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Fonds MS Add 8094-8100. Sir Joseph Banks Correspondence: Add MS 8094-8100

Filmed selectively.

Series MS 8094. Letters to Sir Joseph Banks, MS 8094, 29 October 1773 - 31 December 1779

Filmed selectively

J.N.S. Allamand (Leiden) to Banks, 29 October 1773 (File ff.11-12)

Publication of French edition of voyages of Byron, Wallis, Cook, Carteret.

J.N.S. Allamand to Banks, 19 April 1776 (File ff.47-48)

Cook's new voyage.

J.C. Fabricius (Flensburg) to Banks, 4 January 1776 (File ff.77-80)

Interest in specimens brought back by Forster and Sparrman; D. Solander.

J.C. Fabricius to Banks, 29 April 1776 (File ff.79-80)

Botanical matters.

P. Lijonet (The Hague) to Banks, 16 January 1775 (File ff.97-98)

Refers to Tahiti.

J.C. Spener (Berlin) to Banks, 26 February 1775 (File ff.114-17)

Publication of German edition of Banks' Voyage.

A. Sparrman to Banks, 1778 (File ff.187-88)

Plans to visit England; exploration in East Indies by C.P. Thunberg.

J. Deutz (Amsterdam) to Banks, 1 July 1779 (File ff.192-93)

C.P. Thunberg.

T.A. Mann (Brussells) to Banks, 31 December 1779 (File ff.234-35)

News of Capt. Cook reaching Canton; writings.

C.P. Thunberg (Uppsala) to Banks, 16 May 1779 (File ff.261)

Specimens collected in China and Java.

Series MS 8096. Letters to Sir Joseph Banks, MS 8095, 9 June 1782 - 21 August 1784

Filmed selectively

P.M.A. Broussonet (Paris) to Banks, 10 September 1782 (File ff.61-62)

Specimens from Tahiti.

J.N. Demeunier to Banks, 9 June 1782 (File ff.101-2)

Publication of French edition of Cook's Voyages.

P. Sonnerat (Paris) to Banks, 12 April 1783 (File ff.228-30)

Meeting at Cape of Good Hope in 1770; publication of Voyage aux Indes.

P. Sonnerat to Banks, 23 July 1783 (File ff.231)

Voyage sent to Royal Society.

L. A. de Bougainville (Paris) to Banks, 29 June 1784 (File ff.244)

Medal issued by Royal Society to commemorate J. Cook.

B. Franklin to Banks, 21 August 1784 (File ff.282-83)

Cook Medal; acknowledges copy of Cook's Voyages.

Series MS 8096. Correspondence to Sir Joseph Banks, MS 8096, 4 January 1779 - 13 October 1787

Filmed selectively

J.F. Blumenbach (Gottingen) to Banks, 30 January 1783 (1785?) (File ff.6-8)

Freezing experiments; interest of University Museum in ethnographical curiosities from Cook's first voyage.

P.M.A. Broussonet (Paris) to Banks, 10 January 1785 (File ff.20-21)

Receipt of wool and pamphlets of Kippis.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 12 January 1785 (File ff.22-23)

Requests first edition of Cook's voyages.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 8 February 1785 (File ff.27-28)

Cook volume.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 10 March 1785 (File ff.29-31)

Acknowledges Cook volume; French scientists; publications.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 25 April 1785 (File ff.34-35)

Receipt of tea-plants; rumours of circumnavigation by La Perouse.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 19 May 1785 (File ff.37-39)

Friends on La Perouse expedition. 44-45

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 12 May 1785 (File ff.44-45)

Agricultural matters; introduces D'Antic, La Perouse's naturalist; instruments used by Cook.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 16 June 1785 (File ff.50-51)

Articles for La Perouse expedition; rumour of English South Seas expedition under Capt. Gore.

B. Faujas de St. Fond (Paris) to Banks, 1 May 1785 (File ff.83)

Expedition to South Seas planned by Louis XVI.

J.C. Spener (Berlin) to Banks, 14 August 1784 (File ff.106-7)

Thanks for sheets and plates of Cook's last voyage; G. Forster to be translator; agent in London.

