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Fremantle Family
Papers of the Fremantle Family (as filmed by the AJCP)
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1807 - 1860
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M1672 - M1675
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Scope and Contents

Material filmed by the Australian Joint Copying Project includes: correspondence regarding land claims in New Zealand; legal papers, draft reports, orders and records of HMS Juno which document: the social life of naval officers in Sydney and Hobart; a cruise in the Pacific; the transfer of the Pitcairn Islanders to Norfolk Island; the defence of Sydney and Melbourne; the activities of the surveying ship HMS Herald; the annexation of the Cocos Islands in 1857; the possible annexation of Fiji; and Fremantle's disciplinary troubles on HMS Juno and the Journal 1856 of Lieut. G.W. Gregorie describing the removal of the Pitcairn Islanders to Norfolk Island.

Correspondents include: Major John Campbell, Lord Stanley, Sir Thomas Fremantle, Capt. H.M. Denham, Sir William Denison, W. Hamilton, Sir James Stirling, Sir Michael Seymour, T.G. Browne, Sir Charles Hotham and Sir James Graham.

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Archival History

Material selectively filmed as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1981 (AJCP Reels: M1672-1675). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

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Buckinghamshire Record Office. Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire England. For further information see collection Reference: D-FR Fremantle Family at the Buckinghamshire Record Office (

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Maori and Pacific Islanders are advised that this Finding Aid contains terms that reflect authors' views or those of the historical period, but which may not be considered appropriate today. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in an historical context.


Browne, Sir Thomas Gore; Campbell, John, Major; Cocos (Keeling) Islands; Denham, Sir Henry M.; Denison, Sir William T.; Fiji: annexation; Fremantle Family; Fremantle, Lady Louisa; Fremantle, Sir Charles H., Vice-Admiral; Fremantle, Sir Thomas, 1st Baron Cottesloe; Fremantle, Stephen, Capt.; Graham, Sir James; Gregorie, G.W., Lieut.; Hamilton, W.; Herald, HMS (ship); Hobart, Tasmania; Hotham, Sir Charles; Juno, HMS (ship); Land: New Zealand; Melbourne, Victoria: defences; Naval officers; Norfolk Island; Pitcairn Island; Royal Navy: Austraalian Squadron; Royal Navy: exploration and surveys; Royal Navy: voyages; Seymour, Sir Michael; Stanley, Edward S., Lord Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby; Stirling, Sir James, Admiral; Sydney, New South Wales ; Sydney, New South Wales: defence


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 177, p64.

Biographical / Historical

Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Fremantle (1765-1819). Entered Navy 1777, Captain 1793. Served mainly in Mediterranean and Baltic, including Battles of Copenhagen and Trafalgar. Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean, 1818-19.

Sir Thomas Fremantle (1797-1890), 1st Baronet (created 1821), 1st Baron Cottesloe (created 1874). Conservative M.P. 1830-46. Secretary of Treasury 1834-35, 1841-44, Secretary at War 1844-45, Chief Secretary for Ireland 1845-46, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of Board of Customs 1846-73.

Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Fremantle (1800-1869). Entered Navy 1812, Captain 1826. Commanded Challenger 1829-32 and in May 1829 took possession for the British Crown 'of all that part of New Holland which is not included in the territory of New South Wales'. Served in Crimean War 1855-56. Commanded Channel Fleet 1858-60. Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth, 1861-66.

Captain Stephen Fremantle (1810-1860). Entered Navy 1824, Lieutenant 1829, Captain 1842. Senior Officer commanding the Australian Squadron 1855-57.

Item Descriptions

Fonds. Papers of Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Fremantle, 1807

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Series 32/4. General and Miscellaneous correspondence, June 1807

1 item

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1672

Sir Thomas Troubridge (Prince of Wales Island) to Fremantle, 25 June 1807 (Item 1)

Relations with Sir Edward Pellew; search for shipbuilding timber.

