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Birmingham Central Library
Collections held by the Library of Birmingham (as filmed by AJCP)
Date Range
1801 - 1930
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M825-M827, M2118
57 items
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Australian Joint Copying Project
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Scope and Contents


Alston collection: correspondence and documents 1780-1851 concerning a disputed title to property of the Egginton Family, including letters from Walter Egginton, transported to New South Wales.

Lee collection: 18 agreements 1881-1891 for the sale of patents for improving cable tramways; two plans 1842-1843 of Nelson, New Zealand, showing settlement blocks.

Papers of Sir Charles Adderley, 1st Baron Norton: minutes 1850-1851 of the Council of the Society for the Reform of Colonial Governments; receipts for New Zealand stock c.1892-1908 from banks and institutions.

Travel diaries 1893-1914 of Helen Caddick, containing descriptions of India, Australasia, Pacific Islands and China.

Printed material: Colonization Circular, Part VI, New South Wales (1880), Information for Emigrants and Others (1881), Mount Victoria Goldfield: Report (1903) and Railway Guide of New South Wales (1881).

Photographs 1893-1914 from Helen Caddick's diaries of Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand; photographs 1870-1901 taken by Sir Benjamin Stone, including inauguration of the Australian Commonwealth in Sydney 1901, scenes in New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Samoa and an album 1873 on Eastern Asia containing photographs of Borneo, Java, Singapore, Sumatra and Batavia.


Papers 1888-1937 of Sir Richard Threlfall, including letters, photographs and papers written while Professor of Physics at Sydney University.

Records 1922-1930 of John Holt concerning organs supplied to churches in New Zealand.

Cadbury Collection, including photographs of cocoa estates in Samoa, letters of George Cadbury to Thomas Cooper, the representative of Cadbury Brothers in Australia (1888-1922), and letters written by Barrow Cadbury on a visit to Australia in 1930.

4. Drawings of railway locomotives and other rolling stock supplied by Metropolitan Cammell Carriage and Railway Co. to railways in Australia and New Zealand.

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Archival History

Material selectively filmed as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1971, 1987 (AJCP Reels: M825-M827, M2118) at the Birmingham Central Library (now Library of Birmingham). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham, England.

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The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at the National Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

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This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2018. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

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Adderley, Sir Charles, 1st Baron Norton; Australia: visits to; Borneo; Cadbury, Barrow; Cadbury, George; Caddick, Helen; China; Church buildings: New Zealand; Convicts: New South Wales; Cooper, Thomas; Dutch East Indies; Dutch East Indies: photographs; Egginton Family; Egginton, Walter; Federation: Australia; Fiji: photographs; Gold and goldfields: New South Wales; Hawaii; Hawaii: photographs; Holt, John; India; Investment in New Zealand; Java: photographs; Maps, plans and charts: New Zealand; Maps, plans and charts: New Zealand; Metropolitan Cammell Carriage and Railway Company; Nelson, New Zealand; New Zealand; New Zealand: photographs; Pacific Islands; Photographs: Asia; Photographs: Australia; Physicists; Railways: Australia; Railways: New Zealand; Samoa; Samoa: photographs; Singapore: photographs; Society for the Reform of Colonial Governments; Stone, Sir Benjamin; Sumatra; Sydney, New South Wales ; Threlfall, Sir Richard, Prof.; Tramways; University of Sydney


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 37, p. 13.

Item Descriptions

Fonds MS 48. Alston Collection, 1801 - 1841

1 item

Deeds and documents of the Alston Family of Winsom Green, Birmingham

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M825.

Series 2. Eggington Family Papers, 1801 - 1841

Copies of letters (1801-1841), bonds, financial papers, notice of a land sale, a map concerning the sale of a property belonging to the Eggington Family that adjoined land belonging to James Alston.


Letters of Walter Eggington (Warwick Gaol, Sheerness) to his brother Joseph Eggington, Jan.-Dec. 1824: impending transportation to Australia; his share of property willed by their mother.

Certificate concerning Walter Eggington, living in Westbury, Van Diemen's Land, 7 Sept. 1840.