J.C. Spener to Banks, 14 October 1784 (File ff.108)

Delay in publishing Cook's last voyage.

P.S. Pallas (St. Petersburg) to Banks, 2 June 1785 - 13 June 1785 (File ff.148-49)

Copy of Cook's voyages for priest at Paratorinka; plans of J. Billings, now in Russian Service, to complete discoveries of Cook and Clerke.

P.S. Pallas to Banks, 13 August 1785 - 24 August 1785 (File ff.150-51)

Billings' expedition; need for chronometers.

D. van Royen (Leiden) to Banks, 4 January 1779 (File ff.162)

Thanks for South Sea Islands plants; Banks' work on South Seas.

J.L.S. Formey(Berlin) to Banks, 20 March 1786 (File ff.311)

Lists German correspondents of Royal Society worthy of receiving Cook Medal.

M. Guthrie (St. Petersburg) to Banks, 15 November 1785 (File ff.315)

P.S. Pallas; departure of Billings' expedition.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 20 June 1787 (File ff.383-84)

Requests human skull from South Seas.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 9 October 1787 (File ff.385)

Thanks for offer of cast or silhouette.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 14 May 1787 (File ff.398-99)

Zoological matters; news of La Perouse expedition.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 23 July 1787 (File ff.402)

News of La Perouse expedition; statues on Easter Island.

J.A. Murray (Gottingen) to Banks, 13 October 1787 (File ff.488-89)

Botanical matters; G. Forster's proposed voyage round world.

B. Petry (Mannheim) to Banks, 12 June 1787 (File ff.498)

Offers to join expedition to Tahiti or Jamaica.

J.L.A. Reynier (Lausanne) to Banks, 15 August 1787 (File ff.500)

Offers to join expedition to Tahiti as naturalist.

J.L.A. Reynier to Banks, 19 September 1787 (File ff.501)

Wishes to go to Botany Bay as physician-naturalist.

Series MS 8097. Letters to Sir Joseph Banks, MS 8097, 17 January 1789 - October 1791

Filmed selectively

J.F. Blumenbach (Gottingen) to Banks, 17 January 1789 (File ff.132)

Thanks for offer to send South Sea skull.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 9 August 1789 (File ff.133)

South Sea skull.

P.M.A. Broussonet (Paris) to Banks, 23 April 1789 (File ff.142-43)

No news of La Perouse; Banks' promise of kangaroo; works on New Holland.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 1 July 1789 (File ff.144-45)

Pamphlets; A. Young; kangaroo.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 29 July 1789 (File ff.146-47)

Introduces Floret; thanks for kangaroo.

C.L. l'Héritier de Brutelle (Paris) to Banks, 28 May 1789 (File ff.192)

Botanical matters; wishes to obtain Tench's account of expedition to Botany Bay.

A. Malaspina di Mulazzo (Cadiz) to Banks, 20 January 1789 (File ff.216-17)

Plans for scientific expedition to South America and Pacific.

A. Malaspina di Mulazzo to Banks, 17 June 1789 (File ff.218-20)

Changes in objects of expedition.

A. Malaspina di Mulazzo to Banks, 13 July 1789 (File ff.221-22)

Details of expedition.

J.A. Murray (Gottingen) to Banks, September 1789 (File ff.232-33)

Thanks for account of Botany Bay; botanical matters.

A.P. de Lamanon (Salon) to Baron de Choiseul, August 1789 (File ff.252)

Death of brother at Navigation Islands; urges Minister to induce British Government to send relief expedition from Botany Bay.

J.A. Murray to Banks, January 1790 (File ff.257-58)

Refers to Pacific exploration.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 9 June 1790 (File ff.261-62)

Loss of Bounty and Guardian will mean loss of many new specimens; works on Africa.

J. Bourdieu (London) to Banks, 9 March 1790 (File ff.270-71)

Thanks for help in obtaining mathematical instruments from Greenwich for La Perouse expedition.

J. Bourdieu to Banks, 13 March 1790 (File ff.272)

Thanks for letter from Berkeley concerning La Perouse.