Fonds. Papers of Sir Thomas Fremantle, 1st Baron Cottesloe, 1854 - 1860

12 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1672

Correspondence of Lady Elizabeth Fremantle, 1854 - 1857 (File 43)

1 item
Letters from Capt. S. Fremantle to Lady (Elizabeth) Fremantle, 1854 - 1857 (Item 43L)

Mostly written in Sydney, but also in Tahiti, the letters refer to family matters, Sir William Denison, Capt. H. Denham, the Bishop of Sydney, the monotony of Sydney society, the effects of the gold discoveries on shipping, A. Gregory's exploring expedition, shipboard theatricals, cruises in the Pacific, relations with the French at Tahiti, the removal of the Pitcairn Islanders, disciplinary problems, and the Crimean War. (14 letters)

Capt. S. Fremantle (Sydney) to Emma Fremantle, 6 February 1855 (Item)

Voyage to Australia; prices of food; officers and servants; illnesses of crew; Crimean War.

Capt. S. Fremantle to Emma Fremantle, 2 June 1855 (Item)

Queen's Birthday celebrations in Sydney; new Bishop of Sydney.

Capt. S. Fremantle to Emma Fremantle, 17 April 1856 (Item)

Colonial society; visit to Hobart; epidemic on Juno; Sir William Denison.

Capt. S. Fremantle to Emma Fremantle, 26 November 1856 (Item)

Improvement in health; disciplinary troubles; cruises in Pacific.

Treasury Correspondence and Papers, April 1842 (File 97/3)

1 items
Copies of correspondence between Major John Campbell and Lord Stanley concerning land claims in New Zealand of Manakou and Waitemata Company, April 1842 (Item)

Summary of transactions re Manakou and Waitemata lands, 1836-1841; printed copy of a letter from J. Campbell to Lord Stanley seeking land grants in New Zealand, 28 Sept. 1841. (3 letters)

Correspondence, January 1829 - June 1832 (File 136/1)

4 items
Capt. C.H. Fremantle (Madeira) to Lady (Elizabeth) Fremantle, 7 January 1829 (Item)

Voyage of Challenger; weaknesses of ship.

Capt. C.H. Fremantle (Cape of Good Hope) to Lady Fremantle, 18 March 1829 (Item)

Voyage of Challenger orders to take possession of Western Australia.

Capt. C.H. Fremantle (Singapore) to Lady Fremantle, 27 March 1832 (Item)

Voyages in East Indies and to China; plans to return to England; Reform Bill.

Capt. C.H. Fremantle (Madras) to Lady Fremantle, 10 June 1832 (Item)

Plans to return via Australia and New Zealand; family matters.

Series 136/3. Correspondence, May 1860

1 item

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1672

Sir William Denison (Sydney) to Capt. S. Fremantle, 24 May 1860 (Item)

Reasons for Maori War; Denison's advice to Governor T.G. Browne; possible annexation of Fiji and likely racial conflict; separation of Moreton Bay from N.S.W.; N.S.W. politics; financial crisis; gold discoveries in southern N.S.W.; Denison's shell collection.

Papers relating to Captain Stephen Fremantle R.N., 1855 - 1858 (File 154/1)

1 item
Letters from Capt. H. Denham of Herald to Capt. S. Fremantle of Juno, 1855 - 1858 (Item)

Written in Sydney, Goulburn, Mt. Elrington and Levuka, they refer to Fremantle's arrival at Sydney in February 1855, the supply of stores to the quarantine ground, travels in N.S.W. with Sir Charles Nicholson, the N.S.W. Southern Tablelands, goldfields, H.M.S. Torch, sailing plans, the chartering of a vessel for A. Gregory's exploring expedition, the position of reefs, the voyage of the Sulphur in 1836-42, the desire of Fijian chiefs for British annexation, British missionaries and other residents in Fiji, American and French vessels in Fiji, exchange of crew members, assistance given by the Herald to a damaged mail steamer, the wreck of the Dunbar, Capt. W. Loring, surveying, and letters from C. Dumaresq and the Bishop of Sydney about Fremantle's courtmartial. (26 letters).