Fonds MS 3375 Bundle 574. Lee Collection, 1889 - 1891

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M825.

Series. Agreements and other Documents of E. and W.M. Wimby, 1889 - 1891

Agreements and other documents of William E. Wimby and William M. Wimby of Birmingham, who held a number of patents for their inventions. The material was filmed selectively and includes:

Agreements between (1) W.E. and W.M. Wimby and (2) F.H. Lloyd and T.F. Craddock relating to letters patent for improvement of cable tramways in Tasmania, 1889.

Agreement between (1) W.E. and W.M. Wimby and (2) F.H. Lloyd and T.F.Craddock relating to the sale of improvements of cable tramways in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania, 1889.

Agreement concerning the sale of a patent for New South Wales, 1891. Total of 18 agreements.

Fonds MS 917. Adderley Family, 1850 - 1908

2 items

Papers of the Adderley Family of Hams Hall, Warwickshire, 12th century – 1936.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M825.

Biographical / Historical

Charles B. Adderley (1814-1905), 1st Baron Norton, was a Member of Parliament from 1841 to 1878 and held office in the governments of Lord Derby (1858, 1866-1868) and Benjamin Disraeli (1874-1878).

Series MS 917/10/5/1. Minute book of the Council of the Society for the Reform of Colonial Government, 3 January 1850 - 26 June 1851

Minute book of the Council of the Society for the Reform of Colonial Government (chair: Sir Francis Baring), Adderley was a member of the Society.

Series MS917/14/2/2. Receipts from banks for New Zealand stock sold on behalf of Sir John Godley, 1892 - 1908

Fonds MS 908. Caddick Collection, 1881 - 1914

7 items

Includes: illustrated travel diaries, 1889-1914, comprising typed entries with manuscript insertions; newspaper cuttings and numerous photographs.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M825-M827.

Biographical / Historical

Diaries and papers of Helen Caddick (1845-1927) of Edgbaston, a traveller, photographer, writer and collector of anthropological artifacts.

Series. Diaries and Papers of Helen Caddick, 1881 - 1904

Travel Diary (Vol. 3), 7 July 1893 - 2 August 1893 (File A/3)

Travels in Honolulu, Makukona, Hilo and Paia. Includes accounts of volcanic eruptions in 1868. (Pages 251-269)

Travel Diary (Vol. 4), 10 April 1895 - 9 June 1896 (File A/4)

Travels in the East Indies, Australia, New Zealand and the Western Pacific. The diary describes the voyage from London to Batavia on the SS India, visits to Bandang, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Caddick's arrival in Brisbane (1 August) and visits to Sydney and the Blue Mountains, voyages in the Pacific, visiting Levuka, Apia, Nuku'alofa, Rarotonga, Papeete and Bora Bora, travels in New Zealand including Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Picton, Dunedin, Queenstown, the New Zealand Alps and Christchurch, her return to Australia (30 March) and visits to Hobart, Port Arthur, Launceston, Melbourne, Ballarat, Adelaide and Albany, and the return voyage via Colombo and Gibraltar. The entries are extremely detailed and include references to economic conditions, natural scenery, coral reefs, flora and fauna, botanical gardens, museums, native churches and houses, schools, meetings with officials and missionaries, Maori and Pacific artifacts, farms, art galleries, universities and theatres. She often recorded conversations in considerable detail. (416pp)

Travel Diary (Vol. 7), 10 March 1905 - 14 July 1905 (File A/7)

Travels in New Zealand. The diary describes Caddick's visits to Wellington, Auckland, Paparua, New Plymouth, Masterton, Christchurch, Hamilton and Rotorua, meetings with the politicians Sir Robert Stout and Richard Seddon, the kauri forests and other natural scenery, and her departure on a voyage to Panama and Peru. (Pages 17-99)

Travel Diary (Vol. 11), 10 March 1912 - 7 August 1912 (File A/11)

Travels in Australia. The diary describes Caddick's arrival in Melbourne (10 March), visits to Sydney, Brisbane and Toowoomba, a stay on a station on the Darling Downs, social life, her return to Brisbane, walks, visits to schools, and local flora.