P.M.A. Broussonet (Paris) to Banks, 1 March 1790 (File ff.273-74)

Requests any information on La Perouse; science and politics.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 11 March 1790 (File ff.275-76)

Thanks for Annals of Agriculture and news of La Perouse.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 17 June 1790 (File ff.281-82)

French Revolution; report of La Perouse at Batavia in 1789.

J.B. Leroy (Paris) to Banks, 16 January 1790 (File ff.338-39)

French Revolution; anxiety for news of La Perouse.

J.B. Leroy to Banks, 8 March 1790 (File ff.340-41)

Report of La Perouse reaching Batavia and death of astronomer.

J.J. de Labillardiere (Paris) to Banks, 25 July 1791 (File ff.359)

Seeks advice for expedition to be sent in search of La Perouse; botanical research.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 9 January 1791 (File ff.362-63)

Thanks for minerals and promise of more skulls from South Seas.

I. von Born (Vienna) to Banks, 8 February 1791 (File ff.375-76)

Translation of Dioscorides; information on Haencke, Botanist to Spanish expedition to South Seas.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 28 March 1791 (File ff.382-83)

Agricultural matters; two ships to be sent in search of La Perouse.

P.M.A. Broussonet to Banks, 3 July 1791 (File ff.385-86)

Expedition in search of La Perouse.

S.J. Brugmans (Leiden) to Banks, 15 March 1791 (File ff.389)

Specimens brought from New Guinea.

S.J. Brugmans to Banks, October 1791 (File ff.390-92)

Herbarium; thanks for head of kangaroo.

J.M. Cels (Paris) to Banks, 7 March 1791 (File ff.393-94)

Botanical matters; requests seeds from Botany Bay.

Series MS 8098. Letters to Sir Joseph Banks, MS 8098, 6 April 1793 - 12 August 1799

Filmed selectively

J.F. Blumenbach (Gottingen) to Banks (Select), 6 April 1793 (File ff.114)

Publications; hopes W. Bligh has brought back specimens for his collection.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 1 November 1793 (File ff.116-17)

Thanks for skulls from New Holland and South Seas; J. Webber's paintings of Australian Aboriginals.

J.J. de Labillardiere (Samarang) to Banks, 6 April 1794 (File ff.211-12)

Arrival of expedition at Surabaya; collections made at Friendly Islands, New Caledonia and New Holland; difficulties created by d'Auribeau following death of d'Entrecasteaux and Huon.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 8 January 1794 (File ff.213-14)

Paper and drawings on mummies; promise of Tahitian skull; prints of Omai.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 10 March 1794 (File ff.216-17)

Receipt of Tahitian skull; wishes to copy Banks' drawings of Tahitians.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 29 June 1794 (File ff.218)

Excitement caused by arrival of rarities, including breadfruit.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 24 September 1794 (File ff.219-20)

Geological questions; requests copies of portraits in Banks' house, including picture of Omai.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 28 December 1794 (File ff.221-22)

Publications and papers; a gift of wine from Sydney.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 1 May 1795 (File ff.223)

Publications; Collectio Craniorium includes engravings of Tahitian skulls.

M. von Behm (London) to Banks, 21 July 1799 (File ff.416-17)

Assistance to Capts. Clerke and Gore at Kamchatka in 1779; requests English pension.

M. von Behm to Banks, 12 August 1799 (File ff.419-22)

Thanks for efforts; help given to Discovery and Resolution and their crews.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 19 September 1798 (File ff.432-33)

Mission to Tahiti; D. Collins' account of ceremonial knocking out of teeth by Australian Aboriginals; requests print of Omai.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 20 December 1798 (File ff.434-35)

Thanks for miniature of Omai; requests second New Holland skull; death of J.R. Forster; Tahitian fern.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 19 January 1799 (File ff.436-37)

Money owed by J.R. Forster to Banks.

W.U. Buée (Dominica) to Banks, 22 November 1796 (File ff.438)

Breadfruit tree; Clesmure's account of Marion's voyage to New Zealand and South Seas.

