and leasing of the Athenaeum Club, Sydney, the winding up of the North Sydney Investment Company, the sale of properties, taxation and litigation. The letters of Billyard and Horder refer to visits to Queensland, Northern Territory and New Guinea, the economic situation in Australia, Federation, N.S.W. and Commonwealth politics...

Opinions of counsel in case of Re North Sydney Investment and Tramway Company in N.S.W. Supreme Court and related correspondence, 1894 - 1895 (File 5/15)
Sale catalogue of property at corner of Hunter and Bligh Streets, Sydney, 1884 (File 5/16)
Photographs and plans of Athenaeum Club, Sydney (File 5/17-18)
Map of north-west coast of Australia: Pt. Darwin and adjacent inlets, 1873 (File 5/19)

Although listed, the records in this file were not filmed by the Australian Joint Copying Project.

Plans of Palmerston and Tale Head Estate, Pt. Darwin, n.d. (File 5/20-21)
Plan of Sydney showing land purchased in Pitt Street, n.d. (File 5/23)
Miscellaneous, c. 1912-1917 (File 5/24)
N.S.W. income tax receipt, 20 May 1913 (Item)
Kindar Ltd. Estimated crops, 1913 - 1917 (Item)
Draft of letter to T. Horder concerning Vella Lavella shares and sale of Athenaeum Club (Item)
Newspaper cuttings concerning proposal for direct railway link between Charleville and Bourke with Pt. Darwin, c.1912 (Item)

Fonds D/X 576. Papers of Rev. John A. Greaves, c. 1889

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Autobiography, c.1889 (File)

The autobiography describes Greaves' voyage to Australia in 1857, his work as an Anglican minister at Muswellbrook, East Maitland and Wollombi, his travels in the Hunter Valley and his duties as Examining Chaplain in Sydney. He refers to the appointment of Australian bishops after his return to England in 1866...

Fonds D/X 685. Papers of Russell Family of Aylesbury, 1836

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Anne Russell (Launceston) to Mrs. P. Bartlett, 10 March 1836 (File 9)

Employment difficulties in Van Diemen's Land; unfortunate fate of most women on emigrant ships; openings for school teachers; mutual friends. (Poor legibility).

Fonds D/X 709. Papers of Dukes Family of Aylesbury, 1854 - 1855

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Letters from John Dukes in South Australia to his father referring to family news, the goldfields, blacksmithing, and the different status of workingmen in England and Australia, 1854 - 1855 (File 5/1-4)

Letters from William Dukes in Sydney to his brother referring to family matters and wages, n.d. (File 6/1-2)