Travel Diary (Vol. 12), 8 August 1912 - 2 November 1912 (File A/12)

Travels in Australia and the Philippines. The diary continues the account of Caddick's stay in Australia, her life in Sydney, visits to the Blue Mountains, Sydney University, Sydney Technical College, schools, hospitals and children's homes, meetings with Margaret Windeyer, her departure from Sydney on the Nikko Moru (1 October), stopping at Thursday Island and Manila, and her departure for Hong Kong.

Publications, 1881 - 1904 (File)

Colonisation Circular Part 6: New South Wales, London [1881] (12pp) New South Wales: general information for emigrants and others, London, 1881 (12pp) W.H. Twelvetrees. Report on Mount Victoria goldfield, Launceston, 7 October 1904 (30pp) The railway guide of New South Wales, Sydney, 1881

Photographs contained in the diaries (File)

Photographs contained in the diaries:

  1. Volume 3: Hawaii
  2. Volume 4: East Indies, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
  3. Volume 7: New Zealand
  4. Volume 11: Queensland
  5. Volume 12: Philippines

Fonds MS 3196. Stone Collection, 1873 - 1906

5 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M827.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Benjamin Stone (1838-1914) of Birmingham was a manufacturer and Member of Parliament (1895-1909). He was the President of the National Photographic Record Association and the author of a number of travel books. He travelled widely in Europe, Asia, North America and the Pacific.

Photographs of the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia, Sydney., January 1901 (File 1-40)

Box 416

Photographs of New Zealand, 1878 - 1887 (File 1-37)

Includes the Auckland Jubilee procession (1887), Milford Sound (1878), Rotorua (1878), Mount Egmont (1878), Mount Tarawera (1878), the Lower Waitakerei Falls, Lake Wakatipu (1878) and Lord Onslow addressing Maoris (1887).

Box 417.

Photographs of New Zealand, 1878 (File 1-20)

Includes fern trees (1878), Maori families and individuals (1878), and Maori houses and carvings (1878).

Box 418.

Photographs of Fiji, 1879 - 1906 (File)

Includes photographs of plantations (1879), Levuka, the Governor's house at Nasona, canoes, houses, Fijian people, Hawaii (1906), the Captain Cook memorial, scenery, Samoa (1879), Solomon Islands (1879) and the Straits Settlements (1890).

Box 483.

Photographs of East Asia, 1873 (File)

Includes Borneo, Java, Singapore, Sumatra and Batavia.

Album 19.

Fonds MS 189. Macdonald Family, 1846 - 1852

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2118.

Series. Deeds and papers relating to the MacDonald Family, December 1846 - July 1852

Abstract of will and codicil of William Macdonald, 5 December 1846 - 19 December 1846 (File 1)

Abstract of will and codicil of William Macdonald (d. 1851), formerly of Sydney, later of Birmingham, 5, 19 Dec. 1846 (10pp). It refers to property in George Street, Sydney.

J. Suckling (Birmingham) to Trustees and Executors of W. Macdonald, 20 July 1852 (File 2)

Arrangements for disposal of estate; management of property in Sydney.

Valuation of estate of William Macdonald (1p) (File 3)

Fonds MS 347. Sir Richard Threlfall, 1885 - 1937

18 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2118.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Richard Threlfall (1861-1932) was born near Preston, Lancashire, and was educated at Clifton College, Bristol, and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. He worked at the Cavendish Laboratory under J.J. Thomson. In 1886 he was appointed to the chair of physics at Sydney University and held the post until 1898. With the development of electrical power technology, he established a consulting business for municipal authorities and private companies. On his return to England, he became director of research at the chemical manufacturers Albright & Wilson at Oldbury. He was a fellow of the Royal Society.

List of scientific papers by Threlfall, 1885 - 1894 (File 1-2)

(ms, 4pp)

Threlfall. The new physical laboratory at the University of Sydney, 1888 (File 3)

Reprint from Building and Engineering Journal (4pp)

Threlfall. The present state of electrical knowledge: presidential address, 1890 (File 4)

Reprint from Transactions of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, 1890, pp 27-54.