B. Faujas de St. Fond (Paris) to Banks, 27 December 1797 (File ff.453)

Praises Banks for saving collections of Labillardiere for France.

V. Cervantes and J. Mozino (New Spain) to Banks, 1795 (File ff.464-65)

Specimens sent with Lieut. W. Broughton, who had been with Capt. Vancouver.

Wilhelmina Sprengel (Halle) to Banks, 4 June 1799 (File ff.486-87)

Thanks for cancelling debt owed by her father, J.R. Forster.

Fonds MS 8099. Letters to Sir Joseph Banks, MS 8099, 12 June 1799 - 22 September 1805

Filmed selectively

J.F. Blumenbach (Gottingen) to Banks, 2 January 1800 (File ff.12)

Sends 4th Decade of Crania which contains Botany Bay skull; requests specimen of platypus.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 12 June 1799 (File ff.13-14)

Banks' kindness to J.R. Forster's widow; thanks for second New Holland skull.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 30 June 1799 (File ff.15)

Experts' opinion on Omai miniature.

J.F. Blumenbach to Banks, 28 September 1800 (File ff.25)

Thanks for proofs of Home's paper; plant used in manufacture of Tahitian cloth.

B. Faujas de St. Fond (Paris) to Banks, 3 June 1801 (File ff.57-58)

Requests news of N. Baudin.

J.J. de Labillardiere (Paris) to Banks, 5 March 1800 (File ff.75)

Sends copy of Relation du voyage à la recherche de La Perouse.

A. L. de Jussieu (Paris) to Banks, 3 February 1800 (File ff.173-74)

Plants of Coromandel; Banks' role in saving plants collected on Baudin's voyage.

A.L. de Jussieu to Banks, 6 August 1800 (File ff.176)

Introduces L. Delaunay; Baudin about to sail for Indies.

A.J.N. Lallemant (Paris) to Banks, 9 July 1802 (File ff.180)

Hornemann's travels; sends newspaper account of Baudin's voyage.

P.M.A. Broussonet (Paris) to Banks, 18 August 1803 (File ff.224-25)

Appointment to Chair of Botany at Montpellier; publication on South Sea plants by Labillardiere; New Zealand flax planted at Montpellier.

L. Dufresne (Paris) to Banks, 12 January 1803 (File ff.238)

Rumours of deaths of naturalists on Baudin's expedition; botanical matters.

B. Faujas de St. Fond to Banks, October 1802 (File ff.245-46)

Thanks for rare quadruped from New Holland.

H.C.F. Schumacher (Copenhagen) to Banks, 28 May 1803 (File ff.311)

Description of minerals; requests skulls or shells from Botany Bay or Tahiti.

Banks to C.F.B. Mirbel, June 1804 (File ff.356 v.)

Acknowledges books; sends seeds from New Holland.

Abbé J.F. Correia de Serra (Paris) to Banks, 7 April 1805 (File ff.384)

Sends last sheet of Tupaia's account of mythology of South Sea Islanders.

P.B. Milius (Tiverton) to Banks, 22 September 1805 (File ff.399-400)

Thanks for letter from Transport Office concerning parole.

P.B. Milius (Plymouth) to Banks, 3 September 1804 (File ff.401- 3)

Sends consignment of birds; parole.

Series MS 8100. Letters to Sir Joseph Banks, MS 8100, 11 October 1806 - 29 February 1812

Filmed selectively

J.B.J. Delambre (Paris) to Banks, 11 October 1806 (File ff.20-21)

Financial matters; unsuccessful attempts to secure release of M. Flinders.

A.L. de Jussieu (Paris) to Banks, 21 February 1810 (File ff.71-72)

Publication of work on plants of New Holland by Labillardiere; recollections of Baudin's naturalists.

A.L. de Jussieu to Banks, 29 February 1812 (File ff.129-30)

Praises R. Brown and his book; asks Banks to intercede for Capt. E.A. Husson.

Fonds Add MS 33272. Letters of Sir Charles Blagden, MD, to Sir Joseph Banks, 17 September 1786 - 6 December 1802

Filmed selectively

C. Blagden to Banks, 17 September 1786 (File ff.9-10)

Iron smelting; disapproval for New Holland convict scheme; arrival of La Perouse at Chile.