Also includes printed copies of Denham's letters and reports to the Hydrographer of the Navy on surveying work of the Herald in New Zealand, New Hebrides, New Caledonia and Fiji in 1854 and the transfer of the Pitcairn Islanders to Norfolk Island in 1856, and list of positions determined by the Herald on a voyage to Fiji in 1856.

Fonds. Naval Papers of Captain Stephen G. Fremantle, 1852 - 1858

53 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1672-1675

Series 213/6. Admiralty orders (for daily reference), December 1852 - October 1854

6 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1672

W. Hamilton (Admiralty) to Sir Everard Home (Sydney), 27 December 1852 (Item)

Sends correspondence with Colonial Office in employment of lascars in Royal Navy ships in Australia and measures to prevent desertion to goldfields.

W. Hamilton to Sir Everard Home, 19 February 1853 (Item)

Necessity for two warships to be constantly at Sydney or Melbourne.

R. Osborne (Admiralty) to Fremantle, 8 May 1854 (Item)

Movements of Capt. Mackay, alleged to be privateer.

W. Hamilton to Capt. H. Fitzgerald, 27 February 1854 (Item)

Sends correspondence with Colonial Office on defenceless state of Victoria.

W. Hamilton to Capt. H. Fitzgerald, 3 March 1854 (Item)

Sends correspondence with Colonial Office on defence of Sydney and Melbourne against attacks by Russian vessels.

W. Hamilton to Fremantle, 19 October 1854 (Item)

Vessel to be engaged for exploring expedition in northern Australia.

HMS Juno, December 1857 (File 213/9)

1 item
H.M.S. Juno. Sailing qualities, 5 December 1857 (Item)

Papers relating to the Cocos Islands, 1857 - 1858 (File 213/12)

1 item

They include the proclamation annexing the Islands on 31 March 1857, two letters from Fremantle in May 1857 describing the annexation, his meeting with J. Ross, and Capt. R. FitzRoy's description of the islands, a report by A. Byam on a survey of North Keeling Island in April 1857, and notes by W.F. Anderson on the history of settlement on the islands.

Nautical Papers, July 1852 - 1856 (File 213/17)

3 items
Proclamation by Sir Charles Fitzroy on the suppression of slavery in Fiji, 3 July 1852 (Item)
Programs of two plays, 'Dream at sea' and 'Floating beacon', performed on H.M.S. Juno, 1856 (Item)
List of crew of H.M.S. Juno (Item)

Papers of Captain Stephen Grenville Fremantle Somerset House: JUNO, July 1858 - August 1858 (File 215/6)

2 items
Correspondence between Fremantle and Admiralty, July 1858 (Item)

Stores left by Juno at Auckland in July 1857.

Storekeeper-General to Fremantle, 20 August 1858 (Item)

Stores purchased by Juno at Hobart in March 1856.

Letter relating to the arrest of Lieutenant Burnaby, November 1856 - June 1857 (File 216/1)

1 item
Correspondence between Fremantle and Sir Michael Seymour, C.B. Wood, G. Nicolls and Lieut. H. Burnaby, November 1856 - June 1857 (Item)

Concerning the arrest of Burnaby and other officers of the Juno, reports on their health, and applications for parole (8 letters).

Letter relating to the arrest of Lieutenant Burnaby, June 1854 - August 1856 (File 216/2)

3 items
Report on master and mates of Juno, 30 June 1854 (Item)
Fremantle (Apia) to Sir James Stirling, 31 July 1856 (Item)

Arrest of Lieut. H. Burnaby for insubordination; refractory spirit of junior officers on Australian Squadron. (copy)

Fremantle to Sir James Stirling, 11 August 1856 (Item)

Behaviour of Lieut. H. Burnaby. (copy)

Letters from friends and acquaintances re HMS Juno (File 216/5)


Pamphlet written by Fremantle concerning the Juno court-martials.