Threlfall. Spontaneous heating of coal cargoes, Sydney, Government Printer (49pp), 1897 (File 5)

Sarah Threlfall (Preston) to Richard and Evelyn Threlfall (Sydney), November 1897 - June 1898 (File 14-27)

Family news; illness of Evelyn; their impending return to England. (14 letters)

R.L. Stevenson to Threlfall (File 232-233)

Requests that address of wine merchant be sent to G. Balfour. (photographs)

Josey Ascroft to Threlfall, 20 December 1914 (File 235a)

Thanks for help with Australian investments over many years.

Prof. J.A. Pollock (Sydney) to Threlfall, 29 November 1898 (File 243-244)

Thanks for recommendation; sends list of people at farewell dinner.

Prof. J.A. Pollock to Threlfall, 5 March 1916 (File 245)

Thanks for nomination for Royal Society fellowship; obituary notice of L. Hargrave.

Prof. J.A. Pollock to Threlfall, 5 March 1916 (File 246)

Bequest to Threlfall.

A. Weaver (Sydney) to Threlfall, 7 September 1922 (File 247)

Information for obituary of J.A. Pollock; bequest to Threlfall.

A. Weaver to Threlfall, 27 October 1922 (File 248)

Obituary of Pollock in Nature.

Threlfall to A. Weaver, 24 November 1898 (File 249)

Sends proof of obituary.

Issue of Hermes (Sydney), 24 November 1898 (File 274)

With article on resignation of Threlfall from Sydney University. (pp 2-4)

H.T. Tizard. Obituary of Threlfall, 1937 (File 280)

Reprint from Journal of the Chemical Society, 1937, pp. 186-195.

Menu for farewell dinner for Threlfall, Sydney, 25 November 1898 (File 289)

Discharge of loan for mortgage of house in Sydney to Threlfall, 30 September 1903 (File 290)

Photographs, diagram and explanatory note concerning Threlfall's quartz-thread gravity balance, designed by Threlfall and J.A. Pollock in 1889-1890 (File 328-32)

It was designed to study the variation of the earth's gravitational pull by statical methods.

Fonds MS 466. Cadbury Collection, 1863 - 1930

12 items

John Cadbury (1801-1889), a member of a wealthy Quaker family, originally worked in the tea and coffee trade. He saw the potential of cocoa powder and in 1831 opened a factory in Birmingham which developed various kinds of cocoas and drinking chocolate. In 1846 Cadbury Brothers were formed when he went into partnership with his brother, Benjamin Cadbury. In 1861 he handed over the business to his sons, Richard Cadbury (1835-1899) and George Cadbury (1839-1922). With the introduction of cocoa essence in 1866, the firm became increasingly prosperous and by the early twentieth century it was the largest cocoa and chocolate manufacturer in Britain. In 1879 the partners moved the factory to Bournville, created a model housing estate, and introduced various benefit schemes for their employees. In 1920 Cadbury purchased land at Claremont, Tasmania, and established a factory modelled on the Bournville works.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2118.

Photograph album, mainly of Trinidad, 1902 - 1904 (File 44)

Folios 4-7 and 45 contain 13 photographs of Tammapua, Samoa.

Photograph album, 1904 - 1906 (File 45)

Folios 8-13 and 18-19 contain 20 photographs of plantations, houses, labourers and scenery at Samoa.

George Cadbury (Bournville) to Thomas Cooper (Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart), 1888 - 1922 (File 210)

Cooper was the representative of Cadbury Brothers in Australia. The letters refer to the affairs of the Society of Friends; family news; adult education; the 1892-1893 eonomic depression; the success of Bournville cocoa; Manchester Daily News; the growth of exports to Australia; the effects of World War I on business; the establishment of the Cadbury factory at Hobart; and Bournville Village. (58 letters)

John Cadbury, 13 December 1863 - 2 April 1864 (File 276)

Journal of a voyage from London to Moreton Bay on the Prince Consort, 13 Dec. 1863-2 April 1864 (typescript, 12pp). John Cadbury (1834-1866) was the eldest son of the founder of the firm. His diary contains brief entries referring to the weather, games and relations between the passengers.