C. Blagden to Banks, 18 May 1789 (File ff.62)

Drawings of objects in N.S.W. in custody of Sir Andrew Hamond.

Sir Charles Blagden (Paris) to Banks, 8 May 1802 (File ff.181-82)

Conversation with N. Bonaparte; suggests present of kangaroo for park at St. Cloud.

Sir Charles Blagden to Banks, 13 May 1802 (File ff.183-84)

Scientific news; gift to J. Cels of N.S.W. seeds; cloth from Sandwich Islands received by Fourcroy.

Sir Charles Blagden to Banks, 25 May 1802 (File ff.187-88)

Bonaparte's interest in science; gift of kangaroos.

Sir Charles Blagden to Banks, 15 October 1802 (File ff.204- 5)

French scientific news; arrival of pair of kangaroos.

Sir Charles Blagden to Banks, 6 December 1802 (File ff.212-13)

News given to Bonaparte of Le Naturaliste sailing from Pt. Jackson.

Fonds Add MS 33977-33982. Letters Addressed to Sir Joseph Banks, 29 July 1768 - 1784

Chiefly on Botany and other subjects of Natural History and Science. Originally 6 volumes. Filmed selectively by the Australian Joint Copying Project.

Series MS 33977. Correspondence, Volume I, 29 July 1768 - 1784

R. Samuel to Banks, 29 July 1768 (File ff.14-15)

Remedies for scurvy.

W. Shepherd to Banks, 23 February 1772 (File ff.16-17)

Similarity of plants in New Holland and New Zealand with those used by American Indians.

V. Morris to Banks, 17 April 1772 (File ff.18)

Advantages of introducing breadfruit tree to West Indies.

J.F. Schiller to Banks, 14 November 1773 (File ff.26-27)

Allegations that Byron, Wallis and Carteret were critical of Hawkes worth's work and that Banks and Solander had not given him any papers.

P.P. Burdett (Liverpool) to Banks, 14 December 1773 (File ff.28-29)

Problems of natural history engravings.

J.F. Schiller to Banks, 7 March 1775 (File ff.46-47)

Costs and terms for translation.

J. Marra (Resolution) to Banks, 30 July 1775 (File ff.53)

Arrival in England; curiosities and shells collected.

J. Lee to Banks, 24 April 1776 (File ff.56)

Recommends D. Nelson as botanical collector.

J. Phillips to Banks, 19 August 1773 (File ff.83)

Postscript to preface to S. Parkinson. Journal of a voyage to the South Seas.

F.A. Zorn von Plobsheim (Danzig) to Banks, 13 March 1780 (File ff.114)

Banks' discoveries in South Seas; tools and weapons presented to museum by Banks.

P. Stephens to Banks, 21 June 1782 (File ff.152)

Completion by A. Dalrymple of maps for Cook's voyage.

J.F. Durcking (Halle) to Banks, 14 September 1782 (File ff.176-77)

Debts of J.R. Forster.

J. Webber to Banks, 27 September 1782 (File ff.178)

Engravers ready to begin work on plates for Cook's Voyage; requests captions.

J.M. Matra to Banks, 28 July 1783 (File ff.206-7)

Rumour of plan for settlement in N.S.W.; wishes to participate in scheme.

J.H. Clewlow to Banks, 5 September 1783 (File ff.211)

Requests information on surgeon's mate J.N. Foersch.

Banks to J.H. Clewlow, 6 September 1783 (File ff.212)

Book on East Indies written by Foersch.

J. Webber to Banks, 27 September 1783 (File ff.215)

Inferior paper supplied for plates.

G. Nicol to Banks, 9 October 1783 (File ff.217-19)

Irregularities in plates for Cook's Voyage; delays caused by engravers and J. Webber.

G. Nicol to Banks, 23 October 1783 (File ff.226-27)

Further troubles with engravers and printers.

G. Nicol to Banks, 28 October 1783 (File ff.229-30)

Printing of Cook's Voyage.