Sir James Stirling to Fremantle, 25 Nov. 1854: Refractory spirit of some officers of ships of Australian Squadron.

Official reports and papers re HMS Juno, February 1856 (File 216/6)

1 item
Fremantle (Sydney) to R. Osborne, 5 February 1856 (Item)

Alleged ill-treatment of G. Davidson, seaman on Juno, in May 1854.

Proclamation of Governor E. du Bouzet concerning immigrants in New Caledonia, April 1855 - April 1856 (File 216/12)

Sydney Morning Herald, 8 April 1856 (Item 2)

Annexation of New Caledonia by French Government.

Memoranda and notes relating to Cocos Islands (File 216/14)

1 item

Account book (Sydney), 1855 - 1856 (File 216/17)

Correspondence and Papers re HMS Juno (fitting out), October 1853 - January 1854 (File 217/1)

1 item
Correspondence between Fremantle and W. Hamilton, Sir Michael Seymour, Sir Francis Beaufort, T. Grant and Sir Thomas Fremantle, October 1853 - January 1854 (Item)

Concerning Fremantle's appointment to the command of the Juno, the supply of instruments, tide tables and provisions, and the departure of theJuno from England. (6 letters)

Correspondence re discipline of the Australian Station, 1852 - 1856 (File 217/2)

1 item
Correspondence of Capt. B. Drury (Pandora), Capt. W. Morris (Electra), Capt. J. Gennys (Fantome), Capt. H. Fitzgerald (Calliope), Capt. H. Denham (Herald) and Sir James Stirling, 1852 - 1856 (Item)

Concerning repairs, provisioning and disciplinary matters in the Australian Squadron.

Also includes a report by Fitzgerald, and related papers, on the conduct of J. MacGillivray, naturalist on the Herald, April 1855.

Correspondence re HMS Juno (Discipline and Leave), November 1854 - November 1857 (File 217/3)

1 item
Correspondence between Fremantle and R.C. Drew, F. Bunn, C.B. Dobbin, A. Helby and H. Hodgson (officers of the Juno) and W. Hellyer, Deputy Judge Advocate of Fleet, November 1854 - November 1857 (Item)

Concerning their alleged misconduct, applications for shore leave, and the Juno court-martials

Also an abstract of corporal and minor punishments, January 1854-Sept. 1857, and the charge sheets against R. Bradshaw and R.C. Drew.

Correspondence re HMS Juno (disciplinary matters), 1856 - 1857 (File 217/4)

1 item
Correspondence between Fremantle and the Admiralty, Capt. W. Morris (Calliope), C.B. Wood, and H. Burnaby, 1856 - 1857 (Item)

Concerning the ill-treatment of seamen and the drunkenness and arrest of officers of the Juno. Also includes the Juno's sailing orders, 18 February 1854, and the letter from the Admiralty recalling Fremantle, 4 March 1857.

Correspondence re HMS Juno (arrest of Lieutenant Burnaby), May 1854 - July 1857 (File 217/5)

1 item
Correspondence between Fremantle and Sir James Stirling, Sir Michael Seymour, G. Nicolls, C. Wood and H. Burnaby, May 1854 - July 1857 (Item)

Concerning discipline on Australian ships and Burnaby's conduct, arrest, health and parole (18 letters).

