Guide to the Logbook of Robert Molineux (as filmed by the AJCP)



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Created: 2018

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Log of H.M.S. Dolphin, 8 July 1766 - 19 May 1768 (File Add MS 47106)

The log, which usually has entries for two days per page, contains hourly entries giving speed, courses, winds, and remarks, with daily entries for course, distance, latitude, longitude, and bearings. The remarks are quite detailed for the passage through the Magellan Straits (Dec. 1766-March 1767) and the visits to Tahiti (June-July 1767), Tinian, Marianas Islands (Sept. 1767) and Batavia (Dec. 1767). There are charts of Port Praja Bay (St. Jago), Lucipara Shoal, Banca Straits, Pulo Tato and other islands in the East Indies...