J. Webber to Banks, 29 October 1783 (File ff.231-32)

Printers engaged to print plates.

J.F. Durcking to Banks, 11 January 1784 (File ff.252-56)

Encloses reports and statements in legal action against J.R. Forster.

H. Roberts to P. Stephens, 19 March 1784 (File ff.263)

Completion of chart of Cook's voyage.

G. Nicol to Banks, 1784 (File ff.282)

Returns papers on balloons; plates of Cook's Voyage; progress of chart.

G. Nicol to Banks, 1784 (File ff.283)

Plans for division of profits; request by Capt. J. Burney for copy of Cook's Voyage.

Series Add MS 33978. Correspondence, Volume II, 1 January 1786 - 20 December 1789

Filmed selectively

G. Nicol to Banks, 1 January 1786 (File ff.48)

Manuscript left by Banks; division of profits of Cook's Voyages.

J. Hallett (Southampton) to Banks, 25 August 1787 (File ff.143)

Thanks for appointment of son as midshipman on Bounty; interview with Capt. Bligh.

J. Steele (Barbados) to Banks, 22 November 1788 (File ff.210)

Camphor and mango trees; voyage of breadfruit ship; planting of rice seeds from Sumatra.

A. Duncan (Canton) to Banks, 13 December 1788 (File ff.213)

Sends gum from Botany Bay; Capt. Gilbert has stuffed kangaroo.

S.W. Haughton (Jamaica) to Banks, 10 January 1789 (File ff.217-19)

Resolution of House of Assembly thanking Banks for efforts to procure breadfruit tree from South Seas.

J.H. Trevor (Turin) to Banks, 10 August 1789 (File ff.255)

Letter from Lamanon on death of brother on La Perouse's expedition.

H. Vansittart (Cape of Good Hope) to L. Sullivan, 20 December 1789 (File ff.280-81)

Route of Dutch voyage to China; island at north end of New Zealand where settlement could be made; ships should return by Cape Horn. (extract).

Series Add MS 33979. Correspondence, Volume III, 30 March 1790 - 2 August 1793

Filmed selectively

J. Macdonald (Bencoolen) to Banks, 30 March 1790 (File ff.19)

Sends Sumatra wild nutmeg and fruit of camphor tree.

J.M. Matra (Tangier) to Banks, 7 May 1790 (File ff.29 -30)

Sends coins and medals; Bounty mutiny; similar mutiny planned on Cook's first voyage.

J. Steele (Barbados) to Banks, 24 May 1790 (File ff.34)

Regrets loss of bread-fruit tree; negro question.

J. Steele to Banks, 27 May 1793 (File ff.35)

Camphor tree; arrival of W. Bligh in Providence at St. Vincent with cargo of breadfruit trees.

J. Macdonald to Banks, 13 July 1790 (File ff.47)

Sends flowers; cultivation of nutmeg trees; keemo shells.

Capt. E. Cumming (Britannia) to Banks, 17 August 1790 (File ff.51-52)

Plants brought from Batavia.

Banks to A. Menzies, 22 February 1791 (File ff.75-78)

Instructions to Menzies as naturalist on Vancouver's expedition.

E. Nepean to Banks, 24 February 1791 (File ff.80)

Lord Granville's views on instructions to A. Menzies.

G. Robertson to Banks, 3 May 1791 (File ff.93)

Sends new charts of route to China.

Banks to Capt. E. Riou, 15 May 1791 (File ff.97)

Wreck of Guardian; seeds and bulbs.

J. Callan to Banks, 2 August 1793 (File ff.215)

Sends seeds from N.S.W. and Norfolk Island.

Series Add MS 33980. Correspondence, Volume IV, 4 August 1796 - 12 March 1801

Filmed selectively

Banks to W. Price, 4 August 1796 (File ff.72)

Request by French Government for return of entire collection of J. de Labillardiere.

J. Charretié to Banks, 10 August 1796 (File ff.73)

Thanks for return of collections of de Labillardiere.

E.J.A. Woodford to Banks, 11 August 1796 (File ff.74-76)

Claims collections of de Labillardiere were gift; seizure and sale of drawings of Sonnerat by British Government.