Correspondence between Fremantle and H. Burnaby, July 1858 - August 1858 (File 217/7)

1 item

Concerning the legal costs of the Juno court-martials. (6 letters)

Manuscript corrections and additions to Fremantle's pamphlet on the Juno court-martials (File 218/1)

Papers written by Fremantle on the Juno court-martials, including a letter to the First Lord of the Admiralty, 3 February 1858 (File 218/3)

Official Communications (File 218/5)

1 item
Memoranda of incidents involving officers of H.M.S. Juno (Item)

Correspondence from Various Correspondents re HMS Juno Courts Martial, October 1853 - June 1857 (File 218/6)

Correspondence between Fremantle and Sir James Graham, Sir William Denison, Governor T.G. Browne, Sir Charles Hotham, Sir James Stirling, Lord Elphinstone, Admiral H. Bruce and Sir Michael Seymour concerning Fremantle's appointment to the Juno, the situation on the Australian goldfields, A. Gregory's exploring expedition, the Pitcairn Islanders, the Crimean War, social events and the misconduct of officers of the Juno. (18 letters)

Correspondence between Captain S.G. Fremantle and his brother Sir Thomas F. Fremantle, November 1857 - December 1857 (File 218/7)

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Sir Thomas Fremantle to Fremantle, 5 November 1857 (Item)

Return to England; family matters; death of mother.

Sir Thomas Fremantle to Fremantle, 3 December 1857 (Item)

Attacks on Fremantle in press over Juno court-martial.

Sir Thomas Fremantle to Fremantle, 4 December 1857 (Item)

Criticism of Fremantle.

Sir Thomas Fremantle to Fremantle, 5 December 1857 (Item)

Interview with Sir Charles Wood, First Lord of the Admiralty.

Sir Thomas Fremantle to Fremantle, 7 December 1857 (Item)

Discussion of Juno court-martials in House of Commons.

Sir Thomas Fremantle to Fremantle, 10 December 1857 (Item)

Hopes court-martial fracas is at end.

Correspondence and Cuttings, October 1854 - December 1857 (File 218/9)

8 items

Filmed selectively.

Sir James Graham to Fremantle, 16 October 1854 (Item)

Success of first part of voyage in Indian Ocean.

A.B. Beecher to Fremantle, 4 October 1855 (Item)

Worthless character of naturalist J. MacGillivray; thanks for assistance to Capt. Denham.

J. Washington to Fremantle, 3 November 1855 (Item)

Thanks for assistance in ridding Hydrographic Service of J. MacGillivray.

Admiral P. Richards to Fremantle, 1 July 1856 (Item)

Refers to Fremantle's treatment of officers.

Capt. H. Denham (Sydney) to Fremantle, 17 July 1857 (Item)

Sends official letter thanking him for assistance to Australian Squadron.

Sir George Seymour to Fremantle, 28 November 1857 (Item)

Encloses letter from Lords of Admiralty criticizing Fremantle's action in bringing officers to court-martial.

General E. Byam to Fremantle, 15 December 1857 (Item)

Thanks for guidance to son, midshipman on Juno.

Cuttings from Times, Empire and Sydney Morning Herald on Fremantle's treatment of officers and court-martials, June 1857 - December 1857 (Item)

Volume of draft Reports of Visit to Samoa and other Pacific Islands (File 218/13)

Orderbook, H.M.S. Calliope, May 1851 - February 1854 (File 218/14)

Orders from Commander-in-Chief, East Indies, and memoranda of Capt. J. Gennys of H.M.S. Calliope.

Fremantle Family Papers- Extract of Journal of Lieutenant G.W. Gregorie, April 1856 - June 1856 (File 228/6)

2 items
Lieut. G.W. Gregorie (Norfolk Island) to Fremantle, 28 June 1856 (Item)

Sends copy of his report to Sir William Denison on the removal of the Pitcairn Islanders to Norfolk Island.

Journal kept by Lieut. G.W. Gregorie, 22 April 1856 - 8 June 1856 (Item)

Correspondence of Lady Louisa Elizabeth Fremantle, May 1856 (File 233/8)

1 item
Fremantle (Sydney) to Lady (Louisa) Fremantle, 20 May 1856 (Item)

Thanks for books; visit to Hobart; outbreak of dropsy; drunkeness and irreligion on Juno; opening of N.S.W. Parliament; social events in Sydney.