Photograph of the grave of John Cadbury (File 278)

Extracts from letters on the illness and death of John Cadbury at Brisbane (2pp.), 28 May 1866 (File 277)

Itinerary of the Australian trip of Barrow and Geraldine Cadbury, December 1929 - May 1930 (File 436)

Letters from Barrow Cadbury to friends, December 1929 - April 1930 (File 437)

The letters describe the voyage to Australia on the SS Maloja via Suez and Colombo; brief visits to Perth and Adelaide; travels in Tasmania; social events; meetings of the Society of Friends; travels in New Zealand; meetings with staff in Sydney and Melbourne; the return voyage on SS Oronsay. (Typescript, 42pp)

Letter-diary of Geraldine Cadbury, December 1929 - April 1930 (File 438)

The letters refer to similar subjects and also visits to schools and public talks. (Roneoed, 24pp)

E.E. Unwin (Hobart) to Barrow and Geraldine Cadbury, February 1930 - March 1930 (File 440)

Plans for expansion of the Friends School, Hobart. (2 letters)

Cuttings from New Zealand newspapers concerning the merger of Cadbury Brothers Ltd. and R. Hudson & Co. Ltd, March 1930 (File 441)

(3 cuttings)

Barrow Cadbury to M. Tatham, January 1930 - April 1930 (File 442)

Meaburn Tatham was the secretary of Cadbury Brothers. The letters refer to visits to Cadbury offices and stores in Perth, Adelaide and Hobart; staff; Sir Macpherson Robertson; rumours concerning Rowntree & Co. (Typescript, 18pp)

Fonds MS 714. Smythe Family, 1854

3 items

The letters and papers of the Smythe family were filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2118.

Series. Letters and papers of the Smythe Family, 1854

Explanatory note about the letters (File 2)
Fuller Smythe and T. Smythe (Geelong) to their mother, 19 March 1854 (File 3-7)

Voyage to Australia on merchant ship Emily; cargoes; plans to travel to Callao. (9pp)

Notes of a voyage of the Emily from Australia to Callao in 1854, (10pp) (File 8-11)

Fonds MS 918. John Holt, 1922 - 1930

4 items

John Holt (1848-1932) who was born at Lymm, Cheshire, established his organ building works at Birmingham in 1882. The fir moved to Harborne, south-west from the centre of Birmingham, in 1899. In 1922 an organ was built for John Bradshaw, the organist at Christchurch Cathedral, and subsequently 12 instruments were built and exported to New Zealand. After Holt's death, the firm was carried on by his son, John William Holt, but closed after his death in 1946.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2118.

Specification of Brad. Model built for Dr J.C. Bradshaw, Christchurch cathedral (4pp.), 11 November 1922 (File 7)

Note on care and maintenance of John Holt Reed organ sent in 1925 to William Hoskin, St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Stratford, New Zealand, March 1930 (File 8)

(Typescript, 14pp)

Correspondence between Holt, J.C. Bradshaw and W. Hoskin concerning the organ supplied to Hoskin (8pp), October 1929 - March 1930 (File 10)

Holt to J.C. Bradshaw, 18 February 1925 (File 11)

Notes on unpacking and erecting of organ no.1472 for Masonic Temple. (10pp)

Fonds MS 1056. Henry Hope & Sons, 1922 - 1927

1 item

Henry Hope & Sons Ltd., manufacturers of metal components including steel and metal windows, roofing and gearing, were founded in Birmingham in 1818. Henry Clark was a partner from 1864 onwards and after he became the sole owner in 1875 the firm took his name. It moved to new works in Smethwick in 1905. Its metal windows were fitted to the Houses of Parliament, the Bank of England and other prominent buildings in Britain, Europe and the United States. The firm merged with Crittall Windows Ltd in 1965.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2118.

Series 139. Correspondence between Henry Hope & Sons (Smethwick) and Austral Window Co. (New York and Sydney), 1922 - 1927

The papers mainly relate to an agreement between the two companies whereby Henry Hope & Sons were granted the sole right to manufacture and sell Austral single plane steel windows in Australia and New Zealand. (80pp).