Banks to E.J.A. Woodford, 15 August 1796 (File ff.77)

Ownership of collections of de Labillardiere.

E.J.A. Woodford to Banks, 17 August 1796 (File ff.78-80)

Whole collection returned.

J.L. Bournon to Banks, 16 August 1796 (File ff.81)

Account of collections of de Labillardiere.

J.L. Bournon to Banks, 19 August 1796 (File ff.82)

Condition of various sections of collection.

Banks to J.L. Bournon, 21 August 1796 (File ff.84)

Birds given to E.J.A. Woodford.

Description of tubular petrified shells from Island of Battas near Sumatra sent by W. Roxburgh, 24 April 1798 (File ff.143-45)
Banks to W. Roxburgh, 7 January 1799 (File ff.170)

Sends hemp seed on Porpoise; recommends P.G. King and G. Caley; Caley instructed to collect plants at Cape of Good Hope.

Banks to Rev. T. Haweis, 6 May 1799 (File ff.185)

Thanks for volume of Capt. Duff's voyages; proposal made to Lord Liverpool to send missionaries to Sandwich Islands.

W. Roxburgh (Cape of Good Hope) to Banks, 1 July 1799 (File ff.189-90)

Thanks for letter; plans to return to Calcutta; P.G. King not yet arrived.

J.M. Matra (Gibraltar) to Banks, 28 November 1799 (File ff.205-6)

Manuscript history of Borneo.

P. Neill (Edinburgh) to Banks, 12 March 1801 (File ff.274-75)

Seeks appointment as naturalist on voyage of discovery.

Series Add MS 33981. Correspondence, Volume V, 9 February 1803 - 21 February 1809

Filmed selectively

C. Smith (Penang) to Banks, 9 February 1803 (File ff.80-81)

Sends clove and nutmeg trees; treatment by W. Roxburgh; plants collected in Spice Islands.

W. Gole (Gosport) to Banks, 31 May 1803 (File ff.106)

Sends letter from Le Naturaliste; swans and emus on board ship.

W. Kerr (Canton) to Banks, 24 February 1806 (File ff.227-28)

Transport of plants; expedition to Manila.

W. Kerr to Banks, 25 March 1806 (File ff.231-32)

Despatch of Manila journal and catalogue of Manila plants.

Banks to W. Kerr, 6 May 1806 (File ff.234-35)

Loss of most of plants sent on Winchelsea; Chinese plants of more value to Kew than Philippines plants.

W. Price to Banks, 11 November 1807 (File ff.259)

P.G. King's offer of black swans to Queen Caroline; N.S.W. goose in good health at Frogmore.

W.T. Aiton to W. Price, 21 November 1807 (File ff.261)

Has sent pair of black swans for Queen, gift of P.G. King.

G. Caley (Sydney) to Banks, 21 February 1809 (File ff.292-93)

Payment due to J. Palmer.

Series Add MS 33982. Correspondence, Volume VI, 11 November 1787 - 24 March 1820

Filmed selectively

W.T. Aiton (Kew) to Banks, 29 May 1814 (File ff.60)

Suggests resumption of practice of sending out collectors to South Africa, America, New Holland.

R. Brown to Banks, 3 October 1815 (File ff.90-91)

G. Caley; Lieut. Franklin; receipt of books and seeds.

Rev. T. Kendall (Bay of Islands) to Banks, 10 July 1816 (File ff.111)

Discovery of mace presented by Banks to New Zealand natives in 1770.

G. Caley (St. Vincent) to Banks, 9 November 1816 (File ff.121-22)

Situation at St. Vincent.

J. Reeves (Canton) to Banks, 21 March 1820 (File ff.210)

Manila cloth and thread despatched.

J. Reeves to Banks, 24 March 1820 (File ff.213-16)

Seeds from Manila and China despatched.

Banks. Remarks on W. Marsden's letter on release of Capt. Milius and Capt. Flinders, 9 August 1806 (File ff.253-54)
E. Nepean to Banks, 11 November 1787 (File ff.284)

Departure of W. Bligh; draft instructions to gardener.